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WW3 - Stage Is Set | Post - Saw it Coming from February

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posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:10 PM
Since like that quote says, that there are so many interests people have in different countries that it would be difficult to gain support for a war, maybe what would make more sense is an attack from outer space like some have predicted.

.. And what is it with you guys anyway - somebody always want to predict some doom so they can say that they 'called it'.

You'll think its all pretty cool until you're suffering from radiation poisoning, starvation or whatever else.

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: Bicent

Humour is a prerequisite for life!

Not in part because life itself is a joke!

I would agree wholeheartedly with you.

I see the point where "they realise they can't fix it" as the culmination of exponentials.

As a collective, we have never discovered how to deal appropriately with both the increasing rate and inter-relationship of that rate of exponentials.

To extend the thought... I see this concept extending back for millennia.

That's what wars are, across all time... they are a way to "flatten the curve" (funny how that phrase has entered the global lexicon).

The solution is to embrace change. The inflection of the exponential is the change point into different systems, not the "end of the world".

We don't have flatten the curves, we have to exist at the inflection point of all curves.

We need to understand that, we as humans, the way our very brains work, embrace change faster than change itself. We don't need to crush curves, we have to let the change happen, and when we do, it will be better for all of us (even the depraved... though we just have to accept that).

Unfortunately it's hard for "wealth centres" worth trillions, to embrace this concept as it contradicts how they got to where they are now... static growth, based on systems.

I can go on... but will stop...

Sorry... got a bit ranty there!...

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:19 PM

originally posted by: puzzlesphere
a reply to: steaming

I think you're right, but it hasn't been "revealed" to the public yet, so in that sense we're not in WWIII yet.

Also, I wonder how solid something like the concept of WW3 even is?

It's slippery... and while we may be in WWIII today (in some senses anyway), that is someone's "opinion" only... and tomorrow, with just the flip of perception, we may be in something very different.

Technically, our reality, we are living in is conditioning us for wartime, in theory, we are already in a war with covid. Not much else will change on how we are living at the moment, when bombs start dropping. Truthfully, ww3 won’t remain conventional for long, if it even starts that way, I would presume a suprise attack nuclear strikes then conventional with tactical nukes, yet once nukes start flying you are contaminating food and water. Nukes are the only thing keep ww3 from OCCURING up til now. Yet if it does not start with nukes if it goes conventional the side losing will nuke everything. The wrath of a wounded dying god.

We are definitely in a altered reality compared to how things were just 6 months ago.

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:26 PM

originally posted by: puzzlesphere
a reply to: Bicent

As a collective, we have never discovered how to deal appropriately with both the increasing rate and inter-relationship of that rate of exponentials.

Correct, I also believe that is a fail safe, designed in us from our creation, whatever you believe. To prevent us from becoming more than what we are meant to be.

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:30 PM

originally posted by: Silcone Synapse
a reply to: puzzlesphere
One of my theories is that the virus isn't what they say it is.
What if:
Instead of a nasty flu/lung infection type of deal,it is one of the other symptoms that we should be worried about-that the virus can infect your brain,and replicate there.

If that is the case, this virus has been with us for a very long time.

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:31 PM
a reply to: nOraKat

Sorry... I now what you mean... I generally get peeved at people "calling it" too.

I generally don't... and my original post (as I stated at the time) was more sabbatical "guess" at how I saw things playing out, not really a serious prediction.

I just went back and read it, and was surprised at it's accuracy, so was like... YEAH! Picked it!... oh... damn... not something that I really wanted... but jeez, picked it.

And no... i don't think it's "all pretty cool" as I'm sure you can tell from the sincerity (yet I hopefully sometimes humorous) nature of my posts.

PS. Totally on boar with "Attach Form Outer Space".

I read decades ago somewhere the Illuminati's plan: Summarised as:
The world's biggest problem is overpopulation of uneducated people. in order to fix it, they would stage an alien invasion to depopulate and align under one rule. To prepare for the invasion, there would be a generational campaign, through media and entertainment, to instill in the social consciousness the concept of a good alien and a bad alien. The "bad aliens" would be the staged invasion, the good aliens (or whoever the Illuminatis is... likely in disguise) would be the saviors, that also come with an "enlightened approach to the universe".

So yes... cue the alien invasion!

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: Bicent

Or it is not so much of a fail-safe, and more of a natural law... you can't be "more" if you just don't accept some universal truths. Water (in general... always an exception to the rule) doesn't freeze without cold.

There are always alternatives; we are stuck in one paradigm of thinking that curves have to crash, not just transition to something else (funnily enough they are doing it anyway... we are just transitioning to "crash" currently... and for millennia... and think that's the only way).

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:40 PM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

Well when a zebras, hunts the lions for food let me know. 😛

In any case mind over matter, I understand the premise. Yet I believe it’s to blame on our instincts and design. If it was not the case we would be colonizing and mining the universe by now.

posted on Jun, 17 2020 @ 08:51 PM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

I don't see a way out, other than EVERYONE all stop being offended by each other (even the really bad stuff), instantly... and I don't see a way to make that happen.

I appreciate that this is off-t, however, since it's your thread and your question I'll offer a bit of advice.

Fristly, ignore all of the I'm offended & outrage stuff. This is largely, if not entirely, a steaming pile of garbage drummed up by a frothing medjia. No outrage, no story.

Secondly, don't be afraid to say you don't like things. Not liking things does not make you a racist or bigot for example. Also, being biased against certain things does not make you any of those things either. In case you haven't noticed, one of the tricks that the modern day racist will tell you is, having a bias is racist. The reason they say this is because they need everyone else to be racist so that their racism is justified.

Finally, there is no way to improve things that I'm aware of. However if you accept the first two points, be happy with yourself, then you'll be fine, but I'm not too sure about the rest of the planet.
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posted on Jun, 18 2020 @ 07:43 PM

originally posted by: puzzlesphere
a reply to: [post=25250067]

Quite simply, we all know what is wrong, unfortunately "systems" have been developed to combat any opportunity to call out the obvious.

The obvious gets replaced with data, statistics and opinions.

Yep, I agree with that.
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posted on Jun, 18 2020 @ 07:49 PM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

The state we are all in right now, and you think "They" want to make more of a mess?

Any third world war will inevitably involve the exchange of nuclear weapons, possibly a full-on exchange of such given the escalation factor.

Where is the profits and spoils of war to be had after that happens?

Nowhere to be seen, that's a given, hence probably not on the cards really.

posted on Jun, 18 2020 @ 11:35 PM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

I know the feeling, all too well..; when you are right on the money about a future prediction...

I don't think anyone ever gets a good feeling, or revels in saying "I told you so!"..Right?

There certainly have been many culpable "staging" events, to create a war, even a civil war within the USA at the same time.

My blurting out about: "Bush #2 would achieve narrow victory, by the skin of his teeth; and then the Middle East was going to go bonkers, Israel trouble, and USA will get drug into a long protracted war in the Middle East."

This was 5 months before the election. I of course became the black sheep of the family after that...The one not invited to Thanksgiving dinners anymore..Ha! Speaking the truth can become costly for family socialising sometimes.

Of course no one wants to see another terrible war, you'd be clinically insane if you did I reckon.

But for some terrible reason they never really truly leave our world. War always has a way of raising its head time and time again. Each time, the results are exponentially worse than the last war.

But, yet here we are. Again.... Many things getting hotter suddenly all over.

Turkey, big insertion into Iraq very recently with army.

China/India border clashes, and now huge military build up for a front line at almost 16,000 feet above sea level.!!!!
Good God man....... Everyone would need a bloody oxygen bottle just to function there.

Taiwan blustering taken to a new more aggressive level, by both sides.

China being more aggressive in the South China Sea as well. I think you get my drift here..

China just announced a new EMP weapon too, for those who figure it wont happen, (WW3); this weapon works wonders on non destructive methods of taking out a society. Entire grid out of service for a long time.

And today in the news, on how Australia is under very heavy cyber attacks from China, affecting all sectors of government and business...even had a video from the Prime minister announcing the very escalated cyber funny business going on.

When WW3 actually started, will be determined long after it begins. And the record of it left for the ages will be dependent on who is victorious. At least this is what has been demonstrated by past conflicts.

Whilst one doesn't want it to visit any of our sure seems the tender box has been well set. All it needs is the "right" match of flame.

I think China will be portrayed as the main enemy by the west. Hoping it doesn't drag Russia in as well...but that is also probably a given too.

As common peasants, there isn't much we can do... write your elected person and protest things? That doesn't accomplish much anymore.

Sometimes really bad things get thrust upon masses by evil people in power.. and the evil people never pay for the crimes until "maybe" after the war is over.

Never are we smart enough to avoid dealings with bad evil people, bad countries, corruption.... George Soros comes to my mind as a prime example.

How he gets away with financing all the revolutionary groups raising chaos, well it boggles the mind really.

Anyhow, you get a flag and star from me.. and yes, things are not looking very bright and bubbly for a long time yet.


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posted on Jun, 18 2020 @ 11:44 PM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

I like your speculative thread, but you never said what actually will happen. You just said covid19 would get so out of hand, that boom, stage for WW3 is set. What next?

So the US nukes China? Why would they do that?

All the fighting overseas is all based on oil, US presence, globalization, and the industrial military complex. I see NWO happening because of covid19 than WW3.

posted on Jun, 19 2020 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

The "oil price war" which seemed to come out of nowhere, just as Wuhan/SARS coV2 really got underway just outside the lab where China gathers and tinkers with coronaviruses...

That's when I decided the stage was not only set, the curtains were being drawn. That's also when I started stocking up on food and other stuff. Suddenly wasn't feeling comfortable with 2 months supply.

Then watching as its spread was encouraged by the WHO (no need to stop travel from China, no human-to-human transmission, don't wear masks, etc)

Following on, Many individual states in the US have blown past China's death and infection totals. China is the only nation whose graph goes nearly straight up and back down in a matter of days - 2 choices there: They're lying, and their lies should have them removed from all treaty organizations, and all trade with China ceased. I would be ok with trading with China being considered to be the same as directly funding terrorist plots. The other option is they secretly found a cure. I'm going with lies.

Next - George Floyd murdered by the filthy, fascist pig. By far, the exception to the rule when it comes to police, but already, there's a push to disband police. What will we replace them with? Umbrella Corp, Security Forces? (whoever gets it, I want in on THAT stock!)

World travel ground to a halt. "Microsoft Teams" commercials running incessantly. Companies in desperate need of employees in the US, but nobody wants to take a pay cut off their $50k/year unemployment. Millions in the US making more money than they ever dreamed of, by sitting on their maggot asses.

China and India at war. A push into space and toward a Mars colony that not long ago seemed 50+ years away, at least, and now is right around the corner.

We're in a full-on sprint to the precipice, and a lot of rich &/or powerful folks seemed to know it was coming. The orchestration of this madness is obvious.

posted on Jun, 19 2020 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: puzzlesphere

It seems in the last couple of days, we have reached the point that confirms my premise, and is predicted at the end of my full post.

The stage now seems to be set for WW3.

I have a question and a comment.

How many players need to be involved for it to be considered a world war vs. a garden variety war?

The next war will not be fought on a traditional battlefield. It will come at us from many directions, no single one "serious" enough to justify war on it's own, but the cumulative effects will be devastating.

By the time the general population connects the dots it will be too late.

All of the pieces are already in place and have been for a long time. The only real remaining question is which domino needs to fall in order to get this party started.

I hope we have some leaders - political and military - with foresight, courage, and a little restraint when needed.

Hope springs eternal...

posted on Jun, 22 2020 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse
So the rage virus is real!!
It was a good time to buy land in the Rockies... # yea!!
We'll just keep building on that as this progresses. As long as we can all agree to no nukes, I know we can keep troops from landing our shores.

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