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The Shed 20

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posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 10:35 PM
A lonely little Elf wanders around the halls looking for signs of life. So very quiet, She can almost hear the beating of her heart. Steps out onto the porch and sits in the creaky rocking chair with a cat in her lap speaking softly in the strange language of cats. Even the faeries were quiet and stopped their enchanting dance until Night and the cat showed up. They like the people and creatures of the shed. Happy to be seen and appreciated, they twirled around and flew in circles until they were dizzy and fell to the soft ground, giggling like little children.

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posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 11:04 PM
I left this thread so others , who seem to find me offensive, could remain here and continue to have fun, and nurture each other through their trials.

Did I leave in vain ?

My wish is for the core group of Sheddites to continue with this beautiful tradition of the Shed.
Please don’t let differences of opinion or petty arguments get in the way of a good thing. The Shed is stronger than that.

I’m only posting this out of concern, and my wish is that the old Shed members come back.

posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 11:30 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
Fin, didn't you have an appointment? If your Dentist was sick, they should have informed you and rescheduled. Was it a regular appointment for cleaning or are you in pain? I wouldn't want to wait an entire week if a tooth was bothering me!

It went like this: i didn't go to dentist for about 12 years. Just washed my teeth every morning. I know it should be done in the evening too but then there is too much freshness and i can't sleep and i am just lazy. Then last summer i started having pain in one tooth. Went to check things up and there are a few cavities that have to be fixed. There is no more pain, i think some nerve endings have died when exposed to air or something.

I had a scheduled appointment, but i changed my phone number to another prepaid because some sales people got my number somehow and tried to sell me stuff i don't need and can't afford. So they didn't have the new number to inform me. I guess i was lazy again not to let them know it in time.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 06:39 AM
a reply to: jacygirl


do you know how wonderful it makes us feel when you post!

we need you.

here's a song for you. and big hugs!

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: BugWhisperer

Waving to Night Star, Sheye and Finn (and everybody else)...

Aww Bug/Gail...thank you sweetheart.
No. I don't know that or even think that...I feel like my random posts are a garbled mess and I struggle with self doubt every time I hit the "reply" button these days.
So I truly appreciate everybody's words of encouragement (and love).
It's great to see you in here too! (and so early!!)

I'm still trying to wake up right now...chugging coffee and wiping the drool off my chin.
But I wanted to start my day here with you guys.

I hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing how you're all doing today.
Jacy xoxo

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: jacygirl

Good morning jacy, glad you're back.
Don't worry, my posts often come out garbled, deleted or in the wrong order and forget to reply to half the people who replied to me. I do try though.

So, how are your new living arrangements? Safe, dry and pleasant I hope. Enjoy the coffee.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: LightSpeedDriver

Good morning Light! (and thank you)

I really don't like my current living arrangements but am grateful to have a place...and coffee, lol.

I can't smoke inside so was just outside having my first all my early morning drooly faced glory...when an electrician walked around the corner and scared the crap out of me!

But after waiting all day yesterday for him I'm glad he is here if he can fix things.

How are you doing today?

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: jacygirl

I guess that's something we both have, places we don't like but are grateful for. I was thinking about this temporary housing I'm in and I don't think I will ever qualify for a regular rented flat. I'd like to move again because I don't have luck with neighbours. I had a bad feeling about moving to Rotterdam, my instinct was right. So far we've had one violent resident, one guy in a drug-induced psychosis, a narcissist and now some jumped up know-it-all. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

I'm taking things easy still, had a bad accident with my foot and couldn't walk for almost a month. It is only now starting to be useable in any meaningful sense.

ETA I hope I didn't add to your anxiety. All the other places I've lived has always been with nice folk but this is Rotterdam, 640,000 people.
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posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 11:45 AM
I always get in here after people post and go on about their days. Gah! Sorry I missed you all!

It was quite a surprise to see that Bug showed up. What a beautiful song and sentiments for our lovely Jacy! Miss you Gail!

Jacy, when the Landlords bought this house after Mom died, they made it a pet and smoke free place for the tenents, but because I was smoking and had a cat when they bought it, I guess it was Grandfathered in. I keep thinking they will change the smoking policy for me eventually and I will be out in horrid weather on the porch.
None of us should have to worry about our posts. I doubt myself at times too and we have to stop doing that.

Matthew, years ago I lived in a horrible neighborhood and I was just miserable. One time a neighbor from upstairs was knifed and knocking on my door. The cops were on their way and this guy was bleeding all over the place. I ran to get towels to hold on him until they arrived.

One couple who bought the place, well, the husband beat his wife senseless and they had two small children. I gave her a number to call for a shelter for abused woman and tried in vain to get her to get help. Loads of screaming kids everywhere and using our car as something to jump on and have fun with. We had things stolen from the apartment and couldn't figure how anyone was getting in. We found out later, they came down a fire escape and came in through our window.
Mark and I also had lousy jobs at the time and were barely making it. Those were very dark times for me.

I hope you and Jacy can eventually get the hell out of where you are at and into better places.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 11:48 AM

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 12:14 PM

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: LightSpeedDriver

Great song! Now everyone dance and lose it!

Hello Matthew! Do you like to read at all? I'm hoping for cooler weather soon so I can get back on the porch and finish a book I started. I have baskets and shelves of books just waiting to be read.

I had to get rid of some clutter and am glad I did. Still have plenty to go through, but it's a start. I don't even want to think about all the stuff I have in closets. OMG! Time to get rid of clothes that I loved but no longer fit. No Lorri, that will never fit you again, let the damned thing go to someone who could use it. LOL

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I used to read, before I moved to a country where most books are printed in Dutch. English books are more expensive and less common here and just joining the library costs money I don't wish to give. It's not just a few dollars. They probably have Gone With The Wind or War and Peace or something else I really don't want to read. Catherine Cookson maybe.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: LightSpeedDriver

Not sure if this place sells internationally, but I have bought books for 3 or 4 dollars including postage, even hard cover books. LoneCloudHpper2 recommended it years ago. So I know they sell to the U.S. and Canada. Not sure about elsewhere. Check it out.

ETA: Yes, they do sell internationally.

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posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 03:35 PM
Our neighborhood's kind of one big circle of "pay it forward", if you will. Most of us pass on unneeded items to anyone in the neighborhood who needs or has a use for them, no strings attached and nothing expected or wanted in return. Better to give things away than to throw them away, and what's left over gets donated.

Little Kid gave her well-cared for old bike to their friend's little brother earlier this year, they always take their outgrown shoes and clothes around to the neighbors to see if the smaller/younger kids need anything, same with their toys, and other kids in the neighborhood do the same thing.
Sometimes adults have things to add, "When you go play over at so-and-so's, see if their parents need this little kitchen gadget, we don't use it", or "See if so-and so's mom would want this top, I don't wear it", etc.

Yesterday, another friend's parents were cleaning out their closets and getting rid of things they don't need, and my kids came home with a very useful assortment of items.
Their mom is a very tiny lady, she and my older kid can fit the same clothes sizes right now, so she gave the older kid at least half a dozen new (to the older kid) outfits, and I must say, she looks pretty good in them! Very tasteful tops, lots of cozy lounge pants for around the house, and the pencil skirt she gave her is pretty classy on a kid, it's longer on a kid than an adult, so the length works very well, down to the knees.
The younger one has a nice cache of new tops & bottoms, too, and they have an assortment of new sweaters and cardigans to share for autumn.
They also gave them several board games, a stack of books, and a variety of unused art supplies (older kid is very much an artist, this was like hitting the lotto jackpot to her)

And yes folks, this is one of those things you take the time to write a hand-written thank you note for, and I absolutely did

The kids went through their books yesterday evening after finding out a neighboring teen's adult sibling had a baby, and gave her a big stack of baby & toddler appropriate books to give to the new parents to read to the baby (like me and hubby, our kids have trouble getting rid of ANY book, whether or not it's an old baby book)

I think we finally came out ahead with the rain we needed so badly, I doubt there's a deficit anymore. We must have gotten around 5 or 6 inches of rain, if not more, over the last few days by now, all the plants have bounced back and the lawns are even greening up quick. I'm definitely going to have to mow the front & back yards by the weekend (I honestly didn't miss doing that...we have a lot of yard space, lol)
The cold front is moving through, and that thick southern humidity is starting to sink like a stone now. FINALLY. OMG, that was an awful couple of days, ugh.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 03:55 PM
I survived being in a car with my dad driving yesterday. The hearing went well but then again I thought the first two hearings went well too.

There's a bit of a delay in the judge making her decision as she has requested court medical records from my past two hearings. Hopefully I will have some good news in about one month.

Thank you all for your kind words.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 04:00 PM

originally posted by: LightSpeedDriver
a reply to: LookingForABetterLife

Sending positive thoughts your way.
Judging by your story, I would be surprised and horrified if they don't help you out but then again I don't know how it works in the US. We're al rooting for you!

That's just in, no one know how the Social Security system works even here in the US. Why? Because it doesn't work. It's a mess.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: Nyiah

Awesome neighborhood! It's wonderful that your children have joined in donating things of their own.
I'm always giving things away to people I know or donate the things they don't want. I also like to surprise my friends or my Sister with a little gifts of some kind once in a while, just for the hell of it.
I like to show my appreciation and love for who they are and all that they do for me.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: LookingForABetterLife

Glad you survived the ride with your Dad! It would be insane if you didn't win this case Blue. A shame you have to keep waiting though.

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: Night Star


I just got caught up reading everything that I missed.
How nice to see you guys here.

I went out earlier to be productive but ended up just visiting my friend Belinda and drinking lots of tea.
Would like to take the time to respond to what's been written so will be back in a minute (after I go put the kettle on, lol).

Now that I'm home I would like to spend some time will be right back!

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