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Do the Freemasons preserve arcane mystical and occult knowledge in their rituals?

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 11:47 PM
Peace deviadah

Supposedly there are Illuminati of The White Lodge and Illuminati of The Black Lodge.

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 11:58 PM
and nothing else matters
i like the way that sounds
i just had a vision of a monk in a hermatige sp.?...
he owned nothing all he does is live and pray he left his self behind.
i see a pentagram and a double bladed sword in the universe,i dont know if this means anything..for i feel think nothing matters..nothing..and when i think of nothing..i dont think of an empty bottomless void thou a void with infinite possabilities..just as the fork in the road or as bob barker says..behind door number one two or 3
that would be heaven if we could be as written in the last post..but it will not happen the way we are going,,unless nature sets off a switch..maybe..or we all had those medical computer chips in us..

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 12:01 AM
will the reasoning mind allow for it

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 12:16 AM

Originally posted by greenmansmind
will the reasoning mind allow for it


At least not the subjective reasoning, of the average intellectual-animal's mind.

We will bring destruction on ourselves because of this very 'reasoning'.

The reasoning which justifies our deluded concepts of "self" and "others".

How marvelous would it be for an Individual, to Internally Penetrate the Illuminating Void(Emptiness) where there is no 'self' and 'other'.

The Dalai Lama in his commentary on The Heart Sutra, suggests that not only should we Meditate on Emptiness; but that we also coincide with that, the developement of an Intellectual-Culture on the Philosophy of Emptiness.

Perhaps this is sound "reasoning"?

Regarding the destruction we are bringing upon us(from this thread):

Presently, instead of evolving, the Aryan Root Race [this entire humanity, in every country and place] has devolved, and its corruption is worse than that of the Atlantean Root Race. The Aryan Root Race's malignity is so great that it has reached unto heaven. Therefore, this Aryan Root Race will be destroyed, so that Ra-Mu's prophesy (which he uttered before the submergence of Atlantis) will be fulfilled:

"If these people forget that they should not amass material things, not only for their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same fate will surprise them."

...It is indeed impossible to deny that we presently live in moments of global crisis; in the history of our Aryan Root Race, there have never been such terrible moments.

Woes and weeping are heard everywhere; executions are occurring the world over; unhappy people remember their beloved relatives with supreme anguish as they waste the last moments of their life in hard labor camps; widows with children who die of starvation, etc.

The entire Earth is filled with armies and wars; rumors of wars are heard everywhere.

The present chaos is awful; nonetheless, the tyrants, while seated on their blasphemous thrones, uselessly intend to establish a "New Order" based upon blood and drugs.

Paris, as a Great Harlot, continues wallowing in its filthy bed of pleasures. London has become a new Sodom; it even intends to establish the legal bond of matrimony between homosexuals. The United States of America has fallen into a collective madness, because they have not only destroyed other countries, but moreover, they are also destroying their own. China, the venerable China of Confucius and Lao-Tse, has fallen as a prostitute in the arms of Marxism-Leninism. China has imported a corrupted doctrine from the Western world; nonetheless, they have declared themselves "enemies of the West".

The Third World War is inevitable because the ones who planned and performed the First and Second World Wars are already working very actively in order to make the Third World War a reality. The Third World War will be millions of times more horrible than the two former World Wars.

Any sense of pity has disappeared. Today it is considered a luxury to have a heart of stone, a flint stone heart. Many schools and colleges teach their pupils that charity is weakness and that they must never give alms. This is how the students become perverse and cruel while sitting at their desks in school.

The moral epidemic of the so called "Rebels without a Cause" fell upon the entire humanity after the Second World War; these rebels are the children of the "New Age" who without God and without Law go around organizing gangs. Everywhere and anywhere they go about killing, hurting, raping, getting drunk, etc., and the governments cannot control them.

The gravest part of these "Rebels without a Cause" is their state of Absolute Moral Irresponsibility. When they are taken in front of the tribunals, they do not know why they have killed, why they have hurt others, and worst of all is that they don't even care to know why.

The sublime world of art has reached the maximum degree of degeneration. The Temple of Art has been converted into a whorehouse; it has become a brothel where homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, harlots, assassins, thieves, etc., search for refuge.

Human corruption is so great that even homicide has become an art form. Moreover, the breaking point of madness is the fact that there presently exist organizations for assassins and an abundant amount of literature on the art of assassination.

All branches of present day art acknowledge lust, alcoholism, drugs, homosexuality, blood, horror'

In this day and age, classical composers are seen with infinite despise. To play Beethoven or Mozart in any modern festivity signifies the general withdrawal of the guests.

The Four Blasphemous Clowns (the Beatles) from the degenerated music of England were endowed with the mark of distinction by the Queen of that Empire. The idiotic multitudes even kissed the ground that they walked upon.

Everywhere there abundantly exists assassinations, robberies, infanticides, matricides, parricides, uxoricides, assaults, rapes, genocides, prostitution, hatred, vengeance, sorcery, merchants of souls and merchants of bodies, greed, violence, envy, pride, arrogance, gluttony, love of luxury, slander, etc.

Indeed, the Aryan Root Race is a rotten fruit, a fruit that will fall from the Tree of Life by the weight of its own rottenness.


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posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 08:25 AM
i had a good cry for a minute last night..
i am allways trying to get rid of my material..i am not a person who wants..i cried tears for my greatest wish is to totally leave self behind..i cry because i have a fear because i can not see what my life will be like to let go of all..
i have an inkling due to my lifes experiences thou i still can not see the whole picture..
i can not grasp it..
i know i can thou i dont know how..
i feel i need to give up my work,my house my family..and at the same time i feel i will not lose them..
i am getting closer,i just need to figure out how to allways come from this void..
the difficult with out thought,letting life unfold with out denial..
i limit myself from totally letting go...
look i am still here on ATS...

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 09:08 AM
Peace greenmansmind

I feel you on this for real, the same struggle here.

Though don't become deluded.

It is taught that Emptiness and Phenomena are one.

Each moment is a manifestation of The Infinite:

Take everything from each moment, because each moment is a child of Gnosis, each moment is absolute, alive, and significant. - Samael Aun Weor

It is better to comprehend each moment Consciously, without attachment.

You also have to do decide(through Meditation) whether to walk The Spiral Path(The Arhat) or The Straight Path(The Bodhisattva).

The Arhat submerges into the blissful state of Nirvana and stays there, eliminating the rest of his Karma very slowly without concern for other Sentient Beings.

The Bodhisattva renounces this, and continues to sacrifice for humanity(to liberate All Sentient Beings from suffering) as to Incarnate and become One with The Cosmic Christ(Vishnu/Chokmah, Avalokitesvara, Yeshua, Krishna, etc.).

From "The Pistis Sophia Unveiled"

The Path of the Middle, the Eightfold Path of the Bodhisattvas with compassionate hearts, leads us to the port of liberation.

Unfortunately, rare are those who are capable of marching on the Path of the Middle towards the Final Liberation. Those who do not fall on the tenebrous path of the Left, fall on the path of the Right.

The tenebrous ones descend through the path of the Left within the abode of Pluto.

The Saints ascend through the path of the Right, towards the marvellous Kingdom of the Light.

The tenebrous ones and the saints rotate in the Wheel of Samsara.

The tenebrous ones pass through the Buddhist Annihilation within the heart of the world.

They enter posteriorly into the elemental paradises of Nature, after having suffered a great deal.

The journey through the subterranean world is millions of times more bitter than bile.

The Saints return to the Valley of Samsara. They reincorporate themselves into a new human organism when the reward is finished.

Neither the human beings with skin of goats, nor the human beings with skin of sheep achieve the Final Liberation.

The authentic Final Liberation is only for the rebels, for those who march on the Path of the Middle.

Difficult is the Eightfold Path of the Bodhisattvas with compassionate hearts.

The limit of good is evil. The limit of evil is good.

The Eightfold Path of the Bodhisattvas with compassionate hearts has nothing to do with good or evil.

All which is good for those who march through the path of the Right is evil for those who descend through the tenebrous Left.

All which is good for the tenebrous of the Averno is evil for the walkers who ascend through the path of the Right.

Demons and Saints look with horror and terror at the revolutionary Adepts of the Path of the Middle.

No one understands these rebels of the Path of the Middle.

The Revolutionary Walker of the Eightfold Path, even being surrounded by many people, walks terribly alone.

Hitler, who was terrorized before the presence of an Adept from the Path of the Middle exclaimed: “I know the Super-Man. I have seen him. He is terribly cruel. I, myself, have felt fear.”

The path is sexual. We advance by annihilating the ego and sacrificing ourselves for humanity.

The Pratyeka Buddhas, even having built the existential superior bodies of the Being, are not Bodhisattvas.

Obviously, the Pratyeka Buddhas fell in the path of the Right.

There are also a great deal of Masters who fell on the path of the Left by means of Black Tantrism.

The Bodhisattvas with compassionate hearts sacrifice themselves for planetary humanities through successive Mahamanvantaras, and finally, they achieve the incarnation of Christ.

Only the Bodhisattvas of the Path of the Middle achieve the incarnation of Christ within themselves.

The Intimate Christ is the true refuge of the Bodhisattva of compassionate heart.

The Intimate Christ is beyond all evil and all punishment.

Samael Aun weor wrote

Many students of occultism (such as Theosophism, Spiritism, Rosicrucianism, etc.) think that in order to become an adept or Mahatma, it is necessary to abandon the world and to withdraw to the snowy summits of the Himalayas in order to live an ascetic life, far away, very far away from any sexual or human relation. Such “models of wisdom,” through their morbid fancies, are just searching for ways to avoid real life and for consolations to their pietisms and vain mental lucubration, because indeed, the human being can only be united with his Innermost by living an intensively lively life and by practicing sexual magic with their priest/priestess spouse.

And finally, about the elimination of the ego:

"It serves no purpose to repeat: "I will not be lustful," because within the very depth of our psyche, the "I" of lasciviousness will continue to exist anyway.

It is useless to repeat daily: "I will not have anger," because within our psychological depths the "I's" of anger will continue to exist.

It would be useless to repeat daily: "I will no longer be covetous," because within the different depths of our psyche, the "I's" of covetousness shall continue to exist.

It would be useless to separate ourselves from the world and lock ourselves up in a convent or live in a cavern, because the "I's" within us will continue to exist.

Some hermits who isolated themselves within caves, based on rigorous disciplines, attained the ecstasy of the saints and were taken up to heaven. There they saw and heard things that are not easily comprehended by human beings.

Nevertheless, their "I's" continued to exist within their interior.

Unquestionably, the Essence, through rigorous disciplines, can escape from within the "I"; thus, it enjoys ecstasy.

However, after such bliss, the Essence returns into the interior of the "myself."

Those who have become accustomed to ecstasy without having dissolved the ego believe that they have already reached liberation. They fool themselves by believing themselves to be Masters. They even enter into the submerged devolution.

Nonetheless, we are not pronouncing ourselves against mystical ecstasy, against the ecstasy and happiness of the Soul while in the absence of the ego.

We only want to place emphasis on the necessity of dissolving "I's" in order to achieve the final liberation.

The Essence of any disciplined hermit, accustomed to escaping from within the "I" repeats such a feat after the death of his physical body. Then, his Essence enjoys the ecstasy for some time. Yet, after such time, his Essence returns as the Genie of Aladdin's lamp, back into the interior of the lamp, the ego, the myself.

Thereupon, he has no other choice but to return into a new physical body with the purpose of repeating his life on the stage of existence.

Many mystics who lived and died in the caverns of the Himalayas in Central Asia reincarnated again and are now vulgar, common and current people in this world, in spite of the fact that their followers still adore and venerate them.

Therefore, any attempt at liberation, no matter how great it might be, if it does not take into consideration the necessity of dissolving the ego, is condemned to failure." - Samael Aun Weor

Though it is said, that some Monads don't necessarily care to Incarnate Christ and only wish to reach Nirvana(The Spiral Path).

So it is up to our Inner Being on which path to take, regarding the two I've mentioned.

If it be our true Inner-Will to leave society and live in the Mountains(as to walk the Spiral Path), then so be it. But our Minds could never know the answer to this.

And it is also taught that one still needs a wife, as to eliminate enough ego to even be on the Spiral Path. So we would have to create The Solar Bodies before even leaving society, or perhaps go to the Mountains with our spouse to Meditate and practice Tantric-Alchemy.

Then there is also the Intermediate Path and the Path of the Failure.....

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posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 09:20 AM

Originally posted by greenmansmind
..i cried tears for my greatest wish is to totally leave self behind..i cry because i have a fear because i can not see what my life will be like to let go of all..

The Science of Meditation

...Just now, Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni came to my mind. On a certain occasion, the Great Buddha was sitting under a tree in profound meditation when a man arrived and began to insult the Buddha, trying to hurt him with his words.

After a while, the Buddha opened his eyes and asked the man, “If someone brings you a gift and you do not accept the gift, to whom does this gift belong?”

The man answered, “To the one who brought it, of course.”

Then the Buddha said, “My brother, take your gift; I cannot accept it,” and continued to meditate.

There is a beautiful, sublime lesson. Buddha did not permit his mind or sentiments to react under any circumstances because he was living fully awakened in his Consciousness; there was no outer reaction. That is the way we should behave, dear disciples.

The school is everywhere; we have to take advantage of it and learn wisely. We have it in our houses, our offices, the shops, or factories, in the street... everywhere, even in the Temple, with our fellow students, our children, father, wife, nephews, grandsons, cousins, friends, etc.

All are psychological gymnasiums. As hard as it will be, as difficult as it looks to us, it is indispensable for all of us. The secret is not to allow our mind and feelings to intervene in the practical daily activities of our lives.

We should allow the Consciousness to be the one who commands, directs and works, the one who talks and executes all one’s daily activities. That way we prepare harmoniously for meditation.

From the practical point of meditation, we must say that what we are looking for goes beyond mind and feelings. This is only possible if in our practical daily life we have trained ourselves intensively and prepared ourselves in our daily lives for this wonderful goal.

Meditation becomes difficult when in our daily life we have not passed through a rigorous training, when we have not trained properly in the psychological gymnasium using social and family life as a training field.

During meditation, we should release the Essence, the Buddhata, the best inside of us, the most dignified and decent. Precisely the Essence or Buddhata is enclosed within the inhuman elements or psychological aggregates that constitute the “I” or ego.

It is not possible to experience Reality or Truth, that which interests all of us, unless we free the Essence, which is trapped in the ego; if we do not, we will have to continue to live on in a world of dreams, in the intellectual center, emotional center, motor center, instinctive or the sexual centers. We want to be able to escape, to experience Truth. The Great Kabir Jesus said: “Know the Truth and it will make you free.”...

... A lot has been said about the Illuminating Void. We will, of course, be able to experience it, and in this emptiness we will discover the Laws of Nature. We can see these laws not in the way we normally see them, but the way they really are. In this physical world we can see figures from outside, but can we see them as they really are within, or from the sides, etc.? In the Illuminating Void we can know the Truth as it really is and not the way it appears to us. We can experience the Truth of an ant, a world, a sun, a comet, etc.

The Essence submerged in the Illuminating Void perceives with its spatial sense everything that was, is, and will be. Her radiations will reach the personality and the mind. It is interesting to know that while the Essence is submerged in the Illuminating Void, it experiences Reality. The emotional and motor centers will integrate with the intellectual center, and the receptive mind will capture the information received by the Essence, for that reason the information is accumulated in the intellectual center; thus, we do not lose it when the Essence comes out of the Illuminating Void and penetrates the personality.

It has been said that to obtain Emptiness we need a suction pump. We have that pump in the spine in the channels Ida and Pingala used by the Creative Energy to reach the brain. Also it has been said that we need a dynamo; we have one in our brain and willpower. It is obvious that we also need a generator. Fortunately this is the Procreative Organs (the sexual organs and willpower).

Having the system and elements, we can reach the Luminous Emptiness; the pump, the dynamo and the generator are the elements we need to reach the Illuminating Void in our meditations. Only through the Illuminating Void can we know Reality, but it is necessary that the Essence penetrates the Absolute Emptiness.

In the old texts, they talk a lot about the Holy Okidanokh: Omnipresent, Omnipenetrating, and Omniscient. He comes from the Sacred Absolute Sun. How can we know truly the Holy Okidanokh if we cannot penetrate the Luminous Emptiness? It is well known that the Holy Okidanokh is within the Illuminating Void; it is one with the Great Emptiness.

When you are in ecstasy, you surpass personality; when you are inside of the Luminous Void and experience the Reality of the Holy Okidanokh, you are one with the leaves, the water... you live everything that exists, the only thing you need is courage so you do not lose the ecstasy, because when one feels that one is diluted in everything and feels that one is everything, one experiences the fear of annihilation.

One thinks: “Where am I? Why am I everywhere?” Reasoning comes and one can lose the ecstasy returning to the trap again, enclosed again by the personality; but if one has courage, one does not lose his ecstasy.

At this moment, one is like a drop that is submerged in the ocean, but one has to realize that the ocean is submerged in the drop as well. You will feel you are a bird flying, a deep forest, a petal of a flower, the children who play with a butterfly, an elephant, etc. This situation brings terror and you can fail in your meditation.

It is indeed in the Sacred Absolute Sun where one comes to know the final Truth. In the Sacred Absolute Sun there is no time. There, the time factor has no existence. There, the universe is all One and the phenomena of nature takes place beyond time.

In the Sacred Absolute Sun we can live in an instant eternity. There, one lives beyond good and evil, transformed into radiant creatures.

Therefore, once one has experienced Truth, he cannot be like those whose lives are based on creed, no; there, one experiences the urgent necessity of working in the Intimate Self-Realization of one’s Being here and now.

It is one thing to experience or to truly live the Illuminating Void and another is to acheive Intimate Self-Realization. Because of this we need to know how to meditate, to learn to meditate; it is urgent to understand meditation.

I hope that you listeners will understand this, that you will practice meditation so one day you will be able to liberate the Essence and experience the Truth by yourselves. The one who is able to liberate the Essence and to enter the Illuminating Void will be distinct; he will no longer be like the others. For this you need a special course; such persons will be different, ready to fight up to the maximum with their only purpose being to realize here and now the Illuminating Void within.

In the Orient, when a disciple reaches these marvellous experiences by experiencing the Truth and comes to tell his Guru, the Guru strikes him hard with his hands; it is clear that if the disciple has not ordered his mind, then he will react against the Guru. Will he not?
However, these disciples are already well trained. Gurus do this to equilibrate the values and to test the disciple, to see how he is progressing in the elimination of his defects.

I hope that all of you have understood deeply what the Science of Meditation really is; I hope that you will practice intensively in your homes and in places of meditation

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posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 10:45 AM
the greenman is unlike all others..
so aware of all his actions and reactions feelings surroundings so on and so forth..thou not so aware that i become blinded.I do need that wife for advancement ,to move to a would be my dream come true..thou if i am placed in the midle of a large city..the same can be found..
soon ,very soon i fill find out how to continue,how to step outside ..everything points in that direction for me.. the chasm is there for me to jump..though right now i can only jump in two small leaps and therefore i can not jump ,because it must be done in one.
i feel first i must stop looking..i must stop searching,stop thinking,i must surrender,for all of it is a hinderance..
everything that is really meant to be is in the momment..all else is not..

once we become aware that we are ALLWAYS dreaming then we can learn how to control the dream..though its not about control.

I am such a hopeful person..and i wish i could leave hope behind and let faith take over where hope left off.

all these stories that have been told to me by native american story tellers and goverment scientist and yoga teachers and clarvoyants..vedics,shamans,famous people, general people,ATS. etc etc etc..

all are pointing me to firmly believe in what i believe in ,no matter if no one else in the world firmly ,unbending ly believe and just breath.


i did not get a chance to read the above,thou i scanned it for a few seconds..thank you for sharing..

here is my question..all this that i read,i feel as if i allready know it..but not until i read i feel i know can i get to know it fully,with out having to read it..
i have not done much reading on any of this..just pieces and parts over the years..and lots of meditation just occurs walking my path...
i have allways walked my own path..been scorned at for years for doing so,,but now i get praised.
i can not stand writting i i i

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 04:09 PM
Quote: "How Marvelous would it be for an Individual, to Internally Penetrate the Illuminating Void (Emptiness) where there is
No 'Self' and No 'Other'."

This is truly an Amazing Experience - it can not be described with words!

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 09:42 PM
focus on the the ending result you wish for...forget all the between...focus unbendingly and then will find your way with out trying..let your higher self guide you.

have not been around in a while...i am feeling a tad the way,i can not find the word arcane in my little dictonary...maybe that is why i dont speak with the same tongue you all use..

but i am working at it and soon will come back to write along with everyone.once i am better able to absorb all that i read and reflect much more clearly so to be able to process and then articulate it all back to you..

miss everyone genuinely

peace and brotherly love

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 09:43 PM
does arcane have a meaning somewhere in between arc and archaic

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 12:56 AM
And the fedinition of mystical is a combination of the mist, and magical?
No, that^s not a typo

We are fed the meaning of the words, but each of us has to take control and define words in our reality.

We have to define the unknown, we have to define what must be strived for, each of us

Then again, not like there is downside to believing only what everyone else believes.

[edit on 30-4-2005 by akilles]

posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 06:49 AM

Originally posted by greenmansmind
does arcane have a meaning somewhere in between arc and archaic

"Known or understood only by a few; esoteric"

From the Latin "Arcanus" (secret) < arcere "to shut up" < arca "chest"

By the way Greenman...several of us here have missed you as well!


posted on May, 2 2005 @ 03:25 AM
Does this prove once and for all that each person's spiritual journey is different? Does it not also prove that there is no one path for spirituality? So why don't we trancend this petty bickering about who's cult is better, or who tokes up and calls themselves a shaman. This discussion accomplishes no learning. By saying that you are immediately more educated and versed because your journey is supposedly the "correct" one, you are doing a great disservice to yourself and this discussion. A true contender wins and loses on a level playing field. There is no honor in an unfair fight. If you are enlightened thee should be no reason to discuss this at all, and furthermore i'm pretty sure the buddahs wouln't waste their time making people try to see the world their way, because they know everyone sees it differently.

You can learn someting if you listen to what peole say rather than ignore them while you think of someting to refute their claim. Active listening is the first step to proper argumentation, and a good debate.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by Eyeofhorus
Does this prove once and for all that each person's spiritual journey is different? Does it not also prove that there is no one path for spirituality? So why don't we trancend this petty bickering about who's cult is better, or who tokes up and calls themselves a shaman. This discussion accomplishes no learning. By saying that you are immediately more educated and versed because your journey is supposedly the "correct" one, you are doing a great disservice to yourself and this discussion. A true contender wins and loses on a level playing field. There is no honor in an unfair fight. If you are enlightened thee should be no reason to discuss this at all, and furthermore i'm pretty sure the buddahs wouln't waste their time making people try to see the world their way, because they know everyone sees it differently.

This is not about who's right and who's wrong, it's about what's real and what is false.

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 09:54 PM
been a while since i've looked here on this site..
all i have to say is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh..
climbing higher on the tree of life..greenmans mind..

ps.i dont miss looking at this thread and observing how
these all mighty/enlightened group with the secrets behave..

it is very funny indeed

true or false

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 12:07 AM
Yeah, its a good time for some 'down time' because we all know the worst lies ahead.

What you have said is of course: True.

It IS interesting to see the denial of occult interest.

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by akilles
It IS interesting to see the denial of occult interest.

It's also amusing to see the absurdity of conspiracy "theory" (ie fantasy) nonsense.

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 02:00 AM
Yes, Freemasons preserve arcane "mystical" and occult knowledge in their rituals. And this is not an evil or bad thing. It is good.

They preserve knowledge that would have been forgotten. If you want to find out more I would suggest buying a book on the subject. It is highly interesting.

One book I would suggest is the "Book of Hiram". It was written by two Freemasons would do histroical research.

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 02:18 AM

Originally posted by Boatphone
One book I would suggest is the "Book of Hiram". It was written by two Freemasons would do histroical research.

The two authors of The Book of Hiram are notoriously unthorough in their research. They jump to MANY conclusions in their work, and then use those conclusions are key pieces of evidence to establish further facts. Very bad investigative writing.

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