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Do the Freemasons preserve arcane mystical and occult knowledge in their rituals?

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 12:57 PM
Which leads to the question whether the Kemetians were White or Black.

And I would say they were Black.

And it has been well-documented that White people tried to destroy knowledge of this fact (going as far as to say the Black race has never started its own culture before, said by Ronald Reagan, or that Black people are the only race that aren't 'star-seeded', without a Godspark, as said by some occultists), and destroying knowledge that Black people had existed in the New World already when Europeans arrived.

That just would not do, with the barbaric image the Royals wanted to portray black people as, and so an elaborate campaign was set upon, that over a few hundred years, convinced all Black people in the New World they were descendants of slaves, a seemingly impossible task (and very hard to research).

This, in turn, keeps us from connecting the dots that there was at one time probably a global society, what we laughingly refer to as Atlantis. Our ideas of the past HAVE GREAT INFLUENCE over what we feel we deserve in the present.

Treat others, as you would have God treat you.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 02:21 PM
Had a long rambling talk with god today and some close friends from different religions etc. as well and we came up with this..get rid of the searching the trying the desires wants..the thinking and trying and putting things in words come from vision ,stop searching for god outside of yourself or answers to questions that clogg our everything,be in the momment and surrender to it..and be aware and you have something..what is it?

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 04:30 PM
Quote: "Which leads to the question whether the Khemetians were White or Black."

NO - it does not! What it should lead to is you Understand is that COLOR is an ILLUSION! There is
ONLY ONE RACE - The HUMAN RACE! We are all Brothers & Sisters on this Planet - we are all in the Same Situation - We ALL have the Ability to Communicate with GOD (In what ever Infinite Form or Infinite Name)! There is really only ONE RELIGION! Lets put the "External World" behind & focus in the "Internal World"! That is one thing that I am sure "GreenMansMind" is probably already doing! "Organized Religion" is a SCAM - "Reality" is "Relative"! It is all just a Template - some of us don't need it any more! Don't let others USE you (especially Politically) in the name of "Church" or "Organized Religion" - that stuff doesn't usually equal "Spirituality" - only "Control" (Usually with the STATE Behind it)! "Divide & Conquer" is the Tactic of the Enemy! Don't Fall for it!

"The Kingdom of Heaven is *WITHIN*" -> JESUS CHRIST!

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by Seraphim_Serpente
Quote: "Which leads to the question whether the Khemetians were White or Black."

NO - it does not! What it should lead to is you Understand is that COLOR is an ILLUSION! There is
ONLY ONE RACE - The HUMAN RACE! We are all Brothers & Sisters on this Planet - we are all in the Same Situation - We ALL have the Ability to Communicate with GOD (In what ever Infinite Form or Infinite Name)!

You're right in that race shouldn't matter; but the thing is, is that people have made it matter by spreading lies and by trying to discredit cultures, all because of whatever prejudices and racism.

It has pretty-much been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Kemetians were for the most part closely related to the Nubian Ku#es.

Yes, there was some mixing with more European-looking Mediterranean peoples, mostly in Lower Kemet(Northern Egypt) probably even during the mid-Predynastic to early Dynastic times. But to try and pass the whole culture off as having been European people is just straight up deception and has been done for a reason.

Thankfully there are some honest Europeans who don't wish to be racist and don't wish to hide the truth; such as Godfrey Higgins, a 19th Century Mason and supposed Druid.

Godfrey Higgins wrote
Herodotus says, that there were two Ethiopian nations, one in India, the other in Egypt. He derived his information from the Egyptoian priests, a race of people who must have known the truth; …


posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 07:36 AM
If you wanted to divide the human race into separate sub-races, there would be a huge percentage of people that could be on either side of a line, and the homogeneous nature of our dna shows we are all very closely related, and in a scientific study of genetic diversity, the researchers found that one group of approx. 55 Bonobos Chimps had a greater range of diversity than the entire human race.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 07:36 AM
serpetine you are correct
i do exist in a rich inner world of existnce.
magical with out illusion
a world of creation and archaic knowledge..
when i seen the words druid and nubian etc.i was tickled.
not that i have learned from these peoples,more so pre druid and prenubian ..thou more so with in me with out the book..
my book is my body and the 7 seals my chakras..

its a shame people dont understand this simple knowledge and they seek to hard..
its a shame they only operate more so from the 3 lower seals..

yes these secret societies preserve things but they dont understand in the correct way what they preserve..what it really truly is..
all these levels of initiation..and still when you get to really needs to be known is still hidden,far different from what really is..
but its all good..even i who belongs to no one and answer only to myself..have these levels of initiation with in me..what i knew 10 yrs.ago and what i know today are not two seperate things..just much deeper in meaning..i have to laugh at the way i looked at things back then and in 10 yrs,from now ,will do the same..
i know nothing and then again everything that needs to be known is right there when needed..
as we unfold
there are no boundries

as above so below

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 08:01 AM
Peace greenmansmind

Originally posted by greenmansmind
when i seen the words druid and nubian etc.i was tickled.

In what way?

Originally posted by greenmansmind
my book is my body and the 7 seals my chakras..
its a shame people dont understand this simple knowledge and they seek to hard..
its a shame they only operate more so from the 3 lower seals..

True indeed.

Samael Aun Weor wrote


The seven churches mentioned in the Apocalypse of Saint John are not on the Asian continent as is presumed by the ignoramuses.

The seven churches are in the spinal column (called Assiah in Kabbalah). The seven churches are connected to the seven chakras.

The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Saint John is a book sealed with seven seals. This book is the Human Being.

No one except the Lamb (symbol of fire), the Innermost which lies within us, can open this book and remove the Seven Seals.

The seven churches are seven nerve centers in the spinal column that are connected to seven superior senses (chakras).

EPHESUS: The first church is the Church of Ephesus. It is located in the coccygeal cavity. Within it is the sacred serpent (Kundalini), the metal snake, the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. Ephesus is connected to the Chakra Muladhara.

When this church is opened, we acquire power over volcanoes and earthquakes and over the creatures that live under the ground.

SMYRNA: When the serpent reaches the prostate, it awakens the second Church of Smyrna, and we acquire power over water and storms. Smyrna is connected to the Chakra Swadhistana.

PERGAMUM: When the sacred serpent rises in the central channel of the spinal column to the level of the navel, the third church, the Church of Pergamus, is awakened. We then acquire power over lightning, fire, and erupting volcanoes.
We can command volcanoes, and they obey us. We can command fire, and the universal fire obeys us. Pergamus is connected to the Chakra Manipura.

THYATIRA: When the snake reaches the heart, the Church of Thyatira is awakened. This church gives us power over cyclones, over the breeze, and over hurricanes. Thyatira is connected to the Chakra Anahata.

SARDIS: When the sacred snake reaches the level of the throat, we can hear the speech of the angels, the words of the souls of the dead, etc. This is the Church of Sardis. Sardis is connected to the Chakra Vishuddha.

PHILADELPHIA: When the sacred snake rises through the spinal column and reaches as high as the brow, then we can see things of the other world: astral light, the souls of the dead, archangels, seraphim, powers, virtues, thrones, etc. This is the Church of Philadelphia and it is connected to the Chakra Ajna.

LAODICEA: When the snake reaches the upper part of the cranium, the Church of Laodicea opens. This is the diamond eye. The one who opens this eye knows all the things of heaven and earth. He becomes terribly divine. He sees everywhere; he is aware of everything. Laodicea is connected to the Chakra Sahasrara.

After this, the soul unites with the Innermost and becomes a master; prophet, wise man, enlightened being, possessor of power. He sees all, hears all and ignores nothing.

Originally posted by greenmansmind
yes these secret societies preserve things but they dont understand in the correct way what they preserve..what it really truly is..
all these levels of initiation..and still when you get to really needs to be known is still hidden,far different from what really is..
but its all good..even i who belongs to no one and answer only to myself..have these levels of initiation with in me..what i knew 10 yrs.ago and what i know today are not two seperate things..just much deeper in meaning..i have to laugh at the way i looked at things back then and in 10 yrs,from now ,will do the same..
i know nothing and then again everything that needs to be known is right there when needed..
as we unfold
there are no boundries

as above so below


Here's some more interesting info related to what you've just said:

The Ray of Creation

As we work with the three factors, (Alchemical Birth, Mystical Death and Sacrifice for Humanity) we walk the path of initiation. We may complete the Minor Mysteries, but not enter into the Major Mysteries until we reach psychological equilibrium and begin working in Alchemy.

When we work in Alchemy the Holy Spirit descends (white dove) into us and raises the Serpents of Fire of Kundalini through each of our bodies, (physical, vital, astral, mental and causal). The serpents of Atman and Buddi never fell. The serpent rises slowly through each of the 33 vertebrae of our spine (33 degrees of Occult Masonry), in accordance with the merits of our heart. This is represented by the 33 years of the life of Jesus. (Any Buddha with 5 or 7 serpents raised up over its head which represents this process.)


posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 08:11 AM
I also want to add that, to my understanding; when The Kundalini is raised 33 degrees, it does not by any means signify the completion of The Work.


A judicious study of the marvelous esoteric work The Voice of the Silence by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky takes us to the logical conclusion that Seven Tremendous Initiatic Gates exist.

By all means it is clear that to reach the Fifth Gate is fundamental because for the Warrior the two superior gates are always open.

In various Masonic Degrees they made reference to that Symbolic Esoteric Ladder that unites the earth with heaven. This is the same ladder that the incarnated Angel Israel (who's profane name was Jacob) saw in his dreams.

Mistakenly many believe that the Coccygeal Chakra (with its four marvelous petals) is the first rung of the Holy Ladder.

Many suppose that the Prostatic (Uterine) Chakra (Splendid Lotus of six petals) is the second rung of the Mystic Ladder.

There are many who hold the opinion that the Umbilical Chakra (Luminous Jewel of ten petals, located in the center of the lumbar region) is the third rung.

Many Pseudo-Esoterists and Pseudo-Occultists want to see the fourth rung in the Cardias with its famous twelve petals.

Opinions exist about many things; this is why they believe that the Laryngeal Chakra (with its sixteen precious petals) is the sixth rung.

Many are convinced in an erroneous way that the Sixth Center situated in the head between the two eyebrows and its two extraordinary and resplendent petals is the sixth rung of the Mystical Ladder.

In sum, we never fail to see Pseudo-Esoterists and Pseudo-Occultists who still believe that the Lotus of One Thousand Petals, the seat of Shiva in the Pineal Gland, superior part of the brain is the seventh rung of Jacob's ladder.

In synthesis, it is right to state that the Sahasrara, the Milupe or Precious Lotus of One Thousand Petals is located in the vertex of the head; it is also right to asseverate that this is the seat of the Holy Spirit; thus, indeed, the Holy Spirit is only waiting for his luminous and extraordinary union with Shakti or Sexual Igneous Force that, as a Serpent of Fire, is dormant and coiled up three and a half times within the lowest of the seven centers. The objective of Yoga is to acquire Liberation with this splendid union.

However, another thing is to analyze, to experiment and to comprehend the marvelous analytical studies of the Laboratorium-Oratorium of the Third Logos.

We have already stated; yet we repeat again that the Sacred Fire has Seven Degrees of Power. There are Seven Serpents, two groups of three plus the sublime coronation of the Seventh Tongue of Fire that unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

It is urgent to know that the Seven Serpents are the Seven Rungs of Jacob's Ladder, the Seven Gates of the Voice of the Silence.

The two first serpents: the serpent of the physical body and the serpent of the vital body only reach the magnetic field at the root of the nose after having placed into activity the Lotus of One Thousand Petals. However, the five remaining superior serpents always reach the Cardias through the Amrita Nadi.

No one can pass through the Seven Initiatic Gates in an instantaneous and simultaneous way; no Initiate can jump to the Seventh Rung immediately. Degrees and Degrees exist in all of this.

Whosoever wants to lift the Third Serpent must first of all lift the Second and no one can lift the Second Serpent without having previously lifted the First.

It is an absurdity to try to lift the Fourth Sacred Serpent without having previously lifted the Third, and it is stubbornness to intend to lift the Fifth Serpent without previously having lifted the Fourth.

Thousands of Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist students commit the embarrassing error of believing that one can achieve the Revolutionary Development of the Kundalini by working with the Bellow System.

In Limbo there live many Yogis who in spite of having practiced Pranayama intensely during their entire lives have not even achieved the awakening of their Kundalini.

With the respiratory exercises, we can raise some Igneous Flames through the Spinal Medulla, but we will never achieve the ascension of each one of the noble serpents of Fire with such practices.

Undoubtedly, it is very recommendable to utilize those Flames of Sacred Fire that are enclosed within the Muladhara Chakra for the awakening of the Consciousness. However, this does not signify the Awakening of the Kundalini.

By all means, it is clear that the nostrils are connected to the Sexual Gonads through Ida and Pingala; this is why it is relatively easy to utilize certain Sacred Flames for the awakening of the Consciousness by means of the Respiratory Exercises.

The best Initiates of Laya Yoga, Zen and Chan intelligently combine meditation with Pranayama when comprehending the urgent necessity of awakening the Consciousness.....

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 08:43 PM
That was some great reading that i just scanned..
i have not been a big reader of any of this,though as i read i felt i allready knew word for word that i knew this through my experiences..

once upon a time i meditated with an amazing group of people after years on my own..
at a time upon entering meditation,i could raise the serpant upon will..
for some reason,the very first time was a full experience....i experienced it often and one day i left it all behind as i began to not meditate on a horizontal and moved more so to a vertical meditation...with each step...

i have met spiritual guides and they could not believe that i ,such an experience..
for they wished to feel what it was like to be god..and they experienced kundulini and became very naseuated and fevered etc etc..and others around them became fearful,repulsed etc..and they wished not do it again

i have had many walk up to me from out of the blue and tell me that i was a rare individual and to believe in fully what i believe in..with out a doubt

the higher you climb the more your challenged

i have been on the edge of death many times and each time i was aware of it all and surrendered and each time i came back again to love life even more..

each time i come back,i see the negativity highlighted more around me in the world..
and each time i am challenged to think/ matter what pain and suffering and fear ,crimes ,pollution etc etc there is..
to feel that it is all good..

i should read some more information like above perhaps..but whats the sense?
the true experience is with in experiences

sometimes you can see the light in the strangest of places if you look just right

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 08:48 PM
yes we can have the power over volcanos and tearing mtn.s down..but the lamb of us,would not allow for that.
only that with good intentions..and it does not come from a TRYING there is only doing..and it does not really come from a doing..or a thought..more so vision of reality before you unfolding as you see it in your mind being only that way and the power from your..........nuf said i think/feel.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 08:58 PM
if yogis who have been practicing for yrs..can not experience kundulini..

why a simple man such as me..with out the knowledge even..why did i go through all of it,with out challenge..

well it did take me years to get there....
but why me,why have i been chosen to walk this path that i walk..

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 09:19 PM
Quote: "the Higher you climb the more you are Challenged."

Yes - the Higher Up the "Tree of Life" you climb the more you are Challenged indeed!

Greenmansmind - perhaps it is because you are not stuck in certain Dogmas - I have always admired your way of Thought in your Postings - although to tell the Truth sometimes I find your Posts to be a little Incoherent - other times I totally identify with what you are saying - like being a Pro-Organic Naturalist! I think that a LOT of Humanities Problems Originate from the fact that Modern Humanity has Lost His/Her Connection to the Earth & Nature - Science is a Great "Tool" - but it does NOT have all of the Answers!

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 11:06 PM
I agree with much of what you've said greenmansmind, however we ought to clarify a couple things.

Originally posted by greenmansmind
if yogis who have been practicing for yrs..can not experience kundulini..

why a simple man such as me..with out the knowledge even..why did i go through all of it,with out challenge..

This is precisely why The Masters stress that the Aspirant needs a Guru, whether in the Physical or Internal Planes.

Sometimes we don't have the ability to catch all the messages from our Innermost properly, because the way we perceive things is filtered through the egos or aggregates that we have built up over so many lifetimes.

Also, many people assume that they've "raised their Kundalini" but don't even really know what that is.

One who has already walked The Path can train us on how to transform the impressions we receive externally, and how to understand the messages and subtle hints that our Being sends our way.

This is why it is good to meditate daily and study The Holy Books(The Qur'an, Torah, Gospels, Pert Em Heru, Upanishads, Tao Te Ching, etc.) and also, the works of the more current Masters.

You know the saying: "When the student is ready, the Master appears" or something like that.

Speaking of which; here's a reason why I respect Dion Fortune:

Seeking The Master

And you are right greenman, in implying that too much reading can be counter-productive.

Some quotes of Wisdom(I know that my excessive quoting can get annoying, but it is better to quote those with a higher level of Being, than to offer our own subjective opinions):

The great rationalists and intellectuals are precisely the most torpid and passionate beings who exist upon the earth. The intellectual loses the meaning of a sentence simply because of the lack of a period or a comma. The intuitive knows how to read what the Master does not write and how to listen to what the Master does not say....

...The gravest danger for the occultist is to have a bookish culture. The students of occultism who have read excessively are commonly filled with terrible pride. The student who is vain due to the intellect feels as though he is the lord of worldly wisdom. He not only lamentably wastes his time going from school to school, but moreover he closes the door of Initiation for himself, and falls into black magic. We must become like children in order to penetrate into the wisdom of the fire, which is deep within ourselves, in the living profundity of our internal consciousness. There is a need to be humble in order to acquire wisdom. Once we have acquired wisdom, we must be even more humble.

- Igneous Rose


Intellect "Two types of intellect exist: 1. The commonly known sensual intellect. 2. The intellect which is given by the Being; this is a conscious intellect." - The Revolution of the Dialectic

The common sensual or subjective intellect is the capacity of reasoning and comparing (see Intellectual Animal). Related to the Intellectual Brain or Center, and to the physical brain.

"The intellect is a very precious instrument for the Great Work of the Father, when it is absolutely used for the pure service of the Spirit. A mystic without intellect fails because of lack of culture (see Intellectual Culture). The intellect is satanic when it is used for the service of the internal beast. The intellectual villains (cynics and skeptics) are the result of intellectualism without spirituality." - The Aquarian Message

"The intellect never attains Initiation. Only the heart attains the Golgotha of the High Initiation. The majority of people have their heads filled with absurd theories and ancestral prejudices; they do not open their minds to anything new." - The Revolution of Beelzebub

Intellectual Culture A complete and comprehensive intellectual understanding of the many aspects of the Path of Initiation.

"To possess an intellectual culture is necessary for the development of clairvoyance. To have an intellectual discipline is necessary for the development of the latent powers, chakras, discs, magnetic wheels of the Astral Body." - Endocrinology & Criminology

"In order to develop positive clairvoyance, it is required to practice the necessary esoteric exercises and to study the best authors of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Yoga, Psychology, etc., etc. Our worst enemy is ignorance; therefore, we recommend our readers study the great works of the female Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, entitled The Secret Doctrine. We also recommend Kundalini Yoga of Sivananda, the books of Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, the books of Dr. Adoum, the books of Rudolf Steiner, etc., etc." - Endocrinology & Criminology

"Every esoterist student must have discipline and intellectual culture. The occultist without discipline and intellectual culture converts himself into a delinquent." - Endocrinology & Criminology

The objective of studying the Kabbalah is to be skilled for work in the Internal Worlds...

One who does not comprehend remains confused in the Internal Worlds. Kabbalah is the basis in order to understand the language of these worlds. - Samael Aun Weor, The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of Tarot and Kabbalah


Dr Krumm Heller used to say that an hour of daily vocalization was better than reading a million books on pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism. - Samael Aun Weor

We have finished this book. Unfortunately, we count with the fingers those who are prepared for Gnosis. We have only known two persons who are prepared for this: An illiterate Indian and a woman. The one who wants to know has to kill the great destructor of reality, the mind. - The Greater Mysteries

It's all about balance.

Regarding Kundalini.

Many people presume that because they have had certain sensations and experiences, that they have awakened the Kundalini. But what that Pranayama lecture is saying, is that sparks of Kundalini can be sent up the intertwining canals of Ida and Pingala, but to actually raise The Kundalini Serpent itself up the Middle Canal of Sushumna, requires the Tantric Union between man and wife without EVER reaching the orgasm; and also by developing Bodhicitta and Right-Action(The merits of The Heart).

This is something very difficult for fornicators to face. They would rather assume that they have awakened their Kundalini just because of some subjective experience.

The bachelor needs to stay in Brahmacharya(Chastity) by practicing Pranayama daily. But even one who is in Chastity, can ignorantly assume that they've awakened The Kundalini Serpent, due to an even objective experience, of energy rising up the Ida and Pingala.

Without Chasity, one cannot even begin The True Path of The Great Work.

"When the Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the Mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply this energy." - Manly P. Hall

Without Chastity, one will only awaken as a demon by persuing these studies and practices.

Many authors who write books on magic are awakened negatively, though I doubt that Manly P. Hall was one of them.

I believe he was referring to, that having control of Lucifer is having control of one's Sexual Force. Without this control, we are only going to fall under the control of our vices and Satanic egos.

Does any of this make sense?

greenmansmind wrote
well it did take me years to get there....
but why me,why have i been chosen to walk this path that i walk..

I found this to be a really beautiful statement:

The one who's Being is leading them back to the path will be able to receive many impressions that remind him/her of their purpose.

These impressions or influences of the initiatic principles are not mechanical, they are like arrows that are shot at a target, from the Inner Being to His child. Obviously there is wind, distance and our minds are moving targets-but the quiver of the Monad that is pushing the essence is always full of arrows.

A word spoken by a stranger, a sound, a feeling all can be the influences of subtle forces at work.


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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 11:07 PM
Aah, yes, sometimes I think the entire POINT of the game comes from playing at a high difficulty level.

Surely we knew what we were getting ourselves into, on some level

Another thing that must be kept in mind is the appearance of regressing, instead of progressing! It is the illusion of the cycle!

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 08:47 AM
aaaaaaaah but regressing is ok..we never lose the level we were on..

and yes my writting can be incoherrant,even to myself..when i write ,i do not think and if i do,i cannot write..

as for guides..the ancients guide me...
and all of my experiences in the physical world are placed there for me,or my vibrations of what i am seeking etc..draw these to me...

just like ats. i found this site,when i asked the the please help me put my knowledge into words

though after reading all the words placed here,i dont know if i seek the words and rather trust just what is...
as for dogma clouding my knowledge..i dont agree...i am a great one at letting go ..
colors blind the eyes,sound deafens the ear,flavor numbs the taste.

perhaps a guru would be beneficial to me..
but if that was the case,they would be here now.

silence has taught me the most and each step that i take in daily life is my guide one foot in front of the other and accepting all before matter how good or bad right or wrong black or white..its all there for growth..

it is sad how out of touch people are..but i am not saddned.

a friend of mine who i lost touch with for a few yrs..because of telling him about some experiences of miracles that occured to me..well he has come back,just the other day...
and he made a comment about a song that kept playing over and over in his head and then he was walking down a city street and some man was whistling the tune...
my friend thought it was satanic to have had to experience all of that...
i was silently amused and just said,i dont think so..

later that day he told me that he thought i may have been born on the same day of jesus...dont know where he came up with that...a man with a simple mind..everyone says jesus was born on xmas..i myself thought he could have been born on my birthday..
i would think jesus was a pisces as well..i was born on 3/9/ 69 to me this is a magical day..the magic i was born into.
connecting the heaven and the earthly plane for all to understand in their own way,seems to be my task given to me..

i am close to earth..nature and all that is..
for a living/lifestyle i am an organic very creative horticulturalist..
i do things unlike all..even the famous people in the field vissit me or me them and they all tell me that i do things that they or others do not or can not..and none of it matters to me.
at times i feel nothing matters..and that we are living the wrong book of physics..
as we will begin to see..
just the other day an amazing find was found by genetics doctors in the land of was mind boggling to them..thou to me ,i laughed as if i allready knew and said its about time to blow our minds..

please excuse me for anything that dont make sense..

some day it will.

a man once spoke to me in a ridule years ago,when i went seeking knowledge,i asked him to help me understand something...
though his ball of wax....he had will only find this out,when you are ready....i told him i thought i was ready...he think...though if you have this knowledge how do you know that you would use it do you know your intentions will remain pure..
i told him i thought they would remain pure..he told me you dont know for now you are only thinking.
yrs later i experienced some miracles that came from my visions through me..i saved someones life..through vision..and have not one speck of doubt that i did this through me..the power that rushed through me as i gazed helplessly at the incident..with out thought the vision came and reality unfolded just as such....
it really should not have been that way..thou as i seen them wave to me in thanks as they went by
and i looked back to the point where the acident was about to happen and back at them with a gently nod.and no doubt in my mind..

i feel as if our thoughts mean nothing and we have made it all into something and to me it is all so unimportant..all incoherant..

what is important to me is the vision and the feel..
awareness and faith.
as i gaze into the day

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 03:01 PM
No I said -> "you are NOT Stuck in certain Dogmas"!

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 04:39 PM
i see says the blind man..

and should i be stuck on certain dogmas..
does it make a difference..

if the mind just plays tricks on us and the true path lies with in the heart..
then what dogma is there for me to get stuck in that the heart will understand and allow me to move i not focused on my heart enuf..

i was told that i should the ancient tone..which is different than the modern day AUM..and to focus on my heart center for one year before moving on to crown.
any ways what dogma does the heart understand

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 04:43 PM
maybe it is because i have never cared for the structure the way it is so perfectly taught to must be exactly this way or that...

perhaps that is my problem..

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 11:37 PM
just came to a conclusion..i am sure it is just a passing pisces are allways contradicting,swimming both ways..
perhaps i am delusional..could be the full moon..
but none of this none of what we know does not matter...
how many times have civilizations risen to fall again and be covered by the sands of many times..all has been left behind..

when i came up with that,i was thinking about the chaos of nature/the universe and for some reason venus and also the pentagram in the future
the cycles
and observing what is..and what was

nothing matters not even our thoughts

and whatever we look at we all think differently about the same picture,one end of the spectrum to the other..but however you see it matter how differently its all the same thing,just different perspectives..

a tree is a tree
the smoke rises the fire can use different words to describe what i just said..but its all the same thing..

spiral higher reach new levels
row row row your boat
greenman is letting go of ats. now..i learned something..wish i could say i will miss everyone..but i love ya all
BE GOOD ....please

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 11:42 PM
The Illuminati laboured for the:

Abolition of All ordered government
Abolition of All private property
Abolition of All inheritance
Abolition of All patriotism
Abolition of All religion
Abolition of the family and the creation of a New World Order.

What is so wrong with this? I understand that when BUSH speaks of NWO he means something different and so does the PRO-GLOBALISTS, but I dont! I feel the original ideas of ADAM WEISHAUPT have been ignored. The world could be a better place. Come to ILLUMINATI FORUM and discuss the possibilities. Only serious and open minded people need bother. It is a BRAND NEW forum that aims to find like minded people who dream of a free reasonable world....

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