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The Shed 3

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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 05:02 PM
Hi kat, dawgie, and Bug!!!

Haven't seen ya'll around here in a while. How have ya'll been doing in the world? Kat, if you are making steak gyros. Can you send me one or two please?!?!

posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 06:27 PM
This was close to the tail end of my friend's intermodal train that he had today. If you guys look real close behind the trees between the car dealership and the interstate. You can see the tail end of his train stretching back around the curve. I mean, the length of the train he had this morning was just under 10,000 feet.

posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: gimmefootball400

HaHa, I'll send you a whole loaf. Do you like onions and Tzatziki sauce on your samich?

When I eat out, I let them put tomato's on mine, but when I make it at home, I don't bother with them.

Nice Picture.

posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 03:28 AM

originally posted by: TDawgRex
a reply to: crappiekat

Um,,,I'm kinda nervous moving back to Wisconsin, as things seem to be finally falling into place. I have a free AKC male Rough Collie puppy lined up (Born last week), and will be taking care of 3 to 5 Horses and the trustees of the farm are encouraging me to get some sheep as well.
I guess I'll be a busy Dawg.

Oh! And I won my lawsuit! WooHoo!

Doug!!!!!!!!! Man did I miss you! I'm so glad you haven't forgotten us here! Good luck with your move and new puppy and all. Sounds wonderful! You'll have to get your butt back in here and share the news of your new place and all! BIG HUG!!!!!

Hello Crappie, miss you too! We always think of our Shed folks even when they aren't posting. You are always in our hearts and thoughts.

I was up way too early and need some rest. Be back later.

Happy Father's Day to our Dads!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 11:14 PM
Hello All...We are still gone...I just stopped in to say Happy Father's Day to all the dad's...I hope you have a great day....

posted on Jun, 22 2015 @ 06:04 AM
Good morning everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend & Father's Day!

We took my niece to a "safari" petting zoo. I will try to get the pics up today. She had a blast!!! They have a camel that sticks it's head in the bus for kisses (ok it really wants food but the kids don't know) and she loved it. Two baths later I think I might have gotten all the slobber off of us!
For such a small place it really does have an assortment of animals and they all seem to be treated so well, almost like HUGE pets. They had Llamas, Deer, Goats, Monkeys, Antelope, Camels, Bison, Water Buffalos, Zebras, Donkeys, and some I'm not even sure what they were!

posted on Jun, 22 2015 @ 06:11 AM

posted on Jun, 22 2015 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: Martin75

Oh my goodness, your niece is adorable! Animals are pretty cute too! Sounds like a great time!!!

Hiya CC!

Hi everyone! Heat and humidity here sucks! Too hot to sit outside and enjoy myself, so I slept most of the day away. Now I'll be up all night of course. LOL

Pheonix, if you are lurking, just so that you know, I can't make another story entry until you do as my characters are now involved with yours. No rush or anything. I don't want to post for your wolves as I like people to have full control of their characters and development. Anyone else wishing to enter the story, please do!

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posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 06:34 AM
Good morning everyone!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am just hoping to stay awake or at least find a way to prop myself up so it looks like I'm working. I tried going to bed early last night but mainly stared at the walls. Plus our neighbor got a new dog that felt the need to howl and bark all night

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 07:52 AM
Shadow listened carefully to Night Star and he did discover a few facts that were new to him. He perceived that she did not truly understand the risk she was taking in protecting the egg but he also did not want to scare her silly.

He considered the problem as she changed the subject and he politely listened. He liked the musicality of her voice anyway so he did not get bored. When she finished and just as she was rising from the chair she had settled in, he sent her a clear telepathic message, "The egg you guard is precious to us all. Keep it safe. We are here to help you should the need arise. The wizards can guard against most threats but, a Wraith Lord has sensed the egg and should they pit their strengths against it, they and you will perish. We will not let that happen. Five Wolf Lords are more than sufficient for this purpose. I hope you do not mind but we will not leave your side until the egg hatches and the little Fire Lizard is able to Transfer itself to safety.

"The black and silver Wolf Lord with me is Spirit, Wolf Lord and Arcane Master. He taught me when I was but a puppy. He is one of the greatest living Wolf Lords."

Unexpectedly, Spirit chuckled and sent openly so all could hear, "As are you Shadow! You have come a long way since that adorable puppy with one ear that refused to stand up until your second birthday arrived. Dear Elf, you mentioned something about breakfast?"

To Shadow's embarrassment, Spirit sent a crystal clear image to everyone. He chuckled, Oh, the joys of telepathy!

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posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 08:10 AM
Hi Martin. I always have trouble sleeping at night. I know it sucks! And I'm sure that dog doesn't help matters at all!

Thanks for the entry Pheonix! I didn't mean to rush you. LOL

My day out with Linda today so I will leave around 12:30 and won't be home until later this evening. Have a great day!

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 08:39 PM
I hope everyone had a great day!

I am LOVING the story!!! I'm afraid my entry may take just a bit longer....I am doing a complete 180 with my story.

-----sorry I will try to make this crazy tale short.

I decided that I needed an updated avatar BUT I love "this me" so much; so I would love to keep her but update the picture. Soooo, I was looking through Google images to see if I could find any other pictures of her. (She was one Snarky made and posted for takers, I knew she was me the moment I saw her.) searching, I found her!!!!

There are SOOO many details I had never seen. I love her!!! She is Martin and will soon explain Jala's visions and the necklace they found. I promise to post soon, but need to make some transitions.

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posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 09:07 PM
Pheonix, that puppy pic is sooooo adorable!!

Martin, I always loved your avatar!

My 6 month mammogram is next Teusday. So effin nervous. It sucks being human sometimes.

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Popping in to say Hi!!

Off to bed.

Sweet dreams all.

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

Sweet dreams Kat!

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 10:45 PM
Night and the others were honored to have the Wolf Lords by their side. Pesky couldn't contain herself when she saw the telepathically transferred image of Shadow as a pup. "Oh how adorable! Oh my, sooooo cute!!!!! You were quite the little beauty Shadow and still are!" Night chuckled. he sure was a cute little thing when he was a pup. He grew into such a wondrous and beautiful wolf. She was reminded of her own wolf and how sweet and adorable he was when he was young and it made her smile.

The elf was worried about this wraith Lord. She wasn't even sure what a wraith Lord was, but it sounded menacing and she knew they were up against more than they had bargained for. Still, she could feel her love for the fire lizard grow with every passing moment. She liked that...'fire lizard' Shadow had called it. She wanted so badly to keep looking at the glowing egg, but kept it concealed inside the decorative little box inside her knitted bag.

"Oh yes...breakfast! Let us have our fill. I have a feeling that our journey will be a long one and we'll all need our strength." They all entered the dining hall that was already filling up quickly with colorful characters. Night enjoyed listening to the beings around her. Their conversations were always interesting, not that she should have been listening in, but she did anyway. The dwarfs had been arguing over the architectural design of some cave for days now. She wondered how they ever got anything accomplished. She had seen some of their work in the past and it was breath taking. I guess the arguing was always worth it in the end.

The wizards soon joined the group and were informed about their new companions and what may lay ahead. They all nodded in agreement and thanked the wolf Lords for their time and protection. The eldest wizard addressed the wolves. "There is power in numbers and a higher power when those numbers have magic to wield as we all do. We are grateful for any help we can get along our journey as it will be a difficult one to be sure." He was satisfied and nodded again. Now let us eat of the feast before us." Outside the rain had cleared. It looked like the beginning of their travels would at least be a pleasant one. They dug into their meals as though it might be their last. The little pixie burped so loud she blushed in embarrassment and covered her mouth hoping nothing else would explode from her. Night laughed so hard she couldn't stop. Damned elven wine always made her silly, but she didn't care one bit. Hugo gave her a look. Night looked back still laughing. "What? It was funny! Jeeez, lighten up!"

posted on Jun, 24 2015 @ 09:14 PM
I need names for the three wizards. Can't keep calling them the eldest, middle and youngest wizard. LOL
Any ideas?

posted on Jun, 24 2015 @ 09:15 PM
Hope everyone is well!!

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 12:13 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Magical Names

Night here is a neat page that also has the name meanings with them.

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 05:57 PM
Hello All...We are back..Just thought I would let others know..Hope every one is having a great day...

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