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Poll for all members (skeptics, debunkers, and believers) of ATS: Have you ever had a UFO sighting?

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:38 AM
Nope, even when other people in the vicinity have claimed they have. I have spent 100's probably 1000's of evenings looking at the stars from the 70's till now.

Used to live just north of Glasgow back then in the 'central' belt of Scotland which is a well known UFO hotspot - apparently but still nothing.

None of my friends or family ever have either and I know many of them watch the skies a lot too so I think 99.9% of reported sightings are 'rubbish'. In fact i don't think i've ever met anybody who has even claimed to have seen one.

Whereas a lot of people have their own 'ghost' story of some kind.

I'd love to see a UFO and have no doubt we are not alone in the Universe but won't be holding my breath

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:42 AM
I saw one years ago -

I have to admit, I think about it daily. It was that astonishing - and ultimately crazy making

It's the reason I ended up here at ATS - I stayed for the petty political sniping :-)

I don't really see any point in describing it. I've shared that information with a very few individuals, but the further away from the actual sighting that I get, the less I feel a need to share that information

Especially here at ATS (even in a thread that promises not to deconstruct my sighting)

The reason being - it doesn't really matter what I saw. Whether or not it's credible or whether or not I'm credible, it's still in a kind of Joan of Arc category, isn't it? :-)

All I can say about it at this point is that I saw what I saw. Either it was real, or I'm bat crap crazy. There is no swamp gas and Venus explanation for what I saw that night

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 11:10 AM
a reply to: cuckooold

So ATS members, have you had a UFO sighting?

No. Never.

I'm boring..

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 11:31 AM
0 sightings
I often look up hoping to see.

but then again, I live in a city, so I rarely see more than a few stars on the sky at once.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: cuckooold

Several the latest one was maybe 5 years ago at Lake Lemolo in Oregon. No one goes there we usually have the whole place to ourselves as everyone stops at Diamond lake where it is nicer.

We tent camped in an isolated area and late as the fire died, just before we went to bed, we sat watching the stars.

There are logging roads but the area was very wooded and beyond the camp along a mountain ridge there is no road at least none we knew about after going there for 20 years. Suddenly we saw like a dozen lights slowly rise from the forest miles away along the mountain base. I said "helicopters?". My husband did not think so because the lights were wrong, I can't remember now how but anyway I can't imagine what a whole slew of helicopters would be rising out of the woods at like 1 AM for. They just went up until they were out of sight to us.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 11:49 AM

originally posted by: Phage
I've seen some things.

Some that made me think "what th'?" for a moment until it became apparent that my brain and eyes had been having an argument for a bit.

A couple that I still have no idea what they were but no reason to think they were ET. Most recent was a few months ago. A strobe directly overhead, flashed 5 or 6 times, no apparent motion the whole time.

Was there a lighthouse nearby

Probably a satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and the solar panel is catching the sun as the satellite rotates every 9 seconds.

Sirius and Aldebaran, which can look odd at times

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:10 PM
Over 21 years of reading , watching videos , tv shows , meetings , interviews & conventions & I don't think I have ever seen one . I had 2 times where I though only maybe . Once in eastern Canada & another time when I lived close to lockheed and martin in Marietta Georgia . Also had "the dream" once . You know the one were the greys circle the bed & the sheets get tight . However I believe most of them were me being hopeful
Although the dream was rather dreary !
Do I believe ? Well yes , but it's even farther then belief . I know the truth . I am years past watching sighting videos & reading witness accounts . I know the truth & that is finally enough for me & has been for a few years now .
I always say , sure we are not alone & sure our government is so deep it could never revel the truth , however I sill need groceries tomorrow , pay bills next month & have all the other human things I need do n the next 24 hours . When you find the truth it really does not matter anymore . You still need to live

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:22 PM
a reply to: RoScoLaz4

i completely forgot the incident until some
25 or more years later when i suddenly just began to
'remember' this. i asked my brother about it and he
said he was astonished that when i raised the subject
with him he remembered the incident 'all at once, in a
flash'. his recollections matched my own precisely.

AH! This is just what happened to me and after it happened I found more stories like yours!
My Daughter called me one day from Chico CA I had not heard from her for sometime she was staying with her husband and his Brother and Parents outside of Chico.
Now importantly my daughter has never used the word UFO, she never has said ghost or anything at all questionable she is a realist in the extreme and reads only opposite! She also very importantly has no sense of humor she never makes jokes or played tricks in all the years that I raised her.

My daughter said in an excited voice "did you see the UFO"? Now I lived 30-35 minutes away in the country. I said what UFO?
She said, "everyone saw it, It was HUGE, it blocked out the whole sky"...or sun can't remember which.

Then being me I should have asked a thousand questions and yet I don't remember us saying anything else and then I FORGOT about it for like 10 plus years. One day I was talking about something with my husband and completely unrelated, I just wham remembered her call!

I called her immediately and I told her what she said to me that day, she sounded all strange and distant and said, "I remember something about a UFO,"...then she said that she would ask her in laws and husband. She waited until she could ask them separately and a month later she called me and said "You know I asked everyone about the UFO in Chico and if they remembered," and she said, "it was strange Mom, each of them got the same distant look and said "I kinda remember something about a UFO"!

So I went searching for reports of an enormous UFO in that area in the early 90's and I found one single report. It was a guy who said he was driving where I assumed probably like Dark Canyon along highway 99E above Chico to the NE. He said he drove over the ridge (this area is very deserted) and looked down and a ship that was the size of this huge canyon was sitting below. He didn't have a camera like many didn't in those days and he was alone. His sighting would be a match for what my Daughter and Family saw.

Anyway because of who my Daughter is I now have no choice, I am completely sure such things exist and also know that they can make us forget, the Chico paper carried no story this thing "blocked the whole sky," in broad daylight.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:27 PM
ive had 2 encounters one with a friend and one alone. both were unidentified flying objects, one even split in two! one was about 10 years ago, and the other about 7-8 years ago.

i do live fairly close to patrick air force base in central fl though....

ETA: i ALMOST forgot that about 5 weeks ago my friend and i heard a rocket engine type sound that was unidentifiable as well. it was around 9pm, and the sound lasted for about an amazing 15-20 minutes!

i asked my step father if they were doing sole sort of test on the ground with rocket engines as he works on the delta rockets at the cape, and he said no, they dont even do that. i dont know, im not a rocket scientist! im an actor and literally only played one in a film before! lol

and good thread, too! S&F
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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:48 PM
Yes. And I used to be quite the die hard believer but now I want proof. I felt something odd when I saw things that I couldn't explain but both my own eyes and my own mind easily can be playing tricks on me so until there's contact or definitive observation, I have to go with I believe not I know.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:54 PM
I have.

It was kind of like the recent "UFO" that skeptics have determined was a drone.

Except, this was 1964 and the glowing cigar shape, after moving slowly across the sky, rose straight up in a clear blue sky until it was no longer visible

We barely had "known" computers in 1964.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:54 PM
Well ... it's unidentified to me :-)
It has blue landing lights, doesn't make any noise (or it isn't nearly as loud as a normal plain and can't be heard indoors) and doesn't take the usual approach to the airport (military NATO) I live nearby.
It only lands in darkness and I can't make out a silhouette.
Seen it, on its landing approach three times in the last 6 years.
It's probably militairy. It's probably a spy plane.

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 02:21 PM
I personally have not, and tend to be skeptic about sightings. However, if good evidence presents itself, I'd be a bad scientist to not consider it!

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 02:45 PM

originally posted by: FearYourMind

originally posted by: smurfy

originally posted by: FearYourMind

originally posted by: Phage
a reply to: idonthavemanyfriends
Sorry, you're right.
It was a suggestion of how the poster may be able to use his camera. The description was very close to an ISS pass.

Well best way I can describe the size is if you were to stretch your arm all the way out and make a fist. Your fist would be about the size of this thing. Nothing like the ISS or any satellite.

Looked very similar to what is in this video. (Excuse the music). This is pretty much exactly what I saw though.

But that's just so similar to what the ISS is like, and the trajectories you gave is are also easily compatible and the ISS is so very bright. Phage is just pointing out that above all else, the ISS is only a mystery if you don't know where it is at any given time just because it is so bright, so knowing the whereabouts of the ISS at any given time is first point of call.

I thought I made it clear that I regularly keep up with available ISS sightings along with any other astronomical events because I am a amateur astronomer and love astrophotography opportunities. The ISS isn't all that bright really. It basically looks like any other satellite, but brighter. This was a BALL of light, very close, not far. Please, don't insult my intelligence any further.

My reference, as you know, was about the video you presented as being similar to what you saw. The video was not of something particularly close, above cloud in fact, the camera was in zoom much of the time, and when it was out of zoom the object was visually tiny but bright, and could easily have been the ISS, and may well have been. What the video was not showing, was a huge ball 400 feet up.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 03:01 PM
One sighting. Saw it a month or two ago. I believe aliens exist and whatnot and have watched and read a lot of the youtube vids/pictures/threads people have been posting about them. So, I figured that I pretty much knew every way they'd show up/behave/appear. But when I finally saw it, was like nothing I'd ever heard about online. Around 10pm (sky was black) I saw what looked like a mini constellation of like 5-7 stars fly over my head at a speed faster than the plane also flying above my head. The stars weren't lined up like a grid, so they didn't look like any organized aircraft. And I'm not entirely sure whether it was one, or many. But I can't explain it.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 03:11 PM

originally posted by: sheepslayer247
I have to agree with what Agent said. I have seen plenty of things in the sky that I, personally, could not identify, but I do not take it to the next level to say that it was extraterrestrial in origin.

Exactly the appropriate description of a UFO sighting. Star!

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 03:38 PM
When we had our UFO experience during the lunar eclipse in January 2000, two of the impressions I was left with left me with very mixed feelings:

#1. When the realization that I was seeing what I was left me thinking to myself, "Well I'll be d@mned! They are real.." This made no sense in hindsight because I knew that our extended family had had a series of incidents that, at the very least, went back as far as when my brother and I were toddlers too young to remember.

#2. What we saw in 2000 was so unambiguous, so In-Your-Face, I initially felt as if I were looking at the lead story of every news outlet the following morning, Seriously! After calling our daughter who lives on the other side of town, I was forced to admit how fleeting the sighting was. It was bitterly cold here that night and she and out two oldest grandsons had already gone in to warm up. I counted off the seconds and my wife and youngest son agreed that it had taken ~8 to 9 seconds to go from the Lynx in the NE to Orion in the SW.

I guess the reason I don't discuss it more often is because I've learned that there is no middle ground. The people that are willing to put their sighting(s) in that category of UFO have just seen some vague object in the sky that looked odd but couldn't be said to be anything in particular. When you've seen something with lights around the outer edge that was in silhouette to the glare of the sliver of an almost complete lunar eclipse you know that there is no point in talking to a "Skeptic". The current attitude is basically, "I can't tell you what you saw but I can tell you what you didn't see..."

It's a pointless aggravation.

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 05:58 PM
Only one time I saw something I couldn't really work out what it was.
Had it been inland I'd have said Chinese Lantern, but it was out over the sea and completely still.
At the time I only had a rubbish cheap LG phone with 2Mp camera and All I could get was total darkness.

It wasn't high enough to be a satellite and low enough with the naked eye.
As for other people who could have seen it, I'm sure some will have seen it.
It was one of those "WTF is that?", observe it for 20 mins, decide I must get on with my life and
hope someone else captured it better than I could.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:01 PM
Yes my wife and I saw a giant black triangle in 2006. We are both highly skeptical materialists philosophically as well.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:23 PM
Yes, Triangle Shape with yellowish lights on each three corners and one pulsing red light at bottom. Heard it called TR-3B before. It was in 2008. Seemed like the bottom had a hexagon pattern of some sort.

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