Sandy Hook Forensic Evidence

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 06:48 PM
To follow up. Sgt. Cario did, later in the same report, make note of bullet holes and other evidence to correct his earlier observation cited in my post above. His second comment however does not negate his first observation IMO.

In the same report but on a different subject:

As I entered the school, the first thing that caught my attention was two Newtown officers who were to my left. I moved behind them. I believe at least one had a long gun. They were using a corner of the cement walls as cover and looking east down the north corridor. There were two female bodies lying on the floor in the right side of the north corridor. The officers were focused on this hallway and spoke as I stood behind them. We did not make eye contact, and I do not recall much about them. ... The officer that spoke reported that "they are dead" (pointing to the two bodies in the hall), the shooter was in the hallway and "ducked" into a classroom to the left (front), there was a volley of gunfire, and "it's been quiet for about five minutes."

SOURCE: Book 6, 00026724.pdf, p. 2, 2nd par. Interview/Statement of Sgt. Cario, CSP. (This can be accessed at the link titled "HERE" in the last post by six67seven on the 1st page of this thread.)

From this it seems the Newtown officers saw the shooter as he entered classroom 10. What happened after that is well known (i.e., volley of gunfire). I had been under the impression that none of the officers encountered the shooter alive or before all the victims had been slain. I found no mention of the loud final shot referenced in other witness testimony.

Lt. Vanghele's interview/statement, also there in Book 6, file 00002060.pdf, is also worth reading.
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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 08:47 PM

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posted on Jun, 29 2014 @ 12:45 AM

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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 09:41 AM
A radio interview with the barrister Michael Shrimpton has been posted in this other thread.
He makes several frightening accusations, including one that Germans were involved in hiring Mexican cartel members that carried out the events at Sandy Hook.
Seems crazy but then I remembered reading the DNA on the envelope was matched to a convicted felon....

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:55 PM
AP photo of "Nancy Lanza's bedroom":

Do these photos resonate with you guys? They don't seem like the same place. Is this forensics? Am I missing something? It seems like you wouldn't be able to see the neighbor's house through those woods the way it is in the interior photo. There's only a few trees and then clearly the neighbor's house.
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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 09:16 PM
It looks like it fits to me if her window is just behind the gabled garage roof. This is taken in wintertime obviously, and the woods aren't thick anyway, so I can believe you would see the neighboring house.

The bedroom itself looks normal to me, except I notice there is no decoration on the walls. That seems to be true throughout the house, but in other areas I figure it may have been because it bothered Adam. But in her own room? Women like to decorate. But IMO we don't need to nitpick this too much since there are serious issues that need resolving.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 07:54 PM
Active shooter trainer/retired cop Vincent Riccio has stated publicly that Adam Lanza had "a chest wound and a head wound." He said it casually in a public presentation and I couldn't believe my ears. I've written to him about it, and he's said he'll get in touch with me in a few weeks after his schedule has calmed down.

The statements occurs in part 5 of a series he's uploaded to YT, entitled, "Sandy Hook/Active Shooter Presentation."

The reason this statement meant the most to me was that I had just started to feel very strongly, upon many, many months of listening to Newtown Call 7, that the 9:46:54 gunshot was fired by an NPD officer. I say this because the sound is very loud and clear, i.e. closer to Rick Thorne's cellphone. If you recall, Rick Thorne is standing/crouching part way down a hall on the opposite side of the building from the north hall--the north hall is where the affected classrooms are located.

I believe very strongly that Sedensky intended for the 9:46:54 shot to be the final shot--if you read how he describes the final shot (which he's now moved, I believe randomly, to 9:40:03), he says it is distinct from the other shots. This description absolutely applies to the 9:46:54 shot sound; it comes after a few moments of silence, is eerily clear, loud, and quite frankly creepy sounding (sorry, a woman's observation, lol).

But upon reading Sgt. Cario's report as to what was happening at that moment--he has entered the school and found NPD officers crouching around a corner in the lobby, looking down the north hall--now, place that sound in context. This is the sound, I firmly believe, of a shot fired by officers who are relatively near to Rick--they're still in the lobby in fact--and they are aiming down the north hall.

The shots in the distance which precede this shot (all of which are also unacknowledged in the report, but clearly audible on Call 7) I now believe were fired from room 2, where casings were indeed found. This room, being on the corner, also looked out on the playscape--the exact location NPD officers told the incoming Cario a "possible threat" existed, causing Cario to immediately run back out of the building toward the playscape.

In sum, I believe a shooter fired shots from room 2 onto the playscape--that is were Capt. Rios and Manfredonia were at that time, possibly sheltering from just those shots--and then, as officers outside the building converged in the direction of room 2, the shooter ran through the classrooms via the connecting doors. There were allegedly connecting doors between every, single set of rooms in the north hall, except between room 8 and 10. Having run into a wall in room 8, he would have had to exit room 8 into the hallway if he needed to keep moving away from the threat. I believe that at the moment he exited room 8, an NPD officer fired his weapon, striking the shooter in the chest. In fact if you look at the photos of the shooter's clothing, you can indeed see several clear depressions--one in particular--which could easily be the result of a bullet impacting that shirt either through a flak jacket, or hitting the shirt directly which was worn over the flak jacket.

In addition, the shooter was said to have been lying "near the door jamb" of room 10 in some reports, but fully inside the room in others. I won't go into what I think that means, but suffice it to say, there are some clear and logical possibilities.

That shot is fired at 9:46:54; it then, for some reason, takes officers on scene until 9:51:31 to announce, "92--we got one suspect down." This is followed immediately by the same officer yelling, "CLEAR!" and "We have a suspect down." This moment, incidentally, is not accurately transcribed by CSP Det Alison Peters and NPD officer Jeff Silver. They change it, for whatever reason, to "Where? Where is suspect down?" The audio is available for anyone to listen to (as me for an acceptable way to provide the link), and you can decide for yourself.

That's a very long way of saying I think the shooter clearly popped out of room 8, and officers who gave sworn statements saying they were monitoring the north hall at that very moment, shot him in the chest. I do not think that shot was fatal.

Just before this moment, a child survivor from room 8 who has remained in her room the entire time, suddenly starts running out of room 8, being told to go back in, and then running out again yelling that she wants to go home. An NPD officer can be heard yelling, "Get back in the classroom!" only moments before the 9:46:54 shot. It is my feeling that the reason she's finally fleeing room 8, at that very moment, and repeatedly refusing to obey officers who tell her to stay in the room, is that the shooter is in there. Lord knows the shooter may have sent her out to draw fire, for that matter.

I don't know if you noticed the recent drama with the Sandy Hook first responders ceremony hosted by Gov. Malloy; 300 dispatchers and first responders and dispatchers were honored; not one, single Newtown dispatcher was invited, and not one of the first officers on scene (McGowan, Chapman, Kullgren, Penna, Bahamonde, Smith, Vanghele, Rios, Kehoe, Seabrook) was invited. This has prompted an impassioned open letter to Gov. Malloy from a Fairfield County EMT asking why Newtown was not invited; via Schriro, the response was a vague allusion apologizing for "overlooking" anyone. In my strong opinion, this does not wash.

Given the very strong statements by SH parents in the past few months alleging negligence on the part of Newtown Public Schools and NPD, I think we can start to draw uncomfortable conclusions, at least in broad terms, that those two organizations are likely targets of pending suits. The statute of limitations for wrongful death suits in CT is 2 years; we're just over four months out.
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posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 10:46 PM
Nice writeup! I look to forward to whatever you can add if and when the retired officer gets back to you. I think you're focused on the, or one of the, more critical part(s) of the official story.

That loud shot makes no sense if it was Adam putting the pistol to his head. On the recordings you listened to, assuming you can tell, was the sound picked up on a phone call or over police radio? (I have trouble hearing as much detail as some people seem to so I mostly have left that to others and depended on the transcripts.)

As far as all the classroom doors connecting, I thought it was just two classrooms at a time. I definitely could be wrong, but somewhere I got the impression that the connecting doors were only on the wall that was at the opposite end from the hallway door. Possibly like a back way out if needed for fire escape maybe. And the two classrooms that have their hallway doors close together were not connected by an inside door. The diagrams I've seen of the structure I don't recall being detailed enough to see that. It may be shown somewhere on the archive video that was shot after the event, but I know they keep going to blue screen every time the camera pans so it could be hard to find just the right piece.

All I really know at this point is that overall the evidence tells us the story is not correct or not complete. It will take someone who knows,
maybe your lead and others, to come forward to ever get to the bottom of it.

Almost forgot, but actually mostly just a rhetorical question: why would it need to be covered up if an officer shot the shooter?
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