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9/11 Conspiracies Feb 18 121 120 rss
I am not writing this thread to convince anyone of anything. I simply present a theory from a Russian Nuclear Scientist and the coincidental evidence that I found supports what he says. Other than that, I just want to see what ATS thinks about this coincidence against accusation. Dmitiri khalezov...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 303 76 rss
Looks like Trump turned it up against the MSM . He makes a good point though with the media's refusal to cover the news without their left wing agenda is deceptive as hell. You end up with stories like this one that tells that the American people...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 284 65 rss
I saw a list posted of recent terror attacks or thwarted terror attack or other acts of violence that have been committed by White Nationalists, White Supremacists or other various factions of the Right Wing. I debated whether it was worth it posting it here, whether I wanted to deal with the frustration of 'fake news'...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 52 57 rss
I can virtually guarantee every one of you deniers and anyone on the fence that every true journalist in this country got the biggest thrill they've had in years when Trump laid it all out and topped it off with, "Very Fake News." True journalists HATE fake news and know exactly what it is. It's not even debatable with this newsie. But feel free. It won't do you...
I chose 'medical issues and conspiracies' as some here seem to feel Planned Parenthood is conspiring in regard to many things like...Eugenics (maybe the founder, decades ago, just like many well known people), Agenda 21, reduction of Black people, having an abortion quota, selling 'baby parts'. All manner of silly theories. If this is more ''dissecting...
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Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 228 36 rss
I've seen a few right wing reactions to the press conference can of course, they spun it and said that he did a good job taking it to the press. br /> Most of what he said were half-truths and straight up lies. Don't believe me, take a look at your own Fox News' Shep Smith said about this self-aggrandizing diatribe today. What happened today was that the...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 208 25 rss
During today’s press conference, Donald Trump again claimed that he received the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. He is obsessed with his supposed massive victory and massive inaugural crowds, despite the fact that these have been repeatedly debunked. We are going to give one final...
Trump was brutally HONEST WITH US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TODAY. I love it. Specifically, Hillary Clinton does not hold press conferences. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak to the press — she’s done lots of interviews —...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 167 23 rss
I don't care who you voted for or what party you support. I'm just here to talk about civility. People have been saying for a year now that the next wacky thing trump says will be the final nail in his political coffin. And every time he just busts out like the girl in Kill Bill. Of course he's not mincing words to make them more political or anything, his supporters...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 161 26 rss
The following are three examples of how Trump's madness is spreading to his followers. 1. In the comments to the following article you can read Trump supporters calling actual Trump quotes which were not taken out of context "fake news." 2. I posted a thread on another forum concerning Trump's tweet about his claim that "Crimea was 'taken' by Russia." In...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 19 149 25 rss
IMO, President Trump should go further than merely labeling many of our U.S. media outlets as "Fake News" producers. He should stress the damage and death that (in particular), CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, could bring to our nation. Example:...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 146 12 rss
Trump really hasn't done anything significant since he took office. I don't understand why people are protesting. It's not like Trump is forcing women not to have abortions and force sterilization for non-citizens. He's not rounding up liberals into concentration camps. What is the fuss all about?
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 139 22 rss
Just Kidding he can use his 1st Amendment privilege to.
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 107 36 rss
Now before you go getting bent all out of shape, this would apply to all persuasions. It's no secret I'm rabidly against Social Engineering. And today we have increasingly extremists folks running around in our increasingly polarized society. And then there's these two...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 106 17 rss
Sorry, but the press conference I saw does not look like Trump needs affirmation. He was for sure in control and let the media know he is watching. Refreshing. While many will poke fun at a mobile home sales business or a barbecue...
My first encounter with ATS was at around 3AM many moons ago. My Windows XP computer gently humming, the glow of the 17 inch CRT monitor providing the only light in my small kitchen. I spent all...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 196 79 rss
I am not a Trump supporter, dont think he is a very nice man. That being said this is very very wrong. The information war and the war from the Deep State against Trump sets...
Space Exploration Feb 15 111 70 rss
So you got tired of reading about Trump on ATS and decided to take a look at my other thread on Astrophotography, the pretty pictures have given you an appetite for trying this out yourself. You've got...
Space Exploration Feb 14 64 66 rss
Back when I was a kid, when the Earth was young and dinosours roamed the land, I used to lay out at night, looking up at the stars, wanting to see them more up close. I had a lot of books then, showing these incredible images...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 14 365 50 rss
The party is over and this extremist administration is toast. At a minimum, there will be purge in the White...
What we’re witnessing take place is an internal war between new and preexisting power structures. The CIA/NSA has long...
How nice of law enforcement to let the parents who left their baby locked in the car while they went to watch a movie...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 15 351 46 rss
The SJWFRONT has declared open war in their New Inquisition. Their doctrine & dogma is to be accepted and adhered to. Their prophet (Al Gore), matriarch (Hillary Clinton)...
I am still trying to gather information on this. There is a pdf on wikileaks twitter to the files . Due to T&C i can't...
The events leading to the resignation/firing of the National Security Adviser...and the shadowy figures behind it all...should be cause for...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 63 40 rss
In the months prior to the election, then candidate Trump and his supporters sure did love them some WikiLeaks didn't they? And when non-supporters expressed concern and dismay over how and by whom the emails were obtained and alarm at...
Hmmm, so about that 'Shadow Army' ... br /> Everyone has been talking about the Shadow Army and...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 88 38 rss
Thank You President Trump for going after them and standing up for us the American people. Obstructing the Peaceful Transfer of Power is un American. They Lost we won time to get over it. Accept it.
Aliens and UFOs Feb 18 65 37 rss
Take what you wish from my story. I am only here to share my past and the events took place in my life while growing up in Los Alamos, NM. For the first time I'm letting it all out and I hope you all...
Fragile Earth Feb 16 36 36 rss
I first saw something about this on youtube which I will not post simply because it was way over the top in my opinion.. However later I...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 63 34 rss
So apparently they have started a petition to expel George Soros from the U.S. We are asking you to issue a warrant for his arrest for hiring people for willful...
Members Feb 14 225 33 rss
It looks as if there might be an ATS meeting in Portland Oregon in June. Everyone that lives in the area is welcome. And yes. . . . . I will be there. So who's up for some food, some cocktails,...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 63 31 rss
From several conversations I've had over the past two days it seems most Trump supporters take the word of Donald Trump as gospel, and any attempts to point...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 60 31 rss
February 17, 2017 President Trump's Administration isn't even 30 days old, yet a scientific Fox News poll shows that More Americans Trust what comes...
I posted this video in another thread about Charley Daniels and the possibility of a civil war.. It is a 22:36 minute video which I think would be worth every ones time regardless of which...

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