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Yep. Something the entire western world should be used to by now. A big fat lie. MSNBC played footage of protests in Venezuela while Maddow added her narrative that " the people are protesting the government over it's donations to Donald Trump's campaign." When in actuality: "Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans...
An assistant professor at Indiana State University has been arrested for allegedly making false claims of anti-Muslim threats against him and reporting a made-up attack. Azhar Hussain has been charged with obstruction of justice and harassment. faculty members, both Muslim and non-Muslim, were sent threatening emails...
ATS Skunk Works Apr 22 33 42 rss
Gotham Shield is a project where a metropolitan area will undergo a FEMA preparation drill for nuclear attack. This one will happen in the Big Apple, that’s right, New York City. FEMA drills happen all the time, sure sure. There’s already threads about this drill and what it...
Political Mud-Pit Apr 23 74 40 rss
I came across this vid , that ED took from a Dutch tv interview, where a former top banker says the last straw for him was where the children were being sacrificed to Lucifer. He admits if your not with the in crowd you are out. The security agencies and the Governments are not working for us folks.
Fragile Earth Apr 22 65 30 rss
LOSING GROUND Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency on April 18 based on the continuous, rapid erosion of the state’s coastline. The goal of the declaration is to hasten the federal permitting process in order to get coastal restoration...
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Political Mud-Pit Apr 21 220 25 rss
So I have noticed that liberals(Marxist) are actually less socially accepting and liberal than the conservatives. It seems as if liberals are actually less tolerant with ideas they deem as bad such as Christianity, gun ownership among other things. I also noticed they only see race, religion and sex in...
Tens of Thousands of Scientists are mad at Trump's policies which so far have been very anti science. From his denial of Climate Change to the gutting of science agencies including the EPA and NASA's climate change budget, Trump has ruffled the feathers of Scientists nationwide. Now, as with the Woman's March back in January,...
Political Mud-Pit Apr 21 170 36 rss
Big conspiracies now surrounding the firing of FoxNews Bill O'Reilly ! According to a Glenn Beck story, it wasn't so much the harassment allegations. It was a major effort by some Left Wing NGOs connected to the Clintons that got a bunch of advertisers to pull support for the O'Reilly show ! Somebody...
Political Mud-Pit Apr 23 148 9 rss
The Left is obsessed with importing illegal immigrants who possess little skill or wealth and only further grow the gap between the rich and the poor. Then the Left has this eternal argument about how they have right to tax the top 1% or even rich successful people like millionaires. I think America needs a cooling off period to allow the...
If the final equation is Trump + Brexit + Le Pen + Theresa May (to a lesser extent), then I doubt that anyone could legitimately argue that there is not a major readjustment emanating from The West signaling a seismic shift in global politics.
War On Terrorism Apr 21 121 11 rss
Police have arrested a German-Russian citizen on Friday morning on suspicion of carrying out the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus last Tuesday, with prosecutors alleging that the bombing was motivated by financial greed....
Aliens and UFOs Apr 22 113 18 rss
Hi everyone so the last post was closed down due to posting link to my channel! It will make it very difficult for me to present evidence on the phenomenon. Because with just talking it's just that talk! Anyone can make claim it doesn't mean it's true without any footage to be examined. If you see the last post please just ask away here I will help to the best...
New World Order Apr 21 94 29 rss
Looks like big restaurant conglomerate McDonalds is getting some new uniforms for their employees. People are commenting about them and saying they remind them of some kind of dystopia theme !! They are a little drab and kinda remind me of a "1984" style. Maybe they are getting "people"...
World War Three Apr 23 93 15 rss
“Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike," according to North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party’s newspaper, the Rodong Sinmum. The paper also likened the USS Carl Vinson to a “gross animal”...
The Gray Area Apr 22 90 14 rss
I'm placing this discussion here in The Gray Area to insure (hopefully) that folks can collaborate on the topic of defending oneself against unwanted contact/attacks/harassment/etc. from non-typical sources ... i.e. paranormal, Fortean, etc. I'm going to use the acronym "HSP" to refer to these phenomena...
The Gray Area Apr 20 180 101 rss
Another Mars anomaly and I apologise if this has been discussed previously but there are so many Mars topics on ATS and a Google search was a thankless task to go through. So here...
Political Issues Apr 19 60 84 rss
...April 19th 1775 < Give me truth my faithful friends and this will make us strong, Give me hope my loyal Men that we may right the wrong. Give me faith oh Minute Men,...
History Apr 21 68 73
For those who are familiar with his speeches and books Graham Hancock has been pushing there was a comet impact that destroyed the mega fauna at just about the...
[size=-1] April 19, 2017 I guess most of us already know that there was a higher state of consciousness , but the study is exciting nonetheless. Scientific evidence...
The Chairman of the Democrat National Committee was talking on MSNBC and suddenly one of the U.S. Flags just fell down !! Bad Omen....
Two policemen wounded in shooting on Champs Elysees in Paris, French media say Juat breaking. Could be anything. More to follow.... Im hearing 1 dead policeman, 1 seriously...
So the Flores Man is an entirely different species, not an early form of modern humans. Up til now this was...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 20 27 30 rss
Introduction I was searching for some information about a certain rumored classified aircraft, and (as can sometimes happen) I fell down a small rabbit hole. Or maybe more of a rabbit slight indentation. So, what I ended up reading was a...
Rant Apr 23 24 29 rss
Because I Need To...that is why! Because I need to! Because I have this insatiable desire to do and be who I am. Without the thousands of hands of society grabbing hold of me and pulling me in the directions that they think...
If you ID as white, get into one room-everyone else go to the other. This is the idea Kennesaw State U came up with to show "cultural humility"....
The richest large economy in the world, says Peter Temin, Professor Emeritus of Economics at MIT, is coming to have an economic and...
Political Mud-Pit Apr 19 235 27 rss
According to the infamous Russian intelligence used a "honey trap" against Donald Trump while he was in Moscow in 2013 organizing the Miss Universe...
The following article appeared on the Website this morning (11:21am): Which was the top story soon after it was released. As of this evening (5:42pm), the top story is now this: Is it really just coincidence...
Television Apr 21 24 27 rss
fan of the X-Files Show. And once again, can't wait till the new shows start, sounds like this fall to next year.:up:
Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder and was acquitted in a 2012 double slaying last week, has committed suicide in prison. Hernandez was discovered hanged in his...
Bubye Bill, it couldn't have happened to a sleazier jerk. br /> Bill O’Reilly has been forced out of his position as a prime-time host on Fox News, the company said on Wednesday, after the disclosure of multiple settlements involving...
Hi. Just saw this on drudge........ I guess it is affecting the financial district, parts of BART, and some traffic signals.
Credit to Source: The Hill Man on man if the dems hated O'Reilly then they better get ready to despise the Ninja that is Tucker Carlson. Tucker EVICERATES lefties...
World War Three Apr 20 132 23 rss
seeing reports of Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea, relocating troops and strengthening military firepower amid fears of an...
This is beyond outrageous. Thankfully it's only a draft at the moment but it's coming from the Chairman of the House Committee on...

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