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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci's ex-employee, was jailed, finally tells all. 128
  2. BOOM! Flynn Case Dropped! 106
  3. This is as in-your-face as it can get... 96
  4. Breaking Durham Spygate Leak - The Entire USA Democratic Process Was Being Subverted 96
  5. Just had my first "mask" confrontation! 86
  6. Michigan..... We are Mad as Hell... 84
  7. Biden--'Black Americans who Think of Supporting Trump, are not Black.' 83
  8. Senator introduces resolution to ban free speech 82

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. New leaked video of black jogger gunned down by a white father and son duo 990
  2. The Floyd Protests are Spreading Nationwide !! 450
  3. Trump designates places of worship as essential and orders them to be opened immediately 448
  4. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -7W3N7Y S3V3N- 361
  5. George Floyd Died From Heart Disease, Not Asphyxiation 344
  6. BREAKING: ANTIFA. Will be designated as terrorist group! FINALLY 344
  7. Biden--'Black Americans who Think of Supporting Trump, are not Black.' 314
  8. Trump signs social media executive order 314

Newest Topics

  1. A law that should be imposed immediately 0
  2. Watch This Protester Instantly Neutralize Tear Gas 1
  3. Project Veritas 16
  4. Cop kills Black Prisoner, Why is this a race issue? 6
  5. Trump has failed as a leader 145
  6. Floyd and Derek laundered money for 17 years. 6
  7. A word of warning from the other side... 5
  8. Secret Service Agents Wounded 29
  9. Leadership... 2
  10. The riots. are they real? 12