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Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 200 103 rss
I was gleefully watching as the results from the GA special election came in tonight. The pure misery on the faces of the CNN pundits when they called the race for Handel was grade A comedy! As I watched the panel that was supposed to discuss the election, and what it meant, struggle to put together any sort of coherent...
Yes, here is the same Hannity that the Socialists were touting his resignation from FOX News. And here he is, WEEKS, YES WEEKS later, continuing to expose the Socialists plan on destroying America. As usual, they were wrong (apparently, they love being wrong, but that’s another OP). Mr. Hannity rolls out the exposure. From revealing the lies of the Marxist...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 56 41 rss
This is disgraceful, and to the protestors holding up the signs 'not my president', NEWS FLASH, Yes Trump is your president. Do these protestors have no shame? They just make themselves look bad with these actions, you have to wonder who the true deplorables really are. Dozens of protesters interrupted President Donald Trump at a rally...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 198 36 rss
It's like a bad dream that never ends. I get that the political climate of late has been volatile to say the least. I'm just curious how much this loss hurts the dems?
Fragile Earth Jun 22 45 36 rss
I have no idea what I am looking at but a lot of people on another website (which I won't name) are going crazy over this. What does it mean ATS????
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Well, a "source" from within the White House reportedly said, a couple of hours ago, that there were, in fact, no taped conversations (by Trump) of he and Comey's conversations. Trump himself has tweeted this, saying he did not tape any conversations, but...
Tuesday June 20, 2017 Today, residents in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia will be voting for the person to replace U.S. House Rep, Tom Price. Tom Price was picked by newly elected President Trump to serve as Health and Human Services secretary. Thus far, Democrats...
Illegals are determining the outcomes of US elections. This is validation of Trumps claims, I'm sure the administration will act on this. The Dems are going to be losing a lot of 'voters' in upcoming elections. As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 191 32 rss
Anyone who just watched him speak at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just heard those words come out of his mouth - he is exploring the possibility of a border wall constructed with Solar properties in mind so that it produces energy. Now, exactly how that translates into $$...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 22 181 10 rss
The only difference from their demonic, inhuman congressional Republican conservajerk health care bill basically, MAYBE, is how quickly they gut medicaid. The senate republican conservajerk bill will do it a few years slower. In other words they’ll kill people later. Details of the Senate’s...
I found this very interesting blog post this morning from an anti-vaxxer. This pretty much sums up my own thoughts on vaccines.... You can "bleep" off when you tell me to vaccinate my kids. I have four kids, un-vaccinated and healthy. We've had one health scare with one of our children in 7 years outside...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 158 31 rss
From late 2010 through mid 2016 I was mostly away from politics and social media trends. And then I came back last year and it was like materializing inside another dimension. Liberal Identity Politics was all the rage now, and it just so happened to be the beginning of what they termed the "Summer of Rage". To really sort out all that had I changed I mostly had to just...
Political Issues Jun 21 157 26 rss
What has gotten in to U.S. Federal Judges this year? First they make it illegal for the U.S. government to properly screen for incoming terrorists, and now one says that displaying the Holy Cross is against the United States Constitution! A federal judge has ruled that a...
9/11 Conspiracies Jun 21 119 23 rss
And so did these hijackers have that skill level is the next logical question ? Some comments The 767 pilot who talked to the Boston Globe similarly said hitting the Pentagon would have been "extremely difficult." He added, "One degree off and [the pilot] either overshoots it or undershoots...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 99 26 rss
I thought Trump WANTED to give American's healthcare with HEART? Instead, it APPEARS, he' wants big pharma to sell that heart at auction :o ...the Trump White House is about to put out an executive order on drug pricing, and it looks as if the whole thing were basically written by big pharma. We ALL know drug prices are INSANE already!...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 18 147 261 rss
The one and only Jim Marrs, a friend of ATS/The Above Network, LLC (he authored our book for us back in 2008 and came to our Guy Fawkes Event in NYC to speak) and a personal friend of mine is in bad...
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer a highly enriched uranium (HEU) previously confiscated...
Rant Jun 19 210 54 rss
SOOOOO..... I have been without work since February. I worked for Bank of Satan aka America. It was a horrible experience which that itself could be an entire thread...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 18 107 52 rss
Despite the constant attacks, the left hasn't been able to do much to slow down Donald Trump. No matter how much wailing a gnashing of teeth the left does, they'll never be able to...
Rant Jun 19 34 49 rss
I just wanted to thank someone. I want to thank everyone who gets crap for doing whats hard but right. People who do their best and also manage to give a little back in what ever measure they can muster. People who heal the sick...
This investigation will determine whether Clinton and her Aides violated protocols, with the potential...
A van plowed into pedestrians on Seven Sisters road in the Finsbury Park area in north London just after...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 19 181 43 rss
After last week’s shooting at the GOP congressional baseball practice, Washington came to a consensus that the rhetoric in our political system needed to be toned...
Space Exploration Jun 18 70 41 rss
******It appears this is just part of the landing site! SO THANKS to all who replied! That is why I shared it here!!! Well it's...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 19 129 37 rss
June 19, 2017 Additional PROOF that Democrats are Anti-America and Anti-American. Tonight they will begin...
Rant Jun 20 47 36 rss
I'm a trucker , I don't do Continental runs but know drivers who do and drivers who are no longer willing take the risk , I've heard first hand of the gauntlet...
This is going to piss Trump off Big League! [editby]
3 Fingered & 3 toed Mummy Found in NAZCA Peru Well. is this a Hoax or the real Deal ???????? Plainly Interesting The Video show's some Glimps of X-rays , of the Complete Skeleton The Skeleton...
War On Terrorism Jun 20 26 35 rss
Ran across this article and thought it was ATS worthy. “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our...
An 'unprecedented' amount of child porn has been discovered in the Vatican. I'm so happy this was discovered. Most of us know the Catholic Church is just a cover for all kinds of evilness....
Food and Cooking Jun 18 26 34 rss
I'm BAAAACK! :D Well it's been a long time since i posted in this forum. I have many new recipes to share, just have to figure out how to keep them...
In what appears to be one of the few options Dems have left in pursuit of the the witch hunt, they continue to block scheduled witnesses testimony...
TUSCON, Ariz. -- If you're having trouble making calls or connecting to the internet on your cellphone, you're not alone. TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Are...
Australia has a controversial program called "Safe Schools" that is set to be rolled out in all Public Schools. The controversial element to this education program is that it is solely teaching about...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 19 253 32 rss
I'm pro-gay marriage, for the record. Have been for many years. I do have a very, very conservative family, though, and one of their arguments was always " They will...

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