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US Political Madness Aug 24 152 100 rss
Afshin Rattansi, a British journalist, went underground with Russia Today to speak with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London. About 32,000 emails from her private server have been leaked by Wikileaks so far, but Assange would not confirm the number of emails...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 24 205 67 rss
I mean, the Victor vid from a few years ago was fake. Logic states this is fake as well. But its new. So Im posting it. ( Tried to search this specific vid and couldnt find anything on ATS) Regardless of if its fake, the message from the video itself is worth a look on this "aliens"...
Education and Media Aug 24 139 64 rss
Well, The State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton reportedly hosted a training course for residential assistants on how to “stop white people.” Stop us from what ? Working all day ? Being fanatics about our lawns ? What ? The tax payers and the people who fund this school are mainly white, just sayin. OMG what if it was stopblackpeople...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 25 53 56 rss
Elizabeth Klarer & Aliens from the Proxima Centauri System Part I of III In the latests scientific news there is great excitement over the discovery of a potentially earth-like planet circling our nearest star, Proxima Centauri. (see this thread: ) I decided to...
Political Mud-Pit Aug 25 351 48 rss
Oh, you're gonna love this. Get popcorn. This is from an audio interview between Hillary Clinton & Anderson Cooper from CNN today. It goes for 10 minutes and I am not going to spoil it for anyone except for this humdinger from 6.13 to 7.49 in the video below. Cooper asks Hills to explain herself in regards to the suggestion that then-Secretary...
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2016 US Elections Aug 25 325 29 rss
Trump is pre-responding to a new Hillary Campaign theme that seems to insinuate all Trump supporters are somehow racist !! Trump calls the tactic a typical Democrat play. So now we the real Hillary in the defensive/deflective mode. ...
2016 US Elections Aug 24 146 17 rss
Because...of course he did.. Both returning the money to himself in royalties and artificially boosting his book sales.. At issue is whether the Trump campaign funneled donor money into Trump’s pockets while boosting the nominee’s book sales. “It’s fine for a candidate’s book to be purchased by his committee,...
Political Mud-Pit Aug 24 136 52 rss
August 24, 2016 I think I'm starting to mentally "short circuit" like Hillary says she does. But my short-circuit is from trying to keep up with all the bad Hillary Clinton news that is continually coming to, after day, after day. Particularly, I'd like to know why the Hillary Clinton...
Education and Media Aug 23 116 56 rss
Albert Samos writes…The media has recently been stating that Donald Trump's key supporters didn’t graduate from college. They constantly refer to these people as "uneducated white men.” As an electrical contractor who happens to be a white guy with six employees but no college, I find this...
Ill post a few ATS threads to get the history So it all started with the new Philippines election. He is a hard liner, someone like trump mixed with a little bit of Putin. His basic policy of cleaning up the crimes and drug problems in his country has been...
Rant Aug 23 101 16 rss
Unfortunately though the title of this thread may be deemed common knowledge, it does not signify that the majority believe it. Sex does not constitute a committed relationship. Nor does it mean he/she is in love with you. The ONLY thing it relates to is Friends With Benefits. If you were not married, and your "friend"...
Not sure what to say about this other than it should be fun to watch. Our Nige has some very outspoken views on all subjects and he should be a good bed fellow for old Mc Donald. To our American friends on here i say " Watch and enjoy " :)
2016 US Elections Aug 24 90 26 rss
This is a total middle finger to the entire public. Short vid. Only a minute long, but likely to make your blood boil.
2016 US Elections Aug 25 86 26 rss
A new trend is happening probably mostly because the Bernie Sanders supporters and many others are fed up with Hillary Clinton and her continuous lying and Clinton charity connections. So fed up in fact they are grouping together in some new Political Action Committees known as PACs. And they are all for Trump...
Now we learn from a new released email that Huma Abedin left some classified papers in a burn bag in the front door pocket of a car !!! Apparently she "remembered" and emailed somebody at the State Department and asked to have the bag placed into the trunk !!! Excellent training I suppose. Another...
The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered tens of thousands more documents from...
2016 US Elections Aug 23 75 86 rss
I am going to post her entire statement here, it's not long, but boy does it pack a punch - she covers the deception in the media, the vilification of US government...
2016 US Elections Aug 21 271 61 rss
Even though Trump has been invited to speak to the NAACP, the Urban League and the National Association of Black and Hispanic Journalists conventions, he has declined, preferring to give his Black Vote pitch in towns...
Interesting, now we have confirmation of "someone" trying to penetrate the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange...
2016 US Elections Aug 22 86 57 rss
I've been saying it for a long time and I'm probably a broken record but our national press is completely in the tank for a left-wing, Democrat agenda. That is one of...
This is breaking news from Judicial Watch this morning. Newly released emails prove that...
On Friday, the New York Times reported that Clinton told FBI officials former Secretary of State Colin Powell had...
Or, just a typical day at the office. Poor Nelson Mandela, going through life thinking that all his efforts towards human rights and fighting apartheid...
2016 US Elections Aug 22 132 44 rss
Here's an interesting article alleging voter fraud in Las Vegas... Hillary Clinton supporters were recently caught on video committing voter...
Posse Comitatus Aug 22 72 44 rss
I didn't see this posted, and I thought it sad, and of interest. This is as bad as it gets. A North Carolina state trooper shot and killed 29-year-old...
2016 US Elections Aug 21 117 40 rss
I guess he realized that siding with one side is not the smartest thing to do in a time of crisis. Especially when Trump donated an 18 Wheeler full of supplies as well as a 100k donation...
2016 US Elections Aug 22 90 39 rss
OK, so here is the latest Trump food for the mass media and general population to dissect & consume. Personally, I think he is bang on with his assessment of the Clinton Foundation...
2016 US Elections Aug 23 47 39 rss
New today from Associated Press: Big Story: Reports that more than half of the people outside government...
Political Mud-Pit Aug 24 74 39 rss
Due to our legal system, there have been individuals that have been "above the law" over the course of history. After months of deflections by Hillary supporters claiming...
2016 US Elections Aug 22 88 38 rss
Trump's Specter of Violence In a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the glib comedian blamed Trump supporters for the phenomenon of Trump's candidacy in a fit of pretzel-logic, right before continuing to slander and dehumanize...
Two Party Bull#. Wtf has happened. I was recently watching some videos, reading some articles, skimming through history... When it occurred to me just how completely and...
A civil defense plan to be debated by the cabinet would require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of a catastrophe. The plan says...
Judicial Watch has released some emails this week focusing on Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Huma was very active when she was at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Apparently quite a few of her emails...
2016 US Elections Aug 23 79 34 rss
Interesting story about some email conversations between Hillary and her staff about some interesting medication(s) to fight specific...
Pets Aug 24 44 33
Well my 12 year old German Shepherd died completely out of the blue last night. He was outside he barked to come in, pounced playfully on the little dog when I let him in then...

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