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2016 US Elections Oct 26 436 103 rss
A person from Tennessee chose to start his own poll on a Facebook thread yesterday morning that is going viral today. The votes are coming in by the dozens per minute. Chad Kneller, of Lebanon Tennessee, posted a thread at 9:30...
Political Mud-Pit Oct 27 215 73 rss
The Unjustified Hatred of Donald Trump I get a kick out of people who display their hatred of Donald Trump—name-calling, dehumanization, body shaming, Hitler comparisons, threats of violence, the burning of effigies, and other insults—not only because it is without warrant, but also because it is a sign of the most rapacious group-think and propaganda....
2016 US Elections Oct 27 45 71 rss
Good morning ATS! So, after I get to work and do all my morning routine stuff I sat down at my pc, opened up my usual tabs and began searching through the most recent leak when lo and behold, I ran across a comment on the 4chan thread about today's release: REMEMBER: CHECK EMAILS THAT LOOK LIKE SPAM...
2016 US Elections Oct 27 114 46 rss
People have a hard time wading through all of the twists and turns, and convoluted political intrigue, that are the devastating stream of revelations about just how corrupt the Democratic Party...and its supreme leader Hillary Most people don't have...
2016 US Elections Oct 26 158 45 rss
I remember reading a post or thread discussing rigged voting machines owned by leftist billionaire George Soros. Here's an interesting article discussing this potential problem: The balloting equipment tied to Soros is coming from the U.K. based Smartmatic company, whose chairman Mark Malloch-Brown...
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Posse Comitatus Oct 26 141 13 rss
Not sure if I am posting this in the right place or not, I suspect i will find out soon enough, but the headline here caught my eye and well, I just have a few points to make about it. BOSTON (AP) — The widow of a state trooper killed by a driver accused of driving under the influence of marijuana is...
Relationships Oct 26 130 14 rss
Top of the evening ATS, I come to you with a dilemma I have found myself in. I don't like to discuss personal matters with direct friends and family because I don't like to air the dirty laundry unless I personally need help with something. In this case, I don't really need any help. I just want to hear what others think. So, here's the rundown. Earlier this week, I discovered that...
2016 US Elections Oct 25 122 47 rss
Fwd: POTUS on HRC emails To: Date: 2015-03-07 21:41 Subject: Fwd: POTUS on HRC emails we need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Nick Merrill> Date: Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 6:39 PM Subject: Fwd:...
by Daniel Halper October 24, 2016 | 6:53am | Updated Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant, helped steer $675,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an FBI official who went on to lead the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, according to a report. The...
World War Three Oct 25 112 21 rss
The first images of the super-nuke were revealed today by Kremlin engineers. Satan 2, which is currently undergoing tests near Miass, is set to be rolled out by 2018. Could destroy Britain twice over and has the power to devastate area size of Texas. b r />
The narrative is now official and the media is ready to repeat the lie. I'm not sure if I'm beating a dead horse at this point and I apologize if the original Reuters article has been already posted. I couldn't find it. While the mainstream...
ATS Skunk Works Oct 25 105 64 rss
From a recent speech < < < Look at the camere lower left corner. < Notice the cameras? Seems like a lot of trouble to got trough. I just wanted to share this. And if you still don't believe it, one for the road < Carry on.
SJWs blocked white students from passing but granted entry to students of color. White students had to bypass the bridge by crossing a rocky stream, hopping from one stone to the next. Anyone who tried to push past the human barrier was immediately met with violence and hostility....
2016 US Elections Oct 25 100 19 rss
Donald Trump may not be the nicest person. He often sticks his foot in his mouth making people hate him for this and for that. He's been in the media spotlight for a long time, thus, there is a whole lot of dirt on him. Sure, he probably hasn't paid taxes in twenty years, but he did that through legal means. And let's say he did grope every one...
So sad.. These kids were born here! Doesn't this give anyone pause?
Political Mud-Pit Oct 24 283 103 rss
Russia has been attempting to interfere with our elections. Russian state run media, Russian hackers, hacking into American institutions, altering and releasing alleged emails, in a effort to alter,...
HERE it is folks...JUST RELEASED! (Thanks Konduit) O'Keefe VIDEO: Caption from Youtube posting (above): Uploaded on Oct 24, 2016 Part III of the undercover Project Veritas Action investigation dives further into the...
There should be a massive call for her resignation and a public apology for first sending that email and second lying about it. More corruption completely verified by more than one organization. br /> ...
Political Mud-Pit Oct 23 102 86 rss
I was about to make a couple threads, one about the current view of the national polls and why they are showing that Clinton is still well ahead in the polls....
Political Mud-Pit Oct 23 184 76 rss
Clinton with upto a 12 point lead, is destroying Trump, unless you live in a very small bubble. CNN)Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally...
2016 US Elections Oct 24 155 74 rss
So this is making the rounds on Twitter and it appears to have a lot of the content we are seeing online right now...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 25 53 68 rss
Someone on this forum recently hinted that it might be interesting to search the leaked Podesta e-mails for the term “Fastwalker”. So, of course, I did. And it was indeed very interesting. The mail is dated 6th of March, 2015,...
Have I just crossed into an alternate universe? Here we have none other than Michael Moore giving a speech (audio only) and he gets it. I'll be damned, he freaking gets it. He...
Members Oct 24 30 60 rss
Some people are aware that ATS member Sgt.Chas is my son.He hasn't been active for a few years and some older members might remember him.My son had a heart attack last night and is in the hospital now.My husband...
2016 US Elections Oct 23 65 58 rss
There is no tweet from WikiLeaks on this yet, however there are new emails released as of today. The count now stands @: (26803 results, viewing 1 to 200) From Wikileaks Twitter feed, there is this gem, however: Released so far: 87...
2016 US Elections Oct 24 66 58 rss
Again, there is no tweet from WikiLeaks on this yet, however there are new emails released as of today. The count now stands @: (30235 results, viewing 1 to 200) A quick grab from one of the new ones. This is regarding questions about...
2016 US Elections Oct 25 26 55 rss
I attended the Tallahassee Trump Rally today 10/25/16. The event was held at the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum. In order to accommodate the crowd, a stage was set up in a large field that surrounds the property. Rally goers gathered...
2016 US Elections Oct 23 50 47 rss
Wikleaks Reading now, wanted to get it posted so others who don't have twitter would have...
2016 US Elections Oct 23 130 46 rss
Yeah, what's up with this? To hear the Libs tell it, this race was all over the day they released "the tape"...or was...
2016 US Elections Oct 23 38 46 rss
Now another Podesta email exposes how they rig the polling !! They use the word "OVERSAMPLES". That means they selectively manipulate...
2016 US Elections Oct 25 44 45 rss
Yes, again: RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 18 #PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails18 #HillaryClinton Wikileaks hashtag Related threads: - Twitter...
Political Mud-Pit Oct 24 48 44 rss
After reading the COUNTLESS political threads on here (and other places), dealing with divisiveness of my extended family over social political issues which I'm not even involved in (Reps and Dems agree on 75% of politics, just not social issues mostly, consider...
This huge cryptic file was just released by Anons. The # is 'Anonymous Punishment Posse': Apparently the file is large and contains what appear to be...
2016 US Elections Oct 23 201 43 rss
Another very credible woman has come forward and accused Trump of 'sexual misconduct'. 42 year old, Jessica Drake, says that Trump 'grabbed'...
Political Mud-Pit Oct 24 85 43 rss
As everyone knows, Trump is spending most of his time crying about the election being rigged against him, the polls being rigged against him, and the media being rigged against him. The problem with all this...

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