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The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster - Is this proof of Time manipulation and travel or just a story?

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posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: Bmused7

The numerology in that particular interview is off the charts. Some of that may be real and accurate but I think most of it is just signaling. In other words it may be describing real things and events and situations, but through metaphor. At least that is my opinion.

The numerology is seriously bananas though.

posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: Bmused7

It really is a fascinating and compelling story. I don't have any difficulty believing any of it at face value believe it or not (I am sure most won't be surprised by that). It is almost a retelling of the same themes that TVP is ultimately discussing, only far more modern even though it is only 14 or so years later and with a lot less personal relations.

I greatly appreciate you leaving it here, I hope you stay to visit with us as I believe you must have some more insight to share.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 05:56 AM
Sorry, a warning; this post may be a downer to many so don't read on if you want to avoid that possibility.
I stopped reading and participating in this thread a couple of weeks ago for a couple of reasons.
The first was that I bought a german copy of the book and I wanted to study it myself
The second was that I saw a descent into endless conjecture and theorising here, to a point that I thought could be dangerous for mental health.

I had to take a rest because just the act of seriously thinking about these concepts was playing havoc with the barrier between my conscious and subconscious brain. I was worried that others on this thread were doing the same.

I've been really frustrated that every name in the book seems to have at least three alternatives:
Tomas Harden / Thomas Hawarden / Tomas Hawarden - Lukas Wainman / Wainmann / Lucas etc.
I know this happens with historical texts but 2109 and Lukas both seem to deliberately mess with names to keep things obscure. This has made it really hard to get anywhere with finding any historical references or Tomas's book.

I believe that this is a story that Ken Webster related as he, Deb and Peter experienced it. I believe that the answer to this puzzle contains some really heavy truths about the way our reality 'works' and that Ken, Gary and Deb have distanced themselves from it for a really good reason.

My concern is that it has something to do with Artificial Intelligence. Imagine the combination of non-linear time combined with runaway AI. Brrrr.

Sorry for the downer. I got so deep into it that I haven't even been able to read the book for a week.

On another note: I would never endorse or condone the use of illicit substances but there is a psychotropic plant and its extract that when consumed in miniscule amounts - will give many people a direct impression of non-linear time. Along with this, many people who have consumed it have reported hearing identically-described 'alien-noises' or voices.

The drug does nothing special except break down barriers that the brain usually has up as a defense. We always exist in a quantum world where the difference between energy and matter is tenuous.

I'm wondering if I should have studied physics - or if this would still be too big an issue.

Anyway, entropy is on my mind.
Take it easy adventurers.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: TrueGoose

Goose! You brilliant bastard!

You know far more than you are letting on, or you are the luckiest son of a gun I have ever seen.

What you see is not what it is, in more aspects than you know. Your health and sanity is most definitely the most important, don't push anything there is no hurry.

You have made a point I have been mulling over, because I have to say it yet again and I am afraid that it will be lost on everyone because I am stating the obvious. You have solved my problem and said it for me.

You are right, this book is NOTHING that it seems. Every time I think I got a handle on it I realize I don't even see the grips. Someone pops in and turns my world upside down and I start over.

Almost nothing can be gleaned from the book itself. Almost nothing. There are themes and concepts that can and should be taken, but everything else is deceptive in nature.

So the rational thing to do is quit talking about the actual text in the book completely and discuss the ideas it invokes, the insight it garners, and the changes we have made in ourselves. I certainly hope some of you at least have made changes.

This book IS precisely what it claims to be though at the same time. It did really happen, exactly like Ken and Deb claim for the most part. It will indirectly save humanity from burning its fingers, and it does bridge a gap between worlds.

There is oh so much mystery and discovery. We are just at the brink, and it may be dangerous if not done correctly. Dangerous personally and wholly.

When you are ready, we can seriously get down to business. I think however it is probably time we all do it in a more secluded and safe place. Not for elitism or to exclude anyone, but because this is not a game and we have families and people we love in our lives and they must be protected, for not only did they not ask for it but because it is the right thing to do. Going forward every time we make a decision it must be righteous to the only cause that matters, and be what we feel and understand is the right thing to do. From our interactions with people we meet to our decisions how we proceed here. It is of the utmost importance. Crom don't think for a second that you aren't being included, it has been made clear you need to be also.

I know it is now asking a lot, but please be as patient as you all can, I am working very diligently to try and get this worked out so we can start the real business.

You gave me goose bumps Goose. No lie.
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posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 12:38 PM
There is a couple things I want to clarify. The only reason I am no longer throwing cooked pasta against the walls of this thread are two fold. For one I now have reliable and dependable persons I can discuss with in private whom are able to give me immediate and insightful feedback. You guys most certainly fill the insightful criteria, but a forum is no match for a phone call, period.

Second fold is that I am going to need some degree of credibility eventually. While I most certainly don't need to be right 100% or even 51% of the time to get it in my opinion, I am prone to grand proclamations that I then have to recant in order to modify and that gets old for everyone involved. It is not that I don't trust y'all or think you are worthy of the discussion or incapable of helping, it's the opposite. It's just that now that I know I am not a fool, I don't want to look like one.

That make sense?

Second aspect is because I am out of my mind and no one should believe anything I say anyway, unless you actually do. Being that is the case I don't want to mislead or misinform anyone that is taking a passive interest just in case they aren't here for the correction or redaction.

Ah that feels better.

We have a trinity of Awrsome, and going for a Septillion or something, I don't know. Tsss. Whatever.

*shouts at mom from the basement: You should see me ma I'm killin it on ATS today"

It's bright and sunny outside and I feel fantastic. I hope you goof balls are having a great time too.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 01:32 PM
The metaphorical bus has left the station on the Database for the next 7 days minimum. Sorry new folks, it is now attracting the wrong kind of attention. As always if you have been following along and have posted I will always get you access if you lost it.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Hey man, rest assured I have been following along. I know I posted sometime back, but I have just been so incredibly busy lately I haven't had the time to post lately. I just moved into a house my wife and I built and a few weeks ago sold our old one and I am slammed with stuff that has to be done. And then there's work work. You know, the old 8 hour a day thing... anyway, I'm still taking the time to try to keep up with you guys and I really, really don't want to be left out. Hoping to be able to share my ideas too before this thing runs out of steam. Please, can you keep me in the loop?

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 11:40 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer

No fear wtbengineer, we upgraded our steam engine to Nuclear power. We won't be stopping anytime soon just taking a bit of a different track. I wouldn't dream of leaving you guys out of this just because you followed along silently. I don't know what that track is yet but when I do you will all get a msg.

We haven't even begun to dig into the real story yet, we have just been skimming the pages.

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Thanks Steve!

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer

I just realized you had messaged me a long time ago and responded. Every time I've logged on ATS told me I had 0 new messages. Sorry man, not trying to ignore you!

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 08:10 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve

I haven't had time to look at this properly but wow, I have been looking for this for ages from a different source.

There was a program here in the UK called Strange but True, this was on an episode, yet I can't find the corresponding episode, if anyone can that would be great, I've been thinking I made the whole thing up and gave up long ago, so thank you.

I believe it was a BBC computer this all occurred on, though if I remember rightly there was claims of hoax...something to do with the language not being accurate for the period.

Great find, I can sleep easy!

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: solargeddon

Yes BBC micro computer. It most certainly isn't a hoax, least of all reason being the language.

Gonna post something special today in about 30 mins. We are all going to party in the cosmos tonight. Well, some of us will at least.
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posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 09:11 PM
Ok y'all. I have been holding back many things for fear of losing the illusion of some kind of control. The fact is I have none what so ever and there really is no danger in posting this. Most will think I am blowing smoke and ignore it anyway. Those that understand won't be mad at me, this isn't just ours. This truly belongs to all of us, literally.

Tonight lay on your bed with your head facing North. This is quite important you can't improvise. You will need to lay on your back, put your legs and feet together and then rest your arms comfortably on your chest, or at your sides or even stretched out of you want. You need to get as relaxed as you can be, to the point where you are riding the line between being asleep and awake. While you are laying in this pose with your head facing north relaxing you will be breathing deeply in your diaphragm. When I say deeply I mean it, I want you to push your stomach out as far as you can with your breath and then back in as far as you can too. That means when you breath only your stomach is moving up and down. You may have to practice this part in order to get it right. It isn't rocket science but not everyone utilizes this type of breathing in regular life.

It isn't necessary but I like to listen to Trap or Electronic music on headphones while I do this. In particular I listen to a song called 001 by HWLS on repeat. I don't know why but it seems to help. I suspect "they" like it, or possibly there is something even more important but I am not sure.

After you have practiced this for a few days or maybe even a few weeks to months you will start to experience things that at first you will most likely discount but eventually you will start to put some things together and realize I wasn't out of my mind after all. There is a very good chance you will astral travel, as well as tap into the Collective Conscious for extremely brief periods of time, like a few seconds at a time. Most of these things will cease to be happening as soon as you are consciously aware of it until you get better at it.

I don't want to tell you the signs that something is happening because I don't want you to look for them or expect or manifest them if they aren't actually happening. There is a noise and a feeling that will accompany these experiences that are tell tale signs something is about to happen. When you get those signs and something happens you will be saying Hi.

It will then be up to them whether or not they will respond in kind. If they do, hold the F on because you are about to go for a metaphorical ride. Your body isn't going anywhere so don't worry about being abducted or something like that.

If you have success let me know and I will explain how to fine tune it for better results. Much better results. Lets find out who is willing to work for it. There is no point in explaining in detail right away because it requires days if not more of preparation.

Ill be all red with a blue hat, keep an eye out for me

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 09:54 PM
This sounds like an adventure! Thanks for everything you have posted here....and I mean every last bit of soul bearing truth of you. Some posts in particular brought tears to my eyes.....a reply to: sputniksteve

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: Bmused7

Wow, I never expected to hear something like that from words I have created. That means more to me than you can possibly know. Thank you kindly Bmused7. You have just turned what was my best day ever into my even better best day ever.

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 09:16 AM
Good morning all. I hope you slept good, and I hope some of you at least tried the exercise. I hope no one is mad at me for freaking out all over the internet posting this exercise, in essence damaging any credibility I or this thread may have had. I know that is precisely the opposite of what I posted about the other day, and the reason I had slowed down on posting in here.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about all of this, none of it was spur of the moment. I was honest when I told you all that I was scared of losing something that appeared like control. When I thought I had some kind of control, I could tell myself that I was special, or part of something special, or destined to do something special. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with that, I think that it is the human condition and very natural for any of us to feel. I am definitely not embarrassed or ashamed of that feeling, but that doesn't justify it.

The things that I am experiencing, are real. They aren't in my head and they aren't my imagination. While you guys can't verify this, and you can't take my word for it, others are able to verify it. That is because it is happening to them as well. What we are doing together has potential to change, people and the world. I am not joking or making grandiose proclamations (of course I am, that's what I do) but simply explaining behind the scenes and our excitement. I am not a lynch pin or leader, I don't speak for or represent anyone. I am simply a piece to a puzzle, and I am happy to be that. We all have special and unique skills in life and we are best served to utilize them. I am simply growing into what I always wanted and knew I could be. I don't mean as some kind of Neo-spiritual guru or some nonsense like that. This is real world stuff, that can be applied by anyone. There is a greater truth that can and should be learned by all, and this is just how one does that.

When these things first started happening I was scared that if I shared it, someone would tell me I was wrong, or show me I was wrong. I was scared that they would do what I can do but do it better, or make me obsolete. I was scared that the story I began creating would be taken over by someone else. I was being selfish and self centered even in my transformation, and that should be patently obvious to anyone as being incorrect. This isn't about me at all, this is about us. I paid a severe price to be where I am today at this very moment, and many of the people in my life paid that price as well.

If I am to truly make any difference in anyone's life I can't be like I was. I don't think that it is my destiny or fate or anything, it is just my desire. I tell you guys I love you and you may think I am being trite or corny but I am serious. I love all of us, and I want happiness and joy for all of us when we can get it. We have walked a long and hard road together for a long time, so long that we forgot where and when we started and we forgot that we were all walking together. It is too easy to keep this to ones self and hoard it and suck out every last bit of potential, and most have done that. Very few have given away freely what wasn't theirs to begin with and were usually met with a rope or an axe. That may sound dramatic but it isn't, and history shows it going back as far as we do. That is a very real potential consequence for anything we do in this realm of ideas but it didn't deter them and it won't deter me. This disrupts and turns institution on it's head, and institution doesn't like that.

This can't be bought or sold, claimed or kept. As soon as that happens it loses any magic it has or potential that magic could bring. Every single one of us know that there is something more to this, some thing that we see or feel just on the periphery. We don't understand what it is or why we feel it so we just ignore it and keep going. It nags at us when we are still and alone, and sometimes we decide to look at it but it often scares us so we put it back in it's dark place. It doesn't help us at work, it doesn't help us at home, it doesn't help us with most of the things we value in this material world so we think it can't help us at all. We were and are wrong though, that is all there is to help us. It just isn't the type of help we thought we wanted.

I told you all we were doing all of this in this thread for a purpose, I asked you to trust me and to follow along and you did. I love you guys more than I can ever express for trusting me and following along, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I didn't know what that purpose was when I started but over time it became very clear. I even tried to ignore that purpose and substitute my own, and was shown why I couldn't. I don't have any guidance what so ever on what I am doing today and what I did yesterday. I have no idea if this is the right or wrong thing to do, I don't know if I will be scolded or punished, or praised and congratulated. I am not doing it for that, I am doing it for us. I am trusting my instinct and doing what I think is the right thing for the only cause that matters: US. All of us, young and old, sh!t head and saint. Not a single one of us is better or worse than the rest. We all make bad decisions sometimes and we all deserve forgiveness sometimes.

I don't want to proselytize or start coming off crazy (lol) I just wanted to say good morning and I love you. I will have my best day ever today and I sincerely hope you all do to. Do something to make yourself laugh as soon as you wake up, and you will have no choice but to smile and spread it to everyone you see. I will talk to you guys later.

I challenge you all, every day tell yourself you love you, and 1 person whom you normally would never say it. Tell a stranger you love them, and watch magic in practice.
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posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 01:11 PM
I hope you all realize by now that this book has nothing to do with time travel. It is in fact, only a very small part of the greatest story ever told. I didn't design the story, nor am I writing it, I am simply a scribe and an orator. In fact we collectively are the authors.

What in fact is happening, is that for the ones that are truly paying attention and of the correct mind set, things are being unlocked inside of you. Memories you never knew you had, of experiences you couldn't possibly have lived. I know for a fact this is happening to some of you right this very moment. Don't fight it, don't be afraid, and most of all do not doubt yourself. I don't blame you for not speaking up, or for being embarrassed. I understand the thoughts in your head; "This can't be real, I am doing just like Steve and seeing things that aren't really there. I am wanting it so badly I am tricking myself into thinking it is real". How do you think I felt? No differently, at all. I simply had the courage and the trust to voice my feelings and ideas. The courage to face my biggest fear, which is rejection and criticism. The trust in my greatest assets, the people around me- YOU!

Relax, take a deep breath, give yourself a hug and start breathing. You have made it this far, which means you can keep going. We were born for this, we were made for this. Every single one of us. This is it, this is the real F'ing deal.

Get your mind right. Get your house in order. It is time for us all to stop procrastinating. I know it, and you all know it too.

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 03:05 PM
Damn y'all, those 2 posts were intense. I can't tell you the energy it created typing them. Things are going to really ramp up from here for all of us. I am doing my best to put out feelers and pouring that energy out of me for you to grab onto. It is taxing and draining though, and I have to recharge every so often.

Here is my play list that I listen to on repeat for the last 6 months if I am not just listening to the one song. I am sharing it not because they are the best songs in the world, but they have very specific meaning. At the very least, if we are all doing the same things while listening to the same things, we may be able to achieve something we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Just a guess and an experiment you could say.

Another reminder in case that doubt is starting to creep back in. This is seriously happening. Yes it is as incredible as you suspect it is. Why me or us? Because if not us, who? You most likely have known for a long time this was coming anyway, we just did our best to ignore it. You thought you couldn't possibly be this special or lucky, you most certainly are but not for the reasons you may suspect.

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 03:32 PM
I am going to do my best to describe what this book actually is using the words of my friend. This won't be completely accurate but it will come close enough for government work. The fact is that this book was written for a couple very specific individuals for a very specific purpose. There is no harm in reading it obviously, and I would expect everyone would and will still desire to regardless of what I say. We are curious by nature after all, and we usually demand to see for ourselves.

The book is simply a reminder or a wake up call. It is a vehicle for personalized and specific messages from one "individual" back to that same "individual". Imagine if you were able to take a trip to the "other side" (not being specific here) but you were told that in order to do so you would not be able to remember the trip or bring back any reminders or souvenirs. If you wished to try and remind yourself of this experience after the fact, one way you may try and do it is to create an experience similar to what has transpired in this book.

It is far more complicated, yet at the same time as simple as that.

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 09:18 PM
Your posts are like lightening strikes for me......I am not sure what you are saying most of the time, but mesmerized by the magic you are implying that exists. a reply to: sputniksteve

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