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Your very best advice and encouragement for President Donald J. Trump. From ATS - Trump, w Love.

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posted on Feb, 12 2017 @ 04:02 PM

Biggest trading partner. Trade surplus..

Try to double that (both).

We can also do high-speed rail corridors and make the best trains and planes in Montreal, by Bombardier.

Also, by approving the Keystone XL, there's an opportunity to thwart Chinese destined Canadian oil exports if you can persuade Trudeau to block and cancel the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

There is so much possibility.

Therefore, please don't snub the Canadian Prime Minister. We are the very closest of friends, Canada and the USA. Forgive him his silly tweet about the refugees.



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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 09:06 PM
100 Trains

A train takes a bit to get up inertia, and then it's unstoppable. Long trains require three engines.

What I see is an administration that's having a difficult time finding it's footing, although the unnecessarily stalled nominations don't help matters.

Also, apparently there's some confusion and infighting and power struggles, and no one knows where they stand, which contributes to a toxic atmosphere.

However, once the trains and the larger train itself is in motion, then people will reclaim their sense of purpose, excitement and enthusiasm.

Therefore, I suggest the ideas I referenced earlier in this thread about using the Henry Ford technique of putting the brightest minds together with certain complex problems to solve, even problems that may have once seemed impossible to tackle and overcome.

This requires a massive prioritized "To Do" list, hashed out in advance.

Bannon should not have enough information to go to what I call his "Bat Cave" and forge the makings of the first 100 trains.

You got a number of them going quickly and that was a good start, but now it's high time to really get rolling.

I'd say that about 1000 trains probably comprise a great working administration, probably 10,000, but once the system is in place for generating them, 10 by 10 and then the first 100 and 100 X 100, then it's all workable.

Some of them are hideously complex puzzles, like Syria, or North Korea, and these are often linked together in strange and highly complex ways.

Just making a show out of leadership and bringing everyone together for a short time to go around the table, that's certainly not going to cut it.

You have to set the agenda in every single area, and stop reacting to what people are saying, except to take in valid criticisms and make the appropriate changes. There's no time to get riled up over anything, too much to do.

Bannon should have a whole team of his own down in the Bat Cave, cooking everything up, including all the words and communication modules wherever needed or required ie: if there's a public face on it.

I see you moving fast but spinning wheels.

Priebus might not be the right guy your buddy may be right.

Pick someone of impeccable creds and relationships on both sides, maybe even a Democrat (for whipping votes), because I can see that in your administration the writing and passing of bills is an integral part of the working machinery of White House Operations, because it's the biggest thing that you actually produce or create that has lasting impact.

I think you need to take about a whole week, and block it off for everyone, and kind of ignore the word and it's problems for a week, and then strategize, and strategize and put these train-creating systems in place, all the most important ones anyway for the first year.

Out of this process comes all the ACTION ITEMS, and the complex decision trees. Bannon and his team should even be using advanced project management software for this task - top secret of course.

It's a vision and a mission, not a bunch of guess work and tea reading, and that's when your administration will be filled with purpose and drive and excitement and enthusiasm, when they see all these trains pulling out of the station with themselves leading one and riding along with ever-increasing momentum and power. If the right "will" and intent is behind it all, and if there's a righteous Christ-centered leadership tat the heart of it, then nothing will be impossible.

I also suggest using LinkedIn as a Recruiting Facility to fill those 4000 jobs, and then the next 10,000 when you clean house, and maybe more as you begin the process of draining the swamp, which may have to include Priebus, and if you're going to make that move, better it be sooner than later. Someone that Bannon's in synch with.

This pulling in different directions and leaking isn't right, but, it's the responsibility of the leader to lead, not just lay the blame on people for not knowing where they stand or what to do in the vaccum.

I think right now is the time for a re-set, now that you're in power and the information is pouring in. Even that is just something to be "ingested" in a facility that houses it, another Bannon project.

Bouncing around from thing to thing like a pinball, I don't think that's the way to go about it when you're still in the space or domain of all possibility.

Just calling it the way I see it to try to be most helpful. And that's another thing you don't want is people being afraid to say the hard things for fear of hurting your feelings or bruising your ego.

Best wishes,


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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 12:31 AM
NSA Replacement

Sorry to hear about Flynn, that's kind of sad, to be caught up in such a predicament. I kind of blame the MSM and Washington culture.

For the replacement, if Kellogg is related to the Kellogg empire, rule him out. Their special interests suck and oppose you.

But what I was going to suggest is of the best three candidates possible, pick the one who's the most Christian with the biggest heart and sparkliest eyes.

Flynn had a kind of darkness about him in a way, and I don't think for this job you should choose a General or a Military guy but instead someone who can see other dimensions including the forces of darkness and enmity within the shadow government or deep state, as much as without.

It's just such a complex domain, what you need is somehow who's great at managing that territory in search of the simplicity on the far side of complexity and who understands that the nature of the modern "battlefield" is as much in the mind and heart as it is in the projection of raw power and force of arms in some physical territory.

Pick someone who can shape the territory for the future when such a war has been won and put behind us. Military guys can't see it in that light I don't think.

It's more typically a Civilian role as is Sec Def. Too many generals isn't always a good thing. In the book of Revelation, birds pick them apart.. and one's gone down already.

I think you need someone who also understands the psyop elements of Islamic radicalization (how it was hijacked and generated by CIA specialists), to UNWIND it across the globe, so you're also looking for a scholar with a deep appreciation of history, and Islamic studies (although a Christian), imho.

God Bless,


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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 12:37 AM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
100 Trains

Bannon should not have enough information to go to what I call his "Bat Cave" and forge the makings of the first 100 trains.

Bannon should now have...

typo, sorry.

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 05:28 AM
Looking at how CNN are reporting the Flynn resignation suggests that they are going to try to hang you with this and that the parting shot of the Obama administration re: Russian sanctions over "hacking" the election (an absurd claim) formed the rope as the set up and the trap.

And if you go with David Petraeus, then they're going to hit you with charges of hypocrisy regarding Clinton's breach of security.

The way that CNN has been going after you all along is highly suggestive of a rogue CIA faction working to undermine and try to take you down and here I'm thinking of the fact that the CIA are up CNN's yin yang.

I hope you get through this one unscathed, but word has it that Putin didn't respond in kind because of the conversation with Flynn, meaning that your transition broke the Logan Act with your knowledge, and to see Chris Christie talking with Jake Tapper about the "one President at a time" rule, suggests to me that the satanists are fighting back hard, and will use the Russia angle to try to bring you down ie: what did he know and when.

Don't be too cavalier about it, the sharks smell blood in the water and are circling.

I hope you surprise them with your appointment, and that as soon as the dust settles you set to work bringing them down with a new scandal that was their own undoing by their own bloody hands.

I hope you get through this.


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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 01:44 PM

Russia is needed for a whole host of things, including dealing with Iran, and in concert with China, North Korea. They are integral to a "new world order" (of the right kind ie: not capped by the devil, for starters).

But now that Russia is embarrassed and concerned about the new political landscape and pressure you're under to become hawkish towards them, with no end in sight to the many sanctions, which are hurting them badly - now would be the time to covertly do a BIG DEAL, by first appearing to backpeddle (until the controversy settles down), causing them grave concern, and generating the right amount of "tension" (but not as an ongoing strategy of tension, which only resulted in untold death and destruction) by which to leverage the Big Picture deal by which the sanctions can be removed sequentially.

Maybe I'm out to lunch in thinking that this is possible, but I believe that the resolution of the problem of the spread of radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS, as well as the refugee crisis that's been overtaking Europe, will involve a temporary invasion of that three "province" area of Eastern Syria with a line on the other side of Raqqa and Aleppo, as well as the Northern Region of Iraq, while restoring border integrity and the stabilization of both countries whereby any society (ideally more secular or moderate leaning) must have a secure domain of safety and security from being bombed or killed unnecessarily (obviously!).

ISIS number maybe only about 30,000 now. With overwhelming force, they'd be toast, but sadly, another war, a ground war, will need to be fought to rapidly accomplish the objective.

The only way however that such a thing could be done would be by Russia and Iran agreeing to it, and you'd want the help of Arab nations yet without it appearing to be sectarian.

The reconstruction contracts in Syria and Iraq will obviously be MASSIVE, so you'll want to form American/Russian/UAE/Saudi etc. Engineering and Construction Consortiums, and yes, that would be funded by oil revenue, which wouldn't be "stolen" as the spoils going to the victor (that's absurd in this context as you're not Genghis Khan), but re-funneled and channeled to the development of those two societies. And once that part of Syria is secured, then Russia could run the ongoing security and peace-keeping mission, while leaving Assad in place, unless the Russians and the Iranians feel that a regime change would be helpful for the newly reformed State of Syria, whereby the tradeoff for all of this is a mutually sustained prosperity and peace which breeds still more prosperity.

You might even persuade Iran to re-do the nuke agreement so that it never sunsets, just like North Korea will have to do (if Kim Jong-in is to keep his head and avoid a revolution or a coup under crushing sanctions as well).

It's a very big and complex deal that has to factor in all contingencies, but I think that only great big bold and necessary moves like this will be the only way to bring about a sustained peace and prosperity, while wiping ISIS right off the face of the Earth.

And none of this requires some new black op psyop like 9/11. For the love of God don't let them sell you that idea, that it will require some grand terroristic ritual blood sacrifice like 9/11, or they'll have you and you'll have moved over to the dark side. Don't let that happen. That would be terrible, and unnecessary. Don't do it or let them do it and this rogue faction of the CIA they have to be gotten rid of and/or made to tow the line as they'll killing your nascent administration with a 1000 cuts.

Somehow the entire puzzle needs to be solved and a Big Plan forged FAST, and then the Big Deal brokered.

Problem, the CIA and NSA are listening in and you appear to lack the integrity of secrecy and that's a big time problem. The Washington Post is all but owned by the CIA now, and they're certainly involved with CNN.

Me i'd spend a few days working to hash this all out and get a real plan together to at long last get us on the path to a more settled world and moving in a new direction.

It must be overwhelming trying to deal with all this stuff.


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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 02:57 PM

Hillary Clinton: Mike Flynn Targeted Over Exposing ‘PizzaGate’

Flynn suffering 'real consequences of fake news,' says Democrat presidential candidate

former Clinton State Department senior adviser, Philippe Reines

Clinton's retweet

John Podesta's Twitter (very quiet, only shot he took was FBI and Russia "hacking" related). Very quiet. Has said nothing (probably at the behest of his lawyer).

What they are saying in effect is that Pizzagate was relevant in the departure of Flynn, so there's the real blackmail.

Dominos.. very funny, if only we knew what it's meaning was in the context of the Podesta email...

Therefore, once you gain full control of the CIA and the NSA and close up all the leaks while firing more than a few people...

You should go after this, hard. It's what's on everyone's mind and it's also what we are demanding, or what most of your supporters are demanding - Justice! nothing more.

If people like Brock, Podesta, his brother, the FBI's Andrew Kline, even Hillary Clinton - end up getting caught up in the dragnet, then so be it.

But you need to have control over those agencies and this shadow government that works through the likes of the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN and who are leaking in a way that's highly detrimental and undermining, even dangerous.

Then you can run wire taps, get the data packets, covertly surveil, and investigate, using the weight of the US Government and it's AUTHORITY.

Given that you're up against what are really Satanists (of the worst kind), then this issue of Authority and Justice according to the LAW is very significant, even of the very furthest reaching implications.

I don't see how they can blackmail you with their own crimes... unless they still control the deep state, shadow government.

And remember that this faction this rogue element who don't serve the best interests of their own country, while they may know how to box you in six ways to Sunday, they operate within a box themselves, which has much much more than six points relative to it... bear this in mind, this reframe and shift in the dynamics.

Flynn was like a warning involving Pizzagate and here they are openly admitting it and betraying themselves, yet again, in their fear and angst (can't help themselves).

Take note.

And think about the Authority of God himself and Jesus Christ, and think about the children, and how this devil needs to flee the system, but there's only one way for that to happen. We the public are ready for it, obviously. "Fake news" doesn't adequately describe it.

Do not let the Satanists threaten you or pigeon-hole you or box you in when it is they who really ought to be on the run and under some serious investigation.

Alex Jones is right. You can't play nice with these people. You tried. They blew it (made a cold civil war out of it).

But what's interesting is the way the leaks have been flowing, and who's been watching and surveilling whom and who appears to still have some control and influence over "the system", but here's the thing...

The white hats seriously outnumber the black hats.

The very act of trying to box you in six ways from Sunday has betrayed all their points, sources, connections and motivations and desires.

It's like they've handed you the map of their own territory, and where it begins and where it ends, so that you can cut it out and heave it into the abyss with all our help and support and that of God Almighty, through who's divine providence you were elected.

The American people must be given to know precisely the degree to which they dodged a bullet with Clinton, and on that note, stay out of the line of fire for the next six months while you're doing all this. That too is important, although Pence and Sessions would surely go to town on them if they did take you out or try to do so.

It's an internal war and there's just no way that you can wage any external ones until this one is won, decisively.

They should have stood down a long time ago and retreated to do some naval gazing - it's harmful to American society what they are trying to do.

We're with you. Even God is with us.

Godspeed, and God bless,


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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 10:06 PM
Still more leaks... ugh!

Once again, they, the shadow government and deep state or "permanent government" (hopefully not for long) are generating a climate conducive to undermining the Trump Presidency.

What are they up to?

I smell the Clinton and Podesta machine at work. Damn satanists!

You've got to find out who these people are and fire them, and then get control over the CIA and NSA, FBI etc. and turn it back on them.


posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 08:33 PM
Roger Stone - listen to what he's saying (when he's stone cold sober).

You're going to need to make some changes soon. Priebus and Spicer, they both need to go for a variety of reasons, including performance issues.

Protect Miller, and Bannon, and see who they think you need to be bringing in - have them run searches on LinkedIn for key people, fresh recruits with new ideas who can think outside the box.

You really need your own internal headhunting agency and not be afraid to make some changes. If you didn't have the courage to make changes, you wouldn't have made it there in the first place.

In another couple of weeks if not sooner.

Spicer just isn't articulate enough or knowledgeable enough and he's too shrill - looks like he's always on the defensive.

Priebus is undermining you at some level in collusion with Ryan. They want to reduce your power and get it down to a manageable level. They're self serving political animals.

The White House should be like a well oiled macbine churning out train after train with inertia!

They don't have the vision or the mission and they don't get you or who elected you or why.

Up the brand and the Trump flame, which burns in those who support you, like me, Roger Stone, Alex Jones and the other 60 million and growing.

How you kept growing and growing your base - that was impressive and went against all conventions. You're losing momentum, and light (I don't know how else to describe it).

It's all in the people, in their essence and in their mind, heart and soul and ability to take action and be decisive while sharing the vision, like various facets of one holographic diamond.

These people don't reflect it, they don't "grok" of it most fully (a word from a sci-fi book called "A Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein).

Best wishes,


P.S. These are all just suggestions or recommendations - not trying to tell you what to do! ; )

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posted on Feb, 16 2017 @ 09:42 PM
Investigate this

To determine if the voice is in fact that of John Podesta.

The very moment you gain control of the CIA, the NSA and the FBI - it's time to burn down their whole structure with this PedoSatanism scandal, they can call it what they like, but it won't be fake news when the arrests take place and the evidence to convict surfaces.

Who was that FBI child-trafficking guy who owned the pizza place next door and was seen in the oval office with Obama and a little doll-like girl sitting on the oval office desk...

Andrew Kline.

When people like Podesta, Andrew Kline, David Brock, George Soros (he's a Satanist too), when they go down, then the American people will realize that in your election they managed to dodge a bullet that would have seen these people ensconced in power for generations.

It will also take down the Republican Establishment as well, and could even include Priebus from what I've been hearing.

As soon as you have control over all the levers of power - just blow the whole thing up with the PedoSatanist scandal.

People will think twice before protesting in alignment with organizations that are run behind the scenes by Satanists, and if the dragnet also takes down Clinton and her "machine" then so be it.

Otherwise, we're going to be looking at dueling governments and a type of internal cold civil war. Not good.

"That which hurts, also instructs."
~ Benjamin Franklin

You're going to have to just implode them, and then God willing, Obama will close up shop and leave town before he's also implicated, which he would be if Andrew Kline were implicated, as well as John Podesta and his brother Tony (just as evil maybe even moreso).

It will be horrific but it's important for the sake of the children (see that link).

God bless, and Godspeed!


posted on Feb, 18 2017 @ 02:54 AM

Now THIS is my own experience as a Corporate Headhunter with over 30 years experience, so listen up Mr. Trump! JK! (let's not take ourselves TOO seriously, with all due respect of course).

The very best people are always recruited. They are not those who apply for a job, nor are they those who've been recommended or referred by "goblins".

Oh you might get the occasional diamond in the rough, but the sorting and sifting and shortlisting, for 100's and even 1000's of positions, perhaps later on, even 10's of 1000's (the no longer permament "permament" government of all the same old same old cronies) - it takes too long and the people who are actively pursuing jobs, I don't think they're what you want.

For the NSA for example - the one who turned you down and who commented to someone (who should not have leaked) that it was a "# sandwich" - well, provided that you and your inner circle can personally vet who he wants to bring in on his team without dictating to him - he is probably the guy you want maybe even because he turned it down. Can he be turned around? If he's the best of the best for the job then make it happen, but if it turns out that he's connected or wired into those Satanists, then for God's sake - don't. Don't hire anyone if they're connected with those people no matter how good they are or who recommends them, and for the love of God don't hire Bolton or any Neocons.

Strategically selected recruited candidates who don't necessarily WANT the job and who might not have even considered it until they get "the call" - those are the ones you want.

Now, since something like 80-90% of all professionals in the world, have a LinkedIn Profile, just contact LinkedIn and create a special, custom facility for searching and generating what I call a pipeline of prospective candidates.

For those who make it onto a short list, get them to agree to be vetted and administer a psych test of some kind to determine their suitability for each role, and check their networks and make sure it's satanist-free every time, and wherever you find them in the system, fire them all, although in some cases it may be better to keep a potential enemy close by, instead of having him running around like Obama hand in hand with Hillary Clinton and George Soros (all Satanists btw, as we've come to discover).

Hire not just for the skills either, but also for the character and the person themselves and what they stand for and believe in.

Once that internal Headhunting Agency is in place, by using LinkedIn as your pool, you don't have to go with all the insider do nothing bureaucrats fighting for turf etc.

Pence is a bit of a Neocon himself to a degree, and he's just so damn stoic. Good man, but his selection skills might not the greatest, particularly when working along side Priebus.

KellyAnn Conway - she reminds me of an awesome HR Manager. I'd place her in charge of the Pipeline Generation from the wider net of prospects. It's no easy task filling 4000 jobs or more.

So once your full cabinet is in place, go on a hiring and firing blitz, because it's the people that make any organization tick, including the government of the USA.

If you fill ever vacancy in the next month - that will make people sit up and take notice.

Interestingly, the world seems to be acquiescing and there's been no massive crisis yet, touch wood.

In fact, the thing you did with the ban, and the way it was reacted to, created it's own helpful tension ie: no major terrorist attacks so far (touch wood). Is any Muslim about to come to the USA from one of those countries and commit an act of terrorism and give Muslims a bad rap? I don't think so.

The deep state, shadow government, including a faction of the CIA might be cooking up a new black op, however, which may not even exclude the possibility of your own assassination (God forbid), so you've got to get control over that agency via Pompeo, and fast.

McCain's speech in Germany was rather discouraging, imho, because it reveals that leaders in your own party are actively working to undermine your Presidency, which to me suggests the possibility that such a plan might be in the works. McCain is a sick man I think and one of them.

sorry, went off topic.

You also need the larger policy agenda, for which I think that Bannon should literally write an internal book or manual for.

Then with all aboard, you launch all the trains with inertia and away it goes and it'll be unstoppable.

Maybe then it would be time to take down the satanists with the PedoSatanism Podesta scandal come to light, which takes down all the rest including Obama and Clinton and Soros' and Brock's "machine" and their whole system and structure and network by extension.

Then the American people will breath a sigh of relief that you got in and not Clinton..

You're going to have to bring God's wrath upon them but without getting assassinated in the process.

There's no other way. They're mobilizing and setting up for a comeback founded and based in nothing but hatred, for you, personally, but don't take it personally. They're scared, and rightly so. Don't use that power (of blackmail) though, it's evil it's all evil through and through don't go there. Just take it down that whole structure when it's revealed that at core, they are satanists, enemies of both God and men of good-will.

White hats. Makes sure everyone you hire is a white hat, and fire as many black hats as possible.

We can see that you've started, but it really needs to accelerate to get "lock in" on the kind of government that the American people asked you to create and lead.

And it's not about you, but the installation of a Christ-centered leadership, which is authentic leadership of the very best kind there is.

Let the Spirit and Wisdom guide you, and don't make it personal. Do what's right, we've got your back.

Best wishes,


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posted on Feb, 18 2017 @ 07:11 PM
Oldstream Media

I think instead of saying that they're just all fake news, although turning that back on them has certainly been great, and that was generated in the immediate wake of Pizzagate btw, and used to blunt it's impact as it ripped through the Internet, they had that all ready to roll (including Obama's insertion of a type of Ministry of Truth in the NDAA), and even got a bloodless false flag out of it, from the crazed son of a close friend of the Clintons ie: fake news has real world consequences blah blah blah..who'd father is a Pastor but one who's into making sick and twisted satanic movies.. go figure.

Instead, I suggest starting to make use of Bannon language, about narratives, and about fairness, truth and AUTHENTICITY, that's the next place to attack them, because they are so "fake" and plastic, inauthentic, biased and agenda driven.

They don't seem to understand what we mean by "fake", so talk about it, and you can include Hollywood and the problem with Celebrity Culture, and you might even do a dig on Obama for being one of them (a faux Celeb), who fooled them into thinking that he was anything other than a radical leftist professional agitator, which appears to be his career of choice to return to in Washington - they need to know what he's up to, which is absolutely unprecedented in American history and in diametric opposition to the historical tradition involving the transfer of power and respect for tradition.

Call it out as Agitprop or agitation propaganda and then cite some great examples and just hang them out to dry.

Explain what you actually mean - and then, when the American people see the way the MSM are spinning it, as an attack on the free press in a bid for authoritarianism, including an attack on the courts, they'll realize that even still in this matter of "fake news" the fakenewsmedia, don't quite understand what you're talking about, which is simple fairness and objectivity without any excessive negative bias, simple as that.

They're not objective, and that's the problem.

Clarify what you mean and then watch them when they realize that they've only be trolled yet again!

Godspeed Mr. President. Godspeed.


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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:40 PM
CNN wants you to hire Bolton.

What does that tell you?

posted on Feb, 20 2017 @ 07:57 PM

Whatever plan you choose, the ultimate force-multiplier must be in the domain of the less quantifiable mind-war.

That will be won in Syria via the creation the Safe Zones and the return of the refugees, which takes pressure off surrounding countries like Turkey.

I think that comes in the form of increased stability and prosperity and employment opportunities, which in Syria and Iraq could come in the form of massive reconstruction paid for by oil revenues and by the surrounding Arab States including Saudi Arabia and Iran who just have to somehow put away and bury the sectarian axe between Sunni and Shia.

Within the Arab World resides the longing, not for barabarism but for but high Civilization and advanced Culture in the former glory of the "enlightenment" aspects of Islamic thought and mysticism. Architecture, construction, scientific development and sustained prosperity, safety and security - everything that anyone and everyone wants for themselves and their family and community.

This is the common interest that binds together all these disparate forces.

They've exhausted the energies of conflict and strife and evil, if only because it's exhausting and intolerable.

More than friendship with Russia, and China, and even Iran, the USA must become a friend to the Arab world in an Arab-style modernization and cultural resurgence.

It's good that Flynn is out - he was too anti-Islamic for the job at hand. That cannot be the filter by which to bring about a a new Arab world.

The Israelis, who fomented all of this, must be made to see it clearly as well, and how their own wealth and sophistication, working in collaboration and in a spirit of mutuality with the Arab world, staring with a Peace Deal, can help to shape a more moderate Islam involved in reconstruction and rejuvenation and wherever fanaticism and extremism rises up, that must be put down by the societies within which those sentiments fester.

Therefore, you must be VERY VERY careful how you go about prosecuting this war and it's aftermath.

New ideas are needed, because what we've seen has been just a total mess as you point out.

War is very dangerous and serious business and you've got to have an end game beginning with the end in mind, so that it's not boots on the ground indefinitely, but boots on and off the ground.

The whole region needs to come together, not be torn apart by the ravages of war, which effects everyone and their uncle.

posted on Feb, 22 2017 @ 09:25 PM
The Satanists

By "Satanists" I'm referring to the theistic Satanists who engage in ritual child sex abuse and trafficking and even human sacrifice.

I think you need to make a new list of 1000 persons of interest, including John and Tony Podesta, and placing the most secret, covert surveillance on them and investigate them and their networks up the ying yang, but keep it secret so that you can catch them in the act or preferably just before they commit the evil deed, yet again.

Their serial abusers so at some point, they slink around and get together for a ritual, guaranteed.

The devil is very predictable and very blind.

But we need some high level busts to reveal to the American people how they just barely managed to dodge a bullet with your election and also, how these people need to be REMOVED from the system, people who might have otherwise "reigned" with their Satan for generations.

You have to bring them down, very efficiently, so you'll need ironclad case evidence.

Wiping these people and their networks OUT, has to be a top priority mandate of both the FBI Director and the Department of Justice.

You tool out a 1500 mid level people, now take another group and when they "sing" the whole map of their territory will be available to enact the kind of surveillance that I'm talking about, to take down all the higher level people, like Podesta and Hillary Clinton (what you can you do if the dragnet pulls them in?).

It has to be done swiftly though, because they're making their moves.


posted on Feb, 25 2017 @ 12:16 AM
The New Media

When you have a chance, late at night, go on YouTube and just start surfing. It will make you laugh and fill you with glee.

Everything that's being said by every talking head is being presented and analyzed and commented on, on YouTube, by the 10's and even 100's of millions. And then we're just turning them OFF while turning to one another, just by consuming the new media and commenting freely upon it.

They're toast.

It's the new channel, the new medium. YouTube.

Serves Google right to have helped KILL the dinosaur fakestream media and just to be clear - fake not because they're not using sources or reporting falsehoods, but "fake" in the sense that they will latch on to ANYTHING to resist and undermine the fairly elected President and government of the United States, which is un-American, at heart. Hatred doesn't sell. It isn't the basis of a Civil Society. Can't be.

They never ever admit when they've made a mistake, and absolutely everything they're putting forth is heavily biased and yes, the American people can see it and they deserve better. Repeal and replace Bill Clinton's telecommunications act, to set free the media, not to attack it or kill it and what is "media" and real news? A few TV stations and newspapers surely don't have a monopoly on information, except as propaganda of the corporatist globalists and far leftists (who also intersect with the left hand path, as we have seen).

Just proceed to deliver, as you are, and make sure there's authentic Justice and authentic Leadership, even in the Spirit of Christ as the true model of authentic Civilized Leadership and the best the world has ever known or will ever know again, and lo and behold, didn't he punk them hard?!

I think you just need a whole bunch of great words, so that people come to understand where you're coming from in both simple and complex terms or in terms of the simplicity on the far side of complexity that a good leader would give his right arm to find and achieve.

It's too simplistic however to just label them as "fake news" then ban them, you have to punk them in the most ingenious of ways, which you already have - particularly if no WHEN we see a true American Renaissance at the darning of a new age of reason, logic, love, awareness and understanding.

Here's a word to use on them - INAUTHENTIC, which also means "not real" and "fake". Take that back and call them inauthentic while pointing out their non-stop negative bias and nitpicking, while attempting to mislead the American people and somehow undermine or delegitimize the office of the Presidency under the leadership and Guidance of you, Mr. Trump, who's really a "good guy" and who isn't out to get anyone except maybe the bad guys, but in a very precise and efficient and ingenious manner, so that they won't even see it coming and here I'm thinking about a more articulate and well spoken but still wholly authentic Donald Trump.

Words, you need all the right words and Bannon is right there to write the book and hand it to you, and it will never leak, but you can read it at night while taking in the new media on YouTube, and places like this, maybe even this post by little old me. We all have a voice, and people like Podesta and Clinton really have no idea of the sheer magnitude of our performance, even as individuals, or maybe they are starting to...

If you are really LISTENING, then you'll see that indeed we are getting it, more and more of us all the time, but don't hand them material to work with - turn the communications back on them, and blow their mind, while America gets back to work being great again.

God bless, and Godspeed.


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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 07:14 PM
Good luck with your big speech tonight. Let's hope you can begin to communicate the plan and the vision and get the American people behind you (except the establishment leftists like Clinton, Soros, Brock and Co. and much of the MSM of course).

I see that Bannon is beginning to write you a book in Trumpanese. That's important, but what I suggest is that you all but memorize and integrate everything you're going to say, so that, by the time you say, it's your own and not a "read speech" like Clinton's pathetic "resistance" speech just released a few days ago. It was really bad and very poorly delivered and because it was so inauthentic, it didn't really speak to anyone. There was no person there, just something that was reading.

You're REAL. Therefore, what comes across must be both well crafted and authentic, not just in this speech but all the time.

So if you and Steve write that whole book, and then you read it at night, then voila, you'll have all the right words and can stop communicating poorly by trying to "wing it" on the fly.

Anyone can memorize and integrate 100 news words and only something like 500 or so are used in regular communication.

The trick here, is not to be inauthentic. That's so important and the key to winning the hearts and minds of the people.

The fate of the world is at stake, and the very identity of the nation and it's relationship to all the people and nations of the world.

Let's go ahead with it all and make it fun, however weighty it might be.

We can do it, but the primary communicator needs to become a great communicator, while taking a few pages from Reagan.

Obama and Clinton and all the rest are at the most fundamental level, fakers. That much is obvious. Obama was very very good at it mind you, but it was still a façade married to Celebrity Culture.

We're into a whole new area - an American Renaissance.

That's what you've got to get across while also touching on everyone's commitments and obligations to each other, where hate does not trump Love. (say that).

Make us all laugh for all the right reasons, and that humor, mirth and charm and the spirit of love that is Christ will inform you in what and how you're communicating and from what place you're coming from (the American people's heart and grit and determination, and Civility).

The negative rhetoric is getting out of hand and it's starting to spark violent acts against people for their political views or who they voted for or support - that's un-American.

Talk about reaching out, about the quest for mutual understanding with what's reasonable, and a rejection of what's unreasonable and rooted in intolerance and bigotry, and hatred.

That cannot function as the arrow of a Civilized progress, no matter how much material or economic progress is realized since money alone isn't the pursuit of true happiness.

Appeal to our sensibilities, but in the most authentic and ingenious manner possible.

It changes everything. It's the living word, which when backed with action and more action, not in protest but in our own daily lives, has the power to shape our world for the better, to secure that future we want and demand, for our children and grandchildren.

For the sake of everything we hold fear and that's worth living for and even dying for to uphold.

Lift our spirits, so that we can begin to perceive the face of God in the world around us, in our fellow human being, and in ourselves.

Make an appeal to our better nature - and in the process drive that crazy left stark, raving mad, even to the point of a conversion experience.


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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 10:51 PM
My post above shows that we're on the same wavelength, whether you read this thread or not.

Good speech! Well done. Onwards ho!

posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 11:14 PM
If you stay disciplined and keep on doing that ie: don't gloat on twitter about how great your speech was, but only in terms of what you're delivering if at all.

More Big Speeches like that for Big Historical Events, are what's called for, starting with an address from the Oval office in the coming weeks regarding the new push into Syria to cut ISIS off from Iraq while creating safe zones for the return of refugees and the great task of rebuilding their own civil society, without the plague of ISIS and related extremist terrorism (maybe drop the word Islamic from the beginning of that the General might have a point, moving forward).

Clear communications and authentic LEADERSHIP is what the American people wanted and that's what you're doing to deliver to them and for them and by them.

We get it now, what you're doing and none of it could be thought of as entirely unreasonable and that's the key, in the reason and logic and rationale for everything and that you communicate.

It can't be high-school level, but more college and university level communication, and you've now shown that you can communicate very effectively, which harkens back to Reagan.

Best regards,


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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 11:16 PM
Just. Step. Down.

It's clear you don't want to be POTUS. You've spent all but one weekend in Mar-a-lago, costing ME, a taxpayer money you shouldn't be. For what? So you can schmooze with wealthy elites who've paid YOU money for the privilege to eat meals around you? Possibly see some national security secrets or influence who you appoint?

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