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Your very best advice and encouragement for President Donald J. Trump. From ATS - Trump, w Love.

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posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 05:56 PM
a reply to: AnkhMorpork

You picked Perry for the Department that he couldn't remember in that debate, as one of three that he wanted to shut down. That's kind of interesting and funny in a way..

Have to trust that you know what you're doing.

Re: Health and Wellness.

Please listen to me on this one as I've been combing the Internet and the world for the best supplements on Earth, and I think I've found the holy grail, for you and everyone you recommend it to.

EMPowerplus Advanced

It's by a company called TrueHope (of all things).

Listen to me - this is the most revolutionary supplement for people who suffer from depression and anxiety that the world has ever seen, and for optimal brain health it's unparalleled.

I've been on it for going on a week now, and it's unbelievable.

The Light of Liberty, working to generate that space as the space of Freedom is one thing, and very important, but you also want that light of life, which is positive, and energetic conscious awareness and it's my contention that the spirit is willing but it's the flesh that is weak and by that I'm not referring to the desire to sin. What I mean is that the Spirit also needs the substance and there's nothing like positive brain health for a society up to its neck in depression and anxiety.

So, after you get on it, and your family and friends, consider launching a study on Big Pharma's cocktail of anti-depression medications, and attempt to persuade doctors under the new health care system to go ahead and prescribe this formula or something identical to it for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

To light up the world, the leadership also need to be lit up and energized, substantially, and for real.

Kelly Ann Conway the other day when she appeared on TV was so tired she could hardly speak. That's no good.

So with all due respect, I'm not trying to tell you what to do here, this is only a suggestion and a recommendation but of the very highest order possible.

The best brains need to have and maintain the very best brain chemistry to function at optimal performance and capability, your own included.

Light 'em up, and light it all up from within while chasing the darkness away for the New Year.

In my own experience, it's like a "Limitless" pill, and all it contains is a combination of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and no single magic ingredient, or drug.

May you could even work with this True Hope company and cut the price in half and get it to 120 caps for as little as 20 or 30 dollars or pennies a day.

It works.

Not that I was clinically depressed or filled with anxiety but it sure lifted the clouds let me tell you.

Today it was like the sun was shining bright and all was well, even though it was overcast and miserable. It's what the Spirit needed to do a great work in me.

I want that for you and your people.

Podesta can stick with his risotto (rise OTO?) and his pizza, and hotdogs, cheese and pasta, but the problem with that is that it can end up filling a person and a whole system with a light that is all darkness, and oh what darkness that is.

I hope you take my advice on this one, and if you knew what I already put in my superfood supersmoothies then you would know that I know what I'm talking about, but either way

Praying for you and wishing for the light of life and the Lord Jesus Christ to radiate within you and throughout your new administration. It's a good light, a healthy light, and all it requires of us is that we merely TRY and try our very best to always shoot for the very best in all things, setting aside what the satanists call a "rational self interest" in favor of an enlightened mutual best interest that's in alignment with the greatest possible good of one and all (ie: no black op psyops).

But if you and your people need a "shot in the arm" (and I don't mean that literally), then this supplement is it.

P.S. I made nothing and have zero vested interest in making this recommendation.

Please trust me. It will change everything for you and your expanding circle of influence from the top down, with the understanding that the power is to the people, by and for the people, in service to their interests and in listening intently to their voice.

God bless, and Merry Christmas!


P.S.S. Obama had Fiji Water shipped in, which is ok (albeit very elitist), because it has trace amounts of silica and a good PH level, but that's nothing compared to what this can do for people.

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posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 07:57 PM
Please hatch a plot to kill the Fed and move it in-house for the American people. Congress, not the Fed ought to have the authority to issue USDs, and not at interest, or on the back of a SIN birth-bond.

People ought to be able to accumulate real wealth for themselves and for the Nation, whereby people have wealth instead of wealth having people.

Hire the best and brightest who left Wall Street, like Bannon, he knows who they all are.

Maybe by the end of your Presidency you'll figure out a way to dissolve the debt without killing the dollar...

What would the Wallburgs and the rest of them all take on the dollar? 50 cents?

That would bring it down to 10 trillion...

There must be a way. If there's a will there's a way.

The populism out there (out here) supports it.

Yes, forget about ISIS, they can be taken out, those 20K remaining fighters no problem, they'll just implode in the face of ground forces, drop their guns and run.

The Fed and the International Bankers, that's where all the power is, power that Obama didn't really want to even touch with a ten foot poll provided the money kept flowing out, which is a weak response, even though it managed to stem the tide.

If you killed the Fed, that would be the greatest and most heroic act of leadership since Jesus Christ himself overturned the tables of the money lenders in the temple, and whipped them with a sturdy rope, scattering them and their wares.

This of course was a symbolic gesture, intended both for the PTB of his day, and as a righteous Civil Anger that was meant to be echoed at some point in time and history. He knew. And he knew precisely what he was doing, and why.

While you're untouchable and unkillable, right at the outset, that's the time to strike, once the wealth of the world begins to flow to the US Infrastructure Bank. That's 10 Trillion right there. P3's Mr. Trump. Even Urban Development Projects can be run through P3's, and then you'll not only lead for 50 years, as Bannon says, not only bring about the roaring 30's of the 21st century, but get the very devil himself off the back of the American people, once and for all time.

Free of economic slavery. Free the American people. Do what JFK was going to do, and get it done quickly and decisively, with a whole series of what I call double binds (which you alone apparently know how to slip! lol) that are just so far ahead of the curve that it's not funny, well, funny from a certain perspective.

What comes to my mind here is the idea of a true mastermind alliance in the Spirit of Henry Ford when he wanted the impossible engine block.

The best minds. In they go into a command center type room with every conceivable resource that's available, and give him one secret task and one task only and to solve it, and while solving it, already putting it's mechanisms in process but always beginning with the end in mind. Thus when it happens it happens FAST because by that point it's already become an inevitability.

That's what we need to see that shining light up on a hill again - a supreme act of heroism doing the impossible, but precisely what has become absolutely necessary.

Turn money back into gold with the authority not of international bankers, but the American people themselves. You'll probably have to worry more about the dollar going up too much, than down (more irony).

Someone's going to get "killed" or lose a head (just ask John the Baptist), it might as we'll be the head of the beast in the system.

Remember, Jesus walked out of his tomb, even though he took quite a lashing and went through a very difficult and challenging ordeal. There is power in the way of the cross, once you fully understand it and it makes you laugh at his genius, his and John's both.

What I like about this thread is that I KNOW that eventually I'll be able to get it through to you as an opened channel of communication. How? Someone at Info Wars will pass it along, or somewhere here at ATS who reads it and thinks, ah what the heck maybe I'll tweet this thread to Trump and see what happens.. anything is possible.

I don't care if I appear as a crazy person speaking as if to no one. Things have changed. It's a whole new era. And I have faith.

They say with faith but the size of a tiny mustard seed, you will be able to say to the mountain MOVE and watch it move and fall into the abyss, and to the fruitless evil and wicked tree, UPROOT yourself and also be cast away, certain in the knowledge that it will be done as you ask it in the name of Jesus, who wanted his disciples to ask for more stuff.

So this is me, in that Spirit of Hope and Optimism and Love, and Liberty, asking for something for Christmas, mixed with faith and passion.

Change the money into something better than the old money, while persuading the whole world to invest in a 21st century American infrastructure but without actually OWNING any of it - long term leases and maintenance contracts only, with a guaranteed return for 50 years, good if you're a Saudi..., or an Iranian, that's all I know. Oil is on the way out, and America, as the engine that drives the global economy, is on the way UP! It's a no brainer, a no risk gambit for all parties and stakeholders.

Then, before leaving office you pass a balanced budget amendment, and voila, there it is.

Jesus himself would be pleased that it wasn't all for nothing, on a grand scale.

The universe loves and applauds COURAGE, and with God's help, our backs are covered because then He's got our back, and when that happens, the whole of all creation and all the angels and the heavens above shout for joy, and it's ticker tape parades and hats in the air from here to Kingdom come.

It has to be real and true and it has to hold the line, all the way down the line, through the ordeal and out the other side, by anticipation beginning with the end in mind, which is the joy and liberation of human freedom in a virtuous triumph of the farthest reaching proportions and significance.

One stronger has gone before you is what I'm saying, in this very same struggle against evil empire and the forces of darkness, and He triumphed once and for all time, while founding a rock of reason, logic, truth and love that's indomitable and apart from which we can do nothing of any lasting value.

It forms the very arrow of civilized progress, and turns the noun "civilization" into a verb, meaning, to Civilize.

Next up, my thesis on the distribution of Civility via the 5 C's of Life Transformation. (you'll like it a lot)

Please stay tuned..


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posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 11:50 AM
Whatever you see CNN do or say, consider doing the very opposite, because you know what's crawling around in there. They can be very helpful in this way.

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posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 08:01 PM

I suggest, humbly, that you form a study group to determine how to form policy that will serve to moderate Islam, while also containing it and putting a lid on it's spread, particularly in Europe. Perhaps it could be delineating different territories in Iraq, and in Syria, getting a ME peace deal, creating a large safe zone in Syria to allow the refugees to return. What's needed are clerics and scholars and philosophers, historians, all the best and brightest, to come together and figure out how to SOLVE or begin to solve this problem for the 21st century in a way that will be sustainable over the long haul.

The far left's alliance with Islam also needs to be examined as a very bad "end game" on their part.

Perhaps the extra writings and the latter part of the Koran might be seen by Islam to not be part of the Islamic enlightenment experience?

And is there a Judeo-Christian "seed" of some kind that can be implanted at it's heart, while at the same time recognizing the need to reconcile the family with the long lost black sheep?

This is a high nuanced and highly complex issue, and black and white solutions are not going to work, and to wrap up the ME problem in a bow, somehow the Arab Nation states and peoples must also have the opportunity to celebrate their own unique culture and national particularism ie: the direction of energies.

It has to do with the schools of Islam and the split that the Israelis have been making use of, to pit them against each other as a way of exhausting their energies, but, it didn't work.

Iran is obviously at the heart of the issue as well, but they can't be demonized or isolated either, but simply must be placed in a type of wedge that forces them to play by a new set of rules and a new framework for the ME, and renegotiating the Iran deal, that's got to be a big part of it.

There's a big puzzle here, than even traces back to the petro dollar and the flow of wealth ie: cutting off the Saudi's of oil exports could force them to stop promoting Wahhabism, and to become a partner in the cause of moderating and containing Islam.

The CIA must also be "audited" to understand to what degree they've hijacked the radical elements of Islam to actually FOME?NT Islamic radicalization and play both sides against the middle ie: the destabilization of Syria, which has CIA fingerprints and bloody hands all over it.

I am getting the sense that the entire policy, both domestic and foreign is like one great big puzzle that needs to be SOLVED and can be, because for every human problem there is a human solution when people get together and really TRY their best to do what's right, instead of all the shenanigans and skullduggery.

So forming such a policy will also require a high degree of self-examination and introspection as to how on Earth all of this was brought about, and who formed and carried out that policy framework.. ie: why did John Brennan refuse to be sworn in on a Bible? Is he an Islamic sympathiser, is Obama? It sure looks that way.

In the US right now is the almost perfect model of Islam in relation to the West - that needs to be further encouraged and exported to Europe.

It ought to be something that people do quietly and as a personal dedication and practice according to their own rights and freedoms, nothing more ie: not some grand devil on a leash or you'll find the devil at both ends of it..

Islam should not be used in this way, nor seen as a destabilizing force for the homogeneous transformation of European society and the West, as some sort of destruction impulse according to the motto of "out of order, chaos".

So I think you need another Henry Ford style group of geniuses to go to work on and to solve this problem, to generate peace, but not the peace of a global spread of Islam until it's a dominant and dominating religion.

To win every battle, you must know yourself and your enemy, and the lay of the land of the entire battlefield and this is a battle of the mind and an info war that the West simply must win, but can only win on the basis of superior ideals that are even capable of informing the Islamic mind.

Anti-Islamic sentiment isn't going to solve this problem, and your present thinking and understanding is insufficient to solve it.

I hope this is helpful and that these messages ultimately find their mark.

God bless.

Ankh aka Robert

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posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 11:05 PM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork

Anti-Islamic sentiment isn't going to solve this problem, and your present thinking and understanding is insufficient to solve it.

With all due respect I didn't mean for that to come off sounding rude.

Truth and reality. Sometimes it's may come across as a little harsh but we have to call it the way we see it.

posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 02:09 AM

Watch the movie "Crimson Tide", and in the recognition and realization of what can happen, while upgrading to modern, at the same time, do what Obama was unable to do, or even rescinded (out of weakness), and that was to have a two-way "no first strike" policy, to increase safety and security of the dual nuclear capability, and then for the love of God, make a deal with North Korea to get rid of its nukes and by the de-escalation with Russia, use that, even while modernizing as a pretext for mutual disarmament. Come up with a new acronym for it. Mutually assured survival (MAS) or something like that, but it would be like the mas in Christmas if you could move the world in favor of nuclear reason, because it's absurd, and it needs to be de-escalated and maybe this is the very reason, according to divine providence, that Clinton lost, because of the Russian equivalent of the Cuban Missile crisis that was being put in place. If they did have any involvement in the election, which it doesn't actually appear that they did (Seth Rich here comes to mind), then it would be out of fear in the knowledge of the predicament that they were being placed within according to the "strategy of tension".

It wasn't Russia that hacked the election. It was GOD according to divine providence, to avoid the possibility of a nuclear war and allowing the satanists a free reign over the levers of power for generations.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it..

Please watch that movie, then make every generation safer from generation to generation, and secure the world's safety.

Don't tweet anymore about Nuclear either. Heck, all but stop tweeting altogether. Change the frame of reference of what's being tweeted. Twitter isn't always the appropriate way to go about announcing these things.

Watch "Crimson Tide". That kind of thing just cannot ever be even the most remote possibility and for the love of God and people protect the world from Nuclear.

The height of virtue is power, restrained.

Mutual restraint therefore would really be the way to go, what a message that would send by both Trump and Putin. Don't say "let there be an arms race" unless contained in the statement is also it's resolution, that's a better and safer form of creating tension, I'll give you that.

It's interesting watching all this about to unfold.


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posted on Dec, 27 2016 @ 12:47 AM

Please watch this film, among other research

Then launch a secret internal government investigation to determine which organizations, groups and networks in the Intelligence and Military apparatus, were directly complicit in 9/11, by say finding out who blocked any investigative pursuit of the would-be hijackers for "the Big wedding", and make a plan to fully disclose this information, say in 20 years or something like that, unless and until they agree to rat themselves all out, and then walk the plank. Something like that.

This internal audit to find the point of delineation of that part of the deep state shadow government, is absolutely essential to serve any sort of cause of justice for the many victims both on that day and in its wake, which to the degree that it's a big lie at the beginning of the 21st century, effects us all.

History MUST be permitted to learn the right lessons from that event, and because it's so obvious inevitably, it will, and is, so if you don't do this necessary work, however challenging or painful, then it will become a future corrupting and discrediting influence on the integrity of the government of the United States, looking back on it all with near 20/20 historical hindsight.

It's like an act of rape and incest that's been covered up, and we are only just beginning to heal, but, knowledge that that same beast still resides in the system, is absolutely intolerable.

It's the cowardly who say to themselves "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

No, if you can beat them, which you can, then they simply must be beaten and defeated once and for all time.

They really outed themselves with 9/11, and I believe that when you looks through the Bush/Cheney networks in the CIA, that you will find them, but if they won't "turn" even in secret and spill the beans, then they should have the impression that the whole thing could blow wide open but that it would be on them, whereby their only hope for protection is with the new administration and all its levers and tentacles of power and authority, which to be real and authentic, can't just let this one slide by, so they tell the truth to receive protection from the white hats who are fast and increasingly outnumbering the black hats by a very wide margin..

Pressure points. It's how they managed those scripted impossible cell phone calls from the alleged aircraft (from the ground). Listen to CeeCee Lyles voicemail message, and then you'll know. "It's a frame" - and if not by that whisper, in her delivery, as well as that of the others including those who acted out the rolling the coffee cart scene ie: "let's roll" (without his call terminating). There's probably even cell tower data that was recorded by the big telecommunications companies that the NSA might have access to. It will show that those calls were placed from a location other than in the aircraft.

Something just HAS to be done about it, even if the public never sees it.

Consider making Ash Carter spill the beans before he leaves office, because he would know, having been involved in hatching the scheme in the first place with his old friend and colleague, Philip Zelikow, who's think tank study group document formed part of the basis of the latter PNAC Document which solidified it as the policy, one year before the event itself.

Robert Gates, he was also involved in that same study.

Once you know who they all are, then you'll know who to fire.

And if you need a couple of people to go down for it, then pick Cheney and Rumsfeld and Meyers, because of their role in the chain of command during it's execution.

When you have the truth about 9/11 in hand, then that's a lynchpin for dismantling that deep state, shadow government, that and the satanic pedophilia rings in DC and other parts of the country, like LA.

Obama and Clinton ought not be permitted to shape the "left". The Party, both Parties, they need to be deconstructed and rebuilt from the ground up, and it's really all about the people and who's who and what they serve and protect.

Think of the black hats like a cancer that can be eradicated with the overwhelming power and authority of the white hats, working together in a spirit of harmony with a common aim and purpose to make right a terrible wrong.

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posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 12:04 AM
Restore Liberty

I recommend AUDITING every single piece of legislation and executive order passed by, Clinton, Bush and Obama with an eye on anything that risks encroaching on the space of Liberty and the rightful interpretation of the intent and spirit of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Freedoms, like the NDAA 2016's provision that essentially installs the recommendations of Obama confident Cass Sustein as law, which is a direct assault on the Free Press and that makes it possible to weaponize propaganda of the State AGAINT the American people to prop up what in many cases amounts to a false narrative and a Big Lie.

First we had Clinton's "Telecommunications Act" bring about the conglomeration of Big Media that's already embedded with the CIA, but if that's not bad enough, over the Christmas holidays and in the dead of night, Obama passes the newest iteration of the NDAA which creates the new "Ministry of Truth".

All of these pieces of legislation need to be rewritten with an aim towards upholding the space of Liberty, while encouraging, not censoring, people to embrace good 'ol tried and true American values like family and service to community and succeeding and gaining better access to growth opportunities, etc, but these are just encouragements, or persuasive arguments, they are not ideas and "truth" dished out by the government and used as a tool and as a weapon in the hand of the State. The term Conspiracy Theorist is itself a weaponized term created by the CIA in the wake of the JFK assassination, as but one example.

What madness! The domain of freedom of speech and free thought, is sacrosanct.

The government should not have the right or the power to censor the Internet, which is quite capable of censoring itself.

We must not lose the egalitarian spirit of the Internet, for good or ill.

The Internet is in large part a US invention and it's a good thing that it's fallen out of the hands of the old PTB.

They must not be permitted to control it, or the domain of public discourse as we enter the enlightened digital age of interconnected people and ideas.

But that's but one example of the Liberty crushing things that they've done. Bush Sr. himself said that if the people ever found out what they'd done that they would be lynched in the street.

I'd create the equivalent of a giant law firm somewhere outside the influences of Washington, and fill it with every piece of legislation, for auditing, while figuring out how to go about rewriting or repealing those laws and executive orders, while also rescinding the COG from 9/11 and terminating the "state of emergency" which was never rescinded. Is not the price of freedom eternal vigilance?

More space of Liberty, more creative ingenuity and ideas and discoveries that will change the world as we know it.

This is what "they" fear. Losing the MSM-promulgated BS narrative to a wholly different worldview wherein we know ourselves, our enemy, and the battlefield.

This is what I would do if President, would be to use power to restrain power and in the process restore Virtue which is the radiance of the light of Liberty where it may be said that the height of Virtue is Power, Restrained.

Then, while hatching the most cunning plan ever conceived, the whole way along, at a certain moment, by creating a new Infrastructure Bank and bringing in many many trillions of dollars from all over the world, I would turn and KILL THE FED and behead it as if with a giant sword. They, the International Bankers would take 50 cents on the dollar, cutting the debt in HALF, and then taking care of the rest with all the Infrastructure Spending, and lending. Congress or the people then issue the USD, as the economy grows and grows. Then down goes the debt until it sunsets with a balanced budget amendment.

Finish the work that JFK was setting out to do. Kill the Feb and cut away a shard of the CIA (although he said smash it to pieces).

And if ever you find the very rift or fault line in the system where the deep state, shadow government lives largely outside the law, drop that mountain straight into the abyss.

Sadly, you'll do none of these things because they place limitations, constraints and chains on the power of the Executive Office of the POTUS.

But it would be the greatest application of power ever employed if it could restore the light of Liberty, not as a false shine born of raw materialism and economic growth, but something even greater, the resurrection of the Spirit of the Founding Fathers.

You want to "Make American Great Again" then this is how it would be done.

I guess I'm suggesting a sweeping piece of legislation that will undo the legacy of at least three Presidencies, and replace it with something that's in greater alignment and in keeping with, the very idea upon which the United States was founded, and what the hopes and dreams of it's founding fathers were.

Without that it's just another façade, just another show. All fluff no substance.

Best wishes,


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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 03:06 PM
The Electrical Grid

Setting aside the BS fake news about Russia hacking the grid, I feel that it's absolutely IMPERATIVE that the electrical grid be protected, not just from hacking, but also from an EMP or CME (coronal mass ejection).

It's a simple matter of shielding the transformers and relays.

While you're at it, the grid can also be upgraded, not to meter everyone, but to increase efficiency with the use of new technology like superconducting flow across the country, which requires no relays or transformers.

We also need to start the process of shielding and burying the lines, and if some sort of Tesla capability exists to make the Earth itself a conductor, and thus do away with all lines altogether, then that would be good, provided it doesn't fly through the air, and thus be hackable or made use of as a tool of manipulation or tampering with the human being via VLF and ELF waves or modulations.

The same grid upgrade could even be employed to carry digital information (can plug a computer into a wall socket and get on the Internet).

Imagine a multiple terabit, supercomputing, shielded and invisible electrical and digital grid in the USA.

Don't underestimate the power of computer networking and virtual communities and futuristic virtual companies and collaboratives that can form to address various problems in the world.

That power and capability hasn't really manifested itself yet, but will begin to take hold as we move into the remainder of the 21st century.

Global WIFI, or free WIFI is also coming. Make the US first to do this, and own the new technologies to win the future.

If you think this is a fanciful objective, just take a look at what a CME will do to the grid and how we're overdue where one took place in the 1800's before the grid was in place whereby the Aurora Borealis could be seen throughout the USA.

It would be the end of society and civilization as we know it, because it would take up to a year or more to get everything back up and running, including Water Wastewater Treatment Plants, the works.

Things like that and a more vigilant anti-meteor impact program, could save the world at some point within the next 100-200 years, or if there was a CME due to space weather, that could plunge us into the dark tomorrow.

On issues of national security, this is the greatest threat of them all.

Such a grid would be put to the test, inevitably, and at that time, whoever implemented the upgrade would be hailed as a hero for literally saving the world.

But if in the process you discover that they have some sort of "whistle" via the use of HAARP and aerosols, then destroy it, and build in safeguards to make sure that the new grid is safe and secure.

I firmly believe and have become convinced that this is and has to be a number one priority.

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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 03:07 PM
No twitter for Trumpy after 9 pm and Ivanka has to check his spelling.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 03:31 PM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
The greatest bankster heist in history.

originally posted by: lordcomac
On that island in the dead of night when no one was looking..

They created a monster so corrupt and powerful it would ever alter the course of not just America but the world...

posted on Jan, 7 2017 @ 07:51 PM
For Steve Bannon, I suggest creating a special data base to map out the entire government and establishment and all the connections therein.

To understand the terrain both of governance and to be able to pinpoint and differentiate the positioning of the enemy ie: the Satanists.

You must know yourself as well as you know your enemy, and then if you also know the lay of the land and the true landscape of the battlefield, then you will be positioned to win every time in this war this revolution this bloodless coup, and movement.

There's like a whole mountain of corruption that needs to be separated, picked up and hurled into the abyss.

Such a specialized data base could accomplish that.

Just by know the different circles and what everyone's really "up to" is key. It's all humint.

And Steve, when you can see it and differentiate it clearly, that "web" blow it away, while causing it to scatter so that "they" don't just wait on the sidelines and regroup and by that I'm not speaking of any particular party affiliation as they are rife throughout both parties as you well know.

I could picture some sort of "war room" with all these spiderweb of connections and networks spread out on all four walls covered in screens.

Call it the Bat Cave or something like that.

posted on Jan, 8 2017 @ 08:30 PM
Idea for Policing

I think that police and security everywhere, should have access to an upper body and head bullet proof shield, always accessible.

Any suspect with a gun walking around, firing, etc. could easily be physically taken down by officers or airport security personnel.

Such shields should be available everywhere in fact, in malls, theaters, and everywhere that people congregate.

The solution isn't to arm EVERYONE and have people walking around with guns everywhere and you damn well know it.

Furthermore, the training should be altered so that officers do not pull their guns, and learn how to de-escalate instead of escalating.

Taking the suspect down armed with the kind of shielding I'm talking about, might even be the most efficient course of action ie: before engaging in return fire - just imagine three officers with raised shields charging a shooter for a takedown..

The entire tactical engagement and training is way off from what it ought to be.

Police want protection and increased safety.

Give them all these special hand-held shields which could be easily accessed in their vehicle if needed.

Cops returning fire from behind a car door is absurd. Also, if shooting the perp is required, one officer armed with a shield could distract him while another takes him down, and it would be possible to fire through the shield of course as well.

If the cops feel safer, then they'll be willing to police in the inner cities to get the crime down while revitalizing those neighborhoods.

I think a whole new training regimen is required, for the sake both of the police and the communities they serve, armed not with greater firepower and military type gear, but simply bullet proof shields.

That's an idea I had that I think is a good one that I wanted to share.

Same with the Troops as well.

Remember the D-Day scene with the allied forces storming the beach at Normandy, with them coming out of those steel protected boats into the machine gun nests? That was absurd. They would have been better off to have been armed with metal garbage can lids (could paint them like Captain America), to slow the bullets down from penetrating their body.

You could give the order for the shields to Lockheed martin when you cancel their BS boondoggle airplane contract and go with Boeing.

Light weight, bullet proof, protects the head and torso and you can fire through a hole if need be, while using your other arm to throw bombs or whathaveyou if engaging in military operations to dig ISIS out of suburban areas.

This is just one idea.

But we need this kind of thinking. Simple solutions to help solve complex problems.

Best regards,


posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:45 PM
The Bat Cave (War Room)

The best way not to get distracted in implementing 1000 things with at least 100 on the top priority list, is to simply make a to do list and then begin the process of breaking apart and reintegrating the decision trees, which will break out in turn more to do lists for all the various departments. They all know it's not "business as usual" and therefore the climate is ripe for fast implementation and lockin.

You obviously do these things, but what I'm suggesting is covering all the walls with screens and whiteboards in the Whitehouse Basement, in "the Batcave", and that's where you as POTUS will actually spend most if not almost your time, with the people, helping the decisions and implementation along their tracks, not micromanaging, but just being involved WITH them in the task at hand.

The oval office meetings are just for gravitas or intimidation. There's no need to be stationed in that egg, where you only action what you're being "fed" largely by the Intelligence Community and a narrowly defined schedule by your COS.

That's absurd when trying to manage order in chaos in pursuit of the simplicity on the far side of it, which you'd give your right arm to achieve and to find and to implement at the tip of a spearhead of civilized progress, not just material progress but spiritual progress in the domain of authentic Liberty, Truth and Justice for all.

Ignoring Celebrity Culture and the breathless negative reporting by the press was a good idea. Stop reacting to it. Set the agenda.

This churning progress of the wheels of government and governance, with all good people at the wheel, that an image of something novel, both old and new.

Obama never understood thins, focusing instead on just being Presidential, so he followed the track he was given and used all the same people to carry out an expansion of the Bush era perpetual warfare plan, but he was never really in the gears of it, working it and making it work for everyone, and where needed cutting back and scaling down. He was green. Way in over his head.

Instead, with the help of geniuses like Bannon and others, people you can trust through the use of "Batcave" administration, then you'll have the equivalent of Henry Ford's mastermind alliance where he could say - make me an engine block, and even though it was considered impossible, lo and beyond when he kept sending them back in to keep on working on the problem -BINGO - the solution presented itself and was immediately implemented as the latest and greatest new and improved engine.

There are 10,000 to do's, even millions of them all that flow from the central policy formation, and then it gets broken out, differentiated and reintegrated. That's an evolutionary progress of complexity, and if it works for nature then it ought to work wonders in government.

posted on Jan, 16 2017 @ 10:08 PM
Exercise - Heal and Well Being

I think that you and Bannon should workout every morning together, then down a superfood smoothie and a handful of the best supplements in the world, then have a nice relaxing talk in the sauna or the whirlpool (great for hormonal response after a work out).


It could make all the difference, and let's not forget that you're going to be working essentially until midnight that day. Then make sure you get your 4 hours sleep. An hour taken during the day is worth 4 at night btw, so I also recommend a short afternoon nap (seriously).

Do these things and the two of you will also get to live another 10 or 20 years...

Just a suggestion, the best I've got.

posted on Jan, 16 2017 @ 10:15 PM
My advice is resign now. You have already shown you cant handle being President Elect. How are you going to handle actually doing the job?

posted on Jan, 16 2017 @ 10:17 PM
my advice is keep doing exactly what he is doing,,,he is doing a great job !!

posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 12:44 AM
never mind..

stay tuned...

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posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 12:13 AM
Repeal and Replace

Don't just do it with Obamacare, but with elements of the NDAA that had just passed, and any and every piece of legislation passed since 9/11 - audit it, alter it - repeal and replace. Do it while you can. You and Congress can have a field day with it and pass more legislation than Obama did during his entire tenure.

Audit everything, going right back through Reagan - and re-carve out the space of Liberty and restore the Republic.

Put Congress and all their aids to work!

That's how it was meant to be done and you're only going to get one shot at it - this is Pence's job as the bridge to Congress.

Bannon can have a field day!

Think about it.

Soon you'll be able to almost see and perceive the radiant light of liberty and feel the whispering spirit of truth and reality blowing back into that once proud American flag.

They ruined the world on 9/11.

You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it.

Let's go back to the 80's and the roading 20's, but without plowing headlong into the 30's and 40's! lol

Repeal and replace ought to become like a machine and one that will put a constraint on the unfettered power of future Presidents or wannabe dictators.

If you're true to the people and the spirit and intent of the Constitution, and true to God's principals of truth and justice and Liberty, then you'll reap a harvest.

If you're not, then it will all fall flat eventually, one way or another.

You need the backing of the founding fathers and everything that everyone has fought and died to uphold with strength and courage and dignity.

Without that, and without the support of people like me who once supported Clinton, you have nothing. Apart from Him you can do nothing.

It's not about you really, but the American people who you must begin to love more than your own self, all of them. Win/lose is a game, but win/win is a much much bigger one in every context.

Threading the eye in the needle for win/win 360's. That's the way to do it.

Make it all about you and your pedestal could fast crumble.

Please don't take offense. I'm just calling it the way I see it.

Repeal and replace until the cows come home. Do it all, do it fast- 1000 pieces of legislation.

And please take a look back at what the crazy Neocons did and did to the world and try to undo that as best you can - that was almost the end of the heart and soul of the country what Bush and Cheney did.

Remember before 9/11?


It's hard to describe, but everyone knows what I'm talking about.

People may say that it's crazy to think that you can recapture the spirit of good times past, but that's just not true. Of course it's never exactly the same, but the best elements of those times ought to be examined and brought back to the fore, while carving away and shedding everything that didn't work so well and that harmed the country at a very fundamental level.

The big one is the Fed though of course.. all in due course.. all in due time..

Remake the money itself and get the whole debt cut in half and paid down and then it would be a whole new ballgame a new era. Free the money.

get that cooking in the background (kill the Fed) and I have an idea as to how to do that. They must not be alerted though. So if you've found it, they must not read this thread, or never believe that such a communications channel or exchange of ideas could take place in such a manner but as you well know, anything is possible.

stay tuned..

Best wishes,


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posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 01:02 AM
Take as many days off as you want. In fact, have your entire administration take off as much time as possible so the federal govt won't be getting in "we the people's" way.

Oh yeah, and focus the next 2 years on building and funding the Trump Wall. It's both one of your most identifiable campaign pledges and a truly... monumental task. So you and every office in your administration should focus the next 2 years on completing it. Everything else is a distant priority and should be vetoed until you fulfill that campaign promise.

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