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The Enchanted Forest

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:23 PM
The sun dappled leaves waved in the wind. A light mist invaded their space as morning arrived. Slowly the group came alive with soft chatter and a light breakfast. It was quite an interesting sight to see as they each discovered the elemental amongst them. They gathered around her with many questions and comments. Twig was ever so gracious and patient as she replied to them.

Night Star noticed something new about the mysterious creature, it had changed eye color yet again and was a beautiful cat like green. It looked lovely with the reddish blond hair. She wondered if it was mood dependant or something Twig just did at will. "Fascinating." Night Star said to no one in particular. She smiled as she sipped her herbal brew and stretched her limbs. Davon sat beside her and asked, "How could such a realm as this hide such evil?" "I suppose good and evil must be everywhere." She replied.

From out of nowhere came the sound of many voices chanting. The comrades grabbed their weapons and stood guard as some moved forward to find the source. "Stop, they will not harm you!" cried Twig. "They are the Earthers doing their morning ritual of thanks to the great creators. You may watch close by but do not speak a word until they are through. They didn't have to move far to find these new beings.

The earthers were grey skinned, very human like with animal furs for clothing, feathers and beads in their hair and metal jewelry adorned their bodies. All were on their knees, bent with arched backs and arms flat upon the soil. They would raise their upper body and bow down with arms back down onto the soil. A great number of them all moving in unity, dirt on their bodies and solemn faces. Night Star and her friends had never witnessed such beings or rituals on their own realm. Suddenly the Earthers stood up and took up flutes and some instruments Night Star did not recognize. Enchanting music filled the air all around them. It was a truly wonderous experience and they were held spell bound for a time.

Finally Night Star called her people together. "I hate for us to leave, but we have no time and must pack up and move along." Regretfully, they returned to break up camp and gather their belongings.

Hours passed as the bright sun warmed the day and its travelors. Various birds flew overhead and sang their songs. Squirrel-like animals scurried through the branches of tall trees.

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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 04:53 AM
"Those were the most peculiar creatures," remarked Eron, partially to himself as he walked. "What might strike one as foul can turn out to be fair in this place, and no doubt, vice versa. All my life I've studied the findings, the adventures, the exploits of others. I never dared dream that I might venture into such an unknown and have great stories of my own to tell. I must begin keeping a journal, chronicling everything that we find here."

"Oh, there he goes," said Davon, rolling his eyes.

Eron tried to hold his temper. "How's that?" he asked, raising a brow.

"You think life just an adventure," said Davon. "You don't appreciate the hard work, the danger involved. What we discover here may have serious repercussions our world. Magic is best kept under the shadow of the occult; to those best suited to keep its secrets for the greater good of the masses."

"That's the snobby, elitist type dribble that always got my blood to a boil," said Eron. "You may be well-schooled, boy, but I have experience. I've traveled far and met with many. Uneducated folk who couldn't pronounce a single sentence right can speak the deepest, most profound thoughts. Some of the men whose knowledge is most truthful, rubbish-free, are old farmers whose families pass down the truth, generation to generation, ignoring the official dribble handed to them by their 'protectors,' and tribesmen who avoid all such nonsense and would be called 'savages' by the likes of you. You think your secret knowledge makes you superior, Davon, but all it makes you is a little man trying to find boots big enough to comfort his frail pride."

"I am aware of my faults," said Davon. "The bitter truth of my failures are eating at me as we speak. But even with the truth you speak, someone must keep the records and protect the public."

"Protect them from themselves?" said Eron. "Ignorance is wise for them? Knowledge, true knowledge, could only do them harm? Imagine if children were raised in such a way about all things. Nothing would work because no one would know how things really work!" Without realizing it, Eron's temper had broken out of him again. He was a passionate man, and like many passionate souls he often failed to see how brutal his words could be.

Davon kept his chin high, but his eyes were dark and hidden in personal sorrow. He walked like a knight who'd been shot with a fatal wound and who marched on to die on his knees.

Noticing this, Eron stopped himself and became quiet with retrospection. He knew that his negativity wasn’t helping matters. Long had he felt a personal bitterness towards the ruling elite and their schools and their town criers. To him, Davon represented the very mentality which was holding back all humankind from reaching its full potential.

What makes a man like Damon? Eron thought to himself. Insecurity, what else? The man has no soul.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 09:31 AM
Twigs, fallen branches and dried leaves were scattered across the narrow path. Night Star quickened her steps to catch up to the two men as she overheard their arguments. She weighed their thoughts carefully and still wasn't sure what to say. "Perhaps a journal would be a wonderful idea, as long as the portal is kept secret. We couldn't just have people transporting back and forth at will, for there are dangers here as well as great wonders. Yes, a journal would be a great idea Eron, but swear to keep the way here a secret."

Strong Claws, the snow leopard-like animal with wings came bounding up the path unexpectedly. Night Star couldn't believe her eyes. "You have found me my precious beast!" Dropping to her knees she hugged the great creature with all the love her heart could possibly hold. Giant paws gently placed on the Light warrior's shoulders, he hugged her back.

Twig watched the pair in wonder. Perhaps she could fly with the beast sometime. She was getting weary of all this walking, but was trying very hard to fit in as best she could. Restlessly She spread her wings wide to stretch them.
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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 12:09 AM
Though the day started out bright and cheerful, dark clouds were now brewing. "Looks like a storm coming." stated one of the men in the crowd. It wasn't long before it thundered, the rain fell, and lightening illuminated the dark sky. Everyone was forced to stop and take cover in a nearby cave.

Night Star was soaked trough and chilled to the bone. Thankfully they had their magik to start a warming fire that doubled as light in the blackened enclosure. "Great, just what we needed." said Davon.

Night Star could sense the presence of a dragon. She was quite familiar with them in her own realm, but it was too far to pick up on its thoughts or feelings. Whispering, she asked Twig about the dragons in her realm.
Twig looked at her strangely. "Most are often tricky beasts and grumpy around human type beings. They would just as soon swat at you like an insect and be done with you than to entertain even a thought of conversation with you."

"That wasn't exactly re-assuring. How do they treat elementals then?" Night Star asked. "It depends on which ones and how the ancestors of times gone by have treated them."replied Twig. "And before you ask, yes mine have treated them fairly and with great respect, though grudgingly at times." She laughed.

Just as Night Star had suspected, it knew they were there and she could hear the thundering steps come closer. They could all hear it approaching and quickly grabbed their weapons. If that wasn't bad enough, they heard yet another set.

From around a corner reared a huge green head with piercing green eyes. It turned slowly and spread its leathery wings wide. "There is great danger for you here. Why have you entered?" The companions were almost frozen in fear, but held their weapons tight. "Twig fluttered forth and spoke gently to the great beast. "My friends and I are on an important journey and needed shelter from the storm oh majestic one."
The second dragon of irredescent black, blue and green was an even more imposing sight, much larger than the first. "Be gone!" It roared with angry eyes. It was evident that this was the male.

'Wind Storm, my precious, I am speaking. Do not interupt. You know how I hate that!" She nudged her partner aside as he growled a low deep disapproval. Leela looked at the frightened beings. "Are you not aware of the shadows that have been following you? The dark ones? Oh they have been silent and very cautious, but they are there... and watching. I have seen you as you began your travels and I have seen them as well."

Davon found an ounce of courage and stuttered as he spoke. "How ca..can that Why di...didn't any of us se...sense it?" Leela spoke as if to a child. "They are the shadows dear one. Dark beings of powerful magik."

The rain continued to pour and splatter against the entrance. The thunder roared so loud it sounded as though the very sky would fall and the wind made erie ghostly sounds making for a very unpleasant day for them all.

Wind Storm the massive male spat fire just as an affect to scare them but not harm them. "You must go! This is my domain and you are not wanted here!" Leela turned to her partner with utter disgust. "It is my domain as well and they will stay as long as the storm lasts and that is that!" He was not happy with the situation in the least but out of love and respect for his beloved he turned and stomped away.

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 02:29 PM
Eron drew out his sword, gazing up at the angry dragon. He'd read all about dragons, yet through all his journeys he'd never encountered one. He lifted his other hand, which began to ignite in a growth of flame from the unseen spirit behind the mortal flesh, but he soon let it ease away. What good is flame against dragon? he thought. He kept still, even though something in his gut told him to run. He wouldn't betray his friends in cowardice, it was not in his character. He'd sooner die, and Eron, like most people, valued living. He thought fast, his facial muscles tensing as he fought through his anxieties and beating heart. After a moment he calmed and turned to his friends with a curious, brave expression. "Perhaps if we gave him an offering," he said. "A gesture to show our respect...does anyone have any niinroot, by chance?"

"Niinroot?" spewed the dragon with a disgusted sneer. "Only idiot dragons eat the stuff! Gives me cramps. No, I prefer mortal flesh; a rare treat in this realm." His eyes narrowed on Eron, mouth parting into an evil reptilian grin.

Eron pushed his arms out to his friends. If he wants me, I must die alone, he thought.

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 10:12 PM
Leela shook her massive head. "You have already eaten four horses, five wild boars and a plethora of scurrying animals out in the fields. Now please, leave my guests alone until they are able to leave... and for God and Godess's sake, find your manners."

posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 10:48 PM
The storm lasted the rest of the day into night. "Night Star thanked the kind dragon for her hospitality, gathered her troup and made way back to the forest. The ground was soaked and it didn't appear they would get much rest, though that's pretty much what they did most of the day anyway. They decided to travel in the darkness.

"The forest of the Autumn Witch is not far now." Said Twig. Their boots kept sticking in the mud and slipping on wet leaves.

They all stopped suddenly when they came upon a winged woman who appeared to be in mourning.

Night Star whispered to Twig. "Do you know of this being?" Twig's eyes widened. "
She is one of the fallen who has strayed from the light and wishes to return. They say that in order to return, great deeds must be accomplished over the years and it truly does take years. She must be so very weary."

"Should we ask her to help us? Asked Night Star. "No." Replied Twig. Her tasks are given by a higher power. Night Star felt so saddened by the sight of the poor winged woman, but kept walking.

posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 11:05 PM
Again as they traveled, a mysterious sight lie before them.

"Are they elves like me? They look like me!" Night Star was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Twig shook her head. "They are the enchanted ones, but no, not called elves."

Almost as quickly as they had appeared, they disappeared into the myst. "Look, cried Davon, they dropped something just ahead. There!"

As they approached closer, Davon recognized the leather bound item. It was the journal of the great Mage Malalias. "It is the journal of our great Mage!" Night Star's heart skipped a beat. "There is a small tavern up ahead. let us get dry and stay the rest of the night. We can read it there and get some food while we're at it."
The small tavern/Inn was actually carved into a huge tree. The tavern keeper was much like Branch from the Inn they had stayed at previously, human and tree-like at the same time.

"Ah welcome friends! Welcome to the Acorn Inn! How may I serve you?"

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: Night Star

"I shall have a cask of Ale!" I said as I landed near the Tree's lower roots. "I am Syx! Cast of Noble Breed and am A Human as well as a Dragon! I shall not dally, as I am on My way to a nearby Forest of The Shed. I saw the inn here and thought to take on beverage..."

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Oh wow, I had forgotten all about this thread! Errollorre discovered it and posted a link at the shed. Wow!

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