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The Enchanted Forest

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posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 12:13 PM
Night Star was outraged. "We are risking our lives for all of the realm, for all who have disappeared and for all who may be next. We are risking our lives to battle an evil that can only grow if we sit back and do nothing." She turned to the men and looked deeply into their eyes. "I had expected so much more from a wizards apprentice" she said to Davon. and to Eron, "for one who volenteered his services to the cause, you are weak and useless." Quickly she turned on her heels and headed to the upper levels to find the real warriors, the brave and courageous who could stand by her side.

She felt bad that she was so harsh, it was not in her nature, but danger such as this was no game and time was of the essence.

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Eron crossed his arms and contemplated Night Star's words. Her angered spirit cut through his armor like a dagger through butter. He'd always been an adventurer and although he was a cautious man, he'd been remarkably brave in many cases. But never before had he encountered such a mysterious and perilous quest. He always had a sense of the journey ahead, but all he saw before him now was shadow. "I guess I have no sense of my feet," he said, working out his thoughts aloud to the others. "I'm not sure how I can fight something I can not see or touch. Using such magic on mortal foes is one thing, but upon beings of pure magic? It's like fighting a stone golem with a metal blade. I have some minor sorcery skills, but nothing to combat this evil. Perhaps what I lack most is faith. Only a higher power of some kind could see us through a journey such as this. If only we could find Malalias, the great wizard...he'd know what to do."

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 01:08 AM
Davon was shamed by the Light Warrior. How could he live with himself knowing the beautiful elf was braver than he, a Mage's apprentice? He opened his mouth to speak but Night Star had already ascended the stairs. She heard bits and pieces of what Eron was saying, but continued on her way.

She reached the upper levels and informed everyone of what she knew and what she wanted them to do. It was then agreed that together they would enter the portal and explore the mysterious realm. Down she went once again to the secret chamber below.

"Davon, if you will not come with us, at least show us the portal."

"Milady, I have been shamed by your bravery and my weakness, but I can assure you it was a temporary state. I have cleared my head and will not only show you the portal, but I will be the first to step through."

Davon walked the long halls until they reached a chamber with a thick, heavy, highly decorated door. He opened it with a special key and invited all to enter. They felt a gush of wind all around them and in the center of the room was a bright, swirling, sparkling vortex of color.

Night Star's hair and cloak whipped wildly in the strong wind. She watched as Devon took a deep breath and jumped through. Looking to Eron, she hoped that he too would find his courage and follow as she had sensed there was far more to the man than anyone knew. Her comrades all came forward, some jumping two and three at a time. Finally she glanced at Eron one more time and then she too followed into the unknown.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Sussura stumbled about in complete darkness, after she had regained consciousness.
If only I had a bit of light I could find my way back to my friends.

"Fireflies... fireflies," she called out to them to ask for assistance.

"Pity!" Came a creaky voice, "fireflies cant hear you here." It was rather large wolf spider, seemingly amused at his little rhyme, "can't hear you here," he repeated, chuckling.

“They cant hear me here? Where's here?”

It was even more amusing to hear her repeat it.

"Pity, pity, your in a... pit!” This time laughing out loud at his own wittiness.

“A pit?”

“Yes. A very deep pit. Pity, Pity!” chuckling more.

"Well at least I'm not alone. Will you climb out and and find someone to help?"

"Ha ha ha ha pity pity your in a pit!" he was rolling on the ground howling, by now,

"I need light. I'll never find my way out in this darkness. Please go and tell the fireflies."

Off he scrambled, repeating his cleaver line as he went “Pity, pity, your in a pit” cackling along the way. “Don’t worry”, calling back. “I'll be back in two shakes of a lambs tail!”

“Thank you!” she called back, and then sat down to wait for help, in complete darkness and silence. Before very long, Sussura saw the faintest glow a beautiful yellow- green firefly glow! It was so faint but it would not be much longer now. The glow grew more brilliant and its size immense. It began to spiral, spinning faster, making Sussura dizzy to look at it, and widening into a massive, blazing, spiraling passageway. Drawing closer, Sussura could hear voices. It was.... Night Star! and Eron!
She called out to them, "Night Star! Night Star! Eron! Eron!"

But there was no reply, and the voices began to fade... The light was losing energy, and the aperture was narrowing. Sussurra knew she had to hurry- no time to ponder the danger, she stepped through the coiling beacon.

posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 03:01 AM
"Ahh, I did not sign up for this," groaned Eron under his breath. He stepped near the portal to join the others. He could only hope that Night Star knew what she was doing and that somehow, together, they could survive whatever awaited them. With a deep breath he stepped into the light. For a moment he lost all sense of time and space. Everything seemed to be greenish-yellowish energy, spiraling and spiraling around for all eternity. He forgot who he was and where he was, until the light faded and he stepped into another place and time...

posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 11:20 AM
Scraggly, twisted and leafless trees grew throughout this strange forest. Grey clouds hung in the evening sky. There was a clearing up ahead and what appeared to be Inn. The group made their way there hoping to find some information that might be of help.

The well worn wooded door opened by itself. Strange beings sat on benches and stools at large crooked tables. They took up the remaining seats and remained quiet until the owner approached. A man that looked more like a tree than a man, stared at them wide eyed with wonder. "Welcome travelers to Green Leaf Inn. How may I serve you? Oh, pardon, I have yet to introduce myself, I am called Branch." He tried not to stare at the new comers , but they sure were an interesting lot.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by Night Star

Eron took a deep sigh of relief as he stepped into the inn. "Well, this is a little less dangerous than I'd feared. Or, so I believe. Do you suppose this place is real, or an illusion?"

"It's real," said Davon. He approached the others from behind with caution. Somehow, he seemed more doubtful of himself than the place. "As real as we are. So, ah, Branch, may I ask...what kind of food and drink do you serve..?"

"You're hungry all ready?" asked Eron.

"No, just curious," said Davon.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 12:37 AM
Branch smiled warmly. "I believe beings such as yourself might prefer our roasted meat and vegetables with a side of soup and greens, cheese and fresh baked bread. There is always an ample supply of beef, turkey, chicken, deer, fish or pork."
The comrades decided they might as well get some nutrition, not knowing when they might have a chance for a lavish meal again. They ordered their food with ale and waited.

Before Branch could walk away, Night Star called the strange man tree over. "I was wondering if perhaps you have met someone who goes by the name of Malalias, or seen any other beings like us recently.?" Branch considered for a moment, going through his memories. "Ah, yes, Malalias the Mage! Fascinating man that one." Night Star was excited. "Where is he do you know?" Branch again went through his memories. "Malalias the Mage, a very good man indeed. He...well, he...isn't here." "I can see that" replied Night Star. "Do you know where he might have gone to?"

Branch considered again and traced back into his memories. His indolence annoyed night Star and the others but they all remained silent waiting for him to speak. Finally the words spilled forth. "I shouldn't have told him...I should never have sent him...there. Oh I do hope is he is the great wizard he appreared to be." Night Star was alarmed. "Where Branch? Where did you send Malalias and why?"

Branch hung his leafy head. "The wizard needed help to get back home. I sent him into the deep forest to find the witch of Autumn moons.The witch of Summer suns has moved on by now.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Sussurra was met with a forceful  gust of wind that all but forbid her entrance.
But once through, Sussurra found herself standing in a long, softly lit corridor, its majestic ambiance reminded her of the long tree-lined avenues in the Enchanted Forest.
Lining the walls were more spiraling portals, some small and growing, others shrinking, and disappearing.   
Sounds from within them could be heard. Some contained voices, almost perceivable. From within many, enchanting music. In others, haunting echoes, In some, terrifying screams and in still others, strange noises, which were foreign to her world. 
Sussurra hastened.  Time was critical if she were to find one of these passageways that would lead her home.  
Listening, her hopes of hearing Beautiful Night Star and Eron, or even anything familiar, were fading, as each portal's sounds seemed more hideous than the last.
Looking up, Sussurra could see these spiraling apertures far above her on the vaulted ceiling. In them, she caught glimpses of images as they flurried past.
Now, looking up, she hadn't noticed in the dizzying madness, that they were also appearing on the floor behind her, and before.  
Sussurra was beginning to hear some faint sounds that were familiar; even the voices of friends!  But which opening were they coming from?!  
Now, in one spiraling hole, just at her feet, Sussurra caught a glimpse of an image, that so swiftly vanished that she could not be sure seen it.  Bending closer to listen, without her noticing, the spiral widened, surrounding her, and she fell through.
Then, opening her eyes, she could barely believe what she saw.
'Beautiful Night Star! Eron! Where are we?!'

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 10:52 PM
Night Star jumped at the suden appearance of Sussura. "Sussura, where did you disappear to? The last I saw of you, you were just about to enter the library. I looked and didn't see you anywhere." She listened carefully to Sussura's story in wonder and then smiled warmly. "We have entered the realm of the Dark Lords and just discovered that Malalias has been at this very Inn. The inn keeper has sent him to some Autumn witch deep in the forest." She pulled out a chair for her new friend. "Please join us in our meal. It may be a long journey ahead of us and we will need our strength. I am happy to see you."

She looked up to Branch. "I thank you kind sir for your information, we will speak more after our meal." Night Star drank the cold soothing ale which calmed her nerves and made her giddy.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by Night Star

"I am as confused by this place as you, Sussurra," said Eron. "I've never stepped foot in another realm. I fear that any action, any word, any thought might have dire consequences."

"You think rightly," said Davon to Eron. "Nothing in all my training as prepared me for this. I hope we find Malalias and fast."

Somehow Davon's insecurity offended Eron and he reconsidered his previous thoughts. "Well, I'm sure we can manage in the meantime," said Eron. "We are not without our experience and abilities. We'll hold together and believe in each other. As long as we can make it to this magic forest which Branch speaks of, and not become lost there, I'm sure we can make it."

Davon forced a brave smile but clearly he felt deeply afraid.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 08:27 AM
Neither Night Star nor her comrades realized until it was too late, that the ale in this realm was a bit stronger than that of their own. Night Star herself found it hard to contain herself and kept laughing. The group opened up more and became closer sharing past life experiences and interests, battle strategies and the like.

After a time, Night Star called Branch over to give them directions and asked what to expect on their journey. Branch hesitated a moment. "I'm afraid I know very little of your realm to compare anything. We have many beings and creatures as I am sure you yourselve's have. Some are helpful, others are dangerous. I doubt you have the time for me to name each one and describe their behaviors."

He felt helpless but did tell them this...
"The trees. They are just about everywhere, from tiny saplings to the tall ancient ones. They can be of help when you least expect it. The rest you must learn along the way. Good journey friends."

With that, the comrades left the Green Leaf Inn with much thanks for Branch's hospitality and whatever information he provided. It was late night when they departed and stumbled into the Forest. Eventually they set up camp for a much needed rest.

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posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 12:52 PM
Eron purchased a few items before he left with some rare gems for spell-crafting which were rather weak in his world, but not in The Nether World. He purchased edible hardened leaves, dried berries, cracker-like dried bread and other food items for the long and uncertain journey ahead. As he stepped out, he looked over his attire, which was full of resourceful weapons and magic powders and potions, but would it be enough for the unknown waters they had stepped into? "There's no way to prepare for this mission," said Eron. "Should we be expecting dragons, gargoyles, manticores or fare more insidious creatures? Likely the latter." He refrained from being negative like before, but his senses kept telling him that they were unprepared for what lie ahead.

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 11:23 PM
Night Star took Eron's concerns into consideration. She held her cloak tightly against her slender body and moved closer to the fire as it crackled and consumed the dead twigs and leaves, yellow and orange flames dancing in the wind.

"Surely you have won many battles and of those you did not win, you have survived to tell the tales. Were you ever truly prepared? Are any of us ever truly prepared for whatever life throws at us?" She glanced around at her new friends. "I believe that each of us is up to this challenge. We fear evil and the unknown but evil does not always win and scary looking monsters arn't always what they appear to be. Be cautious, be brave and be wise. Use what you have learned through years of experience, and learn too as you go along. Each of has skills, magik or both and will use them. Have confidence not only in yourselves, but those who stand together with you. Know that you can make a difference no matter how small. Combined together we create a special force and not one to be taken lightly. Now sleep my friends and in the early hours of morn, we continue our journey."

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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 11:18 PM
Night Star awoke suddenly. It was still dark. Did she hear something? She thought she heard...well, she wasn't sure of what she heard. Maybe it was just a dream. Her eyes squinted into the shadows of the forest. Something was there, she could sense it. But what? Slowly she stood up and quietly wandered toward a group of tall pines. Silently and with great caution, she waited. She could hear it clearly now, a strange human-like voice talking to itself. "Should I or shouldn't I?" It asked itself. "If I approach and wake them, will they kill me? Will they be pleased and in awe of me? Such curious looking creatures they are, but what are they?" It asked.

Night Star upon coming closer could feel a sense of innocence, confusion, child-like curiousity and fear from the being. She stepped silently even closer and could see it now, but it didn't yet see her. The being was green, almost as tall as the elf and very slender with long very slender arms and legs. It had long, wild reddish blond hair and wore a whispy Yellow and orange dress that sparkled in the light of the moon. Its eyes were very large and beautiful and...yellow. Night Star opened the velvet pouch that hung from her sash, took out a glowing moonstone and threw it toward the creature. Somehow Night Star knew it would please her and the magik in it would calm her when the light warrior approached.

The being was startled at first and Night Star was amazed at the speed of the being as it turned. It looked down at the moonstone, slowly tilted its head to the left and the right inspecting the wonderous gem then picked it up from the cold earth and held it lovingly in her hand. It was then that she spotted Night Star and for a moment neither of them moved or made a sound.

It was Night Star who finally broke the silence. "A gift...for you." The green woman's eyes widened. "A gift for me? A gift from you." Yes." Replied Night Star. The strange being again tilted it's head to the left and right, this time inspecting the bearer of the beautiful gift. "" It asked. Night Star was unsure of how to anwer at first. "I am an elf, a being from a different realm. And you?" The green woman smiled. "I am Twig, a forest elemental." It turned to sit on a fallen branch and it was then that Night Star noticed the irredescent wings that sprouted from Twig's back. The elemental stared at the glowing moonstone in awe as Night Star stared at the elemental in the same way. Colorful leaves fell like rain in the cold Autumn air around them.
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posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 01:39 AM
Eron awoke with a gasp. Behind the crackling fire at his side and the tree limbs creaking and shaking in the cool night wind, had risen a strange voice and an even stranger feeling inside Eron's heart. He rose to his knees, drawing out a sword with one hand and lifting his other—which instantly became engulfed in flame. After the sudden rush of adrenalin he realized how calm Night Star seemed to be to this strange being standing before her. He recalled hearing the word "elemental" and possibly "gift." Eron rose to his feet, lowering his sword. The flame dissipated down his wrist into a sprout of gray smoke. "How can we be sure this being is what it claims to be?"

"It would appear to be a nature elemental," said Davon. "An elemental being of pure psionic energy. It can manifest into physical form, but not with ease."

"Text book answers," said Eron. "What is it?"

"Your gut doesn't seem to be any more useful," said Davon with a faint snarl as he stirred the fire. He seemed strangely distant from it all. Eron suspected that it was cowardice, but he couldn't help but notice that Davon seemed strangely calm. "It has been my experience that most elemental are fairly harmless. They are joyous and playful by their very nature, living in a constant state of what we might call spiritual ecstasy. Very few turn to evil, and when they do there is no escaping it; the look, the very feel of them is foul. Many things can be faked: words, gestures. But not positive energy, and Twig's seems pure enough to me."

"Perhaps so," said Eron, trying to give all his new friends more credit than he had been. "What is your origin then, Twig? What created you? Where do you come from? I'm...truly curious. Such knowledge has alluded me throughout my years of study. Many scholars still consider your kind to be little more than myth."

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 02:40 AM
When Night Star returned to camp with Twig, she wasn't expecting anyone to be awake yet. "Keep your voices down, let the others rest until sunrise."

The elemental with her curious habit of tilting her head, stared at the two men before her. "My race began long before most others, created by the sacred ones. I am" She swept her arms open wide. "I have dwelt in this place for as long as I can remember. I have travelled far and wide, but it is here that I always return to. I am no...myth. I live and breathe as you can clearly see. You need no weapons against me unless you try to harm me and in that case, it would be I who would be harming you." Her yellow eyes changed to an angry red to demonstrate that she meant what she said then changed back to yellow again.

Night Star pursed her lips and tried not to laugh but a giggle escaped in spite of her efforts. "Alright then...I explained to Twig about our situation and she has asked to escort us to the forest of the Autumn witch so that we may find Malalias and hopefully the others who have disappeared from our realm. I have agreed that she come along.

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 02:54 AM
Davon wasn't quite sure what to make of this strange and beautiful creature, but knew that the elf could sense things that he could not and said not a word. He tried very hard not to stare at her, but he had never in all his life seen such a wondrous being. She even had wings! Wings! In his realm only birds, some insects and dragons had wings. He wondered about what other such creatures they might encounter along the way. Gathering wood, he added it to the dying embers and re-lit the fire. He huddled close to ward off the biting winds and from a distance heard the sound of a lone owl. At least they have some familiar things here he thought.

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by Night Star

Hey!! I started reading and needed to post so I could came back to it and start reading more!!
How fun is this!
Great job to you and all others who are telling the stories.
very neat and magical.

Peace and love to you my sweet friend ~~~>>>>

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 10:27 PM

reply to post by Night Star

Hey!! I started reading and needed to post so I could came back to it and start reading more!!
How fun is this!
Great job to you and all others who are telling the stories.
very neat and magical.

Peace and love to you my sweet friend ~~~>>>>

How sweet of you! Feel free to jump into the story if you'd like.
Lonecloudhopper and I have done these roleplaying things elsewhere and have had a lot of fun in doing so. We try not to control the actions of anyone elses characters so that they have free reign on how they wish their character to develop. Since I added an extra character, the wizard's apprentice, Lone and I take turns sort of devloping him and moving him along.

I have appreciated the other members who have joined us and are helping to create the magick here. Thanks so much!!

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