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The Enchanted Forest

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posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 04:24 AM
Eron was rested beside a fire, stirring it with his stick. The sight of the snow leopard did not help to him rest much; although it seemed fairly tamed and quite beautiful, it indeed did have long and strong claws, as its name suggested. Eron was left comfortable about creatures of which he was unfamiliar. He still did not understand what this journey was about; what evil which the Elven queen had been so worried about. Clearly this was a force beyond mortal flesh, and not one easily dispelled by magic tricks or by reciting magic words. And then there was the disappearance of Malalias, a most scholarly and powerful mage; one of the finest wizards of his time. Had Malalias discovered this unspeakable evil? Had he attempted to subdue it and the attempt cost him his life? Or, and perhaps worse, had it taken into the Shadow Realm of evil spirits?

Such thoughts would keep Eron's mind working for a couple years longer, he well knew, and so there was no sense in lying his head down just yet.

"Welcome, Sussurra," he said to the newcomer. "I believe Night Star is our guide, unless I am mistaken. I am not clear on her position or prerogative, but it was her queen who sent us on this...well, I am not sure if it is for me to say exactly what have been asked to do, but we are assured it is of utmost importance." Eron lowered his head to the fame. He felt uncomfortable with the situation still; not knowing this band of strangers or who among them could be trusted. He liked setting goals and striving to achieve them. This task made him feel as though he'd been blind-folded and then sent out into the dark to find something very important, with little if any understanding as to what he was expected to look for.

Eron's imagination turned to bleak thoughts of ancient evils and the possibilities that perhaps Malalias, or an apprentice of his, had opened a doorway to something dreadful. With great knowledge and ability also came great danger; this is why Eron had learned only specific magic spells from a disiplined wizard and practiced his powers meticulously. He could start a fire through his very fingertips, but as useful as fire-starting and pyrokinesis were, an undisciplined mind could create tragic mishaps if for just a brief moment he gave into his temper and disregarded the consequences of his actions.

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 07:25 AM
“New Here disappeared,” Jaya was in thoughts, “just like Malalias! Chime, no wonder this band seems restless. and what are they going to say when we tell them that Jigme disappeared too?”

“don’t be silly, Jaya, everybody knows Jigme even after this short time, how restless she is and that she is too curious to stand still for long. I’m sure these good folks will know that her disappearance has nothing to do with this dark evil that the natives here fear so much.”

“yes you’re right, Chime, it is her way to stay away and to sense things out with the dozens and odd senses she has. everything needs time and distance, she always sais. she sais she has learned that from Choejor, whose name means ‘spiritual wealth’, at whose feet she sat for a thousand years.”

“and Queen Aleeya seemed to suspect something straight away, did you see the look in her eyes ? i have a feeling she must have been thinking, Jigme will leave for fear - can you imagine!” said Chime and laughed.

“or Eron’s remark that elementals like Jigme could serve this cause better than himself probably propelled her right into some illusions of hers. Just as well we are here to protect her.”

with that the two brothers took out the light from underneath their mantle and stepped into the circle of the restless gathering around the camp fire.

“excuse us latecomers at a time of your hard distress”, said Chime in respectful manner, “this is my brother Jaya, whose name means ‘victory’ and my name is Chime, which means ‘one who is immortal’. we are triplets with Jigme.”

The two were warmly greeted and welcomed.

“what happened to Jigme?” asked Night Star and Sussurra.

Chime offered: “Jigme wishes us to let you know, that she has gone to the snowy mountains of this enchanted forest. she was a bit homesick for her own snow leopard, Zigsa she calls it, and she wishes to let Night Star know, that she is looking forward to meet her again, she feels warm for her, it seems the two of them have some things in common. and she feels for the loss of Night Star’s friend. For now she wishes to spend some time in the distant snow to think things over and then she has in mind to visit Gathri, the ancient God of D’Aunt Gnomes to . have . a . good . talk ., as she said.”

Night Star wiggled her toes, scratched her ear and was not quite sure what to say.

“Night Star, after you had spoken to Moonbeam i had a good look at the unicorn” reported Jaya, “as i had held up my Laterna Magica to step closer, Moonbeam had lowered its unicorn to touch my forehead. we had closed our eyes and had stayed like that for some little time.

after i had come back from my observations I had to acknowledge, yes, Moonbeam was in deep shock! i have sensed all the tragedy and pain that dear animal has gone through when it witnessed New Here disappear into an unknown nothingness, seemingly like sucked away by something she seemed to recognize too late. but as i looked into Moonbeam's heart so deep i could see on the very edge of its aura a very faint little light, a very faint little hope is alive.”

Queen Aleeya sighed and reached with her slender hand to Eron to keep herself steady.

“we thank you Chime for your words. and may the Elven’s Gods be kind and generous to you and yours for traveling from the far east to help us on our pursuit to survive these dark maladies that have befallen our beloved forest”, she said with visible honesty and murmurs in the crowed seemed to confirm her expression.

“as it is, Queen, we are nocturnal and have to keep from too much wind and weather. you might not see much of us, winter will be here soon, but we might always be near to help if we can.” said Jaya, and Chime added: “but before we also disappear into the impenetrable Lightness of Light, we wish to present you gifts we have brought from the Far East: Jaya would like to present the Queen with a very rare Oriental Cape made out of the finest cobwebs and can be folded to a minute size. when you wrap it around yourself it gives you the power to appear as what ever you would like to. may it help you on your quest.”

Queen Aleeya was just about to open the present when Jaya interfered: “My Queen, it is only to be used when you have an inner knowing that it is the right time to use it.” So the Queen thanked him and put it into her jewel studded silken handbag.

“i”, said Chime, “have a special gift for you Night Star. a Black Box. when you open this box, which has to happen in secret, a kind of etherless plasmatic tunnel will appear and you will be able to take your leave through this tunnel to where ever you wish to, even interdimensional.” Night Star marveled at the box, nearly dropped it, but did manage to put it safe also.

Chime continued: “and, Eron Locraven, Jigme wishes to leave you with this Magic Harmonica. you can play on it the most beautiful tunes all day and night long, the tunes will touch your own heart. but there might be a time, and only you will know this time, and you will have a tune in your mind not knowing where it came from, and when you play this tune, a magnificent Blue Dragon will appear and be at your service.

As for now my Friends and Allies, you best be on your way, maybe do listen to Eron Locraven and be on your way to the Solitary Tower soon. we shall be going now, the morning is near.”

Eron held this Magic Harmonica in his hand and felt a strange emanation vibrating and working through him. “i have magic”, he couldn’t help himself thinking and saw himself in dangerous situations where he would fly high above on his Blue Dragon and …..

he pulled himself back from his reveries but it was already too late to give his thanks: the two brothers had already pulled their capes tight over their lanterns and had vanished from sight, and so had the Moths. the morning was spreading awesome colours over the horizon.

the Lampada triplets Jaya, Jigme and Chime on a windswept autumn dawn

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posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 10:15 AM
Night Star was ever so grateful for the gift from the elementals and wished they could have stayed longer.
She couldn't accept that there was only a faint little hope left alive as Jaya reported. Somehow she would find her little faery friend and the Mage Malalias as well as anyone else who disappeared from the realm. She didn't know how or when, but she would find a way.

The allies arrived at their destination, the great mage's secret library. Many of them could hardly keep their eyes open from the lack of sleep the previous night. Deeply carved dark wood arches framed the doorways. Rich tapestries and paintings hung on the walls. There were books, tomes and scrolls as far as the eye could see. An overwhelming task lie ahead of them.

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posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by Night Star

After being warmly welcomed, and informed by Eron, that Night Star is the leader of this group, Sussurra had spent the remainder of the night silently gazing over the little troop, marveling, that there existed beings, so selfless and brave, whose single vision at this moment, was to help her beloved forest. It was breathtaking.

The sunlight arrived, almost imperceptibly at first, then glaringly, chasing the night from the sky. As Sussura began to shake herself from her wonderment, she was met with the thought, that in the same way, the light of determination, within the hearts of these valiant souls, would triumph.

And then, while heading to find the beautiful Night Star, another thought entering her mind, seemed to slow her steps, as if the the forest floor was trying to hold her back. No, it wasn't a thought really, not a thought at all. Just a feeling, which if it had been accompanied by a thought, she might know what to do.

But, sadly, instead, she just faded...away.

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posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 02:13 AM
Night Star cautiously entered the main floor and looked around. Jigme and her handsome brothers were gone now. The brothers seemed certain that Jigme was just fine somewhere and Night Star believed them. I mean who would know their sister better than her own brothers? Still, a little nagging doubt remained. Glancing around she noticed that Sussurra was missing. Where was Sussurra? Wasn't she just outside the door?
Quickly she turned to Eron who had just passed through the entrance.

"Eron, have you seen Sussurra? She was right behind me, she was right there! I swear, she was there but a second ago!" There was no way that Sussurra could have passed her that quickly. Her heart quickened and she tried to calm herself. She told herself she was just letting her imagination get the best of her with all these people suddenly dissappearing without a trace and all. Grabbing ahold of Eron's sleeve, she guided him to a nearby chair at one of the long tables. "I was thinking Eron that long ago I had an ancestor that hid some books on dark magic here. He was strongly opposed to anyone of the Light knowing such magic."

She tossed her long golden locks behind her slender shoulders. "You see, at one time we knew both the dark and the light so that we would have the knowledge and power to fend off our enemies. There was danger in learning of course because you could easily bring things into reality that are better left where they come from. Once in a while someone would abuse their powers and cause chaos, so my ancestor banned the books and as far as I know there is no one left alive today who knows any of that magic. I think if we go to the top floor where the older books are, maybe we can find them and learn something that might help us."

Again she thought of Sussurra and glanced about hoping to find her. "Oh and I am no leader. I enjoyed your company and that of Jigme, the brothers and Sussura and thought we could form our own little group and do things our own way. Seems our group has turned into just you and I."

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 04:26 AM
Eron accepted the magical harmonica and thanked Chime graciously. He attempted to play it, but the sound was awful. Eron trusted that the little prophecy was true; when the time was right a melody would offer itself and be played through him. Until then, he could not play a decent note.

Eron entered the mage's great library behind Night Star. The architecture of the room was exquisite and there was an air of great mystery and dangerous powers about the place. Words were mightier than swords, Eron knew, and so he knew better than to look at any of the many leather grimoires and dusty documents about him. Most were nearly stored in order about the shelves, but several lay in huge piles about the desks and tables. It looked as if the mage Malalias had been very busy extensively researching before his sudden disappearance.

Eron noticed a book which had been left on the table. He glanced at the words, but they were written in some form of ancient Elvish.

"Sussurra?" said Eron. "Last I saw she was with us. That's odd...we should head out and look for her."

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 07:45 AM
the walls watched as the two of them stepped outside of this exquisite hall, Eron with reluctance only, he would have loved to study the book left open by the Great Wizard.

the walls knew he was always keen on information to expand his knowledge. and the walls also knew that Eron was considering that the book might hold some clues as to something that might have caused the disappearance of Wizard Malalias.

the walls knew everything, but they had no way to reveal anything. the walls, the warm tones and the shadows.

the day had been still unusually hot for this time of the year. outside, late afternoon seemed to brew up a storm, dark clouds came in quickly and a far away thunder rolled, still hard to hear.

Night Star and Eron looked everywhere around and in their desperation ventured further and further away from the great hall without noticing. now they were lost.


“who left that book behind?” the scorpion paced with angry steps up and down and his eyes glowed red towards 5000 scorpions who would have preferred to sink into the ground instead of being exposed to their commander’s swearing and spitting.

“why can’t you worms not follow any instructions? lousy creatures, how shall i ever oblige my master with you never listening, never following instructions!” his claws trembled black in the air as he yelled out his venom. “if it was not for the sheer ignorance of this silly bard and his elfish comrade trying to find their friend outside we would not be able to confiscate the book now. and i want you to get the book! is that clear!” his fangs were dribbling.

the scorpion marshal dispatched his subordinates to do as told and called his commanders around the table. “tonight after dusk we strike. those two will be tired and in the dark it should be possible even for these brainless troops we command to kill them off.”


Night Star sat down and watched as Eron lit the fire with his fingers. “i’m sorry. i really needed to know whether Sussurra is still with us. i thought i remembered the area around the Great Library better, but everything is not as it used to be. i’m bewildered.” at least they had found a little hut that would keep them safe for the night.

“don’t worry, go to sleep” he answered abruptly and he thought he should have stayed with that book or followed Night Star to the top floor. why had he tried to comfort her with suggesting to keep looking for Sussurra outside. as if it was not truly obvious that she had vanished. sometimes he was at unease with his own scholarly doubts. he felt helpless.

he had tried the magic harmonica to call the blue dragon, had hoped that the dragon could fly them back. but nothing worked. he nearly threw the useless instrument aside. he was very frustrated, very tired.

after poking around in the fire he finally gave in to the thought, that tomorrow will bring better solutions and wrapped himself deep into his coat and lay down to close his eyes.


Jigme couldn’t believe her eyes. what? a battalion of heavily armed scorpions gathering for battle in the dark to kill a small group sleeping in the dark?

the thunder rolled closer and louder and lightning was striking near by. Jigme stood up on radio hill, outraged by what she observed. “Jaya, Chime, we have to do something!”

the triplets exchanged some ideas and then agreed to send an interdimentional moth to Thor in the Sky to ask permission to harness his lightning for the purpose of doing good.

as soon as the faithful moth had returned with the thundergod’s word to strike lightning after lightning as long as need be, the three ran down radio hill as not to waste time. the scorpions were getting closer and closer to the hut.

after reaching the plain they positioned themselves as close as possible to the 5000 approaching scorpions. behind them lightning was striking and the thunder clapped with ear deafening force.

“now!” shouted Jigme and the three held their Laterna Magica low to the ground and conducted Thor’s energy to pass through their lanterns. hundred and thousands of volt blasted towards the army of mean creepy crawlers and burned away under their soles.

the scorpions screamed in pain and horror, turned around as quick as they could and fled. only the very brave and their marshal kept marching which made the ones fighting with Thor’s gift blast another lightning storm across the battlefield aimed just a touch higher. it was over in a few seconds.

the last of the scorpions also took off after the others running for their lives, now frantically reaching the shores of the Icy Cold Currants which took them to an underwater island.

“I don’t think we will see them again,” said Chime.

Jaya noticed that Night Star and Eron had not even woken up, which is a good thing, he thought, they will need their strength tomorrow.

Jigme took pleasure in letting her eyes rest on the ones deeply taken away by sleep. and then they left. only a few moths stayed behind around the last glow in the amber.

back in the Great Hall of the Library, the walls will be keeping their secret as to where the book with magic words disappeared to.

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posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 10:28 AM
New Here awakened at twilight at the very spot where she had spoken to Moonbeam. She could not fathom just why she had become so terribly, terribly sleepy and unable to sustain a conversation of such great import-- even considering the trauma she had endured. But she clearly remembered- well, perhaps not so clearly- but she DID remember succumbing to a sleep so intoxicating, that no mission or message could withstand its power over her senses. Had she been drugged? Poisoned? Cursed?

She sat up and noticed a weightiness to her being- and a confusion within her mind. Something wasn't right-- well, besides the obvious evil forces at work. No, something else. Something within the natural environment that she knew so well.

She looked to the skies, and was astonished to realize that by the phase and location of the moon, three days had passed since she spoke to Moonbeam. Had she really slept for three whole days? In answer to that, a rush of dreams came pouring into her consciousness like a tidal wave.

In her dreams, she had seen Moonbeam's fright at the encampment as he relayed his story to Night Star... she had dreamt of new arrivals to the mission, as well as departures.... gifts given... snippets of conversations... journeying forth. It was quite surreal, how real it all seemed as she replayed the dreams in her mind! The last thing she remembered dreaming had something to do with Eron and Night Star and an open book. They were in grave danger and quite unawares. But try as she might, the dream remained murky and barely on the cusp of her consciousness.

Jolted she was from this dream-study, by sounds so inexplicable, so foreign, that her instinct towards flight took over. Only it didn't. That is, she didn't... fly that is. She scrambled closer to the live oak, trembling in confusion. She reached for her wings to inspect for damage. She had none. She... had... no... wings.

The sounds grew to a crescendo and strange lights in the distance, like paired-up lanterns moving incredibly fast, illuminated even stranger sights. Squared off paths, straight and wide amidst strangely constructed dwellings-- all situated in the vicinity of the lower marsh. Yet... where were the cedars now? What dark majik had transformed it in the space of three days?

She called out to her alliances... any alliances in earshot. There was no answer. Even the live oak she held fast to felt... dead. Only the wind moved its leaves. Dizzy with fright, unable to fly, alone and confused, she huddled next to the comatose tree and felt for her pouch. It hung across her on its leather strap. Well, at least there was that. Faerie Dust and the like... assuming they had not gone the way of her wings...

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 12:42 PM
Night Star awoke to the heavy scent of smoke. She shook Eron to wake him and walked outside to inspect the area. Charred remains of scorpians and dying embers of flame all around. Her eyes widened in shock and dismay. How could they have slept through a battle like this? Something or someone had protected them. Who or what she did not know but was ever grateful for their deed.

"Eron, we have to find our way back to the Mage's great halls." With a whisper she recited an elven chant and from the distance came a great beast with wide spread wings. A magnificent dragon of irredecent greens and blues throughout his scales landed beside the companions. "Quick, climb on top!"

The dragon allowed the pair to ride upon his back. He spread his wings and took to the morning sky.

posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:40 AM
"I've never rode dragonback before," said Eron. He climbed on however and held hard onto the reins, of which there were six in total. The cords were scaly and thus easy to grip, and when pulled the odd material would constrict hard and tight, no doubt giving the large dragon a brisk sensation of restraint, despite its slender size compared to his massive neck.

"What put us to sleep, I wonder?" cried Eron, trying to speak over the incredibly loud flapping of the dragon's wings and the wind blustering through their hair and into their ears. "Was it trying to protect us, or to keep us from knowing what was happening?"

posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:14 PM
all day long Night Star and Eron had been searching through books at the Library. mainly they had spent most of their time on the top floor. but nothing. not that they had not read many very interesting articles and stories, spells and formulas but absolutely nothing that would have helped them to get further. they were sure, the mysteriously missing book would hold the clues.

i’m tired had Night Star said before she had left the Hall and Eron said he will stay longer, he was immersed in all the fascinating literature and just couldn’t stop reading.

besides, he still found himself remembering the flight on the dragon’s back which kept him awake, it had been so awesome. also, there was this suspicion nagging in the back of his mind: these three dark figures, it doesn’t make sense, were they who they said there were? one minute here and then gone, he could not explain such behaviour. specially this instrument that Chime had handed him was not to comprehend. what if it was a bug, a spy system that enabled the enemy to track their every step……

mmmh….. he decided to get rid of it. just in case! while Night Star descended the stair cases, he made his way further into the last corner on the top floor to find some hiding spot for it where he would leave it.


Night Star settled in for the night. she was too tired to bother with a camp fire, she wasn’t even hungry and her mind was still buzzing from all the words and phrases she had been reading. she snuggled up to her snow leopard.

after contemplating on things for a while she said to Strong Claws: “you never told me where you came from before i rescued you from that awful circus owner.”

“Night Star, it is a sad story. i am not surprised you bring this question up now, you know that Jigme’s disappearance had something to do with me. well….. i do think she might have recognized me.” Strong Claws took a deep breath as if in agony over old memories.

“my clan of snow leopards come from the roof of the world. the very snowy tops of the roof near Namtso where Jigme comes from. that is where we roam and chase gazelles and the like for a living. you must know that the gazelles are extremely nervous animals and their instinct often prevents us from hunting them down.

in those times when i lived in that frozen part of the world i had a good friend. we were more than good friends. we were a pair, what humans would call married. my pair was the most beautiful and adept snow leopardess, her name was Zigsa.

one of those appalling foodless days the skinny yellow wolfs had chased away all gazelles into their own trap and Zigsa was so very hungry, i offered to go down to the village where we on a needy occasion would steal a lamb or goat. well…….. it is hard for me to recall the events…… but then again, it could have happened to anyone, Night Star, please forgive me, don’t think bad of me.

the villagers had dug a trap then covered it with loose branches. it had snowed all night, i could not have seen the trap, there were no sights nor smells about it, so i fell into the pit. first i thought they will skin me for my fur and i bid the world farewell. but to my dismay they had the opportunity to sell me to a traveling caravan from the middle east. they then sold me for even more money to a merchant who then sold me further to a rich circus owner who travels the middle realm of this enchanted forest where you found me.

Zigsa however was Jigme’s best friend. they were one heart and one soul. whenever i was hunting, the two would be together for days and nights. but when Zigsa received news about my misfortune, she thought me dead. i also heard news, via the spiders who travel on caravans crossing the cobweb road from the east to the west, that Zigsa died soon after from a broken heart.” Strong Claws cleared his throat . “See, the sight of me must have made Jigme very sad. She always was an unusual child, but enough of that, she never liked anybody to talk too much about her fate.”

Night Star wrapped her arms around Strong Claws who sad: “i am with you now, old times are gone, i love you very much.”

a drawing from Jigme’s sketchbook

beautiful blue eyed Zagsa


it was still dark but something had woken Night Star very early next day. she sat up and opened her eyes, it was still dark but she saw a figure in the light of a lantern.

“Jigme! i still have not found New Here nor Sussurra but it is so good to see you. where were you?”

“oh…. all around…. mainly in the snowy mountains where i have met the most awesome crowd of ice bears, i went to visit Gathri and the gnomes, but i will tell you all about it later. for now, i might have an idea how we could find the book again. you know, the rats…. they are everywhere…. they usually know a lot. would you like to come with me to find out?”

Night Star was right awake and ready for action. just as she was to wake up Eron, the Lampada said: “best leave him sleep. he fell asleep very late and his mind is not rested yet.”

so the two of them went back to the hall. i know, said Night Star, as a young elf i used to often visit the kitchen for special treats i would get from the cooks. let us start there where rats are spread thick.

soon enough they had cornered a fat rat and captured it with the cheese bell. after a short while debating the fat rat did admit to know where the book is. scorpions had carried it through the sewerage system, where they had dropped it because a extremely angry voice had yelled at them to assemble for an attack NOW.

would you please lead us to the book, had Jigme asked of the rat. the rat thought this an opportunity to bargain. “my knowledge for three measures of gold.”

“you filthy stinking rat” Jigme was outraged, “not this time! you forget that you are our captive. your knowledge against your freedom”.

“ha, very well then” answered the fat rat “let me out and i shall lead you to the book." Jigme was hesitant, not trusting these cunning little beasts. she looked at Night Star for help who raised her shoulders and guessingly nodded.

“slowly then, so we can follow” and with that the rat slowly lead the way and disappeared through a little whole behind a kitchen cupboard. “no” yelled the two: how shall we follow you this way. “aha, said the rat. three measures of gold for my knowledge or farewell.”

“i know where D’Uncle Gnomes have a stack of gold. maybe they will spare us some for a good deed?” Night Star offered. “no”, said Jigme “not enough time. morning will break soon and i will have to go. but there is time enough to ask the Golden Moths to spare us some of their gold. lucky that fat rat had not specified the size of the measure, so we will assume he means rat size measure that it can carry.”

the Golden Moths around the Laterna Magica were happy to help and rubbed their wings. gold dust started to heap up in a little while. Night Star and Jigme bagged one third in one pouch and two thirds into two more bags.

“you can have one bag now, see, and these two bags you get when you get us to the book. and no more tricks otherwise we will find your mother and torture her.”

so the rat led them down revolting sewage pipes and tunnels. the stench was nearly unbearable. Night Star and Jigme had to throw up several times before they managed to keep themselves steady while the rat was grinning.

posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:14 PM
they found it in a dirty puddle. it did not look in too good a condition. pages were torn, little teeth had nibbled at it and it was all wet and dirty. Night Star handed the fat rat his fair earnings, she wrapped the book in her cloak and Jigme lit the way back up to the library where they arrived just before dawn spread peach and violet colours over the horizon.

“i must go now” said Jigme. “encourage Eron to use all he knows and give him my regards. i hope you will find New Here and Sussurra real soon” “and you give my regards to your brothers.” the two hugged and parted.

posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 09:25 PM
Night Star was completely disgusted with the stench of her travells. She decided that she would from now on stay in the castle like structure the Mage called home and take every advantage of bed, bath and any services available. There were hardly any servants to be seen, but finally she found a couple. One took her clothing to be scrubbed and cleaned and one drew a warm, luxurious bath complete with bubbles and scented oils of lavender and rose.

Silently she slipped into the warm inviting water and sighed with relief, all worries and concerns melted away. Sunlight illuminated the chamber from the arched corner window. When she finally stepped out of the bath, she noticed a beautiful ancient elven gown of crimson with golden metalic threads embroidered along the sweeping sleeves and hem. The fabric was velvety but ultra light in weight. Placed beside the gown was a cloak of midnight black and a large open-work silver leaf clasp. Strangely enough, they fit as though they were talored for her.

She used the antique brush on the dresser to comb her long, wavey lusterous golden hair.

She found Eron and presented him with the worn and stained book.

posted on Sep, 27 2013 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by Night Star

Sussura fought against the darkness that held her captive in an unnatural, deep, sleep. If she could just resist long enough to send word to her friends...

Now, barely a creature who made his home in the enchanted forest, was by now unaware that a dark force was encroaching.

Among them, tiny a blue beetle named Goldenrod, happened upon Sussura, and would have thought her dead, but for the breathless words he heard her repeating.

'Please, give this message to the dragonfly named Emerald. She is the swiftest insect in the forest.

To the beautiful Night Star, I, Sussura, am fine, and, what were the few cryptic words...'

And with that, Goldenrod relayed the message to Emerald, the dragonfly, who set out at once, to find the beautiful Night Star.

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posted on Sep, 27 2013 @ 03:01 PM
Night Star seated herself waiting to hear of what Eron might think of the book before looking through herself. She wondered about what interesting tales she would hear from Jigme when she saw her next. Suddenly, a beautiful dragonfly appeared relaying its message from Sussurra. "She is fine? But where is she and what is she doing and what cryptic words?" She was so confused, yet relieved to hear that Sussurra was fine. Perhaps in time she would discover more.

Restless and bored, Night Star began touching areas of the doors and walls. These places always have hidden chambers. If she was right about her ancestors, there would be more information or clues about the dark arts and dark beings. They would never be foolish enough to leave all information in one area and certaintly not out in the open anywhere. They would be protected by spells so bothersome rats and other creatures couldn't waltz off with or ruin them.

Reaching up to light a candle, she leaned against the stone of the fireplace and the entire fireplace slowly turned, revealing cold stone steps leading downward. "Eron look!"

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 09:47 AM
Growing like the vines from deep within, wooing like the wave of an ocean storm, an eagle saw the light hit the ridge of a spinning mass, light dances, minds in nothing everything is here.

I hear the enchantment, I see not one thing, I spiral building it now. The forest tree is falling a new branch, small and growing.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 12:50 PM
Night Star and Eron lit the sconces along the hard stone walls.

"Dim the lights you fools!" Night Star jumped from the sound of the voice and realized that It was Davon, the mage's apprentice. "Davon, what happened to Malalias? There are others that have gone missing from the realm as well."

The nervous youth looked down in shame. "Yes, yes I know maiden of light, my deepest apologies. Truly, I am shamed. I am unworthy..."

Night Star was shocked. How could this simple shaggy haired apprentice be responsible for anything of this magnitude? "What are you talking about Davon? Calm down and explain yourself."

"The portals...the dark Lords..." The words came spilling out as he clenched his dirty fists.

Eron and Night Star looked at each other in silence, thoughts tumbling and hearts racing.
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posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 02:00 PM
"What about them?" asked Eron. "What have you done?"

"It wasn't me," said Davon. "I mean, it was, but..."

"We need to know the truth," said Eron. "I've a feeling that much depends on it."

Davon sighed, lowering his eyes. "I came from a noble family," he explained. "But I was, you might say, the black sheep. My father wanted me to join the waldgrave clan, protecting the sacred forest of our king, but my mind was onto far greater things. I watched as my older brothers became successful tudors, preachers and poets, while I dabbled in the occult. I filled my mind with great knowledge, and being of a noble house, I had access to occult materials which few have ever been permitted to see. Through a connection I began tutoring under a wizard, Korsin Tori. You've probably heard of him."

"A close friend of your king and well-respected by humankind," said Davon. "How does that get us to portals and dark lords?"

Davon sighed, half covering his face with a sweaty palm. "Korsin Tori is a proud and celebrated wizard," said Davon, "but he never reached the greatness of the lone mage, Malalias. He was a natural and obtained great knowledge from the source...that is to say, from fairies and sprites which he summoned through his portal chamber."

"Portal chamber?" asked Eron.

"It's ah, best that we don't go in there," said Eron. "Allow me to continue. I was a disappointment to Korsin Tori. In his words: you know the craft and bear an aft mind for its applications, what you lack is the visceral knack. He could not officially ask me to leave, due to my father's connection to several lords of our kingdom, and I was too proud to leave. The shame it would bring upon me. I wanted to prove myself worthy, to all who laughed and looked down their noses at me. And so, Korsin Tori turned to Malalias and, knowing that such a great wizard would pick up on an obvious lie, he talked about how hopeless I was. Malalias prided himself in his accomplishments and always enjoyed a challenge. He took me in, claiming that he sensed something in me, implying, therefore, that Korsin Tori could not."

"And so, you learned under Malalias," said Eron with a stern glance of impatience.

Davon kept his head and eyes low. "I have a knack know, suggestion. I focused all my will on it and I was sure that if I could fool the great Malalias, a mage among wizards, that I truly was gifted. Malalias gradually taught me everything that he knew—well, not everything, but much which he'd withheld from his previous students. I held myself in the greatest discipline, listening to every word, following every instruction to the letter, never second-guessing in my well-informed grasp on what I was doing. In this way, I believe that I was able to convince Malalias that I was something of a natural. But magic is more than chemistry; it's art; one must be able to think on his toes and draw upon unfamiliar powers, or familiar powers in unfamilar ways, when need be."

"What happened?" asked Eron.

"One evening, before he retired," said Davon, "I asked Malalias that, after ten years of study, if I'd earned the privilege to assist Malalias in The Summoning...of spirits, that is, from his portals. He laughed under his breath and shook his head. Malalias was an honorable gentleman and for years he withheld his disappointment from me, remarkably well. But on this night he'd worked long and hard and had drank a little wine which had loosened him enough to reveal his true feelings of me a little...enough for me to see mirrored in his subtle shrug the same attitude I saw from my former master. Annoyed, my pride bruised, I crept into the portal chamber after Malalias had retired. I sat up the candles. I read the text. I summoned the familiar spirits, friendly spirits, which Malalias had many times before summoned..."

"And?" said Eron.

"The faces which appeared upon the glass frames were not the same," said Davon, eyes narrowed and his facial muscles tensing with disgust and profound unease. "Their skin was gray like ash, rotting. Their eyes were black, void of all feeling. Their presence was...demonic. I used the spell to close the portals but the portals remained open by some magic which spited me. The foul spirits laughed at me, taunting my every effort. I cried the spells as loud as I could, with all my knowledge and heart put into it...but it did nothing. Malalias heard me and arrived. He was outraged and ashamed of what I'd done. It was like a dagger through my heart. Malalias muttered something about dark lords, but I forget what. He wasn't speaking clearly as he was tired and obviously quite upset. He lifted his hands and began to chant the spell, but something went wrong...a terrible red light came over the room. I closed my eyes, afraid that it would blind me. When I opened them, Malalias was gone and the mirrors were cracked and...a foul cloud, a gray mist covered the room, stinking of sulfur, arms grabbing at me, moans lamenting...the evil forces are there still and I...I don't have the power to stop it."

Davon lowered to the floor, his back to wall, wrapping his arms around himself like a broken child.
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Night Star sat beside Davon on the stone floor. "Surely you have learned a lesson and there is only one way you can redeem yourself." Davon tilted his head and looked to the Light warrior with a semblence of hope. "How could I possibly redeem myself?"

Night Star hesitated. She knew this would be a long shot but had to try. "You must go into the portal and find Malalias and the others. We will go with you and perhaps together, with our magics combined, we can change things."

He held himself tighter, too frightened to speak. The Light Warrior took his hand and helped him to stand. "Davon, you have much knowledge but little experience. You lack the confidence you need, but it is there if you look deep enough to find it. You are stronger than you know. You made a mistake. Do you know of any apprentices who have not? Do you not realize how all the great mages of time have also made mistakes? They learned from them Davon.They learned from them and moved ahead."

She looked to Eron. "First, we will gather the strongest, most courageous and wisest of our companions wandering the halls above. We cannot do this alone." She realized that she never even asked the rogue if he would follow her into the mysterious and dangerous portal. She just assumed that he would.
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Eron gazed awkwardly at Night Star. "I don't think that would be very wise," he said. "We have no idea the dangers that stepping into another realm might entail or how we might return to this one, unless someone here does. Is this one wizard really worth risking our lives over? I'm not sure I'm willing to take such a dangerous step, not unless I had a better understanding of the consequences."

Davon sighed. "I appreciate your kind words," he said to Night Star, "but your friend is right; I failed horribly in The Summoning and to actually step through to the other realm...I'm not sure it's something that even Malalias himself would do. However, this was my fault...I should go. Alone." Davon stood and straightened his clothing. His eyes narrowed with cold, focused intent. "There is no need for you to risk yourselves. This is my fault and I should take the risks."

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