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The Enchanted Forest

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posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 03:09 PM

I have found some magical beings are very elf centered, while others are very elf conscious. Some are very generous while others quite elfish. But I would never want them to ear me say that.

Too late. They have heard and though it is true of most beings, the elves really do try to keep such characters in check.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 03:17 PM
Upon their return home, they consulted the elven Queen.

There is a dark magic and I sense it growing more powerful. We must call together the rulers of the realm and all noble beings to come to our aid and quickly.

Does anyone know of this dark force and what is happening to the wondrous inhabitants of the enchanted forest?

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Och, y'scunner. There's nowt wrong with the Feegles. Fine folk! I'd rather have them nesting in me garden than a whammy of pictsies. And much better to get hammered with too!

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by taoistguy

Perhaps. I just never met the little buggers. They look like a rowdy bunch. Maybe i'll pop over for a drink or two.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 04:09 PM
A roguish gentleman steps forward. He has both the look of a man who has traveled far and fought through perilous endeavors and yet someone who had come from luxury and was well-educated; he dressed in an expensive overcoat of Felwolf leather, which was both tough as ivory and sleek as cotton, and a gold color undercoat such as a proud scholar might wear. There was also a rather long and broad sword sheath at his side, partially hidden by his overcoat. His hair was long and rough, yet his beard was well-kept. He had only one good eye, which exposed both a thoughtful and sensitive nature. He walked gently yet boldly before the elven queen and looked upon her in silent wonder for a moment...

"May I ask," he said, his voice at once soft and yet loud, "why I was invited to this place? I was sent an invitation by a most particular postman: he wore a heavy cloak, its hood covering all but his jaw. I saw neither his hands—covered in some wretched black leather which had seen many a forlorn encounter. The man stunk of sweat and morning dew, as if he’d been sleeping in forest with nothing but his cloak! I wouldn't have trusted such an invitation if it had not so clearly been written upon runesilk parchment with moondust die and had been so elequently written, both in its wording and in the deft, graceful strokes of the pen; clearly the artful work of a skilled Elf. No Human could simulate it. If he could, I would desire so to meet such a man, and so, I came with my doubts, as requested."

The man looked about those around him with private curiosity. Although he was undoubtedly a man who'd experienced much, there was a gentle fear about him which he allowed to be seen, perhaps believing that honesty was best if such a strange crowd were to be his friends. He seemed to hold little value in pretense. "My name is Eron Locraven," he said. "I am an historian and explorer. I've worked alongside Humans, Dwarves and all sorts of strange folk, especially in my recent travels in the Emerald Forest, but rarely in my escapades have I encountered a High Elf, never mind a queen. May I ask why Your Majesty would request the presence of a lone explorer? I have no great accomplishments to boast of, no famous enemies that I've slain or items of renoun on my person. Although I have seen much, and learned a magic trick or two, there is little, alas, of which I may boast."

With that, he stepped back a foot and waited for a reply, his head lowered slightly with respect. Elves, as any educated person knew, appreciated sincere subtleties over crude and oft exaggerated gestures. Not all knew this and the fact that he did spoke further of his knowledge of foreign cultures.

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posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by LoneCloudHopper2

Queen Aleeya observed the strange and mysterious man for a moment before she spoke. "There is a great evil that has entered the land and unknown dangers lurk in the shadows. I have called forth anyone who could be of assistance in finding and batteling such a force. The choice is yours. Have you perhaps in your travels seen or heard of anything unusual ?"

In the distance was the sound of many voices, many footsteps coming nearer.

"Soon, there will be a great gathering of minds and skills. Together our power will be strong and growing."
A soft smile played upon her lips. Hope was not lost.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Granny's sheep ointment is their favourite tipple.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 06:12 PM

reply to post by Night Star

Granny's sheep ointment is their favourite tipple.


posted on Sep, 22 2013 @ 01:21 AM
The council was an odd one indeed; held in the Elven woods of Water's Oak. Not far away everyone could see the very edge of the great Elven city as the waves crashed against the rocks.

And yet the council stood in a hollow, with only bamboo seats for comfort. The wind at least was not very cool. Birds chirped and sang. Squirrels leapt through the branches nearby. Twigs rattled in the faint but twisting wind which stirred as if the forest itself felt unsettled by some unseen off-balance. Very little about this meeting seemed very clear or conventional whatsoever.

"Queen Aleeya, " said Eron, "I am humbled to have been requested to partake in this...what I would assume to be an investigation. I've traveled the lands to the east for several years and rarely have I ever met one of the High Elves in person. Your Sleuth Guild is legendary for their observant and discrete eye, and as I was requested, by name, I must assume that they had learned enough about me to offer you may name for this matter. Perhaps if you could clarify exactly what it is you are concerned about, I might have an answer for you. As far as I can tell, the world is full of its usual hustle and bustle: the complex web of personal and united pursuits, sometimes meeting, sometimes clashing, in a world where few aims are ever truly universally shared; which is to say, the usual deceits and treachery and suspicious actions forever observed by those who listen."

posted on Sep, 22 2013 @ 02:06 AM

"Please be seated as I address all in attendance."

"Friends and allies, it has come to our attention today that the great Wizard Malalias has disappeared without a trace. My magic has only revealed that there is a great evil lurking within the shadows and nothing more. This dark power is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It hides and cannot be seen even by our ancient methods." She paused looking from one person to the next for impact.

"I have called forth those skilled in the magic arts and weaponry, noble men and sentient beasts. I have called you here to discover the truth of the hidden darkness, the nameless thing that haunts our lands and threatens our existence."

"In the wizard's vast library there are secrets and dark magic we have long forgotten. Perhaps that is where we can begin to search."

"Gather into groups and choose your leaders."

With a deep sigh, she turned away and walked softly into the night. Nothing to go on, no leads, no hint of an answer to be found, she felt poweless and already defeated, a failure to her people and all beings of the wondrous land that they shared for so long.

A beautiful faery landed on the Queens shoulder. "Your Majesty, there is nothing that we can't accomplish together. we have always had noble beings by our side, creatures that worked in unity for a greater cause. We have survived wars from greedy and treacherous beings, slayed hideous monsters whos only thoughts were to destroy and kill. Why do you despair so?"

Aleeya closed her eyes for a moment trying to take in the hopeful words of her little friend.
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posted on Sep, 22 2013 @ 11:14 PM
oh…… i finally made it ! what an adventure to get here:: after i heard of the Elves’ and their Queen’s distress i set out immediately to reach them.

my name is Jigme which means Fearless > i am from Namtso the highest set lake in the world > i am an Eastern Lampada, a nocturnal being, and i might be of use in the cause of finding the great Wizard Malalias with my Laterna Magica:: my lantern that can shine into the darkest realms and detect what otherwise might not be seen.

the Invincible Sword Goddess is my God Mother who has bestowed upon me a blade that makes me immortal - that is as long as i use it as she has instructed me > ok:: i’m still a metilernanto lumo, an apprentice lampada, but I have not died in over many many timeless times, longer anyway than imaginable.

i asked my Mother to make a drawing of me so i can post it here for you. she is a not so very much famous artist and i think she did not do a so very good drawing of me. she was busy. but she did give me her well wishes and her good spirit for my journey into the Enchanted Emerald Forest.

i also have in dedicated service spirit animals:: the Moths. i always have an uncountable array of Golden Moths, White Moths, Interdimentional Moths and some Invisible Moths around my Laterna Magica. their krea subteno, their creative support, leaves me with eternal surprise, gratitude and an everlasting neverending source of strength.

also, i have sat thousands of years at the feet of Wise Masters of Celestial Hights and i am faerly versed in all aspects of Hope.

well….. on my way here > the adventure mentioned:: low and behold i had to slay a hundred monsters who tried to obtrude my way to the Elven Queen Aleeya. well….. there is definitely something not right here !

but then, yet not before counseling the Elves of Light and giving my respect to the High Elf Elder, i was able to have an audience with the Elven Queen. She is so beautiful and majestic which left me stuttering things about “Friends and Allies”, “great evil lurking within the shadows and nothing more not being able to hide in the Light of my Laterna Magica”, “no dark powers that can’t be brought to Light”, “if it cannot be seen even by Your ancient methods, maybe the Moths can help”, “glad to be of availability” and such things, i was so nervous in her despairing presence.

after that i made myself useful without delay and looked around, specially to peek a glance over the Oracle, the Queen’s Oracle. well….. Friends and Allies > i must warn you straight away:: something is definitely not right !!:: my Moths were not attracted to ci keitajoj’s Light. this orakolo might be of the dark. if this is the Queen’s Oracle > i wish to draw your attention to a possible conspiracy. i know this is terrible to say, it does leave me anguished !

i don’t want to say too much. it might be too early in time too late or never to be. who knows ? Friends and Allies, be careful, is all i say. the Elven Queen could be in huge danger.

then again, i am sure:: the skilful Elves, the Fairies, the Mac Feefles, D’Family Gnomes and such and even the naughty band of dwarfs and such and especially the Rogue Eron Locraven and such, may there be many more to join, will be able to find all necessary information and will be heroic in unraveling the nameless thing that haunts the lands and threatens existence in this beautiful Enchanted Emerald Forest.

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posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 12:01 AM
Night Star looked all around her and marvelled at the myrid of beings brought together. Some were friends with each other or aquaintences, but most were strangers that had come together for the common good of all. She was particularly drawn to the rogue and the being with the lantern and moths and introduced herself.

"I am Night Star of the Light Warriors, highly trained in weaponry and can speak with animals." Well, she wasn't really highly trained as she spent too much time daydreaming by the ocean or running through the forest with all her animal friends, but it sounded good anyway.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 01:55 AM
Night Star of the Light Warriors, i understand you well:: isn’t it the most important thing to be pure of heart - and to admit fibs requires quite some fortan dorson osto. i admit also, that i have not really slayed the hundred monsters. it was way more easy but i did prove myself in standing my ground. when they learned about my immortality and my name > they turned in horror and ran for their lives knowing themselves to have no chance.

i wonder if there are any news about this dark unspeakable danger that lurks around.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 02:32 AM
"I suppose Jigme, we shall find out soon enough on our journey."

The strangers travelled along with their companions for quite some time when suddenly, up in the distance a dark and mysterious woman stepped forth from behind a great oak. Her black, wind swept hair blew wildly in the Autumn wind. "I am the gaurdian of middle forest. What business do any of you have here?"

Night Star stepped gently forward. "There is talk of an evil lurking in the land. Have you seen or heard anything unusual gaurdian?"

The woman tilted her head, eyes widening. "There have been strange sounds especially in the darkest hours of night but there are no footprints or animal tracks of any kind that I could find."

"What kind of sounds?" asked Night Star

The gaurdian shivered and pulled her cloak tighter to her slender body. "Sounds that no man nor beast would ever want to hear lest they run screaming from them. All the trees quieted their branches from swaying in the breeze, all the animals hid themselves well and even I feared the coming of the night." She shuddered from the horrible memories. "Last night was quiet though as if it were never here at all.

A tall oak shook his mighty branches and looked down on the strangers in his path. "Keep a watchful eye young ones, be ever vigilent. May you go forth with much courage and strength."
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posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 03:24 AM
"It is nice to meet you, Jigme, Night Star," said Eron, "and, ah, Guardian of the Middle Forest. I have spent much of my time tucked away in libraries, studies and academies. I am still unsure of what evil you speak of, or what I might be capable of doing about such a thing. Perhaps such a mission is best left to sorcerers and elemental beings. One such as Jigme would serve this cause better than myself. However, I have heard of Malalias, a powerful mage known to kings and High Elves. He was solitary, but perhaps we should inspect his solitary tower for evince? We might find a clue there of who or what took him."

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 11:23 AM
"That is where we are headed oh roguish one." Night Star laughed and hoped that he had a sense of humor. Almost falling over from tripping on a fallen branch, she laughed even harder.

It was very late at night when they all decided to set up camp. A large beast resembling a snow leapord but larger and with wings, came quietly through the area and curled up beside the elf. "Strong Claws!" shouted Night Star. His warm, soft fur and strong presence made Night Star smile. The other companions were alarmed until they saw the bond between elf and beast and then relaxed and settled in.

Beneath the golden orb of night, the Autumn winds blew. Falling leaves of red, gold and orange blanketed the ground. The only sounds were an occasional call of an owl and snoring of men.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 03:47 PM
Just as the last of the encampment succumbed to fitful sleep, a rhythmic drumming of hooves clamored through the undergrowth, awakening all with a start. Sitting bolt upright in spontaneous synchronicity, the unlikely allies gasped in unison and stared in astonishment at the wild-eyed unicorn before them.

Steam poured from its nostrils, foam flew from its mouth, as it reared majestically, tossed its head fitfully. Then its eerie, fright-filled whinnies and unsettling stomping and pawing of the sacred forest, cause all but a few to scuttle backwards in fear and dread.

Only Night Star stepped forward, to greet the great beast. Laying a hand gently but firmly against its sweaty, pounding chest, she spoke it's tongue while it slowed its breathing and its gait. A worrisome conversation continued between the two, until finally Night Star turned to the others with tears in her eyes.

"The evil we spoke of has descended upon the Faeries. New Here paid a frantic visit to Moonbeam here, and said a few cryptic words before she disappeared."

"Disappeared?" said Eron. "Where to?"

"He knows not," lamented Night Star. "New Here simply faded, becoming more and more translucent, until she completely faded away."

"What can this mean?" asked Jigme.

Queen Aleeya spoke with sorrowed conviction. "It means that all who inhabit this sacred realm are in grave danger. If New Here has gone the way of the Great Wizard Malalia, we can be sure that all are at risk of the same fate. Most especially those in this assemblage. If any here wish to depart from this mission, you have my full support and respect."

Queen Aleeya's eyes scanned the group, as they looked amongst themselves. Her eyes stopped on one individual, and her expression changed...

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 05:55 PM
Night Star was very worried about her little faery friend. They shared their humor and philosophies, their hopes and dreams and sorrows for many years. They were often seen together by the sea deep in conversation or running along the shore. Sometimes they would travel deep into the Emerald Forest searching for dragon lyres, making friends with them and taking long windy rides upon their leathery backs.

This new enemy was known to sound horrifying, especially loved the darkness of night, was very powerful, snatched beings from the realm or so it seemed and remained hidden. Night Star's grip tightened on the hilt of her magical sword. She couldn't let her anger and frustration consume her or she wouldn't be any good to her comrades or herself. She fought down the fear of facing the elusive and unknown force. Soon they would reach the majestic library of secrets and hopefully would find a clue. For now, they must rest for they would need it for their dangerous journey ahead.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Why Jigme could not fall asleep, after such a harrowing journey, was a bewilderment. She never had had more than a few brief moments once she settled in and closed her eyes, before she left for her next journeying, into the vivid construct of dreams. And with the night so quiet and still, an explanation eluded her new companions, who were beginning to rather hope that sleep would quickly quiet her chattering. And, just as their wishes were seemingly gotten,... 'w-w-what was that! Did anyone hear that?!'

'I heard it.' Eron finally replied, reluctantly adding the direful response, 'Trolls.'

''Trolls? I have heard no mention of trolls in this enchanted forest.
Why would they come here?'

A disturbance in her wide-eyed enthusiasm, that had not been sensed till now, was apparent.
'No one really knows why these vulgar tormentors appear, unbidden, unprovoked, and take hideous pleasure in the suffering they create. There are numerous theories.'

But yielding under the weight of sleepiness, he could offer no further explanation.

'What theories? You can't just go to sleep! What will I do if it comes back?!'
In a barely discernible reply, that Jigme knew could be conceived only by someone asleep, he muttered, 'Ignore it!'

It was just then that Jigme heard an unfamiliar voice.
'Don't be afraid'

'Don't be afraid? Of trolls?! Just ignore them?! I have heard they are are dreadful!'

'They may be,' continued the stranger, 'but I believe we often fear what we don't understand. I have often thought if we could somehow learn to understand them, we might find they are not as fierce as we believed.
Besides, its nearly dawn, and I'm quite sure the trolls have all returned to their caves by now. And, you had surely get some sleep, you will be needing it for the day ahead.

Jigme agreed. With her thoughts now turning to the adventure ahead, her hope swiftly returned.

'Thank you ....I am Jigme.'

'You are welcome, Jigme. I am Sussurra.'

'Sussurra, I don't recall seeing you in our party earlier.'

'Oh no,' Sussurra explained, 'I am not with your party. I live quite nearby, just below Fox Brook, by the Lonely Waterfall.
I've just come up to offer my assistance. Would you point me toward the leader of your party? I wish to speak with him before first light, and request to join your mission.'

'But, how did you come to know of our party and our mission?'

'Well, it was you, Jigme, actually.' Sussurra smiled, 'Well, one of your Moths. A quite spirited White Moth; she explained everything to me. Good night, now.'
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posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 10:45 PM
Night Star couldn't help but to overhear the newcomer and her chattering away. She seemed like an interesting character, but she couldn't help but to wonder how well she would do in battle if she was so nervous about the trolls. There was no time for wondering or worrying, the sun would rise soon enough and they would be off. Night Star nestled into the crook of Strong Claw's arm and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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