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If you thought the Mayans were wrong (with their calender), they weren't. And Nibiru IS coming.

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posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 04:25 AM

Originally posted by BornOfSin
reply to post by resoe26

Without being too blunt about it. This is cause you're cellular construct isn't programmed to accept such things. Meaning your most likely part of the terrestrial evolutionary stream. You are the ones who should be listening the most, unless you wont be around in 50 years.

Either way I couldn't care less

You sound like Nancy Leider version 2.0.. Yeah, someone has already pulled this stunt btw.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 05:30 AM
This sounds like the mother of conspiracy BS theories.

Your really gonna try and milk people for 50years?

You know what, the amount of idiots running around this planet you will probably make a good living out of it.

Best of luck.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 06:12 AM
While I understand how "off" much of the OP is and how many of the items discussed are proved differently, I do give them credit for what appears to be a regular, human reaction to "something". Yes...the details presented are incorrect, but many of us seem to "know" something is in the process of happening and we are trying to make sense of it. This "need" to make sense of it causes us to build conclusions from things we hear or think we know. Hence the OP.

But what I do believe is that something is in the process of happening or something is "coming" and many of us are trying to understand something currently un-understandable. And that causes strange explanations. What it does show, however, is that many people "feel" a major change for the planet and all of us animals. What that is, is anyone's guess. 2012, PlanetX, etc...are all simply our way of trying to explain the un-explainable. IMHO.

But something is going to happen. Today, tomorrow or in a few hundred years. And some of us "feel" it coming.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by bknapple32
reply to post by Dustytoad

Oh 5th kind... direct mental contact...

The kind that has no evidence of any kind.

that was exactly my point. People are so slow on this sight. I thought just mentioning steven greer was enough for people to get it..

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:04 AM

Originally posted by winofiend
reply to post by BornOfSin

Well, I didn't think even the Mayan said they were right. Even they said "Hang on, you're all talking out of your bums, we never said any such thing. Stop it you fools." but the die-hards (literally) kept banging on "Shh don't listen to those tribal people, they're tribal they don't know anything. listen to me, I know about a guy who said that this tribal people thousands of years ago said we're all gunna die in 58 seconds."

So, go grab me a modern day Mayan who has not been sifting his thoughts through a bottle of grain alcohol, and have him tell us all the truth.

Failing that, tl;dr

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posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by boncho

Ignore mainstream science? You are forgetting the very obvious truth that most of 'mainstream science' was not that long ago considered to the ravings of madmen when they were first proposed. The Earth was flat, etc.

The fundamental thing to remember is that when mainstream sciences 'theories' can't offer explanations that fit all the 'facts' about what is going on, the logical conclusion is that there must be another explanation. This is the premise of the pursuit of truth.

My theory incorporates most of the changes we are seeing at a global level and is plausible. If you believe I am crazy, prove me to be wrong in what I am saying, don't just discount it in the fashion that people did when it was proposed the Earth was round.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by Bilky

You recieve masses of garbage not info. If you had read at least one decent book by a decent ufologist about this subject you would know you are being used by these paracites. Good luck in the future when no one wants to talk to you and everybody looks at you like a kook because that is the fate of all of the contactees and all of them thought that they were special.

Decent UFOlogist? I have been seeing 'UFO's on a nightly basis for over 8 months. I make intelligent contact with them. I have learned more from them in this time than any of the interpretations of our texts have ever done combined. Yet you think I could learn more from speculative texts by other UFOlogists who have probably only ever had a handful of experiences at most? What makes you certain that their understanding of what I am seeing is more factual than me who is actually living it?

And I learned right from the start that people were adverse to hearing about contact. I don't think I am 'special' in any way. In actual fact I see this as a curse, but if there is good that can come of it, I will gladly wear it.

As for my friends, etc. The ones closest to me that care have all come and witnessed this for themselves first hand. They have THEMSELVES seen it and 'thought' questions in their head that have been answered by these UFO's. They have also been the first to hear things I have predicted and then watched them eventuate not long afterwards. The only thing that I have found in common amongst all of these people is that; they DO NOT wish to return to where I visit my friends as it freaked them the f#$k out, and they take things that I tell them very seriously as they know I don't say them lightly.

I appreciate your concern for my social standing, but I assure you that outside of these people closest to me, noone else knows what is happening. Even if they did, I do not care. I gave up caring long ago about what people thought of me, much like I gave up caring if people thought I was crazy.

But thank you for your post.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:51 AM
Ohhh, you just made so many things in my head and past click. Thank you sir.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by UnBreakable

Yeah. So it's no problem. pretty sure I won't be here in fifty years. But now I have a good idea for my first book..

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

One of these days, you will have true moment of clarity and look back at this nonsense you have posted and say to yourself:

"What the hell was I thinking and what the hell was on?"

Contact of the 5th kind is a self perpetuating delusion that requires absolutely no proof of its existence other than your claim. That in and of itself should be proof enough that you are 100% unstable and not living in the reality of your own life.

Next up: not the right "Cellular Structure"? Again, it requires no proof only your statement to perpetuate it. You are human. You are not some super being or any being different that a human. When this reality finally hits you, your world will come crashing down around you.

Personally, I think you make all of this crap up by watching every Sci-Fi movie and series you can, then you throw it in a blender and spout non-sensical crap like this and tote it as proof that you are something other that what you are and know something other than what you know. You do it to be in the lime-light and to feel important because your normal life sucks by comparison. The internet and ATS are you stage to be more than you really are.

Jesus what a load of turds you purport to be truth.

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posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 08:34 AM
OP very nice thread. I don't care whether or not it's true, fact based, or purely hypothetical. Regardless I was very intrigued and entertained by what you said.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by wdkirk

No, I have not 'made up' anything. This was all calculated using historical texts. Allow me to quote from WIKI on Nibiru from it's historical texts. The complete tablets give much more insight into this, but I will allow you all to go look for yourself like I said.

I have put countless hours of research and understanding into my theories. What are you offering to prove I am wrong?

In the enumerations, Nibiru is mentioned at different astronomical locations in conjunction with the positions of stars and planets,[2] mostly as the "star of Marduk", as in the Enuma Elish: "Nibiru is [Marduk's] star, which he made appear in the heavens . . . [130-131] The stars of heaven, let him [Nibiru] set their course; let him shepherd all the gods like sheep."[6]

The various stars or planets were not subject to any fixed interpretation. The "star of Ea", for example, was described at various "revelation spots" including Vela, Fomalhaut, and Venus. Similar interpretations were made for the other "stars of the gods", so certain celestial coordinates where the "stars of the gods" appeared must be considered.[2]

Nibiru is described more closely on a complete cuneiform tablet:[7]

Nibiru, which is said to have occupied the PASSAGEWAYS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, because everyone above and below asks Nibiru if they cannot find the passage. Nibiru is Marduk's star which the gods in heaven caused to be visible. Nibiru stands as a post at the turning point. The others say of Nibiru the post: "The one who crosses the middle of the sea (Tiamat) without calm, may his name be Nibiru, for he TAKES UP THE CENTRE OF IT". The path of the stars of the sky should be kept unchanged.

Nibiru is the 'post' (centre) which stands (to become visible) at the turning point (where we enter the central vortex of the dark rift).

Now understand that space and the universe was referred to in ancient texts as the ocean/sea. This was because it acted in the same way as our oceans. It was vast and blue by day, black by night. So consider that when you read the following. The one who crosses (spans the length) the middle of the sea (Tiamat, our universe) without calm. Pretty accurate description for a black hole do you not think? Read this:

In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is a chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean, mating with Abzû (the god of fresh water) to produce younger gods. It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos, the first in which Tiamat is 'creatrix', through a "Sacred marriage" between salt and fresh water, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations. In the second "Chaoskampf" Tiamat is considered the monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos.[1] Although there are no early precedents for it, some sources identify her with images of a sea serpent or dragon.[2] In the Enûma Elish, the Babylonian epic of creation, she gives birth to the first generation of deities; she later makes war upon them and is killed by the storm-god Marduk. The heavens and the earth are formed from her divided body.

Firstly 'Salt and fresh water', refers to Axiom field particles (centre of the universe in my cosmology model). This is the only point in the universe where motion and energy are combined. they separate into the Quantum field as the primary level particles (energy) escape through the temporal density. This resistance causes the first primary 'oscillation' that will propagate into 'waves'. Waves are a result of temporal density resistance to dispersion of energy.

Salt is particles, fresh water is 'primary waves'. Which then continue through the universe GENERATING INTO EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE exactly as in the texts.


It may be worth mentioning that I am certified as being a genius, with the areas that were identified as being my strongest being spacial perception, and non-linear dynamic intelligence.

Putting complex systems together in my head is what I'm 'designed' to do. Show me any parts of the ancient Nibiru texts you think counter my theory and I'll show you how they actually support it.
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posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by htapath
I don't turn a blind eye to science, but I do question all the answers. For instance, if everything in the known universe is expanding, then why do the constellations remain the same?

The moon with its positioning and size relative to earth and our sun is just a tad of too much of a coincidence. Throw in the lack of rotation and this creates an elephant of a different color for the critical thinker.

Then we have the work of one Mr. Percivel Lowell to consider. This is a man who proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that a highly advanced civilization existed/exists on Mars... in 1895! The following paper should be considered by any scientific mind who frequents this forum:

Mars As The Abode of Life

......That Mars seems to be inhabited is not the last, but the first word on the subject. More important than the mere fact of the existence of living beings there is the question of what they may be like. Whether we ourselves shall live to learn this cannot, of course, be foretold. One thing, however, we can do, and that speedily: look at things from a standpoint raised above our local point of view; free our minds at least from the shackles that of necessity tether our bodies; recognize the possibility of others in the same light that we do the certainty of ourselves......

I highly recommend reading the entire paper. These are just a few examples off the top of my head. There are many, many more.

So who's fooling who here?

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So a guy, before modern telescopes, satellites space flight or robot rovers knows more about mars than we do in modern times?


Should I continue or are you done now?

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by inverslyproportional

The Mayans, Babylonians and Sumerians knew more about EVERYTHING than we do today with all our technology.

So laughing at that premise is a little ignorant.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:01 AM
5th Kind. Information from the 5th Kind. Is that anything like reading ? I understand the Aleins direct these projections into your mind & you decypher them? Did they give you a cypher key? Is 5th Kind info, like a hallucination? If it is. IT IS.!! Lower the meds intake and stay away from the light and you'll be good as new in just a bit. Maybe not.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by htapath

Originally posted by Insomniac

Originally posted by htapath
I don't turn a blind eye to science, but I do question all the answers. For instance, if everything in the known universe is expanding, then why do the constellations remain the same?

The moon with its positioning and size relative to earth and our sun is just a tad of too much of a coincidence. Throw in the lack of rotation and this creates an elephant of a different color for the critical thinker.

Then we have the work of one Mr. Percivel Lowell to consider. This is a man who proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that a highly advanced civilization existed/exists on Mars... in 1895!

The constellations are slowly changing over time. This is due to the relative motions of the stars. Although this is not evidence of an expanding universe - just that the constellations are not permanant. Incidentally, the constellations are created from line of sight effects. Very few (if any) stars in any given constellation have any physical connection.

The Moon does rotate. It appears not to from Earth because it is tidally locked. That means that its period of rotation matches one orbit around Earth. Tidal locking is quite common.

The Moon's positioning with regard to the Sun - I'm guessing you're talking about how the Moon's apparent size matchs that of the Sun. Well this is only temporary. The Moon is moving away from us so, in time there will be no more total eclipses of the Sun.

You're right about Lowell though... Despite being a highly competent and respected astronomer, he really dropped the ball with his life on Mars. The problem there was he really did see canals... But he failed to realise that they were optical illusions.

Back on topic... The OP lost me completely once he started going on about those of us who are part of the terrestrial evolutionary stream... Unlike the OP I suppose - Oh Dear!

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I'm asking questions. The way it looks from here you think you have all the answers. Congratulations for parroting mainstream science. Unfortunately you're 0-3 because it's all theory and conjecture. I like how you dismiss Lowell's work as optical illusion. That's actually pretty comical. Thanks for the laugh kitty kitty.

Um guy, it is not conjecture that the moon is moving away from us, my grandfather helped machine parts for the laser reflector that is up there right now. It bounces a laser back to earth so we could guage the distance, and wether or not it is a constant.

It is not a constant, back in the days of dinosaurs the moon was much larger in the sky, with huge tidal effects.

In the amount of time that has passed since them, go that again forward from us, and the koon will be very small by comparison, and lo longer be able to block out the sun.

Yes I am parroting mainstream science, because it makes cars, rockets, cellphones, tv, computers etc....

Your fantasy world only makes for ill informed web posts. Lets see you measure your theories successes against mainstream sciences, and we will determine who knows more quite quickly.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

5th kind contact? could you tell us who or what is talking to you?

You dont claim to discover any of it? but you certainly seem to have done your research on religion and crop circles.

and how many times do people have to say, the Mayans didnt EVER predict an end of world date or a global catastrophe. The sumarians are the ones who spoke of a distant planet (nibiru) which orbits our sun, it was not the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

this is just your own assumptions based on your blurry view of flaky evidence to predict the end of the world.

5th kind my arse!

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by Silicis n Volvo

The mayan calender for the end of the cycle dec 21 .. and Nibiru is completely separate.

Read something in its entirety (this thread) before you go off half-cocked.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:13 AM
The Sumerians clearly stated that Nibiru was a planet of crossing. A so called 12th member (counting all celestial bodies) of our solar system.Yet it was not from our solar system.It was an invader from elsewhere. It's the reason Earth is also called Gaia, the cleaved planet. One of it's moons struck this planet long ago, causing all of the waters to gather into one place. Genesis told of how the lights touched the waters, and how the first dry land appeared. The galactic center is 4.3 million solar masses. If it got any closer, we would actually become toast. Zecharia Sitchin (bless his Soul) lays all of this out in great detail. His work will be vindicated one day.

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 09:23 AM
The ground has been vibrating here for the past few weeks. That's all the evidence I need that something is changing. My chair feels like electricity is running through it as I type this. Has this been happening in your area OP?

Ground/Atmosphere Vibrating In Northeast Arizona
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