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A Story Of Receiving A Physical Message From 'God'

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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by TheBlueShiroux

My guess is that you are seeking answers for "something" in your life. You have a void that you feel you need to fill. An obvious sign is the fact you are part of this very community. It's hard to take this story seriously as you have an extreme bias in this case. We humans have a way of "seeing what we want to see".

I too am an atheist, so my first move would have been to investigate the Kufkin Trucking Academy from which your "message" was given to you. Maybe look up the truck number get the truckers name etc. Unless you really sleuthed this case and nothing else came up, no reoccurring patterns (such as does every Kufkin truck put this sticker on their trailers?) It's very feasible to attribute your sighting to right moment right time.

God (if he exists) isn't always the cause of Everything that you can't comprehend. But that's just my opinion on it. Take it or leave it. as the saying goes - No skin of my @ss

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by solongandgoodnight
reply to post by Druscilla
wow.........nice post. i don't know what has happened to you in the past, but it has made you a very bitter person indeed. i can read it in almost every post you write. i hope you find peace.

Ditto, sometimes it almost hurts to read her posts. In response to her little uncensored tirade against god I just have this to offer.

You can be apart of the problem or the solution. Which way are you currently leaning toward?

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 03:46 AM
People really want to make it more difficult then it needs to be. God the creator is in all of us, god is creation. It does not need you to go to church or preach religions at others. Churches who are greedy and powerful tell you that. The books they want you to believe in that have been twisted to hide the truth want you to believe that. Jesus was real. Jesus did not die on the cross for your sins, He died to show you that you could be just like him. Your spirituality has been taken from you because they made you either a zealot, hate, fear, or rebel against religion. The truth is you do not have a soul, you are a soul. The "miracles" that Jesus was able to do some can be achieved by the common man you just need to wake up and see the world the way you were meant to and live the way you were meant to. Seek the eye of Horus.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 08:18 AM
Yahweh works in mysterious ways. I could tell you that he saved my life on at least 3 different occasions. How angels have stood over me and my family in times of trouble but, some people no matter how hard or how much you try to help them on the right path they just don't want to take the narrow path that leads to Yeshua. The only thing that we can do is to try and the rest is up to you and the holy spirit. We can only point you in the right direction. For God so loved you and I that he gave his only son to die in our place, he carried our sins and judgement, he died a horrible death on a cross made from dogwood so that you and I could have a relationship with him and his father. He that believes in him, the death and resurrection shall not perish but have eternal life. The first step is to read his words to us, given to Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by TheBlueShiroux

Maybe I should also point out that there was a 6 right under the question who will you follow.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 12:16 PM
well, I totally AGREE with Drucilda(?) sorry if I didn't get name correct...

Ok here is why. I've spent years deconstructing, soul searching, who Jesus, God, Religion etc is. I was raised, tragically with Ritualized Abuse, though at the time (child, in Washington DC I might add) I only knew my mother hated me, wanted me dead, etc. That and many Paranormal type of horrors, like image of light of Venus (terror), being taken up the spiral staircase in that DC Obelisk thing (I believe it's now been closed to sight seers) and the absolute Demonic terror of that, being locked in dark rooms, starved, stomach pumped in hospital, etc, and ALL before I was age 6. My grandad, I learned did deals with Senators, in his day. Italian. fathers side of family all work for the US government. All these except cousins (who work for gov) are since gone. We left Dc area when I was six years, back in 1969. SO, then in a small town, south, still being horridly psychologically abused, mother took me to Catholic church, where I learned about Jesus. Of course, being a hated child whom was told daily that I was a "devil" I fell in love and hope with this Jesus. Mother didn't want to go to the Catholic church, she had long hate with it, family was heavily involved in church back in DC (father was Knights of Columbus, found all this out nly a few years ago as I never saw my father again after 69) but anyway,

Didn't grow up religious but grew up believing, in early adult, after several abusive relationships I became Christian. Only to have more occult para stuff follow me Everywhere, until a marriage that I left due to abuse, I fell away, so to speak. Got involved with radical politics, more abusive relationships, etc., homelessness, more radical politics. Finally wound up remarried again, psychological abuse, and broke, couldn't take anymore rage, so got back into Bible. old Testament, which was a daily Trigger and flashbacks of horrid gaps of memory, Ritual Abuse, hidden occult meanings that I began to connect, dreams like no other. For two years thought I was going mad, fell. To deep depression, and questioning faith. Really questioning, especially seeing more of the Mind Binding and Occult type of controls, Sorcery is the term. The word Occult, has in it, CULT, which is also, in. CULTURE. Oddly enough, it's also related to the word CULL. Started paying attention to Language, the WORD as they call it, and it's Power and I fluency over us humans. Drucilda mentions Psychology. to me I see the same exact Sorcery in secular Psychology that I see in Religion, they both have to do with the Soul, aka Psyche.

So question is, Who controls the Word, that controls US? Well for that, I went back to study Ancients, Sumer interesting on there...but anyway, here's what I've been able to gather thus far. Numerous of the so called "special experiences" really aren't that special at all, they are simply products of our Social Psyche (psychology) immersed or saturation, of CULTURE, ESP through language and symbolisms. Which, oddly, are all Contrary to the Nature world, distorted under an extreme Patriarchal lens. This is not to say that these "special signs" are not good in themselves, because the Motive of some in their origination, probably Were good, kind of like the whole Anonymous thing with the you can't kill an Idea. Love is an idea, put into action. As is hate, power and so forth. here is where I draw on Native Indian beliefs, the wolf inside, good bad and which be you feed. Thing is, Drucilda is right too, in regions of the world the CULTURE is male violence, power and hate, worship of Death...which sadly, our powers to be globally are like a cancer being consumed with this love of death. And yes, those slaves cry out, with no special message, because they are in HELL CULTURE, Hell and Heaven are in us, in this world. Why God doesn't do anything, because the god in US don't do anything, That's why. We look for signs to validate us because of the Norris around us, as well as the demons inside of us. oh we like to think we are good and that demons are out there, in Those people, but demons can also be liars who hoard good things and turn a blind dull ear to suffering, those acts of Ommission. privelege it's called...why no one is guilt free. IF we aren't doing the acts, we are sadly, benefitting from them, which in turn poisons us all, a vicious cycle. Question is what to Do about this?

Well what I know now, is that even if, were was a Heaven and Hell, the TRUTH is, we cannot hide from our true core self, so if one was to be in Heaven or Elisian fields, I beleive it was called in mythology, we would do so at the misery and suffering of others, many whom, like those children, are innocent...therefore, we're have to be like the Evil one ruling earth, stealing to hoard pleasure. Which king of runs contrary to the idealogy that the gospels state..Jesus went into Hell, to save, etc.,...continued

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 12:31 PM
Continued, the reverse is true of ReLEGION, RE Legion, remember the story of unclean spirits entering the pigs??. Anyhoo, religion on earth, creates HELL while hoarding Heaven for the privelged few, that Pyramid, trickling down...

Which, frankly, is pure EVIL. So, that kind of puts us in a moral and ethical dilemma. Maybe that's what being a slave to sin is? Sin as in S in? Regardless, I find it interesting too, the dark mirror me tinned in one of the South American or maybe Mexicos beliefs, ancients, of sme dark lord that sees soils through obsidian mirror. Well, mirrors reflect, onyx is mentioned in Genesis, gene sis, as is gold, both reflective. The issue I think, is we see very well through the dark mirror at others evil, but rarely take that mirror to see our own darkness with in. Those desires, gets real creepy when you take this journey but thing is, there is no real TRUTH and if no truth, how is there real Love? So the god within, makes sense. So then, I guess that leaves us, with Where does Culture come from? It has to be more than rulers, they may instill terror and evil and they do but that in no way explains where good comes from. So energy??? We at one time, had ancestors who desired good, a world where evil would be banished..we have the residue of that everywhere, but it's also, tainted because the dark mirror is never turned to see Inward, where the true culprit of evil resides. Which one do we feed?

Because I think, what it boils down to, is that we become, what we feed, in TRUTH. On some energy level, unseen, but it's what we become in its fullness. Which is horrifying, because it takes deconstructing that safety, we hide in, validation can be a very Evil thing because while it reassures us, it also works to hide the demons inside. It matters not, who God is out There, because in the end, it's what god is, inside of Us, so I guess, while horrors yes drive us to cry out for safety, like an infant for its mother, those validations, I think more so, our corruption, acts, words and deeds, including those of benefiting from those children sadly enslaves (think not, children beaten for Chocolate, eat chocolate, youve be emitted from someone's hell, a child no less). So,

That road, is simply a TRUTH, not the religion itself. Criminals can know truth but beware the rest of their manifesto...the Answer really, is inside of YOU. As for the "sign", your inner core, simply recognized in spirit, what it needed to see and be confirmed, which in our saturated culture, is not hard to do. but be very careful...the dark mirror is just as necessary, gold alone only shows half truth, which,

That same bible, says, Satan comes as an angel of light. More and more, I think Satan and god are names for the energy or spirit INSIDE of us, which one do you feed?

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 12:51 PM
Several typos, hope it's not too confusing, the auto correct thing on this pad, aaaarg, anyway, one word, OT should be Soul, but yes,

I used to have a lot of those types of experiences, signs, believe it was once called "fleecing". The problem with that however, is I followed fleecing for years but was a very Toxic person, because of the trauma and abuse, I was really messed up. So Religion, was the perfect tool for power abuses to lure wounded children such as myself, and turn them into Shrews. know what I mean? secular psychology does the same damn thing...

It's those in Power, who use these sorcerers for their own selfish aims. And That trickles down...and yes somehow it all ties into ancient Egypt too. But I deconstructed, for years, saw more crazy evil paranormal and you now, one day I just said, god your a nutcase, I don't need this insane # anymore, I'd rather go to hell and be true inside than be a lie. I didn't even Like God. So,

And I was tired of always having to find Validation, of a Jesus, and always got horrid evil in return instead. It stole O much, not just from my life, but from my Creative self, my ability to truly love, etc. just #ed me up literally. What helped me, was stopping the looking (though I when triggered go right back to seeking, still deprogramming a lot of this insanity) at signs, etc., and observe Nature, Earth, to get centered on the feminine And BALANCE, not through war gods mans lies either. And if not for nature, I don't think I'd be sane, at all. I think, the religious Occult. The family was in, was a form of creating demons alright, self fulfilling prophecies, both in Catholicism, Protestantism, been around Islam and Judaism, and you know they are ALL NUTS. same is true for SECULARISM, it's all NUTS.

So I study nature, animals are sane, lol, seriously, they don't freak out, even though they are in food chain, and they are balanced, ecology, I learn from Them now. Plants, trees too. Did you know, squirrels, those unimportant rodents, when they fly hop from tree to tree, eating nuts, they shred and leave them all over ground, and those pollinate, creating more trees and forests? Those little rodent squirrels, man focuses on Violence, and only Violence, in animal kingdom. but that's only a half picture...the half murderers love to Magnify to justify their DOMINION garbage. but nature, she dies and rebirths and takes care of Every little minuscule creation. Find validation there, where wisdom, peace and life are. It's a long walk, half nights too, those dark mirrors, but every month she has the moon to illuminate that even in night, there is music (crickets serenading) and lightening bugs and creatures communing. Those are the things I see now, religion only showed me hell, horror, violence, corrupt power and womb hatred. It's Toxic,

And I refuse to feed it. But I won't lie, it's the worst mind battle ever.and I often fallback, and there can be no real Genuine love or good deed without that TRUTH. Maybe what it MRA s by the term, dead works. Fleecing, is a sure way to create a faux faith, because real faith, is from Experience, not from a sign or line in a book, it has to be lived.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

I keep running across your posts while I'm in threads and you come across as a very mean-spirited bully. You should be shamed. I find it offensive that you get stars for the trash that spews forth from you like a well watered sewer. Earlier I was reading a comment you made about destroying all males on the planet. You are one weird sicko.

If everyone on earth were to adhere to your moral ideas as an atheist I can assure you that things would be 100 times worse than they are. And to show that that is the case it will turn out just that way.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 03:50 PM
This type of "game" seems to be more of a variation of the ouiji board.
If you believed in your question, and you believe this is God's reply, then it seems obvious Christ was asking you to choose to follow him or go down the other path. Have you dedicated yourself to Christ? If no, then why not? How could God's answer be clearer?

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 05:53 PM
OK I'll add this to your thread and I don't expect any one to believe me but for me it was genuine and though it is somewhat different to your experience and way out there, well.

I have had many paranormal experience's since 1993 that I will not go into as they were not all good and I refused to be used as a Medium when I had a vision and was asked if I would accept being a medium.

In 1989 I was with my then best friend called Jude and his cousin's John and Andrew and we (after Jude's persuasion) being all about the same age 18-20 decided to go from our home in west lancashire to Snowdon in north wale's for a lad's weekend and Jude had already spent time there many year's prior to this in an old sheep hut next to a farm house that the farmer rented out, it had a number of rough double bunk bed's so we each got one to our self now I chose the top one furthest from the door,. There was some kind of painting I could not make head's or tail's of and that just seemed abstract to me, neither could they make it out, that first night the wind picked up and the day's fine weather turned foul and wet with driving rain.

Upon the following morning we left the hut only to find the field outside that only the day before had over 40 camper's in tent's on it had been abandoned except for two collapsed tent's so we put off going up the mountain that day and spent some time just walking around exploring and having a drink in the pub that was conveniently situated right near the field we stayed in just on the other side of the country lane we nearly got into an argument with a drunk welsh guard whom was twice our size when we misperceived him as trying to bully us off the pool table (in hind sight he was just a bit drunk) but his friend's talked him down and we got out of that by the nape of our neck's.

That night we went back to the hut and had spaghetti hoop's and baked beans in tomatoe sauce thrown together in a pan for dinner (vile but when you are hungry it does wonder's for the taste) so we decided as we were only going to be one more full day there that we would go up the mountain the following day despite the rain and no wet weather gear or proper hiking boot's as we were all in trainers (sneakers) and jean's with coat's only suitable for casual wear,.

As I lay there in the darkness I felt a great sense of fear and butterfly's in my stomache, I knew something very bad was going to happen and felt I was going to die so I prayed "Please Lord If it is my time I accept your will but please look after my mother brother's and sister's and my friend's", I can't explain in word's but a sense of great calm came over me and I heard a noiseless voice yet it seemed louder and more clear than any spoken word as well as giving me a sense of absolute immensity and gentleness, it said in exactly these word's "DO NOT BE AFRAID MY SON THIS IS NEITHER THE TIME NOR THE PLACE",.

The following day we proceeded to walk the several mile's to the small town at the base of Snowdon were the cog railway start's that run's to it's peak and we walked along the side of the track up the mountain, after about 30 minute's Jude said follow me I know a shortcut and we proceeded to walk of to the left of the railway along a scree covered sheep track until we finally came to a small near vertical cliff were the track narrowed to a ledge that dropped off into the mist, Jude always a great climber was first up the rock face and bear in mind we were not in correct gear and the weather was atrocious so we were soaking wet, I was next and about 9 feet up I forgot the rule of three point's and reached for a hold that turned out to be a loose piece of moss, I slipped and fell backward but as my heel's hit the ledge Andrew on my right and John on my left each simultaneously caught my wrist's (John's grip was so tight the face of my watch shattered) saving my life as i would have gone over into the mist and how far I don't know as visabillity was only about 6 to 8 feet in the low cloud and rain, being foolhardy and having forgotten the experience of the previous night I climbed again and was followed by the other two, Jude leading the way we eventually reached the café on top of Snowdon and as we entered the side door the 3 people whom worked there stopped there talking in welsh and looked over at us aghast that anyone would be stupid enough to walk up the mountain in that weather and in jean's and trainer's (sneaker's) soaking wet the person mopping the floor looked none to pleased as well, after a cup of hot tea we numbe from cold walked back down the railway as it did not run in bad weather.

The strangest thing as we walked back into the hut on the far wall were I had slept the abstract image leaped out at me, it was a Shepherd with a crook and lantern, over on shoulder he had a lamb and tucked in to his grey robe at his foot was another it's head peeking around from the fold's, his head was down in driving rain.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 06:54 PM
Im not atheist or do i belong to any religion. I like to be in control of my own thoughts. And if there is a high power anyone shape or form than awesome. If not then oh well. With that said you'd be surprised how many people have jesus bumper stickers especially truck drivers. I can ask the same question tomorrow get on the freeway and im know i'll see a similar type of sticker.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by TheBlueShiroux.
I do not believe in god. I am sharing a story that I thought others may have found interesting. This doesn't mean anything about me besides the fact that this happened to me.
edit on 3/19/2013 by TheBlueShiroux because: (no reason given)

My friend, how much more clearer do you need this to be for you? The signs are everywhere, you just happened to finally take notice. God is amazing, we'll all come to realize that very soon....
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posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 08:30 PM

It's always lovely to see psychology in action where folks are eager to show off their self validating experiences as some sort of message to others.

Absolutely true, Druscilla, self-validating experiences are the most delusional kind, and they are also the hardest through which to gain a grip back on reality. Of course, you've garnered the usual thin-skinned, overly-sensitive critical reaction from others that believe in the same or similar delusional nonsense, but their opinions are pretty much as irrelevant to reality as their belief.

Here we are in the 21st century and we still have billions of people following superstitious medievalism, living their lives by following voices of great ignorance and stupidity from the far distant past. Personally, I find it utterly despairing. It seems our species is either incapable, or simply refuses to allow itself to move on from its mental infancy, to allow itself to grow up and mature and face reality in all its stark grimness and pristine beauty, without resorting to overtures to supernatural superlatives and cliches.

Our species will not survive if we continue to remain entrenched by such fears and superstition. There is more than enough insanity in the world without resorting to fairytales of old to validate our actions, or to justify our species brutality upon itself.

Throughout history voices of reason have always been attacked by the deluded and the delusional, and yours suffers the same fate in the 21st century.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 08:36 PM
Again, I'm going to make a stand for Druscilla, not that she needs me to, but because what she said is Right on TRUTH and Too many so called Believers in God, Jesus, etc., had better take notice...because whether YOU like it or not, the BIBLE says the same exact thing She just did. Old Testament, in books Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Ezekiel, Over and Over and Over...

About False Prophets, proclaiming Peace when there is NO PEACE. FACT, there is NO PEACE when Wickedness rules the land, when Children yes are forced into sex slavery and PRIVELEGED not only ignore it, they assist in the propping up of the Sex Molech industry with their Idolatry and evil practices. It's all over the Book, so it is a tad ironic, that so many who profess to KNOW God, completely IGNORE HIS warnings, or at least the Book.

FACT, millions of children yes live in HELL, this isn't some oh dear then forget thing, this is absolutley Inexcusable. And Worse, is that numerous FALSE teachings, spewed by so many pious today, are the foundations of the evils of one, patriarchy and Entitlements, elitism, RACISM, that promote and worse, Protect horrendous evils and human right abuses, under some false garment of Righteousness, and Drucsilla is right, it's Priveleged Bull#.

We live in a Culture saturated with scripture and western philosophies based upon, if not scripture, then Roman and Greek philosophy, etc. So of Course signs will be everywhere, Doesn't mean they are necessarily from God. Seriously if we were to believe half of the so called signs people claim, then the message is clear, God only loves pretty rich White people of the West. That's not right nor is it Holy...

Unless one is bat# insane or so Evil that they can't see through this LIE, then they are just pure evil. Tell you what, you want to see GOD,

Go to the streets and seek out the homeless, being thrown in jails for the crime of existing and being poor. go to the domestic violence shelters and see Just how many of these wome. Beaten to a pulp are from your local YeeHaw Brother CHURCHES. Go to the brothels and see how many girls raped by daddies praise Jesus are so screwed up they are raped by Johns while so called Righteous women can look down and be so assured that they are So much better, not like those whores, never mind it's Their righteous hubby raping the girl/woman...want to see GOD THAT'S where you'll find Him and Her.

And if you think this isn't scriptural, Think again...Jesus said, if you did it to the LEAST of these, you did it Unto me.
So no, signs from God on trucks in a culture saturated with Religion and Supremacy mindset, no,

Signs from God daily from Angels who put Lazurus on your gate and SCREAM DO SOMETHING...YES.

hats off to Drucsilla, for telling TRUTH. She's more Christ like in her bluntness, than all the Platitudes and Western feel good Emotionalism. And the Bible itself, backs up this very thing. maybe the problem is, too many are wanting feel good signs and doctrines, but avoid TRUTH, yea, kind of what's screwed up about society today. history repeats itself...including religion, faith and delusions.

We need to spend less time wanting feel goods, and more time doing something about the HELL right in our own backyard, maybe Then, well see who God GODDESS
truly is.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 08:57 PM
As to the militancy, it's in response to the many slams against Druscilla about her post, because I work in advocacy against the sex SLAVE industry among other issues and it really peeves me, to read Defenses of this garbage and especially cloaked under "oh God is so good, blah blah blah". because She is right,

For billions and billions they NEVER see any "signs" and not only That,

They don't even Have anything good to look back on to even Measure what Goodness is, or to even Have an Image even, of Heaven...and then they DIE in that Hell.

It's no small issue to me, and yes It infuriates me because it IS PRIVELEGE of the Worse kind, because much of our Privilege comes on those kids Backs. That's right, militarization has a Lot to do with sex slavery, the corporate industry, arms, computer...and PATRIARCHY. Religion is a lot of the backbone of the Slave Industry in our world, FACT. It's called virgin whore the research.

So it's not like she said anything that Wasnt true...she's a voice for the Millions out there who Have no voice,

Did it Ever occur to you, that That Voice is God?

But several slammed her, because the Message offends their Comfort bubble, well you know, Tough. because Christianity and other Religions are responsible for Mage misery in our world, and it's far past time to Do something to change it. You know ere is another scripture, in John I believe, that goes like this....How can you Love God whom you can't see, if you do not love your brother/sister who you CAN see?

Says a lot, right there...we find God, if God is Love, also in John (for those who swear by scripture) when we WALK in Love, not Platitudes, but Love. for me, I believe yes Jesus was real, not the Jesus religion teaches, but the Thousands of Slaves, many of them children, who were crucified for the Roman Empire, and those stories are bits, combined, of what THEY would say to US, our ancestors, JE S US, US is plural. Why I came to this, because in history there IS no documentation of one Jesus, and the Bible was written How many years later??? But we DO know,

Thousands of Innocent people, we're mercilessly enslaved, butchered for sport, for an Empire and past empires and so, that I believe is the Real message of the books. They wanted a different world, I think the rulers Used that to further control slaves, but the Message is there. maybe there was a Jesus, maybe not, but it's the metaphors and messages, that are important, as even the Book says,

My word, those who Love me OBEY my Word. so even if, one doesn't believe in the actual Jesus, the Message of Millions is the same...Lazurus is at the gate, what do YOU do? You can't get more of a sign of the True God, Love, than that. Platitudes, feel good songs, para this para that, don't mean squat,

If the Lazurus at your gate, who'd take even a Crumb of the Privelge we have, are simply ignored and walked on by. That, is why I'll stand with Drucsilla, because she nailed it, ugly truth, but she nailed it.

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 09:56 PM
Interesting to see the psychological reaction...

When a group thinks they might be losing one of their own.

Wickedly ironic.


posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by elysiumfire

Sorry but I must interject here and not meaning to sound overly critical but, you say our specie's will not survive, if it were not for religion wrong or right you would if you existed at all be living in a cave or a grass hut with no ethic's, moral's or social structure other than the fittest survive, I don't know about you but I am not an animal, the body maybe but not the soul and if you do not believe in that then I am afraid you are delusional, explain if you can the result of far higher than statistical probability would project of accurate account's of the hidden message that an experiment carried out in operating theatre's around the state's were the message would be placed were it could not be seen but was designed to attract the attention when seen by somebody whom was OOBE during and operation i.e. there conscious-ness floating over there body were amongst those whom claimed that they had observed there body (usually when they had a death on the operating table with a successful resuscitation) and were able to relay the hidden message - not conclusive but please open your mind as an atheist is the ultimate religeous nut so lost in there belief they regard everybody else as wrong.

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by openeyeswideshut
reply to post by TheBlueShiroux

Maybe I should also point out that there was a 6 right under the question who will you follow.

I do not think those numbers serve any meaning besides tracking trucks or something.

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by BeenieWeenie
This type of "game" seems to be more of a variation of the ouiji board.
If you believed in your question, and you believe this is God's reply, then it seems obvious Christ was asking you to choose to follow him or go down the other path. Have you dedicated yourself to Christ? If no, then why not? How could God's answer be clearer?

Why not? Because I don't believe in god. I can't explain this experience, but I do not believe in God. I will continue to live my life the way I was intended to, not how an outdated book tells me to. The year is 2013 and times have changed. I was not born a "sinner". I will not go to church to "save myself". I am a good person and at the end of the day, me believing in a strange confusing thing just will never happen. I have never believed in God. I honestly never will. I don't see a point in believing in something to change things in the "afterlife". I would like to live my life to the fullest instead of devoting it fully to something that is, in my opinion, a waste of my time.

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