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Could This be the First Evidence of Aliens and The Afterlife Being Related?

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posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by mtlcruisin
So all the governments are in on this? I still find it funny how the only footage that always comes up is grainy, distorted, far out. Why does nobody ever get nice HD close ups?

Explain "in on this", please.

I think it is grainy and distorted because the spirit realm is a little different than ours and some information, visual or audiodative, is bound to get lost in the process of conversion.
As I said earlier, a "nice HD close-up" would do nothing good. If there was some it would be "an appearant hoax" anyway, just like the "historic moment" recording.
I usually hate the reference but now I must make it myself; either you have the blue pill and go on denying the obvoius against better knowing and/or because you are afraid of what they told you to fear (also against better knowing), or you have the red and get a whole new set of tools to understand the world, our history and our species from a holistic viewpoint. In other words: true wisdom.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by Raud

I think it is grainy and distorted because the spirit realm is a little different than ours and some information, visual or audiodative, is bound to get lost in the process of conversion.

Interesting, do you have any evidence to support this or is it merely just what you 'think' is correct?

If it's the latter, why should anyone accept this claim? and why would anyone armed with nothing but what they 'think' talk about "true wisdom"?

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by Prezbo369

I wrote what I "think", and that is why I wrote exactly that. Since I have not been dead yet I can of course not know for sure. The evidence is in the evidence so to speak, i.e. in the gathered material that has returned grainy and/or whatnot.

The "wisdom" does not alone relate to the above (at least that wasn't my intention). It is more about accepting the fact that there truly exists a spiritual dimension and that death is not the end. Wisdom is knowledge but not limited to just that; it is about knowledge and the understanding that there is more than what we can know. Humility of sorts. I guess you can describe wisdom with much more than just that but I don't want to go into that discussion here and now in respect towards the OP and the topic at hand (avoiding topic drift).
I might have expressed myself a bit clumpsy and a bit too briefly in that aspect.

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by xEphon

I've watched it. Very interesting. Sure seems to answer the mail.
I'm very curious about the "alien" picture that shows up on their video. Lots of talk about aliens and ghost connection. This was the first tie I'd seen the connection but I don't remember the Scole group ever talking about this. I looked for a book on the topic but couldn't see any. Is/was there anymore discussion on this by them?

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 10:44 PM
Not letting them film with in fared in the dark makes me suspicious.The early century frauds pulled all their dirty tricks in the dark.

posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by wrkn4livn

Yeah, I agree; that "alien" entitiy, whatever it is, has been bugging me since I saw it...
I am making some connections here between present day abduction stories and the stories from the past about the incubus and the succubus... This might tie together the "ghost-alien", "alien-demon" and/or "extraterrestial-extradimensional" theories.
We should not lose track of these speculations, they might hold some great answers to our understanding of the world and what it may hold.
That blue being from the video is maybe the representative for a whole range of "other-worldly" entities, who

It sure is interesting to think about it, not to say unnerving, that this strange creature is out there, in between or on either side of the worlds...haunting...

It would be an awesome experience to get to communicate with something like that, to find out what it knows... Maybe that is what King Solomon did back in his day? By the way, did you notice that in the long documentary when his voice came over the radio: "I am Solomon" and everyone just freaked out!
That was just sooo cool!

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posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by Raud

The Monroe Institute is another source that presents some evidence for aliens and the afterlife being inter-related. Institute pioneer Robert Monroe made use of a combination of sound technology, visualization exercises, and self-hypnosis to uncover latent potential towards altered states of consciousness related to OBEs, remote viewing, and healing.

In his last book in the trilogy, he mentions getting in touch with a 'UFO operator' whose sole purpose is to harvest the emotion of humour (laughter..). That, and other incidents on his voyages were truly absurd sounding, though in his defense they were his early attempts at making sense of his explorations in consciousness. Also, he formulated his 'belief systems territories' which in my opinion is an excellent theory on charting the different levels that individual consciousness can reside in while living and in-between cycles of reincarnation.

The idea of feeding off of emotions isn't that unreasonable. Emotion is a function of attention, of awareness collected on something external to oneself. It is abundantly clear how much of a role it plays in today's world, and to the mind itself.

Let me propose something unusual: imagine a discarnate entity that's out in some so-called lower astral afterlife. Like any state of existence, it too requires energy (if not the same ones as a biological organism) to maintain its otherwise fading essence. Suppose it too is just a hollow shell, a memory residue (suppose it as the Morphogenic field theory) with just enough associative capacity to be classified as sentient. Now if it could attract the attention (directed awareness and its creative life-force) of humans, would it be that unusual to chose a strategy of fear? Such a strong instinctual drive of fight-flight has an easy connection to alertness, fear, and with enough repetition, despair, trauma and even PTSD. What better way to elicit these as to impersonate-pretend to be some top of the food-chain predator (the unknown - an alien), a perfect symbol that the mind easily attributes its darkest and most sinister concepts towards. If such a strategy were effective enough by the entity, it could create an archetype that would play out over and over in its victims and hosts (those who unknowingly perpetuate such contact, perhaps through subconscious association with other victims and those vulnerable to such suggestibility). These are of course just theories, and not meant to belittle the effects of such encounters or the seriousness of the matter.

Back to Monroe, he and his team also experienced a few episodes of what could be called paranormal: unexplainable electrical problems, levitation, etc. This also ties in with other common reports of sightings and abductions.

It was also not only Monroe, but others who worked with him (Rosalind McKnight) who reported contact with non-human entities who claimed to have never incarnated as humans. They too describe stereotypical scenarios of other abduction literature.

I won't comment on Strassman due to it being a slippery slope with the T&Cs, but there certainly seems to be a role associated with one's state of consciousness and contact experiences.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 03:39 AM
(sorry in advance for not having spell-check available)

reply to post by pilotx

Your theory about harvesting and feeding of fear is quite interesting.
Personally, I've thought of it as spirits operating on a different frequencey (dimension really) and our emotions emit vibrations (good or bad "vibes") that make it possible for them to manifest in our realm. Fear, as you say, is a mighty emotion, able to cripple a grown person (sometimes premanently- even lethal) and since "ghosts" are for some reason or another fundamently connected with horror in most of the world's lore, we bring on those feelings in the presence of the spirits. If one would be able to bring on some other emotion, say love for instance, I guess they could manifest very well in that frequency as well. I've never had the chance to really try this out but I've had some occurances that has made me wonder about it...

Anyway, that some entities "prey" on fear and emotions alike is not such a wild idea. I think one major thing is to realize that the afterlife might not be all peaches and cream- there are rules for survival on that side as well but in a whole 'nother ball game.
Might that be so that such "predators" could be avoided if you do not fear them?
I've been of the idea that all spirits are of the same essence and that no angel, demon or soul is made from a substance more or less powerful than the other. Only the perception of them gives them more or less power. The energy held within the soul is charged with immense energy and it is readily available as long as you are able to realize it (this is where the tethered human mind sets the limits through generations of culural imprint).
Of course, such a predator would know how to get its fill so it might not be easy to fend them off all the time...
Is it in place to add the old proverb: you are what you eat? If the entity feeds of a specific kind of emotion, it becomes synonymous with it? Are we still not obliged to regard some emotions as "bad" and some as "good" despite this being true (if it is)? Is an entity of hate to be regarded equal as one of love?
*brain bursting alert*

A challenge to the theories above:
My younger sister currently lives in an appartment that is "haunted". I think it is a portal to "the other side".
She has constant electrical problems, such as light bulbs bursting all the time, she's got EVP over the phone (both parties can hear them) and about every night she has "someone" standing by her bed looking at her.
Now, she's not bothered with it (she says) but she still sleeps with the light on (lol).
What I am going for here is however, how can the spirits manifest if there is no emotion to feed them? I am aware that this might also be a case of my sister not telling me the truth about how she feels about all this...
The thing is: she clearly has the gift. This is far for the first time she's had contact (sometimes it has been phsical even) but she still won't believe any of it! At least she keeps all options open- that includes her personal favourite: her own "wild imagination"
I tried preaching but she won't have it (we're all much too alike sometimes).
So she won't recognize them fully, still they are attracted to her. How is that?

Sorry for being so very totally OT, I ask for the tolerance of OP and Mods, but these subjects is what occupies me most of my spare time nowadays and there is litterarily no end to all my inquiries into this field.
I will look at the Monroe Institute and return with some input maybe.

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posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 04:18 PM
The voices apparently were audible when the speaker was removed, valves were removed and even when the radio was unplugged.
No real explanation... beyond our comprehension...

I note that hauntings have taken place through non working electronic devices

My guess is it is some sort of focus of projection

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 04:47 PM
You know that there are many alien contactee's whom are using the same techniques medium's use to contact the spirit world (WORLD), in the 1800's and perhaps even earlier the psychic's and mediums spoke of world at different frequency's of spirit and of course there is similarity to the modern terminology of quantum theory, perhaps Our species is anctually a symbiosis of a higher dimensional form with a lower dimensional form as indeed all our main religions seem to point out in there belief in the spirit/soul and perhaps as said by this thread the majority of the ufo's may originate from that or another higher plane.
Maybe other races out there have learned to elevate there entire form to this higher plane with whatever benefit that may provide including possible faster then light travel, some UFO sighting have aspects of both energy and matter so maybe transitioning between these two dimensional states through technology.
The real danger is does our (or somebody else') tampering with such technology pose a risk to our higher symbiont state or soul and should we perhaps be trying to protect that instead.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 05:20 PM
After watching the video and going through the facts I am totally baffled as to how anybody could be compelled to believe that the "proof" presented in the materials resulting from the experiments is legitimate. I'm often skeptical but I wouldn't call myself a skeptic, but really... just because these people say it's not a hoax, doesn't mean it's not a hoax - or that, at the very least, materials haven't been altered.

The various "alien" faces like the first black and white one shown in the video (after seeing that I thought the whole thing was a gag) and the various well-known, antique historical photographs they picked up on film... those two things, among MANY others, are proof enough in my mind that this isn't authentic. I don't believe that spirits nor aliens work like that. I very much believe in aliens and an afterlife, I've had experiences with both, and I would like to see hard evidence as much as the next inquisitive human, but this is just plain fake.

All the stipulations put on the experiment just take away even more from the experiments' credibility. How many times did they have to repeat in the video that the people conducting the experiment were "normal people" with a "lawyer/businessman" observing who insists that everything was legit... come on.

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