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Have you been abducted ?

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by BreathOfFreshAir
verywhere I have moved. And they have continued with my children. I have been pregnant 4 times and have only 2 children. The other two both suddenly became "non-viable" at 11 1/2 weeks. An empty womb on ultrasound. I am not crazy and they are not unstable. I am in my 40s now and my children are adults. We all continue to experience things.

That must have been heartbreaking to experience, I've also known someone who was pregnant who didn't experience a miscarriage, the baby was simply missing. They were about 4 months along, and it wasn't a phantom pregnancy, it was a confirmed pregnancy, and then baby was just gone.

The story of Kim Carlsberg may interest you, she claims that ETs used her for breeding purposes, and later in life she was taken to meet her child.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by MissTaken

I have read several personal stories on this particular aspect of abductions. And, yes, both of my pregnancies were confirmed by doctors. I experienced no type of miscarriage other than a minute amount of bleeding. It was sad, but somehow I knew that I eventually would have the family I wanted. The doctors explained them away as Nature's way of being selective, which I can totally buy into. They were my first 2 pregnancies.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by Fromabove

I think so, early 80's to mid 90's. I would say it was sleep paralysis but there are several problems with that. Because sleep paralysis does not do things like give you strange markings or cause someone else to be abducted with you with the same memories experience missing time. Another thing is I was shown events such as 911 as a child on a large flat wrap around screen, I distinctly seen the twins collapse and carried that memory. When that fateful day unfolded i called event after events precisely in front of my family members. My mother said it must be the devils doing because only God knows the future... well then demons look like spindly little people with big black almond shape eyes and large heads and use telepathy.

I have come to accept that there is something and someone else here with us, still I remain skeptical to what they really are. Nor do I have control or any impact on the foreseeable future and events to unfold even when I can describe them on the dime. All i can do is make popcorn and enjoy the rest of the show.
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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by Fromabove

OP, I don't have much experience with UFOs, although I have seen some zig zaging in the sky, but I do enjoy reading other's experiences.

Just want to thank you for starting this thread, and give you a S&F.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 08:03 PM
Since you guys are mentioning sleep paralysis as a possible abduction or alien experience I would like to share another story. Let me just say that 'Sleep Paralysis' only happens to me when I don't sleep enough. If I go to bed past say, 5 AM; I will experience 'Sleep Paralysis' that night. Based on my knowledge, the affects of sleep paralysis seemed to be the body's way of catching up on lost sleep. Now, I am not saying for sure this experience has anything to do with interdimensional beings but what I had seen is quite intriguing; especially when you've read experiences of people seeing similar looking creatures.

I was up all night with one of my girlfriends and did not sleep at all until the next night. Being so exhausted, I wound up falling asleep around 7pm. I remember waking up around 9pm (I had an alarm clock that was visible from my POV) being unable to move any part of my body except for my eyes. As I layed in my bed, the sound of static was so piercing I actually thought the sound was going to give me seizures. As I looked around in panic, tall black figures appeared around my bed. They were of a shadow color, almost see-through; and their figures were very similar to some kind of insectoid (almost like a praying mantis). I'd say they were about 6ft tall and remember looking at their hands. They had very long fingers, only three fingers and at the end were very sharp nails. I also remember seeing long jagged spikes coming out from their thin wrists. After seeing all of this I awoke in a sweat around 12 AM.

Maybe when our brains are catching up on our sleep cycle we can run into access to a different dimension? Maybe our brain takes a trip through this dimension while doing some emergency rewiring? Maybe its just our brains in over-drive to recuperate the lost sleep and our imaginations are in over-drive as well?


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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

great, 81% on HomerinNC's test.

Reassuring :/

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 01:35 AM
You know FromAbove I have to ask you: Were you yourself abducted?

Is that why you are interested in the stories of others or is it mere curiosity of a personal nature unrelated to your own experiences.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by MattyGable2
As I layed in my bed, the sound of static was so piercing I actually thought the sound was going to give me seizures. As I looked around in panic, tall black figures appeared around my bed. They were of a shadow color, almost see-through; and their figures were very similar to some kind of insectoid (almost like a praying mantis). I'd say they were about 6ft tall and remember looking at their hands. They had very long fingers, only three fingers and at the end were very sharp nails. I also remember seeing long jagged spikes coming out from their thin wrists. After seeing all of this I awoke in a sweat around 12 AM.

I have had a similar experience, it happened to me throughout my teenage years up until I was 22. I would hear the sleep paralysis coming. I could hear it in the distance, and at the point I was already struggling to move, and as it got closer the paralysis became like someone sitting on top of me, a definite weight. I always described the sound as being similar to the roar of the ocean. A young friend of mine also experienced this roaring noise, ten years later. Whenever this paralysis would hit, I would be fully conscious and fighting it, it felt like I was fighting for my life, and it was always accompanied by a talk figure in a black robe, with a concealed face. I only discovered very recently that many abductees report the reptillians often dress in black robes, and abduct in this manner.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Well I took your test and got 77%

I have had many experiences and some have left me frightened to the core!
I won't go into detail, but here are a couple of them.

From a very young age I had dreams of flying or running through the air.

When I was 14yrs old me and a friend saw what could only be described as a triangle UFO, it seem to follow us through the park. We lost around an hour in time.

When I was 19yrs old I had a very real feeling dream, basically; walking through a field when a friend came running towards me and my then boyfriend. Shouting "quick run there coming, there here" I didn't run, but instead got on the ground with my knees tucked under me, holding the hand of my boyfriend. Then a very very bright white light followed by intense heat on the back of my neck! I woke up with the feeling of pure fear, and being in the same position i was in my dream. When i felt the back of my neck it was red hot, i got out of bed turned the light on and when to the mirror to look. Only to find the back of my neck was red.
That night I was to scared to go to sleep and slept with the light on for two weeks after.

Then when I was 20yrs old I had a dream I was in a bright white room with me laying on a bed with my arms strapped to by my side, I tried to move but froze as I could see a short figure in the corner of this room. I then told myself to wake up, wakeup!! When I woke, yet again I was in the same position as in the dream. Again fear filled me and stayed with me till the age of 30.

why 30, well after these two very real dreams i had a very unnerving fear of aliens and UFOs's. I felt that at night i was being watched. A few times i had woke up in the night to see a small figure in the room.

The fear went away shortly after turning 31yrs old. When I had the most amazing feeling during a dream. Again there was bright light, i couldn't see anything apart from the light. I Felt something/someone was with me. I knew it wasn't human. I felt a warm rush of energy and woke up feeling safe and happy.

Now I have no fear of aliens and UFOs. It completely gone, no feeling of being watched.

Mybe there gonna leave me be now!!

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by Fromabove
reply to post by LEL01

1. unexplained nosebleeds.
2. unexplained marks, bruises, scraps, needle marks on the body.
3. panic attacks.
4. an awareness of being watched, even if no one seems to be there.
5. nightmares.
6. lost time.
7. sudden unexplained fear.
8. sleep paralysis.
9. sudden awakenings.

I've heard in the past that these could be indicators of events where a person "may" have had such an experience.

Im new here, and I had been wanting to post my alien visits for a couple weeks but with my "visits" i have no answers on which to back anything besides my visits for various of beings ( ill get to those shortly)

I havent been "abducted" that I remember but I have had trouble memories and pain that I have now been able to put together based on my visits is the bits i have been able to recall that started happening back in oct and to this current day.

When I read his reply, I hit 8 of the 9 symptoms he listed. One I havent is panic attacks. All the rest to a T.

I could start from beginning but I would want to hear the experiences I mentioned first before backstory and it all started to make sense after (i guess the experiences i was allowed to remember)

I've been able to retain more memory which each visit, so ill start with the first, Which is all takes place is my room, my girl friend sleeps next to me, she sleeps on side closest to wall and i sleep on the right side. She has experienced some things but not much as i have, but ill get to that another time.

Here is brief description of my rooms so it can help with the visual

My apt bedroom is 15ft x10ft, small rectangle.
My bed sits is on the sw corner and about 3 foots off the ground.
door to my room is NE corner and my closet is right next to the door. I always leave my entry door open and my closet door. I leave my closet door open because I have a plastic shoe rack on the inner door side, thus leaving a dark opening in my room from main door and closet door, with that stated ill begin.

Sometime back in oct 2012 i was sleeping and I awoken in a paralyzing state (again, back story to this later---but before this time I had experienced while sleeping and i would fight the feeling, which feels like you have been taken over, your body is glass and when u are released, feels like the glass is shattered), I felt a presence coming from the closet opening, but all i can make out is darkness,( mind you im also is a daze stated, not fully wake ) I instantly go to warn my girl friend who is next to me, im able to turn my head toward her but my words come out like slush, i cant move my lips properly, i turn my head back and again my drawn to the closet opening, I know i cant see something but i cant make it out. next day I shrug it off to a dream but i do tell her about my dream. Well for the next couple weeks I have pain in my shoulder I dont know what from, its a sharp stabbing pain, like if you had received a a big needle shot. but I dont make the connection til later.

girlfriend and I after this time start to watch Ancient Aliens (was never alien nut b4 this time) and watched whole series and i started to research more stuff on youtube. Bob lazar, John lear, (then had my next alien visit) which prompted me more research, which lead to 'Victor, alien interview, dis-closer project then back to another john lear tells all which then lead me to ATS _sleeper threads, which put alot more things to prospective for me for my 'contacts' ( Ive only had exchange of communication with one and ill get to that)

With all that said I been able to say which ones I believe i have 'seen':
mantid in 1st visit and 3rd
A Higher Grey, not the machine small grey, 2nd
Small grey 3rd visit along mantid, at least i saw it that time
Orion Grey 4th (big nose) this is only full face i can clearly remember and one I can remember actually communcating with.
White Grey 5th
6th visit, i guess would the crystal/light being and this one i was full awake to see, instantly snapping out of mid dream and opening my eyes. It was a mass shape but its had 2 colors, red and a yellowish white light. it was in patterns tho. The light was, well best way to describe it is like if you ever randomly seen the small line rainbow stars form your eyes that move around randomly and fade away, it was like that but in different block patterns that followed that i can see clearly against my east white sheet rock wall. This time i was somewhat fearful but , convincing myself not to be afraid. The lights vanished to the east and then i felt a good sensation through out my body, like cool water was flowing through it, which made me look at my feet. I turn back to look at the wall and I see a light being, but its a yellowish light only but the light traces its body and face features, when i blinked it changed into 3 different being forms.

out of chars
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 02:27 AM
Ill continue on my other visits later, specially my 3rd one cuz i was able to come out paralyze state and, remember A LOT for that one but if i started on it id be typing another couple hours cuz it would lead to more info/typing and its late. I went thru 4998 characters on last post

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by Boxtown

You have had many different types of "visitors". That sounds similar to another member who posted in my thread, Alfred2012.
Here is a PDF he made of the different ETs that he has been in contact with:

I look forward to reading the rest of your story. I gave you a star.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by sled735

Thanks for that pdf. The types he has, I will describe the kinds I've seen. And I do realize there may be more, and some of what is remembered one way, may be something else. For example, when talking about the blond nordics in blue uniforms, and reversing it, at that sentence it said, they were furry. Which meant felines from sirius. I do have a vague feeling about that as it is so would have put them on the list.

-tall blond, usually couples. A man and a woman. They look nordic, ie akin to norwegian, stronger jaws, and white teeth. The men closer to 7 feet, the women over 6. This would be closest to the way the man looked.

(She was finer boned and more pretty. They're very tall, and often together and since childhood. Also, they work with greys. They're very cool and scientific yet good with kids. Based here it seems. Pleiadian by what I call them. I don't feel they're exactly good, but I would never call them renegades.

During an encounter with him, I had memories flood and was just filled with Love and remembrance for him. My friend in finland had said that this group was altair, that is nordics not from pleiades, but at that moment, knew he was pleiadian, and just beamed love at him, saying, Thank You for all the work you've done for so long, for making this sacrifice to watch over humanity and now its time to raise your love up higher and go home.

And then I never felt intimidated or scared or disempowered by them again. It gave me my power back. Because you don't with this.

These are not astral, its phyiscal, corporal and includes some medical checkups and various things.

(watched over my car while I drove mountain roads. Mind you the one who took over driving finally on one of my trips, looked more like the man above. But this one took me through a portal at the end of my trip when I was in the shower, and I recognized this place, and we went into a council meeting, then I woke up)

The women have been blond, but there were many men wearing black uniforms with dark hair, one with curls, very very strong chests. I call them heros.

Very very tall couple, man roughly 8 feet, looked like Triple H in build, with long dark blond hair, but showed himself to me as much more handsome, and he showed me images of his wife, his children, he had a family. Identified as from Taurus and Telos/Shasta.

Greys, different types of greys, including a rose colored one, that was more twiggy.

Reptilian, didn't go, he needed permission and I didn't give it. Don't know if there were reptilians hidden in the events that are buried in my memories at all.

red eyes.

Albino types too. I've had odd contact, telepathic around me. Had a message sent not to write on msn, and then got tagged whenever I drove out. Tall, pale, albino male kept coming into my mind and an invitation to meet with him, but I hung back on that. I know there are ETs living amongst us, even locally so to speak. Won't go into this kind of thing too much.

Need to add this, was just talking about this with my friend last night. He had linked the video where Prime Minister Medvedev had disclosed ETs where here and mentioned Men In Black which was probably not the movie, but this one:

MEN IN BLACK - Full Russian Documentary With English Subtitle

There is an account given by someone taken to many bases here, and it was really alarming because I knew the groups he was talking about, and he says what they are doing with humanity, long term from the beginning, our evolution, protecting earth from energies and meteors, and being destroyed, doing medical and a variety of tasks. And of course, yes, that would also be where that nordic couple since childhood, that I remembered fit into and the Taurus couple as well.

In addition the MIBs. I had an MIB sighting, but not exactly an encounter, that I can remember. There were 4 men in black, very very odd to see them. Walking shoulder to shoulder abroad the roadway. And when I looked back they were gone. I wasn't threatened by them, but it was very odd.

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:38 AM
In answer to your title: No

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by Fromabove

hi, this is my first post... i am a lurker,, i have seen about five times something in the sky, that in my mind i can call a ufo, alien or not, the first when i was child i saw light orbs around the moon that shot beams to the surface, shortly after i saw a star that started pulsating light rings in the sky, like water droplets, this one had about ten witnesses becouse it was new year -97 or something, then nothing for years when i saw this orb that looked like a star, that shooted across the winter night sky in a zig-zag pattern, then a couple of years ago this perfectly round super dense "cloud ball" went across a field in bright day light, that was strange. then last fall was the price piggy when i saw with my girlfriend from our living room a very cool classic saucer shaped craft very close, about 30 meters high in the air then i started to look for my cam so i could get a shot, i did, but a little too late becouse it got pretty far when i took the shot. i believe now that allmost all clear ufo sightings are military drones, becouse i`ve seen so many of them. BUT the abductions are a different story my astral/sleeping me has been abducted several times by these biomechanical insectoids that are as beatiful as terrifying, words can`t even describe them, H:R giger does a pretty good job depicting them. the last thing i m gonna tell here is from a period of my life that was really hard for me becouse at that time i suffered from mental issues. i was in my home when my surroundings got absolutely messed up an i saw this incredibly beatifull bioinsectoid bee like humanoid woman that vomited or feeded in this huge interdimensional larvaes mouth... i know sounds disgusting and crazy but it was quite the opposite. at the present i feel good and balanced, but i know what one will find just around the corner of perception. oops, kinda long post.... sorry!

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:07 AM
And will share a friends experiences, or more recent, that also fits into what I mentioned about the earth bases, those watching over and doing medical here, and her own lifelong experiences since childhood, and astral work alot. So, she had these two blond nordic males who were so familiar to her, as in she felt she knew them far beyond this life time. She said, its like we hung out for ages and worked together. She thought they were hero warrior types, protectors. The one she described as very tall and very flamboyant/outgoing. The other even taller, and more intense reserved. During night time activities, she thought was astral, the more intense one had said, "Im the one you keep forgetting."

She's very petite, half native, half Scottish, nearly retirement age herself. This one man, very outgoing, nordic and 6 3 maybe, walks in the store and makes a fuss over her, and then insists she help him pick out long sleeved tops that would fit, and whisks up his top to show her a scar and she says, Why that looks like a bullet hole, and he says, Yes Titanium! slapping his thigh. She phoned me afterwards and said, I know him. Im sure he's the guy from my dreams.

Then, a week later, a man even taller, walks in and won't talk to her. Finally, very intimidated, she asks can I help you? He says, "Im the one you keep forgetting" as he heads out.

She is head over heels over this. And I did a kind of RV session meditation, informal, to check it out and also to tell them to not have bad intentions with my friend, to ensure they are up and up and all that. Serve and Protect is something we should be doing and I speak up on those issues. They're not allowed to mess with her.

And I saw her, she was in an underground, and know where it was, and what it was connected to, there is medical involved in this as well. The base felt more ET than human. Not a military one, but you can't be 100% certain on something like that coming in a RV session. Bases and connections run from the coastal and Shasta regions and Cascadian mountains to the Okanagan

Now, that is another thing. When it comes to ets and my friends, I want to know who is doing what to whom and why, and usually attempt contact to ensure they know that Love is the rule and Love only does certain things. Micro/macro, even little guys have a right to speak and challenge things. And see what permissions are being given and what is going on. Serve and Protect mode is very needed when family and friends are involved and being the mouse that roared if necessary.
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 12:42 PM
Maybe, but I think it was more like a lucid dream that I experienced.

This was several years ago, I had been researching astral projection at the time, and felt ready to experiment with it. I was a bit of a skeptic, but thought why not give it a try. I lay in my bed, and focused on reaching a heightened relaxed state, it worked. Then I focused on losing sense of my physical starting from my toes, and working my way up to my head. It worked too. This was very exciting, but I made sure I focused on remaining relaxed. As I lay there, I could feel this tingly feeling on the top of my cranium. I focused on it, or more like flexed it, kinda hard to explain, but when I did this, I felt a surge that seemed like liquid static surge from the top of my head, down to the base of my spine.

When this happened, my mind felt open, like it had expanded outward, I could sense the particle board in my dresser, the glue particles that held it together. I could sense the layout of the wiring throughout the walls. Then I could sense something strange, like a tube of focus honing in on me. It gave me a bad feeling, I couldn't let it get to me, so I attempted to leave my body, but it was too late, the unexplainable anomaly was on me.

Suddenly I feel myself lunge forward at an incredible speed. I could see countless stars whooshing past me, as I moved forward through space. As I was moving forward, I realized I was in some sort of tube, it was transporting me to some location. I sensed forward to the location, and it gave me a horrible feeling, as I helplessly was moving trapped in this transporting ethereal tube, the solution to getting out of it came to me. I focused on my cranium again, preformed a static surge, and then felt an extremely intense vibration feeling. It felt like my entire self was vibrating so hard, it was going to shred into a million pieces.

I blasted out of the side of the energy tube, and could now navigate myself through space, using my mind. I immediately thought of somewhere to go. I thought nearest planet with intelligent life on it. Instantaneously I was looking at a world, it was magnificent, unlike anything I had ever seen. The whole planet was tan, but it had pink cracks all over its surface. I moved down to the surface of the planet, it had huge canyons everywhere, and at the base of the canyons is where all of the pink came from. I went down into one of the canyons. Its like my mind could absorb bits and pieces of information from everything around me.

At the base of these canyons there was water, the flowed from rivers, that came from the top of the canyons. This water was full of aquatic life, and they all had something in common, a microorganism that was the reason they all glowed pink. In fact the very water glowed pink, it was a bit to much if you ask me. Then I looked at the the wall of the giant canyon, I could see thick dense roots that weaved themselves in and out of its edge, and to my amazement, they went to the top of the canyon. They were plants that had been growing for tens of thousands of years, and had effectively pushed the landscape of all the canyons up, effectively altering the layout of the entire world.

I then began examining the aquatic life all around me, I found the intelligent life form that was there on the world. They were relatively humanoid looking. I could spend several paragraphs describing what they looked like, and describe some of there physiology, but I will simply just show you one later.

Anyway, I could sense another conscious next to me, so I focused on it. It was like I involuntarily accidentally invaded her mind. I started absorbing her history, bits and pieces of her language. Her name was Sheigrasha, she worked for someone named Prime Cypurt, who was extremely tall, and had six fingers on each hand. She was some sort of galactic agent, agents who called themselves the Cypurt's. In there number system, there digit number was the sixth symbol, or in other words, there 36, is three digits, but held the same value as our 36.

After I managed to stop what was happening, she floating in the air in front of me, said "what just happened", then I said "I don't know, it just happens. She then had a baffled look on her face, at least I think it was a baffled look, and replied "how do you know my native tongue". I had no idea what she was talking about, because I swear she was speaking english. She floated towards me, and said "come with me", as she touched my left temple with here hand.

We were then sitting on a couch looking thing in a room, my mind did its annoying absorb thing, we were on a space station, orbiting there world. She asked the Who are you? Where are you from, and How did you get here questions. I then told her everything. She told me I was in danger, and that she would get prime to contact me when she woke up.

There is more to the experience, but I have ran out of characters
picture of Sheigrasha

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Khedwulf

After Sheigrasha told me about prime contacting me, I said something that surprised me even. I said "will I ever see you again?" She shook her head, and said "I hope so". I could then sense the energy tube again, moving in quickly. My face went from awkward happy, to terrified. Her face went from smiling, to concerned. I was then instantly involuntarily whooshing through space again, I was torn, and fearful that I would never see Sheigrasha again. I then began to mind surge, but it was to late, I was sucked into some sort of ethereal metal pod. I could hear thoughts projecting between each other. They were discussing me. source 1 "imagine what we could learn from it". Source 2 "No it is to dangerous" . Source 1 "What would you suggest we do". Source 2 "quarantine its mind".

I then heard a really loud noise, and felt like a pressure feeling smashing down on me. I could feel it starting to absorb my memories of the experience I had just had. I wasn't about to let it, so I put all of my effort into mind surging. I felt a searing pain, and the pressure was pushed off, but it burned a symbol into my mind. I then woke up, laying in my bed. I was drenched in sweat, I looked at my alarm clock, the time was 2:22 pm. I had to have been asleep for 14 hours. I get out of bed feeling completely drained, I drink a few large glasses of water, and start to feel a little better. Then I drew a picture of Sheigrasha in a journal.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Also here is a picture of the symbol burnt into my mind. I carved it into wood, it doesn't look right when it isn't 3D.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 02:37 PM
To pick up where I left off on the light being(s), they light itself didnt give off light. Three different ones I saw, but i short of recognized them by the descriptions from Simon Bersh videos. I dont if it was 3 separate beings or one transforming into another when i blinked cuz I was grawgy from just waking up but I they were all creature looking features, but i definitely thought was the lion race one.

The transparency of the light traces made me feel like i was able to see beyond a veil/window into another plane. I tried to quickly think of some questions to ask mentally but I didnt come up with anything and they were gone.
This total encounter lasted less then 2 minutes and the next day i see images again when suddenly awake from mid dream, but this time i only saw symbols, it time i blinked it founded a different shape. All this had last week and i havent seen it again yet.

Before I get to my 2nd experience I remember, I had 2 other visits but those Im not quite sure if was a dream or not so I wont go into them unless someone asks.

2nd visit ( please previous posy for my room description)

I was paralyzed again and during the night next theing I know I believe im raised from lying position from my bed, my legs still laying on bed but my torso is leanings forward, like L position. The Grey being is to the right on my bed, leaning over my bed inspecting my face, the weird part of this is that I can see him, i remember saying mentally "O its you" like I remembered him, when I know I dont. It was roughtly tall as I was sitting up in my bed, which my bed is about 3 foot off the ground, I stand 5,'8. I tried asking it many questions verbally but it came out Garble yet again

For some reason its face features are blurred out to me. Its head was greyish silver and its was NOT totally round. Its head was big, it looked like a triceratops, but it went to two some round points and small points on top of its head kinda T cross shaped.

A couple weeks after this visit I noticed something on my head, My temple lubes, the space between eyes and ears above the cheek bones is enlarged. You can really the walnut size lumps on both sides when i place my jaw in yawning position. I look like a frog. Truly i never had this before all my life. I havent visited a hospital for inspection, cuz dunno what to say and it isnt causing me any pain. Since this discovering I believe i have implants that i can feel above the skin which from underneath it, round raised, which you can only feel if you run you finger over it.

Now to my 3rd and most remembered.

By the time, Im ready for the paralyzing feeling to over come me when im sleeping and determined to beat it. Because other times I become froze but i remain in dream state and i fought to get out of it. Well This time it worked. I snapped of the dream state, the mantid was in my my door way, i fight over to be able to move, once again I go to alert my girl friend who sleep to the left of my facing the wall. yet again, its slush that comes out but i get out part of her name coherently, i turn my head back to face the door way and im struggle to gain control of my eyes, i felt like a baby child, bobbing my head and eyes going everywhere. I remembering thinking to myself
'this is what they mean when they say they are disoriented', as i gain some control, I can see small figure, the being shoulders are just above my bed line (im laying down) and i see small round head coming towards me. I cant see is features, all i can see it the black siloete of the (size of a 5 year old). Im not scared I mind it, yet my attention is drawn way from the being actually coming beside me to the door way, next thing i remember is the mantid figure and 2 large business looking women beside him, as if they were shown/ taught something. I was sitting up in a puppet like position, I tried to communicate mentally and i got nothing back, so i tried to sign with my hands I want to go with you. The Mantid turned around and the the two woman came toward the edge of my bed, took of purses and dropped $1 dollar bills on the floor. Next thing i know they are gone and I come to out of paralyzing state. My girlfriend wakes up and says I was twitching and i she heard me call out her name. And no they wasnt any money when i got up the next day on the floor =\

I didnt know what to make of the large women part at the end, but watching Simon bersh 50 years with Ets, helped me understand.

They project things into your mind to help mask the gravity of what you are seeing or its a message. At that time i was in need of money and with in week I was got into some money that i was kind of stressing over. So i believe was telling me not to worry.

Also i would like to make something clear. Like you when i first started to realize what was happening to me and the visit, it was exciting. But with so many now and i can make sense of it all. I do recalllast a nght when i woke up from paralyze in fear, I couldnt go back to bed

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 02:47 PM

I couldnt go back to bed, i had a nightmare or something as i tried to go back to bed. So I had wake up wake up by doing for 30mins then i was able to go back to bed.

With that memory now that i know now what it was, Im not quite scared but a lil nervous when i go to bed now. besides the nights when im drunk, I just wake up periodically thru the nights now, guess you could say somewhat paranoid.

Before oct of last year, i could count of both hands how many times I felt that paralyzing I had felt since i was a child to then. Im close to 31 now and i had 10+ paralyzing sleep incidents within last 4 months.

Since Im allowed to remember more and more I hope ill get some answers or get more info on why im being visited.

Im not saying I wish i could take it back, but just know if you want to be contacted, it comes with a price

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