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Have you been abducted ?

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:23 PM
heres the quiz:
1. Have you ever awakened into a half-sleep, felt paralyzed and couldn't move your eyes or speak?
2. Have you ever found scars or marks on yourself but cannot remember or explain how you received them?
3. Have you experienced 'missing time' (lost minutes or hours)?
4. Have you ever seen strange points of light that disappeared quickly when you tried to focus on them?
5. Have you experienced periods when you frequently dream about flying or floating?
6. Have you ever had visions or images of strange faces or figures that persist in your mind?
7. Have you ever experienced periods of time when you frequently felt you were being watched?
8. Have you had dreams of angels, demons, or strange but "powerful" people/entities?
9. Have you ever noticed strange lights outside your windows at night?
10. Have you ever had a UFO sighting in your life or seen unusual things in the sky?
11. Have neighbors, family or friends spoke to you of strange sightings or events in the sky?
12. Do you feel you have a kind of 'cosmic awareness' or unusual ability to perceive the Universe?
13. Do you have an interest in ecology, the environment, and vegetarianism? Are you socially conscious?
14. Do you have a strong sense of having a mission or an important role to perform beyond your daily duties?
15. Have you had unexplainable events occur in your life with the feeling afterwards that you were specifically 'blessed' or 'cursed'?
16. Have you or someone you know had false pregnancy or missing fetus? (Pregnant, and then not?)
17. Have you ever awakened in a different place than where you where when you went to sleep, or couldn't remember even going to sleep? (Randomly 'coming to?')
18. Have you ever had a dream of piercing eyes, large eyes, or unusual (insect-type) eyes?
19. Have you awakened in the middle of the night startled or even in strange sense of panic, but you don't know why?
20. Do you have strong fears or phobias that you cannot explain or understand? (e.g., heights, certain sounds, certain lights, being alone, personal safety) OR strong fears that come on at random times for seemingly no reason?
21. Would you say that you've experienced self-confidence problems or unusual nervousness during much of your life, which upsets you because you feel you shouldn't have them?
22. Have you ever seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless, or frozen, that appeared 'strange', even for being asleep in bed?
23. Have you awakened with cuts, bruises, or muscle soreness that you did not have when you went to sleep?
24. Have you ever awakened to find that you had a bloody nose (or blood from somewhere else) during the night? OR found random blood on your bed/sheets with no explaination as to where it came from and how it occured?
25. Do you have an interest in the subject of UFOs or aliens and feel compelled to read about it?
26. Do you enjoy movies and fiction about aliens and UFOs, but often feel that those books and movies "have it all wrong"?
27. Have you been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to a remote location (such as a field, a place seemingly abandoned)?
28. Have you ever been suddenly overwhelmed with a strong feeling that you are not alone or you are being watched?
29. Have you ever had dreams of passing through a wall or closed window?
30. Have you ever seen a fog or haze that seems out-of-place for that time-of-day or location?
31. Have you ever heard strange humming or pulsing sounds that you could not locate its source?
32. Have you ever awakened with unexplainable soreness in your genital area?
33. Do you have chronic sinusitis or nasal problems?
34. Do electrical or electronic devices seem to malfunction only in your presence?
35. Have you ever had a dream or visions of a hooded or dark figure in-or-near your home or next to your bed?
36. Do you experience occasional or frequent ringing in your ear?
37. Do you have an unexplainable fear of doctors or avoid medical treatment when you know you need it?
38. Do you experience insomnia or sleep troubles that you cannot explain or resolve?
39. Have you had dreams of being operated-on or experimented-with or being probed-or-injured with a tool?
40. Have you had occasional or frequent headaches in the sinuses, behind one eye, or in one ear?
41. Have you ever felt "outside yourself" or feel that you could suddenly lose control for no reason?
42. Have you ever had psychic experiences (e.g., intuition, visions, knowing the thoughts/feelings of others) even though you don't feel you are 'psychic'?
43. Have you ever been prone to fits of repetitive behavior or unexplainable urges and compulsions?
44. Have you ever suddenly felt afraid of your closet, now or as a child?
45. Have you ever felt a fear of committing to a long-term relationship because it could interfere with "something else" but you didn't know exactly what?
46. Do you have a difficult time trusting people, primarily authority figures?
Next post continued

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:24 PM
47. Have you ever had dreams of destruction, catastrophe, or the 'end of the world'?
48. Have you ever had the feeling that you should not reveal your thoughts or opinions on things even though they are things most people would not consider 'private' or 'personal'?
49. Have you answered 'YES' to many of these questions but cannot remember anything about an alien encounter or abduction?

Calculate your score by counting the number of questions you have answered 'YES' to. Divide that number by 49, and then multiply by 100%.

The percentage left over is the likelihood that you have had an abduction experience. It will be from anywhere in between 0%-100%

my answer is 0.008 % of a chance Ive been abducted, the aliens dont want me

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Unity i seem to remember stronger encounters if someone says something they shouldn't.
Its the same as the majority of my memories i have.
my husband always says how come you remember all the bad times more than you do the good times that you have?
my answer is simple, im an emotional sensitive person, i get embarrassed easily, my heart breaks easily, i take everything that anyone says directly. the saying "dont take this personal but" .. i seem to take it all personally, i remember every time anyone has ever criticized me or made me laugh till cry, i cant help it, its just who i am.

And that's what triggers it, someone saying saying something they shouldn't, but get this, i think most of them are being deliberately triggered, like i have a friend on the inside who wants to help me remember the encounter. as soon as my emotions are triggered i can remember what happened just before and just after.

The teenage boys who called me a milf. was one comment that caused the shocked emotion.

Another time was when i was looking out a portal window at a Starship as we were leaving it, im pretty sure there was someone beside me who lent in close to me and whispered in my ear, though i dont know what they said.

The time when we were taken to a field for a meeting, a little boy asked me if he could come and stay at my house, i told him he better ask him mum first and i gave him the lecture of how important it was that his mum knew exactly where he was at all times and i needed her permission first,
standing not far away were a group of escorts waiting for us to finish our conference. on hearing me talk with the little boy he laughed and said haha no we don't. well this was the shock emotion that triggered that moment.

The time i was feeding the baby with long blond hair and she had a slight deformity, there was a hole in her chest about the size of a standard pencil, as i was feeding her i panicked because the milk was starting flow through this hole, now that i think about it, it could have been reflux and her gall bladder wasn't working or something. but again another encounter i remember because of the emotion that i was feeling.

They also put you in kind of scenarios, they set the stage and plop you in it.

I've been in a cartoon one which was really cool, just as our group were finishing up, i said wait, i want to see what the girls look like. they came down some stairs and i was so excited with us all being in cartoon. i said to the guy standing beside me who wasn't at all amused by the scenario we were in "don't we look cool" he said no in a grumpy voice, that was the trigger that made me remember that encounter. That one word

I've been in a desert one where i was a pillion on the back of a bike while my group partner was driving, we had to get through a set of obstetricals. as we pulled up to stop, someone came over and said you two make a good team, so there was the pat on the back which left me feeling proud and a little of my ego showed with me thinking oh yeah we rock were awesome.

The most recent scenario i was put in and again with a team, myself and 3 others, me being the only girl in this group. i dont know what my role was for sure but one of the others was the navigator or cartographer, he knew where to go and how to get us there.
we were chasing something dark down. we got to this small town and thought we should gather some supplies, there were other groups doing the same. i saw one woman get some wooden stakes about 40 cm long and a bundle of candles, i was like oh man i should have thought of getting some candles, moving on to the next little shop i asked the girl at the counter what town were we in?

she said the town was Tin???? but we call Tin Tin. we went back outside and there were three dark grey twisters of smoke coming towards us, i put up my hand and said stop. for some reason i had the force to make them change direction and move away from us.

moving back into the shop to hurry and grab what we could and keep on moving, looking around the shop for items that could be useful, i stopped at counter and was like omg these are so cute, it was a palette of lip gloss, in that moment i knew i had let the team down by being distracted away from our mission. all because of my silly like for girly glitter stuff

Anyway can anyone else remember being put in scenarios?

love and harmony

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by Fromabove
reply to post by LEL01

Some things to look for when questioning if you may have had an abduction experience. Do you show any of these symptoms.

1. unexplained nosebleeds.
2. unexplained marks, bruises, scraps, needle marks on the body.
3. panic attacks.
4. an awareness of being watched, even if no one seems to be there.
5. nightmares.
6. lost time.
7. sudden unexplained fear.
8. sleep paralysis.
9. sudden awakenings.

I've heard in the past that these could be indicators of events where a person "may" have had such an experience.

The problem is, though, that #8 explains the rest of them.

A real ripper of a case of hypnopompic/hypnogogic dream activity covers the whole gamut, if you toss in microsleep to cover the "lost time", which I also do.

It's also familial, which would help explain the "whole family" part of it.

I've got very vivid, very real seeming memories of "interactions" if that's the new word with little space buddies, which match my brothers' to some degree. However, I have also had them with my wife watching my twitching eyes-open talking-in-my-sleep body for the whole thing, and when I came flying out of the bed to find the "aliens" she was sitting there smiling, cell phone recording the whole thing. And not an alien there.

When you're having a sleep paralysis dream, the hallucinations are very very realistic. And since I do it with my eyes open, they're blended into the real world to start with. It can be tough to distinguish dream from reality for several minutes.

I used to think I might have been "visited", but not anymore, since I've also been "visited" and it was an SP dream.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Whateva69

And that's what triggers it, someone saying saying something they shouldn't, but get this, i think most of them are being deliberately triggered, like i have a friend on the inside who wants to help me remember the encounter. as soon as my emotions are triggered i can remember what happened just before and just after.

With my thyroid/chronic fatigue, sometimes I resemble the movie with Adam Sandler and a woman had memory damage from an accident and she only had one day, then it would wiped. I often take notes, put them on my keyboard for morning, because writing it on the calendar is no guarantee of seeing it. So each day, I have this trail of interests and I go, oh I was doing that....

But childhood memories are as if etched in stone, also most of the odd experiences, or anything of strong impact. But there is a veil in place, sometimes it lifts and recognize others in spirit, and sense from a higher frequency, the spirit me.

I often have memories triggered by someone else! And even relate it to a scenario, before we came in, we knew we would trigger each other, in a more ideal state, and like stepping stones, we're stepping stones to each other.

I also have a memory of looking out the portal, just overjoyed at the cosmos and not wanting to go home.

When it comes to the scenarios, I'm blocked. I get the occasional dream that is similar, and I know Im in a different realm/place, for a reason, but not allowed to remember most of it.

A friend from ATS, constantly finds himself in many, some high intrigue, type night time working scenarios and some trainings as well, I think you can call what is happening training. He won't share most of it publically because it would generate too many skeptics for one thing, and then if the wrong person believes him he doesnt want the wrong kind of attention either. But after alot of soul seeking, asking his Higher Self, Family, to show him why, and who he was, he had past life memories, being shown some of what had occurred before this lifetime and even that in this lifetime he would be permitted these extra travels at night, its like a gift to remember this, to have this extra knowing, dimension to your life. You don't slip into forgetfulness.

I see a bit of a similarity there.

I also know of others who are quite busy at night in missions, which shouldn't go into.

It may be just learning situations too, vacation time, and fine tuning something your meant to see, or to enable a future scenario to be seen from a different angle.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I answered all the questions...did the calculations...and I got 73%; and about 9 years ago I do have 36 hours of missing time.

I used to be a volunteer fire marshall for the building I live in. One morning about 4:30am I was standing on the corner outside the building; and a UFO flew low hovered above the building; and there was a huge white light beam with an alien in the middle of it suspended; like he was surveying the area; I stood on the corner frozen like a statue and watched; he made eye contact with me; and then the next thing I knew I woke up in my bed and it was 36 hours later. I don't talk about this very often; because I figure - who would believe me; but it did really happen.

I will try and describe the Alien to you. The alien was probably around 6 feet tall; had earth tone garments on; (jacket and pants); was powerfully built; flesh tone was white; with long golden red hair; his facial features were a combination of a human man and some other race that I am not familiar with.

I don't have any photos or videos that would satisfy many. This experience really did happen to me (believe it or not) that is up to the individual; but does not change the truth.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I also know of others who are quite busy at night in missions, which shouldn't go into.

I often think about what i should tell or if i should even tell it, especially after the incident with Angela Thompson Smith. I interrupted a remote viewer last night

But i figure if they can take me anytime they want, make me do anything they want, then surly they can clean up any mess i happen to cause along the way

love and harmony
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:34 PM
That test ended up giving me a 63%.

OP, here is my story, shared a bit after I joined ATS.

As Human Alien has said, there are many of us here. Many!


posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

I wish theyd come see me or something...

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 06:04 PM
^ wow thats quite a list

i have never had an alien abduction, that i am aware of :

But i did go through a weird phase of sleep paralysis over the course of a few months which started, then just completely stopped

very strange stuff indeed,

Believe it or not the first time i experienced sleep paralysis was after a night of watching an alien abduction documentary!! which talked about sleep paralysis

So when it happened i freaked the hell out i honestly thought crap aliens are coming, but i think it was brought about mentally from watching too much stuff about aliens!.

this first experience of sleep paralysis began with a buzzing sound in my head so loud i thought my head was and ears were about to explode, when i could open my eyes i could not move at all, i just lay there scared trying to break free all i kept thinking about was aliens, i kept looking for them lol

first time weird, and very scary.

few weeks later it happened again buzzing sounds, frozen in bed, but this time i actually saw some red eyes or dots in the top the corner of my room. really weird

i had a few more episodes of sleep paralysis after this all pretty much the same experiences,

all my sleep paralysis happened in a few months then totally stopped

i have not had anything like this for over a year at least.

i dont blame aliens though!

reading that list i do seem to recall some dark shadow or something during sleep paralysis but memory is very bad
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

My score was 61.22%, but I think some of the answers to those questions could be explained by past-life interference from our sub-conscious.

Although, I have had a close encounter when I was in my late teens. I'll post it again for those who may not have seen it, but I doubt there are many left here who haven't read it by now...

My close encounter was when I was coming home one night after working second shift.
I came to this fast food restaurant and remember looking at my watch to see if I had time to go through the drive-through before they closed. It was 10:40 p.m., and they closed at 11:00 p.m.

So I pulled into the drive-through lane with 3 cars ahead of me and another behind me. Once I placed my order I pulled up with 2 cars still ahead of me at the serving window. Then I saw something flashing in the sky.
I kept watching it, and it got closer and closer. It was flashing orange/red and green lights.

As it approached even closer I could see it was oblong-shaped like a cigar, and flipping end over end.
One end had the orange/red light glowing from it, and the other end had the green light. This object made absolutely no noise at all!

As it approached just above the tree tops across the road it stopped flipping and just glided through the air. It came down extremely low, just over the top of the building, and shot down a bright beam that went right beside my car in the parking lot!

I noticed no one else seemed to be looking at it so I stuck my head all the way out my window and hollered at the car behind me, "What the hell is that thing?!!" I was so scared I was shaking!
No one answered, and actually, everyone seemed to be suspended in time... no one was moving at all!

After the light beam passed my car it started slowly flipping again, and then took off into the sky, and was gone in the blink of an eye!

The strange thing that confused me most about this encounter was the fact I lost 20 minutes from the time I saw the UFO until it took off again, which only seemed like maybe 2 or 3 minutes, and the fact that no one else seemed to even notice it. It was as if they were all statues, not moving at all!

I still haven't figured this out, but I heard of others losing time when they saw UFOs, and it turned out they were abducted! I won't go that far, but if I was, I don't want to remember it!

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Fromabove

I do have some of the symptoms but the problem for me is that something happened to me when I was a child. I don't talk about that but it could also have caused some of the symptoms like fear and panic attacks, so I can't use those as a guide.

Where I live, sudden awakenings could be down to the people who live in the street banging doors or throwing stones at windows, it's impossible to know the real reason I get that. It's the same with being watched, I live in that kind of area and then there's the cctv cameras.

Sleep paralysis, I'm not clear on this one. I wake up and I can't move but I don't get any of the things other people report such as beings in the room or feeling of being held down. It makes me wonder if sleep paralysis is just an excuse for people (doctors) to deny that people had a real experience.

I do have childhood memories of waking up with my nightie inside out, I wasn't the sort of child to dress myself the wrong way and my family would have pointed it out if I had.

I woke up one morning the wrong way around in my bed with my bed perfectly made and tucked in so tight I couldn't move.

This one I will blame ET for even if it wasn't them, as an older child I woke up with a huge bruise on my chin, I had no idea how it happened. My sister said I fell out of bed and I woke everyone up crying, I think they might have dropped me and my sister just assumed I fell out of bed.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:13 PM
I don't post much, I visit the site every day mostly just lurking, but I've always wondered if I have been abducted and wanted to share my odd experiences.

I don't recall being abducted or anything but just weird things have happened to me. I have these 4 scars on the inside of my arms, 2 on each arm in the same positions above and below my elbows, and nobody, not even my own mother can explain them. Another weird thing was as a kid i had a line/scar down the center of my face from hairline to chin, literally a straight line running down the center of my face. My mum used to joke that I was supposed to be twins and that was where I was supposed to 'split in half' haha. And like the arm scars nobody had a clue how/why I had it. Stranger yet is I don't have it anymore, it disappeared over time.

I may have seen something. Ok I definitely saw something but I always put it down to a ghost (my family always believed our house was haunted). One of my earliest memories was waking up in the middle of the night as a child, I'd say probably around the age of 3 or 4. I was always scared to sleep in my own room and it was dark so I got out of bed to go into my mums room and when I opened the door there was someone/something stood right outside it 2 feet or so in front of me, looking back at me. It was dark but I remember it's pale white face and eyes staring at me. Needless to say I shut my door and ran back into bed, under the covers and that was all I remember. Whenever I would talk about it as a kid I would always say how Edward Scissorhands was outside my bedroom door because the white face was the closest thing I could relate it too. Still gives me chills and creeps me out thinking about it. I don't know what it was, spirit, alien, who knows but something was there in my house.

I've had other unusual things happen but those are the main things that make me me wonder
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by Whateva69

Well I share mine. But I can think of others that shouldn't without alot of soul searching on that. Sleeper's latest book was interesting. Something about the year of the dragon. But he shared things like, more than one ufo would join up, like puzzle pieces and unlock a hidden room. But also, even while on the craft (ie downed one) it wasn't empty as the military thought, it had hidden rooms, apparently with ET onboard, and if they wanted to let him know something, the guys guarding him would suddenly get lost in the maze of changing rooms. This craft couldn't be adapted to military use as they could get it to fly but not to pick up troops or help them, in the East. But it activated and did tractor in negative/renegades, which seemed to be what it's mission was. To jail them and then who knows what happens.

He talked about Italy after the war, the poverty, and suddenly his father got offered this bakery in an apartment building right next to a military complex in the US thinking it was normal to be allowed to immigrate without long waits, lots of money and all that stuff. No coincidences, they were monitoring the activity around Lou. And he recalled one way ETs get rid of the info buried in you, which was to dissolve your body and then place your soul in the new one. It made my hair stand on end actually.

This was being sanitized.

Some of what he said reminds me of a few others and we don't know all of what happens at night.

I don't remember anything that isn't semi positive and positive, except the primal fear of being taken once, when I woke up with wounds, and being offered a choice, sleep or wakefulness, and I nearly climbed into my pillow choosing sleep. Though the mind that met mine was very gentle and said I was almost ready to be awake. Not in my opinion.

But I think we only get to remember what we're allowed.

I was suspicious enough during my major surgery a year ago last July, that the surgeon said they were going to try out an experimental drug that would make me forget the entire procedure. And I said before surgery, And he said, don't worry, for you're in good hands. Of course if they used that, I wouldn't remember them going against my lack of permission, would I? Also it could have been just random, I won that lottery for testee, or it could have been deliberate, and we are monitored since our sightings locally, choppers, exotic crafts over our roof, phone taps, having a rich looking molded big car in front, or combo car, suburban, (dont know the name for them but they're expensive) and a police car behind me, and then on the return trip from shopping its reversed. Has happened a few times and I pay attention.

I can't help but think, wouldn't it be ironic if they ever got more info out of me than I can get out of my memories. I would be choked!

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

hahaha yeah im pretty sure all of us here know more than most or even what we remember.
maybe im really really smart and this is just a charade or veil they have on me to a come across as ditzzy and dumb, so those wanting information would doubt the ability of me and just think im bonkers

gee whiz thanks ET's

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Probably have..but you just dont remeber.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

well i can answer yes to a LOT of them , but i have no recolection of ANY abductions or nothing of the sort ....
they must frazzle my brain good and proper before droping me off

stay strong and safe all who are taken


posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:03 PM

What we call typical greys today landed in the back yard near the tree line ..

Three of them floated right through the concrete wall of our bedroom (my brother and I) on the back of the house .

They projected cataclysmic visions of the future as complete experiences into our minds .

Said they were friends of Man ...Had the ability to mesmerize us

This was 1959

The abductions came later


posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by Fromabove

My very good friend had an experience with an ET...along with 3 others.

They all have different accounts and feelings about what happened.

My friend is actually writing his story out and going to send it to me throughout email.

I'm truly excited. He said that people made fun of him and asked him to tell his story for amusement purposes!

I hope my friend will let me share his story here. He said it was the most beautiful and positive experience he has ever had.

It is still affecting him in his day to day life...and this happened years ago.

Just thought I would share my little tiny but of info.


posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:23 PM
There have been a handful of claims here, yes.

Realistically, its psychological. There's just zero evidence in the decades since the first alien abduction claims were made. None. It is a fact that people under hypnosis do not always describe actual events and at times, confuse dreams with reality. Its nothing more than a defense mechanism triggered by suppression of past traumatic events or as a means of dealing with a dull or insignificant existence. There is also schizophrenia to consider.

Before you go there, questioning the validity of outrageous claims is not a negative thing nor does it mean one is a debunker. Rather, it is a sign of a sane and rational mind.

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