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the Universe of Predators - Humanoids vs Reptilians vs Insects.

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posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by mcx1942

what if it's more like a quarantine zone?
we are so bad we need to stay in our bubble so we wont contaminate the universe.

or maybe we're just bastard children left stranded on an orphanage, these stories of alien space gods and us usually involve, incest, interbreeding, and that's when things got sour.

apparently in the universe sticking your alien probe into an human female is a big no no.

of course this is just my opinion, i'm not talking about facts like those who talk about greys and reptilians so confidently.

ontopic: the master race of the universe is obviously bacteria, they eat dissolve and absorb all other species when they die, and death is certain so bacteria wins.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Druscilla

Originally posted by metalholic

reptiles,birds,amphibians are all fish aswell as mammals because mammals came from reptiles who came from fish. Also the other animals besides the plants you mentioned are mammal.

If you want to take that further, you could just say we're all just complex colony organisms of bacteria.

Even further we're all just a chemical soup, highly organized mud ... with pants.

Of course that could go further, but, my point, the spirit of my post was, what's with the Reptoid, Insectoid, Mammal thing when (since this is all pie in the sky speculation without any actual real Empirical Evidence) there's so many many other different options?

Why limit?

There could be aliens like The Thing, The Blob, or anything and everything else imagined inside and out of Science Fiction literature and cinema, all totally making whole new Domains on down under the taxonomic scale of Life, Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class etc ...

Then, there's also machine intelligence from the ever scary Hegemonizing Replicating Swarm scenarios to Autobots and Decepticons, and then even the somewhat altruistic god-like intelligence of Ship Minds described by Iain M. Banks in his Culture series novels.

Self guided evolutionary machine intelligence could very well be a classification of "life".
Machine intelligence could even effectively be of such sophistication and autonomy that it's indistinguishable from naturally evolved Biological life.

As far as speculation goes, if there's other life, I suspect there's a very strong argument for machine intelligence holding majority population in the universe.

Look at it this way: We develop artificial Intelligence, and while doing so, develop the means to download ourselves into machines, back and forth between biology and machine so whenever we grow old or get injured, sick, etc, we could occupy a synthetic body until we eventually could afford or grow a biological replacement.
Our AIs could in essence to the same.
Eventually Millions of years from now, conditions on this planet become too hostile to support biological life.
By some quirk, faster than light space travel is found to be impossible, so, the only way to really travel is in synthetic form.
Thus, we could occupy machine bodies. Thus, any possible alien intelligence could be floating around inside synthetic bodies, virtual realities, and/or any other way to store a personality or even an entire planetary culture.

Some may even prefer the durability and staying power over the biological option and stick to staying synthetic; adapting a whole new culture that over hundreds of millions of years could be machine longer than they were biological, if ever they were.

Machines, for such reasons are likely a higher probability than any other biological solution.

edit on 24-11-2012 by Druscilla because: (no reason given)

Yeah I agree but at the end of the day each one belongs to a certain tree they are all just branches. Unless like you said in the beginning we want to take it down to a microbrial level.

But yeah it's pretty entertaining to think about ice giants, rock golems and the like. But if we really want to be imaginative lets think about how something made of rock would fully function.

I'd say a lot of the universe mirrors the history of the earth though. If we want to imagine different aliens we might want to think. Squid or Octopi as possible intelligences that made it through.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by Druscilla
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

It's not arrogance if you're right.

Further, all this about people getting held back is mostly deflection by people who've made poor choices in neglecting to seek out and obtain a higher education at any local University.

People without educations tend to play the blame game that it's someone else's fault for their woes (TPTB, They, Society), typically some vague amalgamation of everything and everyone they hold in envy.
Had they gone to school, gotten an education, they too could be a banker, lawyer, doctor, scientist, engineer, or any number of other respected professions that have a tendency to fill the professional's pockets with money and liberties envied by the uneducated.

-- FYI; regarding a post in another thread - You're seeing satellites, not UFOs. They disappear when they fall into Earth's shadow.

edit on 25-11-2012 by Druscilla because: (no reason given)
And yes I agree with your point that greed and positions of power are also used to control the human beings mind, good point. Having what others do not does tend to start power struggles and wars. Your point about the Educational coral to contain human thought into preconceived limits is quite an observation. Ahh yes, having more money than everyone else is quite a motivator.

FYI; regarding a post in another thread - You're seeing satellites, not UFOs. They disappear when they fall into Earth's shadow.
Oh, maybe your right about that, after all, that is something you see on a daily basis. I on the other hand only watched Aircraft of every description and purpose while I spent my 20 years in the air force. You would be in a far better position to judge my areal observations because of your Academic back ground.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 04:31 PM
Interesting thread. The imaginations are diverse and creative. I was greatly entertained and I thank you all for being open minded.
Perhaps one day, maybe soon, or not, we may face a first contact situation. Regardless of who, or what, we encounter, I feel it would be a grave mistake to anthropomorphise or attempt to categorize them. They may look like a grasshopper, or a bipedal lizard or even Grandma's 60's vintage toaster but they are NOT. And we shall have little or no traits in common to even begin attempts at communication. We can't begin to guess how THEY will react based on OUR behavior. Likely a zero interspecies commonalites situation.
It will take a remarkable group effort of some very astute people to begin the process. Just the selection process to pick our representatives would challenge our entire civilization. Take a look just within this thread and we find that we tend to inject our values into other species and proceed full speed ahead. We also tend to arrogance in that we know better than our fellows because we have something they don't like experience or divine insight or higher education or insider information. All such espousals are nonsense and counterproductive to open a dialogue with an unknown entity or species.
My personal belief is that there is sentient life out there. Good or evil, being uniquely human counter- perspectives, can not be applied to them. They may or may not be aware of us. Or some may and know we are dangerous but have potential at the appropriate time. Or we could be just too freakin' crazy to mess with.
I am not sure if we are in contact yet. Maybe. Hope I live to find out.
Thanks again to all of you for a great read and a great chance to rant a bit.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 04:48 PM
What if there was an alien species that like a crab using a shell and then discarding it for a new one, there was a species out there that used dead carcases as shells. In other words once something died like say an ant. It would climb inside the dead ant and then take control of it's body. Like your soul does yours difference is this is a physical living being using a physical living being.

How's that for imagination?

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

Or maybe Hawking watched "Independence Day" once too often.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 02:55 PM

Besides that, should we ever encounter aliens, aliens will likely lie outside of the common taxonomy described.
reply to post by Druscilla

Well, that's already happened...

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