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Christians help me debunk these non sense atheistic beliefs about Genesis please

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 04:10 PM
This is hilarious, especially the people saying your cherry picking. Cherry picking, really? You're going to use that excuse? And of course there would be no life on earth before the 4th day because god didn't create the Sun yet!

Another thing, where are the dinosaurs? God smoked a joint on the 3rd day and forgot about it?

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by SpearMint
You can't debunk scientific fact, are you really that stubborn in your beliefs?

First it's not a fact, it's a theory and secondly consider what you 'believe' as fact, without proof and 100% suck it in......

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!

.... and you think Christians are mad.

Ha ha ha ha

At least they have a living entity to 'create' something. You have nothing, being formed by nothing out of nothingness ...and hey, man now has a brain with 15 trillion cells....( and you still can't use them based on your blind acceptance of your beliefs!)

... and you dare bag Christians...!!!!!????
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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by ExNihilo

Most people read genesis chapter 1 all wrong, but you are one of the first who look at this differently. Much like i have done.

If you reaad carfully. You will notice that God dosen't start to create anything until verse three. In verse 1. God is explaining what he is going to create "Heaven and the Earth". In verse 2, God describes what existence was like before he began. "There was nothing but darknes upon the deep. Earth was without void". Earth didnt exist and neither did the heavans. There was just a; infinite, empty, void. "One infinite void".

Verse three is when everything beginns. If you think about what it would take to create light/heat from a infinite void. What possebilities are there?

The only way "One infinite void" can form light/heat is by a compression. And light can only come from a solid source. Light is emitted energy and must have a source. The infinite empty void formed a solid by compression. And it emitted light.

Heaven and Earth, and all life we will ever see is going to appear from this solid compressed source.

Some call this compressed source for a singularity.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by ExNihilo

...i cant read out of your posts, Ex, that you re insincere with this OP

.. - perhaps, the creation itself, and the sequence, is about ' energy '
since Matter is frozen energy.... it d make sense, that there has to be a sequence in more complicated lifeforms is the energydouble, which guides living organism how to develop

I guess, the 'serpent ', as animal, was chosen by the Serpent/naga, because of its characteristics... you remember the reptilian statues of sumeria
...and yes it could ' speak '- assumingly as in ' transmission of thoughts'

..i think, we today are completely handicapped by our so-called scientific thinking.... which is but a simplified version of the reality behind visible matter.... that is why those versions cause us headache

Eden was set up as a bridgehead - it was a local place, not the entire world seems that there were óther humanoids around already - and even perhaps other animals
and it was this 'old world ' that was under rule of the Nagas
and they hated the gorgious beings called 'adam and eve '

..and after they fell, they got imprisoned in this present type frame
which s ruled by the nagas: because those rule the energy fields around us

hence, noah could get drunk - yes why not ?

and the tower of babel must refer to what is about to happen NOW, any moment:
the closing of the Matrix ; and the same Nagas will rule humans completely, by ruling the energy fields again -
though new age likes to divertly call that new era " Oneness "

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by ExNihilo

The creation itself proves God is real!

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:12 PM
I see almost opposite of Christianity in the OP's opening argument. Maybe he's arguing with himself. Most Atheists use reason and science to try to disprove the bible. They usually take everything apart in Genesis and try to disprove it. This doesn't display a Christian perspective or an Atheists perspective. It's just a bunch of..... I can't even explain what it is.

The beginning of Genesis is an attempt to explain where we came from. Being that people wanted to know where we came from shows that they were very aware of the fact that we are here is very complicated. There is a lot of sort of truth in Genesis but you have to remember the uneducated people the educated people of the time were explaining this to. If you look at Genesis, you will see they were aware that something was out there and that life was created from the earth itself.

How many times was this story passed on from generation to generation before it was written? Who knows. How many times was it perfected so that it would explain more as man had more questions. It was meant to explain existance with all of the knowledge of that time. Some of that knowledge being acquired and compacted by some very intelligent beings. People of the time didn;t know what a million years was, to a people who lived at most fifty years it was unfathomable. I believe some people may have lived eight hundred or more years and they may have been called the sons of god because of the knowledge they had.

Why does genesis have to be proven or disproved anyway? What has that got to do with believing in god and following the commandments. Christianity is based on the teaching of Jesus which makes references to the bible of the Jews. Jesus was not like the Jews, he had a style of his own, helping the poor to live without depending on government and the Jewish church for their faith. Some called him Amen, probably because Amun was the god that protected the poor and needy. Why is Amen at the end of prayers? Open your minds.

Who was Jesus? He was a man filled with the spirit of god. A man who did not tell a lie. The god Apollo was also have been said not to be able to tell a lie, another man who was filled with a spirit of truth. Yet Christians say Apollo is the devil, the destroyer. He caused a destruction of a power hungry greedy people with his arrows of disease, everything else he did that I have seen is good. He guards the gates of hell, is he bad to have the key, think of it, if he was the devil would he not have let hell loose already? The only other one with the key is supposed to be Jesus.

Why do Atheists have to create chaos about this? Most Christians are good people nowadays. Would Jesus have destroyed the Indians? Definitely not. That was not his style. That was the creation of man. Would Jesus have ever enslaved anyone? NO he wouldn't have. That was a creation of man. Did Jesus ever say we must go to war and kill those who would not follow him? I do not see that in the bible either. Would Jesus want us to protect ourselves if someone was attacking us? I'm sure he would allow that if we were in danger. It doesn't say so in the bible but I don't think a good shepherd would abandon his flock. Christians learned long ago to fight if threatened, this doesn't give us a reason to try to take over others that don't want to believe in Jesus though.

I got off of the beginning but I always stray. You can't take a piece of the bible and bash it. Look at all the good Christians. Try to reason with others not argue with them. There are pushy and irrational people all over, that is easy to see. I was a Christian and have a lot of Christian friends. I don't like church, I like the woods. I go through nature to talk to god. Sure I believe Jesus existed, Sure I believe he was filled with the spirit of god. I don't believe he is the only way to speak to god though. So now I am a heathen, I guess I always have been, a heathen who believes in the same god as the Christians and Muslims and possibly he is the great spirit also. So I will be in good company in hell. Maybe because I try not to judge others I may get a judges job in hell
See yall there

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Kang69
Another thing, where are the dinosaurs?

There in Heaven now.

There are at least two people that have seen them there and come back to tell about it...

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:33 PM
Your avatar name seems to suggest you believe that God created everything out of nothing, as that is the meaning of creatio ex nihilo. I doubt anyone else here caught that though. Wikipedia also suggests that outside of the influence of God, it also means something coming from nothing.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:46 PM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by ExNihilo

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

Jesus Christ is that Word and he is also the Light. Remember that God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. Notice how God spoke; this is the function of the Word. Notice how the light is manifested when God spoke. The function of the Word manifested Light. Jesus Christ IS that Word and that Light as evidenced by the statement, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Notice how the Word is in the beginning; this means that the Word needed not anything that was created afterwards to exist. Notice how the Word was not only with God, but that also the Word was God. We know that Jesus Christ is the Word and is also God as evidenced by the name which the prophets and yet also the angel of the Lord gave to us concerning Him, saying "His name will be IMMANUEL, which is to say, 'God with us.'" Jesus Christ is God with us. Jesus Christ was in the beginning. Jesus Christ is with God and Jesus Christ is also God.

There are many who are minded to think that there is a contradiction here. Because most people here pride themselves in their scientific mind, I will use Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory as an example. I'm sure most will appreciate this analogy.

Have you seen the episode in which Sheldon becomes afraid that he will age to death before mankind supposedly reaches the technological singularity at which time man will be able to implant their consciousness into a cybernetic temple? So then Sheldon locks himself in his room and decides to never come out; but he does intend to continue interacting with the world around him. So he builds a robot with a monitor to go about and interact with people. Sheldon uses that robot from his room. The robot has a camera built into as eyes and has speakers to act as the voice. The monitor shows the face of Sheldon so as to create the illusion of Sheldon being in the same room as those with whom he interacts. Sheldon ends up actually interacting with the world through that robot... though he is hindered in some ways because of the limitations of the robot (limitations he placed on himself and yet also he was able to convince Raj to open a door for him later on while calling Raj his "little lamb").

You should understand the analogy enough. It's a very limited analogy, but I believe you should be able to understand the bigger picture. Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God. Jesus Christ does the will of God, the Father. But Jesus Christ is not a separate identity from God the Father. Jesus Christ is the means by which God interacts with this universe. So is the Holy Spirit whose function is different, but the Holy Spirit is also God. Think of the Holy Spirit sort of like a thread that connects everything and His presence is evidenced by focus and change. Imagine if you will that God is behind our universe and He interacts through this universe by sending His consciousness into the universe by means of the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit is, which is everywhere at the same time, there also Christ can manifest. This is why I say the Spirit of God is like a thread and energy passes through it and that energy may choose to focus at any point on that thread and manifest however it will. So the thread is the universe, the energy is the Spirit of God, and the manifestation is Christ and the One who is behind that thread is God the Father, the Eternal and Everlasting Consciousness.

If you have come to some understanding here, then many of the questions anyone has regarding the creation of the universe should become simple to understand.

If God is Light, then when He manifests Light and separates it from the darkness by the manifestation of the same, then why does He need an inanimate material as a source of light yet? No, in order to show the division of the Light and the darkness He only needed to have a three dimensional object upon which the light would shine; and by nature of that three dimensional object there would be a shadow cast. Because God is Light, He needed not that there be another light source.

If God is Light, then why would plants need the sun yet for life?

The firmament that God created is space. He called it Heaven. We know that Heaven is space, or the sky. That firmament upon which all things sit is space. Recall how Job said that God, "hangs the earth upon nothing". That is the firmament. Also remember that God said that Heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool. Remember also how God said that His children are heirs with Jesus Christ to the Throne! God is going to give His children the ability to enjoy space, the heavens, and its host. Did not Albert Einstein, mankind's scientist, say that bodies in space sit on a fabric of space-time?

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:06 PM
Would not that fabric of space-time be considered FIRM?

What is wrong with God creating the stars when He desires? What hinders the All-mighty God from creating all the trillions of stars in a day; or a matter of seconds for that matter? Would you rather that God sit down and explain to you step-by-step how He created every single one of the trillions upon trillions of bodies and their host? Would you have Him to have put all that information into the Book whose focus is to teach Love and not Power? You see, there is nothing wrong with being in awe and wondering and wandering about the universe with your mind some. But there is something wrong with the greedy notion and the false notion that we humans deserve for God to have written down every thing He did for us so that we might understand. He has, however, already promised to reveal His mysteries to us. But people are greedy for the power of that knowledge. People do not want to know how God created the entire universe for the sake of believing in God. That is a cop-out that people use to avoid having to be accountable for the things in life that pertain to us at the moment; and those things that must be a focus pertain to a matter of love and life; understanding how a trillion stars were created and why they were will not cause people to love more any more than giving a rich man tons of money will give him more reason to feed the poor.

If you were willing to find an answers and to find them patiently, then you would, if you were so-minded to add to man's science for your own personal enjoyment, to develop a theory which might reveal some of the wisdom in not beginning nuclear fusion in the trillions of celestial bodies, thereby making them stars, until the time at which God had appointed for the same to occur. Until then, do not expect Christians to answer questions that you yourselves cannot answer. Only expect the love and patience to help you understand what is given to us to understand; especially until such time as all of your scientists are able to come to agreement as to what anything in the universe actually is.

Is God not allowed to put stars in the sky to give light to the earth? Has mankind not developed lenses by which they might see a greater portion of the universe? Mankind has only been able to formulate an argument against God's statement that He put the stars here to give light to the earth because mankind now uses telescope to visualize all the other bodies that are not seen with the unaided human eyes! And have you scientists also yourself come to understand that in order for you to see something the light has to reach you? So if you are able to see so much of the universe, is the light not being given to the earth? Anything in the universe that you cannot see, THAT is not giving light to the earth - and because you cannot see it with any of your instruments, you cannot perceive it, then therefore you don't even know about it yet (unless you've been told something by One that DOES know). So what again is your argument?

There is much to be said regarding the dominion which God gave to mankind over the earth and all things in it. But any argument against mankind's dominance on this earth seems incredibly silly to me. Is it not obvious? However, our dominion is completely diminished by our sin, but this argument is not necessary here because of the irony of one's argument against mankind's dominion of the earth. If you have the power to argue and legislate how other people may live their lives, you have dominion. So anyone who wants to argue and legislate against policies that appear to be morally Christian are performing that dominion which God gave to them. I cannot even believe that this argument would come up between two intelligent people.

We shouldn't also have to debate the science of food and health. If anyone had done any of their research regarding food then they would know how nutrients are processed. Meat-eating started as a result of sin. The earth was cursed on account of the sin of Adam. The first animal was killed as a sacrifice by Jesus Christ so that He could make clothes for Adam and Eve. And so it began - the first animal sacrifice to hide the sins (nakedness) of mankind. That animal that was sacrificed was a lamb and was a foreshadowing of the Mosaic Law and further a foreshadowing of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God Himself, Jesus Christ. It was by the blood of the lamb that Adam and Eve's nakedness was covered. It would be by the blood of the Lamb of God Himself that Mankind's nakedness would be covered. Adam and Eve accepted that sacrifice for clothing. We accept the Lord's sacrifice for our nakedness. But meat-eating began as a ritual to remember that sacrifice - and because of the blood of animals being spilled into the earth, the earth become more cursed with it; and also animals began to desire blood as well. Eventually animals would fight for meat.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by ExNihilo

I asked for christians to debunk the atheist inconsistencies claim. Nothing more. Waiting to read the answers.

No, you did not ask for Christians to debunk the atheist inconsistencies claim. You asked for Christians to HELP you debunk these nonsense atheistic beliefs about Genesis; hence, the title of your thread.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:07 PM
As well, be careful to say that you know there were carnivorous animals millions of years before humans existed. Your science is failing you here. You also say that humans have existed for a couple of million years; you also say that humans have ancestors that came before us; and then they had ancestors before them; and then they did as well. But where do you draw the definitive line between what is human and what is not? You classify your types by Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. This is a man-made system. While there is some intelligence behind this system, you cannot place your system upon God and claim that He is out-of-line. That is ridiculous considering you must make changes to your system all-the-time to try to fit in newly discovered life. Humans are not just what you classify as "homo sapiens". But then, also, you fail to understand that the instruments that you use to determine the age of things are incredibly limited in their ability to actually determine age. You base your discernment of the age of things on the current state of matter. But this is silly because you yourselves also have a science that states that there is time dilation and a science that discusses thermodynamics and a science that discussions relativity and quantum mechanics. Those of us who are wise to believe in God and what He has said (careful to note that just because someone claims to be a minister of God, it does not make them so) are being bombarded by the science of physics and the science of archaeology - two sciences which completely and utterly disagree with each other on so many levels - and yet both are considered proof against God's Word? If you wish to argue with God concerning His creation, then you should probably learn about the whole instead of picking and choosing your arguments; and especially by not picking on those Christians who have full faith in the Lord and need not that creation must be proven to them in a certain way for them to learn that love is the message - not God's understanding of physics. If you wish to debate with God concerning His physics, then debate HIM. Not those who are wise enough to pay attention to the more pressing matters. Try inspecting the universe while taking all things into account; your narrow view in your narrow field is not nearly enough. Imagine if you will that you are a parent and you understand many things concerning the household. Now imagine if you will that you have a child and he decides he is going to learn how the house runs. He pays attention for a while and finally comes to a conclusion. He says to you, "I know how this house is run." And you say, "Is that so? Then tell me about it." He says, "Food. Without food, nothing would get done. If we didn't eat, then we would starve and die. Then we would not wash the clothes, do the dishes, even prepare more food; we wouldn't go to work, go to school to learn; nothing would happen if we didn't eat." Then you say, "I see. So you're saying that food is the reason that all things here are accomplished?" The child says, "Yup. No food, no life!" Then you say, "You know, the other day I told you to clean your room and it didn't get done. Did you eat that day?" The child thought for a minute and said, "Yes I did eat. But I simply decided not to clean my room at that time." Then you say, "So then food did not accomplish what I wanted. I gave you food and your room did not get clean." The child says to you, "Only because I chose not to. I wouldn't have been able to make the choice without having the energy of food." Then you say, "So you are saying that food gives you the choice? Then are you saying that I should take away your food so that you will have no choice?" The child responds, "If you take away my food, I will die. I will have no choice if I am dead." Then you say, "Oh, I see. So you are saying that my choice to take away your food would affect your ability to make your choice." The boy says, "But you would not be able to make that choice if you did not have food!" Then you say, "What if I made the choice to not eat?" The child responds, "Then you would die." Then you say, "Would that not be my choice?" The child contemplates for a minute and says, "But if you didn't have food up to this point, you wouldn't be able to make the choice to reject the food." And then you have him. You respond, "So you're saying that food gives you the choice to have food?" And he says, "Yes. Without food, you have no choice." Then you say, "If food came before choice, then how could the first food have been eaten unless it was fed to you without your permission?"

By scientists' own admission, many of the species that exist today are many different interpretations of the same kind of creature. At the time of Adam, there were not as many different "species" as we would call them. Aren't the lion and the house cat the same? Both are feline.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:10 PM
As well, God and Adam both had plenty of time to name the animals. There are so many ways of looking at it that it that there is hardly a point of debate. Either you can look at the days of creation as days of an altered timing (as well, it would be wise to note that we have recorded a difference in change of the rotation of the earth in this lifetime alone - who says that an earth rotation was exactly a current understanding of an atomic 24 hours a thousand or 2 thousand or 3 thousand or 4 thousand years ago? Who says that God cannot stop time in order to allow time for people to perform more acts? Who says that Adam was just as hindered in his original form as we are now? Are there people who actually consider themselves scientific and yet also impose their own limitations on creatures that they do not even understand? Once again, this argument is pretty silly.

Any argument concerning the serpent is pretty silly as well. Satan, formerly a high ranking angel, had caused the serpent to speak. High ranking angels have lots of power... much more than you or I can fathom. Causing a serpent to speak would hardly be a feat. But on that note, the offspring of the serpent would no longer be far from the ground as it was at the time - because that serpent is what we would call today a "dinosaur". Notice how there are no longer any serpents that come up high off of the ground. As well, and I just learned this by looking it up because something made me realize that there was actually a question as to whether serpents actually eat dust; Isaiah 65:25 gives a description of how animals will act when God has restored all things.

"The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD. Isaiah 65:25

So God is simply saying that when the meat-eating is finally disallowed (because there is no meat-eating when God has restored all things) that serpents will still be required to eat only dust.

Jesus Christ walked in the Garden of Eden and talked with all the creatures in the Garden. And also, He can talk to Himself if He pleases. There is nothing wrong with that. We do it all the time don't we? He could be talking with angels. As well, is there anything wrong with God calling for Adam and Eve and drawing them out with His voice? Do you expect Him to teleport Himself behind them and poke on their shoulder and say, "You're it"? How many times has your child or even a friend done or said something and they hide from you and you know what they have done and where they are; but instead of going straight to them and attacking them, you instead wait, or draw them out by calling them, or give them a call on the phone, or even just wait for them to get a hold of you and tell you - leading them with questions to see how honest they will be. Have you not done something like this? Why would this be a problem for God?

What is wrong with God cursing the ground and causing thorns and thistles to grow? Blood had been spilled on the ground. Sin had entered the world. The land rejected the curse on account of Adam's sin. The thorns and thistles not only cause a hindrance to those trying to work, but also provide a trap for any creature that is attempting to get away from another that intends to eat it. The thorns and thistles are a reminder of the huge impact of sin and yet also they are a trap to any that attempt to kill out of desire for blood.

Jesus Christ sacrificed the first animal for Adam and Eve to be clothed. This was a foreshadowing of His salvation. This is not an incredible thing... it simply is what it is. The land was cursed in order to cover the sins of Adam and Eve - their sins were cleansed from inside them and instead were to infect the land and creatures around them. But because of their disobedience, they could not be trusted in the Garden of Eden - so they had to be kicked out to go survive in the land which they caused to be cursed.

There were not only two humans alive when Cain killed Abel. There is no number defining how many there were, but men that lived to be almost a thousand years old could have MANY kids; and they did. I don't know why people continue to not pay attention to what is being said? The bloodlines of Cain and Abel were both affected by Abel's murder. The children of Cain would be hunted by the children of Abel for revenge. Cain's family would have the blemish of having murder in their blood. Seth was born to Adam and Eve to begin a cleaner bloodline that would eventually give birth to Noah who would be saved from the flood - and through Shem, son of Noah, the bloodline would carry through eventually to Abraham. Then through Abraham the blood would carry through to Jacob who is called Israel. Then from Israel the bloodline would carry through Judah from the bloodline of Judah would come eventually Christ.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:12 PM
So Cain was justified in his fear because there were plenty of people on the planet at that time that would seek revenge on him. If all of the names of all the people who had ever been born were in the Bible, it would be just as ridiculous to read as if God had told the story of how He created each individual star in the universe in the Bible. It is considered a grand thing when an expert in American History is capable of dissecting and connecting all the dots of only American History alone. How much more if we had a book with all the trillions of people that had lived up until now?

Cain went out from the presence of God because Cain no longer had any favor of God with him. The Spirit of God was focused on the work of Adam and Eve and all their children and all their work. Cain and his family were no longer allowed to be with Adam and Eve and all their children. (This also is another reason why Cain was afraid; when he and is family were removed, some of his family probably wanted to murder him for removing them from the presence of God).

Cain's wife came from one of the many women that had been born and grew up by this time. I do not see how this should come as a shock or surprise to anyone...

Lamech claims for himself vengeance upon any soul that kills him seventy-seven fold because the vengeance whomever might slay Cain was to be a deterrent to prevent anyone from further diminishing the bloodline with murder. Lamech felt himself a little more justified in that his murder was not to the intent or degree as Cain's murder; so therefore he should be further avenged if any where to punish him for it. If you pay attention to the stories, Cain intended true harm to Abel. Lamech only reacted against a young man. There is a difference in their actions.

Adam is the name of the male, but is also the name by which all Mankind is referred. Because all Mankind came from Adam, all are of him and from him - so everyone is truly Adam. But this is a pointless argument anyway.

Yes, humans before the flood had very large lifespans. The earth became full quickly because people were growing and staying healthy for so long compared to our current lifespans. People were much larger and smarter and wiser and stronger; and yet still they were not wise enough to be humble before the Lord. The world became out of hand very quickly. Within the span of about 1400 years, the entire world had been filled; there is no telling how much technology had progressed. The earth was different before the flood. The way the sun interacted with the earth was different. All things were very different before that flood. After the flood, people gradually lost their ability to stay alive as long. By the time of Abraham, men had finally become more similar to what we are today.

The "sons of God" that saw the "daughters of men" and had sex with them are the fallen angels that were cast into the earth. They morphed into human male figures and took for themselves whatever women they chose. Those might men of renown were flesh and blood, however, so they could not disappear like spirits. They were very mighty in stature and in strength and in many things. However, these men of renown were being worshiped as if they were gods. The whole thing, the whole process, was very horrible. These women were led away of temptation to lay with "men" that portrayed themselves as rich and powerful and also decent and giving. Then the women lay with these "men" and those men would disappear. Then they would be with child and their children would grow up to be different in many ways. Eventually some of those would be hated and some would be loved. People began to rely on the drama and the foolishness surrounding the agenda of all of these men of renown. Most people had long forgotten to worship God and glorified those men. Because God was being forgotten and because of how people had started hurting each other, being filthy all around, becoming enamored with their technology and their drama and their shows of power and might; and the cursing of God to His face, and the taunting of God, "Come down here so that we will fight you! We suffer and you hide! But look at how powerful we are! We will rule these people and destroy you!" Was their attitude. Do you not see all of this? Are you not capable of understanding how people are? This is how people are today!

Because of all of the evils in the world, God thought to Himself that He would rather not have created the earth. But you see, that is because He is a LIVING GOD with thoughts and feelings as well. If someone were about to shoot your child, would you not shoot your child's attacker in the head? Would you feel remorse that you brought your child into a disgusting and violent world and that your child had to suffer that experience and also yourself for having seen it and been a part of it? Yes. God is allowed to have His feelings, too.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:13 PM
God has a right to be angry about the world being filled with violence.

No, He didn't create the violence except that violence is the opposite of peace. Satan caused all the problems because he thought within himself that he would rise to the Throne of God and he would rule better because he sought the power. Satan therefore lied to Eve, starting the chain reaction. Everything that God had done was for mercy for somebody else - but also because God created everything for His enjoyment and His glory - and also us to share in His enjoyment and His glory - which He has promised to those of us who are faithful to Him! He is promising HIS THRONE to us! The very thing that Satan sought after and disobeyed God in an attempt to receive - God is giving to His faithful has a reward for obeying Him! Isn't that amazing to anyone else?

How dare you blame God for all of this violence. Anyone here who claims that God is the cause of violence has but to look at themselves and judge themselves in where they caused violence. How ironic that people would attempt to blame God for the violence they commit - when they themselves also claim that there is no God and that no one has any control over them! Which is it? Do you think for yourself or not?

The window of Noah's Ark was not 18 inches. It was a cubit. A cubit is a generic measurement; from the elbow to the end of the hand. The men at that time were greater in stature. The window could have been much larger. 18 inches is the AVERAGE cubit in later Biblical times and today. In Egypt the cubit was 21 inches. Ask Kareem Abdul-Jabar what a cubit equates to in inches. You'll get a different answer than from most other people.
As well, if ventilation is your concern, realize that the entire world would be flooded with water. Also realize that the Spirit of God could easily provide life to any within the Ark. So, where you may find a problem regarding nature, you must also realize that God is all-powerful and whatever He intends to live, it will live. If you keep trying to prove God by nature, you're going to fail. He created the program and He can modify it as He pleases!

God may call just and righteous whoever He pleases. If God says Noah was just and righteous, then he is just and righteous. Also know that Noah being drunk and naked was not a good thing for him to do - but he was a man of humility. He worshiped God and he knew his own misgivings and he had a relationship with God. Why is Noah not allowed to be human? You would judge him as not being righteous and not being just; and yet you condemn God for all creation and for your very own existence and also for the power that he gave you that you use to curse him. How ironic! Let a man, Noah, who did not have a particularly easy life, let him have some strong drink and let him be relaxed. It is also written that we should give to those who are depressed and lonely some strong drink and we should keep them company to comfort them. Ease their pain, if you will. God is also a God of love and mercy for those who are humble and worship Him and obey Him!

Do you really have a problem with God referring to the rain falling from the sky as "the windows of heaven were opened"? Is this really something you would like to argue?

The dove that Noah sent out came back with an olive leaf - the olive tree was one that was already in the earth. There was no reason for a seed to germinate.. All life had been destroyed on the face of the earth, for sure. The land was surely changed in many ways. The earth changed in many ways. I have seen dead trees come back to life. The olive tree was still there. Once the waters got low enough, the tree ceased being choked completely off and began to produce leaves. Have you not seen how a dead tree in the winter will produce a nice leaf in the early spring very quickly? The tree line that I am used to staring ate goes from dead to full in about one week for sure! How is this incredible to you?

When Noah sacrificed the clean animals, he did not kill the last of the animals. Are you really so naive to think that the animals did not give birth on the Ark? The rains lasted 40 days, but also it was a full 150 days before the waters were finally off of the land. 150 days is PLENTY of time for new animals to have been born. If anyone pays attention to the passages, they will see this clearly as day. How can a university be responsible for these questions??

God had been punishing the earth and the living creatures on the earth for all of man's sins as a means of covering the sins. The flood was the covering of the sins. IT demolished all evil things and changed the earth and its glory. God promised to never hurt the earth and all living things as a sacrifice anymore for peoples' sake. You must remember that God is completely justified in all of His behavior and His feelings.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:14 PM
The mind of God is not so frightening to those that love and understand Him.

No, God did not say that all HUMANS would be feared by animals. If you read Genesis 9:1 before you read Genesis 9:2, you will find that God blessed Noah and his sons. That blessing did not carry through to all of mankind thereafter. Be careful to claim that a blessing that God gave Noah and his sons belongs to everyone. That is not true.

Also, when God delivered all things of the earth into the hands of Noah and his sons, he delivered these things to Noah the righteous and the just. Just as God had given Adam dominion over the earth, he had now given Noah dominion over the earth. But remember also that the dominion had been taken away from people before the flood because of their evil. Remember that the evil that we commit reduces our authority. If we are not righteous, then things are not all delivered into our hands. We have dominion where GOD says we have dominion. We are not above God at all; so if you have been given authority over something and you are evil, your authority will not last that long, for sure. It may last thirty or forty years, but that is a short reign compared to the eternity that God gives us who will be kings and priests under Him throughout the universe.

As well, you say that "Christians" justify killing animals and destroying the environment using these verses? Those who kill for sport and those who destroy the environment out of their greed and laziness are NOT CHRISTIANS. It is unwise and unfair to blame God and Christians for the actions of those who falsely take the Name of the Lord as their own.

You say according to Genesis 9:5, God is saying that all animals have hands. Wrong. The verse says beasts - there are beasts, fowls, creeping things, creatures of the sea, etc... beasts are lions, bears, cats, dogs, and the like. Most all beasts have hands (or as we say, paws). As well, is there something wrong with saying "at the hand of every beast"? This is a silly argument. You're really grasping at straws now. I can just see the argument now. "God says all animals have hands! He couldn't possibly exist!" How far can you go?

There are more than 6 billion people on the planet today, now. But what in the world makes you think that 6 billion people is that much for this planet? Your scientists and your great minds are so narrow in their understanding of how many people can actually live on this earth. The system, the industry, the big city demand and with all of its technology and the huge waste in resources and all the jobs of vanity and the poor money system and all the more useless things even; these things are in jeopardy with nearly 7 billion people; the grid is in jeopardy - NOT the earth. Physically, people have need of only food, water, shelter, and clothing. The earth provides MORE than enough for everyone. I still don't understand how people continue to fall for the lie that 6+ billion people is a burden on this earth. There are billions and billions and billions of animals and trillions and trillions of insects and bugs of all kinds and the number of fishes...! They ingest more food every single day than all of humanity does over a course of a few years, for sure. Do the math. Does anyone really believe this ridiculous attitude? These arguments come from the minds of scientists?! Only an arrogant jerk would say that "we need to disobey God on this one." How can you possibly be so bold? I feel very sorry for you.

And I hardly think it is wise to even debate with anyone who wants to pick on God's promises and the sign of the rainbow he put in the cloud for His purpose. How much more selfish and truly unthinking must someone be to attack God for creating a beautiful thing and using it as a sign of a promise. And then you put this language in peoples' minds by saying God thinks to Himself, "Oh, yeah. I promised not to do that again. I guess I'll have to find something else to do." What in the world are you? So you've gone from a few somewhat legitimate questions concerning nature to instead just outright attacking God. You're awfully bold and foolish; and again, I feel sorry for you.

And God was not worried that men might build a tower to heaven. He was angry that they were so bold and foolish to think that they could do such a thing. He sought to only teach them that Heaven is not reached by their works and their power. If left to their devices, they could easily accomplish much. But God is not threatened by what they do - but if you are wise, you will notice that God did not want to allow people, especially so soon after the flood, to come to believe they were once again so powerful and bold and arrogant (as he has not allowed people to convince themselves of today; and Mankind's boldness and arrogance ends soon, thank God!)

All these answers were short. ExNihilo, I hope I have not failed you here; but I'm taking a break now.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Smack

Predates? How do you figure?
The Enuma Elish was found in the ruins of Ninevah. A city mentioned in the bible, who's founders and lineage is also mentioned in the bible. Shinar (Babylon) is mentioned where the Sumerians lived. Also the lineage of the Sumerians are mentioned in the bible and who fathered them after the flood.

The Enuma Elish has a lot of parallels with Hebrew text. A lot of it seems to be from an ignorant, goatherder vew of what the Hebrew version is.

I wonder why people jump on the ancient heathens band wagon of history when it seems more far fetched than the Hebrew version. I really wonder if you have read either one.

The only thing that is known of the Enuma Elish is that it was written no LATTER than around king Nebuchadrezzar's time. When it was written is not known.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by TarzanBeta

The argument is over as far as Humans being a species that EVOLVED as every other living thing did on Earth from a Single Celled Animal shortly after the entire Human Genome was mapped. We have mapped Thousands of Species Genomes and when comparing them to our own and to each other...a proof came to light.

Every Species that we have Mapped their Complete Genome has shown that all of them and this includes Modern Humans...have Ancient Viral DNA encoded in all species Genomes.

A VIRUS is NOT ALIVE! It has DNA and can infest plants and animals...but it is not living. The two Men who won Nobel Prizes in Virology...won in the CHEMISTRY CATEGORY since a VIRUS is a Small DNA MOLECULE that is not living. The thing is that in every species Genome that has been mapped...and this is a lot...each and every species has the Viral DNA Encoding of the First Single Celled Animal that all life evolved all species DNA.

When a Virus infects a Living tricks the Cell to allow it in as food then uses the Cells raw material to Multiply to the point the cell EXPLODES thus helps transmit the Viral Infection. Billions of Years ago...the Original First Life Form on Planet Earth...a Singe Celled Animal...was infected by a Virus...many of these Single Celled Animals Died but the ones that did not die but were infected...bred via Mitosis and as they split into two cells they took along part of the Viral DNA with them and it became part of this Single Celled Animals Genome. As over the EONS...evolution finally developed Modern Humans and Plants and Animals...we all have this same Ancient Viral DNA Encoding in all Life on Earths GENOME. This is PROOF POSITIVE we all evolved from one original SINGLE CELLED LIFE FORM. It is undeniable. There is no other possibility that this could have occurred in every Life Form on Earth unless it happened at the very beginning.

Also...there is no conflict in a persons belief in GOD and the FACT of EVOLUTION. If there is a GOD...EVOLUTION is the Method used to create Humans and all other Earthly Life. Please...if anyone does attempt to argue this up and do not reply with words or concepts that have no Scientific Proof.

What I have posted is FACT...and can be easily confirmed. It is everyone's Right to have their own beliefs...but please don't allow yourself to look silly by confronting a REALITY with SCRIPTURE. Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 09:08 PM
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The only "Fact" Science has proven is the building blocks of life exist. If evolution was a "Fact" they would have found "the missing link" they're still hunting for. They have found how many of those? Like three or something and they always make the old link not the missing one.

So Scientist have created life in a lab. Big deal! How do they explain life thousands of years ago without laboratories? Oh, thats right. A galactic explosion.

The complex DNA you mention...... How about the RNA, you know the stuff that Scientist said "served no purpose" and is "junk DNA" The same Stuff Scientist have just changed their mind about.

If Science had "facts" Their would be no "new discovery" to refute yesterdays "facts"

Don't get me wrong Science is fun and helpful and there are some "facts" that have been learned. But the origin or creation of life is not one of them. Proof would be how it got here, not that it's here and they can play with it.

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