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Where do you think Greys come from (if they exist)?

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by lampsalot

Hell is in a different dimension. They come from friggen hell. They can take on any shape even a pleasing one.
They have the power of the air.
Because they're demons ! Just exactly what the Bible says they are. They're coming here more and more as we get closer to the end. Just like Jesus siad they would when he told us all, that it would be the way it was in Noahs time. It's a repeat of the first time we see recorded in caves and with the petroglyphs around the world.
What is so hard about looking where the answers are ? Your Bible ! Blow the dust off and crack it open. There is a wealth of knowledge there. For cripe sakes.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by randyvs

The bible says more than people think, especially the literal translation. And no ET doesnt come from hell. There are negative entities and evil doers amongst the corporal.

But the bible has literal definitions of Elohim, Ruachs and describes ET experiences quite well. And, pslam 82 does tell us that the "elohim" those who come from the sky, are corporal, Ie. in bodies. That like that adams they are mortal, and so, (for they really answer to Higher Powers and their own soul which is the toughest task master), should stop propping up corruption and start caring for the poor and orphans.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 11:43 AM
the Greys come from the Id... they are created from the ether,
given substance and life from the creation source 'Heaven...
because the observer willed 'It/Them' into existence (either unconsciously or unwittingly)

"The id doesn't care about reality, about the needs of anyone else, only its own satisfaction."

they are not demons or minions or Legion, the veil of deception that is caused by the 'holy ghost'
which Christians have been programmed to believe is the Earth's protector has kept Greys apart from men
for close to the 1,260 generations as spoken of in prophecy...

Alien beings/ Angels, that are reported in history and antiquity were actually seen by very few individuals throughout time, but now....many eyes will see Greys as the meme grows into the social consciousness and collective memory of humankind

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 12:29 PM
The Greys are a tool of the STS beings. They can enter into any position they are needed to. It so happens that when I am abducted in the physical form with them using 3rd density appearing ships. The aliens and their ship come from the fourth density into the third density to abduct and go back into the fourth density. Some believe this is akin pulling apart curtains reaching in getting what you want an closing the curtains

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by randyvs

The bible says more than people think, especially the literal translation. And no ET doesnt come from hell. There are negative entities and evil doers amongst the corporal.

But the bible has literal definitions of Elohim, Ruachs and describes ET experiences quite well. And, pslam 82 does tell us that the "elohim" those who come from the sky, are corporal, Ie. in bodies. That like that adams they are mortal, and so, (for they really answer to Higher Powers and their own soul which is the toughest task master), should stop propping up corruption and start caring for the poor and orphans.

I'll just give you this small reply. Not for lack of respect for you Unity. But because of it.

In the Kingdom of God you will notice. There are no orphans.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 10:54 PM
We can defiantly rule out Betelgeuse, as it is only about 10 million years old, but has evolved rapidly because of its high mass. Betelgeuse is expected to explode as a type II supernova, possibly within the next million years, providing near zero habitable zone it’s entire existence. Not to mention its like 650 light years away. Betelgeuse is so volatile, massive and undefined it is not certain today if it is a single star or not.

Some 3 billion years ago on earth a common earthworm represented the top of the food chain, this multicellular life form took from 1.1 to 1.4 billion years to evolve from the first single cell life form. The binary Zeta Reticuli star system is only about 2 billion years old, so if any intelligent life form lives there they jump started evolution by a magnitude of over 200%. I don’t know what would facilitate that.

We have a model for life evolution right here on earth as our only control group, so naturally we look for signs we can recognize. One can take a teaspoon from anywhere on earth and find signatures of life yet in all of the celestial samples we have gathered from around our solar system we find zero signs of life, not a single signature. If you want to suggest the comet Wild-2 'organic compound' discovery of life is a signature let me explain something that constitutes as 'organic' a simple carbon atom bonded with one or more hydrogen atoms, doesn't sound much like life does it? Methane is one carbon atom and 4 hydrogen atoms, CH4, NOT LIFE, organic by definition, but not life.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by lampsalot

My evidence for this? None. But I notice most abductions and contacts tend to be in the dream state, which could mean either two things 1) greys are a cultural meme like the old hag syndrome that people expect to see when sleeping/paralyzed in bed or 2) greys are real entities but not physical in the same way that we are.
Or 3: they are not real/ imaginary entities conjured up in the mind (for what ever reason) who knows!?!? I don't that's for sure-- but anything's possible I it not?

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 01:04 AM
I with the idea that mars was habital long before earth, greys evolved there and much like us destroyed their atmosphere

passing thru ancient aliens lore, they came up with the gold idea and hving mined all their own popped over to earth

mars is small, less gravity, greys frail bodies werent made for mining on earth so they tweaked a caveman into us for the job

poof planet of the apes, as everyone knows once ya get a big enuf slave force it wakes up and revolts

so... the gold idea didnt work, mars declines into nothingness and the greys well, they are probably under the ocean. i cant say underground mars as, well, its not a good idea to live on a dead planet when the earth is perfectly fine

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 01:07 AM
or they are us from the future traveling back in time


i find mars the simpliest answer. but their appearance fits for both way future evolved humans or a small planet, low gravity evolution

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:21 AM
Aliens are real thats my opinion. This universe is far to vast for there not to be other life forms. Whether those life forms are walking around or flying around or just squirming around they exist. I mean billions upon billions of galaxies across the universe with billions upon billions of solar systems in those galaxies. There is no way that nothing else is out there beyond us. And as far as us being visited by the so called greys, yea i believe they've been here. Probably are here now. Who knows for sure. Thats what makes it impossible to be impossible. Nobody knows! But too many people have seen things that are surely not of our world. Like i said who knows.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:32 AM
In the Draconis system (constellation of Draco). Struve 2398 to be precise.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:56 AM
Then there you have it folks an exact spot where there is more than likely some type of alien life form

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 12:59 PM

Originally posted by Vsc1981
Then there you have it folks an exact spot where there is more than likely some type of alien life form

Mine was more exact than that, and I've got a picture to prove it..

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by Eurisko2012
reply to post by SloAnPainful

December 1988 the US Navy got their butts kicked.

2 F-14s lost. The base is near the Laguna Cartagena Wildlife Refuge.

Not to derail the thread, but I am somewhat familiar with the anecdotes surrounding that area. And I remember the time of the stories about the F-14's that vanished as they approached a UFO (flying saucer interpretation of the word)

I believe that as of today the base under Laguna Cartagena is probably no longer active (assuming that it was at some point). From the late 80's to the early 90's was the biggest UFO flap in history in Puerto Rico and it culminated with the installation of a tethered blimp that is there allegedly to monitor incoming drug trafficking aircraft.

Residents of that area have reported seen UFO's (in the flying saucer interpretation of the term) *engage the blimp* by shooting some kind of ray or lightning at it.

The Aerostat has been a burden because the high maintenance cost and repeated downtime (fact)

I realize that a lot of my information is anecdotal but among the stories I heard at the time was that some of the people who trained to be guards at the ground base of the "Aerostato" (tethered blimp) were shown videos describing the possibility of encounters with EBE's and procedures to follow should those encounters happen. This is RUMOR.

Some time in the early 90's there was some military / construction activity around the hill where alleged abductees claimed was the entrance into the base (also rumor). This military activity involved loud explosions (this is fact)

As of today that hill is fenced and supposedly a radio station had the land allocated for operation of transmitters, although other than a small building, there is (and never was) an operating transmitter on that hill.

Since there is no proof that anything extraterrestrial happened there (other than witness reports and anecdotal evidence) the only things that can be said about the area with certainty is that there has been unacknowledged military activity in the area following an intense period of rumors about extraterrestrial craft coming in and out of the lagoon and at least two witnesses who claimed independently having visited the bases,

Allegedly the beings there used the area for maintenance of their craft.

The abduction narratives in the area involved
-"tours of facilities"
-"warnings about impending catastrophe" and
-"warnings that the beings have no intention to move out of the base"

as opposed to the narrative of abduction involving physical examination.

In this intense period during the early 90's there were also numerous reports of mutilated cattle in the area as well, and at least one live broadcast where an "alien looking" dead body was shown on live television (channel four if I remember) and abruptly cut off as "federales" or representatives of the US federal government took over control of the area and asked TV crews to get out.

Take all of this with all the salt you need.


posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by lampsalot

Assuming we are being visited here are the possibilities in order of likelihood in my opinion:

1. Another planet in another NEARBY solar system. The distances are simply too vast, and if life is as abundant as I think it is, then there are aliens everywhere but only very few and the very nearest would be aware of our radio transmissions and nuclear explosions, the only two artificial events that we generate that would be detectable in the long range.

2. A crypto-terrestrial civilization: people who have always lived here but somehow have a separate world, say underground, under water, etc. I feel this is not mutually exclusive from option #1, since technically an extraterrestrial civilization can establish an off world "embassy" so to speak, and if this were to have happened tens of thousands years ago one could then say they are "from here" simply because we don't know the history.

3. "Extra dimensional" is the "cop out" or catch all possibility, where we say, "we don't know where else, so they are from another dimension". But the fact is, in practical terms it is very hard to define what "Another dimension" really is, other than a place that cannot be accessed by translation in the 3 spatial dimensions. Nobody has first hand experience about an extra dimensional persistent world. For example, the dream world is extra dimensional but hardly persistent. The persistent attribute, to me, is necessary in order to speak of this "realm" in terms that don't change from moment to moment, and are thus meaningful. Real REALITY happens to have this very palpable property of "persistence" I speak of. Until the day we have some kind of empirical (not theoretical) evidence of extra dimensional realms, then this could become a real possibility, but I don't think we're quite there yet.

It is almost certain to me that if in fact there are EBE's or Grays, etc, then the chances that they "just started visiting in my lifetime" are not very high, and perhaps they've been around for a lot longer. And if in fact this is the case, it would stand to reason that a visiting civilization would have established covert bases. One might ask "Why not introduce themselves" and a reasonable way to answer that would be that stealth guarantees their safety. If we wanted to monitor another civilization we would try to learn about them all we can without alerting them about our presence.


posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 02:34 AM
Theory,Future humans created them as drones to harvest dna to repair thier own. The ptb manufactured the alien idea to side track people from learning the truth. They did it for good reasons. These greys are ai. Refer to phil corsos book the day after roswell. The delta shaped disc was a time machine. Its just a theory i have no idea what they are. I gave up trying.

I seen them myself and was not dreaming because i was not even in my bed. Yes they are real but are not of this time space. They can wink in and out our time space at will even manipulate matter. To them our concept of physics is comical. They can walk through walls. They might be from zeta reticuli but they never took me there so who knows. [
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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Blue Shift

To start with, Betty and Barney Hill weren't abducted by greys. They were abducted by small humanoids who were pretty human looking except for what Betty called their "wrap around" eyes. Not at all like the critters who later abducted Travis Walton or Whitley Strieber.

The ones that took Travis Walton actually sounded like the same species that took the Hills. The ones that took the Hills hills had pupils but very large wrap around eyes. Same with Walton but he describes large eyes yes. However the Strieber greys were described as having "black eyes" almond shape. Many have suggested that the black eyes are just a protective covering and they have pupils all the same. Or the black eyes are the AI drone version of greys. It's all very confusing really, then the tall greys that seem more to be the biological kind... unlike the short robot like greys "the workers" as well as a Mantis like version that are said to be something spiritual or called elders.

Another thing with Travis Walton he was taken by not just greys but tall humanoid blondes were on the ship he was taken on inside a hangar of a larger ship . Also known as the Nordics said to be from the Palladian star system or Andromeda. It's in the book the Movie was a farce.
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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by h8grey
no idea where they come from (they do exist), but it probably smells like a$$ (they smell awful)...only been face to face with them once and you are somewhat correct....maybe some people experience them in a "dream state", but I was fully conscious and awake....however, they do seem to target a specific point (the period right when you are falling asleep but aren't fully there..basically the second you doze off, they appear and somehow do something that we don't quite understand that puts the abductee in a state of paralysis...

from my experience, I felt a very ominous shift in my bedroom when they came..I can't really put it into words..just a very threatening and dreary feeling that still haunts of them spoke to the others during my "abduction" (wasn't taken anywhere, just paralyzed in my bed while they poked/prodded me).. the language they speak is literally like out of a movie ..specifcally close encounters of the 3rd's a mix of "computerized" sounding tones/beeps that is layered with an ancient "sumarian" sounding subtext...really hard to put it into words....Their vocal chords must be much different than ours because it sounded layered as if he/she/it were making 3-4 different sounds at the same is very intimidating and sounds very "electronicky".

Can you describe the smell? does it compare with anything else?

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 10:21 AM
if these greys show themselves in true form, pale with large black eyes could that mean they are from a dark place not much sunlight and those big eyes absorbing what little light is around them and a bet there aint much gravity too, because of the lack of muscle tissue on their bodies

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