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The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Rising Against
Great OP, as usual, Rising Against.

I too, guessed it was yours when I saw the title. This has all the stuff of a 'real' conspiracy.

Many are quick to say that Marilyn committed suicide, yet there certainly are a lot of loose ends that lend themselves to being tied together in a certain way. The findings of Thomas Noguchi are very important IMO, the fact that he found no evidence of Marilyn taking any pills.... and that being listed as the cause of death is really hard to overcome if you try to believe the official story.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

I read through the first couple of pages and don't have time to continue but I did recall two memories that may interest you regarding your research into the death of Marilyn Monroe. I will share them with you in the hope they might give you another insight.

First - Read an article in Life magazine many years ago - possibly twenty years ago. The article was about Rose Kennedy as Matriarch of the Kennedy Clan. There were some large colour photographs - one I can still see vividly in my memory of a long shot of her garden and another of Joe Kennedy inside on a lounge with his sons.

The article spoke of Rose and her devout Catholic beliefs and that she was aware her husband had affairs but given that he always provided for the children and herself - she kept busy with her children and charitable organisations and did not think about his other women.

The article had one quote from Joe that has been seared into my memory - it seems relevant and poignant to the topic of the death of Marilyn Monroe. When talking about the philandering of the patriarch Joe Kennedy it was mentioned that his sons had emulated the behaviours of their father with regard to 'loving' women. When the subject of Marilyn Monroe arose - Joe Kennedy stated that even though he was aware of his influence over his sons and their behaviours - that when the news of her death was delivered to his home it was noticed that he was visibly saddened and heard to say - no one had had to die (before)....

Cannot recall whether the word before was used but the reference to dying is correct. I had a quick look on the internet and used copies of the magazine are available for sale and only cover photographs can be viewed when browsing. I have over the years read a variety of articles about the death of Marilyn Monroe but the quote from Joe Kennedy I have only read once - never saw the quote/reference again or even an inference to the quote. Just makes me go hmmm....

Second - Many years ago a friend who had more than a passing interest in all areas Marilyn Monroe had me engaged in listening to her tell me how Marilyn Monroe had been in love with President Kennedy and that he had been in love with her. She stated that they had shared many phone conversations when they could not meet in person and she had been given direct access to her 'boyfriend' by virtue of a direct line to the Whitehouse and that she had been absolutely devastated and heartbroken when her calls - abruptly and without warning - stopped being connected. The intimation being that there was an ongoing affair and that President Kennedy was just as fond of Marilyn Monroe as she of him - quite the contrary to what is usually written.

It seems that President Kennedy was as much a threat by - getting too involved with one of his so called many dalliances - that the powers that be needed to put both a stop to Marilyns diary and mouth as well as sending a message to President Kennedy about who was really in control. The CIA or FBI (can't remember which maybe both who knows) would record Marilyn and President Kennedy when they met for their physical meetings and listen in for the entire time and would wait for the 'pillow talk' that would ensue after their lovemaking.

Don't know whether these two recollections help but when I knit them together - it seems to me that Marilyn was perceived as a threat particularly when she was speaking about telling everyone about something she was going to reveal to the media. It also seems that President Kennedy was very much a human being who - despite his many dalliances - perhaps became genuinely fond of Marilyn and fell in love.

All I know is that the truth always bubbles to the surface - sometimes it takes a bloody long time but somehow the truth gets through all the chaos.

Much Peace...

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 07:05 PM
Thank you for taking the time to post such a well researched & interesting topic

I think she new to much and was a thorn in JFKs bum , so she was taken out of the equation via a fake suicide .

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:00 PM
You are just so bada$$ and thorough with your post's/presentations... Very nice as always.


posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Marilyn has been a subject of many of nights of research.

My own opinion, her little red diary disappeared.

She was due to make a news statement the day after she was found dead.

She messed around with a few of the big boys......................and was out of her league.

You fool around with those in power or are in the line of power and you better be able to take care of yourself.

There was a company called, "Big Dog" and they had a tee shirt that said, "If you can't play with the big dogs, you better stay on the porch."

She had a sad, unstable beginning in life, her mother was a real looney tune, passed around, never knowing a stable, loving family life.

Even people in Hollywood that come from a stable loving family life and have a very centered self get messed over - coming from a unstable family background, messing around with the wrong people, (gangsters, presidents, senators, etc)...............not a good mix.

Personally, I think she was overdosed with a enema of Barbiturates.

She would have done better if she had stayed married to her first non famous husband, James Dougherty, had a couple kids and lived a quiet, "normal" life.

Some say Jim Dougherty wasn't really her first husband, but I have it on good authority he was.

Some people cannot survive fame, fortune and glory.............particularly in Hollywood.

Not hard as nails and have a real stable psychological center and fame and fortune can not only make you but destroy you.

Marilyn's morgue pictures look like someone beat the living hell out of her before she met whatever end she met.

Sounds heartless but TPTB and their goons don't play by the same rules most decent folk play gonna mess with scum (and some of the most horrendous bottom feeders wear the biggest diamonds, Prada and Gucci) you better know how to protect better be smart enough to survive.

Fame isn't all it's cut out to be..................everything has it's price.
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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by pillock

Yep, they don't walk up and shoot you in a alley anymore, too obvious and raises too many questions.

Now, like Princess Diana, Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn they first discredit you, make you look unstable (and we all have our weaknesses) than they make sure you have either a fatal accident or "suicide".

Marilyn's diary disappeared - never found.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

When i read the title and before i opened this thread i thought to myself: '20 bucks says OP is Rising Against'
Sure enough...
But anyway... down to business

If only we could get the "REAL" story from Eunice Murray. Unfortunate that it is too late... I have never heard of Dr Thomas Noguchi (shows how little ive researched Marilyn) and his interesting findings in the autopsy. What would he have been able to find had he reopened the examination you think? I also found the incorrect body positioning rather suspect. Twitching nerves surely wouldn't be able to roll a dead body over right?

Just throwing in a theoretical scenario:
What if Eunice Murray found the body before the time she claimed to have. Tried to wake her by shaking her aggresively (maybe causing the hip bruise accidentaly) or something which would have changed her position and then freaked out because she thought she might be labeled a murder suspect for being in the room around the time of death. So she took the time to 'erase the evidence' so to speak and called later

However IMO: CIA. Ever since i read about the Operation Northwoods and the Family Jewels I have never trusted those bastards. I have never looked at American government or even 'The Law' the same since.

"Oh we've changed... we're all happy and loving now! We want to save you from the Middle Eastern monsters! We're the good guys, We didn't mean to fund the rise of Al Qaeda during Operation Cyclone"

Another brilliant thread. Yours are always well structured and extremly informative and enlightening. Many thanks!
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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 09:32 PM
Thanks for sharing and putting in the great detail.
Was mentioning to my husband lately when we viewed some Kennedy theories, that she may have been in-fact a victim much as he, because they knew too much-suspecting that he told her something that wasn't supposed to be brought to the public, etc.

My interest: Back in HS when planning to go to school for Forensic Pathology(changed majors however) studied Dr. Noguchi and along wuth her case. As well as Norma Jeane with an odd link to my family-probably is not fact but was interesting discussion.

Just wanted to note: read in my studies that she would take (rectal)suppositories of phenobarbital as a sleep aid. Probably as to why it was found in high dosage in her body. Maybe the extra amount to do her in was administered post drifting off, accounting for the bruises found place by possible struggle-unless she had just fallen/stumbled.

I have the book "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" by: J. Randy Taraborrelli.-mentioned earlier by caladonea- . I recommend it for studying about her.
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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 09:44 PM
Great thread as always RA. S&F
Marilyn's death has always been a interest of mine.I have never found Peter Lawford's accounts to be believable.We have her friends saying she was happy and upbeat and we have him saying she was down and her speech was slurring.I think the truth lies somewhere between.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 09:46 PM
Eunice Murray Statement

" You know who i depended on? Not strangers,
not friends- the telephone! That's my
best friend. I seldom write letters, but I love
calling friends especially late at night,
when i Can't sleep."

- Marilyn Monroe to W.J. Weatherby, 1961,

On Sunday Morning Time and Life correspondent Tommy Thompson taped a lengthy interview with Eunice Murray in which she recounted the events surrounding the Film Star's Death In a sincere, soft -- spoken voice, carefully measuring her words in a precise manner. In the following decades evidence will contradict her “story.” And she would ultimately refute many of her statements preserved on the *Thompson tapes. In Her initial statement to the police and the press, Murray recalled that she first became concerned about Marilyn when she got up to go to the bathroom and saw the light under Marilyn's door. she clearly stated “ It was the light under Marilyn's door that aroused my suspicions that something was terribly wrong.”

Now let's stop here for one minute as we all know Marilyn had difficulties sleeping at night, and she would usually call people at late hours of the night. So what's so suspicious about seeing light under Marilyn's door?

another thing to think about is. Murray's bedroom had her own bathroom so she did not have to leave her bedroom at all if she wanted to go to the bathroom. *See Marilyn’s floor plans *

After Marilyn's Friend Robert Slatzer learned about Marilyn's Death, he went to Monroe's residence, On Thursday, August 9. Slatzer noted that the recently installed carpeting was so thick that it was difficult to close Marilyn's bedroom door. The door scraped along the surface of the carpet, and it was Impossible to see any light from under the door. Murray was present during Slatzer discovery and she admitted that he was correct and that she must have been mistaken.

The question remains-what actually led Murray to believe “that something was terribly wrong” ….

(*Unice Murray statements are taken from police
reports and her statement in the Los Angeles times
and Herald Examiner August 8.1962)

In 1983 Anthony Summers the author of "GODDESS". Joined forces with Ted Landreth, a former CBS executive who had tried for over three years to convince an American television network to document the true Marilyn Monroe Tragedy. Summers with his investigators background in British journalism, persuaded the BBC to produce the documentary Say Goodbye to the president, which contained interviews with “ Jack Clemmons” “Robert Slatzer” “Eunice Murray” and many of the other people involved. A totally unexpected revelation occurred during Murray’s interview in 1985.

“Initially the interview was quite conventional, in that Mrs. Murray never departed from the story she had recited thought the years,” Ted Landreth recalls.” “ However, after the last of the interview and the camera and the lights were turned off, Mrs. Murray made some astounding remarks. Fortunately , The sound tape was still rolling, and we included her comments in the documentary.”

Summers that conducted the interview remembers

“ As the camera crew were starting to clear up, she said suddendly,

“ why at my age, do I still have to cover up this thing?”

I asked her what she meant, and then she astonished us by admitting that Robert Kennedy was indeed at Marilyn’s house the day she dies, and that a doctor and an ambulance had come while she was still alive..”

Mrs. Murray then was asked about Kennedy- Monroe relationship.

Murray: Well , over a period of time I was not at all surprised that the Kennedys were a very important part of Marilyn’s life…and eh….so that I was just a…I wasn’t included in this information, but I was a witness to what was happening…

SUMMERS: And you believe the he(Bobby) was there that day?

MURRAY: At Marilyn’s house?


MURRAY :Oh, sure!

SUMMERS: That afternoon?


SUMMERS: And you think that is the reason she was so upset?

MURRAY: Yes, and it became so sticky that the protectors of Robert Kennedy, you know, had to step in and protect him…

When Summers asked Murray why she hadn’t told the truth to the police in 1962, she responded, “ I told whatever I thought was good to tell.”

The highly praised BBC production "Say Good Bye To The President"- won numerous awards and was nominated in England as the best televison documentary of 1985, but American networks refuse to broadcast it. **mmm... I wonder why?...


Parts 1 to 8 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 09:57 PM
hope this didnt bounce? poor eunice

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:19 PM
What an excellent thread, I also wanted to point out a few people you might have overlooked in your OP..but I admit I didn't watch all the videos, First one is Jeanne Carmen..I seen Jeanne in an interview some years back and she claimed that she had talked to Marilyn numerous times during the evening of her death and had begged her for sleeping pills, which Jeanne claimed were as easy as candy to get in Hollywood, but Jeanne didn't go because she was drunk and didn't want to drive to Marilyn's house to deliver them. I did find a brief snippet of this on the internet, but the interview on TV was much better here's that link.

The next night on August 4, 1962, Monroe telephoned Jeanne Carmen looking for sleeping bills but Carmen “begged off” because she was too “hammered” or drunk to drive.

The second person was Ken Hunter an ambulance driver who claimed to have been dispatched to Marilyn's home the night of her death..he went on to say that she was alive when they arrived and Dr. Greenson rode in the ambulance and he administered a hypodermic needle directly into Marilyn's heart and she died in the ambulance and was returned to her home.

Jeffries said that Marilyn looked as if she were dead. Eunice allegedly called for an ambulance and then called Dr. Greenson. Wolfe states that Jeffries saw Lawford and Pat Newcomb arrive at the house. They were in a state of shock and hysterical. According to Summers, a former ambulance driver named Ken Hunter told an investigator for the DA that he arrived at Marilyn’s home “in the early morning hours” following the discovery of her body. The ambulance company chief also told the investigator that Marilyn was in fact in a coma when the ambulance arrived, due to an overdose of sleeping pills. He claimed that she was taken to Santa Monica Hospital, where she passed away. Summers suggests that Marilyn’s body was returned to her home in order to facilitate the ongoing cover-up.

One other thing I have always found curious was Dr. Greenson's children..surely they knew more about the story

‘The idea that someone murdered her,’ Daniel sighs. ‘Some people say that he killed her, Bobby Kennedy, the Mafia. All that crap is very hard on my mum, my sister and myself.’

His father added to the mystery when he refused to talk publicly about her death, instructing an inquiring journalist to ‘ask Bobby Kennedy’.

Who knows someday we might know more about what happened the night of her death..I hope so. Greenson's daughter Joan purportedly has a unpublished memoir I would love to read and Daniel Greenson became a psychiatrist..I don't know if he took over his fathers clients but it looks like the family might be more willing to finally disclose some of what they know..

Now, 47 years after Marilyn’s death, and 31 years after Greenson’s, the analyst’s heirs have put up for auction the therapeutic couch on which the actress spilt her secrets, along with several other Monroe souvenirs – a hot pink Pucci blouse, an engraved champagne glass, a martini pitcher, an annotated screenplay, a mirror, a nightdress, a programme from her funeral.

Marilyn's affair with the President in my opinion after everything I have read leads me to believe that they had more than a casual relationship, she believed he cared for her and Bob Slatzer went to say in an interview that she planned to spill the beans and was scheduled to tell all the day after she was found dead, he also claimed to have seen Marilyn's Red Diary..although the Diary was never found and as you have rightfully pointed out his credibility may be less than stellar.

I loved Marilyn when I was little my parents had a subscription to Life Magazine and Marilyn was on the cover more than once, I used to ask my grandmother to read me the story about the beautiful lady with the White Hair, she always did too. I was always a big fan and she will always this writer anyway SnF..may she rest in peace..Cheers Coco

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:30 PM
Brilliant thread ... extremely well thought out and detailed, incredible effort ... and many excellent posts.

I don't have the answers but I'd like to share my opinion/theory.

I believe Marilyn had just discovered she was pregnant with either JFK or RFK's child (most likely JFK's child) and he knew she could have easily destroyed him. She could have controlled and/or blackmailed him. I think it's possible that she wanted to keep this baby instead of having another abortion.

This threatened JFK's presidency and could have brought him down. As a result, I also believe she was murdered because she was either refusing to keep her pregnancy quiet and she was going to eventually announce to the world that the child was JFK's (or RFK's) child.

I also think it's possible she agreed (quid pro quo) in exchange for money she'd keep quiet and maybe promised to never reveal the true identity of the child's father. But, then as the child got older and people noticed the child had some Kennedy features she would have eventually admitted it and announced her secret to the world.

She was not emotionally stable and they probably knew she couldn't be trusted, in the long-term, to keep this a secret. This was way too risky for the Kennedy boys. She wasn't the most rational person. She had a horrible childhood that no child should suffer through or have to endure. As a result, her need for approval and attention was intense, beyond what might be considered "normal". When this is coupled with my take on JFK, who in my opinion was a classic narcissist, 'without empathy' and all about their own needs, it's the perfect recipe for disaster/tragedy.

Male narcissists view women as objects to be used. And, well, he was a known womanizer. Narcissists lack empathy and compassion and they also lack the ability to feel guilt or remorse. All narcissists have a sense of entitlement. In my opinion, JFK had many narcissistic traits.

He wanted to use Marilyn and she was usable. She had low self-esteem and craved attention and approval, that she deserved, but didn't get during her childhood. These unmet needs surfaced in her adulthood. When she sensed he wanted to end the relationship she became pregnant or said she was pregnant, and then held this over his head. He panicked and made a decision in a place of terror to have her murdered-- but make it look like a suicide ... which they knew would be quite believable. Her pregnancy would have been his downfall.

So many, many events surrounding her death were covered up. Why the need for a cover-up if it was a suicide? In my opinion it's not impossible that the Coroner's report also covered-up the (early) pregnancy in exchange for money OR maybe she was lying to JFK about her pregnancy and he believed her.

RIP Marilyn Monroe
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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:41 PM
What a great read...and I read all of it! I find Marilyn Monroe fascinating. I have to say, it it's true she made a hair appointment that night, I don't think she offed herself. That just seems odd to me. We will probably never know the truth, but still an interesting story. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Good post and thread. I want to put this on my favorites but this thread, like some others, is missing the favorites tag. Does anyone know why those tags aren't always on a thread? Thanks.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:56 PM
What a fantastic thread. That poor woman.

Truman Capote wrote a really beautiful story about her. Here's a quote:

MARILYN: Sometimes I want to know what’s going to happen. Then I think it’s better not to. There’s two things I’d like to know, though. One is whether I’m going to lose weight.

TC: And the other?

MARILYN: That’s a secret.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 11:45 PM
Thank you for this thread it was amazing and I was glued to it word for word.

I knew it was you as soon as I seen the title, one question though: when are you gonna write a book cause I will be the first in line to buy it! these are great.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 11:47 PM
Almost 6 yrs ago I sat in an interview with June DiMaggio. June is Joe's Niece and also at the time Marilyn’s best friend. June's mother was Marilyn’s "Life Coach" (stated from June) The interview took place at June's residence in Sacramento Ca. The purpose of the interview was to produce a documentary on Marilyn Monroe through the eyes of her best friend June DiMaggio. Based off of the book Marilynn and Me.

Two potential directors were selected. Sean Penn and Oliver Stone.. Both said no because of June’s thought on who actually killed Marilynn.

Christina Aguilera was slated to play the part of Marilyn Monroe and produce the sound track. Christina Aguilera’s team were All over this.

So June states in the interview that her Mom was on the when the killers broke in her house. June also stated that Marilynn would talk to her mom on a daily basis. (another post later on Marilynn’s double life.)

Basically based off of this interview with June, I feel very strongly on who Killed Marilyn or rather not who but whom made the call…..June stated that in her opinion it was Jackie O that got fed up with Marilynn and her affair with her husband JFK.

Mafia/CIA doesn’t matter what matters is whom made the call for the assignation..

We were told from one of our potential producers that Jackie O was Royalty in the USA and that they would pass on this opportunity to direct this documentary.

FYI June said that she was also a clairvoyant and had done several shows in her past with her gift. June stated that I was the one that she trusted and that the other interviewer (producer) she did not trust. Later to find out that our other producer tried to secretly do a deal with June……..

Our funding for this project, two individual private funders withdrew their funding.. Christina Aguilera said she would be a part but would not fund based on the other two producers backing out.

Next step Hugh Heffner the man who truly Loved Marilyn. Turns out that Hugh had an interest in our story but June could not stand Hugh or his business and subsequently would not participate at all if Hugh was involved………………(Damn was looking forward to visiting his mansion)!!!!!

Every time I see a Marilyn Monroe story I always wanted to pipe in………..Jackie O called the shot on this one..I don’t blame her nor does any one want to see a movie on it…

My wife would probably do the same if I had an affair……

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 11:56 PM
risingagainst, you never cease to amaze me. bravo my friend, bravo.

your passion for this kind of thing is what ATS is all about.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

I heard or read that she was given drugs of some sort in an enema and so nothing was forced down her throat and that it was because she was first with Jack and then in an attempt to get with Jack again (who was avoiding her) she sought consolation (etc.) with Bobby. In Miami people talk about a cabana at the Delano Hotel where she stayed with first one and then the other brother. It was rumored she was angry, unpredictable, a woman scorned and threatening to go public about her affair with Jack. I recall something about a Hollywood middleman/friend Peter Lawford (?) who was somehow involved in either getting her hooked up with the Kennedy's or allowing the bedroom access (as her trusted friend) to whomever killed her. Totally awesome thread by the way!
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