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The Reptilians And Insectoids Walk Among Us

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

I didn't meant to post this as a reply to Jonnywhite. I hit the wrong reply button. Sorry, Jonny.

This is fascinating! Watch:
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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:29 PM

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:33 PM
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by someotherguy
Within the following link,theres the image of a 5,000 year old sumerian hieroglyph,a cylinder seal impression showing five people,but,the being in the middle is not human,it looks very much like a humanoid insect entity,a mantis alien insectoid and its body is clearly not human and is insect shaped.Its feet are not human like the others are.Its arms,legs and neck are also quite different from the others and its long abdomen is just like the abdomen of a grasshopper or praying mantis >

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 01:53 AM
The photos within the following link are of reptilian deity statuettes found in graves of the ubaid people who lived where present day iraq is now located.The statuetts date back to 4,000 bc and are around 6,000 years old >
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 04:03 AM
Hi blocula,

I'll reply to the best of my abilities to your questions.

How tall do you remember it being?

It was approximately 9 feet tall. I first thought it was an inordinately tall basket ball player but then noticed that the small trees nearby looked like bushes next to his height. I was taken aback by his height's ability to change the scale of the surrounding environment. The roofs of parked cars were way lower than his waistline, which was visible due to his extremely tapered "alpha male" chest. He was this height despite his walking in a slightly slumped forward position and with his legs not being in full extension, his knees kept a noticeable bend when walking.

How much do you think it might have weighed?

It is harder to estimate his weight than his height, because I didn't try to lift him lol. That was a joke on two counts. The first and most obvious to me was that you wouldn't want to and certainly wouldn't be able to get that close to such a creature and remain intact. Secondly, he was so massive that no human could think for a moment of lifting more than one of his limbs. Regarding his weight, I cannot know the density of his tissues, the size of his bones, but one thing is for sure, this was one lean machine, bulging with huge muscles, meaning that his weight would probably be more than an equivalent sized mammal - if a freak of nature could ever produce its likeness. I would estimate his weight at anywhere from 300 to 500 kilograms or in the neighborhood of 800 pounds, taking into account that for a given volume his weight would be greater than ours.

Do you remember any unusual feelings,heightened awareness,or slight reality shift that made you think and feel that something strange was about to happen?

I had just come home from dinner and parked the car. Everything was like every night before and every night since in similar circumstances. I was in totally familiar surroundings near my home, with scenery I see every day and also at night whenever I go out. It was my usual stroll to and from my parking lot. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and I had been very reasonable with wine at dinner, had dropped off a couple of friends at their house, and the person I was with at my flat since it was chilly out, before heading off a few blocks away to park the car.

What time of day was it,what season was it and what were the weather conditions?

It was just after 2:30 AM on a crisp clear night in November 2007.

Where were you and where was it when you first saw it?

I had parked my car in its allocated spot located on a side street, and had just engaged on foot on the West sidewalk and started walking North in the direction of my apartment building. I noticed a very tall figure in the central sidewalk running down the middle of the boulevard, which had recently been replanted with young trees with only a few small pale green leaves. He was at the North end the central sidewalk, near a major intersection, walking South towards me (although I was on the side of the road and he was on the center strip). To this day I have wondered how he could have found himself there without causing panic and a traffic accident due to his inordinate size and appearance?

How far away from it were you?

He was approximately 300 meters / 900 feet away when I first saw him, and I assumed he was a very large athlete. At about a 250 meter / 750 foot distance I noticed that the trees looked like short bushes and realized his height. This made me focus my attention intently upon him, this was highly out of the ordinary since no individual could logically be that tall. He was approximately 200 meters away when I noticed very large eyes emitting a persistent dark red glow. This is when, for the first time, I experienced actual psychological shock, because, in nature, eyes cannot emit light? Yet this was obviously a living, breathing, walking humanoid with an impossible feature, glowing eyes in red, nonetheless.

Now I knew that something was only too bizarre and I wanted to know more. I just had to find out, and didn't care what would happen, this was a mystery that I must solve. I was correcting my trajectory to walk towards him, readying myself to cross the stretch of road to the center strip, when my legs took over and resisted violently, it was almost as if my physical body was telling me "I'm not letting YOUR stupidity get ME mangled". I realized I could force my body to follow my will, but sensed that it must have a valid reason for reacting this way instinctively. It apparently sensed or knew something I didn't. So I let myself be swayed, although I felt no fear... yet.

I continued walking, more hesitantly, on the West sidewalk and closely observed it from a distance. He was wearing a hooded sweat jacket, and I couldn't see his facial features other than the inordinately large approximately 4 inch / 12 centimeter diameter glowing red eyes. You can get my other remarks of his garb, gate and physique from my original account posted in several other places here at ATS. Since you have asked for distance estimates, he was about 100 meters or 300 feet away when the streetlight happened to shine upon the right side of his face revealing segmented leathery scales which were iridescent dark green/reddish brown color. From the eyes I knew for sure this wasn't anything human, but now I knew it was Reptilian. This is when I started to get scared, as it was also when I seemed to have entered into the range of perceiving very clearly its "bloodfest" telepathic signals.

Did it make any sounds?

I never heard a single sound, it seemed lost in its vivid thoughts while using telekinetic psychic radar to sense everything going on around it, sort of like how a seasoned driver will be in automatic mode sensing changes in motion in their perimeter without concentrating on anything specific. But by the time it came within earshot, I was so stunned by what I was witnessing that I cannot help but think that only under hypnotic regression could I remember if he made any noise with his footsteps. It is however unlikely since he was wearing what I might call canoe size tennis shoes and walked with a very smooth gate.

Did you hear any strange sounds in the area while you were watching it?

There were no cars passing by nor pedestrians about, it was late and there was nothing beyond the usual rumble background noise of a city at nighttime. All I could hear was the noise of my own footsteps underneath.

Do you think it knew you were watching it?

I sensed that it was absorbed in its thoughts plus that it didn't care in the least of any human presence, no more than you'd worry if there was a fruit fly in the same room as you. Yet I could tell that there was a very strong energy field emitted by him and that could capture in detail any activity around him. It felt like it was beaming outwards in a broad perimeter, like a wide area remote viewing ability? This is why I used subterfuge, as a strategy to evade this sensor. I realized I would have to make my mind blank, but was so upset it was impossible. So I did the next best thing. I entered and crossed the side street to my left, walked up to a building's wall, and stared at it trying to fuse my mind to that bland image. As he passed the side street on his center strip, holding my breath, I didn't dare look in case he might sense me and maybe stop for dessert? And I waited, concentrated on the wall, for a full 5 minutes before daring to glance to the side from the corner of my right eye. Gradually, I ventured cautiously out, and took a minute scouting the boulevard to the South where he had gone, before venturing North to my flat.

Was it alone?


Were their any ufo sightings in the area around the same time?

Not to my knowledge.

Are their any old indian burial grounds in the area?

The only indigenous people in Europe are European. There is a cemetery on the same boulevard, approximately one kilometer / two thirds of a mile North of where I first sighted him. Not that this would be relevant.

What was the color of its clothing and what did its clothing look like?

I described this in detail in my earlier posting. What is bizarre is that it all seemed factory made and was identical to human garments, except for their insanely large size. Also it all seemed brand new, just like in many reports (not so in my own MIB report). Could this be due to their having what people have called a "Materializer" which they are said to possess, and which can make anything they wish in actual physical matter? From my perspective this is hearsay and conjectures, unlike my own experience which is factual.

What was the color of its eyes?

Glowing dark red, without a discernible separation between the iris and the eyeball.

Did it have a snout like a wolf,or was its face flat?

This is as close as I have seen to what he looked like, except that this one seemed so dangerous that in contrast a tiger would seem a kitten, a shark would resemble a goldfish, and the one pictured below would look like a friendly fairy tale frog:

I refer you to this post for a more detailed description:

Did you notice it carrying or wearing anything like a tool or a weapon?

His hands were gloved, and apart from that they held nothing.

Could you see its hands and feet,or did it have claws and webbed feet?

They were concealed by gloves and shoes.

Did you see it near any water,even a few miles away,from the ocean,a lake or a large pond?

His facial scales were dry as were all of his clothing items. No body of water was nearby.

Did you see it in a field,on a busy city street,on a quiet side street,in the woods,or somewhere else?

It was in a normally bustling boulevard in the middle of a metropolis, but it was deserted due to the time of night.

Are there any abandoned coal mines in the area?

No coal mines, but there is an extensive catacomb system underneath and this was due South only a mile or so from an entirely tunneled hill which served to supply building stones for much of the city. This hill is pretty much hollowed out, and some buildings above are falling over from the ground being resultingly unstable.

Were there any other people around?

No. But I was NOT alone, that creature was their too. If you dare go and fetch it, you are free to get corroborated confirmation - lol.

Did you follow far behind it,or did you conceal yourself behind something and then continue watching it?

I concealed myself and am quite glad I did so. There are few accounts of encounters with such creatures because most who get close to them are said to never be seen again...

Where and how did you lose sight of it?

Right after getting "rushes" of its recent bloodlust and sensing it probing its surroundings.

Do You remember any missing time?

I returned to my flat within moments, and told the person I had just dropped off, what had just happened. This confirmed that my accounting of the time which had passed was accurate. In total it only took me five minutes longer than usual to park and return home. There was no missing time but she said I was flushed red and excited almost to the point of hysteria.

Do you still live in the same area and have you ever seen anything like it before or again?

I have not moved and regularly go the same route several times a week. In the four and a half years since this incident, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, just as nothing similar had ever happened in the preceding years.

Do you think it might have been a projected image,like a three dimensional hologram?

You can bet I have been asking myself all sorts of questions ever since. And this was one of them. My reply is NO, for several reasons. First, this being had a distinct presence, one might even say that I would possibly be able to recognize it among several other creatures of the same species. Secondly, it moved with a very strong physical mass, you could tell it was dense and powerful, not by how it looked but by its energy. Thirdly, it emanated signals which seemed to come from its location, and projected images and sounds into my mind which I sensed came from its own, something I doubt a hologram could do.

If this was in any form some sort of holographic projection, then we are all such projections too. There is indeed a capturing of the photons within matter that enables all things to take on their physical form and the appearance we can perceive with our senses, when actually, everything we consider to be hard reality and physically solid is entirely made up of light particles and empty space! So, in that sense, it could have been some sort of projection which became material, and thus physically real, just as physical as anything else that is real which I have ever encountered.

I hope this answers some of your questions.


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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
First of all i want to say Thanx! for all your answers to my questions.You have a very clear memory like i do and its not every day and actually its never before,that i have had an opportunity to ask someone detailed questions about their encounter with a reptilian...

Without being there myself,my guess is that you saw an alpha male reptilian,the leader of its pack so to say,the breeder and maybe also one of the harvester/hunters who ascends upon the surface in search of human blood, human penial gland excretions and perhaps even human souls...

I'm thinking that encountering this entity unexpectedly,would be similar to someone suddenly realizing that they just walked into a swarm of venomous bees.Not trying to campare seeing bees to seeing reptilians,but from a similar unexpected shock and without warning fright point of view...

I mentioned native american burial grounds because i wrongly assumed you saw this reptilian in the usa and its been thought that some,or even all native americans enchanted their burial grounds and burial mounds,to curse all those who would desecrate them...

Just to mention as a size comparison.Sasquatch has been seen several times through the years, decades and centuries,in several different locations across the usa,standing 12 feet tall,with pointed ears, protruding fangs, glowing red eyes and sometimes carrying a large tree branch fashioned into a club,perhaps to be used as a weapon for quickly immobilizing deer and other large wildlife food sources.Unfortunately, these things sometimes look more like a werewolf than an ape...

The size and height of the reptilian you saw and described,reminds me of the large and tall predator alien from the predator movies,especially the first and best movie from 1987......

I think there may be a couple of different reasons why paranormal entities are often seen with self illuminating glowing red eyes and i think they often appear that way,because their eyes have evolved some form of natural night vision,for seeing better within the darkness of their subterranean realms. Which may not always be dark, dut darker more often than whats normally experienced upon the earths surface...

Theres also another possibility which shouldnt be ignored.The glowing from within red eyes of the reptilians and other creatures,may be the result of them being machines.Some type of alien designed crossbred creation between reptiles,animals and robots,resulting in extremely bizarre cyborg types of entities and their eyes are almost always seen colored and glowing red,never blue,green,or purple and i think its because their eyes are seeing in infra-red and wether they are animals or machines,or both, thats how they might be viewing our surface world and their nether regions...

I think the reptilian entity may have just materialized itself into the area shortly before you saw it...

I have seen an aquatic gill man,a humanoid type creature swimming in the ocean,an encounter i'll relate in my next post and even though i saw it a long time ago,does'nt matter at all,as i'm sure you know yourself, seeing a strange unearthly creature,presents a moving,living image that becomes permanently welded into your memory...
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
When i was around 5 or 6 years old,my mother and i were at nantasket beach here in mass,during a sunny summer afternoon and as we finished packing up our things down on the sand near the water, she started to walk away towards her car...

I was facing straight out into the ocean and the waves were washing in right at me and i was around 30 feet from the water and just as i was about to turn and walk in her direction,something suddenly caught my eye about 75 feet out in the ocean...

And i was amazed and frightened to suddenly see a strange half human,half gill man type of creature swimming against and through the ocean waves from right to left,parallel to the distant horizon...

Half its body was beneath the water and the other half was above and there was probably about 6 or 8 feet of water beneath it and the waves were around 2 or 3 feet tall above the waters surface...

Its arms were held out straight and motionless,they were not moving in a swimming motion and its legs were also held out straight,but they were slowly moving up and down,but only a few inches each way...

It was around 7 or 8 feet long,meaning tall,because it was obviously bi-pedal...

Its face was humanlike,but with weird animal/fish like qualities,which made it appear contorted and brutish...

It seemed angry and very determined as it propelled itself along through the waves at what i would estimate about 15 or 20 mph...

There was a row of fins sticking up and running from its neck all the way down its back and the fins near its neck were about 6 inches tall and they got smaller as they went along and the fins were around 1 inch tall at the bottom of its back...

I also remember that it had webbed hands and large stretches of skin attaching its upper arms near the bicep to its sides near its chest and it seemed to have webbed fins for toes...

This thing was not wearing any sort of clothing,swim suit or diving gear...

Its skin was mostly smooth and was colored light green and yellowish white and it was not human...

I finally lost sight of it amongst the waves when it was about a hundred and fifty feet to my left...

I told my mother about it in the car and she didnt believe me,she said i got to much sun...

There were no motorized sounds coming from this thin either and if i lived for a thousand years,i would never forget it...

If i only had one clear picture of it,it would be so amazing and strange to look at it now and be able to show it to other people...

My mother saw nothing,because i was so transfixed by what i was looking at,that i never bothered yelling for her to turn around and and see it...

I dont recall anyone else seeing it either,the beach by then,around 4 or 5 in the afternoon was becoming less crowded and no one was in the water near it...

That was my very first encounter with the unknown and a very early age for me to have unexpectedly found out without warning that things are not always as they appear to be in this reality...

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 12:00 PM
The Reptilian Exposed on Discovery Channel #1

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

If I had encountered something like that I think I would have gone into shock and never come out!
Thanks for posting your experience!

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 11:58 PM
We are most likely living within a massive lie,a grand illusion.An intentionally projected three dimensional hologram and unfortunately,the sun is probably much closer and smaller that we are led to believe it is and it may even be an artificial light.A larger version of the lights we shine down into our glass tank terrariums,to keep our little pet animals warm and illuminated.As they live and die within their fabricated world,totally oblivious about whats really going on,while never knowing whats actually being done to them...
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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by blocula

Hi blocula,

Your experience at the beach reminded me of one rather similar in the early 17 century on the Riviera:

UFO Battle South France, from Marseilles to Genoa, 1608

In the original account by a religious cleric called "Discours des terribles et espouvantables signes apparus sur la mer de Gennes" which can translate as "Account of the dreadful and terrifying signs which appeared on the sea of Genoa" the wording was more specific and they did certainly sound much like the creature you saw.

The original document



posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
I have read a lot of non fiction books about ufos and aliens and the old story you related and linked to is not often mentioned or discussed and "serpents" and "beings with scales" were mentioned in the accounts and i think that the aliens and their machines ascended from an undersea base somewhere in the area...

Even though it happened a long time ago,people now should take high tech submersible submarines with intensely bright spotlights and movie cameras down into the ocean exactly where these things were seen.The hundreds of cannon balls should still be down there,which would help find the location, unless their long since covered by sediment...

Now that i think about it,the navy probably already has gone down there,not that they would tell the mainstream about anything unusual they may have discovered down there,or already know about...

99.9999% of people never get to go down deep into the ocean anyways,which must be very much like going into outer space and theres much more water area,than there is land area on earth.We dont know whats down there. 95% of the ocean is totally unknown to us and what a perfect place for aliens to remain all around us,yet stay mostly hidden from us.I think they are so advanced,that they are seen when they want to be seen...

Theres 57,000,000 square miles of land surface area on earth...

Theres 139,000,000 square miles of water surface area on earth...

Theres 196,000,000 square miles of total surface area on earth...

Theres 332,000,000 cubic miles of water...

Which means that around 300,000,000 cubic miles of earths water is completely unexplored by us and remains a great mystery...
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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 03:41 PM
I'm trying to find out if theres ever been any sightings of and encounters with the reptilians and insectoids seen together.They both have been seen with the greys,so there is definitely a connection between them...

Heres a link thats amazing to read and incredible to think about and it relates about how the insectoids,reptilians and greys have all been seen together...

The Secrets Of The Mojave - The Conspiracy Against Reality >
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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
Did the reptilian entity that you saw,look anything like the gorn humanoid reptilian from the original star trek series episode called arena? >
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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 03:12 AM
Hi blocula,

I shall address each of your prior requests for further physical identification. You first referred to the 1980's movie "Predator" to which I shall reply assisted by two photos.

Physical Characteristics and Proportions vs. Predator

In the above photo we can see most of the features of the Alien shown in the original movie Predator. I will start with the differences which are the most striking at first glance.

The Reptoid I saw had a much larger chest with a Torso in a very dramatic V-Shape. When I spread my two first fingers to make the V-Symbol used in the TV Series "V" to signify the Resistance to the Alien Reptilian Invaders, I cannot make them spread out as widely as the very accentuated angle of its Torso. It was quite narrow at the base and huge at the top. Roughly in the above image, his waist would need to be half as wide and his shoulders one and a half times as wide for this angle to be respected. And YES, it does seem unnatural since no Mammal could have such proportions, but this Reptilian creature had them! This in itself was freakish.

Next I note that his arms are a lot shorter than those of the Reptoid, his were around 20% to 30% longer. The hands seem to be roughly similar in proportion to the being I sighted. Furthermore, his legs are a whole lot scrawnier than the creature I saw. His were roughly 50% wider in diameter, meaning 2 to 3 times larger in terms of volume, weight and muscle mass. This ought to give you a reference in terms of its physical power. In addition his legs were never straight and extended, being 9-foot tall despite their observing about a 20 percent flexing. This means that at all times they would have enough residual muscular contraction to pounce at an instant's notice.

The Draco Reptilian I saw, for the description of the Draco Warriors is the closest thing I have heard that matches my sighting, had ROUND eyes which were very large, and Red, and the lower face looked nothing like the mouth of the Predator. However the proportions of the upper head seem to be similar, judging from the height of the forehead.

Size comparison with the Predator

As shown next to the fairly large, in human terms, Mister Universe also known as California 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Predator looks as though he were a mere 10-year old boy of the Reptoid I came across. Aside from his comparatively "scrawny" physique, he seems to be less than half the mass and total volume of the creature that I witnessed. Given the extremely developed musculature of the Draco Reptilian, I would even venture to say that a child of self-same would probably be more muscular than the Predator.

Size comparison with The Gorn

The Gorn is clearly human size and in proportion identical to an average person. This means that the Reptilian I saw was approximately 4 times larger, give or take some. Of course, this translates to only one and a half time taller, given that volume doubles at only a small fraction of increase in height.

Physical Characteristics and Proportions vs. The Gorn

In order of noticeable discrepancy, here are the differences between them: The Gorn's "snout" is too animal like, protruding forward like a dinosaur's. I did not see its teeth since its mouth was closed, but the thin lip shadow did follow a broad outline similar to this, going fairly far back towards the side of its head, although his mouth didn't protrude forward much.

Next, the Reptoid I saw had no visible eyebrows, only a very slight ridge above the eyes. I was unable to see anything resembling a nose, or breathing holes, only a gradual sloping downwards and forward of the entire face to the mouth, which was very close to a hard to discern chin line, that I didn't get a good look at in the night lighting. His eyes were proportionately one and a half times larger in diameter to those of The Gorn and glowed in a persistent luminous, but not sharp, dark red light.

I could see no features of his eyes in terms of shading or texture, other than a unified glow. His eyes were slightly lower down on the head, just a touch, and of course his face was flatter than The Gorn's very projected features. The neck is similar, as thick as the head, and very short, almost as if the head was resting directly on the shoulders. This added to its powerful demeanor since it had no vulnerable neck. Finally, it had BEAUTIFUL iridescent large dark brown/dark green leathery scales that were stunning. And it strode along with great mental energy and menacing intent.

I hope this answers your questions


posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

You described this kind of being, I call them lizzies, very well.

They have massive or well build chests and taper to narrow waists, and very very strong mucular legs, thighs. They have a different gait, ie, that slightly bent legged one.

The longer arms, and I would say, bigger hands. Face far less animal, hybrid. Because they ARE types of hybrids.

Heights vary enormously with them. What was out back, ranged in height from 8-9 feet, (during some of the ET related physical checkups, prior to the episodes, I sometimes would see an orange flash, as if down a viser at about 8-9 foot range) to much taller. Though there are human ones that are 7-8 foot range as well, and the males guard female technicians. Greys don't care about genders, but Human technicians are different. With human type ETs/Hybrids, women tend to women, and males guard them, and men tend to men, those are the ones that are more neutral or benevolent.

The one that walked by with the massive legs, thigh would be my upper chest, and I'm 5 5. He was probably 12 feet tall. And people cannot even imagine what that does.

However, if they're not menacing you, then you don't shrink, instead there is a soothing link up. To put you at ease.

That event that occurred in July 09, with the grandson of my friend, who had quite an awakening due to this and the scoop that appeared, and all the events. But when we saw those very tall shadows and then the one that walked in front of us, he spoke outloud, "Do not be alarmed that we are here." and then told us all to go inside the house.

edit to add:

That the women tend to the women during checkups is one of the ways you can tell not only species, human species has these sensibilities regarding other human species, whereas other species would be less concerned.

Also, Good Guys do this.

Which explains why the crafts we saw as a family were chased by Choppers and the Scout planes plus exotic TR3B scouted out back during an in house checkup.

I don't believe lizzies would have that concern for what is proper and our comfort levels.
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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by Getsmart
As usual,you have answered my questions very clearly and thanx very much.As i said above,my guess is that you saw an alpha male reptilian,the leader of its pack so to say,the breeder and maybe also one of the harvester/hunters who ascends upon the surface in search of human blood, human penial gland excretions and perhaps even human souls.The more i find out,the more bizarre our world becomes and even though the two movie monsters from the past that we mentioned may not be the same proportionately,they and others are very much the same revelation,because they are reflecting our mostly hidden,sometimes seen and encounterd beings we coexist with in this strange reality called life...

posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by Getsmart
Heres another movie monster,from the cult classic film "humanoids from the deep"-1980 and its a large reptilian type of bipedal humanoid,a water and land dwelling beast >

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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 12:48 PM
personally I think these ones that were on a Jim Sparks interview, I don't know if he personally had them drawn or if they were used, but they were in his book. This resembles "what they allow you to see", I'm not sure if that is "what they actually look like", there is a difference when you are connected or linked up, or what I call perceptionally hijacked.

But that to me is basically a lizzie. However, perceptionally hijacked is a big issue.

Someone made a thread a while back on waking up his third eye, and then he awoke in a cage, and he described these reptiles that sound alot more like Arizona Wilder and other testimony, relating to our Bloodlines here, the royal bloodlines that are Spotted, and I'm not sure what their faces look like.

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