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A Look Through The Mind Of An Assassin

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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:06 AM
If Oswald was to reveal some information of real interest, such as his activities in Russia, or connections to any Intelligence agencies, then we'd unfortunately have absolutely no record of it. 2 days after the assassination of Kennedy and after Oswald's eventual arrest, he was being transported to a different jail through the basement full of news reporters when Jack Ruby, once again blending in with them, jumped out from the crowd and fatally shot Oswald in the stomach before being subdued and arrested himself. Oswald then, as fate would cruelly have it, died in the same hospital President Kennedy had previously died in also.

The True Motive Behind the Silencing of Oswald


As I had previously just mentioned, Jack Ruby was/is the man responsible for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. As Oswald was being transferred through a horde of media reporters, and at approximately 11:21 a.m on the 24th, November, 1963, he jumped out from the crowd and delivered the fatal shot before being subdued himself and all on live television in front of millions of people.



His reasoning for this seemed quite peculiar (possibly this was what really sparked off Ruby's suspiciousness in the first place) and it seemed to change overtime as after being arrested for the murder, he claimed that he was merely trying to avenge Kennedy's death and spare Jackie Kennedy the ordeal of going to trial etc. In other words, he was attempting to obtain for himself something of a heroic styled persona.

Then it began to change a few times. On one occasion he claimed it was just a spur of the moment type of thing that caused him to jump out of the crowd, grab his handgun and pull the trigger - which we know is a lie as we can see him in videos of Oswald conducting interviews - Jack Ruby posing as a reporter attempting to blend in each time. It was claimed though that prior to the shooting he drove into town to take care of some money issues to an employee, walked to the local police station, leaving his dog to be taken care of, as well as pay off some debts, then made the decision to head over to the police station where he murdered Oswald in the basement.

Something that if true doesn't seem like a spur of the moment type of decision at all. Also, after some research, It seems as though this employee is more than likely a women called Teresa Norton and she was actually one of the last people on earth to speak to him before he took the decision (although that in itself is debatable) to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. She was also known by other names, one of which was Karen Bennet Carlin.

Now Carlin previously had a telephone conversation with Ruby, in which she asked him for a $25 advance so that she would be able to pay her rent and buy groceries etc. Ruby had agreed and volunteered himself to stop at the Western Union office and send her a money order, as he said he had "business in downtown Dallas" (Perhaps his business was Oswald - it was claimed that he was 'ordered' to shoot him after all). Ruby drove into the downtown area, parked across the street from the Western Union office, paid for the money order to Norton (A.K.A Carlin), and then walked the few remaining blocks to the Dallas Police Department, which is actually where he was able to shoot Oswald.

The theory put forth by Frank Sheeran claims that Ruby was involved in the assassination of the president in the first place in some way or another and after Oswald was caught Ruby was then assigned the role of coordinating police officers loyal to him to get close to and then murder Oswald while he was in their custody as he had great connections with them.

Once this didn't happen Ruby was quite literally forced to do it himself by his superiors or he would pay 'with his own life.' Presumably they were worried delicate secrets would be revealed thus motivation to permanently "silence" Oswald. Others claim Oswald was an agent working undercover trying to gather information on a group who were plotting to murder Kennedy and after the assassination he was on his way to arrest those involved (Jack Ruby lived in Oak Cliff for example, this being where Oswald was arrested).

The most interesting connection Jack Ruby has to this case though comes from one of the dancers (Rose Cheramie) from the Carousel club which he owned though:

Rose Cheramie (Cherami) was found unconsciousness by the side of the road at Eunice, Louisiana, on 20th November, 1963. Lieutenant Francis Frugé of the Louisiana State Police took her to the state hospital.
Next post..

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:07 AM

On the journey Cheramie said that she had been thrown out of a car by two gangsters who worked for Jack Ruby. She claimed that the men were involved in a plot to kill John F. Kennedy. Cheramie added that Kennedy would be killed in Dallas within a few days. Later she told the same story to doctors and nurses who treated her. As she appeared to be under the influence of drugs her story was ignored.

Following the assassination, Cheramie was interviewed by the police. She claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald had visited Ruby's night club. In fact, she believed the two men were having a homosexual relationship. Rose Cheramie was found dead on 4th September, 1965. At first it appeared she had been involved in a road accident.

Later it was argued that she had been shot in the head before being run over by a car in order to disguise the original wound. However, the Louisiana State Police Memo reported: "Cheramie died of injuries received from an automobile accident on a strip of highway near Big Sandy, Texas, in the early morning of September 4, 1965. The driver stated Cheramie had been lying in the roadway and although he attempted to avoid hitting her, he ran over the top of her skull, causing fatal injuries. An investigation into the accident and the possibility of a relationship between the victim and the driver produced no evidence of foul play. The case was closed"

Please watch this video further showing reason to believe we have been lied to as It shows Ruby planned in advance the killing of Oswald (such as how he stalked him like I had previously mentioned for example):



Over the years, Ruby's fascinating story kept getting more fascinating. In fact, he continually kept dropping hints about the true intentions of what he did and why he did it. At one point, he even heavily hints at who he really did it for.. and It certainly wasn't Jackie as the original story went. Instead, It was Lyndon Johnson - the new President of the Unites States and one of the very few people to benefit from the demise of Kennedy.

Please take the time to watch this video. Jack Ruby states in the video below: "The world will never know the true facts of what occurred, my motives. The people had, that had so much to gain and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I'm in will never let the true facts come above board to the world" And more..



Google Video Link

He certainly seems to be saying here that not all is as it seems and that a conspiracy more than certainly has taken place here. He heavily hints at the vice president also later on in the video. Hinting at him in the sense that he is more than involved in what had occurred in Dallas, on the 22nd of November, 1963.

Now, he was even more than willing to reveal the whole truth also but only if one small demand of his would be met - the demand being that he be granted 'protection' and be moved from a Dallas jail to one situated in Washington. Surely this is not too much to ask though? Particularly as he said his life was in danger in Dallas and in Washington he would feel safe and ready to reveal what he knew about the case - a case involving the murder of the President.

Well, Earl Warren, the man who ran the heavily criticized Warren Commission and the man who swore Kennedy in as President in the first place was seemingly the same man who blocked this move. Warren is an interesting character and according to some researchers he's also said to have been heavily bribed by Johnson and Hoover into conducting the Warren Commition itself, as well as blocking this important move for Ruby.

Johnson asked Warren if he would be willing to head the commission. Warren refused but it was later revealed that Johnson blackmailed him into accepting the post. In a telephone conversation with Richard B. Russell Johnson claimed: " Warren told me he wouldn't do it under any circumstances... I called him and ordered him down here and told me no twice and I just pulled out what Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City... And he started crying and said, well I won't turn you down... I'll do whatever you say."

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:07 AM
He didn't have long to reveal what he may have known as in 1967, a relatively short time after Kennedy was assassinated and after wishing to reveal all he knew, he died from a "sudden bout of cancer." He's one of the first to die from the dreaded "sudden death curse" which conveniently plagued so many other important witnesses of the JFK Assassination case.

Ruby, the silencer of Oswald, was seemingly silenced himself.

The Backyard Photos of Oswald - Were they faked?


And finally I wish to discuss one final point in this thread - something which was used heavily against Oswald to persuade others he was almost certainly the assassin of Kennedy and Tippit - the contentious Backyard Photos of him with a Marxist newspaper and a rifle in his hand - the same that he allegedly used to from the 6th floor of the Texas school book depository building. Now, Marina Oswald, to this day I believe, claims to have taken backyard photos of Oswald, but her story is very inconsistent still.

She may have taken them, yes, but not the ones we see. To this day she can't remember how many she took, or any other piece of important information. But I propose the ones we have, and the ones shown to the world are fakes - fakes in the sense they were faked to further incriminate Oswald.

So, first off, here are the Backyard Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald which has caused a great deal of Controversy over the years:

These are certainly well known photo's, even appearing In LIFE magazine not long after the assassination (possibly to further incriminate Oswald as I mentioned):

But, are they real? That's the question that must be asked, and IMO, no. No they certainly are not. In this section of this thread, I'll merely attempt to show why, and to start off, let's actually take a closer look at the images themselves:

Notice how 2 of the faces from these backyard photos appear to be the exact same face? Here is an image to compare:

Pay particular attention to the shadow underneath Oswald’s Nose, here is a helpful guide in noticing the anomaly It is creating:

A shadow shouldn't follow this path.

Here they both are again, this time both are facing upwards:

Notice how when overlapped, you can clearly see It's almost the exact same image of Oswald in both images:

This should be impossible. No 2 facial expressions should match as perfectly as these seem to. Even the shadow is the same despite his head being tilted in one of the pictures.

Here's another picture for comparison purposes - Again, note the face:

Image courtesy of this website

Another anomaly arises, once again involving the shadows in the background. The anomaly being that It's claimed these images were taken seconds apart when the shadows show something very different. The shadow on the face is also quite inconsistent with the shadow on the ground:

Also the way Oswald stands is said to be almost an impossibility - especially for someone stood 'posing' for a photo:

Another Anomaly appears on Oswald's chin. Please take a look at this photo of him in handcuffs:

Upon closer inspection:

Try this picture also:

Now take a look at the backyard photos:

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:07 AM
The most in-depth series of investigation I've seen into these backyard photos, and how they're beyond a doubt fakes, can be found here:











Photographic experts can seemingly find obvious issues with these backyard photos as well:

Photographic expert Jack White has studied these photographs for two decades and testified before the House Select Committee. His conclusion is that the photographs are fakes. His pointed findings include:

1) STANDING OFF CENTER: White concludes that Oswald is standing off center and outside the weight bearing alignment of his feet. A person could not stand in such a position.

2) PROPORTIONS: When the body proportions are brought into alignment from the knees to the head by adjusting the size of the photographs, one head is much larger than the other.

3) OVERALL BODY SHADOWS: Although the photos were supposed to have been taken just seconds apart, the overall body shadows in the photographs are all different. In 133-A the photograph has a 10 o'clock shadow, 133-B a 12 o'clock shadow and 133-C a 10 o'clock shadow again.

4) ARM AND ELBOWS: White said that the elbow is too high in one photograph and the elbow doesn't show up on the one photograph of the arm were Oswald is holding the rifle. This pose had been attempted to be duplicated but could not.

5) HANDS AND FINGERS: On the photographs the left hand and finger looks normal. Yet the right hand is missing fingernails and the hand looks stubby.

6) WATCH: The photographs reveal that Oswald is wearing a watch but all witnesses have stated that Oswald did not wear and didn't own a watch. No watch was found among the possessions of Oswald and he was not wearing one when he was arrested.

7) RIFLE: When the photographs are blown up to the actual height of Oswald that was 5'9", the rifle in the photograph is too long. When the rifle is adjusted in the photograph to it's proper length, Oswald's height is six inches too short.

8) SCOPE: White noted that in the photograph the rear end of the rifle scope is missing and pants wrinkles appear where the end of the scope is supposed to be.

9) FACE: The face shows Oswald with a flat chin but Oswald had a clift chin. There is a line that breaks up the grain of the photograph that runs across the chin that many say is where the cut took place to paste Oswald's face onto the photograph.

10) PHOTOGRAPHIC OVERLAY: When Mr. White took 133-A and 133-B and adjusted and overlayed them, nothing matched up which isn't suppose to happen with two slightly different poses. However, the faces on the two photographs did.

11) FACE SHADOWS: Both photos show the same V shaped shadow below the nose. However, on one of the photos Oswald's head is tilted but the shadow does not adjust for this tilt.

12) NECK SHADOWS: On one of the photos there is light on the right side of the neck but the same photo shows the rifle casting a shadow to this angle.

13) COLLAR SIZE: The collar size can be determined from the photograph using a mathematical formula which came out to size 16. Oswald wore a six 14 1/2 collar and all his clothes found among his personal belongings were in the 14.5 to 15 inch range.

14) BACKGROUNDS: White determined that one photograph had the top cropped off and the other photograph had the bottom cropped off which made the photos appear like they had been taken at slightly different locations. However, except for small fractions, everything lines up on both photographs when the two were compared. That is, the camera did not change position and the only way to do this would be with a tripod which was not used.

15) SMALL DIFFERENCES: For many months White was puzzled by the small differences he noted in the backgrounds but they were not off much. After looking at the photographs some more he determined that on the background of one, the camera appears to be slightly tilted. He then took another copy of the photo by tilting it on a board and everything came perfectly into alignment.
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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:08 AM
According to my above source, this photo (below) was even found in an actual police file approximately 20 years after the assassination. This image surely causing a great deal of suspicion in regards to the authenticity of the "backyard photos" of Oswald:


Thank you for reading this very long thread. I'd really love to hear any thoughts from the great members of ATS on the topic of Lee Harvey Oswald, any of the theories I brought up, anything I missed or just anything related to Oswald in anyway whatsoever.

Thanks again. Any thoughts?

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:48 AM
My thoughts.....

HOLY CRAP RA what an AWESOME thread!

I will have to take some time later today and read through this amazing thread! You really know how to put threads together.

I was never really into the Kennedy conspiracies til you started posting about them. Thanks, it opened me up to other topics besides aliens and UFOs

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

Hey Mblah, thanks for the post.

I was never really into the Kennedy conspiracies til you started posting about them. Thanks, it opened me up to other topics besides aliens and UFOs

Good! I find this case really fascinating, especially as it's such an obvious conspiracy, so I'm glad I've managed to "open it up for" you. I hope the same applies to others also.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Damn RA, you're going in with this thread =D. S&F. It still amazes me how one bullet causes three wounds. Apparently the bullet defies the law of physics hahaa

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 02:32 PM
Great thread once again Rising. You know, a wise man once told me that people from Doncaster always make the best threads....

There realy isn't much I contribute to this subject mainly because you seem to have covered every topic and also because it is something I have never realy paid much attention to. Hope you get a good discussion out of this mate, its clearly something you are very interested in.

Flag and Stars!

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 03:17 PM
I've always had a theory about Jack Ruby.

He was known to have ties to the Mafia. And my theory was that he knew he was going to die. More than likely, he may have been diagnosed with lung cancer in 1963 prior to killing Lee Harvey Oswald. That may, in fact, be the reason that he did it.

Today, it's a known fact that approximately 14% of people survive more than 5 years after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Back then, it was maybe 1% due to the lack of treatment options.

So given that he was going to die anyway, his mob connections may have asked him to silence Oswald.

Just 4 years later, while in still in court, Jack Ruby finally succumbed and died.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 03:43 PM
Something that you might find interesting, several years ago I read the book "Operation Overflight"
(Francis Gary Powers, Curt Gentry, Operation Overflight. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 1971 (hard cover) ISBN 978-0-340-14823-5. Potomac Book, 2002 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-57488-422-7.) and a reference was made about a US Marine defector providing radar information, to the Soviets, that contributed to their ability to down Powers's U-2. The name of the defector was Lee Harvey Oswald. If Oswald was working for the CIA, there might be a lot more here than meets the eye.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by JIMC5499

Hey there.

I don't have much time to post again tonight unfortunately as It's quite late for me now (I'll reply to everyone else in the morning though) but I've read about this very thing you've brought up here in the book "Crossfire" by Jim Marrs. I have it with me right now in fact. If you want I can have another look through it and post the info he presents in the book? I can definitely remember reading it before so I wouldn't mind having another look through it for you after all.

Also, If this story is true then it can potentially mean two things. 1.) Oswald wasn't working for the U.S. after all (as he helped down an American aircraft), or 2.) He was given correct information by his superiors to ensure the Soviets believed his story and allowed him to remain there and continue his mission, whatever it may have been.

Interesting twist in the tale nonetheless..

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Or a faction within the CIA stood to benefit finacially from the change to orbital surveilance and was trying to stop the U-2 overflights.

My local library has a copy of Operation Overflight. I get back home on Friday, I'll look it up and post that info.
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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:07 PM
wow.. rising, thats a massive thread you made there, it must have taken you ages!! its gonna take some time to get through it all..

flag for the thread and many stars for every post...

i hope it gets the attention it deserves....
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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 05:43 PM
I just had to say thank you for making such a comprehensive article. This surely deserves some kind of archiving somewhere or possibly even an iPad 2 courtesy of ATS.
Its a helluva lot to wade through, even for those vaguely familiar with the subject and I will be honest here and say that watching JFK (the Oliver Stone movie) in the last few years for the first time was my real eye opener which then encouraged me to go off and do my own random little pieces of research. This article just outweighs that movie like The Titanic (the ship NOT the movie) outweighs a rubber dinghy, but with even more aspects.

In other words, I will have to take more time to sit for this article but I did want to say thanks for all the effort. You sure have a way with information. I was quite amazed at the amount of information out there and all the strange anomalies. They sure knew how to pull off an assassination. Respect to you!
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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by JIMC5499
reply to post by Rising Against

Or a faction within the CIA stood to benefit finacially from the change to orbital surveilance and was trying to stop the U-2 overflights.

My local library has a copy of Operation Overflight. I get back home on Friday, I'll look it up and post that info.
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The defector theory makes a lot of sense. But I have my doubts about the CIA theory. I mean, it was the CIA that commissioned the U-2 Spy Plane in the first place. Without them, it never would have been made.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Yow, RA just got home and settled in. Been looking forward to reading this one. It's gonna take me a while to get through. I want to read every word, because I know the proof is here.S&F for not only all the hard work you do to make these posts, but for all the work gathering all this fantastic information, pictures ,and videos.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 06:38 PM
Just musing here, but... The way that the information is presented(and by no means am I implying you intended this) Oswald almost seems as if he was an intel agent that was set up as a fall guy or maybe something even more strange. At a few points during reading your thread it almost comes across as if Oswald was on the trail of the plotters of the assassination(ie Johnson). Everyone one of his contacts get killed just before or after, and then the deaths are pinned to Oswald.He may have also been on the run from the cops true killer(possible cop brought in to investigate with Oswald).

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 07:31 PM
Thank You very much for this post. I will be sharing this with a few people that will really appreciate the time you put into this.

posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 12:19 AM
This is a powerful thread and presentation. Thank you.


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