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The Illuminati has been after me since my childhood. What the hell do I do?

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 11:22 AM
Im sure if they wanted you dead or captured it would have happened by now. As someone said your not that important (to your friends and family yeah). Pointless post really. Or you could be crazy lol

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

Your welcome, thanks for the reply in turn. I experienced my own 'mortal' fears too at one stage because I have revealed much throughout my endeavours, but was granted special blessings via inner strength and granted gifts of insight to help overcome fears of the flesh. To know thy adversary is a tool to overcome thy adversary. That is the power of Divine Knowledge.

Understand that the more you connect to the Holy Spirit of Creation, the more the adversaries will try to 'pull you down' via fear using 'spiritual' oppression tactics and 'forces' working through those around you. I experienced many astral attacks specifically when I was connecting to Jesus Christ. The funny thing is that those experiences only affirmed my faith and viewed them as a blessing.

We are living through testing times where ignorance and faithlessness reign. Carry your shield through the Holy Spirit and you will be 'untouchable'. Keep seeking, keep connecting to everything that is of the 'good' in virtue of the Christ path (Love). Feel free to U2U me anytime, for most have little comprehension beyond what their eyes can see and do not hunger for Truth to open the doors. The ways of this generation have already been foretold and have come to pass. Peace sister.

P.S--You can only discuss certain things with certain people. You must use careful discernment in who you disclose sensitive matters to on a personal level. Again, I speak from personal experience, though I am not from a generational bloodline so I can only empathise regarding your specific circumstance. The less entrenched you are in making oaths/pledges/conducting divinations/magick ritual etc. the safer you will be. In your heart you know what is right, your Creator essence conscience tells you.
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

I've seen this misconception, Monarch relates to the British Monarch's project to launch a Christian revolution in the West World. Their master plan is to stage an orcastrasted antichrist scene in Israel by planting a political leader who resembles the Church of England's interpretation of Christian Revelation prophecies of the Antichrist. They hope to deceive Jews with false miracles, drugs, and advanced technologies classified as highly advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces or Brain- Machine Interfaces to accept their mind controlled slave playing the AntiChrist to convince westerners that church power is necessary and legitamate for the spirital needs of humanity and to solve the problem of the arrival of their prophecized archenemy. By planting their mind controlled AntiChrist slave in Israel they hope to incite hysteria and fear mongering among the people into accepting church authority and ti displace the democratic government. They plan to create world tradegies to blame on the AntiChrist citing their prophecies foretold he would great evil in the world. They will attempt to push westerns to invade Israel and establish their capital of a Christian World Order in Jerusalem. The single largest organization in the western world is the elephant hinding behind the peddle and they are the real power manipulating all the small time NWO wannabe groups until their oppurtunity to step in and take control.
I can tell you exactly how the experience you call a "Demonic Attack" that hits your head was created by people and disguesed in the lore of being a supernatural like a demon. What you are actually experiencing is a trigger, in psychology termed a Conditioned Stimulus, that is being propagating wirelessly to you by a brain-computer interface causing a very tense and exhausting muscle tightness. This had been conditioned into you and the exprience is regressing very painful tension. I can prove it to you. The next time you experience this demonic attack put your hand over the part of your head that is experiencing it and hold your hand over it. You will notice the pain isnt form something invisible hitting you, but from the muscle tightening so quickly and sharply that is causes you pain. There are many types of triggers, muscle tension is just one type, and they usually try to delude a person that it is an demonic experience, sorcery, or some other lie to add to the effect.
Because you specified Demonic Attack I will also tell you of Nervological Memory Regression triggers. These are when experiences your nerves has experienced in your life such as forexample hot water on your palm, or being stuck with a needle, can be triggered at any time to make you feel like hot water is on your palm, or you are being stuck with a needle when nothing is physically happening. This means they can trigger a nervous system memory that feels so real you can be deluded that is it a miracle or a demon or whatever delusion they can get you to believe to add to the effects.
I can tell of this because they had prepared me to their manchurian candidate from the point they had induced by birth so that my birthdate would be symbolic for the position of a spiritual leader they had or still hope to plant me as, but I will tell you with my life I dispise them and will reveal any secret about them I can.
The English's Monarch's project has been very successful at covering up their actions by blaming the very enemy they are trying to destory, and always were trying to destroy, the American government, they never gave up on the American revolution. They are mobilizing and militarizing the christian demographic in the US by deluding them the government is going to oppress them or harm them, when their real plan is to get them ready to revolt and establish church power. The trigger they hope will be their fraud of making them think the antichrist has come to power in Israel and is causing evil in the world.
They also hope to have their puppet build a temple in Jerusalem and have a Holographic version of their god appear to kill in and inaugurate their new capital christian capital in Jerusalem.
DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has been developing Brain-Computer Interface technology but is decades behind what the English Monarch is in possession of. DARPA calls this technology HANDP Human Assisted Neural Device Project. The Monarchy has for a very long time had a very advanced form of this technology infrastructure set up all over the world. It is this technology which is sending you the triggers for the "Demonic Attack" experience.
I have a lot of information, tons of specifics and details on the technology and medical science involved on this I want to get out but it is too much for me to do alone. If anyone wants to help email me at , I dont know how long I will last, but I'd better be a hunted down victim then an accomplise to their dark age world order. They had me drugged, tortured, and severely deluded by a handler they had assigned to me after pretending to be my girlfriend for years. They had threatened me with death if I tried to defect with a bullet to the head. And even suggested two weeks of sleep depravation, starvation (which are used in programming) with torture and two bullets in my legs.
If I get the chance I will provide details and algorithms for their methods and techniques, if you can help me get them out email me at . Tornades in the South, volcano in Greenland someone is mad at that demographic, and it isnt human.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 12:32 PM
By the way, the church has been using child abuse trauma, such as the horrific and terrifying experience of molestation to program triggers for making these victims act like they are possessed by demons. A child being molested according to psychological conditioning while being told certain words over and over again, such as words they consider holy, when they later hear those words they can be triggers for convulsions, terrohr, screaming, and regression of their actual abuse expressions.
Abused children triggered to act like they are possessed by demons have been an effective means for a very long time at prooving to society the need for close church involvement in the spiritual needs of the people in keeping away evil forces. Someone claiming to be doing a exorcism to help someone can very well be the person with knowledge of which triggers will cause which symptoms of terror, screaming, crying, begging, muscle convulsion, arms waving, and verbal responses associated with demonic possession. Look what happend to you. Now triggers can be delived while you are alone with no one around for miles, conditioning can be done every time you move your body in your daily lives, advanced triggers can be conditioned quickly by their agents.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

I can sort of understand what your going through altho i wasen't part of the monarch program i am a TI (targeted individual) and there are some parallels first off in both our cases it is a spiritual battle, as far as you hearing songs relating to what is happening to you that is the programmers trying to hold on to you, you see they do things that are very vague and put triggers in certin places so next thing you know everything is about you, sort of like when a fake psychic gos through his routine and does a reading and fishs for things and then when he latchs on to a few things next thing you know you think the fake psychic knows a ton of stuff when it was just a con.

That being said since this is a battle for the spirit some songs you heard might have very well been God talking through the artist and relaying a message to you or simply thought clouds, the key to beating this is when you here the songs again turn the music into your favor by perceiving it in a way that suits you.

As far as what to do, have strong faith in God ask for his protection which should keep you going and if need be learn psychic shielding techniques the more ways the better, also turn the fact that you can disassociate from a curse into a blessing by disassociating your self from your attackers.

Hope that helps and God bless.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

Whilst I agree that the top hierachy of the Illuminati are using elements of Bible Revelations as a 'playbook' to fulfill prophecy, I do not agree that there is no influence of interdimensional spirit entities within this Earth 'matrix'. Yes advanced 'Bluebeam' like technologies exist and can manipulate mind/body complex etc, but to assert that there is no negative spiritual influence in this realm is not accurate, not by a long shot. I have dealt with such entities and have also been shown elements of what is ahead, thus why I state that we are entering spiritually challenging times. Peace.
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by MonarchSlave



I went through my first--8 weeks or so at a local church plus a Fri night and all day Saturday retreat. Tons of prayer prep and support. Extremely 'benign' in terms of not embarrassing--large group setting but very private 1:1 prayers of deliverance etc. A great format. The most powerful aspect is all the prayer and help available at the retreat as well as the study and prep for the retreat.


I haven't been close to them for 20 years but some of my close friends are. They are reportedly still tops. One typically has to travel there, however. Some of their trained people work in similar ministries scattered around the world. They could put you in touch with such persons maybe nearer to where you are.

I think both the above ministries would not be intimidated by much of anything. And, they have a lot of Holy Spirit spiritual clout.





He holds workshops/deliverance/healing sessions scattered around the world and the USA.

They also have an online subscription service where one can take one's problems and questions for trained assistance. I've found that service a few years ago to be mixed in quality.

Overall, I think he has a powerful ministry. He started out fussing at God because only 5% of the people he prayed for got healed. Now, it's probably more like 95% or more get healed.









John Bevere: books:

BAIT OF SATAN [offense in relationships]




posted on May, 24 2011 @ 02:00 PM
Sounds your tormentors would say you are in a favorable position, why would you fear them you are complying with them and couldnt make them any more happier. You are where they led you, if you find out many people are being allocated to the exact place you have ended up. If you like where you are, you should consider yourself in well compliance. While you are there pay attention to the theology, they will promise big things are going to go down, and once you get soaked up with the promises of their preachers somewhere down the road youill get the catch, theyill have you revolt against the democratic government on the side against the American independence, and get involved in the next world crusade, rape, pillage, and burning down villages something the world hasnt seen since the dark ages.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 02:32 PM

Originally posted by MonarchSlave
First of all, I'm a twenty year old female. My initials are M.M.M., and I was born in 1990.
Ever since I was a kid I was administered to a more casual stype of Monarch Programming that involves trauma based treatment that expliots mental disassociation. Basically, I was abused by my paternal father, who was a German adopted child and was also subject to the same treatment as a kid, only much more extreme. It is common knowledge that Monarch programmers are commonly Monarch slaves themselves. This has left me with somewhat of a Peter Pan complex, trust issues, and a general disassiocation of reality. You can read into what Monarch Programming is on the net, but let me get into some more disturbing details other than this.

First of all, I need people who are not skeptics on this subject. I need someone who knows how the Illuminati works, what they do, and how they hide themselves. I need someone who knows how they hide in plain sight in the music industry, how they run the media, and how they control peoples lives. I need someone who understands how deed seeded their influence in society really is, how they can easily plan murders, events, anything and how every neighborhood has Illuminati watchdogs. This is not a laughing matter, I am entirely alone in this and even my own mother was in on the programming.

Let's begin with the basics. As a child I was made to wear plain dresses with a single butterly on them, I was given a butterfly necklace for my 13th birthday (when one is considered a woman), and my mom would adorn me with butterfly barrettes. The butterfly is a symbol of Monarch programming, and it is an image that is supposed to represent the soul, many Monarch slaves within the music industry discreetly wear a butterfly in some form. The butterly of course is related to the name, "Monarch programming". Monarch children are subjected to varying degrees of torture, some more severe than others depending on how in depth the family is with the Illuminati, some of which are undergone mild programming even if they are from an outer family for the sake of keeping them servile. Children who are chosen for this are expected to have higher IQ's than most and an innate ability to connect to the spiritual and therefore are programmed early on to ensure they do not become "free thinkers". If a child becomes a free thinker, the next series of events in their life are staged in order to lower their morale and get them to commit suicide. They are often given planned areas to live in, planned spouses or boy/girlfriends, and everything down to their very school teachers are carefully selected.

My father was an alcoholic, he abused all of us children, and I was subjected to a lot of abuse as a kid. Before that I was subject to my mom and dad screaming at eachother on purpose to induce a sense of trauma before I was even able to speak. This caused me to be very shy, withdrawn, speaking only when spoken to, servile, scared, and extremely emotionally sensitive.

As I grew up I was subjected to types of media that would encourage an overly sexual nature, being shown many Illuminati made movies such as A Clockwork Orange when I was no more than eight years old. This did not work for the most part because I was shy and therefore inconfident with my body, so I remained innocent, however I was in many ways encouraged to engage in masturbation. Being told not only that it was normal, but healthy and good for me. In general, I was taught many things that when I turned 15 I would outright reject.

The phase from 14 to 15 is actually quite dramatic, and cannot be psychologically explained because one does not go from being a relatively 14 year old girl to suddenly being an anti-Illuminati anti-government 15 year old is, dare I say, a spiritual transformation. All the prior programming compeltely backfired and suddenly I was aware of more than I would have been had I been raised a normal child. My teachers and peers would mock me, call me weird, and tell me I was insane for thinking that the government did 9/11, that they control too many aspects of our lives, etc etc, and most assumed I was just trying to be rebellious and cool. However, they were severely mistaken.

At this point in time a friend of mine had told me "give me your soul", handing me a white sheet of paper, I signed it, being indoctrinated into being an atheist at the time, and went on with my life, thinking nothing of it.
Years later this document was relinquished and holds no legal ground whatsoever anymore, if it had any in the first place.

This next chain of events in my life after that moment were too positive to be normal. I was not the most attractive girl, I was not likable, I was goth, reserved, people were afraid of me, others mocked me, but all in all no one liked me. But nonetheless suddenly after that I had people asking me on dates, popular people wanting to hang out, guys that I know would NEVER like me asking me out. I had people offering to pay for my #, all kinds of stuff.

It was only recently I noticed during these years, my neighbor's van a few doors down was a private company of his, a plumbing company, but the logo was a crosshair with the letters MM stacked on top of eachother within the crosshair. The guy was obviously a Mason, but I had never noticed that the logo was a threat to me and a message to the neighboorhood that I was "in the crosshair" of their "sniper", they had me in their sights, basically saying they were pointing their gun at me because I was getting out of line.

Not shortly after that I undergo intense demonic attacks that are akin to being shot in the head, just after I reach what I thought was a state of pure enlightenment. Aka, I found God.

My teachers knew things about me I never told anyone, sometimes I would catch them slipping up and saying # they couldn't possibly know. I was bullied by the staff because of my beliefs, they couldn't change my mindset and so they subjected me to police state like rules and threatened useless things on me.

Then I drop out, meet my first boyfriend, turns out he's a Mason and he was only sent to date me for the sake of putting me in a vulnerable position spiritually. He leaves me and the next thing I know, boom, lights out. He spoke in the same way they speak in music videos when they're using cryptic Illuminati language, basically speaking Babylonian, although at the time I had no idea about this language.

Now I'm seeing people coming out with music relevant to my assault that no one will understand except them.
People can call it insanity, but I need legitimate advice and I need people to spread the world on what they do.
This isn't a joke, this is real, the music industry, media, they're all Luciferians and would rather KILL a monarch slave than let them go. The fact I found out about all of this was never supposed to happen to begin with.

I. Need. Help.

You are correct. You need help. You should probably be on medication. I feel terrible that you will ignore this message, because you will probably end up homeless or dead or in a much worse situation based on what you have described your mindset to be.

Someone will find you, listen to you, and use that information and your mental state to take advantage of you.

In order to be free you need to be sure your mind is working properly. You need to be balanced in your brain. You are probably not full blown " insane", but getting non medical advice from ATS is like a crackhead going to an abandoned house full of drifters and asking for advice on how to spend the $100.00 they just found on the sidewalk.

I wish I could help you. But you think you are ok, so there is nothing a rational person can do for you.
Good luck.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:46 PM
I have no reason to doubt you, il pray for you, but read the Quran, it will help. Any questions you have it will have answers. Just have faith.
Also about demonic attack.... i would consider them being Jinns, just know that you are stronger then them, dont allow them into your mind, but if it happens just remember God
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

What you need is to report the abuse to the authorities and seek qualified help. The imaginary Illuminati is not after you and any abuse came from bad people acting on their own. Anyone who advises you differently is not your friend. They are in fact your worst enemy. Get some help.

You are aware that mental illness can be hereditary? You have to face the truth before you can help yourself.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
reply to post by MonarchSlave

What you need is to report the abuse to the authorities and seek qualified help. The imaginary Illuminati is not after you and any abuse came from bad people acting on their own. Anyone who advises you differently is not your friend. They are in fact your worst enemy. Get some help.

You are aware that mental illness can be hereditary? You have to face the truth before you can help yourself.

shes not going to get psycological, because she will believe that the tptb will be in on it

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by DuecesxGeneral

Although that is sad and perhaps true, anyone encouraging her to do anything else is doing wrong. The Internet world is full of bad people.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:36 PM
the monarch program is some serious ish if this site speaks the truth
And i can really believe the tptb are doing this
it reminds me of the movie SALT
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:01 PM
I go to admit this I am much more paranoid than you, as my first thought was, are you trying to find free thinkers? The survivors of this, are constantly asking is this person waiting to catch me?

I will try to not add to your paranoia load but I was born with 3 generational spirits/demons (given more later) and my Grandad was a Mason. My Mum's bloodline is also Romany gypsies.
I too was born at an auspicious time and my Mum nearly died. As she had been abused, she abused me and my sister until I was 12.

Apparently at Monarch victims are similar to people born with generational spirits. I could mind read at an early age, my IQ is 156 and I am definitely a free thinker.
I have physically seen demons, angels and ghosts (and UFOs) and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour at 5yrs. But I had a constant stream of verbal abuse from these demons till 24yrs. So I know my own mind very well and also what isn't my thoughts.
I am clairaudient, telepathic, empathic and loads of other stuff that have saved mine and my family's lives on numerous occasions.
I believe God allowed me to be born with these abilities, so I can be a warrior for Him. Fundamental Christians never understood these abilities are what Jesus had.

Last year I stopped 4 black ops beaming into my bedroom at 3am by using the Name of God=Yehovah.
They have tried to people-cook me and my family after I found out how to kill my implants; all vaccinations have implants and I had some special ones as I had been with my Dad in an overseas Army base.
They can all be cancelled by a strong magnet being placed over them. A strong metal chelater works too but is expensive.
Put a silk sheet on your bed over yourself to stop Scalar waves.
I have also found that iron stops the lower vibrational entities; ie horseshoes, iron keys, magnetic bracelet on your arm.
And I claim the blood of Jesus over me and mine every night, and put the Hedge of Fire of Protection of God over me and mine and my house and garden, and put the Holy Armour of God over me and mine every night too.

Just 3 weeks ago they got to my rabbits in my garden and killed 5 out of 6, using the drug dealing demon possessed boy next door, so if you have anything you love outside make sure they are in a padlocked hutch etc as they will do anything to stop you, via low morale.
All it did is make me so mad I have spent most days praying for justice and a few other things that I will not go into here. I will just say that if anyone mistreats me they usually end up in a mental hospital.

The name of God is the ultimate weapon and when I am being made to feel fear (absolute terror actually) I call on the name of Jesus and His Dad until I feel better. But I am always on the alert.
Sorry if I have made you more paranoid but other people wouldn't understand what you or I have gone though.

So go to and search Mind control and work through the articles. That is what I have done recently but I have to admit that all through my teenage years God sent me people that help cast out the lesser demons, so I would ask God to send you people who can do this until you can do it with God.

Peace and love and keep going you are here for a reason, you just got to find it.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:15 PM
So people who did all this didn't put a tracking device type item in your body? You come online state all of this and ask for help? You just give yourself away MMM. If this was all true, there's noway we could help you now.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Your story sounds more like a story of a TI (targeted individual) then a monarch victim, you should do a google search on the word targeted individual and read other victims storys and see if anything sounds familiar you could also find new means to shield your self.

Having faith in God is the main thing because it is after all a spiritual battle if your a TI or a monarch victim...

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:19 PM
They are after you because you can so easily undo their programming... Otherwise you would not ever have noticed.
I could point you to Stewart Swerdlow - he claims to know a lot about his and a few years back he sent me a free copy of his Healer's Handbook.
Obviously you have mediumistic talents but you are channeling some sort of Fifth Stage Theocratic influence - the good news is that if you change your software - via therapy, magical defenses, and the like - they would stop having an influence. The music industry is twofold as to the War in Heaven - some rock music wants you to be a mindless slave and a lot of it wants you to become freer.
I would disconnect from a lot of electronic noise, not sleep in the same room with a cell phone turned on, eat more healthy foods and try to develop relationships in a natural way. Also, I would disconnect TV (watch some movies if you want by Internet of DVD) and refrain from any gambling.

As far as therapy goes, two approaches I found very useful is classical NLP and Hellinger-based family constellation therapy.
You can do a lot so the bad guys stop reaching you and encourage the good guys to reach you (mainly via your own inner spiritual advisors).
I do not encourage you to follow an existing older religion although I think Jesus and Buddha were great spiritual revolutionaries in their time. I encourage you to become a spiritual warrior.

If you are interested in my picture of this War in Heaven involving mind control and the like, you may want to read Kyle Griffith's book "War in Heaven" available online for free - it is simple to find it via google.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:31 PM
There is not a single person on this earth that is not important to someone...Don't listen to any Bull Crap. Contact "Project Camelot" and they will see to it you get some type of help.....Good Luck.....

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

It is the way you have chosen to to look at your experiences that makes you believe that the Illuminati have been after you all this time.

I had many similar experiences as you when younger. It is not any kind of conspiracy (people "in the know" discussing and communicating between eachother on how to maniplulate you). They are the dynamics of human life, people playing off eachother in the social climate and shared experience that makes up reality.

Through these experiences, as a young woman, you are trying to form an explanation for all the bad things that have happened. You are looking at it in your particular way right now as a result of what you currently know about yourself and the world around you. This will change as you grow, as you learn more about yourself and others and the world around you.

For example, I used to solely blame my abusers. As I learned more about the subject of abuse I learned that these abusers are doing this because they can't react in any other way. They have been damaged themselves somewhere along the way.

In my crazy life I have been through so many strange experiences. I have known many to crack at points I managed to steer through. What always kept me going is that I refused to be driven crazy. I asserted my right to a life. I fought to turn things round, to empower myself with knowledge and understanding. It worked for me and it does work.

I read books by others who had been abused and how they dealt with it. Maya Angelo and Alice Walker are great writers about these experiences. Learn from the wise, it gives you a head start.

Regarding the Illuminati, well that stuff is hyped up so much. This world has always been a vacuum of true justice and love, but if we can become individually a just and loving, caring and gentle person, then we are one more little ray of light in this world of shadows and we will not then be part of the darkness.

Take care Dear Soul! You got to be strong in this life, it is very complex now and we are ill prepared, all of us, to cope with the complicated existence that is thrust upon us. Be strong and empower yourself!

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