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The Illuminati has been after me since my childhood. What the hell do I do?

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 03:26 AM

Originally posted by jetflock
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

I've taken care of a "sick" person before. She is dead now. We really didn't get the right kind of help she needed. Everybody enabled her psychosis. At first the stories were believable, then they turned into incoherent contradictions. Out of the 2 choices, its more likely he/she is suffering from a mental disorder rather than actual Illuminati interference. Regardless, this forum is CERTAINLY not the best place to seek help in either case. Best bet is for the person to surround themselves with close friends or family, and possibly even seek counseling in a safe and controlled environment.
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It is the greatest cover up for the illuminati to do their work. The things that they do, will drive you to insanity if they have enough time with you. When you are left looking insane, and are insane, then average people who don't understand this, can say "That person is nuts, they need help because they are delusional about the illuminati". It works out real well for them.

This is all very real and it's so scary that people don't want to believe it's real. They do target children and they will keep targeting them. They are where we least expect them.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by MonarchSlave

You mentioned that this boy was sent to put you in a 'spiritually vulnerable' state. In that respect, it would probably be in your best intentions to stay mentally or spiritually strong throughout this ordeal. If what you say is true, then the Illuminati may go some lengths to get their message(s) out to you. They know about you and you know about them. Just keep in mind that you are smarter than they thought. You grew up and realized what was happening to you. Some monarchs never do. If you honestly feel threatened, I would try to seek more personal help very discretely. There is not a lot of room for secrecy these days.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by MonarchSlave


Put simply, I have no idea what to make of this. No idea whatsoever. However, I am curious. Can you please elaborate? Do you have anything to back this up? Understand that I am open-minded and it is not my intention to come off as judgmental.....but, well.....WTF?

Again, just curious. And if anybody can show some verification that The Illuminati exists to begin with, that would be appreciated.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by LadyGwenhwyfar

I am just bewildered

Just wow
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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by AngryOne

Go do some searches on the forum for the illuminati, Monarch slave program, MK Ultra, so much to read if you dont even believe they exist.......... more you dont kniow anything about them so you assume they dont exist, like many, when its plain obvious to most that they are abundant & everywhere (so to speak)

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 05:53 AM

First off, I am not going to call you insane.

Illuminati, Monarch, all that jazz, it may or may not be real. I really do not know.

But to me, it sounds like you have unfortunately come across some of life`s predators. You have been abused, and so are vulnerable. Whether this is due to illuminati interfering, or just really bad luck in who you have met and been entrusted to I do not know. But you DO have a choice.

You can choose to walk away from anyone you feel is not good for you, anyone who seeks to make you weaker, who wants to you luxuriate in victimhood. Be strong, because these are people you need, people you do not want to cut out of your life, but people you really need to walk away from.

You are free to walk away. To forget all of this. To choose NOT to waste your life on this. The second you are physically harrassed, then go through the proper police channels. I promise you, if these people are for real, the best way to annoy them, to make them go away is to ignore them. If they are mundane predators, the best way to get away is not give them any of your pain to feed on.

PM me, Im an old girl now, and if you need an auntie figure, Ild be happy to tell you my history and help you break free of these people.

Practically, move away, have goals -- practical real life goals. What do you want to do with your life? Work? School? Your family, if they are bad for you, walk away, at least for a while, get some perspective.

As far as the butterfly motif goes, it sounds like a typical mind-# to me. These people will amplify anything they can to get you ill at ease. You know what my little girl loves horses. I buy her, everyone buys her things with horses on, because she likes them. Perhaps this is what people did for you.

The occult, secrets, bad knowledge, falling through cracks, darling, it is so so hard to get yourself back on track. Do not let these predators feed off your pain, and then make you pay for feeling it. It doesnt matter if they are sociopaths or iluminati or both. They cannot keep you if you dont want to be kept.

Break free. I know you dont want to break free, but make a decision to walk away and do it. And if they come back round once you walk away, ignore them. Make a little mundane life. Do your washing up. Put yourself back together, brown paper and glue. You can do it. Take the help offered by others, that I see on this thread and ignore the nasty words. You are not crazy or a bad person, just met the wrong people who took advantage of the fact you had been abused and were impressionable and susceptible.

Originally posted by MonarchSlave
First of all, I'm a twenty year old female. My initials are M.M.M., and I was born in 1990.
Ever since I was a kid I was administered to a more casual stype of Monarch Programming that involves trauma based treatment that expliots mental disassociation. Basically, I was abused by my paternal father, who was a German adopted child and was also subject to the same treatment as a kid, only much more extreme. It is common knowledge that Monarch programmers are commonly Monarch slaves themselves. This has left me with somewhat of a Peter Pan complex, trust issues, and a general disassiocation of reality. You can read into what Monarch Programming is on the net, but let me get into some more disturbing details other than this.

First of all, I need people who are not skeptics on this subject. I need someone who knows how the Illuminati works, what they do, and how they hide themselves. I need someone who knows how they hide in plain sight in the music industry, how they run the media, and how they control peoples lives. I need someone who understands how deed seeded their influence in society really is, how they can easily plan murders, events, anything and how every neighborhood has Illuminati watchdogs. This is not a laughing matter, I am entirely alone in this and even my own mother was in on the programming.

Let's begin with the basics. As a child I was made to wear plain dresses with a single butterly on them, I was given a butterfly necklace for my 13th birthday (when one is considered a woman), and my mom would adorn me with butterfly barrettes. The butterfly is a symbol of Monarch programming, and it is an image that is supposed to represent the soul, many Monarch slaves within the music industry discreetly wear a butterfly in some form. The butterly of course is related to the name, "Monarch programming". Monarch children are subjected to varying degrees of torture, some more severe than others depending on how in depth the family is with the Illuminati, some of which are undergone mild programming even if they are from an outer family for the sake of keeping them servile. Children who are chosen for this are expected to have higher IQ's than most and an innate ability to connect to the spiritual and therefore are programmed early on to ensure they do not become "free thinkers". If a child becomes a free thinker, the next series of events in their life are staged in order to lower their morale and get them to commit suicide. They are often given planned areas to live in, planned spouses or boy/girlfriends, and everything down to their very school teachers are carefully selected.

My father was an alcoholic, he abused all of us children, and I was subjected to a lot of abuse as a kid. Before that I was subject to my mom and dad screaming at eachother on purpose to induce a sense of trauma before I was even able to speak. This caused me to be very shy, withdrawn, speaking only when spoken to, servile, scared, and extremely emotionally sensitive.

As I grew up I was subjected to types of media that would encourage an overly sexual nature, being shown many Illuminati made movies such as A Clockwork Orange when I was no more than eight years old. This did not work for the most part because I was shy and therefore inconfident with my body, so I remained innocent, however I was in many ways encouraged to engage in masturbation. Being told not only that it was normal, but healthy and good for me. In general, I was taught many things that when I turned 15 I would outright reject.

The phase from 14 to 15 is actually quite dramatic, and cannot be psychologically explained because one does not go from being a relatively 14 year old girl to suddenly being an anti-Illuminati anti-government 15 year old is, dare I say, a spiritual transformation. All the prior programming compeltely backfired and suddenly I was aware of more than I would have been had I been raised a normal child. My teachers and peers would mock me, call me weird, and tell me I was insane for thinking that the government did 9/11, that they control too many aspects of our lives, etc etc, and most assumed I was just trying to be rebellious and cool. However, they were severely mistaken.

At this point in time a friend of mine had told me "give me your soul", handing me a white sheet of paper, I signed it, being indoctrinated into being an atheist at the time, and went on with my life, thinking nothing of it.
Years later this document was relinquished and holds no legal ground whatsoever anymore, if it had any in the first place.

This next chain of events in my life after that moment were too positive to be normal. I was not the most attractive girl, I was not likable, I was goth, reserved, people were afraid of me, others mocked me, but all in all no one liked me. But nonetheless suddenly after that I had people asking me on dates, popular people wanting to hang out, guys that I know would NEVER like me asking me out. I had people offering to pay for my #, all kinds of stuff.

It was only recently I noticed during these years, my neighbor's van a few doors down was a private company of his, a plumbing company, but the logo was a crosshair with the letters MM stacked on top of eachother within the crosshair. The guy was obviously a Mason, but I had never noticed that the logo was a threat to me and a message to the neighboorhood that I was "in the crosshair" of their "sniper", they had me in their sights, basically saying they were pointing their gun at me because I was getting out of line.

Not shortly after that I undergo intense demonic attacks that are akin to being shot in the head, just after I reach what I thought was a state of pure enlightenment. Aka, I found God.

My teachers knew things about me I never told anyone, sometimes I would catch them slipping up and saying # they couldn't possibly know. I was bullied by the staff because of my beliefs, they couldn't change my mindset and so they subjected me to police state like rules and threatened useless things on me.

Then I drop out, meet my first boyfriend, turns out he's a Mason and he was only sent to date me for the sake of putting me in a vulnerable position spiritually. He leaves me and the next thing I know, boom, lights out. He spoke in the same way they speak in music videos when they're using cryptic Illuminati language, basically speaking Babylonian, although at the time I had no idea about this language.

Now I'm seeing people coming out with music relevant to my assault that no one will understand except them.
People can call it insanity, but I need legitimate advice and I need people to spread the world on what they do.
This isn't a joke, this is real, the music industry, media, they're all Luciferians and would rather KILL a monarch slave than let them go. The fact I found out about all of this was never supposed to happen to begin with.

I. Need. Help.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:11 AM

Originally posted by LadyGwenhwyfar
Dear OP,

I believe you are telling the truth. There are many of us out here, most of us stay in hiding and have changed our names to protect ourselves. I am one of those people.

After my father finished up his tours with Vietnam, he moved us (Cannot disclose location) to a remote area where he began working for the state. He met someone else who was also military and they became buddies. His friend's wife became close with my mother and they began coming over and having dinner with us on occasion. The trouble began when I was about 7 years old. My mother had to take a job and so the women she had become friends with started babysitting me in the mornings before school.

To this day, I have no idea who these people were exactly but they both tried to program me. I'm a failed program.
Each morning before school they both began playing a game of chess with me. Mostly, it was her husband who would sit down and pour me a cup of coffee and would insist we play chess. They started to gain my trust and then suddenly everything slowly took a turn for the worst. After the morning games of chess, they began playing a certain song on their turn table by a certain pop duo. They would play the song, then stop it, and say my name, then start the song again. His wife tried to tell me that this was just a game.

Soon after that, her husband said he knew how to do magic tricks, and that he knew how to make people disappear. As a child, I actually started to believe this, and when I told my parents they giggled because they thought their friends were just playing with me.

One morning, they took me the couple took me down to the basement and he said he had a huge black box that he put people in and made them disappear. There was one there, and his wife was smiling the entire time as she told me in a nice way that they would put me in there and I'd never be seen again. There was a masonic symbol painted on the black box, in gold. Same symbol I have seen on old buildings.

Then they began a game where they would play the song, say my name, then show me a picture. The picture would be of dead children laying in broken rainbows. The week that this began, I started to hear ringing in my ears really bad, then I heard my name being spoken as if someone were speaking to me in the class room in my ear. I started to get bad earaches, and would vomit. The doctor we had could never figure out what was wrong because there was nothing there to cause this. I was taken to a specialist who told my parents I had labrynthitis and that I'd live with it indefinitely.

This ordeal for me came to and end, when the couple started playing the song, chanting my name to it, and then the pictures they were showing me became more gruesome. They asked me to do certain body movements, along to certain pictures.

One evening, when my dad was working out in the garage I remember going out and telling him about the pictures his friends were showing me. He immediately stopped what he was doing and called for my mother and they both made me retell the whole thing.

The next thing I know, we are moving away. We never saw these people again and my dad has long passed on.

I was never able to settle in my mind what had happened. I continued growing up and led a non eventful teen years. But when I hit 20 I suddenly started having nightmares, ear aches, ringing, and nausea. All of these memories started flooding back about the ordeal. At the same time I remembered this, the guy that had just appeared in my life out of no where and started calling and wanting to date me, was acting very strange. He wanted me to travel with him out east and meet his family. I didn't want to at the time and he became so insistent about me, my life, and then he tried to kill me.

That's all I will go into but OP I want you to know that we are out there. I post this story because I 'm safe now and no one can track me down. I've been happily married and have children of my own.

You will get through this but you MUST disconnect yourself from anything regarding the illuminati. And you MUST be watchful and careful about where and whom you associate yourself.

There are plants on this forum, and they are watching too. Don't think they are not. I'm basically the watcher watching the watchers.

Be cautious about your choices, and you will heal.

Sounds like this couple was just a couple of crazy child molesters or something similar. I would guess that they had nothing to do with some secret Illuminati agenda to brainwash children. I would say that you are lucky to be alive right now, because if you hadn't brought this to your Dad's attention when you did who knows what would have happened to you.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 09:59 AM
You are not alone. There are those who do not know you, but feel as though they do. I am one of those. If there is one thing to say, then there is this. You are loved, and my soul reaches out to yours. Hope never dies. What is forgotten can be remembered, will be remembered. I look forward to meeting you again. I wish you all of the best, my friend.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by MysticWannabe
I am a long-time ATS lurker and I've opted to not reply to any posts until now because I've always had something better to do, but I now find myself with time on my hands and felt compelled to reply.

I'd like to first apologize if I come off as insensitive. That being said, I belive the OP is full of crap. There's something about this "story" that makes it come off as oversold. It seems to me like this story was written by someone with a penchant for writing and conspiracy theories. The OP 'name drops' a lot of commonly-covered material out there in conspiracy land without providing anything compelling. The entire story strikes me as a work of fiction solely intended to get replies. The pacing of the post, the wording, the sequence of topics covered, etc... it seems far too calm and orderly to be written by someone that is genuinely freaked out and searching for help. (The fact that someone would post on a forum like this makes me even more suspicious, since most posts and replies are absurd.)

If the OP was being 'honest' and not fabricating any part of their story, they most likely have major psychological problems, but it's not from any sort of illuminati mind control. Little girls wear butterflies. People have crappy childhoods. There's Masons in practically every town across the United States. (And no, they're not evil like they're made out to be.) My advice would be to stop frequenting sites like ATS which are full of paranoia and conspiracy, half-baked and regurgitated by people that have no first-hand knowledge or experience with what they are even TALKING ABOUT! I get the distinct impression that most people on this forum are the type to read a bunch of junk on doom-and-gloom conspiracy web pages and then synthesize all of this stuff they merely read somewhere into a new, mutated conspiracy meme that gets passed around message boards and forums.

It's all too clean, too orderly, too oversold. I call b.s. on this whole thread and think that a lot of the replies are silly.

Where does one go,if they have been a victim?..when you feel you can't trust your teachers, your'e so called friends,who have ditched you, because you are rebelling from what they are programmed with?

I can totally understand why she would come to a website that has talked about monarch programming . She might actually find someone here who has some good info to help her out with.(which is what she was asking for)

My point is, if she is making it all up (or him), it wouldn't be the first time someone started a bogus thread on this site...and if thats the way the OP gets a kick out of life..well then it sucks to be him/her.

BUT..if this is really a situation someone is going through,I'm happy that there are souls on this site who take it seriously,and give advice with compassion,and intelligence.

There are maybe many souls who read these threads, looking for answers,and feeling so trapped. Even if the OP was full of BS looking for attention, there could be a few others who got some very good advice for the VERY REAL problems they are dealing with.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 11:05 AM
Every being that can stand, speak and hold a gun is important. It is those that become aware of these incidents or the events (of torture/programming) that dont become just important but informative. They are pointing out the obvious that many do not see, compare, or truly grasp due to the mind-programming our society programs us with.
How many people have seen those mind control towers/supposed cell phone towers? How many people have felt the effects of negative energy swarming their body as if it were a suffocating blanket of tar thrown onto them? How many people have felt the sensation of their energy being sucked away by another-of which one has no idea who/what/when/where and how it is being done?!

To the OP, I understand your plea, but I myself am in no position to be of any direct assistance. All i can say is keep your mind and your eyes open. And be assertive when you are in an uncomfortable situation. Don't let them take control of your actions, if confronted stare them dead in the eye and mentally create a protection bubble for yourself as to ward off those individuals that seek harm. It will take time, but it is possible.
Be a silent observer with a dagger up their sleeve.

Meditation and items can help.
Protection of the mind is a must!

I wont call you non-legit i do not know you. But asking for help has never been my thing to not give.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by ThisIsMyName

You claim the poster has schizophrenia.

Conceivable but highly doubtful--there's no real evidence to support your label unless you are one of those who defines those who disagree with your cosmology in certain specific ways as authomatically schizophrenic.

However, this psychologist sees no evidence in her post that she does.

I think it's pretty glib for even other psychologists or psychiatrists to slam such a label on a person just because they don't agree with the person's cosmology.

This poster seems grounded in person, place and time. They seem well able to be congruent, consistent, ordered in their thought processes and descriptions of reality. They are not posting in word salad terms.

NOPE, in terms of the evidence on this thread, I don't think schizophrenia is an apt label at all.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by AngryOne
reply to post by MonarchSlave


Put simply, I have no idea what to make of this. No idea whatsoever. However, I am curious. Can you please elaborate? Do you have anything to back this up? Understand that I am open-minded and it is not my intention to come off as judgmental.....but, well.....WTF?

Again, just curious. And if anybody can show some verification that The Illuminati exists to begin with, that would be appreciated.

Unfortunately in a clearcut 99.95%+ of cases no proof can be presented because of plausible deniability and the fact that others just will not be able to grasp their head around this concept leading many to disregard and not believe anyone who was vicitimized.

I was used primarily as a "Human Computer" as I have ADHD extreme and must use more of my brain then most to maintain basic function which enables me to fall massive heights and not get one scratch. I however was aware of my programing to the point whereas I was able to use it to leverage them and assumed a very high position of power from about 2002 to the present (I would not know if I've been involved with any current event). The most recent thing I know for a fact I had direct involvement in was the World Trade Center reconstruction project in 2010 but cannot prove a thing.

I am aware of the Monarch Sex Slave Project because I've indoctrinated celebrities and others into the project and have been paid for my services using this but still consider myself a virgin because it was payment and I can never take sex or relationships seriously as a result. I've worked on numerous entertainment, Governmental, regional, some international items and have met a literate who's who of TPTB and regional politicians. I've leveraged those who cannot be leveraged. I may've committed murder on behalf of them but would rather not know if I have or not as it is something I do not want to remember because it will drive me insane. I know for a fact I've done some not so nice things to some very good people and really don't want those memories coming back. When it comes to relationships I am incapable of having them due to this item directly as it has made me incapable of love as all I see is a work order which enables me to do the deed one minute and toss the girl aside like used goods and think nothing of it or about it the next. This has lead me to have an Unofficial female partner count of north of 1,200 - 1,500 which is more then everyone of my friends combined.

This directly forced a relationship I attempted to pursue to be on shaky ground from the getgo. I was introduced to her during a work order as I got her mom out of a bad deal with the mafia and she offered her daughter as payment. The daughter was over the age of 21 at the time. She wound up falling for me hard and was a wonderful 6 week whirlwind but since I was introduced to her during a work order did not allow me to see her as a person but as something not human. It takes away your ability to love, feel compassion, feel anything at all and if you are lucky to get hooked up with someone it prevent you from developing real and true feelings for the person. When I meet someone during a work order it is very complicated and hard for me to see the person as a person and leads me to see the person as a peice of meat or as work. It's like you become disconnected from your humanity and are like a robot of sorts devoid of emotion.

I've done work orders for female friends of mine and have gotten sex as payment as every single one cannot afford my rate of about $50,000 - $100,000 an hour and they know full well when seeking me out.

I was once involved in a 32 hour straight work order that started at like 8a Friday that did not conclude until about 2 - 3p Saturday afternoon and did like 5 of these in under a month.

This is how I know what I know. Do trust I can be trusted to assist Monarch and Lady anyway I can and if either one of y'all were active between 2002 - the present you and I may've met.

This is the first time I've ever revealed most of this. My total net worth woudl've been north of $12.5 Trillion if I would've been receiving cash for payment but traded cash for authourity and sex. Everytime I was asked what they can do for me my classical and default response was "Take care of the people and the nation by keeping people employed and healthy". I'm only 31 and would've been the Richest Person In The World if I would've recieved cash. I've seen more money change hands in an hour then what most Second and Third world nations see in a decade. I've threatened and leveraged entities that are able to leverage nations.

See this thread on ATS :
5th, 7th and 19th post down!
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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by LadyGwenhwyfar

yeah well you cannot ascertain that on this forum. Occam's razor. You will do more harm than good without knowing the person. I would love to believe in all these grandiose claims, and personally, I started to believe the person I was taking care of for a while. Than you realize your not doing the right thing by enabling somebody's delusions. This person COULD be under the influence of some sort of mad group of people, its more likely they are not. Your going to do MORE DAMAGE than good because its likely this person is hanging on every piece of bad information given in the thread. It IS possible that all this is true, but its more likely not.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by jetflock

Since your charge was obviously a victim means they will input a program into your subconscious that makes you second guess yourself and ramble incoherently. This is how they keep people confused.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Thank you for your professional honesty and do support fully what you say and can add that they will make the person insane (of external volition and not internal). What would your professional opinion be in regards to additional or enhanced indo-neuro psychological and the chemistry of the brain in relation to a computer harddrive?

Star for you for being grounded in reality.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

Dude if your telling the truth your scum pure and simple, you indoctrinated celebrities into the monarch sex slave trade??? what kind of person are you, you said you don't feel these people are human guess what i don't see you as human, the fact you didn't quit doing this shows what kind of person you are, you my friend have a special place in hell waiting for you.

If you were a decent person you would of at least got out of the program much like Svali and blew the whistle in a big way, but nope you talk as if you have no regrets what so ever...

The time is ticking for you to prove you are indeed human by doing the right thing...the choice is yours, so do it tell everybody everything you know and quit being a pawn of theres...

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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 12:52 AM
What can you tell us about thier plans, the illuminati that is.

In other words, are they trying to escape the prison, are they also the ultimate fools in this game of "ascention".
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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:13 AM
You Are A Very Important Person.
always remember that.
any one else notice most of the first post keep saying.
“you are not that important”?
Thats just more of trying to break her will.
Dont let them know you are fighting them.
you need to keep strong.
build up over time what you need to get away and hid.
be careful who you trust and what they say.
they would get you to trust some one a lot,
so they can then show you they are one of they.
That is to make you think you can trust no one.
There are people you can trust.
you just have to find them. never give up.
never give in.
Remember you are Important. You are Strong.
You will be free. it will just take time.
A think they use is to make you here messages that are just to you.
the messages are not just to you.
there are a lot of people just like you.
and they all think the massages are just for them.
so dont let that get to you. it will only drive you mad.
and that is what they wont.
you have the internet, use it.
learn how to live of the radar.
so they can not track you easily.
there are some of us out there who care about you a lot.
for no other reason than we are good people.
and this has Nothing to do with religion.
I wish I could do more for you.
You Are Important. Say it!

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:40 AM
I've been through this whole thing before. I really wanted to believe the stories. I really started to question my own sanity. You know, anythings possible. And oddly, I've seen this pop up lately in alot of places. I would even be willing to believe something in a food product or water supply could even be causing personality disorders....Maybe its something as mundane as a rise in date rape, or "social drugging", such as that recent fiasco in NY with the police, which coincidentally happens in the same area and a couple years after I lost my significant other....But, for everything she went through, her family and friends, and I went through...we only knew one thing for sure, and that was she lost her mind- and you really have to watch what you say around them, what kind of advice you give, and know if your enabling any kind of fantasy or exaggeration...

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by jetflock

If it was just one person who made these claims that's one thing but with so many and you said it yourself you have seen these stories popping up more and more that just face it where there's smoke there's fire, even if it's just a small fire there's truth that lies there, it's just up to the people who are the witness to understand the right perception.

I mean we just had a poster in this thread admit he was a monarch programmer to which i took him to task for.

The thing is TPTB (the powers that be) are real and we have seen human experimentation exposed in the past aka MK-Ultra so that we really should take what these victims say at there word, even if there perception is a little off you gotta figure with the kind of trauma and corruption they have experienced this would be normal.

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