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Putting It All Together: A theory of historical proportions involving WA,ID,MT,WY,NV,OR and CA.

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by anjl32
[I am totally "in love" with volcanoes!

Here is one that I'll share with you, Lassen Peak in north California. Great area to visit.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by czygyny

Thank you for that! She's so majestic and peaceful looking...with a temper to boot I'm sure. Awesome pic...truly magnificent! =)

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by anjl32

Glad you enjoyed her. She is a complex and wonderful place to visit. Here is another one in my 'back yard', much quieter, more majestic and potentially more deadly...but for now she slumbers.

Mt. Shasta:

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by czygyny

What a beautiful sight. I think Volcanoes are the junction between heaven and hell...peaceful and heavenly one moment, and spitting fire and "brimstone" the next! Just awsome. Mt. Shasta...hmmmmm....I believe I have driven past her on my way south to california for my step sister's wedding several years ago. The photos are very good...very crisp and clear. Are you a photographer in your spare time? because your pics look like they could be professional. If I knew how to up load photos, I would send some of St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt Adams...those are the ones in my back yard! Gorgeous...but don't piss them Thanks...if anyone else wants to share pics of the volcanoes around them, I would love to see them!

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by anjl32

Here's my collection of photos I have had on various threads:

Mount Rainier as seen near Packwood, washington on hwy 2

Mount Baker as seen a few miles from my house:

Mount Rainier with Helens in the background, flying into the Seattle airport

Hope you like 'em! They are impressive volcanos.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by westcoast

OH Wow!!! Totally put a huge smile on my face today! Great pics everyone! Each one is so unique, so mysterious, and so exciting. Living here is like playing russian roulette with volcanoes..."which one will go next". I'm not too worried though, I know when it begans, where ever I am is where I will have been meant to be. Thanks for all the the the one of Rainier with St. Helens in background...absolutly perfect. Today is going to be a good day! =)

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 02:22 PM
Keep an eye on California folks. Some wierd activity going on. Larger central quakes and now Northern offshore going on. Take a look at the red dots on the following USGS map. They are lining up with my other map a little too well:

USGS quake map

MAP 2.2 2011/05/04 18:42:00 36.398 -117.877 7.3 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.8 2011/05/04 14:08:24 36.395 -117.876 6.8 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.1 2011/05/04 13:25:28 36.383 -117.253 6.1 28 km ( 17 mi) NNW of Telescope Peak, CA
MAP 3.1 2011/05/04 11:55:45 36.379 -117.880 3.6 12 km ( 8 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.5 2011/05/04 10:33:29 36.401 -117.874 7.4 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.3 2011/05/04 08:46:33 36.390 -117.876 6.3 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.9 2011/05/04 08:38:22 36.395 -117.876 6.9 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.0 2011/05/04 08:27:33 36.387 -117.871 7.5 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.4 2011/05/04 08:24:47 36.385 -117.879 6.3 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 3.7 2011/05/04 08:10:45 36.387 -117.872 3.9 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.7 2011/05/04 08:08:23 36.386 -117.882 4.0 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.8 2011/05/04 07:19:52 36.386 -117.881 5.8 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 2.3 2011/05/04 06:12:39 36.393 -117.885 3.9 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.1 2011/05/04 05:17:59 36.409 -117.868 6.0 9 km ( 5 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.8 2011/05/04 03:10:25 36.406 -117.873 5.7 9 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.0 2011/05/04 02:39:55 36.395 -117.868 6.0 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.4 2011/05/04 02:17:14 36.388 -117.878 1.5 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.0 2011/05/04 02:16:29 36.388 -117.865 2.5 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.3 2011/05/04 00:51:19 36.404 -117.869 9.3 9 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.4 2011/05/04 00:33:30 36.407 -117.874 5.8 9 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.3 2011/05/03 23:51:33 36.379 -117.872 1.7 12 km ( 8 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.3 2011/05/03 23:11:34 36.406 -117.875 4.7 9 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.1 2011/05/03 23:08:38 36.396 -117.856 3.1 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.3 2011/05/03 22:59:58 36.406 -117.876 6.0 9 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.1 2011/05/03 22:07:15 36.394 -117.869 2.3 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.2 2011/05/03 22:05:28 36.392 -117.866 2.4 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.2 2011/05/03 22:02:11 36.389 -117.875 2.6 11 km ( 7 mi) S of Keeler, CA
MAP 1.5 2011/05/03 22:00:18 36.326 -117.901 0.1 11 km ( 7 mi) E of Cartago, CA
MAP 4.5 2011/05/03 21:41:49 36.395 -117.870 2.2 10 km ( 6 mi) S of Keeler, CA

Things are stirring.

Pay attention and don't be distracted.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Signals
reply to post by Disconnected Sociopath

Can you provide a link to that map ?

I'd like to see a full size version.

Honestly I forgot where i found this one, , but If you google 'Future map of US or 'Edgar Cayce Earth changes' you can find several websites that have it, or similar versions of it.

This is a pretty good one:

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by westcoast

I just went to the USGS site for one of my many checks throughout the day and saw that, WC... you should have seen my jaw drop and the look on my face! Came rushing over here to see if you said anything and sure enough, you have.

Isn't that right on the bottom of the Juan De Fuca?

I really REALLY don't like this!

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by UtahRosebud

Forgive me for being under-educated, but, what does all of this mean? I'm hyped and "nervous" right now reading your posts, and truly believe if something is going to happen, I'm going to hear about it here first....I trust you guys now more than I trust my local news and authorities...sounds awful I know, but government propaganda has me so confused, I'm not sure I know the difference between truth and "gossip"'s all quite confusing. So please give me a best/worst case scenario of what you think is happening. I have family in Cali, Oregon and NW Washington, and I myself live in SW Washington....should I be worried? And why do I feel (guiltily) excited about this news? Perhaps, as morbid as it is...I want something bad to happen? Or, maybe it's just the feeling of "I knew this would happen" and no one believed me so a small part of me is looking forward to saying "I told you so?" Anyways...there's my thoughts...I hope it turns out to be "nothing much", but I don't think we are going to be that lucky for much longer...

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by anjl32

Hey there! I don't know if Utahrosebud is on, and you seem really nervous so I'll go ahead and answer you (I need to answer her too!)

I think what she is referring to is that this may be indicating the increased 'uplift' pressure on the San Andreas fault and also subsequent movement on the Juan De Fuca, since we are seeing increased activity at the same time, on all of them plus the area where I am suspecting the subduction zone to continue south (hence, my above map)

To honest with you, since I first noticed this possible connection and have been watching California more closely in relation to our own subduction zone, I have actually felt a bit better about our situation here in Washington.

I DO think it is all connected, and that when it goes we will ALL be affected to various degrees but I am feeling more and more that the worse of it is going to be to the south.

When the 'big one' happens, will it cause damage here in Washington State? I would say yes, most definately so...but i think that is just common sense. Geologists and emergency management has been saying and planning for that for years. I am just starting to think that rather than seeing a 9.0+ mega thrust centered right of the coast near Seattle, we may see it further south. Again, remember I am not a scientist and this is pure speculation on my part!

I still believe that there are going to be a lot of warning signs. Right now, i am seeing a whole lot more of that in California, vs. here. If it makes you feel any better though, for what it's worth I am always monitoring seismic activity here (have been for over ten years) and will immediately post here if I see anything unusuall. (I have in the past and it has led to nothing at all, or only small swarms...but I still caught it)

Try not to get too anxious about it. What will be will be and what is meant to happen will happen. We have no control over it, only ourselves. Be prepared, be aware and take solice in knowing that you are ready to react if need be....which is more than most people can say!

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by westcoast

Thanks I said, I'm a little nervous, everyone who lives near a fault line should be to some degree, but I think I'm more excited than nervous. I feel bad being excited over something so potentially deadly, but natural geological catastrophes have always been that "excitingly dangerous" thing that seems to have captured my interest. Not worried too much, but I am glad there are people like you who have the time, knowledge and energy to keep up and let the rest of us know. I look forward to reading your posts on here everyday. I do have an emergency kit prepared "just-in-case" with water, blankets, flashlights...mostly my camping gear...but it works and I feel more prepared. At the very least, I can always take my kids on a camping trip with little I will be checking in often. Thanks for the great info...and if the big one should hit, just out of curiosity of course, where would you go? North or East? Perhaps someday our paths will cross, until then Good Luck and may [your] God be with you, guiding you and protecting you always.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by anjl32

I would initially go north to higher ground, into Canada (to escape lahars/volcanic eruption). I would then have to go east to come back down into the country. I have family in Eastern washington/Montana and Nevada.

Hope it never comes to that, but like you I am also prepared! And you never know...anyone's paths could cross!

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 02:01 PM
Thanks for the wonderful explanation, WC!!!

I agree completely. And considering all this increased activity in Alaska... with them growing in size, something is definitely going on. With that, it looks like Japan is reacting to Alaska. And what stands out the most in my mind, is how the quakes struck in Japan prior to the 9.1. There was that what, 7. something and everyone took a breath thinking that was the "big one". Then the 9.1 a week or so later.

None of this is sitting well with me at all and if I could do a green, ill feeling emoticon, I would.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by UtahRosebud

One of my favorite mottos is 'Don't be scared, be prepared'. will wear yourself out being worried all the time.

Maybe I've been at this all this conspiracy stuff too long, and I know a great part of my resolve comes from my faith in a higher power, but I know fear and anxiety will kill you quicker than it may take disaster to find you.

Prepare the best you can, whether that means just stocking some emergency food or moving to another local... and then relax.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by czygyny

Oh trust me... I am absolutely prepared!!! I'm a California girl originally and lived through the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. I'm stocked up on EVERYTHING! Well, not enough liquor yet, but working on it. Have a tendancy to drink those supplies!

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 12:40 AM
I don't like the looks of these. Note the depths. Be sure and click on the plot by depth feature.

interactive map

MAP 1.0 2011/05/07 03:35:44 48.229 -122.660 24.5 2 km ( 1 mi) NE of Coupeville, WA
MAP 1.8 2011/05/07 00:01:09 48.007 -122.702 24.1 6 km ( 4 mi) S of Marrowstone, WA
MAP 1.5 2011/05/06 22:46:43 48.183 -124.466 26.4 23 km ( 14 mi) SSE of Neah Bay, WA
MAP 1.9 2011/05/06 20:37:50 43.136 -123.555 28.4 11 km ( 7 mi) W of Winston, OR
MAP 1.9 2011/05/06 19:47:47 46.281 -121.978 46.7 18 km ( 11 mi) ENE of Mount St. Helens Volcano, WA
MAP 2.0 2011/05/06 07:28:46 46.917 -121.922 15.4 19 km ( 12 mi) NNE of Ashford, WA

I expected to see the quakes pick up, since the deep quakes have back back to our area now.....leaving california behind for the time being. Check it out: (be sure to use the feature to look back at the past few days)

Tremor map

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by westcoast

Certainly makes one wonder...thanks for the update. And I for one really appreciate the links, helps me to see a visual! Excellent research.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Ok, since everyone else is uploading picturess of their local beauty's here are a couple of mine from my camping trips.

Mount Adams from Bench Lake in Washington state:

And here is Mount Hood as seen from the Columbia River Gorge:

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by nonnez

Beauti-ous! *Smile*

Thanks for adding to the bunch!

Mt. Hood is magnificent, I see her everyday on my way to work from 205, but she still never fails to impress!

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