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Psychometry Exersize

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by finitydream

Yes, you said he was harsh.

I also saw him in work overalls. I reference him in 9, 10, and he may be linked to 11 also. I felt he was a bit of a prankster. I also think there is Aboriginal somewhere back down the family line. And, yes, I picked up the same land thing. But I still feel that the guy walking across the screen is related to Agkelos. After he strolled across the pic (screen), he popped his head back in quickly. As he walked across the screen he had a cheeky smile.

Yes, it was a good example. Agkelos couldn't relate to a lot of what we said in our reads, but we both described the same vision. And, sometimes, well often, the reading will make more sense later because the subject later remembers certain things or asks family members.

Agkelos is going to try to get hold of a photo of his grandfather who died, he will scan it and send me a copy. Would be interesting to see if it is him.
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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 08:01 PM
I'd like to see that, but I'd really like to know about the little blonde girl in the pink gingham dress with ringlets. I felt a brief connection to her and there's something there.... I'd also like to know why all those people were standing there.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by finitydream

Hi finity, I have sent you the reading.

Did you manage to go over our results for the last read? Any further thoughts on it?

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 01:32 PM
hi all.

what a great thread and experiment you have going on here.
is it too late to come on board as a reader? i have dabbled in the past with reading via the internet, and that was without a picture to read. i would be able to just talk to someone for 5 mins, and i would start picking things up about them. was pretty accurate for a beginner.
plz let me know if i can join in, and when i can give my first reading.
many thanks

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

I'm not running this but I dont see any reason not to join in!

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 02:33 PM
Hey, Pyrodude & Djyorkie, Hello.

Please do join in. If you want to read, you are just in time for the next one. The picture will be posted tomorrow.

Also, the results of the last reading will be posted shortly. Please feel free to join in the discussion and offer feedback. Star for you both for showing an interest & taking part.

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Sorry, thought it was Saturday already. Next Picture will probably be posted on Sunday.

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 02:42 PM
your welcome.
i just have a good interest in this kind of thing, and never sure if it is something i should really follow up.
i better shut up now, as i will now no doubt be absolute rubbish at giving a reading, and totally sink my own boat lol.
i will make sure i get on tomorrow to have a look at the picture and send off my reading for it.
cant wait.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

Great to have more readers on board. It is Sunday the Picture is usually posted. I don't know why I thought today was Saturday. ???

Don't worrry about getting great results, although, I am sure you will.

It's an exercise, not a contest. These things cant be switched on & off.

It will be good to have some-one in the same time zone as me. I'm also in Scotland. Glasgow.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:07 PM
wow. i am just outside glasgow, in hamilton.

i am just looking forward to completing my first 20 replies as i have a question and topic to post about, and looking forward to hopefully getting some good debate going on the paranormal.
i only just found out about this area of the forum today, and got really excited that i have found a place where i can discuss these kind of interests.
looking forward to the new pic on sunday.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

I am in the West End.

I'm sure you will find lots of interesting threads.

It won't take you very long to get your 20 posts.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by maya27

Maya who is posting this weeks picture??

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by pyrodude

I think Sephrenia is posting this Sunday.

Pic posted on Sunday, readers have to send their reading in by Wednesday night, in a U2U. The Subject" has until Saturday to post all the readings and results. Gibbon hasn't posted the results yet, he was the last one to post a picture. If you go back to page 8, I think? Then you can click on the link and look at the picture.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:44 PM
OK Party people…thanks for the readings this has been a fun experiment. I would have liked to get the response back a little sooner, but my business is heating and air conditioning repair and we have just gotten our first few days of warm weather for the summer and I have been very busy.

I have to say that in joining this thread I wasn’t looking for direction or anything and I think you have all been great at just posting what you see without trying to figure it all out too much. I was just curious as to what would come out. It’s been good and everyone seems to have picked up on some things that I am very aware of in relationship to my picture as well as my own personal circumstances.

So to start, I’ll have four separate posts the first will describe where the picture came from and what I was thinking when I posted it, and the next three will have the reads that Agkelos, finity, and Maya all sent through.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:47 PM
The picture that I posted I took when my wife and I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to pick up our now 2 ½ year old son who we adopted in the spring of 2009. The group of us who were there together visited the orphanages that our children came from, and this picture was one of the orphanage workers toasting barley for the kids lunch.

This trip was exhilarating and sad and mind expanding and one of those experiences that stays with you forever. We saw a poor country where the crippled and lame, and nude mentally ill people sat in the middle of the road for everyone to see as opposed to being tucked away in a home away from society and either cared for or not. We saw 3 year old orphaned street children who lived in abandoned sewers and ran with other older orphaned kids as a group. We saw many families receiving some of ethiopias orphans into their own families and the joy that brought. We had our own joy in receiving our six month old boy, but then by the end of the week were fearing he might not make it home alive as grew more and more ill and was growing unresponsive. When we got him home into a good hospital we found he had bacterial meningitis and was very close to death.

Then there are all of the oddities and quirks of this third world country who’s disfunctions are also the very things that make it such a funny and interesting place. There is literally not a single stoplight or street sign in this city of 2.7 million people and bumper to bumper traffic where a heard of goats or cows will bring it all to a grinding halt while strolling across the busy streets. While sitting at the local eatery and the power goes off and lights go out no one freaks out or even oohs but just sips there tej or coffee and quietly talks until it comes back on b/c they are so used to it. And I have never had coffee like I had in Ethiopia. I am forever spoiled. There is more I could say but must get on to the reads

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:59 PM
Agkelos…you sent me two reads one that you originally thought was for Maya but then after seeing my picture sent to me.

The first one has quite a bit that relates to both the context of the picture and a little about me:

Purple or pink flowers, lots of small or thin petals, not like a rose or anything, but I don't know much about flowers. Feels like you might, maybe someone who likes to garden or arrange flowers... As for those flowers in particular, you have a fondness for them, or they hold some importance to you?

Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia in Amharic actually means “new flower.” While I can’t say flowers occupy much of my time (I do appreciate them) the fact that you saw flower imagery makes a lot of sense.

Fish, small fish, perhaps goldfish. At first I saw fishing or swimming in a river or lake, a favoured location, possibly secluded. But then it seemed more like a small pond, maybe in a small backyard, or possibly a large and well-decorated fishtank. The fish are orange, white, red... that sort of thing.

I was thinking about my son as I posted this picture and one of the things he always does when I drop him off at day care is run to the fish tank that is built in to the wall of his room and wave to me smiling as I walk by to say goodbye. The tank is full of big orange gold fish. This whole wave goodbye thing is special to me...favored you might say.

Then I see curtains, maybe near to an open fireplace, but they are white with a pattern on them. Hard to see but it seems like it might be a floral sort of pattern, purple or pink flowers, as mentioned earlier? Roughish material but not all that thick. The fireplace might actually be one of those old ovens that use a wood fire instead of electricity or gas, if it's in a kitchen. maybe overlooking that backyard mentioned earlier. A pretty small kitchen though it might open out into a bigger dining area. Other side is a door into the laundry, even smaller than the kitchen.

You could not have described the scene of this picture any better before seeing it. There is in fact a smaller room of the side that I remember had some laundry stuff in it, and though the dining area wasn’t connected it was so close it might as well have been.

Oh, and I also felt some sort of affinity to birds. Coloured birds, like parrots or something, it seemed to me. Fond of birds? Had one as a pet in your childhood, maybe? Or someone close to you, seems like it might be a child.

One thing I remember about the orphanage ground was that there were small pretty yellow birds on the grounds almost like canaries. The fact that this was an orphanage would explain your association with childhood.

I also see a dark car, smallish but relatively new, maybe a few years at most. Seems like it might be dark purple, but maybe blue, but very dark. It feels significant, but I'm not sure why.

There has been some scrutiny on the process of Adoption in Ethiopia b/c child trafficking concerns have been brought to the attention of some of the officials. In fact some of the older kids who came to the USA once they learned English told their adoptive families that they were not orphans and had families, but one day a dark car showed up and took them away. This was reported on American media that Ethiopian families were told their kids would go to the USA to get educated and come back. Con’s in dark cars!!!

nother thing I'm not sure of is a woman, aged... 20 to 40? She seems to enjoy looking at the world through windows, often spends time watching out the windows of her house. She has an appreciation for the sun and for quietness, enjoys sitting alone and relaxing and such. Washing dishes while watching people outside in the yard, or sitting in the garden with a book and a hot drink. Prefers to be an observer. Anyone you know?

This one I actual can’t relate to or connect to anything, but there could be something relating to the context of the orphanage or something that I am just not aware of.

Overall I’d say this was one spot on read that I could certainly connect with . It’s funny that you didn’t even intend it for me in the first place

Your second read did not appear to me to be so pointed. The parts where you described bits of my personality were spot on and to the “T.” The other stuff I couldn’t really relate to. I’ll post the parts that were about me and comment, and then post the other parts for everyone to see.

I think you enjoy exploring and seeing new things. Seems like you might be the sort to want to do a lot of traveling, and there's someone you travel with - your partner? Or maybe a sibling. One of you likes to travel, at least, I think.

We’ll you already know I made it to Ethiopia, I’ve been to Alaska, all over the USA and really want to do more. One of my aspirations in life is to see more of the world, but I really want to get abroad with a humanitarian focus. The pain and suffering in the world concerns me a lot.

You seem very thoughtful, as though you take the time to sit and watch and think about things a lot. Also seems like you’re very sure about yourself, confident in your beliefs and all that. Calm, accepting, thoughtful, contented sort of personality; reminds me of a warm, gentle breeze.

I am very much a thinker and once I have reached a conclusion about something I have a sense of rightness that creates a calm in me that other persons disagreement or oppositions can’t shake. I am also generally very accepting and like to give people room to be themselves and grace to flub up. I dig the relaxing breeze imagery.

The rest of the read is as follows:

Crescent moon, pale yellow. In fact, it seems like it might be a light or light is coming through it, but maybe something like... one of those glow-in-the-dark plastic things? It has that soft glow about it, and even a feeling of being watched in the darkness, the centre of someone's concentration while thinking things over, perhaps while lying in bed. Shiny gold coin, looks new or well-kept, quite big for a coin, maybe even a medal type thing? Seems like that, a reward of some kind, an achievement, though I don't see any ribbon or anything like that attached. Doesn't feel like typical currency, unless it's something collectable or otherwise intended for show rather than practical use. A white bowl. Not sure why that would be significant, but it seems like it has importance, and it's very pale in colour, maybe like bone china with that translucency. It might have a bit of a blue pattern painted on it around the edge but not sure. I see water dripping... A glass of water... Then a room shaking, the glass tipping over and spilling... Lightning, or maybe just flashing lights, but it seems like lightning to me. Been near an earthquake recently? Brittle bones. Someone whose body is weak, like from old age but worse than it should be for their age. A woman, I think it must be. She's shaking and has trouble walking by herself, and it seems like she might be depressed, really unhappy about her condition, like she's ashamed to be so frail. People try to help her, and she lets them, though reluctantly, and her face is sad and shows her disappointment in herself. I think her hair was brown but it's more greying now, and she's really pale. She's a fairly small person, like short with a thin frame, and very cold. I mean, when you touch her hands, she feels cold, but that coldness also seems to represent her feelings towards life now, even if she used to be much warmer and full of life when she was young. That would explain her displeasure now, if she used to be the sort of person to actively and adventurously embrace life but now relies of the help of others just to walk and look after herself. And something to do with shoes? I keep getting shoes coming to mind, like they're someone's focus - someone looking at things from floor level, watching people walking, perhaps, or looking down, watching the floor, as they walk? Shoes, shoes... hmm, I don't know. Do you have a cut on your neck, maybe on the left side? Or maybe not you but someone you know; a young, male relative, most likely. It seems like maybe it was done with a small blade, but not necessarily on purpose. Definitely seems like a cut from something metal though. Earlier I saw a blade of some kind, a knife, something silver and not that big, perhaps a pocket knife or something similar in shape and size. Maybe that was it, but can’t be sure. I sense a lot of… feelings of metal, and the colours gold and silver seem to have significance. Do you own a lot of metal objects that are meaningful? Or do metals hold any particular significance to you? I can’t really tell what it’s meant to mean though; I just get a lot of images of metal. For example, metal bracelet and other jewelry which are mainly silver in colour, as far as I can tell.

So overall I’d say you certainly picked up on some real stuff especially from what I can see in the first read. Maybe there is stuff in there I am just not aware of and can’t personally relate to the context of my picture or anything else, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some actual relevance.
Good stuff Agkelos thanks!!

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 11:03 PM
I don't know if I want to do this. My thoughts are likely to go off on another subject but I wanted to reply and say...


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 11:54 PM
Finity...your next and you sent two reads as well.

In your read there was both stuff i could relate to and stuff i could not. Some of what I could not may be because I am not very connected with the person who The first part of this read was about.

Tall black male, feels business like at the moment I'm seeing him. Not corporate but feels like community/tribe, set's up sight seeing/agendas as well. Wants to make that sale type. He has an accent and reminds me of a african male from the movies. I see a car it reminds me of a body style from dazed and confused the movie, a thunderbird-charger type. Next is see a drink cozy with a drink in it, caned. The radio system looks dark less silver more blk/gray. I'm not sure if it's night that i'm seeing the vehicle but the interior looks dark maybe a gray shade. The Name Suzanne-Susan. Next I see a pregnant female in a passenger seat, from the size of belly I would say somewhere around 6 months. Shoulder length straight hair. Tony something, a funny teasing nick name used like tony hawke/ tony roma I hear seez me, like open seez me but i dont hear open and feels more like says me. feels like persons uses this phrase smart allec-funny

I really think you are describing Robel the fellow who worked for our adoption agency and acted as our Guide when we were in Ethiopia. He set up sight seeing expeditions for us and generally helped us find our way around. He is a tall skinny truly African male. Non corporate is the way Ethiopia's all about connections and hustling within the community and doing what you need to do to get by. Robel was very much a wheeler and dealer within that community and new how to make things happen. It's really funny the way you heard the Name Suzanne with a "z" and the phrase seez me with the long e and "z" again for the phrase "says me" When Ethiopians pronounce the letter "s" it sounds like a "z." Robel was also a very funny and smart alec kind of person.

I see a boardwalk is it atlantic city? I can feel gambling, it's night.I can feel a male presence there walking, feels like visiting. Also feels like something in that place/town is or just happened. Male and female It began on or near boardwalk and ended just on the outskirts near where it happened. She feels like a hooker/drug use,r more hooker vibe. Dark wavy hair to look at her she looks rough on her age I'd place her age at mid to late 30's. I heard johnny be good/ the phrase is sung in one of the hairspray bands of the 80's poison maybe. I see the roulette table it's spinning and I get a flash of the ball sitting on 8 black? I see and feel a shark that seems to be rather close to shore I see the thunderbird/charger again and it's sitting in a garage. A mans wrist with one of those woven/braided thick bracelets that have those black plastic push in latches. Looks more yellow possibly orange. Not girlish pretty bracelet but masculine. I get a quick image of a colorful bird that is teal maybe a green/blue color and a tattoo feel but I don't see it on a person. I get the image and feel tattoo? Then I see a white bird in a taller cage near the kitchen from my view point. It's one of those ones from a pet store that raises a tuft on it's head. The name Carman- I have no clue... Carman San Diego? Next is see an above ground pool attached to a deck that looks to be painted more brown rather than stained. Next is a potted tree with long leaves/ tropical fron maybe. And the outside decorative container looks to be woven. Lastly I see a clip from the show birds of pray with the beautiful green grass, trees and flowers. I don't know if I'm making the correlation between what I'm seeing and the show. But I see this place and birds of paradise pooped into my mind?????lol

This I really have no idea about. So it is hard for me to comment or even draw connections.

I see a fireplace in what i consider to be a family/gathering room. Theres a framed phrase in the room that means something to what feels like a male to me. A connection to the phrase. I see a man and woman/ husband and wife maybe. I see a little boy in front and in between the man and woman and I feel she's pregnant not showing much but I hear and feel boy before girl. Looks like they will be or are 2-3 years apart in age from the size of the boy.

This is our living room and in our kitchen which wide open to our living room is a large wood burning with a phrase from Psalm 46 that reads "Be still and know that I am God" This passage sums up much of my best experience and aspiration in life to allow God to be God and do the things that only he can do while I quietly watch.

The funny thing about the pregnant woman is that my wife just went off birth control and hasn't had a period for a while. She's taken some pregnancy tests that have come negative. But if her belly starts swelling I'll let you know. We're not really trying to have biological children and always wanted to just adopt. Going off birth control was more of a hormonal thing. We really were wondering if she was pregnant for a while though and were somewhat excited about the thought. I think this was coming out in your imagry.

In your second read there were some loose connections I could make but it was hard to tell if they were relevant based on the writting. I'll post it here and maybe something will come to me later I don't really want to loosely speculate at this point.

I see a woman with dark hair to her shoulder, she feels tall to me 5"5 - 5"9. I feel a problem at/with work. She feels like she was wronged at work, hurt, disappointment the person involved feels like male supervisor or superior. Next I see siding on a house it looks light brown with some kind of nude undertone. I'm horrible with colors because I'm partially color blind. Wow..... a little old for t-ping I see night and a tree in the front yard of a house and I see and hear the age 26. I see a man and a woman and feel a parting of the ways from them and then I see a boy. The boy feels quiet, like quiet in the mind at the moment I'm seeing him. Is there some kind of disorder with the boy.......something mentally / in the mind. I feel the situation but when I see the boy something feels off. I see a female holding up a blanket, I see block squares soft colors, quilt maybe..... It feels feminine like a woman in the family had some part in it.... Roe________..... A place Beginning of a path into the woods, I see it at dark. Feels like something routinely goes on their. Next same spot in day time. Then I see horse riding and then feel and see a paved road/street. I see the same person I saw t-ping. I got a flash of bananas then a pumpkin in the air and the scene behind it was the street. I'm assuming it's the whole pumpkin/road prank. Feels like jokester/prankster. I'm seeing different symbols of autumn, and male. Is this a favorite time...... Then a female is holding a mug that i get something pepperminty in it feeling. Is this her season. I see the ocean it's beautiful I cant tell if it's the morning sun or setting sun but see and feel a male who feels like school. Not high school he feels older and I get the college/trade feel. or maybe just after graduation but it feels close to this male. I'm in a room of a house, if I stick out my right arm there is the far wall with a fireplace, in front of me is a wall that is longer than it is square. there's a couch on the long wall and a side table. I can see a picture on the table. Are they husband and wife? This isn't always the picture that's been on the table. Feels like it's evolving as time goes on..

Finity you definitley saw some things that were there...especially about Robel I think. I don't know what to make out of some of it though, but judging from the read Agkelos thought was for Maya but was actually for me I'll say that it seems like circuits can certainly cross in these things. Or maybe the more folks come to this thread the more noise there may be. It'd be easier and quicker to tell if we were all in a room talking out loud in real time as opposed to an internet thread in different time zones.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 12:45 AM
Whoo...marathon threading here.

Maya...lastly. It was easy to encapsulate your individual thoughts and there is much there I can comment on.

1/ You go to a place of calm and stillness. A place of refuge, retreat.? A/ It may be that you go there in your mind. Meditation/Qigong/Yoga. OR B/ Whenever you have the chance, you retreat to a secluded place.

Yes...I am a man of prayer and meditation before the Lord. This could be in my work van while driving, sitting up late at night, or on the back step while smoking a cigar. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I just conciously open my thoughts before God and let them flow. I feel like I am most connected to my truest desires in these times as well as most able to here Gods whispers or be lead in my thoughts. I don't experience this in the context of crowds or people so much.

2/ Are you in Army, or army training? A Chef/ Bakes own bread. Who is a nurse/ first aid responder?

Not in the army, but have been strongly considering going back to college to pursue nursing.

3/ A bit of a risk taker. Outdoor pursuits. Can't afford to slip up. I'm being shown your feet. Fast footed.Were you a runner/sprinter/walker. Trail bike? But this could also be related to a business deal/ legal? - You know within Zen, there is beginner's Mind. That is what I am trying to say here. Don't be blind-sided by complacency.

I have often enjoyed backpacking trips and have traveled up and down the eastern states to hike and back pack with friends and by myself while closer to home. It's funny that you are seeing this in relation to business or legal because there is a real life illustration of a delicate business/legal situation I am in right now that is going to require sure footing and skill in navigating the path. Complacency is not a part of my vocabulary and I am aware of the tendency to allow dreams to drift in difficult circumstances. It's so easy to stop on the trail when your ankles are hurting when the best sights could be over the next hill.

4/ Involved in, or interested in Fair trade & natural materials. Bartering system... Leave the system? Start own business?

I have a small HVAC business right now, but am actually considering either leaving it or scaling it back to seek employment and aquire new skills. Alot is up in the air right now, and yes fair trade is something that interest me. I see it as a means to address some of the situations that keep people around the world in poverty and suffering and could see it as a part of my future. Hard to say how at this point.

5/ Small circle of long time friends. Childhood sweetheart. Angie-by the Rolling Stones.

Yes about the about the wife though. Met her in late twenties and have been married for 6 years. Don't know the song.

6/ Supportive woman, mid 60's...ish. Mid length,dark blonde, Greying hair. Easy going, resourceful and practical. Supportive. single. Thinking of relocating. 7/ A move planned which affects family dynamics.. Commune? Close to your Mother/ Mother in law. Strong bond with older female.

This could be my mom your talking about. However we are not very close for a few reasons. If we were to get close one of us would have to move. I would welcome our relationship beginning to grow and for a strong bond to form.

8/ Mountain range, big white clouds, forest and river. Is this a painting or photo on the wall? Or imagry you envoke while in meditation?

This is a painting in my mind. It's from the summer I spent in Alaska 12 years ago. I would climb a 6,000 ft. peak behind our camp and just sit there in that grand enclosure of snowy peaks, sitting close to the big white clouds with the Matanuska river separating the two ranges. It was actually a cozy feeling. I don't purposefully evoke the image but the memory has a sense of rightness about it that you might say is centering.

9/ Below the surface you are not as conventional as you seem.

I don't know what folks expect of a sometimes scruffy HVAC guy, but hello...I am on ATS

10/ A close female in your life often gives you that puzzled "What are you up to now" look & smile. Wife/sister?

All I can say is "my poor wife."

11/ Shift in perspective over the last couple of years. Best to be patient. The Ground work will pay off. Are you studying/learning a new skill? This may also relate to Spiritual/metaphysical journey.

Yes...I think I already mentioned that school may be in my future. Whatever I end up doing though I want to do more than just a job. I really want to address some of the suffering I see in the world. For a dreamer like me in his mid thirties...patience is hard, but I know how important it is.
There is a spiritual element here as remembering some things I forgot, but with a fuller understanding than when I first learned them.

Also, forgot to add. A ring. A band with small stone inlay design. Worn on your middle finger.? Eternity ring? Left handed?

I've never been much of a ring wearer actually...maybe this ones for the next person to post a picture

Lost of stuff I could connect with in there Maya...didn't even take much thought on my part to comment.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 12:50 AM
So once again everyone...thanks for letting me be a part of this. I feel like I've gotten to know you guys is some small way and you gotten to know me.

This has been some long posting for me tonight 2 am now and I have a full day tomorrow.

Off to bed I am.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 09:20 AM

Originally posted by maya27
reply to post by pyrodude

I think Sephrenia is posting this Sunday.

Pic posted on Sunday, readers have to send their reading in by Wednesday night, in a U2U. The Subject" has until Saturday to post all the readings and results. Gibbon hasn't posted the results yet, he was the last one to post a picture. If you go back to page 8, I think? Then you can click on the link and look at the picture.

You're right, I'll be posting my picture tomorrow

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