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Psychometry Exersize

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by finitydream

Well, with us all being in different time zones, I think it will probably be tomorrow.

I'm glad there aren't 15 readers yet, I do think that is a lot, and will reduce the the quality
of feedback we get. Just a thought.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Gibbon

Thats great. Thanks for your participation.

Looking forward to reading your Picture.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:07 PM
I had planned to post the results last night (it's 10am here for me right now), but I have a headache that feels like my head is imploding, so I'll probably do it after I sleep... around midnight my time? Sorry for making you wait.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by Agkelos

Thats okay, no rush.

I hope your headache shifts soon.

It's 1.13 am here. I'm off to my bed now.

Did you notice ATS is running slow?

See you tomorrow.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 05:27 AM
6:26 am here in Ohio Sunday morning. Enjoying my coffee and posting my photo...looking forward to the read!

EDIT: Sorry about the external link ATS media won't let me log in this morning.
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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by Gibbon

Hiya Gibbon, thank you for the Picture..

P.S. I couldn't get your link to work re the other thread about the Rome EQ.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 11:20 AM
I’ll do this first post for the first photo, then a second for the other photo. I’ll put my responses in italics.


1/ Photo is a view from the back of your house, where your room/study/studio is located?

There is no house on that property at all. Only a couple of rough, old, one-room structures which are in need of much renovation before they can be used for anything more than blocking wind or rain. I took the photograph from the car, while we were parked by the not-quite-buildings.

2/ Someone feels secluded, left behind. Alone/a loner.

While I do admit to feeling this way, I’m sure the vast majority of people would feel this way many times in their life. Still, this is how I see myself, and it’s something that I think about fairly often, so I can imagine you might sense this from me.

3/ Artistic/creative, sensitive.

Creativity does indeed drive me. I have recently been so desperate to relieve myself of this creative desire, preferably through writing.

As for being sensitive, I actually have a lot of trouble dealing with emotionally sensitive people, the sort who are prone to overreact; their seriousness make me laugh and they don’t appreciate that, or how difficult I am to surprise, impress, or coerce.

4/ Walking, walking meditation, exploring. Watching & looking. At one with nature/wildlife. Vet in family? Refuge for animals?

I had wanted to foster shelter animals, and I could easily see myself devoting my life to animal care… but this is the dream of many – after all, animals are quite wonderful and inspiring things. We also own a couple hundred sheep, which live on the property in the photograph. No vets or anything like that though.

5/ Raised Blood Pressure, headaches, tired.

Not quite sure about this. Headaches and tiredness are too general to mean anything, I think… although tired with a splitting headache was how I felt this morning when I left my last post.

6/ Emotionally burned. Gives too much. (some would say), but you/they don't see it that way.

This certainly isn’t me, but there is one person in my life who it could relate to – a friend who is one of those “oversensitive” sorts as mentioned above. Such unnecessary passion.

7/ Compassion and empathy for people and animals.

Again, this is something people could easily relate to themselves or others.

However, I have been concerned by my empathetic tendencies at times, though I tend not to allow myself to feel for others unnecessarily. Everyone hurts, all the time, and it is so, so unbelievably hard to even truly comprehend the level of suffering which goes on throughout the world as a whole; to allow yourself to feel too much of it would easily kill you.

8/ Horizontal lines. Male in striped t-shirt.

This was amusing. I do have a fondness for horizontal stripes, particularly on the socks that I wear. I may well have been wearing a striped t-shirt when I took that photo, as well, but still, it is not something at all uncommon so it could mean anything.

9/ Older man, mop of Grey/White hair. Tall, big smile, good disposition, salt of the earth type. Popular. A prankster.

I can’t say I know anyone like this. Maybe I’ll meet someone like this in the near future.

10/ Feeling a presence/seeing movement out of corner of eye, or in distance. No negative energy there. It's all good.

Not sure about this.

11/ try to be more focused.

This could easily be related to my short attention span and trouble concentrating on things.

So, I think maya27 could have been successful in this reading, but these things were a little too unspecific or general to hold too much significance.


Here's my reading. Your reading was confusing due to all the different time frames I get almost on top of each other, hopefully the people will make sense or know their connections and by who their connected. But here goes.

When I look at the picture I see a pond and 2 little boys there, then I see one little boy face down feels closer to the edge of pond than in the middle.

There’s a small dam just out of sight in that picture, so that could easily have been what you were talking about, but the children I don’t know anything about.

I also see a field of some kind of grain growing maybe wheat? Near where this picture is.

My dad was growing something in the direction behind where I was taking the photo from, but since this is a farming area, people grow all kinds of things all over the place.

I also see a large group of people it's almost like a titanic moment in that is MANY people and it feels eraish and they feel like their behind the picture taken but looking towards the building. Their faces are stoic, they feel dead. There's one female who comes across stronger than the rest almost like the leader?

The land it's self feels connected to people

I get the name hank?

I see a little blonde girl in the trees to my left looking at the picture. She has on a pink gingham dress She feels past to me.Her hair also looks to be in ringlets.

I see the name Madeline

I see a large container that to me I get holds liquid in the building near the side door.

Is there some kind of large furnace on or near this property?

I keep seeing a burly man feels like he works the land an owner at one time, is passed and always walks into view from the right side of the picture in my view of the picture. He feels harsh to me.

I'm being shown a pitchfork in front of me on it's own. and rope in what I think is in a barn wound on it's hook.

Feels like a teenage daughter and the name Elizabeth?
I see bulls and one in particular that is black.

Did the burly man hang?
I feel a hanging and he feels connected?

None of this means anything to me, but could you have picked up on the land and people related to the land? We’ve only been leasing the property for a year or two, so we don’t own it nor do we have any history there. There’s no furnace, nothing like that as far as I know. The building is a woolshed so I don’t see any reason for a large container holding liquid, but who knows?

I feel like stories here when looking at the picture.

A name Charlie and computers

The name Hannah and a wife feel to her

I see a charm bracelet on a womans wrist.

I also see a small flower tattoo on a woman. It's

I feel a deceased dad, then I see a black suitcase then I'm showed a closed envelope and I feel strongly that there's an important letter from the man.

I see the age 45? The age feels important

I feel like a heart attack or stroke withe the man and the letter
I also feel like the death was ok?????

I keep getting the envelope and letter, it's important and it's in the letter????

I see a black 4 door car and feels like a Nissan maybe.

Lady with charm bracelet and a car accident feel and then I see a stiffness in the wrist maybe arthritis but it has a hurt wrist feeling like maybe the stiffness is a result of....

The name Betty? Short for maybe?

I see an older woman who at the time I see her has survived the passing of husband and took comfort in her son after husband was passed.

I see a water tower, the letter w, town feels small or maybe it's the close nit feel I get about the town. 5368 would maybe be the population but it seems big when I get the closeness feel of the town?

A green City sign, is the town sign green and wooden?

I see a firetruck and feel like on it is a tribute to a fallen brethren from the team. Like a remembrance to him. feels like a big deal to me.

Then I see smoke in a building and get a feeling of falling.......
I'm in there but feel like falling and i'm inside and it's happening while inside.

I feel like you went to school with some one connected

Then I feel financial........ like someone in finances or where I'm at inside or the building is financial.

The name Cory.

I see the number 45 again????
feels associated to a male, has male feeling to it

I feel a wife and daughter left behind after a death

I'm standing in front of a white house. open the door and the stairs are before me. Up the stairs to my right is the master bedroom. and on the other side of the hall is a full bathroom.
I also get nursery associated with the master bedroom in some way, whether connect to, in or next to????

I feel a toddler boy???

Two more bedrooms upstairs.

Now I'm seeing an unfinished basement with the washer and dryer down there. The walls are cement or something like it.
But behind me I see a small finished room feels like his office.
I'm not sure it's down there but it feels like it to me i just can't see the way it's situated down there. Just the washer/dryer unfinished then finished small office behind me?

I see 250,000. To me it feels like money a payment or beneficiary amount. Feels more like beneficiary to me. A mans to his wife......

Surprisingly, none of that holds any significance to me at all. I really feel like you must have picked up on someone or something else, but I’m very curious about how you felt or what you thought while doing this reading, as well as how you feel about the result.


I normally dont reply to these type of things but , The moment the picture flashed on the screen, I felt an aura of fear, sadness and pain. I had the vision of a boy about age 11- 12 or so being sexually mollested in this barn.

I have the feeling that the barn was owned by old poeple that are the age "grandparents" would be.

I wanted to burn the barn down.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 11:22 AM
Okay, here are the second photo’s results.


The name Eric.

2 males drinking a local brew from bottles. Feels like this other person is someone to compare views with like what this forum is.

Is that his fathers shotgun

Is there some kind of p;an? planning ahead for what if.

Do you tease a female with bugs, I see you holding a bug in hand and your hand is outstretched to the female teasing her with it.


I see colorful lights strung outside in the back of the house. Like for parties but feels like there up all the time.

Does the male friend have a connection to law enforcement of some kind?

The female is being watched by a woman that has passed, i get warm feeling. Is it her mother?

What was reproduced, feels like has to do with aliens. It's shiny looks gold to me some kind of rings or ridges in it from what I can see when held looks circular. it a name of a place, but not from "around here"

I see a little doll feels tribal and protective to me. I get the feeling of trying to piece together a puzzle. Like visitation of a back then time maybe or some kind of connection with doll and the people. A power doll.

I see and feel like swamp/marsh land to my right and dry hot land to my left.

I also feel an ethnic coastline and 1st hand accounts by locals. a retelling of events

I equate this thing to mothman but some kind of creature along that line and a feeling of that was a beginning for you.

What happens when someone passes the test.....your test?

I see distilling like making your own, did a grandfather type figure do this and get a kick out of

Again, I can’t personally relate to any of this and it feels like you were sensing something from somewhere else. Did you feel any connection between the two photos or anything like that? I mean, did you feel like it was about the same person or location or situation, anything like that?


Are you interested in ethnobotany. Natural medicines, that sort of thing?
Cottage industry, skincare? Healer? - You or a family member/friend?

No, not really - or, at least, not that I know of. My aunt told me a few weeks ago that her partner gets good results from acupuncture and herbal remedies and that sort of thing, but that’s all I can think of.

To me, the following can come down to individual perception of what is being experienced, so....
Do you suspect that you may have experienced abduction, or contact with ETs.?
Dreams/OBEs/Astral travel (I think this relates to the walking meditation I was talking about before).
Spiritual awakening/ Psychic ability developing/ knowing?

Nope, none of this; not to my knowledge, at least. Never experienced any astral projection, OBE, or noticed any hint of psychic ability. Terrified of ETs, but never met any.

Are you part aboriginal? Way back in your family history? Or recently begun to study their culture and beliefs? The reason I say aboriginal is because I originally connected you to your environment in an Ancestral, or to the land/history kind of way. Since I read your intro thread I now know you are in Australia. Then the insect pic, reaffirmed for me, the ET question and linked to dreams and spiritual communication?

I said focus in my last read to you, maybe that should be "pay attention to what you are receiving" ??? Any of that make sense to you?

My family on my father’s side might have been here for quite a few generations, so it’s possible that could I have some Aboriginal blood from somewhere along the line. Not sure what else I can say about this, though.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by maya27

Hey, in Gibbon's picture, did you notice the floral pattern, pink and purple flowers on a white background, near an open fire?

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by Agkelos

I don't want to look too deeply at the new pic until I am ready to work on it. But, yes. LOL. On the sleeve of the blouse. Star for you. I will go look at what you wrote in your U2U to me later and get back to you on it.

For everyone else's benefit, so they know what we are talking about, Agkelos said he thought he may have "picked up" a few things about me. Some of the description fits very well with the picture Gibbon has just posted. I will find the u2u and post it. None of it fitted with me, my lifestyle or surroundings at this present time.

And this folks is how it works. I'm not in the least bit surprised.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 12:21 PM
So sounds like Agkelos got some stuff he was thinking was about you and then after that saw something like it in my picture...ha...sounds like my submital is in the soup.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 12:41 PM
This is a small section of the information Agkelos "picked up on" which he thought may relate to me.......

"with a pattern on them. Hard to see but it seems like it might be a floral sort of pattern, purple or pink flowers, as mentioned earlier? Roughish material but not all that thick.

The fireplace might actually be one of those old ovens that use a wood fire instead of electricity or gas, if it's in a kitchen. maybe overlooking that backyard mentioned earlier. A pretty small kitchen though it might open out into a bigger dining area. Other side is a door into the laundry, even smaller than the kitchen.

Oh, and I also felt some sort of affinity to birds. Coloured birds, like parrots or something, it seemed to me. Fond of birds? Had one as a pet in your childhood, maybe? Or someone close to you, seems like it might be a child."
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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by Gibbon

I just thought I should say that it would be best not to give any information regarding you and your picture until after everyone has submitted their readings.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by maya27

Yes thanks...I was thinking that too!! I would also like to see the rest of what Agkelos sent you in that U2U snip you posted if that's OK. I'll send a note to him. There may be more in there that is relevant to the actual context of my picture.

Also I revisited that other thread and found that the link was no longer working although it was when I put it up. I did link to another thread started by someone else regarding Bendandi though

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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by Agkelos

Let's face it my result's pretty much whomps! At this point I'm frustrated, I've never been off. I've always been able to lock on the person and read for them as in the first post in this thread. Now I'm having difficulty locking in on the person.

With yours the read started with the water and boys and went from there. With the first read I felt like I was getting the land and people associated with it. Then I just clicked over to a male and his connections. I picked up on someone whether they popped in the thread and had a look see at it or I got someone on the forum it's self.
Typically for me it's like a movie I see it before me and feel. Like night terrors except it's not horrific but I can see feel and touch what I see. I've always been able to read the person their family friends connections etc....
A lot of what I see is past tense, I do get present and future but for me I see past. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the dead connection.

On the second read I got into it with the two guys drinking beer and one of them holding a shotgun that belonged to another man who felt like a father type to me and it went from there. Again it's like living a movie or that moment on time. I see various events/time frames and I feel whats felt then. And with deceased I can feel, hear and see what their trying correlate. Sometimes their strong in their presence and have something to say and I get everything but it feels pushed because they want it said. Other times it can be hard it's jumbled/whispered or both. I don't know why that is, my best guess is the strength of the deceased and if they want the contact. Because yes there are those that do not like it, My very first ever read was an object picture was posted. The deceased was contacted numerous time by others for this person and didn't want this to continue.

I'm sorry I didn't do better for you but hopefully that will change. I've adjusted what was changed after the first read in this thread. Hopefully this is what the problem is if not........hell I don't know.

If what I read belongs to someone from this forum I apologize for the intrusion. I mean no disrespect nor would I publicly post your business. If it' is alright with you, you don't have to go into specifics other than to say this is you and leave it at that.

I think I answered what questions you had, if I didn't or you have more let me know. I rambled much.....sorry so I may have left out some answers to questions.

Hope everyone had a Great Mothers Day!!!

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by finitydream

Sorry I wasn't easier to read, lol. I think maya27 said she had some difficulty with it too, though. Still, definitely seems like you picked up on something.

So, do you just concentrate on the picture (or object) and wait to see what comes to you instinctively, or do you do anything specific? Do different people have very different methods of gathering the information they're seeking, or separating it from their normal thoughts? This is directed at anyone who does this sort of thing regularly, by the way.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by Agkelos

I don't know how anyone else does it, I'd be curious to hear from others as to their way. But for me I would look at the picture and it would come. I do have a before ritual that's silly and more for me but I make a cup of tea or coffee before I start reading and drink when I'm sitting in front of the picture. Once I see the picture I can recall it from anywhere and get information.

On the first read on this thread I was on my way home from work and pictured the posted picture in my mind and got the vehicle information again like when I first saw it and picked up the read from there and finished it when I got home.

For me it feels normal to be able to do this as with everything else. When I read I get a different feel, I don't think tingling is a very good word to use, maybe vibration but not in the typical use of the word. Here we go an inner vibration thats radiates like intuition but fuller???? I don't know if that makes sense for anyone.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by finitydream

Your description of "intuition that radiates fuller" makes sense. It's kind of like "inspired imagination" or "imagining something real."

This only happens to me rarely...sometimes when I'm I have been concentrating sometimes not. But there is certainly an uncommon clarity in those moments that is confirmed with circumstance.

I generally have not sought to cultivate this ability, but it certainly interests me.

I tend to think it's something natural to the human race like the talents of music, art, aptitude for math science etc... and maybe we can all learn it to some degree, but it certainly comes easier to some. Just like art math or science come easier to some.

As far as I am concerned there's no harm in getting something wrong and that seems to be the general attitude in this thread. I think Bach probably scrapped a few symphonies along the way. I don't think anyone is perfect at anything they do

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Gibbon

I agree. This is an exercise not a test, and these abilities can't be turned off and on, and they are never straightforward.

It's important to get feedback from others on this thread. Thank you. I gave you a star.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:15 PM
Hi Gibbon U2U sent. Thanks for posting a picture

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