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Revelation... "The Opening of The 1st Seal”

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:19 AM
For those having trouble with the playing of these Animations due to sub Standard Technology, can U2U me to obtain any Copies they desire, to play Off Line (Free of any Charge)....

Freely I am Given..... So Freely I give to Others...

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

LoL... this is ridiculous. What is this junk? I just wasted an hour or more of my time going through this entire thread trying diligently to understand just what exactly you are talking about. Rubbish.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 03:09 AM

Originally posted by graphuto
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

LoL... this is ridiculous. What is this junk? I just wasted an hour or more of my time going through this entire thread trying diligently to understand just what exactly you are talking about. Rubbish.

I see that it have at least awoken some emotions by you.
If you try to mirror those emotions of yours with love and compassion you might learn a thing or two

When you are disrespectful of others, you are really disrespectfull towards your-self.
Love yourself!

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by graphuto

You Know Not Yourself....

Jesus said "MAN know Thyself".

If You knew Yourself, You would know Me...

What you believe in Ignorance, shall be replaced by Him, you Can Not know...

NOT one is Lost out of My Fathers Hand..... NOT even YOU....

You are Powerless to Change what is about to happen....
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:13 PM
I try to love everyone and everything, but all these weird little animated GIF's just don't make any sense.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by graphuto

Seek understanding through LOVE, from Your "Outer MIND"...

I AM “NOTHING so Do NOT try in vain to Judge ME.
How Can You Judge That, which is NOTHING ???

You are a Child of "The OUTER MIND"....

We are babies....


YOU Shall never Die (I Refer To Your Inner MIND and Not the Flesh which is only a Story your Mind is experiencing)

YOU ARE “Child” of GOD.

Do NOT Doubt THE LIFE of GOD YOU (Your Inner MIND or LIFE) ARE.

Put aside Your Fears and Doubts and LIVE...

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 11:03 PM

I'm still here watching what you are doing but it's not really connecting with me. I know there is geometry in creation because I see it all around me. We are all children of the living God and just as each of us have a different relationship with him, we also each have very different needs.

I realize that you had a near death experience in 1973 where you were clinically dead for 30 minutes and more than likely you have a vast amount of knowledge you could share, that has little to do with all these computer generated images, that would be far more interesting to your average person. On an intellectual level, I prefer things in laymen's terms. For some reason, I feel almost compelled to say, that when the Messiah taught - he never once told us to put on our geometry thinking caps. It just didn't happen.

I often talk of this revelation of the Son of Man but I'm quick to point out, that I received my knowledge the "old school" way through old fashioned repentance. I'm all for advancing the kingdom of God but we are known by our fruit and the Holy Spirit functions quite well within me and it's yet to give me a geometry lesson. I've been taken back in time and forward in time. I have been shown clouds of glory and the place of seperation from God, where there is wind and darkness. I've had internal and external visions. I've seen the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 (and it's not who everyone thinks it is). I was shown the death of my daughter and the entire 3 day hospital stay where she was on life support until we stopped treatment - three weeks before it happened. And I was shown where she is now - the New Jerusalem. I only saw it from a distance but it is true - it's like jasper..... like crystal jasper by Waterford.

I've seen a lot but none of it means anything except to me and my family. My revelations are just that - mine. There are a couple I should really consider sharing because I don't want to go to that place reserved for servants of God. The word is pretty clear that the secret things belong to God but the revealed things belong to us and our children. I take that to heart.

Alchemy has the great work, the gnostics the bridal chamber, the kabbalist union with the divine. There is even the chemical wedding and off the top of my head I'm not so sure what mystic branch that falls under. And then there is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It's all the same, just different paths. All paths lead to the light. The light is Jesus and the only way to God is through Jesus. Some people will experience him before they die and some will be pleasantly surprised when they shed their garments of flesh.

I'm still going to watch this process but what you are offering is a metamorphis of the soul through computer generated images and I'm still going to tell the people there is this amazing covenant of love, that is unlike anything you will ever ever ever experience, that can be experienced now.... before they die. Have a perpetual flowing of life through them now; eternal life. Have the full measure of his joy and be taught by the Messiah himself. And to come into the complete knowledge of what it means to KNOW Jesus.

If anyone else is reading this it is time to wake up. Go back to the scriptures, walk with him one more time and follow his commands. Go with him through the towns, meditating on his words. The path is narrow and the way is in the scriptures. And in order. The times are even recorded when one is to experience a mystery.Lol Nothing has been left out.

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by Myrtales Instinct

A Long Post, to you but I will address your statements....

For some reason, I feel almost compelled to say, that when the Messiah taught - he never once told us to put on our geometry thinking caps. It just didn't happen.

This is totally untrue what you say, and is of the root of Roman Doctrine.

There are Many, Many, Many, Ancient Christian writings addressing this which You are obviously Not aware of....

And The Churches of the Flesh, Government Buildings, Palaces and other religious temples, of most religions are full of the "Geometry" I speak of....

Jesus Said, "RECOGNISE What is in YOUR SIGHT"!

Open your Eyes and understand the décor in The Churches as The “Species” who collect this like squirrels with Nuts and understand nothing at all....

Read “The Infancy Gospel of Thomas” and then try t o claim the above statement again….. LOL.

From “The Gospel of Thomas” which I have repeated many, many times before… Quote;

39. Jesus said, “The Pharisees and the Scribes
have taken The Keys of Knowledge
and Hidden Them.

They themselves have NOT entered,
nor have they allowed to enter
those who wish to.

You, however, be as wise as serpents
and as innocent as doves.”

The Doctrine of Rome has taken the Truth and Hidden it…..
All the denomination that have come from Roman Doctrine no Not the Teachings of The Christ.
But follow after the Imaginations of the "Species" the Descendants of A'Dam, warring against The Soul…

From “The Gospel of Thomas” verse 49. Quote;

49. Jesus said, “Blessed are the Solitary and Elect,
for you will find The Kingdom.
For you are from it,
and to it you will return.”

50. Jesus said,

“If they say to you, “Where did you come from?”

say to them, “We came from The Light,
the place where The Light
came into being on Its own accord
and established Itself and became manifest
through their Image.”

If they say to you, “Is it you?”

say, “We are its children,
and we are the elect
of The Living Father.”

If they ask you, “What is the sign
of your Father in you?”

say to them, “It is Movement and Repose.”


3. When you come to know yourselves,
then you will become known,
and you will realise, that it is you
who are the sons, of The Living Father.

If you will not know yourselves,
you dwell in poverty, and it is you,
who are that poverty.”


Also from “The Gospel of Thomas” verses 74 and 75.. Quote;

74. He said, "O Lord,
there are many around the drinking trough,

but there is nothing in the cistern."

75. Jesus said,
"Many are standing at the door,

but it is the SOLITARY who will enter
the bridal chamber."


83. Jesus said, "The IMAGES are manifest to man,
but The LIGHT in them remains concealed in the IMAGES

He will become manifest, but His IMAGE will remain concealed by His LIGHT."

From “The Gospel of Thomas” verse 84 and 85 Quote;

84. Jesus said, "When you SEE your likeness you rejoice.

But when you SEE YOUR IMAGES which came into being BEFORE YOU,

85. Jesus said, "Adam came into being from a great power and a great wealth,

but he did not become worthy of you.

For had he been worthy,
he would not have experienced

And from “The Infancy Gospel of Thomas” verse 6 Quote;

6. Now a certain teacher, Zacchaeus by name, who was standing there,
heard in part Jesus saying these things to His father,
and marvelled greatly that, being a child, He said such things.

And after a few days he came near to Joseph and said to him:

"You have a clever Child, and He has understanding.
Come, hand Him over to me that He may learn LETTERS,

and I will teach Him with the LETTERS all knowledge,

and to salute all the older people and honour them as grandfathers and fathers,

and to love those of His own age."

And he told Him all the LETTERS from ALPHA to OMEGA
clearly, with much questioning.

But He looked at Zacchaeus the teacher and said to him:

"How do you, who do not know the ALPHA according to its nature,
teach others the BETA?

Hypocrite, first if you know it, teach the ALPHA,
and then we shall believe you concerning the BETA."

Then He began to question the teacher about the FIRST LETTER,
and he was unable to answer Him.

And in the hearing of many The Child said to Zacchaeus:

"Hear, teacher, the arrangement of the FIRST LETTER, and pay heed to this,

how it has LINES and a MIDDLE MARK which goes through the PARE of LINES which you see,

how these LINES converge, rise, turn in the dance,

THREE SIGNS Of the SAME KIND, (That is to say: of the SAME LENGTH)
subject to and supporting one another, of EQUAL proportions;

hear you have the lines of THE ALPHA."

7. Now when Zacchaeus the teacher heard so many
such allegorical descriptions of the first letter being expounded,

he was perplexed at such a reply and such great teaching
and said to those who were present:

"Woe is me, I am forced into a quandary, wretch that I am;

I have brought shame to myself in drawing to myself This Child.

Take Him away, therefore, I beseech you, brother Joseph.

I cannot endure the severity of His look,
I cannot make out His speech at all.

This Child is not earth-born;

He can tame even fire.

Perhaps He was begotten even before the creation of the world.

What belly bore Him, what womb nurtured Him I do not Know.

Woe is me, my friend,

He stupefies me, I cannot follow His understanding.
I have deceived myself, thrice wretched man that I am. I strove to get a disciple,

and have found myself with a teacher.

Put away Pride in human imaginations and puffed up beliefs founded on Corruption of the Flesh…

From “John’s Preaching of the Gospel The Acts of John 87-105”… Quote;

40. What I am you Shall See When you come yourself.

41. If you knew How to Suffer you would be able not to Suffer.

42. Learn how to Suffer And you Shall be able not to Suffer.

43. What you do not know I Myself will teach you.

44. I am your God, not the God of the traitor

45. I will that there be prepared Holy SOULS for Me.

46. Understand The Word of Wisdom!

94. But before He was arrested by the lawless Jews,
whose lawgiver is the lawless serpent,
He assembled us all and said,

“Before I am delivered to them,
let us sing a hymn to The Father,
and so go to meet what lies before us.”

So He told us to form a circle,
holding one another’s hands
and Himself stood in the middle and said,

“Answer Amen to Me.”

So He began to sing the hymn and to say,

1. “Glory be to Thee, Father.”
And we circled round Him nd answered Him,

“Glory be to Thee Logos;
Glory be to Thee, Grace.”

2. “Glory be to Thee, Spirit:
Glory be to Thee, Holy One:
Glory be to Thy Glory.”

3. “We praise Thee,
Father: We thank Thee, Light:
In whom darkness dwelleth not,”

“And why we give thanks,
I tell you:

4. “I will be Saved, And I will Save.”

5. “I will be Loosed, And I will Loose.”

6. “I will be Wounded, And I will Wound.”

7. “I will be Born, And I will Bear.”

8. “I will eat, And I will be Eaten.”

9. “I will Hear, And I will be Heard.”

10. “I will be Thought,
Being wholly Thought.”

11. “I will be Washed, And I will Wash.”


12. “I will Pipe, Dance, All of you.”

13. “I will Mourn, Beat you all your Breasts.”

14. “The One OGDOAD sings praises with us.”

15. “The Twelfth Number Dances on High.”

16. “To the Universe belongs the Dancer.”

17. “He who does not Dance does not know what happens.”

18. “I will Flee, And I will Remain.”

19. “I will Adorn, And I will be Adorned.”

20. “I will be United, And I will Unite.”

21. I have no House, And I have Houses,

22. “I have no Place, And I have Places.”

23. “I have no Temple, And I have Temples.”

24. “I am a Lamp to you who see Me.”

25. “I am a Mirror to you Who know Me.”

26. “I am a Door to you Who knock on Me.”

27. ”I am a Way to you the Traveller.”


28. “Now if you Follow My Dance,

29. see yourself in Me Who Am Speaking,

30. And when you have seen what I do,
keep silence about My mysteries.

31. You who Dance, Consider what I do, for yours is

32. This passion of Man which I am to Suffer.

33.For you could by no means
have understood what you Suffer

34.unless to you as Logos
I had been sent by The Father.

35.You who saw what I Suffer
saw Me as Suffering yourself,

36.and seeing it you did not stay but were wholly moved.

37.Being moved towards wisdom you have Me as a support; rest in Me.

38. Who I am, you shall know when I go forth.

39. What I am Seen to be, That I am Not;

40. What I am you Shall See When you come yourself.

41. If you knew How to Suffer you would be able not to Suffer.

42. Learn how to Suffer And you Shall be able not to Suffer.

43. What you do not know I Myself will teach you.

44. I am your God, not the God of the traitor

45. I will that there be prepared Holy SOULS for Me.

46. Understand The Word of Wisdom!

47. As for Me, if you would understand What I was::

48. By The Word I mocked at all things And was not mocked at all,

49. I Exulted: But do you Understand The Whole,

50. and when you have understood It, Say, Glory be to Thee, Father.

Say again with Me,

51. Glory be to Thee, Father,
Glory to Thee, Word,
Glory be to Thee, Holy Spirit.”

97. After The Lord had so danced with us, my beloved, He went out.
And we were like men amazed or fast asleep,
and we fled this way and that.
And so I saw Him Suffer, and did not wait by His Suffering,
but fled to the Mount of Olives and wept at what had come to pass.

From “John’s Preaching of the Gospel The Acts of John 87-105”… Quote;

And when He was hung upon The Cross on Friday,
at the sixth hour of the day there came a darkness over the whole Earth.

And my Lord stood in the middle of the cave and gave Light to it and said,

“John, for the people below in Jerusalem I am being crucified
and pierced with lances and reeds, and given vinegar and gall to drink.

But to you I am speaking, and listen to what I speak.

I put into your mind to come up to this mountain
so that you may hear what a disciple should learn from his Teacher
and a man from God.”

98. And when He had said this

He showed me a Cross of Light firmly fixed,
and around The Cross a great crowd, which had no single form;
and in It (The Cross) was One Form and the Same Likeness.

And I saw The Lord Himself Above The Cross, having No Shape
but only a kind of Voice; yet not that voice which we knew,
but one that was sweet and gentle and truly The Voice of God,
which said to me,

“John, there must be one man to hear these things from Me;
for I need one who is ready to hear.

This Cross of Light is sometimes Called LOGOS by Me for your sakes,
sometimes MIND, sometimes JESUS, sometimes CHRIST,
sometimes A DOOR, sometimes A WAY, sometimes BREAD,
sometimes SEED, sometimes RESURRECTION,
sometimes SON, sometimes FATHER, sometimes SPIRIT,
sometimes LIFE, sometimes TRUTH,
sometimes FAITH, sometimes GRACE; and so it is called for men’s sake.

But what It Truly is, as Known in Itself and spoken to us, is this:

It is The Distinction of All Things, and The Harmony of Wisdom,
being Wisdom In Harmony.

But there are Places on the right and on the left,
Powers, Authorities, Principalities and Demonds,
Activities, Threatenings, Passions, Devils, Satan
and The Inferior Root from which the Nature of Transient things Proceeded.

99. This Cross then is that which has united ALL things by The WORD
and which has separated off what is Transitory and Inferior,

which has also Compacted ALL things into ONE.

But this is NOT that WOODEN CROSS
which you shall see when you go down from here;

nor am I the man who is on the Cross,

I whom now you do not see but only hear My Voice.

I was taken to be what I am NOT,
I who am NOT what for many others I was;
but what they will say of Me is mean and unworthy of Me.

Since then The Place of My Rest is neither to be seen nor told,

much more shall I, The Lord of this Place, be neither seen nor Told.

100. The Multitude around The CROSS that is Not of One Form is the Inferior Nature.

And those whom you saw in The CROSS, even if they have not yet One Form

Not every member of Him who has come down has yet been gathered together.

But when human nature is taken up, and The Race that comes to Me
and Obeys My Voice, then he who now hears Me Shall be United
with this Race and Shall no longer be what he now is,
but shall be above them as I am now.

For so long as you do not call yourself mine,
I am Not what I am;

but if you hear Me you also as a hearer Shall be as I am,
and I Shall be what I was, when you are as I am with Myself;
for from Me you are what I am.

Therefore ignore the many and despise those who are outside the mystery;
for you must know that I am wholly with The Father,
and The Father with Me.

101. So then I Suffer none of those things which they will say of Me;
even that Suffering which I showed to you
and to the rest in My Dance,
I will that it be called a mystery.

For what you are, that I have shown you, as you see;
but what I am is known to Me alone, and no one else.

Let Me have what is Mine; what is yours you must see through Me;
but Me you must See Truly not that which I am,
as I said, but that which you, as my kinsman, are able to know.

You hear that I Suffered, yet I Suffered not;
and that I Suffered not, yet I did Suffer;
and that I was pierced, yet I was not wounded;

that I was hanged, yet I was not hanged;
that blood flowed from Me, yet it did not flow;

and, in a word, that what they say of Me,
I did not endure, but what they do not say,
those things I did Suffer.

Now what these are, I secretly show you;
for I know that you will understand.

You must know Me, then, as the Torment of The LOGOS
the Wounding of The LOGOS, the Fasting of The LOGOS,
the Death of The LOGOS.

And so I speak, Discarding the manhood.
The First then that you MUST KNOW is THE LOGOS;
then you Shall Know The LORD, and Thirdly The MAN,
and what he has Suffered.:

102 When He had said these things to me, and others
which I know not how to say as He wills,

He was taken up, without any of the multitude seeing Him.

And going down I laughed at them all,
since He had told me what they had said about Him;
and I held this one thing fast in my Mind,
that The Lord had PERFORMED everything
for the CONVERSION and SALVATION of man.

103. Now, my brothers, since we have seen the grace of The Lord
and His affection towards us,
let us worship Him, since we have obtained mercy from Him;

not with our fingers, nor with our mouths nor with our tongue
nor with any member of our body at all,

but with The DISPOSITION of our SOUL;


From “The Dialogue of The Savior Verse 141. Quote;

141. and ...... ...... .....
from those who do NOT know You.”

Matthew said, “Why do we not put ourselves to rest at once?”

The Lord said, “You will when you lay down these burdens.”

Matthew said, “In what way does The LITTLE ONE Cleave to The GREAT ONE?”

The Lord said, “When you leave behind you the things that will NOT be able to follow you,

then you will put yourselves to rest.”

Mariam said, “I want to know how All things exist.”

The Lord said, “Whoever seeks LIFE knows this, for this is their Wealth.

For the enjoyment of this world is a LIE, and its gold and its silver is ERROR.”

His disciples said to Him, “What shall we do in order that our work may be Perfect?”

The Lord said to them, “Be prepared before The ALL.

142. Blessed is the man who has found


He did NOT kill nor was he killed,
but he came forth victorious.”

Judas said, “Tell me, Lord, what is the beginning of The Way?”

He said, “Love and goodness.

For if there had been one of these dwelling with the archons,

wickedness would never have come to be.”

Matthew said, “O Lord, you have spoken without pain of the end of The ALL.”

The Lord said, “Everything which I have said to you,
you have understood and received in faith.

If you have known them, they are yours;

if NOT, they are NOT yours.”

They said to Him, “What is the place to which we shall go?”

The Lord said, “The place which you can reach, stand there!”

Regarding your Statement quote;

I'm still going to watch this process but what you are offering is a metamorphis of the soul through computer generated images and I'm still going to tell the people there is this amazing covenant of love, that is unlike anything you will ever ever ever experience, that can be experienced now....

Sorry if you misunderstand This knowledge….

NO, No No, No,

What you said....

[Quote]what you are offering is a metamorphosis of the soul through computer generated images

I have Not said this…..

Understand The WORD of Knowledge, and don’t twist it around to suit your Flesh….

In this Knowledge YOU are TOO Superstitious….

What I am showing is The SHIN….

The SHIN is in many places and in many different Forms…

Please do NOT Condemn in Vain what you can NOT understand or Pretend it to be something else Puffed up in Human Ignorance of The True MIND…

Take your Attention away from ME, for I AM “NOTHING and instead of trusting your Flesh Come to know The TRUE MIND through LOVE without Judgement or jumping ton wild conclusions governed by The “Double LOGIC” in your Flesh.

The WORD “SIN is from THE SHIN it Lacks the “H” which is then makes “SIN.

Woe unto Him who knows NOT the SHIN nor Understands His Root…

From “The Dialogue of The SAVIOR” verse 133. Quote;

133. He said, “What is this that I hold in My hand?”

He said, “It is a stone.”

He said to them, “He Who Sustains the earth is He Who Sustains The Heaven.

When a “Word” comes forth from The Greatness,
It will go to Him Who Sustains The Heaven and the earth.

For the earth does NOT move;

if it moved, it would fall, but it does NOT fall
in order that The First Word might not be Annulled,

Namely ‘He is The One Who Established The World,
and He Dwelt in It, and He received incense from It.’

For everything that does NOT move I will bring to you,
all ye sons of men, for you are from That Place.

“As for those who speak out of joy and Truth, you are in their heart.

And if He comes from The Body of The Father through men, and they do NOT receive Him,

He turns again to His Place. He who knows not The Works of Perfection knows Nothing.

If one does NOT stand in the darkness, he will NOT be able to SEE The LIGHT.

134. If one does NOT understand how The Fire

(The LIGHT of The SHIN)

came to be,

he will burn in It, because he does NOT know his Root.

If one does NOT First Understand The Water, he does NOT know anything.

For what is the use for him to receive baptism in it?

If one does NOT understand how The Wind that blows came to be, he will run from It.

If one does NOT understand how the body that he wears came to be,
he will perish with It.

And he who does NOT know The SON, how will he know The FATHER?

And he who will NOT know the Root of All things, All things are hidden from him.

He who will NOT know the root of wickedness is NOT a stranger to it.

He who will NOT understand how he came, will NOT understand how he will go,
and is NOT a stranger to this world which will perish and which will be Humbled.”

Once Again I say to you; Turn away from the Flesh and do Not judge those things Strange to you.

I AM The “NOTHING” Before you were, I Was…. A “Component” of EVERY Soul.


Put aside your Vain human understanding and Do NOT cast ME on The Dung Heap.

Turn Your Attention From ME and Put Your Heart in The SHIN The LIFE of GOD.

In The SHIN you can see the teachings if only you would recognise what is in your Sight…

IT is The TIME to REPENT and NOT argue over those Things you can Not Understand…

But instead Put your TRUST in THE LIFE OF GOD and do NOT Pretend you know LOVE, as The “SPECIES” CAN”T KNOW LOVE…

By Pretending We Prevent ourselves.....


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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:41 AM
The Revelation of Jesus Christ” Ch. 6 Verse 12. Quote;

12. I looked when He Opened the 6th Seal,
and behold, there was a great earthquake;

and the Sun became as BLACK as sackcloth of hair,
and the Moon became like Blood.

Very simple to understand….

The Earth is about to go through a threshold involving the change over in the natural thermal cycles involving the transfer of the Oceans….

The Oceans are about to reseed to under the Crust of the Earth again…
Between The Mantel & The Crust.

This is a cyclic action, Controlled through The Sun.
When The Sun goes BLACK (in the processing Mode of The Father) The change shall take Place this involves 8 Hours which follows.

When All goes BLACK we Shall see The MAN Child in our Vision.
The Trenches Shall Open and when the Sea Water contacts the Mantel a huge Explosion occurs which Rents the Earth in sunder along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

This is The Great Earth quake, many, many, many times larger than has ever been felt on the earth.
None shall escape.

The Earth rings like a bell and Nothing is left Standing.

The Seas shall first flood over every Country to a depth of up to 30 feet like a skin over all the land.

The water will rush up over every mountain, retaining a similar depth like a skin of water stretch over the whole Earth, and then the water will gush down through the trenches which have been opened.

Some will survive and some won’t.

Many will remain And the Earth shall be Transformed before your very eyes.
The Seas will recede within an 8 hour period.

Mars has been through this and is 50% out of Phase to the Earth….

This is why the Scientists can’t understand where the Water went to on Mars, yet there are traces left in the Surface of Mars…

At this Time the Seas on Mars return and will be seen by Astronomers may possibly see this on Mars prior to the changes on the Earth as The Control through The Sun Controls each individual planet orbiting the SUN.

Fear NOT because You are about to be educated by Your Heavenly Father…
TRUST the LIFE of GOD which is The LIGHT of The SHIN.

The SUN…. That is “The Sun of Righteousness” as referred to in “The Book of MACHI” the last Book of the O.T. in Chapter 4 verse 1 to 6. Quote;

“The Book of MACHI” Ch. 4

1. For behold the Day Cometh,
that shall burn as an oven;
and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly,
shall be stubble; and the day that cometh
shall burn them up, saith the Lord of Hosts,
that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

These are the images Left behind, in the Change from "Chapter 6" to "Chapter 7" in the "Story" of The Earth.

2. But woe unto you
that fear My NAME
shall “The Sun of Righteousness
shall arise with healing in His Wings;
and ye shall go forth ,
and grow up as the calves
of the stall.

The Healing is in the Wings of the "Angel" I have shown in the 5th "Horse".

3. And ye shall tread down the wicked;
for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet
in the Day that I shall do this,
saith The Lord of Hosts.

4. Remember ye the Law of Moses my Servant,
which I command unto Him in Horeb for all Israel,
with the statutes and judgments.

The Name “Moses” is IN the SHIN
And refers to The Law.

5. Behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet
before the coming of the Great and dreadful Day of The Lord.

ELIJAH is a "Component" of the Soul.

This Drawing is Known as ELIJAH…. It’s the Operating System “Stage” of The Animation Program All is Created Through..

And This is ISRAEL & “The NEW CITY JERUSALEM”…. Not the land on Earth Named after This “Partition Map”.

The City is in The Centre.
Also Shown are The 12Angels” in The Gates of The New Jerusalem.

3 to The North.
3 to The South.
3 to The East
3 to The West.

“The Book of MACHI” Ch. 4 verse 6 Quote;

6. And He Shall turn the Heart
of The Fathers to the Children,
and The Heart of The Children
to their Fathers,
Lest I come and Smite the Earth
with a Curse.

This verse refers to both the Fathers and Children of the Soul and NOT to the Flesh.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ” Ch. 6 Verse 13. Quote;

13. And the Stars of Heaven fell to the Earth,
as the fig tree drops its late figs
when it is shaken by a mighty wind.

This is The Earth Rolling over (Inverting) as the Cycle Changes over.
But the End is NOT yet…
Yet 1,000 years to the End of the 7th Chapter.

And The SUN shall Rise out of The West Sky.

The Earth shall real to and fro like a Drunkard and change its orbit about the Sun.

Jupiter shall appear Larger and look as large as the Sun as we enter a larger orbit.
First we shall go nearer the SUN, and the Earth is Scorched and then move out into larger Orbit
Very elliptical to start off with.

In my Next Post I Explain “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” Ch. 6 Verse 14…

Until then my friends.... GOD Speed….

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 03:24 AM
When can we expect this next post? I am quite interested in your interpretation.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by graphuto

Tomorrow All will be explained in detail...

God Speed...

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:47 PM
It's now tomorrow!

Do tell!

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by graphuto
It's now tomorrow!

Do tell!

Preparing it now....

Ready in about 4 hours perhaps sooner.... I'm Working hard....

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 05:13 PM
Here is The First Post of today....

Opening the 6th Seal Continued…

The Revelation of Jesus Christ” Ch. 6 Verse 14. Quote;

14. Then the Sky receded as a scroll when it was rolled up,
and every Mountain and Island was moved out of its place.

This involves The Programming “Stage where The Images appear as though on a 2D Roler Blind
And the roller Blind is rolled up where the images appear to ascend….

Remember this Involves Processing within the Souls Central Processor and to do with the Programming Stage.
A similar effect also takes place in your "Gaming Room" INSIDE your Soul.

15. And the Kings of the Earth,
the great men, the rich men, the commanders,
the mighty men, every slave and every free man,
hid themselves in the caves
and in the rocks of the mountains.

That’s because The were Rolled up…

16. and said to the Mountains and rocks,
“Fall on us and hide us from the Face of Him
who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

The One sitting on the Throne is YOU….

"The Inner True Mind"...

And The "Lamb is a Small Green "Disc" which Reads the "Books through Rotation… Also known as The Dance of LIFE or to "Twirl" or "Spin"...
The Lamb has 144 Octagons in it…

The Christ is Not The Lamb of GOD.... The Christ is The "Good Shepherd" and a "Shepherd" is NOT a "Lamb !

Here is on Mode of "The Lamb of God" (a Little One) from the "Foundation" of The World that is the World of "The True Mind" and NOT the Earth which in this mode reads the library "Books" of The Soul.

17. “For the great day of His wrath has come,
and is able to stand?”

No one can Stand…

Only The Children of GOD that is the Centres of "The One True Mind shall Remain as they Can’t Die and The Flesh is already Dead.... being just a Program Generated “Story”…

From “The Gospel of Thomas” Verse 56 Quote;

56. Jesus said,

“Whoever has come to understand the World
has found only a corpse,

and whoever has found a corpse,
is superior to the World.”

Chapter 7. Verse 1. Quote;

1. After these things I saw 4 Angels
standing at the 4 Corners of the Earth

The Translation is Corrupted here…

It should read The “World... and Not the Earth. The Earth does Not have 4 Corners but the World that is the Program Stage Does have on the other hand 4 Corners… LOL.

Verse 1 continued; Quote;

that the wind should Not blow on the Earth,
on the Sea or on any tree.

I AM The “Still Waters”… DRINK OF ME.

Here is a Drawing of The 4 Angels in The Corners of The Programming "Stage"

Understand The "Programming" on The "Stage.

(( Enquire on the net about "Animation Programming"... very very Simple to do a Child can do it...))

But remember there are 2 Stories... Involving this Little Universe…. Not just the One as your Scientist imagine…

a. The result being what we experience i.e. The Universe INSIDE Each Soul of a Huge Network of Souls in "The First Born Soul".

b. What Produces this Beautiful illusion…

The above Picture is NOT the Result but is to do with the Cause of The illusion and refers to The Programming Stage in Your Soul…

The Program "Stage" Is Part of The City The NEW JERUSALEM… An “Animation Program” in The Soul, involving the Technologies of The True Mind.

There are 2 "Gaming Room" Formats in The Soul…

a. The Eye Matrix Map Gaming Room for Mind Programming and previewing.

b. The City "Gaming Room", which the Images of the Earth and this Little Universe are displayed in.

Here is a "Map" showing The City Program "Stage" IN The Soul…

And The Earth & Night Sky on the Same Program "]b]Stage" also used in the City "Gaming Room".

The Universe displayed on the Programming "Stage"….

And here both on the Same Programming "Stage" and "Gamming Room" inside The Soul.
Is our little Universe with a "Transport Interface" Placed on the "Stage. (Spheroid in the Centre).
The "Contents is programmed in which some refer to as a UFO's....

So you see these writings have absolutely nothing at all to do with The Flesh but are about THE SOUL

O Ye Children of The Earth... I suspect You are Too "SUPERSTITIOUS" in You Beliefs…

Turn away From SIN And Learn More about The SHIN.

Your Field of Vision Relies upon The SHIN which is Stretched out over your field of Vision…

The SUN is another SHIN this is why it is Called “The SUN of Righteousness

And the Scientist of the Earth can only study the "Holograph" being played in The SHIN of The SUN.

This is the Result and Not the Cause...

When they... Your Scientists discover The SHIN, then they shall come to understand "Quantum Mechanics"...

And Soon we will learn New "Technologies" involving The SHIN.

Well this is the first Part.... more this afternoon…

GOD Speed Little Ones…

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 08:36 PM
Quite interesting that this theory seems strangely in line with Michael Hoffman's Theory of Entheogens and Religion!

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by graphuto

I will show everything in "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" void of any guess work as I have passed through The "Tribulation" and The whole of The Revelation even unto "The NEW JERUSALEM" where I Reside...

Just as many before me have also....

This has been going on since The Carpenter who was the First to Enter... some nearly 2,000 years ago....

No One knows their Hour.... as All Pass through this at their own appointed Hour so there is NO single Hour....

Not a single One Lost.....

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 09:22 PM
From “The Gospel of Thomas” verse 51. Quote;

51. His disciple said to Him,

“When will the repose of the dead come about,
and when will the New World come?”

He said to them, “What you look forward to
has already come, but you do Not recognise it.”

And Verse 78.

78. Jesus said,

“Why have you come out into the desert?
To see a reed shaken by the wind?
And to see a man clothed in fine garments
like your kings and your great men?

Upon them are the fine garments,
and they are unable to discern The Truth.”

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 10:48 PM
The Revelation of Jesus Christ Ch. 7 Verse 2. Quote;

2. Then another Angel ascending from the East,
having the Seal of the LIVING GOD.
And He cried with a load voice to the 4 Angels
To whom it was granted to harm the Earth and The Sea.

Here is another Corruption in the writing in the above verse….

It should Read….

To whom it was Granted to Change the Earth and The Sea…

The Reason the writing has been Corrupted is through…

a. Ignorance
b. Fear because of Ignorance…

So we are looking at that Cyclic Change I wrote about earlier…

The Seas return to Under the Crust of The Earth, between The Mantel and The Crust…

This is a Thermal Cycle… hence Global warming…

But the Heat generated is from INSIDE the Earth and Not caused by the Species…

Verse 3. Quote;

3. saying, “ Do NOT harm the Earth,
the Sea or the trees till I have sealed the servants
of our GOD on their foreheads.”

More corruption in the Writings…

It should read….

3. saying, “ Do NOT harm the Earth, the Sea or the trees till I have Sealed the Components of our GOD on they Faces…

The Seal is….


I Have been told to write this to all;

(Not too Long)

Thus Saith The Lord….

O why, children of the Devil (flesh) do You Corrupt my Words and War against My Children???

Do you knot know I implanted the Spirit of Truth within their Souls, and they are of the Book of LIFE yet you try to Corrupt them also, but soon you will know The Children of GOD and know the Difference between The LIFE of GOD, "The One True Mind" and The Children of the Wicked One, whom the Wicked One Committed Adultery with EVE, trying to Steal those things Not of The Creation…

In my Eternal Wisdom I have taken CAIN, and Transformed Him, as he was an innocent offspring, having no say in EVES Adultery

This is Why I have Protected CAIN from the World, and Why I called JACOB ISRAEL.... But can you understand the Depth of My Wisdom, from The Ancient of Days?

My “Jew’s are NOT "Flesh or "Primates" as you so wickedly imagine.

A “JEW” is a “Partition” of The Holy City which is actually The Holey City or “The City of Holes

O Rome, Rome, your time has Come.... The hour pf your Passing away , with all your false teachings and Lies and sufferings…

I am tired of the wickedness in the Children of the Earth, and the Time has Come to remove the nonsense, and Educate them, who refuse to accept My Children and Pollute the Sanctuary…

O ye that call yourselves “JEWS” and are NOT.

Your punishment shall be eternal…. If you turn NOT and REPENT

But because of My LOVE… I shall Cause you to "Repent, and Non of You shall be taken out of My Hand, No.... Not even by Azazel or His Chief Captain, who relies upon Azazel

O you Evil and Wicked and Fowl Spirits… You Polluted The Children of the Earth, and Now they shall all see your Eternal Destruction.

And in a Thousand years…. I shall take The Wicked One from the place of the "NOWHERE" and I will PURGE his Fowl Spirit, and through MY Eternal Power… I Shall Transform Him in My Strength, so There is Nowhere, for Him to be found…

It will be in those Days as Though He never existed and No One shall know of You.

O Children of The Devil (the Flesh)…. I will Consume your “Technologies” and bury them within in the Earth, and Cause a Fire to PURGE, and remove your Ignorance from your Hearts…

In my Furry I will Transform, in your very Sight, the Children of Hell (Flesh) that come from below and NON shall escape out of My Hand….

NOT a single One shall be LOST for I have Overcome The World…

I will put hooks in your nose and drag you into my Glorious Possession, and Evil shall no Longer be found, NO, Not even anywhere at all in My Kingdom.

I will Free the Down trodden, and those persecuted by the Evil Intentions of Rome

I will cut off the Sprig of Evil, and Try it in the Furnace, and I shall lay Chains of Iron on The Wicked One…

Flee, Flee, Azazel….

For I shall surely pursue You, and Your Evil ways, and You who Corrupted the Children of The Earth, I shall Totally Transform You, and even you, shall NOT be Evil again.

I will take The Wicked One out of the Land Egypt Contained beneith the Seal, and lay Him in Darkness, in the Pit and Place Chains upon Him and Burning Fire shall destroy His Evil Spirit…

And behold I shall give Him another Spirit…

O wicked One… You are as though a “Virus”, But I have overcome you, with My Glorious CHRIST.

Where are you going to flee to?

You can Not escape, and I have already before your time, destroyed your throne and your abode, and have cast you out into Outer Darkness in the Place of the “NOWHERE”.

You Shall No Longer Corrupt the Children of The Earth nor Look upon My Children…

I have Opened The Seals..... and Behold there is No One who can Close them again…


Verse 4. Quote;

4. And behold the number of those Sealed.
One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand
Of All the Tribes of the Children of ISRAEL
Were Sealed.

The Children of ISRAEL are “Square” Partitions and NOT PIMATES.

Each “Partition”, a Child, of GOD Contains a Cloned Soul of “The First Born Soul”.

They Are NOT The “Species” on Earth..

This is the wicked Children of Hell, who Claim these 144,000 to be “Primates”.

These 144,000 were Sealed and taken out of The Old City…

The Seal of GOD…

The New JERUSALEM was Downloaded into The “Hexagram” of The Old City.

The Wars refer to the separation of “Octagons” and “Hexagons” as “The MAN Child” separated out the Two….

The "Octagonal" Format is used in the Processing System but the "Hexagonal" Format is used as Permanent Libraries. There are also “Pentagonal” permanent Libraries, which store the “Stories”.…

While the "Hexagonal" Stores the Images.

One example of the "Hexagonal" Format

And another….


And another…

The Pentagonal with its Pentagon Star used to access the Libraries…

And another….

And another….

And another…

Verse 5. Quote;

5. of the Tribe of JUDAH
12,000 Thousand were Sealed.

These Octagons are of The “J Register which is The Data Register in the Lower Left.

The Name is a Directory Path to these Octagons & Squares etc.

So this is the Location of the Tribe of JUDAH

But correctly Translated… The "Assembly of JUDAH and NOT the "Tribe"….

It exists in The “C” Register which are the 4 Large Blue "Squares"….

Involving also “X” Upper Left Square The "Square" of The Son of GOD, The Program Register, and “C

the upper Right "Square", The "Control" Register…

Tomorrow I will show all the other Locations of The Assemblies of ISRAEL….



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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 03:53 AM
When can we expect moar!?

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by graphuto

About 2 Hours time from now....

But for now something to Consider….

I will show all the assemblies of ISRAEL and where Each Register is according to their Directories.

We have to realise This Writing called "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" is Not religious at all and it is the Doctrine of Rome who corrupt the children of the Earth making them believe these are Somehow religious.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is NOT an “Apocalyptical” Writing as the Church Leaders of All denominations of the Roman church and others and academics would have you believe .

But rather “The Revelation of Jesus Christ is Just This...


The Revealing of The CHRIST

Involving the History of "The Metamorphosis of The Soul", Past and Future and the Components of The CHRIST SOUL

The CHRIST is “The First Born Soul” which is full of innumerable “Partitions” on a “FACE” of a 2D PLANE which First produces a “Network of Souls Formed from “Line work” and HOLES.

Why HOLES???

These are the Spaces (HOLES) where Information can and is Stored.

In this Case Smaller Souls....

Each of these “Partitions" shown in the above Drawing, Enlarged in the Drawing below, has installed a CompletePartition Map”, a “CLONE” of The First Soul. (Largest Soul)

And now showing a “CLONE of The First Soul a “Partition Map”

And in each of The "Partitions" in this Little Map, are yet More Souls…

These are the "GENERATIONS" of the Souls or "The Children of GOD".

Created in The Image of GOD. (Not The Species as many would have you believe falsely....)

There are so Many they can't be counted....

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