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Ask An Astronomer About Nibiru (Planet X, Tyche, etc.) HERE!

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posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by notsoperfect

That is why I only asked three questions... If he does beleive NIBIRU exists....Then your reply is in fact pointless. I'm just curious and wanting to learn more about Nibiru. Very interesting topic.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 10:54 AM
These are the projected coordinates for comet Elenin next week. Depending on what day your interview takes place, it would be interesting to see what's there.

Date__(UT)__HR:MN R.A._(ICRF/J2000.0)_DEC T-mag N-mag delta deldot S-O-T /r S-T-O

2011-Apr-03 00:00 11 09 06.51 +03 51 50.5 16.59 n.a. 1.91601155488182 -11.4634864 154.0241 /T 8.8384
2011-Apr-04 00:00 11 07 48.40 +03 59 50.6 16.57 n.a. 1.90954145564820 -10.9414057 152.6886 /T 9.3087
2011-Apr-05 00:00 11 06 30.63 +04 07 48.7 16.55 n.a. 1.90337060572084 -10.4273736 151.3551 /T 9.7785
2011-Apr-06 00:00 11 05 13.27 +04 15 44.2 16.53 n.a. 1.89749420975875 -9.9218948 150.0240 /T 10.2476
2011-Apr-07 00:00 11 03 56.38 +04 23 36.7 16.51 n.a. 1.89190718721986 -9.4254515 148.6955 /T 10.7157
2011-Apr-08 00:00 11 02 40.04 +04 31 25.9 16.49 n.a. 1.88660418631218 -8.9385000 147.3700 /T 11.1826
2011-Apr-09 00:00 11 01 24.31 +04 39 11.3 16.47 n.a. 1.88157960002292 -8.4614672 146.0478 /T 11.6478

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 11:23 AM
It sounds like the majority want to see a detailed picture of Elenin/Honda and the possible moons that may accompany them. Also a mere picture will not denote size of the object, so gathering some sort of scale for it would be beneficial.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 11:32 AM
I would be interested to see if anything shows up at the following coordinates:
10 48 28.2 +05 58 37

Purportedly the location of Nibiru as of March 18th.

Great thread btw- S&F for you!

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 11:36 AM
So, when do you have this interview set up? When can we expect some feedback.

This is a great idea btw. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that can get them into an area worth investigating. People should do more investigations in general. Its much easier asking questions and documenting findings as a civilian than it is a journo, trust me.

Get to it people, stop being so lazy. We are ATS!

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Monkeygod333
So, when do you have this interview set up? When can we expect some feedback.

This is a great idea btw. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that can get them into an area worth investigating. People should do more investigations in general. Its much easier asking questions and documenting findings as a civilian than it is a journo, trust me.

Get to it people, stop being so lazy. We are ATS!

The weather is supposed to be clear all of next week, but the actual time has not yet been set. Between the telescope time (during the day AND night,) the sit down with the astronomer, and post-production on the video, I should have a nice piece to upload by next Friday.

It will be copyrighted by my personal video production label, but since ATS has been so nice to me, I'm going to GIVE them the first viewing, and then I'll submit it to one of the TV stations I string for. When, or if, they air it is beyond my control.


I just got my check for the hail damage to my roof, so I'm off to price supplies. Ya'll have a good day; I'll be back tonight.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 12:48 PM
Hi OldCorp:

Originally posted by OldCorp

I've been trying to set up an interview with the head of Astronomy at the local observatory where they have two telescopes - one a 23" refracting telescope - for a couple of weeks; but he has been "busy" and hasn't returned my phone calls until today (the call I put into his boss may have had something to do with that.)

He has invited me to come to the observatory next week for the interview, and to aim the telescope anywhere I want. The smaller of the two telescopes is configured solely for solar observation; the 23" refractor is for night-time viewing ....

I just read your thread again and did not see a reply to my post (here) on Page 1. Will you be looking at those coordinates? :0) I hope so. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by OldCorp


Just avoid getting an alien who shape-shifted to look like a human.

So many millions of them have infiltrated CIA, NASA, military, academia, and other places of influence.

We are their unwitting serfs and laboratory mice.

Sincerely, puppet00x.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

Well I think you should ask a question or two (or even more) about comet elenin. Comet elenin as many know is the comet believed to be nibiru so you should ask about it.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

Even though you might be trying, what makes you think that this would settle anything?

There IS a large gravitational field from some unknown object, not our Sun, in our Solar System, but even scientists who are investigating this CAN'T FIND the source of this gravitational field.

One of the scientists investigating what is causing all the recently discovered anomalies in our Solar System is Prof. Lorenzo Iorio.

Sometime back in 2009 I discovered some of the research done by Prof. Lorenzo Iorio, and I posted this information in the following Link. It started as a thread about "Ultracool subdwarf stars", but as I kept researching I found the research which stated that three different group of scientists reported that recent secular increase in AU between our Sun and the planets in our Solar System.

Secular increase of the astronomical unit and perihelion precessions as tests of the Dvali–Gabadadze–Porrati multi-dimensional braneworld scenario
Lorenzo Iorio JCAP09(2005)006 doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2005/09/006

PDF (313 KB) | HTML | References | Articles citing this article

Lorenzo Iorio
Viale Unità di Italia 68, 70125, Bari, Italy
Abstract. An unexpected secular increase of the astronomical unit, the length scale of the Solar System, has recently been reported by three different research groups (Krasinsky and Brumberg, Pitjeva, Standish). The latest JPL measurements amount to 7 ± 2 m cy−1. At present, there are no explanations able to accommodate such an observed phenomenon, either in the realm of classical physics or in the usual four-dimensional framework of the Einsteinian general relativity. The Dvali–Gabadadze–Porrati braneworld scenario, which is a multi-dimensional model of gravity aimed at providing an explanation of the observed cosmic acceleration without dark energy, predicts, among other things, a perihelion secular shift, due to Lue and Starkman, of 5 × 10−4 arcsec cy−1 for all the planets of the Solar System. It yields a variation of about 6 m cy−1 for the Earth–Sun distance which is compatible with the observed rate of change for the astronomical unit. The recently measured corrections to the secular motions of the perihelia of the inner planets of the Solar System are in agreement with the predicted value of the Lue–Starkman effect for Mercury, Mars and, at a slightly worse level, the Earth.

This is affecting our Moon as well, asteroids, which are arriving days earlier than they are supposed to, and causing other anomalies such as redirecting the incoming cosmic microwave radiation which is even speculated to be caused by some "unknown gravitational source in our Solar system".

6 The increase of the Astronomical Unit

6.1 The observation

From the analysis of radiometric measurements of distances between the Earth and the major planets including observations from Martian orbiters and landers from 1961 to 2003 a secular increase of the Astronomical Unit of approximately 10 m/cy has been reported (36) (see also the article (37) and the discussion therein).

6.2 Search for explanation

Time–dependent gravitational constant and velocity of light This increase cannot be explained by a time–dependent gravitational constant G because the ˙ G/G needed is larger than the restrictions obtained from LLR.

It has also been speculated that a time–dependent change in the velocity of light can be responsible for this effect. Indeed, if the speed of light becomes smaller, than ranging will simulate a drift of distances. However, a inspection of Kepler’s third law
T2 4π2
a3 = GM⊙


shows that, if one replaces the distance a by a ranging time a = ct, then effectively the quotient G/c3 appears. Only this combination of the gravitational constant and the speed of light governs the ratio between the orbit time, in our case the orbit time of the Earth. Consequently, a time–dependent speed of light is equivalent to a time–dependent gravitational constant. Since the latter has been ruled out to be possibly responsible for an increase of the Astronomical Unit, also a time–dependent speed of light has to be ruled out.

Cosmic expansion The influence of cosmic expansion by many orders of magnitude too small, see Sec.9.2. Neither the modification of the gravitational field of the Sun nor the drag of the planetary orbits due to the expansion is big enough to explain this drift.

Clock drift An increase of ranged distances might also be due to a drift of the time scale of the form t → t + αt2 for α > 0. This is of the same form as the time drift needed to account for the Pioneer anomaly. From Kepler’s third law one may ask which α is suitable in order to simulate the increase of the Astronomical Unit. One obtains α ≈ 3 · 10−20 s−1 what is astonishing close to the clock drift needed for a clock drift simulation of the pioneer anomaly, see Eq.(16) and below.

7 The quadrupole and octupule anomaly Recently an anomalous behavior of the low–l contributions to the cosmic microwave background has been reported. It has been shown that (i) there exists an alignment between the quadrupole and octupole with > 99.87% C.L. [38], and (ii) that the quadrupole and octupole are aligned to Solar system ecliptic to > 99% C.L. [39]. No correlation with the galactic plane has been found.

The reason for this is totally unclear. One may speculate that an unknown gravitational field within the Solar system slightly redirects the incoming cosmic microwave radiation (in the similar way as a motion with a certain velocity with respect to the rest frame of the cosmological background redirects the cosmic background radiation and leads to modifications of the dipole and quadrupole parts). Such a redirection should be more pronounced for low–l components of the radiation. It should be possible to calculate the gravitational field needed for such a redirection and then to compare that with the observational data of the Solar system and the other observed anomalies.

8.2 Other anomalies?
There is one further observation which status is rather unclear bit which perhaps may fit into the other observations. This is the observation of the return time of comets: Comets usually come back a few days before they are expected when applying ordinary equations of motion. The delay usually is assigned to the outgassing of these objects. In fact, the delay is used for an estimate of the strength of this outgassing. On the other hand, it has been calculated in (44) that the assumption that starting with 20 AU there is an additional acceleration of the order of the Pioneer anomaly also leads to the effect that comets come back a few days earlier. It is not clear whether this is a serious indications but a further study of the trajectories of comets certainly is worthwhile.

Then there is other research that I also posted back in 2009, such as the following which adds up the fact that there is some large gravitational field, probably a failed/dead star, which causes the odd orbit of Sedna.

Evidence Mounts For Companion Star To Our Sun
by Staff Writers
Newport Beach CA (SPX) Apr 25, 2006
The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, Sedna, demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system. A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass.

Once thought to be highly unusual, such systems are now considered to be common in the Milky Way galaxy.

Walter Cruttenden at BRI, Professor Richard Muller at UC Berkeley, Dr. Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana, amongst several others, have long speculated on the possibility that our sun might have an as yet undiscovered companion. Most of the evidence has been statistical rather than physical.

The recent discovery of Sedna, a small planet like object first detected by Cal Tech astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, provides what could be indirect physical evidence of a solar companion. Matching the recent findings by Dr. Brown, showing that Sedna moves in a highly unusual elliptical orbit, Cruttenden has determined that Sedna moves in resonance with previously published orbital data for a hypothetical companion star.

In the May 2006 issue of Discover, Dr. Brown stated: "Sedna shouldnt be there. Theres no way to put Sedna where it is. It never comes close enough to be affected by the sun, but it never goes far enough away from the sun to be affected by other stars... Sedna is stuck, frozen in place; there's no way to move it, basically there's no way to put it there – unless it formed there. But it's in a very elliptical orbit like that. It simply can't be there. There's no possible way - except it is. So how, then?"

"I'm thinking it was placed there in the earliest history of the solar system. I'm thinking it could have gotten there if there used to be stars a lot closer than they are now and those stars affected Sedna on the outer part of its orbit and then later on moved away. So I call Sedna a fossil record of the earliest solar system. Eventually, when other fossil records are found, Sedna will help tell us how the sun formed and the number of stars that were close to the sun when it formed."

In here you can see the odd orbit of Sedna, and the fact that whatever Sedna is orbiting, is NOT far off into the Oort cloud, like some keep claiming.

Not only that, but there is another research, also done by Prof. Lorenzo Ioro where he states that the only explanation for the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon would be a trans-Plutonian object, but in his opinion he says it is not possible because it would put an Earth size object at 30 AU, or a gas giant like Jupiter at 200 AU, which is very close, and we "should" be able to see.

Here is the part of this research where he states this, which another member found.

Within the Newtonian framework, we considered the action of a circular massive ring modeling the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt of Trans-Neptunian Objects, but it does not induce secular variations of e. In principle, a viable candidate would be a putative trans-Plutonian massive object (PlanetX/Nemesis/Tyche), recently revamped to accommodate certain features of the architecture of the Kuiper belt and of the distribution of the comets in the Oort cloud, since it would cause a non-vanishing long-term variation of the eccentricity.Actually, the values for its mass and distance needed to explain the empirically determined increase of the lunar eccentricity would be highly unrealistic and in contrast with the most recent viable theoretical scenarios for the existence of such a body. For example, a terrestrial-sized body should be located at just 30 au, while an object with the mass of Jupiter should be at 200 au.

This would put an Earth size object right on Neptune's orbit which is at around 30 AU. But of course this would be impossible since any amateur astronomer should be able to see it almost as easy as Neptune can be seen with an amateur telescope.

Now, meanwhile a gas giant at 200 AU should be seen, you would need a telescope with a large aperture. But the thing is, what if it is not just a simple gas giant? what if it is a failed/dead star within 200-300 AU? or it could be farther away, but still within the Solar System.

So essentially Prof. Lorenzo Iorio is dumping what the facts seem to be pointing out simply because like many other astronomers he puts his preconcieved conceptions before what the evidence seems to be telling him.

My question is, if the scientists who are investigating this can't find exactly where, or what it is, and the evidence they found tells them there is some object exerting a large gravitational pull on all planets, as well as our Moon, and all asteroids, what makes you think that the one you contacted, who doesn't even want to entertain the possibility of such an object existing, will find this object?

I could be wrong, and there could be someone who knows where this is, and what it is, but so far I haven't seen any evidence of anyone knowing where it is.

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posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 02:06 PM
Ask him if he's ever had to sign any form of non-disclosure agreement with his employer.

Then give him the coordinates for 'our binary brown dwarf star' and ask him to take a look.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

I am an amateur astronomer too, of course i don't have a 23 inch telescope, more about a 6 inch SCT Celestron one, i think your amateur astronomer will have fun with the questions, but if anyone will expect to confirm Nibiru like sitchin says is, i think everybody will get a deceptional truth.

People tend to think that amateur astronomers are like some secret society that they know the truth and they would not say anything about it and that everybody gets a big check from NASA for it, i am sorry folks but amateur astronomers are not like that, not at all! if you want to know how we are just try to find a star party near you (tru the school or some internet sites like , meet the folks, heck they would gladly let you use their equipment and make good friends, that's all about amateur astronomers, share the little knowledge we have of the sky and passion with others and yes we are open to ideas to debate, but sometimes this ideas defies every law we know in earth (like nibiru) and some of the theories we have for celestial mechanics that sounds implausible to be.

People tend to think that a brown dwarfs is small, yes in cosmic terms is a really really small!, but in solar system basics is big, the smaller brown dwarfs that have been detected are in the size of 4 times the size of Jupiter. If you see Jupiter at night, it reflects light from our sun very bright!! it outshines any other star in the sky, brown dwarf are not different from that, if it would be inside our solar system close enough it would reflect light too like Jupiter, the difference is that this brown dwarf is much hotter and it shines some light (a sun that never came to be), now the people too tend to believe that their magnetic influence doesn't feel until its just passing one side of the earth, that's to a wrong assumption, the earth and the rest of the planets will feel the presence of a brown dwarf if it enters the solar system.

Here you can see the types and size of Brown dwarfs and tempetures compare to the Sun thanks to wikipedia.

If you want to ask question i think you should be careful, most amateur astronomers will tell you that there is a possibility that out sun have could have a brown dwarf has a companion out in the Oort Cloud, our outside of it, but if you ask that this brown dwarf enters the solar system and don't be detected at all, and his magnetic influence dont be felt until the last moment it passes close to earth they surely will smile you and say a No.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 02:22 PM

to, and causing other anomalies such as redirecting the incoming cosmic microwave radiation which is even speculated to be caused by some "unknown gravitational source in our Solar system".
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

If the second sun is already in our solar system, it will explain the anomaly. The mentioned coordinate may have been already outdated and the new ones may be in the secret vault. After all, they may have nothing to hide but then why the blackout?

Now, I would like the ATS members to make up some very plausible benign answers. But of course, it has to make sense to be believable. I think it would be fun. The more it makes sense, the more it may be closer to the truth.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

How far above sea level will you be? And where will you be aiming the telescopes? I've noticed a lot of Nibiru post's have pictures of the supposed planet when the sun is setting or rising, and usually end's up being just a sun flare because of the lens. Will you be trying to duplicate any of those pictures with the telescope from the observatory in hopes of debunking Nibiru? Please do!!!!

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 03:50 PM
Is this an April Fools Day joke or what?!

Epic Discovery: China's National Radio-Astronomy Observatory Announces Monitoring of 'Dark' Satellite in Orbit Around Saturn -"Transmitting the Universal Genetic Code"

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 04:20 PM
Well " if" our sun does have a sister star it would be a brown dwarf..if so you would need IR capability to "see it" is that correct? Is are any of the telescopes that you located have IR capability?

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 04:22 PM
I'd first ask the professionals if they ever heard of a body with a 3,600-year orbit of a star actually being a part of the said star system. Calculations would suggest the body actually approaching other stars closer in the celestial neighborhood. The sun is a single star system, nothing suggests we are part of a binary star system.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by Feltrick
I gave you a star and a flag even though this thread is flawed from the outset.

This astronomer is not going to tell you the truth because if he revealed that Nibiru is real, he would be killed and not have a seat on the ARK or a bed in the secret Bunker.


He wouldn't be able to tell you the truth as the Chemtrails are obscuring his view of Nibiru.

Seriously though, thank you for taking the time and effort to seek the truth! I wish I had a question but others have already posted those that I would ask. Good luck and I can't wait for the answers.

You're not serious are you? I didnt think so.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by FoxfilesMulder
The thing I find MOST amusing about all of this...

When someone like the OP actually goes out and does something for this subject and wants any feedback and questions to be asked, the hardcore idiots who defend Nibiru thread after thread, reply after reply are nowhere to be found here.

Poor form

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It doesnt matter. When the answer comes back they will claim its all disinfo anyway. Or they will claim that the astromomer is "in on it" or isnt saying anything under penalty of death or some other obsurd claim.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by notsoperfect
Could you ask him what is behind the coordinate of

5h 33m 27s, -6 10' 58 ?

Because this area is blacked out in the Google Sky. If the area has such a significant information in such a way that it was necessary for NASA to black it out and if he is still not a part of the cover up, the astronomer should be able to frankly answer the question. If he mangles the question with dubious answers, there is nothing to trust any information coming out of him.

There should be simple and straight answer for things like that. If the answer is long and complex, I would think you are wasting your time.

I think it would be funny if when pointing the telescope at those coordinates you see a giant black box floating out there in space. Why would you think that this astronomer would know why google earth has blocked this. And if he says he does not know he is automatically in on it. Ever consider that this issue is not NASA related and simply a problem with google earth? I think its foolish to say that if he cannot answer then we cannot trust any information coming out of him.

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