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The New Black Panther Party and Republican Dirty Tricks

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:57 PM
Moderators please delete this thread, or please move it to the below top secret portion.

The Nixon Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP), a private non-governmental campaign entity, used funds from its coffers to pay for, and later cover up, "dirty tricks" performed against opponents by Richard Nixon's employee, Donald Segretti. Segretti famously coined the term 'ratf**king' for recruiting conservative members to infiltrate opposition groups to undermine the effectiveness of such opposition.

Republicans my friends are rat f**kers.

Ratf**king has the same basic design as it did back in Segretti’s day with the a couple added features that make it easier for them to broadcast their ratfing message. Our media has decided that both sides of an issue have an equal balance.

So, if I were a Republican ratfer and say for example I was able to put out that "people are saying" that hacked e-mails actually say that climate change is full of trumped up data there will be at least 50% advocacy of that lie from media outlets that retain a soul, and on their media mouthpiece Fox News 100% advocacy for it. There used to be a time when our media representatives would have had experts they trusted read the e-mails for accuracy before they reported that there was any "gate" attached to a story. Should there be no truth to an allegation they would actually have no fear in calling the other side ridiculous, but those days are long gone and good news for the Republican ratfer.

The new element of the Republican ratf machine is of course the internet, and the ability to place what they would like to represent as news on there with no more effort than uploading a video onto YouTube. That’s almost too easy. Now all our ratfing friends have to do is to get a sympathetic media outlet like say America’s Radio Rwanda Fox News to broadcast it, and without any vetting at all the ratfing meme becomes a real live news story.

Ratfing Aggressive Students from the University of Pennsylvania

After watching the New Black Panther tape a bell went off in my head. I didn’t focus at all on the actions of the New Black Panther guys they weren’t interesting to me, but then again I don’t find it odd to see black men in a black neighborhood. What’s more interesting is what are white students with cameras doing running to take an interest in a Black neighborhoods polling place and what is their attitude.

If anyone was intimidating and had confrontation as their goal it is the Republican ratfers who are making the video tape. No real reporter begins approaching a subject saying to his partner, "dude you got my back". There is a reason for that statement and the reason is that these ratfers meant to aggressively interact with the men in front of the building who were not doing anything but standing.

His first question to the person standing in his own neighborhood Samir Shabazz and 12 seconds into the video, and this is after having double timed it up to him is "do we have a problem is everything ok" A man walking to another asking if there is a problem without introducing himself, or stating his standing to ask such a question is an intimidating function in itself, he started out antagonistic, but then again the modern day ratfers goal is to antagonize cause a reaction then peddle it to broadcast.

There is a white man in a suit that you can only see the torso of due to the poor work of the cameraman states "everything is fine" and the ratfers state, "I'm just making sure", another provocative statement from a "journalist" from school. Shabazz asks the ratfer for his identification a perfectly reasonable request to a person who just walked up asked if he had a problem and which the republican rat#er responded to as media person. It was the Republican raters answer at second 31 that completed the connection a real hey what’s going on here moment.

"I'm just a media guy..that’s what I’m working with... I’m from the University of Pennsylvania"

Wait a second. I've heard that bull rat crap before...Where was it?

It was from Congressman Bob Ethridge who got jumped a few weeks ago and showed the Republican ratfers what happens when they try their aggressive tactics with men who feel they have the right to defend themselves. I’m sure we’ve noticed that in both tapes never are the Republican ratfers face ever shown, but I’ll be darned if I don’t recognize the voices, and I’ll be darned if that isn’t the same ratfing lie, and used the same ratfing style. They refuse to identify themselves fully outside of the sympathy inducing "we’re students". They lead off their questioning with a statement that is guaranteed to elicit a negative response to the questioner. In this case "do you fully support the Obama agenda" Then they take their work to the editing studios to black out their faces and cut and paste to maximum effect.

HOLY ACORN BATMAN you mean these ratfers use have the same pedigree as the grifters who didn’t dress like a prostitute and pimp and didn’t get ACORN employees to break the law? You mean they've been running around for years instigating trying willing to do just anything to embarass Democrats and their electoral process? You mean the New Black Panthers are a hyped up lie? Sure looks like it to me Robin.

edit on 22-2-2011 by adept2u because: I'd like for the moderators to please delete this thread.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:08 PM
Just a heads up most folks on ATS are not the stupid to be sucked into this republicans are bad conversation...fact of the matter is the republicans are snakes the democrats are snakes and the black panthers have just as a horrible look up Shabaz and he's as racist as a clan member so take this stuff elsewhere my friend..

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by chrismarco

I can appreciate the sentiment, however let's hope for some accuracy in the assessment of the snakes.
The Black Panthers did not have a horrible agenda they were freedom fighters who decided to arm themselves in the face of being wiped out by Oakland Police. The New Black Panthers are a media creation of the Republican Party designed to spawn racist memes that consist of 28 people and a website.

On Barack Obama and voting: "He's a puppet on a string. I don't support no black man running for white politics. I will not vote for who will be the next slavemaster." Besides, he added, Obama is "a Negro who doesn't even support reparations for black people in America."

This is a quote from Samir Shabazz.what entity is it that is saying this is an ally of Barack Obama and The New Black Panthers are stealing elections.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:25 PM
That you would support the black panthers in any way, shape, or form shows who the real ratfer is...

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Soldier of God

Interesting. The original Black Panthers were a second amendment organization. They achieved their notoriety because they advertised that they would arm themselves because the police in the City of Oakland shot the people down like dogs. I don't support the New Black Panthers, but then again no one really does. They are a media creation. They only have any fame at all because of Fox News. Do you remember this?

Perhaps not however, the point is way back then Fox has The New Black Panthers on as regular guests. These are the same people they have called a threat to the Republic. Aren't you at all curious how they became that, when no one in the Black community actually listens to them?

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:55 PM
Sorry, I am looking on my diagram for the republican bad guys but can't seem to find them.

I did; however, find various other types of internet favorite is the troll - what's yours?

Perhaps, you can help me locate what is going on in Dante's Internet:

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by Golf66

In the offering they were the ones who put men up to tell lies about a race of people and to instigate an issue with a US Congressman. It does appear this thread is too partisan so I'd like to ask a moderator to place it in the below top secret thing.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by adept2u

Please my friend, troll for anger elswhere, dems, republicans, black panthers Etc.
These are all hate groups and manipulators.
We here on ATS while not brilliant in every fashion, help each other understand what is important and sometimes what is real.
All of these organizations are not important and they are far from real.
Good luck on another site though!

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by g146541

I do appreciate the advice, it is obvious the membership of ATS know what are the manipulator groups and that all are equally culpable. I have requested moderators remove this thread, i'd delete it myself if I knew how.

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