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Breeders, their children and international flights

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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 06:47 AM
Ok, I did not read this whole thread from start to finish cause after 2+ pages I was seeing RED.

OP: What is your damage man? I mean, I understand you were upset but seriously??? BREEDERS and BRATS??

As a mother of 2 beautiful daughters I am OFFENDED by your tirade! And, trust me, it takes A LOT to offend me! (potty humor being one of my favorite themes and all)

Now, that being said, I do understand how frustrating it can be when you are in a public place and there are people with their young children who don't seem to mind letting the children run crazy. Thankfully, my girls who are now 10 and 15 behave in public. Beyond the occasional mouthy quip towards me, they treat others with the respect due them. They eat quietly, say please and thank you, sit properly and for the most part don't interrupt or act out loudly. This however, was not an easy stage to get to!

Rewind about 7 years and holy moly did I have my hands full! Many a time in a restaurant did I have to excuse myself and one of my naughty children from table and exit either to the car or the restroom to deal with behavior! Most of the time, this worked but there were times when there was no stopping the erratic behavior of the child!

Parenting is NOT easy OP and if you have no children of your own, you have NO RIGHT to sit in judgment of those of us who do! I am sure there are parents out there who don't give a rats butt about how their children act BUT many, many of us do and to refer to us all as breeders and the children as brats is just IGNORANT.

I think I hate you, you make my stomach turn! May your next flight be filled with screaming 10 month old BRATS and rowdy swearing teenagers! BAH!

*runs off muttering under her breath

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 06:54 AM
I wasn't going to respond to this thread but I can't stand seeing how you call parents breeders. WTH.

I flew from the states to Italy over the holidays. I had an overnight flight and on the way back the entire plane was pretty much kids. They cried and it was annoying but what am I gonna do? They are kids and they have just as much of a right to be on that plane as I or you. A ten hour flight for a kid has got to be boring as all get out even with tv's on the plane. Heck even the flight from London to Naples was FULL of kids and they were loud at times but again what can I do? If you don't like flying where there are kids on the plane then book your own damn private jet. What do you think you are special or something?

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by ototheb85

Originally posted by stellify

Originally posted by gemineye
Oh good lord... breast feeding had to come up. *sigh*

I wont get into that whole debate because I would literally never shut up. I'll try to keep it on topic and say as little as possible though. Besides breastfeeding being natural and better for infants, many mothers choose to nurse their babies during flights because it helps the babies adjust to changes in air pressure better. Yes, a bottle would suffice, but many mothers don't use bottles and that is perfectly ok. If someone has a problem with a woman feeding her baby, than that is YOUR problem, not the mothers. After all, breasts were made for feeding babies. It was Hollywood and people in general who sexualized them. If you see a breastfeeding mother and don't like it, look the other way. I'm sure this lady didn't ask to sit by you on a flight either. And if she hadn't fed the baby, it probably would have been screaming because of pain... and then you would have complained anyway.

I'm glad nobody ever complained about a breastfeeding mother while I was a flight attendant. I'm pretty sure that I would have popped off with a response that would have gotten me fired.

Overpopulation may seem to be a problem to some, but not everyone has the same opinion. If you choose to believe that way, fine, but not everyone sees things the same. I wouldn't have more children either, but I see nothing wrong with the people who do want them and I sure as hell would never complain about a woman feeding her baby.
edit on 2/21/2011 by gemineye because: (no reason given)

If you read my post before jumping on the breastfeeding bandwagon, you'll maybe have surmised that my problem was not with breastfeeding...but having another woman's left breast resting on my arm...

I would have liked to have been warned about that. I found it pretty disgusting.

But nevermind, next time you're on a plane and there's a breastfeeding mother, I am sure you will offer one of your body parts for her to rest a leaking breast on.

Don't mind being close to other people...but that was way too close for me!

Wow they must have been very saggy, or she was a midget.

Saggy - on the waistband. Unpleasant. I should have taken a photo for you.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by CAPT PROTON
Ah, the British. You know if you were breeders yourselves, you people would not have to import immigrants onto your tiny island nation. Immigrants who you would later despise because they're not catching onto your culture and a little too tan for your tastes.

A great empire reduced to elitists, bullies, and apathetic sheep who can't be bothered to breed enough to save their own population. Thank God my family left back in the 1800's when things were still pretty good. Kind of left on a high note, I guess.

Trust an American to start making with the hatred, spite and loathing for which your pustulent empire is so well-known. (No, I don't care if you complain and the moderators punish me, I need to express my contempt for your evil words.)

That being said, by me, the OP is a nasty self-centred little monster. Whether or not he's homosexual (he probably is) doesn't have anything to do with that - I think he'd be a whinger whatever he was.
To defend the use of the word breeder because it's an 'English word' is just absurd. So is his use of breed instead of 'bred' in a subsequent post - in fact, he protests so much, I suspect he's not English at all - probably a New Zealander who would love to be English... for a change, as most of them wish they were American!
(Anything but New Zealanders... )

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 06:54 AM
With this thread having run its course, I wanted to offer some comments. To those who actually read my original post and then took the time to consider a reply both pro and con. Thank you.

Too many of the replies to this thread, follow what is a growing thread at ATS, I do not like what you have said and I will insult you as I do not like what you have said. To those posters I say. What is the tag line of ATS?

Deny Ignorance

If your post insults me, makes assumptions or is the vehicle for your narrow minded views, then you offer nothing to the thread and to ATS, and far from denying ignorance, you are the problem. If you can not offer anything of value to the debate with in a thread other than to insult or cast assumptions on the OP, what value do you bring to this thread or to ATS?

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by Freedom ERP

You are the one who called parents BREEDERS, need I say more?

When you post a thread like this expect people to not like it. THAT is what happens on here. It's not about people attacking you. If you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen

I will agree children today are mostly brats from what I see who run their parents lives when it shouldn't be that way. If a kid does something to annoy me in public I will tell the parent and if they dont do anything I will tell the kid to stop. That always gets the parent to pay attention
I have had many parents curse at me for telling their kid to stop pushing me or stepping on me or throwing peanuts at my table. Yes peanuts. I just tell them to parent their child so I don't have to.

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