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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by spikey

ditto, i feel exactly the same,hat can we do?

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:28 AM

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by Rocky Black
reply to post by SaturnFX

If it was rape he would have forced himself upon her.

The law in question does not require force...the testimony of the "Victim" said no such thing...matter of fact, she said he is not violent and she does not fear him..she said this is BS.

This is not an american law, this is not american rape...its more like...well, its actually and literally not wearing a condom.
a bit like how there are still some sodomy laws in america where if you find out someone had anal sex, they could actually be arrested. Of course, these are strange laws that are not enforced...but, yes..they still exist (lack of legal housekeeping).

You can make as many hypothesises of what happened in someones bedroom that is void of facts..but that has little to do with the case.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:28 AM
The worst thing about this whole situation is the ignorance of people in general. About 80% of people don't know what a hero Julian Assange is. Those 80% also think he's just some rapist and really have no idea whatsoever who is is or why the government would want to falsely accuse him of something. To most of us here, its obvious: The US government are close to pulling the wool back over our eyes once more. Knowing us (as in, the UK and that idiot David Cameron), we'll give the US whatever they want. They ask for Assange, eventually they'll get him. Then, after a month of prison, oops, he fell off a bridge. We can't let a good man be punished just so some scumbag politicians can cover up their dirty secrets. We need to make a stand. The ignorant of the world need to learn who Julian Assange is, and they need to learn what a load of bull the government are trying to feed everybody.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:34 AM
Its sad to see Assange arrested, when all he has done is good. Now we wait for the poison pill.
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by Techy
The worst thing about this whole situation is the ignorance of people in general. About 80% of people don't know what a hero Julian Assange is. Those 80% also think he's just some rapist and really have no idea whatsoever who is is or why the government would want to falsely accuse him of something. To most of us here, its obvious: The US government are close to pulling the wool back over our eyes once more. Knowing us (as in, the UK and that idiot David Cameron), we'll give the US whatever they want. They ask for Assange, eventually they'll get him. Then, after a month of prison, oops, he fell off a bridge. We can't let a good man be punished just so some scumbag politicians can cover up their dirty secrets. We need to make a stand. The ignorant of the world need to learn who Julian Assange is, and they need to learn what a load of bull the government are trying to feed everybody.

1) He is no superhero...he is a symbol of an organization...wikileaks is not some guy being a cross between james bond and braveheart...he is simply the figurehead for a organization so the organization can have a face...he -lost- in the straw poll of who the face would be in all likelyhood.

2) this has actually nothing to do with the US government (at least on the face). This is the UK government and the swedish government. He turned himself in out of general paranoid fear of the US, but at the moment, there are -no- charges from America on him. The propaganda that is being fed is amazing.

Now, is the US government acting spastic? sure..most definately..but they have nothing on them. you got some right wing nuts demanding Obama declare him a terrorist or whatever, but thats just mccarthyism type chatter by armchair 4chan for old white guys...talking smack with no actual power. These are the same types that also suggest we simply nuke north korea and iran...nonsense prattle to get some apes in society interested in tuning in to see what they say.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:35 AM
Does anyone feel like they're living in a real-life "V for Vendetta"? If you haven't seen it, I recommend it to ALL ATS'ers!

I still find it rather odd that when you break it down, here's what's happening: We have a bunch of information that different governments of the world want kept away from the people, for various reasons. Of course, they can't come out and say "This stuff is secret, illegal stuff we do and say, and we don't want it out", so they talk about how this information release will put people in danger (although US foreign and the wars we are in put millions in danger DAILY) and put a reward on this guy's head, along with throwing ONE of his sources in prison for 50 years.

Remember, all he is doing is putting out a resource for people who work in the government or for big business who, when they see law-breaking and injustice, want to report it. Period. Where is the wrongdoing? Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but all he's done is said "Listen, if any of the governments try to hurt me, I'll release all I have on you." I can't say I wouldn't do the same, and the fact that he is alive says something to WHAT exactly he has, because LOTS of people have died for MUCH less than what he has done.

I don't necessarily agree with everything he does. But I also don't agree with everything Barack Obama does. That's life, I still get up and work everyday. Our government does things to people that are nothing short of war crimes, LOTS of governments don't like our actions, and lots of underhanded remarks are made. But LIFE GOES ON!

I really don't care what happens, because sadly, most of America is being led to believe by the MSM that Assange is the enemy, that our omnipotent, righteous government will "save" us, and even if the next batch of leaks has pictures of Dick Cheney, George Bush, and Condoleeza Rice sitting in an opium den with Osama Bin Laden with bong hoses in hand, we will be outraged for MAYBE a week, then go back to watching Dancing with the Stars while eating Ben and Jerry's in bed. Just like they want.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by RMFX1

You're being obtuse deliberately aren't you?

SaturnFX had already said in the post you were replying to that the details of the charge are along the lines of having sexual intercourse, without wearing a CONDOM.

Nobody is saying anyone crept along a dark alley and dragged a couple of women into the bushes you know!

How could you not see that?
And have you also read that one of the woman alleging sexual assault was found to be 'boasting' about having sex with Assange a couple of days *after* the claimed assault?

And again, the other has allegedly been linked to a CIA outfit?

And last but by no means least, you don't think that the timing is stunningly, glaringly, stupendously, totally, embarrassingly, bloody obvious?!!!

Especially as the initial hearings in Sweden were officially laughed out of court when the 'evidence' and details of the charges had been read!

But, i suppose some people will always see the curtain, and not see the man hiding behind it pulling the strings.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:39 AM

Originally posted by SaturnFX

Originally posted by frothmouthoz
Assange will be taking it in the ass real soon don't worry peeps.

Wow...I guess there truely are a small group of morons trying to get the thread locked...interesting.

Quoted for the truth.

All those comments get tiring after a while for those seeking real information and discussion.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by 27jd

This guy is a traitor period.

He did it all wrong. If you have clearance you do not give out information. Period.

You give out information you go to jail. Time of war you get death. We are at war. War has been declared correct.

The civilians that help the troops should be protected at all cost. Not hung out to dry.

This kid yes he is a kid look at his picture should be put to death for the crime he commited. Make an example

Did you know that alcida ya i know i mispell if for a reason. Was going over and studying it to go after the informants (afgan patriots who are only trying to better their country and rid it of scum. Can you balme them. This country has been at war forever.

UCMJ Us governemt website.

Uniform code of military justic.

A sentence of death may be adjudged by a court-martial for an offense under this section (article) only if the members unanimously find, beyond a reasonable doubt, one or more of the following aggravating factors:

(1) The accused has been convicted of another offense involving espionage or treason for which either a sentence of death or imprisonment for life was authorized by statute.

(2) In the commission of the offense, the accused knowingly created a grave risk of substantial damage to the national security. Yes he did right here

(3) In the commission of the offense, the accused knowingly created a grave risk of death to another person. Here too.

(4) Any other factor that may be prescribed by the President by regulations under section 836 of this title (Article 36).”


(a) That the accused communicated, delivered, or transmitted any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, note, instrument, appliance, or information relating to the national defense;

(b) That this matter was communicated, delivered, or transmitted to any foreign government, or to any faction or party or military or naval force within a foreign country, whether recognized or unrecognized by the United States, or to any representative, officer, agent, employee, subject or citizen thereof, either directly or indirectly; and

(c) That the accused did so with intent or reason to believe that such matter would be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of a foreign nation.

The just want to be free and live in peace. They are a very friendly people with love and caring for their fellow human being. Not the extremist people obviously.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by 27jd
Perhaps Manning was just trying to SAVE the lives of his brothers in arms, and get back to our military being used to actually protect this country, not to secure corporate interests in sovereign nations...

Perhaps? Maybe. Or, maybe not.

I'm not a fan of US policies abroad and in the Middle East in particular, but it's hard not to see the fact than on balance, Manning and Assange did do damage. People like to scream "privacy" here on ATS and go mad over an airport scanner, however when confidential diplomatic sources are exposed, all of a sudden it's a good read and Assange is a hero.

Bad sh!t happens in any military campaign, and as far this is concerned, Assange didn't add value to the cause.

Bottom line, Manning effectively provided intel for adversaries, not matter how you try to dress it up. I hope he suffers consequences.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by AtruthGuy

Right and I hope I got a flag. True.

If he was arrested for rape and the lady went to the police and said hey this guy I really wanted to have sex with him and he would not put on a condom. But I shagged him anyway..The cop would be like well it was your choice lady. You didnt have to lay there on you back or on top what ever.

Just say know people.

No glove no love period.

I think these women should be prosecuted for filing a false claim. Who are they... Oh ya they wont so there face because people will come forward and say I know her she is a groupie tramp and a player.

Face your accuser.

Show there faces on the internet or drop the case.

There are prople who request witness protection from crime families and the still show there faces.

What gives..

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by Techy
The worst thing about this whole situation is the ignorance of people in general. About 80% of people don't know what a hero Julian Assange is. Those 80% also think he's just some rapist

Whether this is the case or not, hopefully will be established in the Swedish court of justice.

And hero he is not. Just a giant ego with no substance.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by Rocky Black

queryexplorer://[bgob] What is rape in Sweden
Freitag, 3. Friday 3 Dezember 2010 , von Freeman um 00:05 December 2010, in order of Freeman 12:05

Nach normalen Rechtsverständnis spricht man von einer Vergewaltigung, wenn eine Person eine andere gegen ihren Willen unter Anwendung von Gewalt zum Vollzug des Beischlafs nötigt. Under normal understanding of the law is called a rape when one person to another against their will by using force compels the completion of the sexual intercourse. Die Betonung liegt auf dem Wort „Gewalt“. The emphasis is on the word "violence". Das ist aber nicht in allen Ländern so. But that is not available in all Sun

In Israel gilt auch einvernehmlicher Sex als Vergewaltigung, wenn der Mann eine falsche Identität angibt, also wenn zum Beispiel eine Israelin mit einem Palästinenser willentlich Sex hat, er aber sich als Jude ausgibt und sie es später herausfindet er wäre keiner. In Israel, even consensual sex is considered rape if the man gives a false identity, so as when an Israeli woman willingly has sex with a Palestinian, but he claims to be a Jew and she later finds out he would not. Obwohl sie nicht genötigt wurde, den Beischlaf willentlich wollte, reicht eine falsche Angabe des Mannes völlig aus, um für Jahre im Gefängnis zu landen. Although she was not forced to have sexual intercourse was voluntary, reaches a false indication of the man from completely in order to land for years in prison. In meinen Augen ist das Rassismus. In my opinion, is the racism.

Auch in Schweden ist der Gesetzesparagraf der Vergewaltigung weltfremd und widerspricht jedem normalen Verständnis. Even in Sweden, the laws clause of the rape unrealistic and contrary to any normal understanding. Dort ist einvernehmlicher Sex auch dann eine Vergewaltigung scheinbar, wenn ein Kondom wärend des Akts verrutscht, eine strafbare Handlung des Mannes, die mit einem Minimum von zwei Jahren bestraft wird. There is consensual sex and rape, then an apparently when a condom slips WHILE the Act, an offense of the man who is punished with a minimum of two years. Klingt völlig lächerlich, aber diesem Vorwurf ist Julian Assange ausgesetzt und er wird deshalb weltweit mit Haftbefehl gesucht. Sounds completely ridiculous, but this accusation is Julian Assange suspended and he is therefore being sought worldwide arrest warrant.

In Schweden ist die Rechtslage so absurd, eine Frau kann nicht wirklich sagen ob sie vergewaltigt wurde, sondern das bestimmt der Staatsanwalt. In Sweden, the legal situation is so absurd that a woman can not really tell whether she was raped but which determines the prosecutor. Man muss nämlich Jura studiert haben um zu wissen ob man das „Opfer“ einer Vergewaltigung ist. One must have studied law namely to know whether the "victim" of rape. Das ist jetzt kein Scherz. This is now not a joke. Denn wenn man mit einem Kondom drauf anfängt und die Frau willigt ein und dann am Schluss ist er irgendwie verschwunden, dann kann die Frau sagen, damit war sie nicht einverstanden und es ist juristisch gesehen eine Vergewaltigung. For if one begins with a condom on it and the woman agrees, and then at the end it's kind of disappeared, then tell the wife, so she did not agree and it is legally speaking a rape.

Deshalb ist Schweden wahrscheinlich auch das Land mit den meisten Vergewaltigungen auf der Welt, obwohl die meisten nach deutschem Recht gar keine wären, da keine Gewalt involviert ist. Therefore, Sweden is probably the country with the most rapes in the world, although most were not even under German law, as no violence is involved. Schweden ist damit eine Lachnummer was das betrifft und nicht das moderne und liberale Land wie es sich nach aussen gibt und man allgemein meint. Sweden is thus a laughing stock for that matter, not the modern and liberal country as it is outside and it generally means.

Jetzt verstehen wir viel besser, warum Julian Assange überhaupt diesem Vergewaltigungsvorwurf ausgesetzt ist. We now understand much better why Julian Assange is ever accused of this rape. Er tappte ahnungslos in eine Falle, die jedem Ausländer der die Gesetzeslage in Schweden nicht kennt passieren kann. He stumbled unwittingly into a trap that does not know of any alien, the legal situation in Sweden may happen. Er hatte Sex mit zwei Frauen die das bewusst wollten, einen sogenannten one-night-stand, der anfänglich mit einem Kondom begann und ohne einem endete und schwups ist man ein Vergewaltiger. He had wanted sex with two women aware that a so-called one-night stand, which began initially with a condom, and ended without a whoosh and one is a rapist.

Deshalb, was die schwedische Justiz unter einer Vergewaltigung versteht, und auch was in Israel darunter gemeint ist, hat mit unserer nicht unbedingt was zu tun. Therefore, what does the Swedish judiciary, a rape, and also what is meant including in Israel, has to do with our not sure what. Da sind Welten an Unterschied, obwohl es den gleichen Begriff hat. There are worlds of difference, although it has the same term. In Schweden kontrollieren die Feministen die Justiz und in Israel die Rassisten. In Sweden, control the judiciary and the feminists in Israel the racist.

Das ganze fing im August an, mit der Weitergabe der Information an die Boulevardpresse, Assange wäre der Vergewaltigung beschuldigt und mit Haftbefehl gesucht. The whole began in August, with the passing of information to the tabloid press, Assange would be accused of rape and searched with arrest warrant. Diese Nachricht ging wie ein Lauffeuer rund um die Welt. This news spread like wildfire around the world. Noch am selben Tag wurde der Haftbefehl aber zurückgezogen, weil es „keine Beweise“ dafür gab. The same day the warrant was withdrawn because there was "no evidence" existed. Er durfte Schweden verlassen. He was allowed to leave Sweden. Nur, der immense Schaden an Assanges Reputation war dann unwiderruflich geschehen. Only the immense damage to Assange reputation was irrevocably happen.

Jetzt drei Monate und drei Staatsanwälte später, ist die schwedische Justiz zur Entscheidung gelangt, mit der Strafverfolgung doch weiterzumachen. Now, three months and three prosecutors later, the Swedish Justice has come to my decision to go ahead with the prosecution anyway. Wie ich vorher sagte, ein eingewilligter Sex der mit Kondom anfing aber ohne endete, ist in ihren Augen nicht eingewilligt, also eine Vergewaltigung, eine willkürliche juristische Auslegung. As I said before, a consent to the sex began with condom but is not ended, in their eyes did not consent, ie, a rape, arbitrary legal interpretation. Wenn man so will, haben wir hier eine Straftat ohne Opfer und sowieso überhaupt keine Gewalt im Spiel, eine Tatsache die in anderen europäischen Ländern eine sofortige Einstellung des Verfahren bedeuten würde. If you like, we have a crime without a victim, and in any case absolutely no violence in the game, a fact that in other European countries would be an immediate cessation of the procedure.

Auch ein Vorwurf der Angabe einer falschen Identität, wie es in Israel als Grund ausreicht, ist hier nicht gegeben. Even an accusation of a false identity, as it insufficient in Israel as a reason is not given here. Die Frauen wussten wer er ist, sie prahlten sogar danach mit seiner „Prominenz“. The women knew who he is, even after they bragged about his "celebrity". Sie sind um die 30 Jahre alt, also keine Minderjährigen und haben vermutlich reichlich sexuelle Erfahrung. They are aged around 30 years, so no minors and probably have plenty of sexual experience. Es gibt auch keine Hinweise auf Drogen oder andere bewusstseinsstörende Substanzen, die ihren Willen beeinflusst hätte. There is also no evidence of drugs or other mind-disturbing substances that could affect their will.

Die “Damen”, Anna Ardin und Sofia Wilén, sind sogar hergegangen und haben sich danach gegenseitig Tweets und SMS über ihre „Eroberung“ einer bekannten Persönlichkeit zugeschickt und damit angegeben. The "ladies" Ardin and Anna Sofia Wilén are even walked and have followed each other tweets and text messages sent over their "conquest" of a famous person and reported it. Die eine hat die ander nicht gewarnt, sie wäre vergewaltigt worden, nein, sie haben ihre tollen Erlebnisse ausgetauscht. The one, the other not warned that she had been raped, no, they have their great experiences exchanged. Das macht die Sache völlig unglaubwürdig. That makes zero credibility. Wo ist da ein Verbrechen? Where is there a crime?

Wer ist Anna Ardin überhaupt? Who is Anna Ardin at all? Sie ist eine Christin, Feministin, Sozialdemokratin, Tierschützerin und Abtreibungsgegnerin aus der linken Szene. She is a Christian, feminist, social democrat, animal rights and abortion opponent from the left scene. Sie war verantwortlich für Gleichstellungsfragen in der Studentenvereinigung der Universität Uppsala, wofür sie einen Auszeichnung bekam. She was responsible for gender issues in the student union of the University of Uppsala, for which she received an award. Auf ihrem Blog beschreibt sie sich als: On her blog, she describes herself as:

" Politwissenschaftlerin, Kommunikatorin, Entrepreneurin und freie Schriftstellerin mit speziellen Wissen über Glauben und Politik, Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau, Feminismus und Lateinamerika. “ Also nicht gerade ein unbedarftes armes Hascherl vom Lande, das keine Ahnung von Sex hat und was es bedeutet. "Political scientist, communicator, Entrepreneurin and freelance writer with special knowledge about faith and politics, equality between men and women, feminism, and Latin America." Well, not exactly a poor naïve Hascherl from the country, the idea of sex does not and what it means.

Nach der „Vergewaltigung“ ging Ardin sogar her und hat zu Ehren von Assange eine Party in ihrer Wohnung geschmissen und schickte Tweets an ihre Freunde, in denen sie sich entzückt ausdrückte. According to the "rape" was Ardin ago and has even thrown in honor of Assange a party at her home and sent to their friends Tweets, in which she expressed it with delight.

Da am Wochende des 15. Since the weekend of the 15th August die Langusten-Saison in Schweden begann, wollte Julian Assange eine 'kräftskiva', eine Langusten-Party besuchen. August lobster season in Sweden began, Julian Assange wanted a 'kräftskiva', attending a crawfish party.

Am Samstag den 14. On Saturday the 14th August schrieb sie um 14:00 Uhr auf Twitter: August, it wrote at 14:00 clock on Twitter:

„ Julian will auf eine Langusten-Party gehen, hat jemand einige Stühle frei heute oder morgen? “ "Julian wants a crawfish party going on, does anyone have some chairs free today or tomorrow?"

Am frühen Morgen des 15. In the early morning of 15 August um 2:00 Uhr schriebe sie auf Twitter: August was writing it at 2:00 clock on Twitter:

„ Sitze draussen um 2:00 und friere nicht mit der Welt coolsten smartesten Leuten, es ist fantastisch! " "Sit outside at 2:00 and not feel cold to the world's coolest smartest people, it's fantastic!"

Sie hat dann alles getan um diese verräterischen und ihrer Behauptung widersprechenden Tweets zu löschen, aber sie sind der Welt trotzdem erhalten geblieben. It then has done all these treacherous and their conflicting claims to delete tweets, but they are still the world receive the same. Die SMS-Nachrichten zwischen den Frauen sind nicht öffentlich bekannt, aber die Staatsanwaltschaft hat sie. The SMS messages between the women are not publicly known, but the prosecutor has it. In keiner ist von Vergewaltigung die Rede. In none of rape is reported.

Die SMS-Texte zeigen einen gemeinsamen Plan, wie man die schwedische Boulevard-Zeitung „Expressen“ vorher kontaktieren kann, um die Rufschädigung von Assange so gross wie möglich zu machen. The SMS-texts show a common plan on how the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen can contact in advance, to make the reputation of Assange as large as possible. Dabei sind sie zusammen zum Vortrag von Julian Assange gegangen, welche ihre politische Gruppe organisiert hat und haben sich als grosse Fans ausgegeben. They are together for the lecture by Julian went Assange, which has organized their political group and have been posing as big fans. Haben ihn umschmeichelt, belagert und eingeladen. Have flattered him, besieged and invited. Ardin war sogar seine Betreuerin und "kümmerte" sich um den "Ehrengast" im Namen der Organisatoren. Ardin was even his supervisor and "care" is the "special guest" on behalf of the organizers.

Was das Motiv für das Vorgehen von Ardin sein könntet, hat sie im Internet als Anleitung unter dem Titel „Rache ist süss“ veröffentlicht, wie man Rache an seinem fremdgehenden Freund ausüben kann. Siehe hier . What could be the actions of Ardin motif that, she has the title 'revenge is sweet "as in Internet instructions to publish how to cheating boyfriend can exercise his revenge. See here . Dort schreibt sie: There she writes:

" Manchmal ist es schwierig weiter zu machen ohne eine Art von Heimzahlung. Als Mensch sollte man das verstehen. In diesem Fall war ich sehr verärgert über einen ehemaligen Verlobten, der mich über eine lange Zeit hintergangen hat. Meine Revanche bestand zu diesem Zeitpunkt darin, in dem ich dies gepostet habe. " "Sometimes it's to make more difficult without some kind of retaliation. As a man you should understand that. In this case, I was very angry with a former fiancé, who for a long time deceived has me. My revenge was at this point is, where I've posted this. "

Musste Julian Assange als Ersatz für die Rache an ihrem Ex-Verlobten herhalten? Had Julian Assange serve as a substitute for revenge on her ex-fiance?

Neben dem persönlichen Rachegedanke, kommt noch ihre gesellschaftliche Ansicht zum Tragen. Besides the idea of personal vengeance, yet their social views to be expressed. Ardin glaubt fest daran, der partriachische Aspekt der westlichen Gesellschaft, wird nur wegen der Möglichkeit zusammengehalten, Männer können Frauen vergewaltigen. Ardin firmly believes the partriachische aspect of Western society is held together only because of the way men can rape women.

Dann soll Ardin nach Florida gegangen sein und dort sich unter der Anti-Castro-Bewegung in Miami getummelt haben. Then should have gone to Florida Ardin and have there be romping with the anti-Castro movement in Miami. Diese Bewegung wird nachweislich von der CIA gesponsort, die Castro schon lange liquidieren will. This movement is sponsored demonstrated by the CIA, Castro wants to liquidate a long time. Kam dort die Verbindung zwischen der CIA und Ardin zustande? There was the connection between the CIA and Ardin about? Wurde sie auf ihn angesetzt und als Köder benutzt? She was scheduled for him and used as bait? Sie hat ihn ja nach Schweden für den Vortrag eingeladen und war ständig um ihn rum. She has even invited him to Sweden for the talk and was always around him. Braucht es noch mehr Indizien, Assange ist Opfer einer CIA-Operation in Zusammenarbeit mit einer männerfeindlichen Feministin mit eigenen Motiven und wurde auf übelste Art reingelegt? Does it need more evidence, Assange is the victim of a CIA operation in cooperation with a hostile male feminist with your own designs and was taken in the worst kind?

Arden und Wilén sind am 20. Arden and Wilén are on 20 August, also fast eine Woche nach ihren begeisterten Tweets, gemeinsam zur Polizei gegangen, um scheinheilig „nur Rat zu suchen“, eine Möglichkeit in Schweden nicht wegen falscher Beschuldigung belangt zu werden. August, so almost a week together after their enthusiastic tweets, the police went to hypocritical "to search only the Council" not to be a possibility in Sweden prosecuted for false accusation. Sie suchten diesen „Rat“, nachdem sie sich gegenseitig abgesprochen hatten. They sought this "council" after they had agreed with each other. Dabei resultierte aus der Sitzung eine Anzeige wegen Vergewaltigung, eine die gar keine war, wo eingewilligter Sex mit absurder Rechtsauslegung in eine verwandelt wurde. This resulted from the meeting a charge of rape, one that was no where consented sex with absurd interpretation of the law has been transformed into a. Die Einwilligung der beiden Frauen wurde sogar von der Staatsanwaltschaft bestätigt. The consent of the two women was even confirmed by the prosecutor.

Es geht hier nicht unbedingt um das Gesetz über Sexualdelikte selber, sondern wie es in der juristischen Praxis angewendet wird. This is not necessarily the law on sexual crimes themselves, but how it is used in legal practice. Wie tief ist der Ansatz für nicht eingewilligten Sex, der in anderen Ländern viel höher liegt. How deep is the approach for non-consented sex, which is much higher in other countries. In Schweden wird das willkürlich ausgelegt. In Sweden it is interpreted arbitrarily. Dort liegt der Fehler und der Kritikpunkt. There is the problem and the criticism. Ein gemeinsam gewollter Sex wird nachträglich in einen ungewollten verdreht, was nur ein Jurist mit absurder Logik verstehen kann, aber nicht ein normal denkender Mensch. A jointly intentional sex is subsequently rotated into an undesirable, which can only understand a lawyer with an absurd logic, but not a normal thinking person.

Wir haben hier also eine Feministin mit ihrer gleichgesinnten Freundin, die möglicherweise Kontakte zur CIA hat, die Expertin ist im Gleichstellungsrecht, die eingewilligten Sex mit Assange trieben, die danach feierten, zusammen ausgingen und darüber prahlten und anschliessend nach Tagen doch fühlten oder man ihnen einredete oder von vorne herein planten, sie wurden gegen ihren Willen sexuell missbraucht, obwohl es keine Beweise dafür gibt, die auch noch zum Vortrag ihres angeblichen Peinigers gingen, um dann zur Polizei zu rennen und es sofort der Presse melden, damit die ganze Welt es weiss. We have here a feminist with her like-minded friend who may have contacts with the CIA, the expert is in equality law, the purpose consented to sex drives with Assange who celebrated it, together were off and it boasted, and then after a few days but felt or they are persuaded or from the outset planned, they were against her will, sexually abused, although there is no evidence there that were still the talk of her alleged tormentor, only to the police run and report it immediately to the press so that the whole world knows it . Gibt es eine Bezeichnung für solche Frauen? Is there a term for such women? Ich wüsste schon eine. I'd know one.

Das eine Staatsanwaltschaft bei dieser Faktenlage überhaupt die Frechheit hat Assange anzuklagen und einen Haftbefehl via Interpol ausstellt, ist ein Skandal und widerspricht jedem normalen Rechtsempfinden. One prosecutor in this factual situation at all has the audacity to accuse Assange and to issue an arrest warrant via Interpol is scandalous and contrary to any normal sense of justice. Nicht Assange sollte vor Gericht stehen, sondern die beiden Frauen und das schwedische Rechtssystem selber, dass so eine Unverschämtheit überhaupt zulässt. Assange should not be sued, but the two women and the Swedish legal system itself, that so allows an outrage at all.

Um jemand zum Schweigen zu bringen, gehen die Mächtigen der Welt immer in drei Schritten vor: Zuerst läuft ein Bestechungsversuch. In order to silence anyone who go against the world powers always in three steps: first is a bribe. Wenn der nicht funktioniert, dann wird man mit Dreck beworfen (wie jetzt der Vergewaltigungsvorwurf). If that does not work, then being hit with dirt (as the recent accusation of rape). Und wenn man das auch überlebt, dann hat man einen Unfall, wird "Selbstermordet" oder es kommt eine Kugel geflogen. And if you like, it survives, then you have an accident, "Selbstermordet" and it comes flying a ball. Die Mordaufrufe gegen Assange sind bereits von US-Politikern ausgesprochen worden. The calls for murder against Assange have been already expressed by U.S. politicians.

Hier weiterlesen: All smoke and mirrors, what applies in Sweden as rape

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by buddhasystem

Whether this is the case or not, hopefully will be established in the Swedish court of justice.

And hero he is not. Just a giant ego with no substance.

Giant ego? He is the only person who has had the balls to stand up publically to the US government, he has kept them distracted and been on the run for so long, because THEY don't like what he is doing. Now, people have a reason to hate him and a reason to kill him. Hell, if the US wanted it and said they could cover it up, the UK would probably kill him for them.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:55 AM
It's so easy for keyboard warriors to downgrade Assange's importance. Hero? That may be pushing it for most. Irrelevant? Certainly not.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:55 AM
This guy julian is a rapist what are you all so upset about it.... He did the crime now he has to man up to it and pay the price you can't go around molesting and get away with it... Not to mention all the other crimes he has commited.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by SaturnFX

He was arested for releasing classified ifo pure and simple.

In the rings is that the washington beltway.

Are you disinfo..
I bet you would really like to take me up on that bet ahh.

Never. I know to much, and to little. I need more. I love this site because it is not CNN, ABC CBS and FOX though I like O'reily as he speaks the truth and the truth hurts.

How come they are going after this guy he did not really steal this information. Bradley manning did.. J. Ass never took the oarth top defend the constitution and he did'nt take an oath to secrecy.

He will end up dead. Car accident, fall from a window, heart attack, suicide.

That is the way it is my friend. I hope it is not the case. This guy has the biggest balls I have ever seen.

Maybe that is my they are going after him for rape.
His balls are to big for them to handle

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by theroosterkills

He's been charged with rape...not convicted of it. Until that point, he's innocent until proven guilty.

Why is this such a hard concept to grasp for some?

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by researchit
reply to post by spikey

ditto, i feel exactly the same,hat can we do?

Don't know..i suppose the only real way that would mean anything at all, would be to make a sincere pledge that if by some manner Wikileaks is shut down, that each of us endeavor to create Wikileak clones that would spring up asap to take up the mantle for honesty and free speech.

Short of that...?

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