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Something's about to happen (fall of 2010)

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posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 05:13 PM
This just in.... Something "IS" happening......

Or maybe it's just MSM....

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by freetree64

Why would somebody call a pancake a "flapjack"
That name just does not fit.
Oh and whats gonna happen? this fall?

posted on Nov, 3 2010 @ 03:10 AM
This fall, let US rise, you and me, instead.

posted on Nov, 3 2010 @ 03:10 AM
Change the outcome.

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 03:56 PM
Well, it's now Thursday Nov 4th, and while I no longer have the impression that the experiment at CERN is going to create a dark matter reaction leading to the end of the world, I am still curious what their schedule is for the November experiment, if it's really going to be on 11/9 or when..? If anyone knows, please keep up updated, thanks.

posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 04:23 PM
Well so far so good, no "unintended consequences", or the earth turning into a star or any such thing. Turns out they did the first lead ion "smash" on Sunday Nov 7th, and I've noted from the schedule that the Month of November is blocked off for these types of experiments at CERN, after which they're stopping through the balance of the year.

So far so good..

posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 04:46 PM
Just for the record, this is the "synchronicity" which set off my alarm bells in the first place.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
Synchronicity Number One (Part One)

While surfing around on the net on the term Alchemy and human transformation, I ran across a site from a guy by the name of Jim Self called Mastering Alchemy, who was appointed to some government position years ago by Jimmy Carter, so he's got a little "cred" I suppose. (no, this isn't a plug for him or his site)

Basically I'd read somewhere on some forum or something that there were some good "freebies" there to be had, which provide a good introduction to pratical personal alchemy, and his stuff is kind of neat as it incorporates the ideas of Bob Monroe regarding the nature of an enerrgy field which trascends space and time surrounding the human being ("made in God's image"?) and those of Yogic prana, and so I was poking around there, and I listened to one of the free audio files, a Q&A with some participants from a seminar he'd been conducting or something like that. Let me see if I can find it

I got from from a free subscription login where it says Listen to all of Jim's Classes

Here's the file

Anyway, here's the thing

This guy claims to be a master Lucid Dreamer, who is conscious every night while he sleeps, throughout his entire dream life, and who states that all his program material comes directly from his otherwordly interactions with beings he calls "Archangels".

Now, in the Q&A, someone was asking him about the final transition and the end times and what will be taking place, based on the information he's getting provided to him from these "archangels", and so he says something like this

I've been told that the "shift" is going to take place very soon, and when the final shift happens, they say our earth will be turned into "a type of star", in the process of which there will be a lot of Earthquakes, and many many people will lose their bodies in the process.

So I think to myself when I heard that - "HOGWASH, that's BS, the Earth turning into a type of star?! gimme a break! - by what process could that ever occur?" and it made me a little sceptical, about Jim Self being some sort of charlatan, even though I liked much of what he has to say and had ordered his book "Spirit Matters" which just came in the mail the other day although I haven't had the opportunity to read it yet in part because of my newfound ATS addiction!

But that's just tha first HALF of the synchronicity, brb, I have to go for another smoke this is stressing me out a bit, all the energy required to put this information out there for whatever its worth, and even wondering if sharing this is the right thing, since the signs can also be interpreted in another way as well.

Jim Self, master Lucid Dreamer and Alchemist, is told by the archangles who he claims to "play with" when he dreams consciously at night, that the earth will become a type of star and that many many will lose their bodies during the cataclysm, and, that this process is coming together "very very successfullly" according to these "angels" (whether they are good or bad and why he trusts them 100% I cannot attest to)

Part Two to follow..
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Part Two

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Synchronicity Number One (Part Two)

So, on the very SAME DAY I ran across this Jim Self Master Alchemist relaying what the "Archangels" have told him regarding "the shift" and the "end times", that the Earth would be tranformed into a type of star, with earthquakes and many people losing their bodies (ie: passing on), completely independantly, while surfing Rense, I then ran across the LHC CERN information, which describes in detail precisely how, theoretically, the earth could be transformed into a type of strange, dark matter quark star! With experiments set to commence early November (it's been on the News here in Canada a lot lately, but NOT in the US, I've noticed), which will produce the potentially transformative (or destructive) combination of up, down and strange quarks, what they are referring to, in advance and in anticipation as "squarks", which reletavistic physics suggests will combine to form a new type of dark matter, here on Earth, called "strangelets", and these strangelets, being the most stable form of matter on earth (greater than iron) once they interact with regular matter (our world) will then immediate fall (a dark matter SPILL) to the center of the earth and start an "Ice 9" reaction, which would turn the earth into a type of star, maybe even something completely NOVEL in the universe, the "top predator" or top quark, as outlined here.

And here's the thing - while I have placed a message to Jim Self by phone to see if he knows ANYTHING about CERN and the LHC and the dangers posed, I have to assume that the two things, his prophecy from the archangels, and the upcoming LHC experiment, are otherwise completely UNRELATED..! Get it? A very meaningful coincidence indeed you might say, eh?

Same day, I run across two things, one a prophecy, another a modern physics experiment, both of which indicate or point at least in theory, that the earth could be converted to a dark star (I even wrote a story once as a kid called "The Dark Star", a spin on the Nativity Star over Bethlehem being a super nova wiping out all life on a beautiful, harmonious civilization, just to lead 3 wise men to Bethlehem..!).

I will conintue to post some more synchronicities, which in my view, also point in the direction of this "eschaton" on our immediate horizon, which will include

The Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill
A Recent Cluster of Earthquakes in Iceland (Ice 9 reaction related)
The Free Fall of Shark Populations, "Top Predator" of the oceans
A recent Shark Attack which killed people
The Circle in the Sun
The increase in media messages talking esoterically, and breathlessly (as in that commercial posted above) about a global transformation of profound impact which will "change everything" and the world as we know it
People's sense and feelings, including feeling like they're in a dream, dead already, or on the verge of a transformation, but getting headaches in the process of trying to discern what's happening, or from being under pressure, mentally, as a result of a whole host of incongruities, not the least of which is the GAP between what is, what should not be, and what will be, or even as a rise in pressure from the Zero Point Field or akashic field, as we approach the event horizon of absolute novelty (Terrance McKenna's TimeWaveZero pops to mind here).

Now, these things may appear irrational, at first glance, but I think you'll soon see just where I'm coming from on this, if you haven't already.

And the reason I indicated October 31st, Halloween, is because the previous date for ramping up these experiments at CERN was November 9th (11/9), but, if the "Illuminati" have their hands on this, then why not choose a significant Occult Satanic date, to inaugurate the "New Reality" - that's about how far I trust them ie: they would make it a global sacrifice to Satan, just for the hell of it. So that's where I got that idea from. Halloween is the day that Satanists make sacrifices, even human sacrifices. It's a big day for Satanic oriented Occult practitioners.
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And that's the long and the short of it, as to where I was coming from.
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:13 AM
My dream last night, which COULD very easily be influenced by my participation at ATS, or not,who knows..

There was a black man, a potential criminal of sorts, running around on top of a commercial office building, and we (police and helicopters) were circling and flying all around, but he laid down on the roof, and for some reason the whole scene switched, and out of the elevator in the lobby walked some black movie star figure, like a Wesley Snipes character, and the reception is grand, and I'm just in the mix, so I turn to this guy beside me, who looks like johnny depp, with these bent quarters (coins) on his belt, and his sunglasses were the same way, styled with half bent quarters (looked kind of cool) and he turned to me and asked me if I was going to follow along with the "new star" on the block, this black dude we'd previously been tracking on the helicopter, and I just kind of shrugged and said nah.

And that was what I remembered.

So hopefully no dark matter got through..!

If so he was a well recieved and highly esteemed star of the show, but I wasn't interested, which is good. Then again, there was probably a lot of sex and drugs and rock and roll had I pursued him, that's the sense I had. Thank GOD I passed on the offer - then again, it WAS just a dream, maybe next time I'll go along for the ride just to see, while remaining cautious..

Just reporting.

Of course by another interpretation, the black man is also a repressed aspect of myself of some kind, perhaps getting his day in the sun, which wouldn't be so bad, if it's all about me that is, as most dreams usually are, where ALL the elements are parts of ourselves re-integrating.

Oh and of course there's no racial prejudice there at all when I mentioned he was a black man, that's just a symbol a type of yin and yang I think.

If "Mr. Dark" then while we can handle one of him, a whole ARMY might be a problem....

That would exceed my performance capacity.
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

You know I've always maintained, for some time now, as a type of Christian oriented metaphysical philosopher of sorts, that the ultimate simplicity, at the end of complexity, is the cross, and the death and resurrection, of Jesus Christ.

I've also noted, over these past 10 years or so, the degree to which history has been repeating itself, and so this represents another aspect of my concern.

That said, again I do have faith in the immovable rock of ages, in any event, and the throne of God which can never be usurped, not under any circumstances, and lastly, that all evidence indicates that God is a good God, not evil, capable of swallowing all evil in a simple act of submission to the higher will to love, and to redeem us, at any cost. I just hope, in our arrogance, and even in our rebellion, that we won't go ahead and crucify him again, and again, it's just not necccessary.

So it's all good, but there are certain powers and principalties I know, not just in other realms in the universe, but also here on earth, "people of the lie" who hate God with everything they've got, and who would like nothing other than, as before, to "do away with him".

Does this mean I am fearful of science, that it will replace God? Not at all, not in the least, what scares me is human ignorance combined with insatiable curiosity, combined with, a very willful, arrogant, and even a rebellious nature, driven not by love at all, but knowledge alone, at any cost.

Maybe there was no "Big Bang" and we're in a steady state universe ie: when God said "let there be light" there was, thereafter, ALWAYS LIGHT, and one where matter is always and forever arising from the Zero Point Field. Maybe there is no "arrow of time" and entropy leading only to death, and even in that instance, maybe there's a resurrection from death, such that what is good and just may then perpetuate itself, with continuity, and in a continued evolutionary progression, in which case we're back to steady state again...

So anyway, I'm both concerned, saddened, and hopeful, all at the same time.

P.S. If need be, or at some point in another thread maybe, I can explain precisely what I am thinking by positing the seemingly absurd idea of a "Cosmological Christ" (don't be to quick to judge or balk at it either, as there's an entirely rational basis to hold this viewpoint).
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