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Are "Jews" Hiding the Genocide Policies of the Torah (Deut ch 13 & ch 20)?

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 08:43 AM

There has been repeated claims, especially by those who have studied the subject in some detail...... that the "Torah of Moses" (Genesis through Deuteronomy) uses the same kind of "Genocide Technical Language" as Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" of 1922 and that the Rabbis DON'T WANT EVEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE TO REFLECT UPON THIS so they have tried to take the world focus off of this fact and placie the "spotlight" more on the German Holocaust of WWII:

I am not convinced that there is a COVER UP going on...or any kind of Conspiracy among the Worlds Jews and Christians (who rarely agree on anything)...but it does seem strange that so few people are willing to even talk about this fact openly, especially in "repressed" America:


I would like to open up a wider DISCUSSION (open to both Jews and "Goyim" alike---feel free to bring in your own perspectives) of whether (or NOT!) there is (or is NOT) a "concerted effort" today in the world press among the Simon Weisenthal related "Houses of Tolerance" (!) that have sprung up in major cities---in concert with certain rightwing Rabinninc Groups worldwide--- to COVER UP the fact that the supposedly ancient "Torah of Moses" openly and actively CONDONED GENOCIDE AND EXTERMINATION Policies against the local Canaanite tribelets (i.e. Amorites, Jebusites, Girgi#es, Amalekites, Perizzites etc.) with WORDS PLACED INTO THE MOUTH OF MOSES AND THE ISRAELITE CLAN GOD YAHWEH in order to "sanction" such atrocities.

Especially troublesome AND PERPLEXING TO SOME JEWS AND CHRISTIANS TODAY WHO READ ABOUT ALL THE NAZI ATROCITIES of WWII is the socalled "Book of Deuteronomy" , the 5th Book of the TORAH, especially passages in chapter 13 and certain passages in Deuteronomy chapter 20 (both chapters were apparently written in the same "genocidal vein," by a single late 6th century BC Hebrew racist with linguistic ties to the "circle of editors" who compiled the oracles of "Jeremiah").

In these GENOCIDAL passages of THE TORAH ITSELF, the Hebrew text, talking about what "to do about " all those non Israelite cities in Canaan that worship their own local clan gods --i.e. apart from the Israelite clan god Yahweh (and/or his Asherah) actually says things like :


These passages are never posted on the walls of the so-called Weisenthal Holocaust Museums/Centers, or what are sometimes referred to as "Houses of Tolerance": !!!!

In fact, on the face of it, the TORAH placed into the mouth of Yahweh ranks among the MOST INTOLERANT OF ANY RELIGIOUS LAW CODE IN EXISTENCE.

Either way, I would be very surprised to find that I am the only one who sees the same heinous genocidal ravings placed into the mouth of the clan god YHWH IN THE TORAH (which foreshadows Hitler's viscious ideas) -- a particularly damning aspect to Rabinnic Judaeism since the TORAH is (after all) the absolute CORE of Judaeism and even read by "Christians" who quote "Jeeezuz" as represented in the gospel of Matthew:

"Not a Jot not a Tittle of the TORAH OF MOSES should be overlooked: what the Scribes tell you to do, do as they tell you....Everything in the TORAH must be obeyed...the Son of Man cometh NOT to destroy the TORAH...but to ADD TO IT..." Matthew 5:17-18 etc.

Perhaps people kindly gloss over the genocidal ravings of the mad prophet Hezekiel (read chapters 8 and 9 for a taste of the genocidal rampages he went on) because it is not actually part of the Torah, and therefore Hezekiel's theology is not necessarily "central" to Judaesm----BUT THE TORAH IS A WHOLLY DIFFERENT MATTER.

It seems that the "sick" Book of Joshua (which is written in the same Jeremiah-style of the Book of Deuteronomy itself, i.e. the socalled D writer) CONTINUES THIS GENOCIDAL APPROBATION: e.g. Joshua 10:38-40 and many other places---try reading that filthy document for yourself:

"And JOSHUA returned to Debir with Qol-Yisrael and fought against it and took the city...and he genocided them with the sword, exterminating all the souls therein...leaving nothing remaining alive just as he had done previously in Hebron and to their King and to Libna and their king...and he LEFT NOTHING REMAINING ALIVE, BUT EXTERMINATED EVERYTHING THAT BREATHED, AS YAHWEH HAD COMMANDED HIM."

A number of the more viscious technical war terms in the paleo-unpointed Hebrew OF BOTH DEUTERONOMY (PART OF THE TORAH) AND THE HEINOUS BOOK OF JOSHUA are in the "hit-piel intensive tense" which "exaggerates" the effect of any verb (e.g. there is meant for example to be a great difference in meaning between "smite" =kill and "utterly smite" =exterminate etc. etc.)

Before responding to this VOLATILE thread, I would ask you to PLEASE at least READ the text of Deut chapter 13 then Deuteronomy chapter 20, then read through the book of Joshua:

THEN make your "informed" comments public...and be polite. This thread is meant to be informative and corrective, not mean-spirited...!

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 09:38 AM
I do not embrace the Jewish faith.

However, I fail to see how ancient scripture and policies that are obviously wacky and written thousands of years ago have any relevance to the Twenty-First Century.

We should judge people and faiths by how they treat others NOW, not by what went on many centuries before we were even born. All the people that wrote those policies are long dead.

Are there any indications that those policies are currently being furthered in some way by Israel or by Jews in general?

If so, then what are those indications?

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 11:34 AM
Hello Paul:

Thank you for your post.

You are right about the supposedly ancient Torah "of Moses" having little moral relevance in the present 21st century, especially in the West, where tolerance of Difference needs to be fostered not squelched.

However there is a disturbing trend among the fast growing "right wing extremist" factions of both Judaeism (especially in Israel) and especially Protestant American brands of Christianity (of which Bush II seems to be a part of), who do not tolerate difference, and who would look at the genocidal message of the Torah in places as the "holy words of YHWH".

The danger of course is that, especially today, with the civil war raging in Israel (cf: the 2nd Intifada) the overall attitude of the right wing extremist Rebbe's in Israel today has real life repurcussions affecting the lives of thousands of innocent people, viz a viz the present Israeli-Palestinian situation (i.e. the socalled Chasidim, "who keep Chesed", i.e. the Covenant ritual laws of the Torah) since these extremist-racist groups seem rather too gleefully to quote the genocidal passages outloud often when they go on "holy war" rampages.

Ref: Your QUOTE : "Are there any indications that those policies are currently being furthered in some way by Israel or by Jews in General?"

A modern case in point (to take only ONE example of hundreds over the past 20 years) would be the February 25th 1994 (Feb) Hevron Massacre which was perpetrated by a Chaddic Rabbi who memorised the Torah in Hebrew, representing the JDL and other groups:

His name was Dr Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, a NY Ashkenaz who at 5am one Friday morning in Feb 25th 1994, during Muslim prayers, opened fire with an AUTOMATIC WEAPON in the Mosque in the Cave of the Patriarchs, killing 29 Palestinian men and women while they were "facing the east" and wounding about 80.

The press covered this for a day or two in the US (mildly) then promptly....covered it up.

Especially the fact that Rabbi Goldstein was screaming the Torah while he was trying to "leave nothing breathing" in the mosque that morning. I got that little detail from an eye witness to what happened.

But not a word of that in the American press, which rarely criticises the violence inherent in the growing right wing extremist forms of Rabinnic Judaeism.

Apparently the Israeli army that morning only had 4 men on post (instead of the normal Friday morning contingent of at least a dozen armed guards) which seems to indicate some kind of "collusion" with the local right wing Orthodox sects many of whom embrace the hateful words placed into the clan god of Israel's mouth in the Torah to base their own extremist racist Violence to deal with a modern day "political" problem.

From what one of my friends told me whose brother in law was wounded that morning, Rabbi Goldstein was screaming strung togetherer hotchpotches like a maniac reciting gezera shewa (select linked verses) from the Book of Hezekiel chapters 8 and 9 as well as mixing these gezera shewa with other select phrases from Deuteronomy chapter 13 and other verses: my friend's brother in law speaks both Arabic and Hebrew, but he said that the good Rabbi's Hebrew was a little sketchy accent wise, but he could make out distinctly certain key phrases like "EXTERMINATE ALL OF THEM FACING THE EAST...THUS SAITH THE PROPHETS OF OUR GOD.." etc.

Of course Rabbi Goldstein was put down like the rabid dog that he was but not until he managed to kill nearly 30 praying people "facing the East" (he was a member of the extremist arm of the Jewish Defence Leage and a personal associate of that racist Monster Rabbi Meir Kahane of Brooklyn who also used EXTERMINATION language (the very language of Hitler) regularly in his carefully prepared speeches against "all Arabs" whom he considered racially inferior...he would say things like

"A Jewish Toenail is worth 1 Million Palestinian lives...." and that sort of racist rubbish.

The question is: How aberrant from "main stream Jewish thinking" was Rabbi Goldstein's Killing Spree against the Palestinians? My guess is that if it were covered properly in the press, most Jews (and Christians) would NOT approve of his "methods" for "taking back the land of Israel".

The trouble is: Both certain right wing fanatics in both New York City and Israel now want to make a commemorative statue of Rabbi Goldstein and others like him (e.g. Meir Kahane) in order to make these racist zionist monsters into some kind of modern Joshua heros.

And look how that story turned out.

Thankfully, the extremist right wing arms of Judaeism are in the minority among Jews both in Israel and the US, but this torah based hatred seems to be spreading with the current US led phony "war on Terror", ,and the rise in the number of right wing reactionary Yeshivas in Israel and NYC who actually believe that the book of Deuteronomy contains the "words of God".

I naturally agree that the explosive racist Zionist genocidal ravings placed into the mouth of "Moses" by the post Exilic Jeremiad-Deuteronomist in the Torah has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE IN THE 21st CENTURY.

My concern is that the growing right wing extremist groups in New York City and other places, e.g. within Israel actually believe this Hitler like language actually comes from "God" and therfore is some how sacred that needs to be acted upon

I too fail to see how such outdated ancient racist literature can still be a model for people to live their lives by in teh 21st century, but we see evidence of many people actually taking this rubbish seriously---as though it were the "word of the clan god YHWH" and actually arming themselves and killing alot of innocent people in the process.

I would imagine that the more rational members of e.g. Reform Judaeism, who are more tolerant of the rights of others, must shudder when they come to those nasty inhuman "anti Goyim" passages in their Torah: but the Ultra right wing Orthodox seem to relish them, and apply them to their own "political" aims, much the way Herr Hitler did 60 years ago.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:25 PM
The danger is in people who might act literly on these things. Most "holy books" of many religions seem to have ways of dealing with those "godless other people" and no body dwells on it till a group gets together and commits a violent act.. then quotes those parts that suit them to wash away the sin of their deeds.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 09:37 PM
In the holy bible are passages pastors do not want their sheeple to dwell to much on either. The books were written way back in a different time. Same with the Koran. Well at least one should not take the Koran word by word.

The fact that Rabbis ommit these passage from their teachings show how they feel today about it. The Torah also teaches you shouldnt keep an hebrew enslaved for more than 7 years.
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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 05:57 PM

I would take your call to civility and dispassionate discussion a bit more seriously if your op wasn't chock full of random capitalization, prolific exclamation points and pejoratives. It's sort of like touting the virtues of pacifism as you punch your neighbor in the face.

Your major example in your follow up post centers on a lone incident 17 years ago. That leads me to believe that those actions were taken by a lunatic as opposed to someone following a belief system.

I would assume that the reason why parts of the Torah are not discussed at the Simon Wiesenthall Center is the same reason why the policies of extermination by Ghengis Khan aren't discussed. I certainly don't see a willful disregard of Jewish violence, oppression or authoritarianism in the media (at least not comparatively).

As a side note, it would help if you were able to provide links to objective sources for your claims.



posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by EricD

Considering that the OP hasn't been active since 2004, and one of the original responders hasn't been on since 2008 (the other appears to have been banned) I get the feeling he won't be responding to any questions here. Interestingly enough, I started a very similar topic recently about how some extremists use the more violent Biblical passages to advocate and propagate their brand of extremism. You can check out the Biblical references, and some of their modern-day usages there if you wish:
The Origin of Ultra-Zionism

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by EricD

As a side note, it would help if you were able to provide links to objective sources for your claims.

The OP gave clear links..
Even in the thread title I can read the chapters he is discussing..

Though others have stated, all religions seem to have a violent history..
Picking on one without mentioning the others is a problem..

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 05:50 PM
Hi Baboly -

The originator of this post seems to have moved on to other discussion fora specifically designed for biblical scholars (AmadeuS had in some of his/her earlier posts claimed to bee a student of the great C.K. Barrett of England, apparently) rather than discuss these matters with what he called 'the masses' (i.e. the 'sheeple' non converrsant in the ancient bibilical languages) whom he seemed to have held in little regard (based on his other threads on these fora...)

I think the originator of this thread was CAPITALISING his/her statements in order to drive home the extremely odd feature that this whole 'genocidal Torah policy subject is never ever specifically mentioned (or discussed much) by the Rebbes broadly when discussing 'the holocaust' with the goyim (i.e. non Jews) i.e. that the Torah 'of Mosheh' (even if it was written or re-written by Ezra long after Mosheh allegedly lived) which is the 'absolute core' of Rabinnic Judaiesm (or as AmadeuS would write THE ABSOLUTE CORE OF JUDAIESM ) to-day which has more or less changed into a 'Holocaust-saturated Woe is Us type Religion' rather than what it used to be before 1945 - that is, the fact that the Torah contains specific words, commands and phrases which as AmadeuS said back in 2004, seem eerily like that of Mr Adolf Hitler in his Mein Kampf (['My Struggle' written back in 1922/1923), i.e. to genocide and exterminate your political enemies should be an aceptable a rule of state policy.

In other words, when a Rabbi today should come across phrases found in the the supposedly ancient Torah of his sspiritual ancestors : 'If you ever find any son of Belial among you encouraging you to worship other clan gods than your own clan-god YHWH, you will thoroughly investigate the matter ....and if proved to be true, you will exterminate him on the will show No Mercy, but you will then go ahead and genocide the entire village...and you will utterly genocide the men, women, children and animals...then you will gather all the belongings and property of the town and burn it all, leaving the place a 'perpetual ruin...'

This kind of genocidal vomit is found in Deuteronomy chapter 7 and also in Deuteronomy chapter 13 and also in Deuteronomy chapter 20 - all part of the 'holy Torah' of the Jews, especially with regard to the so-called Sons of Amaalek (benei Amalekh) a.k.a. the Amalekites which YHWH emphatically states to the benei Yisro'el (Israelites), 'you shall utterly genocide the sons of Amalek from under Heaven...'

Most English translations prefer the standard verb 'smite' even though the word forms in the Hebrew is the intensive grammatical forms of the verb 'to kill' (intensives such as' piels' etc. are ultra-exrtreme ways of expressing a verb e.g. the intensive form off a verb such as 'sip it from a glass' would be e.g. 'drain it to the dreggs' etc.

It is very ironic to many goyim today in the world (99.999% of the world total population) that today's Ashkenazim (what AmadeuS once in another thread called the AshkeNAZIs, in an attempt to draw a parallel with that other genocidal group) are the very first group to squeek when other groups (e.g. the Nazi's) perform exactly the same kinds of disgusting genocidal extermination policies against their own people...

In fact the phrases 'chosen people' and 'master race' have a lot in common in terms of a related Weltanschauung..but that is a topic for another thread.

So in other words, if I understandd what AmadeuS seems to be saying (in his/her own loud and boisterous rhetorical way) is that 'it's ok for the Jews to exterminate and genocide the goyim since it's in the 'holy' Torah but NOT ok for the goyim to genocide the Jews'.

We call that kind of thing "A Double Standard"----sort of like the way the UN seemingly allows the modern state of Yisro'el to murder, rape and starve out the indigenous Palestinian Population 'in the Territories' of Gaza and the West Bank (and east Jerusalem too), despite injunctions against such ruthless inhuman acts passed by a number of former UN resolutions since 1967.

Now nobody on this thread would ever even tolerate the thought of condoning any more Nazi genocide against persons who style themsleves 'Jews' these days, yet the Torah of Mosheh ('Moses') actively encourages their own to genocide non believers ('who encourage the sons of Yisro'el to worship another clan god that their own clan-god YHWWH') and passages found in Deut chapters 7, 13 and 20 and is read aloud proudly in modern synagogues and churches without as much as a blink from the sheeple.

Let me know if I am on the right track here...unfortunately, AmadeuS cannot defend himself/herself !

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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by backinblack

It's a rather minor point now, but the links I was asking for were related to his second post and his claims about the shooter.

As an aside, this thread will teach me to look at the posting date of the OP from now on. I can't believe I responded to a thread this old. Yikes!


posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 04:53 PM
Hi Eric

Yes indeed this one sure is an oldy on ATS...but a goody in the sense that it brings up a thorny question long thought about quietly amongst the goyim but rarely aired in public, viz. is YHWH the clan god of the Jews a racist xenophobic bigot, and if so, are all strict followers of the supposedly ancient 'Torah of Moses' therefore by implication also what we today in the 21st century would call racist-xenophobic (and obviously sexist) bigots?

Sad to say that much of the racist-sexist-xenophobism we see in the Torah is still spouted by fundamentalist persons who style themselves 'Christians' and 'Jews'..and also often shared by those who style themselves 'Muslims' -- all three groups claiming that they are of the One True Religion and all others are 'stupid goyim (gentile) oxen' or 'damned heathens' or 'infidels' i.e. an 'us' v. 'them' metality, foreshadowing later arrogance from groups that call themselves 'the Aryan Master Race' who distinguish their own members from outsiders 'non-Aryans' or 'slave races' etc.

Well, plus ca change !

posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 05:07 PM
Mezzeroth..holy roman empire explains it all.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:37 PM
Hi Superlimnal -

What did you mean that 'Mezzaroth - the Holy Roman Empire explains it all.'

Doesn't seem to explain anything-- at least to me,

The Heb. 'Mezzaroth' are the 12 Signs of the Zodiac i.e. a kind of Firmanent Star Map of The 12 Signs and the 36 related Mazelot (or 'Constellations')

And as for the so-called 'Holy Roman Empire' it was certainly NOT 'holy', it was NOT particcularly Roman and NOT really an Empire, as the old saying goes...

Pray explain ...!

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by Amadeus

None of this is an issue when you know the reason for the order to destroy... was directed at tribes of Nephyl (human hybrids)...
...who were bred up to disrupt the purpose of Israel.

These were situation specific orders and not general purpose laws.

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:42 PM
Hi Trouble -

So...riddle me this.... were the 'situation specific' orders from 'high command' ALSO responsible for the extermination of millions of non combatant obese, the elderly, the terminally ill, 'brown skinned' gypsies, communists, socialists, politicals, homosexuals, sexual deviants and Jews under the Nazi regime?

Seems to me the genocidal language encoded in the 5th book of the supposedly 'holy' Torah is rather a 'permanent injunction' not a situation specific injunction - if you discover ANY 'son of Belial' (i.e. cult-related ritually unclean) that encourages the benei Yisro'el to worship any other clan god but YHWH you will 'utterly exterminate the entire villag'e, 'you will leave nothing alive that breathes' including 'men, women, children and animals,' 'you shall genocide every one without mercy,' saith YHWH the clan god of Israel.

Were the very similarly worded genocidal words and thoughts expressed in Mein Kampf ALSO situation specific?

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:49 PM

Originally posted by Sigismundus
Hi Trouble -

So...riddle me this.... were the 'situation specific' orders from 'high command' ALSO responsible for the extermination of millions of non combatant obese, the elderly, the terminally ill, 'brown skinned' gypsies, communists, socialists, politicals, homosexuals, sexual deviants and Jews under the Nazi regime?

Were any of these groups Nephyl?

Seems to me the genocidal language encoded in the 5th book of the supposedly 'holy' Torah is rather a 'permanent injunction' not a situation specific injunction - if you discover ANY 'son of Belial' (i.e. cult-related ritually unclean) that encourages the benei Yisro'el to worship any other clan god but YHWH you will 'utterly exterminate the entire villag'e, 'you will leave nothing alive that breathes' including 'men, women, children and animals,' 'you shall genocide every one without mercy,' saith YHWH the clan god of Israel.

Were the very similarly worded genocidal words and thoughts expressed in Mein Kampf ALSO situation specific?

Similarity is not identity...flawed logical argument.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 05:24 PM
Hi Trouble -

I think you have your wires crossed. I am clearly using the same logical/epistomelogical underpinnings.

What you seem to be saying here is that since neoNazi's to-day sometimes use different words (e.g. The 'Final Solution of the Jews') to describe the notion of 'genocide' or the 'extermination' of their own particular racial and political enemies they must bee referring to completely different ideas off extermination altogether from what the pre-Scientific xenophobic writer(s) of the Torah were saying about 'utterly exterminating' their political enemies e.g. the 'sons of Amalek' ('the Amalekites') or for that matter any member of the goyim who worship other gods than 'YHWH' the post-Exilic clan-god of Yisro'el.

The idea underpinning Exermination IS Genocide and the idea underpitting Genocide IS Extermination, full stop.

I don't care if the semi-nomadic highly sexist, xenophobic preScientific tent dwelling Hebrews used the idea of ethnicc cleaning / political extermination in relation to the Amalekites etal. OR if the more modern and highly scientific modern Nazi's and their allies use the idea of ethnicc genoide against their perceived and warped notions of wiping out the extended members the Bauer-Rothschild family - it is the same 'general idea' in BOTH cases - so the idea is NOT logically unsound - read the language closely and think about it deeply before you answer e.g. . 'if a son of Belial is found to enccourage the sons of Israel to worship any other clan god but YHWH, you will utterly genocide them him and all in that village - moreover, you will show absolutely no mercy to any of them, but you will exterminate them all from under heaven - all the men, all the women, all the children and all their animals, and you will leave nothing at all alive that breathes...'

And what could be more Hitlerian than the Hebrew's choice of a Final Solutiion to the sons of Amalek ('You will utterly exterminate the sons of Amalek from under the heavens...') ??

For more grotesque exactlness of the parallel genocidal ideas here, take a quick look at the 'exterminatioin-sentiments' expressed in Deut. chapter 20 then Deut chapter 13 then Deut. chapter 7 - all part of the supposedly 'holy Torah', the absolute core of Judaiasm even today - which is levied against those 'who would worship any other clan god but YHWH and encourage others to do so' etc. (which can be found in English translation, especially if the Paleo Hebrew consonants seems a bit too troublesome) then check out the kind of blatant genocidal sentiments expressed in the specifically 'extermination' (i.e. 'final solution') language scattered all around the German text of Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' of 1923 (there are plenty of English translations available if his German is too much for you) , and see if you can spot any difference in sentiment say between 'the Chosen People' and 'the Master Race' ideology.

They are woefully similar in Weltanschauung, the only difference is the identify of the 'master-survival ' group and different 'extermination victim' group.

Clear as mud?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by troubleshooter

Just to clarify, you mean all the commands to kill by God in the OT was only against human-hybrids?
Was the majority of the area inhabited by Nephylim and their descendants then?
Certainly puts the book of Enoch in a new light....

I always did wonder how the foundation of the Mosaic law (10 commandments) which specify "thou shall not murder/kill" could then be contradicted in the later books...

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 02:23 PM
Just a heads-up: You'd be easier to read and probably seem more serious without the constant SCREAMING LIKE THIS interspersed with "quote marks" around "half the ideas" IN YOUR POST!

If you find that line annoying, think what it's like to go through several paragraphs like that.

I'm usually wary of anti-Judaism posts, but this information could be important to understanding the mentality of specific neo-Cons, so I'm letting you know because I think it could help get you more readers.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 03:29 PM
Hi Sepermeru -

I think you were addressing the original OP ('AmadeuS') who tended (albeit annoyingly at times !) to use CAPITALISED letters to make his/her points has in fact moved on to 'higher' discusion boards (he left us plebs back in 2005) on the Internet designed for other scholars like himself, in other words to discuss higher matter among his own scholastic peers.

If you're out there, AmadeuS, come back all is forgiven !

Then again, he/she did warn us in his initial post that this was a 'highly volatile' topic, which indeed it does seem to be - the question is...of course...why don't today's 'Jews' keep harping ad nauseam on their own holocaust against them when their own 'holy' Torah says to do the very same thing to their own political enemies?

(Of course, this is never to diminish the horror of the Nazi holocausts against various non-Nazi groups in history of the mid last century - but we must never ever forget that homosexuals, obese persons, brown (allegedly 'foreign, non Aryan' persons (they called 'gypsies') the elderly, the infirm and terminally ill, communists and other 'politicals' were gassed right along side the 'Jews' in the very same Camps by the Nazis, to the tune of exterminating in addition to 'Jews' more than 13 million European Gentiles ! )

So, forgetting all the CAPITAL letters of the original OP for a moment, what think ye of his general point here i.e. that on the subject of the holocaust of European Jewry in the last century (of persons who describe themselves in the most arrogant racist manner as 'the Master Race' Chosen People etc as Wiesenthal certainly did !) we are with a clear 'double standard' ?

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