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New Sunspot and this could be a big one.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by crazydaisy

well move along then. I know what i believe, it wasnt an ask it was a statement. Nothing to see here then. Laters.

Tell you something else that i have noticed a connection with?
The same band of people trashing threads with dis info. Check all the threads same people following the piedpiper.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 01:05 PM
For those of you thatare interested in the recent sunspot, heres the latest.
Solar Update - A new sunspot region numbered 1089 has rotated into view on the eastern limb and consists of a few small spots. This region is now Bubbling with B-Class flares and has also produced a lower level C-Class flare as of 13:51 UTC Tuesday. Continue to monitor the X-Ray Flux for further flare activity.

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 05:26 AM
New update on sunspot 1089:

"ULTRAVIOLET SUNSPOT: Sunspot 1089 is churning out a lot of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photons. Witness this EUV image taken just hours ago by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

The bright glow comes from hot (80,000 K) plasma trapped by the sunspot's magnetic field. All by itself, this one 'hot spot' is lifting the EUV brightness of the entire sun toward a high point for the year. EUV photons from sunspot 1089 are absorbed in Earth's upper atmosphere where they heat the rarefied air and help reverse the recent collapse of the thermosphere.

Sunspot 1089 is still growing, both in brightness and area."

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Aelfrede

Apparently I was overacting?

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:49 AM
Update from spaceweather:

"SUNSPOT SUNSET: Sunspot 1089 has grown so large, it can now be seen without the aid of a solar telescope. On July 21st, Gil Esquerdo "spotted it" as the sun set over Kitt Peak, Arizona: (photo of sun where the sunspot is visible with the naked eye because it is so large! go to link below to see photo.)

Esquerdo was located on adjacent Mt. Hopkins. "Twice a year, the sun sets behind Kitt Peak as seen from the ridge on Mt. Hopkins and the Whipple Observatory," he says. "Our monsoon thunderstorms cooperated long enough for me to photograph the event."

Kitt Peak is home to more than a dozen world-class telescopes, and many of their silhouettes can be seen in Esquerdo's photo. Highlights include the triangular profile of the great McMath-Pierce solar telescope and the towering dome of the Mayall 4-meter telescope.

Caution: Although sunspot 1089 is large enough to see with the naked eye, looking for it is not recommended. Even when sunlight is dimmed by clouds and haze, you can still suffer permanent eye damage by staring too long at the unfiltered sun. Be careful."

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 04:06 AM

Originally posted by jazz10

reply to post by Aelfrede

Apparently I was overacting?

Well, it's now so large that it can be seen with the naked eye! (although caution with regards staring at sun directly).

It does seem that some of the comments made the thread go quiet. Now the sunspot is not just large, but very large, it will be hard to bring people's attention to it because if you start a new thread it will probably be closed and people directed here (although at least, that's more attention than it gets now).

The way it seems to work with threads is if they don't get enough initial attention or if they get new important information, they will never get to the top four threads and therefore many will be none the wiser of the important news they contain.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 04:34 AM
Latest Images

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 21 July - 16 August 2010

Solar activity is expected to be at very low levels during most of the period. However, there is a chance for isolated C-class flares from Region 1089 until it departs the visible disk on 01 August.

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels during 26 July - 07 August. Normal to moderate flux levels are expected during the remainder of the period.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at quiet levels from 21 July through most of 22 July. Activity is expected to increase to unsettled levels late on 22 July as a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream (CH HSS) begins to disturb the field. Quiet to unsettled levels with a chance for brief active periods are expected during 23 - 29 July as CH HSS effects persist.
Activity is expected to decrease to quiet levels during 30 July - 10 August.

Activity is expected to increase to quiet to unsettled levels with a chance for brief active periods during 11 - 12 August due to a recurrent CH HSS. Quiet conditions are expected during 13 - 16 August.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 08:35 AM
Sunspot 1089 has grown so large, it can now be seen without the aid of a specialized solar telescope.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 05:17 AM
Seems like yet another sunspot is forming in the northeastern limb of the sun?
Another one. Seems like the sun is waking up like anticipated?

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 05:58 AM
What's inside the sun? Is it empty?

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 06:02 AM
No wonder its supposed to be 110 degrees on the heat index today

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 06:09 AM
Here in South Eastern Romania we have code red for UV radiation today (8.7).
They said it is this year's highest level.

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by sandri_90

People should be atleast made aware of whats going on with the sun, yet theres nothing made common knowledge by media?

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 07:55 AM
When people discuss solar flares, many always discuss how such solar activity can play havoc with our electrical power grid. While this is very true, many do not fully comprehend just how all of the world and all of America would be impacted without electricity.

Think 2-3 yrs without electricity and then you might begin to understand. Without any electricity many areas of the nation will be rationed like in Iraq these days. Power for maybe 2 hours a day. Priorities going to those so selected and with electrical outages, there will also be fuel and food shortages.

It if more that time for us to wake up to the fact that we are not prepared and are not even truly informed of what any major solar flare issues could imply. We ignore the severity of what might come our way and the sooner we change that attitude the better it will be for many that do not fully understand the ramifications of being without power and all associated services until many years later.

Only when the worst parts of a major CME are broken down, will we begin to see that any such major solar flare activity will devastate the planet and from that point on, we as a nation would be without running water, electricity, all appliances and electronics are going to be useless. It is this last category that in my mind would make a good and needed thread.

Someone needs to cover the complexities and the major impacts and the lengthy periods of time that we as nation would be just like Max Max, looking for fuel and with some resorting to murder and cannibalism as so many tales predict.

Time to understand the long term consequences of a major CME on Earth before we don't have any time to avoid the compete devastation and death of many that will be caught off guard when a major electrical outage occurs. What many are not aware of is that we could be made to exist at a pre-industrial stage for many years.

It is those many years that people are not expecting. It is the many years of outage that needs to be discussed and spread around in whatever manner can accomplish that act of spreading the vital information needed to prepare for the inevitable coming of a loss of all creature comforts associated with electrical power.

Thanks again. Good read.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 08:34 AM
I'm sorry if this has been stated already...but did anyone notice's photo yesterday of the naked-eye sunspot? A guy photographed it at sunset, and though faint, you could see it without aid of telescope or even binocs. MASSIVE!

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by jazz10

They have always shown BS on the news, so I have stopped watching them a long time ago. I found out about this from a friend and then went to check it out myself on the internet. They just show the map of the country

and then they keep talking about how spending too much time on the beach could be dangerous for your skin, but there are over 100 000 happy tourists there, so if you do go to the beach "please take another route, the freeway is full". But nothing about the solar activity (although I did overheard one day a story about the violet flame and haarp

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:02 PM
Although sunspot 1089 is big, it has not yet produced any flares of consequence. Perhaps it is gathering energy for a good eruption. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

quote from spaceweather? Sounds probable to me. Will we be here next week arguing on pther threads again with those that say theres no connection between the sun and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and severe weather etc ec

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:43 AM
Heres an update regarding the suns activity for all that are interested?
Quote from spaceweather
OVER THE HORIZON: Something bright and active on the far side of the sun is about to turn toward Earth. Magnetic loops towering over the eastern limb herald its approach:
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory took this picture during the early hours of July 26th. The bright glow revealed by SDO's extreme ultraviolet camera comes from million-degree plasma trapped by overlying magnetic fields. A sunspot is likely at the bottom of it all.

One more thing, whats up with SOHO? cant even get the home page up?

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:50 AM
Northern Hemisphere Earthquake Watch

also sohowww is

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by martinkb

Was watching parts of soho last night and i can safely say i aint a clue what was going on on the eastern limb. Looked very peculiar as if something was emerging from the sun or from behind?

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