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Why Are The NWO Satanic?

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 03:11 PM
In response to "Why are the NWO Satanic" at David Icke Forums.

All is one and one is All.

God created everything (not satan disguised as yahweh), including the evil familes who revolted from God. God creates everything else imitates.

Just as God is very real, so was satan.
It's easier to think of them as "Energies" of our Universe > All is One.

satan's energy grew to some 7 light years in size as my actual hubble space telescope Secret of Carina picture shows you or the pit in Kenya where satan fell on his voodoo home turf. The 3 headed dragon is also visible their with yahweh as one of the beasts heads and dressed like an hermaphrodite nun.

Everything was taught and learned in Egypt including Qabbalah and secrets of the underworld that became kabbalah, satanism, crowley, etc or the arts of the underworld.

Thus, these were initiated and private centers for learning the black arts or the ritual of murdering the Son of Man to power up satan's dominion. ie the serapaeum, sun temples or osirion worhsippers of sirius and orion > warrior > satan.

satan was their master ie 888 while it's servants (satan was a hermaphrodite > circumcision ritual) are 666.

These "Red Shields" and followers know how to envoke demons and evil spirits much the same way the voodoo witches do.

These demons or evil spirits will do things for them ( ie. this evil energy) in exchange for blood sacrifices (ie yahweh) and their souls (ie energy) in exchange. (ie, 911, world wars, etc)

The term "Reptillians" is really envoked demons or people possessed by them, ie it appears as if they are shapeshifting at times, but really they are just distorted by an energy field...get it?

I feel that David Icke used this term of Reptillians to cause less panic and the fact that they are satanists or whatever else David and this website says about them.

This demons or evil spirits can tell them things, secrets that only you would know, or they can cause bad things to happen including with nature like toronados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.

And they can read your mind if they want to, so they can know your next move, especially useful in military.

Think of it as 100mbs wireless technology or instant. However you can trick them by thinking strongly of something else.

For example if you hear voices that seem too real to believe and ask them what color are your shoes?

You know they are brown for example, but think green and they will answer you green...get it?

Hope that answers your question. Believe it or not!

My pictures should convince you, just go to my Garden of Avil in my website link in my signature.

Besides, I have personaly experienced those voices a few years ago.

They can also use wireless technology like your network cards in your computers if they want.

By the way the zionist star of david IS satan's star > hexagram.
If you don't believe me, just put three small rectangular mirrors inside a toilet paper roll and AT YOUR OWN RISK look through to witness it's power. This was the portal for satan and it's hordes to be envoked during the ritual of the pentagram that creates a hexagram portal force field.

The pentagram or 5 is really one of God's tools to protect. That is why they use it to protect themselves from the demons they envoke...sometimes.

Very quickly I would advise or preferrably not at all!




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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 03:44 PM
Op I don't mean to seem trollish but why are
the NWO satanic? You never told us.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 06:43 PM
My apologies for the cap letters in the previous post mods. No shouting was intende, just clearview.


Yes I did.
Because it's the source of their power, riches and control.
Who heads the NWO?
Same people who own your money, your lands, your governemnts and your countries.

ie; Central banking systems like the federal reserve for example.
They print your money out of thin air, and they own it.
For example their 9-1 or 10-1 credit scam for each dollar deposited by you allows them to secure themselves and give all their friends the monopoly on the real estate or financial market, aside of already owning your money.

Just like their friends will get the "royal seats" in career positions and on the board of directors for the F500 companies that are mixed with doctors or pharmaceutical heads along with media and banking or big business heads who move from company to company. Just like the puppets they seat as presidents, governments, or banksters.

We all know the immense level of control they have, and the barbaric passive psychology for your end results, implemented into our schools, medias, foods,eco systems,movies, music, etc, etc.

Disobey God and spirituality,Sex,drugs,alcohol, murder, rape, kill, blood, HIV,H1N1,Viruses,Monsanto,pharmaceutical,advertising,blood, blood.

There's always a scapegoat in something, or ulterior motive of control.
For example, watch how movies changed over the years. Not only were those actors assigned roles of corruption but also by subliminal messages of passive psychology. ie, you don't realize it but will act it out.

To them the perfect Human is one of no emotions or feelings, by pre-conditioning. Not only will you act out in barbaric mannerisms as your past, your family and your futures do, but you will be more obedient to them and their grand scheme of things.

They do what they want, there is really no need for terrorisms, wars or whatever the sorry mule excuse to implement their laws and control.
They'll do it one way or the other.

Everything else is just a game to them and the blood sacrifices are to appease their demons.

Never, ever would God ask for a blood sacrifice, nor did He ever destroy our Earth or break a promise as that thing disguised in the bible did.

They and that thing destroyed your Earth, and we are not H-umans, we are Umans with the Risen Arms of You > U. The H is satan's letter and binding pin of the two pillars of Uman disciplines, ie contentment and contemptment. II. Or TesTamenT and TempTaTion.
Z or Za is satan is the last letter of our Alphabet, is 26 = 8 = H. In other words the Fallen Son, while Sa is the Risen Son. (Sa is son in Egyptian).
In linear A, our true parent Alphabet from the older Atlantean Azilian allphabet some 12,000 years old, the Z or ZA is drawn by.....

......the Egyptian Ankh......cross inverted upon itself and in truth, unsacred.

Now then, why do you think that the rothchilds(bauers) and friends like the warburgs,hapburgs,schiffs,oppenheimers,morgans,rockefellers,bronfmanns, or the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy, ie German Jews and Freemason puppets, worship Lucifer (satan in truth) the hermaphrodite and go by the heading of Red Shield?

Or why do the rothchilds have a "giraffe estate" in Kenya where satan fell and the evil seal and 3 headed beast (actually 8 heads, 5 are hidden)?

Or why do the rothchilds control the Golan Heights upon the lands of endless wars and vultures where satan led abraam to become abraHam and Humble himself to murder, kill and commit blood sacrifices?
Because those lands are still illuminati breeding grounds and satanic ritual centers (Wheel of the Cat) that can be seen in Google Earth Satellite images.

Or why is the Rothchilds the richest family on earth?

Because they served satan as the Phoenicians always have! As stated above your secrets and their demons were formidable tools of gaining riches and planning their wars and subjugations of your lands and your real estate and your governments just like the queen, presidents and prime ministers of the "commonwealth" or "crown" corporations for the financial city of london or zurich, germany.

Those things are ashkenazi, ie Ash (jewish) ke (with) Nazi (Jew), or the false jews. They are descendents of the H-yksos who came from Chaanan on their never ending blood quest and slaughter of people since the days of their satanic servant abraHam, just as Jesus himself said in John.8.
They are the Phoenicians of yesterday who gained power by taking over egypt and shifting it to biblos,sidon and tyre.
As stated it's a 5500 year war that still continues today.

Now these Phoenicians went on a rampage around the entire mediterranean with their satanic laws of "thou shall be put to death" that evolved into muslims and islams to put satan into their bloods as well.

They tell you they "settled" their Phoenician colonies and that they were "friendly" people. Zeitgeist.

These Hyksos or Ashkenazi are also related to the barbaric Scythians who drank blood out of human skulls, or we can see how Vlad the impaler also evolved with satan's blood. The ashkenazi hyksos when they were expelled from Egypt settled in.......

.....Jeru-Salem. Salem's witches ring a bell?
Nazi is also Nasi in Hebrew meaning "prince".
Just like Sa for Son or Za for satan...see?

It's a long and complicated story just like who God really is as I have revealed or satan as Zathanel HatuptaH or how they disguised the Garden of Avila (eden) as HavilaH.
The H and the Z are their trademarks of forked serpent tongues.
Hail Hitler? Zeitgeist? Zionism?

Are you getting the picture a little more clearer? Everything is pre-determined just like all the wars to rob you blind and fill their banks and power up their envoked demons.

Why do you think they made the zionist state of israel after world war II where the German Jews killed the innocent jews and some 40 million or so other people?

Just like they plan for WWIII and their Revelations stratagem.

Jesus' murder was a satanic ritual. Just like it's always been before him for the Son of Man who are all named JASA. Ie JA's Son.
They knew from Egypt that JA MN (AMEN or I AM) is really God, which is why they disguised His name JA as YA then added HoweH for their new Lord. For yahweh simply in truth is a titular meaning lord. Elohim was the word for God or "the powerful one" like Allah simply means "the most high".
You can simply figure this out for yourself from the very first two chapters of Genesis 1:1 and 2:4. First God was Elohim in H-ebrew, then it was yahweh elohim specifically as written by all.."Lord God".
This name of hweh or howeh in ancient hebrew relates with ruins, shovels, goats, etc or the yom kippur of blowing the rams horn to free their demon spirits into the wilderness (you) named Azazel, while they murder the innocent lamb. 911 took place during yom kippur and it adds upto the illuminati number of 23 or 5 for their pentagram ritual.

Because 5 is change. Crowley himself wrote that the Ritual of The Pentagram creates a hexagonal force field portal to let the demon in.
The star of david is a hexagonal hermaphrodite (Pyramid up, Pyramid down = male / female) for satan's entry from the realm of Orion.

Jesus can be seen rising in Carina Nebula being attacked by the 7 light year in size satan and his black cohort, Zekhmet while Judas the betrayer's head with a hole in it, pentagram and broken sould appear below.

Jesus is being raised by a Guardian while He drops the Chalice and blood, and a White Dragon of Defence is protecting His Ascension against satan.

Guess you know why their lord created the earth in 7 days as they claim falsely, but in recognition of it's size.

Who could defend against that energy fed by all the unsacred ones who have no light in their souls anymore for God to see and save them?

God can, and I for I am a Son of Mn by birth and governed by the Law of 5.

5 is Change.

As stated, the pictures and evidence is all in my website or on forum sites and spreading around this earth to help clean up their lies of blackened oracles with the blood of brine.

The serpent eating it's own tail, or the entwined serpents, is representative of the number 8, because the 8 is an infinite number..see?
Your pencil has no exit, only an entry, just like the ankh or the star of david.
The Freemasons who worship satan also, usee 33 degrees for many reasons, aside of the two 3's faced together make the 8 or 9 divided by 3 is good while 3 divided by 9 is .333333333...see?
They also use baphomet the hermaphrodite satan as their symbology and quite apparent from their horn sign hand gestures that you also see presidents

The serpent eating it's own tale is actually a symbol of evil or a bad person in ancient Egypt. It's not the zeitgeist they feed you like their history or bible also.

If it wasn't for studying Atlantis I would have never known all these things about our earth's truths. For here you will learn more than any school or educational institute can teach you.

At 44 I realized the truth's with God's help as you can see, for this reason my face is in the Garden of Avila and satan fell into The Pit of The Calling in Kenya. Thus one of my titulars Obsidian Dragon Slayer.

Guess you know what it means by seating a Kenyan President in America, while the black square heads and broad arses bobble behind him. Eh boys and girls?

By the way, The Argo Wind is White Dragon.

AeJor Mn
Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
Opener of The Ways
Waterer of The Garden of Avila
The Argo Wind

Paulo Riven.

Zeitgeist = wolf in sheeps clothing, or should I say a Wolfewitz as a Paul bearer?


posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 09:36 PM
The NWO is not Satanic. Everything that isn't Christian is not automatically Satanic. That's just absurd to say. Being Satanic implies that one worships Satan. Even if the NWO worshiped all sorts of different Pagan gods or entities, that does not make them Satanic. Besides, a very small minority of them are even involved in any kind of worship of any being. Also, does it even matter who or what they worship? That's not going to solve anything or help anyone change anything. Jesus (or who/whatever you choose to believe in) won't come down and magically save everyone. You need to learn how to save and protect yourself.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 09:45 PM
None of it has anything to do with Satan. If men follow the path that is not fo things of Spirit...this only shows they are still in need of learning things of Earth.

The bad things humans do are on their own shoulders, its nothing to do with a outside source. Pride, greed, and earthly desires are not of Satan, they are a cause and affect from experiencing this life, in the flesh.

Satan is a analogy for the flesh boy, for the things of Earth that tempt us. Satan is not real...there is not one single thing that is threat to God. Our bodies of flesh are the tempter, the experience of being individuals with our own desires and choices, is a tempter.

This is why we are told to know the difference of thigns of flesh and things of Spirit....know the difference of things of man and things of God.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 11:42 PM
I assure you that evil spirits and demons are very real, and this secret is preserved by the higher ups, not the puppets below blinded by the zeitgeist.

Either you are fortunate to not have experienced such a thing and are blinded to their fact, or know but deny and are merely a disinfor agent on their behalf.

What you think and what I know are two different things, always will be just as they know.

Have a look for yourself even tho you will doubt. That's okay.

Actual Hubble Space Telescope image.
The Ascension of Jesus Christ in Carina Nebula being attacked by satan. Notice the Holy Grail dropping lower left.

The Pit of the Calling in Kenya where satan perished.

A closer look for your enlightenment. ( all actual google earth satellite photos...untouched, but natural formations on the earth in kenya.)

Don't forget the US 13 star seal is also the same ensignia of the star of david.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

Really? That Hubble image doesn't look like anything. It looks like some mentally deranged man drew some marks over an image of a nebula and then labeled some things on it to give it a meaning that isn't there. And the other stuff doesn't seem to have any significance nor is it evidence for your point. But, let's assume that you're right and that the NWO and everyone else is a Satanist. Now what? What is accomplished by stating this? Does this change anything at all? How are people supposed to react to this sort of thing exactly?

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 12:51 AM
One man's food is another man's poison.
No need to refer to me as mentaly deranged, obviously from my posts, sentence structures and inter relations with you or people, I am not. Should I report your post like a whiner? No, I am a man. Let them do their job and moderate the forums, besides it's not worthy of whining about.

I am a Seer, you are not. I experience third eye visions and have seen people through walls with that third eye. I am gifted and psychic as well. I can see black evil spirits that you cannot. Matters not what you think, but what I know.

To Know is Immortal.

As for the pictures, use your imagination and consider that they are above coincidental, not like clouds, but with more definition and absolute markers of identification.

Zoom in, take a closer look. There are more in my Garden of Avila page in my website of the three headed dragon and other strange pictures that you will deny, just as you will the true Garden of Avila showing God, His Wife and my face upon the Babe.

Or God's Name of JA written on top of the Great Pyramid and His image inside on the airshaft stoneplug.

How do you think I can tell you the exact date and time of the satanic ritual of the previous Son of Man to Jesus some 3500 years before Jesus?

Then again they denied Jesus didn't they? Of course because they had an agenda to fulfill for their satanic ritual and make you feel guilty and sorry for them to prosper from your horseblinds.

Jesus didn't die for our sins, those who are worthy of all that is good, be they religious or not, but just plain good and not evil. He died for their Sins of Murder.
Thus the stain is upon them and all those that are evil not us.

And God never destroyed the Earth, they did, just as they seek to do for their long term goal of 2406 or 8888.aD.

Too little too late, for their master is perished unto the pit....with my help upon God's calling of me. Don't forget their power is also formidable, even for God, though God will always prevail. No battle is easy.

Do you not see the black hat figure with it's obsidian heart ripped out or the face below him of a bearded figure?

To see is a gift, and that is why we have two eyes to see with, not one like their masonic pyramid to see evils and their One Law of Murder and Greed or "Do what thou WILT shall be the HOLE of the Law".

Surely, by that hole ye will fall and wilt, because if you disobey their law thinking you can do what you want, you're in for a surprise. Because they in their secret societies made an oath in the presence of a demon. Not one of a man or a God, but to a demon.
The muppets think it was just role playing. Guess again.

Why do you think so many children go missing or all the sensless wars and murders or pseudo psycho thoughts implemented into everything around you?

Look with new eyes and understand with a new mind.
Wasn't 911 enough for you to open your eyes or the fact that the US president is in treason and also has a fake name designed to ease your tensions with Osama and Suddam whose lands, commodities and oils they seek to rob under pretensious faces of demonic deceit?

What is accomplished you ask?
Simple. To Know Is Immortal.

How are People supposed to react?
By what the Real God told them to do.

Rid Ourselves of Evils.

They're lucky Alexander The Great isn't around...or is He?

Why do you think they fabricated God for themselves?

To spare them from Alexander's sword of Truth!

In time that sword will rise again, and that unholiest of temples will crumble for one last time.

With or without their nukes.
For the mind is the greatest nuke of all!

Knowledge is Power
To Know Is Immortal.

Now you know and my job is done.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 12:53 AM
Its not that they are satanic, its just the average public doesn't understand astral plane and will call almost anything for what it really isn't.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

Wow....I dont think I have ever suggested this to anyone but...I think you are causing yourself delusions.

You say God has called on you? God needs no one, no helpers, there is no enemy, everything is a part a a perfect plan.

So what there are money hungry people or power thirsty beings....their time will come, trust in that.
The fact you think there can be a Devil or Satan....shows how much you limit the Holly Spirit of God and the emanation of the Holy One.

Even if these men worship 'Saturn' lets say....still, God is not jealous....we have been lied to big time. Everything God has placed around us for our senses, is to be explored and tested. Through exploring and testing, we will all come to find what is Perfect, what is a part of our inner being, what is the very vibration of our makeup....the Holy Spirit of life, of God.

The symbols and rituals that men hold on to are a part of Earths history, and are very much deep Earthly knowledge tied into the very science of Earth, the very blueprint of the Universe at times.

The story about the Pope charging the Knights Templar's with the worshiping of Devil is so freaking ridiculous....and even the pope is not guilty of falling into the war of power. These men were forced to go underground, were forced no more then ever to keep secrets and not trust anyone, specifically, the 'people of god' so they were called.

The history is full of lies, the idea that God has a enemy that is actually a the biggest lie of all.

You must understand, what perfect, holy, divine, and ALL mighty mean. God can only reach us through the Holy Spirit, which is what supports us in life, and is the life of God. God, is perfect, is holy, is a vibration of pure love. God fights no wars...for there is no war to fight, when Gods emanations are always perfect for how Thee meant for them to be. There have been no mistakes or errors.

There is no one lower then you in the eyes of God, be careful to not raise yourself up above then in your own mind. We all learn on a different pace....and this is how God intended for it to be.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

Knowledge is Power To Know Is Immortal.

Im surprised we have not crossed paths before.

There are 2 kinds of knowledge....

1) Earthly
2) Spiritual

You can be full of knowledge from the books and from things of Earth....and still be clueless in wisdom of Spirit.

There is no book that holds all the answers of things of Spirit. To seek have to study life itself, the blueprint of the world, the Universe, the cycles, the orders, the mechanics of life.

The books are full of fearful things, which shuts a persons inner being down, in fear they will be mislead or tricked. There is no such thing.

Before all the fear was written and placed in man....there was no reason to fear seeking the God of life, the maker. If you fear the 'satan' more then you trust in 'god'....then really what kind of faith is this?

To say God has a enemy that is a actual threat and problem to God....limits Thee greatly to ways of man.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 10:40 AM
This whole story, pics of the space Christ etal sure reminds me of a story i read once, what was it again... Oh yes "The Divine Invasion" by PKD

With the help of the immortal soul of Elijah, who takes the form of a wild beggar named Elias Tate, Herb agrees to become Rybys's legal husband and father of the unborn "savior". Together they plan to smuggle the six-month pregnant Rybys back to Earth, under the pretext of seeking help for Rybys' medical condition at a medical research facility. After being born in human form, Yah plans to confront the fallen angel Belial, who has ruled the Earth for 2000 years since the fall of Masada in the first century CE. Yah's powers, however, are limited by Belial's dominion on Earth, and the four of them must take extra precautions to avoid being detected by the forces of darkness.

Things do not go as planned. "Big Noodle", Earth's A.I. system, warns the ecclesiastical authorities in the Christian-Islamic church and Scientific Legate about the divine "invasion" and countermeasures are prepared. A number of failed attempts are made to destroy the unborn child, all of them thwarted by Elijah and Yah. After successfully making the interstellar journey back to Earth and narrowly avoiding a forced abortion, Rybys and Herb escape in the nick of time, only to be involved in a fatal taxi crash, probably due to the machinations of Belial. Rybys dies from her injuries sustained in the crash, and her unborn son Emmanuel (Yah in human form) suffers brain damage from the trauma but survives. Herb is critically injured and put into cryonic suspension until a spleen replacement can be found. Baby Emmanuel is placed into a synthetic womb, but Elias Tate manages to sneak Emmanuel out of the hospital before the church is able to kill him.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 03:18 AM
Leo Virgo;

Sometimes God himself guides you.

I assure you that my research took a turn in late 2005 and 2006 by God's guidance and physical nudge on my shoulder when I was looking with Google Earth at Egypt for my Atlantis research.

A physical nudge moved my right shoulder as I approached the Great Pyramid.
Then I zoomed in directly on top and saw His Name JA.

Everything changed after that and I went on to reveal the Garden of Avila in Tansania and Carina Nebula's secret.

You can even see that the newly found pages of Nostradamus' pictures relate to all of this, such is the great mystery, or even the bible code includes my name with the garden.

One section of the bible code in relation to me even says, "this is the finger of God".

Funny that Carina Nebula is also known as the finger of God.

And revelations even says, His Name shall be the word of God.
That is if you can understand the mystery of AeJor Mn to Ja MN.

See, my name is the word of God as it is also in His Name.

Now let's take a simple but effective approach aside of this greatest of mysteries upon myself or others.

The Red Shields or Rothchilds and friends are the main elitists who head the NWO, right?

They are German Jews correct?
They symbolize Israel and the Star of David correct?

The Star of David is prevailant in the seals and shields of crown countries like the USA 13 star seal and Canada's Parliamentry building. Correct?

We don't have to go into detail about all they own and control..right?

Alll we have to do therefore is to prove that that Star is Satanic just like Zionism is an evil upon this earth and even to the real Jews....correct?

Now Jesus himself told you that they are of their father the devil in John 8. and we do know about how they lied about God, whether you choose to believe that or not, but it is clear in the first two chapters of Genesis.

Eleazar was one of the head rabbis associated with the murder of Jesus and Eleazar's mother is Eliza.

The bible itself even speaks of the Ob harlots and how satan visited Solomon's temple. (soul of no man).

Eli Za means Lordess of Satan.

Israel like Eleazar is a corruption of Razaele the Demon. Or simply RA ZA EL or King Satan Lord.

It get's stranger.

After I started announcing all this, they of course like the others who defend their zionist traditions or their biblical lies, took notice of my work just like God did, and set about to interupt me.


My ex girlfriend's 7 year old daughter came home one day from her elementary school with a white voodoo doll made out of an apple with an ankh underneath and get this...

The name Eliza written on it.
Then the following week she came home from a school field trip with a toilet paper roll with 3 mirrors inside to see the star of David!


There was also a jewish girlfriend who became friends with her teenage daughter at that same time and got her hooked on methadone and the younger one was having nightmares of hell in her closet, welts appeared on her legs and she was drawing pictures with red marker of ambulances, knives and blood drops and posting them on the living room walls and door of her bedroom.


Then, I warned them about the presence of evil in our home, and my girlfriend, the dog and myself saw a black "whisp" zoom by the ceiling and up into the attic through the ceiling.

About a year later, I began hearing voices, and this also was a match of wits against satan and I also heard the voice of the new york mayor Gulliani with his freemason crowd warning me to stop posting, was the main concern. Strange enough.

I went through a great ordeal and had to relate with satan in backwards language and a discussion of what those zionists did to him as a young child and why he was blinded and empowered by the satanic star also took place.

I know you don't believe any of this, but it's all true, and I even went to the doctor about the voices, but no one knows of this ordeal except you people now and my ex girlfriend of course, in not so much detail.

After that, Satan finally fell, even though the initial course of time set for it by God was in January 2006.

Now then, go and research the star.

Be Well and take care to reach the oval light as I myself witnessed as a teenager.

It is the Cup of the Chalice that Jesus dropped.

There's a reason I died that day.

But who would belive me I say as Jesus also did.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 03:46 AM
As an addendum, allow me to advise you of this, since the police, who were also freemasons didn't care. I know this because the police officer himself told me he was a freemason and that I should join them.


The fact is that my ex girlfriend's mother was a Jobes daughter, the female side of Freemasonery, and her uncle and grandfather were also members of masonic lodges.

Her brother murdered a cab driver and "apparently" hung himself in jail awaiting trial.

She found old letters of her mother's correspondence in the late 50's that I looked at and felt it strange that they seemed out of context, with different xxx's on the bottom of each letter that you would think was love and kisses.

These X's were the code to decipher the letters that spoke about taking a heart to a meeting place by a bridge and then to the draughtsman of a bar.

And they weren't talking about boyfriends or secret lovers here either.

I suspect her mother, who passed away an alcoholic and miserable recluse of using children for their satanic rituals of jobes daughters.

The police didn't care.

To this day, combined with that black spirit that went up into the attic, and a strong impression of a missing child that seemed to be communicating with me, I wonder about what may or was up in that attic.

I reported the child online long ago to a missing child agency after the police left with details about that attic.

This, like all the above is True and niether am I an aspiring author or zeitgeist serpent.

Just relating facts as I have seen and witnessed them as the pictures also do.

Then you wonder why they use the hermaphrodite symbol of baphomet.

I suppose that would look good in churches like the Aix church of france and it's serpent benches.

Do you think that people would go to church on sunday with baphomet in the stained glass windows?

Then why should you join? There is no secrets, don't you know that?
If demons and spirits know your secrets or what you are thinking, what makes you think that God's people don't or that they too can be wealthy, differencing being compassion.

Be Good , Be Bad, but do not Evils.

Believe me when I say I can hear all the serpents cursing and swearing when they read these works.

After all, they have no master any more but their own fates unto the Pit of The Calling to follow it's resting place in Kenya.

Right Obama?

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

I can see the spirit world and have had some pretty wild experiences also but I can only half follow what your saying dude,intensity is ok if communicated slowly and rationally but your flying at a million miles an hour.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 04:00 AM
I believe in God, and I believe there is a Satan/devil. And after what you just wrote... I believe you have some problems...

David Icke is a literal "snake oil" salesman. Albeit a clever and intricate one...a "snake oil"saleman, never the less.

I have read a couple of his books, and his presentation is fascinating and challenges the normal perception of reality.... but really, is Willie Nelson a shapeshifting, missing child eating, NWO agent for change?

That is the point that just did it for me and I rejected his entire premise.... Willie Nelson is a reptillian. I suggest you put Icke's books away for awhile.

Go out and fall in love, go sit on a beach at sunrise...maybe have a coffee with one of those nice flavored creamers. Hey, go to a baseball game and get the loaded dog and a beer... or sit in the park and enjoy a big ol' wedge of pizza and a coke.

Live and leave this satanic, reptillian crap alone for a while.. it really is screwing with your head.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 05:11 AM
Already gone, trust me I know better and one wonders about people in the limelight.
In truth there are lies in lies there is truth...zeitgeist remember?
Don't worry about David Icke or all the freemasons and satanists over there.
Just like here or anywhere. We cast our own stones and straighten our own paths.
To Know is immortal, remember?

These are all actual untouched photos from Google Earth Satellite program ca,2006.

The Garden of Avila is in Tansania at the Olkarien Gorge near Kenya's border.
The lands of Evil are all further north along the great rift volcanic valley of Kenya.
The Red Shields or Rothchilds also have their "giraffe estate" there.

This is the Olkarien Gorge or The Garden of Avila close view.
Notice left of lower center the Secret of the Eye of Ra as God's Left Hand reaching for what appears to look like a rib. (and God took the rib from Adam).
The hand looks like an Eye and even has the tear drop like the Egyptian Eye.
It's as if some Guru was sitting on top of Mt.KilimanJAro writing a page of the bible.

This is the Garden Decoded with my "mentaly deranged" outlines as some say!
How else could I show you what a SEER Sees?
Again the Eye is quite visible, this left Eye or Hand is also where you will see God disguised as the Thumb, while His Wife looks upon my Face on the Babe as God's reward to me for revealing His Truth and the mystery of His Pyramids, His Garden and His Son's rise in Carina Nebula, and thus the truth has set us free by satan's downfall...get it? It's a 5484 year old mystery.
Notice the Serpent, the wizard next to it with an orb, and the Apis bull lower left.
And what looks like Jesus' face with a wounded forehead wrapped in a clother at right.
(and the serpent tempted eve at the garden)

Here is the Skull of Apocalypse (orange figure with the eyes) and what looks like a black iron horse immediately left of it. (these are all in Kenya)

Here is the 3 headed beast and the evil seal stamp lower right.
Left to right is; yahweh the hermaphrodite nun, the Red Dragon and the Horned Asp. There is actualy 8 heads that I decoded including above and in the back.
(the laughing pig above left, the goat head middle, the blue reptillian right, the daughter and the cleaving son.) There is also of course the hooded wizard who summoned all this lower left, barely visible but noticeable. The same wizard holding the orb by the serpent at the Garden.

Here is satan being beheaded by the flaming crooked sword in the spirit world while the evil eye looks upon.

Here at the base of Kiliman JA ro, we see a definite strange battle between an Egyptian looking Ptah bearded figure vs an angel with long hair on the right.
Notice the ZZ markings below. Strange.

What can I say, they are not of my doing, but of my witnessings as part of this strange and mysterious purpose of God, the true God that is and not the 2300 year old lie of blood sacrifices carried on in mystery schools and secret socieites like today.

This is one of the newly discovered Nostradamus images of 3 that relate to me.

Then again you can search Paulo Riven Garden of Eden God, in the bible code if you like.

Is my staff not yet long enough, I ask of thee?
Bare Witness.
My user name AeJor Mn like Paulo Riven is also true.

They know that I know that they know who am I who are they.
The Pit of The Calling awaits their engraved stones.

I am neither a 3 as Jesus, nor an 8 as satan was.
I am a 5 and also 3rd born of 5 on 11111 on an island once know as Jesus Christ Island on all saints day.

And proud to be a true Atlantean from God's First Garden as you all are.
In my left hand and in my right hand abide the 3 and the 8 for the 5 governs them.
As Witnessed.

(and St.George slew the dragon)
What do you think AeJor stands for? Jorge.

Stranger than fiction, eh boys and girls.
Which path will you choose? The straight or the crooked?

Command No Death, Love Thy Neighbors.......

Be Good, Be Bad but Do Not Evils as they do or mislead you into.
For surely by the Hole of the Law will thy Wilt.

Remember that.

To Know Is Immortal
Lux of Ipse
Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer.

SaJAra (Son of....God is King,) Not I but Ja Mn.
AeJor Mn
Paulo Riven.

Remember the Oval light is Very Real.
Stay away from zeitgeist and zionists.

hmmmm, now lets see, the NWO or ZMO or tptb or the elitists or the illuminati own google just like they do hubble and the star of david.
Well if I didn't edit those pictures, who did?

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 05:20 AM
And if that all isn't strange enough for you, notice Keanu Reeves on the left from the Matrix flashing his sunglasses.

You wouldn't know the difference if I had those same sunglasses on.

Think about his movie roles.
Devils Advocate.

The Matrix you say...Red Pill or Blue Pill?

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God, is nameless.

Im afraid that you are dealing with something very Earth bound here. I dont like to place blame on lost souls or 'demons' but Im afraid this could be what you are dealing iwth.

My name added up to many things of Spirit, the place I live at actually means 'where God will come'. My last name goes back to the possible line of the family of one of the 12 tribes. Such information leads one down the road of seeing that the Bible is likely a book of Pharaohs, that the Masons are keepers of a royal secret. I dont take any of that to mean anything....Im not looking for a Christ complex, in fact, Im constantly turning away from such things to not drown myself in delusions. Where I live, outside the of place 'where God comith' is surrounded by hollows. ALL of them, all 4 of them that surround me, are Biblical names that describe places that would fit perfectly into the idea of 'survival and protection' if I ever need to 'hide out' if shtf. I find it ironic, but dont ponder on it long.

Its easy to get caught up in our mind when things happen, like with your daughter. I would hate to think that a lower nature bound to Earth would be taking advantage of your family. I dont know anything about things like that....I have never been attacked....but I also dont invoke anything with a name, such as 'Ja'.

The 'j' was not even in Hebrew language. Not sure where you are coming up with that from, but the fact you are using a name, could very well be a invite to a lower being.

If you think God has a name, you limit Thee to Earthly things, to souls that are still bound here with things to learn.

Ja is a English form of Yah. Yah, being the true short hand for the 'yahweh'. If you were to see a 'name' of this 'wish to be god'.....why do you supposed you did not see 'ya' ?

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This is four Hebrew letters (Yod, He, Waw and He) called the "Tetragrammaton". The four characters are the four Hebrew letters that correspond to YHWH and are transliterated IAUE or Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of the Almighty Father in Heaven that people commonly call "The LORD" or "God". The reason we see "LORD" and "God" in our bibles is because of a Jewish tradition that the name Yahweh was not to be spoken for fear that the name be blasphemed. However, the scriptures declare that His name should be exalted (e.g. Ps 68:4) and the third commandment forbids this practice.

Some kabbalists, or orthodox Jews (i may be mistaken based on my understanding in regards to the Jewish faith) leave the letter shin out of the word as the letter shin represents spirit. To say/use the Tetragramaton without the letter shin in it will allow the user to internally add shin, and thus add the spirit to the word and give it power.

Yahshuah is a form of the Hebrew name of Jesus produced by mystical speculation at various periods of history, but which is rejected by mainstream linguistics and textual scholarship in the field of ancient languages. The essential idea is of an alphabetic consonantal framework Y-H-Sh-W-H, which can be supplied with vowels in various ways. (Also, the "W" can be converted into a "U", since the Hebrew letter ו waw writes either a [w] consonant sound — later on pronounced [v] — or a long [u] vowel sound
Renaissance occultism
The first ones to use a name of Jesus something like "Yahshuah" were Renaissance occultists. In the second half of the 16th century, when knowledge of Biblical Hebrew first began to spread among a significant number of Christians, certain esoterically-minded or occultistic circles came up with the idea of deriving the Hebrew name of Jesus by adding the Hebrew letter shin ש into the middle of the Tetragrammaton divine name yod-he-waw-he יהוה to produce the form yod-he-shin-waw-he יהשוה.
However, in all early Hebrew or Aramaic sources, the name "Jesus"/"Jeshua" actually appears as yod-shin-waw-`ayin ישוע Yeshua (or as the related longer form of the same name, yod-he-waw-shin-`ayin יהושע "Joshua"; or as the intentionally-altered derogatory Talmudic variant yod-shin-waw ישו Yeshu), so that the Renaissance speculations were incorrect. Note that the letter `ayin ע was specifically pronounced as a voiced pharyngeal consonant sound in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, and could not be easily confused with either a pronounced [h] sound or a silent Hebrew letter he ה.

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