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Why Are The NWO Satanic?

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

I hate to sound rude or dismissive but honestly I think this thread is a complete disaster. Maybe you could organize all these random thoughts into several completely unrelated threads.... just sayin' is all.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 04:58 PM
In part this thread was started in response to someone asking "Why are the NWO satanic?" So, I expressed my view as to why and also answered questions posed by members. So like any thread or topic, we will at times stray from the path.

However the focus is WHY? Of which we all need to do our part to reaching that goal. Although some may say it's just coincidental or express positive viewpoints as in the right eye, the purpose and point is viewing these things with the negative or left eye to stay on topic.

As stated, the cup is neither half full nor half empty it is balanced, any way you look at it or scientificaly, just as our lives should also be balanced. The air molecules take up the water molecules and vice versa for the entire cup as well as being half air and half water. In essence the cup is fully balanced although you see half and half being neither empty nor full, but balanced.

As mentioned and of concern by some, is that the topic should have direction like a good investigative case. So we can take a look at their symbologies, signs and seals as a means of their hidden agenda. For most of you this is nothing new to know the many topics on corporate logos or advertising and hidden things in movies or shows like 911 also was.

The secrets of their symbologies and meanings is something that they are proud of and treasure just like the Freemasons incorporating their knowledge into buildings.

Since the NWO is actualy the ZMO or Zionist Masonic Organization, the two symbols of satan or lucifer that head their cause is that of The Star of David and The Sign of Baphomet. In part we have seen or read some notes that I posted about those signs.

Basicaly their secret societies stem from Sun Worship and the Underworld of Egypt and Heliopolis, Osiris,Isis and Horus who is Lucifer also. Wasn't it Black Horus who apparently visited the satanist Aleister Crowley and inspired him? Another alike Crowley is Anton Levine and the satanic bible. (notice levi in that name like Crow and leylines in Crowley). Levi like live or evil or vile relates to chosen and disguised names,words and religions, just like many everyday words you use by them, is another point of this topic.

So the Sunworship is really the black arts of the "illuminated Lucifer" or satan, and this sun symbolism is seen throughout many coroporate logos.
For example the microsoft office 2010 logo with "Counterclockwise" squares forming the sun at it's center. We also know about the moon and stars occultic symbols of Proctor and Gamble.

Basicaly what we look for is Symbols of Serpent or Vulcan cults as they were known in antiquity like my Secret of Mylo hidden in the 9 names of the Greek Muses and reversed into Latin. That's why Latin is so powerful because it reveals the secrets of the Serpents with forked tongues and they couldn't understand it in antiquity. Plato also used this code to reveal political betrayals like Dionysios of Syracuse.

Remember, that the Serpent is different from the Snake and more powerful.
Generaly, in Egypt a serpent denoted a bad or evil person, and if a king had a serpent styled cartouche, he was wicked like khufu,snoferu,huni,khafre of the sun cults of Osiris, cannibalism, murders and satanic rituals of anubis.

The first two logos as identified are the Star of David and Baphomet.
The star of david also incorporates the sign of baphomet as you can clearly see by my ZMO picture. It also incorporates the swastika, an ancient and powerful symbolism used in many tribes around the world as either good or evil.

The star of david also has a coffin as a hexagram and that is why coffins are hexagram shaped in hopes of securing the "ENERGY" of your soul to power up that thing which once was and no longer is, but his servants still have to be dealt with for their engraves stones upon the pit of kenya.

Just like anything there are different ranks and levels of powers.

The star of david or devils, is basicaly the change of the pentagram to the hexagram just as Crowley himself wrote about the Ritual of The pentagram that altars it's forcefield into a hexagram to allow demonic spirits into our realm on earth, or a portal if you like.
The pentagram, like God's Pyramid is a symbol of protection,endurance and succession. Thus the evil ones use it in "hopes" of protecting themselves when they envoke demons to do their bidding. The star of david also uses the pyramid of God but flips it upside down as a betrayal to God. The two Pyramids also portray black and white or man and woman interlocked by a hexagram, of which we know what that purpose is! As I mentioned you can see and witness the power of this star with a toilet paper roll and 3 rectangular mirrors lengthwise inside. Perhaps when you take a poop you might even see stars of david in your poop, such is the vile and disgust of that insignia!

As mentioned, the star of david is on your US 13 star seal, (the civil wars and 13 states is no coincidence but premeditated occultism), or the Clock tower of Canada's parliament building or 50.00 bill. As it also is for the ashkenazi German Jews like the rothchilds and their reason for enstating Israel after world war two with that star. Hillel was also a hebrew Rabbi who conference with demons in antiguity, and also a Nasi prince, thus Hail Hitler's Hill of Satan the Lord and the Nazi's for the German Jews dominion! The German Jews kill anything or anyone, including all those innocent Jews of World War II! Not Hitler, he was just their puppet.

And who funded that war on either side? Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Prescot Bush, Browns, Haliburton, etc ie; the German Jews and the ZMO.

So we know some facts about the star of david as clearly seen and observed with the left eye, remember, not the right eye! And this star is their main symbol.
Another is the Iron Eagle and The One Eye of Satan as is on their masonic pyramid and in the seal of evil where the 3 headed beast is in kenya as shown. Their is also the one eye of God, but that is not their purpose for it is of lucifer satan baphomet, azazel, razael, ptah, horus, beelzebub, leviathan, molochi, enki,baal or whatever you like to call it! This Zathanel HatuptaH or ZA who once was.

The other is the hermaphrodite sign of baphomet for the freemasons (who are not free but satan's mothers sons > Isis veiled > hermaphrodites > homosexuals)
Phree Ma ZAns > Phanes / Ophir the Serpent flyer or Lucifer Satan.

As stated the baphomet whose sign is also found in the star of david, has one arm pointing upward and the other arm down and an erection in his midsection under it's female breasts.

The arm pointing up says "solve" or separate from God, while the arm pointing down says "coagula" or join that which is below! Thus they worship the ground, wear black suns on their heads and black square funny hats and bang their heads upon the rocks or bobble like possessed ones!

The erection signifies their motto " Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"
11 words, thus 9:11 is also reflected here aside of 23 or 5 for change also reflected by 9:11. (the date adds up to 23 an illuminati number) The same for the psychology of 11:11 being widely advertised. (11:11 = evil time while 10:10 = Gods true time)
(coincidently when my ex girlfriend and I split up after some 6 years, the one I told you about, she lived in a house number 23 and I lived in an apartment number 23!
Illuminati plan or part of the reason why 5 governs my life?)

That motto itself is part of their clever and deceiving tactics of zeitgeist or a truth mixed with a lie. That being the case of there law, then we too should do what we like, not pay taxes or pay for anything. Just walk into a store and take what you want. Don't pay your mortgages, go to work when you want, don't obey societies laws, shoot and kill and of their servants who try to arrest you, have sex in public, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!

As you can see this is clearly a lie just like the half full half empty truth of the cup!

By the Hole of their law, surely you will Wilt or decay and be persecuted!

Well, that's enough for this post, and since you want direction, then as you asked let's all take a look at their symbologies but primarily their purpose for the star of david and baphomet.

P.S. Their cities are planned based on the 6 x 6 magical square of Albrecht Durer, where 13 is the north east corner just as the 13 seals of the united states symbolize.
And what's in the north east corner?

Carina Nebula where the lion and pyramids look to from God's hidden message where the 7 light year in size satan was visible with sekhmet attacking The Christ and our Chalice!

And their false god created the earth in 7 days and there are 360 degrees in a circle and 360 days in a year.....

plus 5. 5 is change!

First project for you is the star of israel and the baphomet, then we'll move on to corporate logos, signs and symbols. Notice the Red in advertising everywhere?

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 02:25 AM

The Babylonian Talmud contains a legend about King Solomon being kidnapped by Ashmedai, the king of demons. He succeeded in kidnapping the king by stealing his "seal of Solomon",

Some Orthodox Jewish groups reject the use of the Jewish Star of David because of its association with magic. Neturei Karta and Satmar reject it because they associate it with Zionism.

The vast majority of Spanish and Portuguese Jews do not use the star either.

English author, philosopher and occultist Aleister Crowley's adaptation of the unicursal hexagram placed a five-petaled rose (symbolizing the Divine), in the center, the symbol as a whole making eleven (five petals of the rose plus six points of the hexagram), thought by some as the number of divine union.

As you'll notice, 11 is very important to the illuminati satanists or the ZMO (nwo), not only for yom kippur in september when they blow the demon Azazel's horn, but also for their 11 word Crow's Leylines (Crowley) law of "Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law".
Again, clear evidence for 9:11 as part of the Red Shield's PNAC ZMO plan, aside of 23 or 5, which also adds up for the 9:11 date.-Riven-

The Star of David is used in the seal and the emblem of the Theosophical Society (founded in 1875). Although it is more pronounced, it is used along with other religious symbols. These include the Swastika, the Ankh, the Aum, and the Ouroborus. The star of David is also known as the Seal of Solomon that was its original name until around 50 years ago.

Regarding the Jewish use of the hexagram symbol, early Jewish literature does not mention it. The Tora and the rest of the Bible (whose texts stabilized mostly c. 6th century BCE), the Mishna (stabilized at the end of the 2nd century CE) and the rest of the Talmud (stabilized c. 6th century), all lack any reference to it. Similarly the medieval scholars, including Rambam (Maimonides 12th century CE) and the kabbalist Ramban (Nachmanides 13th century), lack any reference. The Zohar (13th century), being the central document of Kabbalah, likewise lacks any reference to the hexagram despite the prominence of the symbolic meaning of six plus one.[4]

The Star of David is known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David (Hebrew מָגֵן דָּוִד or מגן דוד without nikkud, pronounced [mɔˈɣen dɔˈvið] in Tiberian Hebrew (the dialect of the Masoretic Bible), often transcribed Māḡēn Dāwīḏ by Biblical Hebrew linguists, and pronounced [maˈɡen daˈvid] in Modern Hebrew, as well as Mogein Dovid [ˈmɔɡeɪn ˈdɔvid] or Mogen Dovid in Ashkenazi Hebrew and Yiddish). The Shield of David is a generally recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism.[1] The Menorah, the candelabra of seven oil lamps from the Temple in Jerusalem, is a more ancient symbol of Jewish identity.

The Star of David in the oldest surviving complete copy of the Masoretic text, the Leningrad Codex, dated 1008.

By modern times, the Shield of David hexagram has become a widely recognized symbol to represent the Jewish people. However the origins of this use are complex with obscure developments emerging since medieval times.

The name 'Shield of David' preexists the use of the hexagram symbol itself. The phrase occurs independently as a Divine title in the Siddur, the traditional Jewish prayer book [whose text stabilized roughly around 1000 CE?], where it poetically refers to the Divine protection of ancient King David and the anticipated restoration of his dynastic house.

The hexagram does appear occasionally in Jewish contexts since antiquity, apparently as a decorative motif. For example, in Israel, there is a stone bearing a hexagram from the arch of a 3-4th century synagogue in the Galilee,[5][6] and in Italy, a Jewish tombstone bearing a hexagram in Taranto, which may date as early as the third century CE.[7]

The use of the hexagram in a Jewish context as a possibly meaningful symbol may occur as early as the 11th century, in the decoration of the carpet page of the famous Tanakh manuscript, the Leningrad Codex dated 1008. Similarly, the symbol illuminates a medieval Tanakh manuscript dated 1307 belonging to Rabbi Yosef bar Yehuda ben Marvas from Toledo, Spain. A Siddur dated 1512 from Prague displays a large hexagram on the cover with the phrase, "... He will merit to bestow a bountiful gift on anyone who grasps the Shield of David."[8] The phrase refers to the Divine revelation of Torah that can be grasped as the 'Shield of David', but also identifies the hexagram itself as the referencing symbol.[citation needed]

The precise origin of the use of the hexagram as a Jewish symbol remains unknown, but it apparently emerged in the context of medieval Jewish protective amulets (segulot). A 12th-century Karaite document, Eshkol Ha-Kofer, mentions some kind of symbol called the 'Shield of David' in instructions for an amuletic ritual for the mezuza (which already had an ancient protective function) involving the number seven and angelic names. "Therefore" the Shield of David was "already at this time a sign on amulets".[9]

In the Renaissance Period, in the 16th-century Land of Israel, the book Ets Khayim conveys the Kabbalah of Ha-Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria) who arranges the traditional items on the seder plate for Passover into two triangles, where they explicitly correspond to Jewish mystical concepts. The six sfirot of the masculine Zer Anpin correspond to the six items on the seder plate, while the seventh sfira being the feminine Malkhut corresponds to the plate itself.[10][11][12] However, these seder-plate triangles are parallel, one above the other, and do not actually form a hexagram, but later kabbalistic tradition, will reinterpret the hexagram symbol with this same significance, so that the six points corresponds to the six sfirot of the masculine Zeir Anpin, while the central unity itself corresponds to the seventh sfira of the feminine Malkhut.[13] Earlier, the Zohar had already applied this same correspondence to the other, more ancient, symbol of Judaism, the Menora. Its six candelabra branches correspond to the masculine cluster of sfirot while the central stem corresponds to the unifying feminine sfira.[14]

In the 17th century, the Shield of David as the hexagram began to represent the Jewish commuinty generally, when the Jewish quarter of Vienna was formally distinguished from the rest of the city by a boundary stone having the hexagram on one side and the Christian cross on the other. By the 18th century, the Shield appeared to represent the Jewish people in both secular (politics) and religious (synagogue) contexts.[citation needed] Then in the 19th century, it began to signify the Jewish people internationally, when the early Zionist movement adopted it as the symbol of the Jewish people, after the Dreyfus affair in France in the 19th century. From here, other Jewish community organizations adopted it too. In the 20th century, Nazi-Era Germany enacted laws forcing Jews to sew a yellow Shield of David in the form of two overlapping triangles onto their clothing to conspicuously identify themselves, while the leadership carried out its policy of genocide against them during War World 2. With its establishment in 1948, the State of Israel adopted the Shield of David for the Flag of Israel.

Use in Kabbalah

According to Judaic sources[dubious – discuss][citation needed], the Star or Shield of David signifies the number seven: that is, the six points plus the center. The earliest known text related to Judaism which mentions the symbol is Eshkol Ha-Kofer by the Karaite Judah Hadassi, in the mid-12th century CE:

"Seven names of angels precede the mezuzah: Michael, Gabriel, etc. ... Tetragrammaton protect you! And likewise the sign, called the 'Shield of David', is placed beside the name of each angel."[16]

However, it should be noted that (1) this book is of Karaite, and not of Rabbinic Jewish origin; and that (2) it does not describe the shape of the sign in any way.

The number seven has religious significance in Judaism, e.g., the six days of Creation plus the seventh day of rest, the six working days in the week plus Shabbat, the Seven Spirits of God[dubious – discuss][citation needed], as well as the Menorah in the ancient Temple, whose seven oil lamps rest on three stems branching from each side of a central pole. Perhaps, the Star of David came to be used as a standard symbol in synagogues because its organization into 3+3+1 corresponds to the Temple's Menorah[dubious – discuss][citation needed], which was the more traditional symbol for Judaism in ancient times. There are also six words in the Shema, the most important prayer in Judaism, and it is not uncommon to find the Shema written around a Star of David [citation needed].

In Kabbalah, the Star of David symbolizes the six directions of space plus the center[dubious – discuss][citation needed], under the influence[citation needed] of the description of space found in the Sefer Yetsira: Up, Down, East, West, South, North, and Center. Congruently, under the influence of the Zohar, it represents the Six Sefirot of the Male (Zeir Anpin) united with the Seventh Sefirot of the Female (Nukva).[17]

Some Kabbalistic amulets use the symbol to arrange the Ten Sefirot. However, reference to the symbol is nowhere in the classical kabbalistic texts themselves, such as the Zohar and the like. Therefore, its use as a sefirotic diagram in amulets is more likely a reinterpretation of a preexisting symbol.[citation needed]

A hexagram is a six-pointed geometric star figure, [6/2] or 2[3], the compound of two equilateral triangles. The intersection is a regular hexagon.

While generally recognized as a symbol of Jewish identity it is used also in other historical, religious and cultural contexts, for example in Islam, and Eastern Religions as well as in Occultism.

The hexagram is a mandala symbol called satkona yantra or sadkona yantra found on ancient South Indian Hindu temples built thousands of years ago.[1][2][3] It symbolizes the nara-narayana, or perfect meditative state of balance achieved between Man and God, and if maintained, results in "moksha," or "nirvana" (release from the bounds of the earthly world and its material trappings).

Another theory, though apparently not very substantiated, about the origin of the shape is that it is simply 2 of the 3 letters in the name David: in its Hebrew spelling, David is transliterated as 'D-W-D'. In Biblical Hebrew, the letter 'D' (Dalet) was written in a form like an upside-down and backwards "L", but when seen in the Greek, the letter "Delta" (Δ) is a triangle. The symbol may have been a simple family crest formed by flipping and juxtaposing the two most prominent letters in the name. The letter "W" in this case could reference the compositing operation of the two Deltas.

Some researchers have theorized that the hexagram represents the astrological chart at the time of David's birth or anointment as king. The hexagram is also known as the "King's Star" in astrological circles.

In antique papyri, pentagrams, together with stars and other signs, are frequently found on amulets bearing the Jewish names of God, and used to guard against fever and other diseases. Curiously the hexagram is not found among these signs. In the great magic papyrus[citation needed](Wessely, l.c. pp. 31, 112) at Paris and London there are twenty-two signs side by side, and a circle with twelve signs, but neither a pentagram nor a hexagram.

The hexagram may be found in some Churches and stained-glass windows. An example of this is one embedded in the ceiling of the Washington National Cathedral.

The Bible makes no direct mention of the Star of David.


A black star of David is used to identify the black population, in Africa or otherwise, with one of the Tribes of Israel.

The symbol is known in Arabic as نجمة داوود, Najmat Dāwūd (Star of David) or خاتم سليمان Khātem Sulaymān (Seal of Solomon), but "Seal of Solomon" may also refer to a pentagram

Within Indic lore, the shape is generally understood to consist of two triangles—one pointed up and the other down—locked in harmonious embrace. The two components are called 'Om' and the 'Hrim' in Sanskrit, and symbolize man's position between earth and sky. The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the sacred embodiment of femininity, and the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva, or Agni Tattva, representing the focused aspects of masculinity. The mystical union of the two triangles represents Creation, occurring through the divine union of male and female. The two locked triangles are also known as 'Shanmukha' - the six-faced, representing the six faces of Shiva & Shakti's progeny Kartikeya. This symbol is also a part of several yantras and has deep significance in Hindu ritual worship and history.

In Buddhism, some old versions of the Bardo Thodol, also known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, contain a hexagram with a Swastika inside. It was made up by the publishers for this particular publication. In Tibetan, it is called the 'origin of phenomenon' (chos-kyi 'byung-gnas). It is especially connected with Vajrayogini, and forms the center part of Her mandala. In reality, it is in three dimensions, not two, although it may be portrayed either way.

Usage in occultism

The hexagram, like the pentagram, was and is used in practices of the occult and is attributed to the 7 'old' planets outlined in astrology.

The six-pointed star is commonly used both as a talisman and for conjuring spirits in the practice of witchcraft. In the Book The History and Practice of Magic, Vol. 2, the six-pointed star is called the talisman of Saturn and it is also referred to as the Seal of Solomon.[6] Details are given in this book on how to make these symbols and the materials to use.

Dr. John Dee, the court astrologist of Queen Elizabeth I, in his book Hieroglyphic Monad, includes the following quote:

"'Mahatma Letters,' page 345: 'The double triangle viewed by the Jewish Kabbalists as Solomon's Seal is...the Sri--Antana of the Archaic Aryan Temple, the Mystery of Mysteries, a geometrical synthesis of the whole occult doctrine. The two interlaced triangles are the Buddham-Gums of Creation. They contain the 'squaring of the Circle,' the 'Philosophers' Stone,' the great problems of Life and Death--the mystery of Evil. The Chela who can explain this sign from every one of its aspects is virtually an Adept.'"[7]

Traditionally, the Hexagram can be seen as the combination of the 4 elements. The triangle with the point upwards symbolises Air, and with a horizontal line across its center symbolises Fire. The triangle with the point downwards symbolises Earth, and with a horizontal line across its center symbolises Water. The two combined create the Hexagram, and hence a combination of the elements.[8]

Usage in Freemasonry

From the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

"The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe... The two triangles, one white and the other black, interlacing, typify the mingling of apparent opposites in nature, darkness and light, error and truth, ignorance and wisdom, evil and good, throughout human life."
—33rd Degree Freemasons Albert G. Mackey and Charles T. McClenachan quoted from Codex Magica by Texe Marrs[9]

The hexagram is featured within and on the outside of many Masonic temples as a decoration. The hexagram, one of the world's most ancient symbols, may have been found within the structures of King Solomon's temple, from which Freemasons are inspired in their philosophies and studies.

# The main runways and taxiways of Heathrow Airport are arranged roughly in the shape of a hexagram.[10].
# A hexagram in a circle is incorporated prominently in the supports of Worthing railway station's platform 2 canopy (UK)

Next I'll try to find in the bible where it references satan visiting solon and fornicating in the temple, unless one of you has a quick notion.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 04:07 AM
I'm posting this here because there is also some more truths in here for you.

Pretty silent out there eh?

Cow or Bull what's the difference, a penis? Females are usually the more dangerous ones in the animal kingdom as well as the food gatherers as they also are for women.
Whatever you want to imagine, the point is that Hathor still went about on a destruction path and she slaughtered men and women and her and sekhmet lapped up the blood. Is it any wonder they are associated? I Think Not! Hathor is also associated with the Nile Inundation and Hapy. Hhhhhm more H names of Horus the betrayer like ptaH (Hephaistos). The bull or cow, whatever, still has horns and is a big beast like that other Horned beast of a Hermaphrodite duality with Zekhmet and the letter H twice in it's last name, right? The Eye of Ra as the Horned Beast, cow, bull or Zatan, and that destroyed Humanity was an Evil Eye...correct? Are you with me so far?
Anything that destroys Humans in any form is an act of Evil...See? It's not the blood sacrifices that they are after, but the release of the souls by an evil act. Thus the lapping of the blood is simply symbolic of saying they are eating the souls! Got that?
That's part of the reason behind 911 or world wars, believe what you want.
Is it coincidental that 5,23,11 and a demonic face appears in the cloud of 911 all over the internet?

I think Not, therefore I am...meaning think out side of the box with both eyes, one to see good and the other to know evil. The correct and only answer for the psycho cup half full half empty is.....neither but both and balanced....see?
If you say any other answer then you are a puppet and easily controlled! With the exception of believing in trying to maintain a positive and GOOD outlook on life.
As the old Greek saying goes, and very important, Moderation in All Things!

So whatever you want to deny as many deniers will there be, Hathor is evil as is the Eye of Ra because Ra is not God, but a king of many types, in this case Evil like Horus or ZatHanel HatuptaH or even ptaH.

Now since you don't understand my meaning about Heliopolis or Hell's Blazing City, like Hera of the Iron Chains and Nails, and the mandrakes as a poison, it's quite simple as stated.
First of all, they are not even sure if mandrakes is the correct meaning but they know they can make you sleepy. I think the word used was Tataat or something like that for the potion, in any case Ta is Earth so it was a poisonous plant of the Earth,irregardless since it was powerful enough to calm the demons of Hathor and Zekhmet.
The point I was trying to make about that statement is that many satanic or occultic groups look to the underworld teachings of Egypt and Heliopolis like the OTO, Crowley with the Black Horus, etc. So it is only common sense that this would be also replayed for one of their rituals! Got it?

Now your statement that Egypt had no Secret Societies is totally ridiculous.
The Serapaeums were secret societies, the priesthoods were secret societies, initiates sometimes had to wait 10-20 years to get in to learn the mysteries.
That term as VULCAN or Serpents, was what they were calling these secret societies since 800.bC as evident from the Greeks, aside of the older Pyramid Texts or Books of the Dead, even though you'll deny them and say they are just rituals for the funeral. Precisely the point!
Ancient egyptian texts like Snoferu's father, talk about cannibalism, betraying god, murder, slaughter, etc. There is even another Egyptian text around khufu's time (don't forget the magicians like Djed who could re-attach a head to a dead animal and return it to life as the Westcar papyrus says, proof of secret teachings), that talks about demons going from Nubia to capture the Pharaoh for a whipping, then the pharaohs magicians did the same thing to the Nubians. It's quite a fascinating read.

Now then lets move on to the PROOF of a Worldwide Flood.

First of all, the main consideration is that the known world back then was as stated, the Mediterranean surrounded by Oceanus.
Secondly, we have evidence of other world cultures on the other side of the Atlantic (and I haven't included the Pacificeans), at the same time!

3200 Ireland, Cessair (flood myth)
3113 Mexico, Mayan recreation (flood myth)
3000-2600.bC·Sumerian Flood legend (Nippur / Gilgamesh )
3183 Chaldean / Septuagint flood
2903 Samaritan Flood
2350 Biblical hebrew mesoretic Flood

Notice that the Chaldean and Samaritan are also considered Theosophical but differ from the mesoretic lie? (part of the reason why they didn't tell you the pharaohs names)
So if the Hebrew calendar was based on the Chaldean (Babylon and Chanaanite), then why wouldn't there flood be the same as the Chaldean?

On a Side note;

In the ancient Hebrew calendar, each month began with the first observation of the first sliver of moon after a new moon.

Interesting, why not the New Full Moon? Why when the Horn of the Moon first appears? Ha Ha! (sure seems to match that hexagram star!)
So the Hebrew date for the Calendar is based as October 5th, 3761.bC. Interesting. 5 is change and Sept, October is plowing or digging and Sept is yom kippur where they blow Azazel's demon horn like the horned moon based calendar or the tabernacle (manacles) and 911 was also an act of yom kippur with 11,23 and 5 being fundamental occultic significances. Oct.31st is also the great day of destruction and the battle between Good and Evil, where the following day, my birthday or Nov.1, is All Saints Day.
It's also a favorite time of occultists, satanist or paganists during the "Fall" months. 3761 is also close to 3474.bc for JASA (Philitis the Shepherds Murder by Snoferu and Khufu and Khafre and the 150 year curse upon Egypt!)

Is it coincidental that 5,23,11 and a demonic face appears in the cloud of 911 all over the internet?
= ZMO.

FACT: There were no Hebrews in 3000.bC until ca.1300.bC and after the Hyksos who settled JE-RU-SA-LEM after they slaughtered the Egyptians like the days of AbraHam.
Is that in meaning Jehovah's ruined son of the lame or Jehovah's ruse(trick) of a son for the lame,thus satanic ritual? SA is Son. Or do they mean JA's Son will be tricked into ruin to make you lame, again satanic ritual?

So we know that basicaly around this time there was also a Worldwide collection of Flood stories...correct or deny as usual ?

Thirdly, the Bible, which is truths and lies and stolen stories mainly of Egypt and then Mesopotamia, tells you that after the Great Flood, the cities of UR, etc, came after.
These cities archaeologicaly, like all the bibilical conformed histories for their purpose, arise around 3000.bC, because the Adominite Sickle was 4004.bC to Usher or anyone else for the matter of the lie of our True Garden in Tansania, that no one in their right mind can deny. Not only as our True Garden but also the Cradle of Civilization by our Scientists! As posted in a prior post that you people fail to strongly consider.

Phoenicia - 3200.bC
Egypt - 3200.bC
Minoan - 3200.bC
Ur city states - 3200.bC
Hebrew calendar - 3474.bC?

That's enough for us to know that the flood must be before this time of "common" city states! PROOF.

Mostly, I can understand people denying my mindblowing research that travels at the speed of light, and where they ask for academic proof for their blindness. (of which we are in forums and not submitting a professional abstract before a Professor of Spirence, that is if they are REAL professors, so why should I labor another 2 years to provide you with proof for your laziness? As they say, the best they save for last, and as Jesus said, "let those that have eyes SEE! And as you denied Him for the ZMO, you will also deny me, however, the Truth Shall Set You Free and let anyone cast a stone who is not guilty of sin!

Furthermore, the great deniers out there like this whiner Maegnas who thinks he's some professor sitting on a chair like the wiZArd of ID, will even go as far as to be argumentative and deny the very facts of a University such as Stanford's well researched article posted!

And alike you Byrd, with your "there was no worldwide flood" and Hathor like Horus is good, you also denied Stanford Universities research posted above. And here are some of the their major points for a Worldwide flood AND a Flood in Egypt around the very same time!

3250 Egypt, Nile delta (sea level) = FLOODED
3090 Egypt, Nile (flood)

3300 California, San Francisquito Bay (sea level)
3300 Europe, Belgian coast (sea level)
3200 Missouri', Pomme de Terre River (flood)
3250 Europe, Piora oscillation, Europe (flood) *******
3250 GLOBAL, Stormy weather (flood)

3150 GLOBAL, Paleoclimatic flood, global (flood)
3150 Turkey, Lake Van Oscillation (flood) *******
3150 USA, SW, SW US flood peak (flood
3110 China, Yangtze River (flood)
3100 Nebraska, Republican River, (flood)
3100 Boston, Sticks from fish wier (warm, cold, sea level)

Mt. Aetna and Mt.Hekla also erupted around 3200.bC .
Santorini,Thera "probably" also erupted as Mt.Aetna also did during the major event of 1628.bC, although they think Aetna was around 1500.bC, from what I read. These two are most likely on the same "VULCAN" vein underneath.

FURTHERMORE to refresh your mind, Xisuthrus was the last king alike to Noah, Utnapishtim or the Atlantean Diaprepes! And this is what he said!
Alexander Polyhistor stated that there were some 86 kings after Xisuthrus to the Medes invasion of Babylon.
86 x 30 = 2580 + 620 = 3200.bC.
30 being the generations of kings! Their common thought in classical times as Herodotus also wrote was 3 generations for every 100 years = 33.33 years each.

Do you think all of the above is Coincidental? Do you deny Stanfords research? Do you favor the ZMO?

PROOF of Egypt as an Atlantean colony of Atlantis is beyond the doubt by NEITH from Atlantean Libya!

Neith like Athena is of Atlantean Libyan (old Africa / Avila) origin and do you know what her name means?
"She of the White Waters, She of the White Linen, She of the White Hippopotamus (Water Horse!)
Now do you know what Leucippe means?
She of the White Horses, She of The White Poplars, She of the White Groves and She of the Lux of Ipse or White shining light of her beautiful self!.(Leuka - white)

Do you think that is coincidential?

Go ahead Deny all you want! Lest Ye Avet Eyes to SEE!

P.S. No need to further prove your support for Maegnas. I know he is not Greek, just like the ZMO who are in every religion, race or faces of many phony names like Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Baraq Hussein Obama's name was chosen from his other fake name of Barry Soetero to EASE THE TENSION with their psychopompous brainwashing of their truth and lies to prevent a civilian revolt. Why do you think FEMA paniced from the PNAC plan for 911, Iraq,Afghanistan and now Iran? The Oil spill is just another distraction and financial scam.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Sell a horse to your buddy for 1 dollar and give him a receipt for 1 million dollars, then sell it of course said the horse!
9-10 dollars credit for every money you put in their banks, and of course they own your money and your lands...hardworkers after they steal 75% of your earnings and then your lands and home in the end go back to them....HA HA.
Too boot, they sell a piece of land worth 10 times more than the outhouse they put on it, charge you property tax yearly, municipal and sewer taxes, then on top of that Utilities for the rest of your life. Then they give you a nice GST every 3 months for 75 dollars and your lucky to get a 1000-3000 tax return yearly...HA HA.
Oh my! Now they changed the GST and PST for Canada into the HST! HA HA, Good one! Matches that star of satan on the Parliament peace tower clock of Canada and the 13 star Us Seal. HST for America! Ha HA!

Wonder what the H stands for and what they want "Harmonized". Ha Ha! Must be something to do with ZatHanel HatuptaH or Hat Putah. And we do know what Putah means, just as it's Black Hat was clearly seen in kHenYA! Ha Ha!

Then they take it all back while Trillions goes to the Red Shields and of course billions every year to Israels' PUNY 2 million army aside of their highest 8% GDP for military, which is more than the 300 million armies at 4% GDP of Russia, Iran, China and America, to make the Rothchilds PIMPS the worlds real TERRORISTS for the ZMO.

It's so obvious like LEUKE! They're all one happy family aren't they? So they think.

Pretty evil looking Pope, isn't it! ZMO.

I think not therefore I am!

To Know IS Immortal.

Go ahead, Deny!

Oh my! Is this post OFF TOPIC?

I dont' think so, but very much the truths of our histories and our present day that you will learn by studying Atlantis!

Why do you think they suppress and hide it?
Guess who's lands they're all sitting on!


The World Is Watching and Knowing, just give me 51% and I'll show you how a real planet should be run for and by the people who own it!

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 04:09 AM
The NWO is not satanic;

is the EU ( european union) satanic? i mean,its gotto be the dumbest question ever.

Eu is being replaced by Nwo.nothing more.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 04:13 AM
By the way as your True King of Atlantis and by God's Wisdom, and in any event...

I give you all an equal share of those lands and a free portion of land to build your homes or business for OUR countries!

Except for any members of EVIL families or specificaly the ZMO!

First Enscribed law upon the Orichalcum Pillar!

Signed; Paulo J.T.C.Mn
Sword of Avila
Friday July 09/2010

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 06:03 AM
cultofexperience; (DavidIcke.forums response)

Thankyou for your interest and opportunity of new wisdom for your histories within Tribes of Atlantis by me for your Spirence and for All!

No! yhvh is not MIN! To put it simple Horus subjugated MIN or AMEN or JA MN, thus He became known as AMEN meaning "the hidden one" and to the hebrews as "so be it" later on after 1300.bC.
yhvh that is in truth and in meaning simply a "titular" name for Lord, and was satan in disguise! Thus it was a bloodthirsty, vain, jealous, murdering, human animal sacrificial entity to lead you DOWN the patH of ptaH...see? In the long run as you understand more of that Ba Al book of there zeitgeist or cleverness of mixing a lie with a truth, and that it was a very destructive god, thus you will come to hate God and stray to their path of condemnation to deceive you of your Free Will (their best trick) so they can have your soul put into a "hexagram" coffin to power up that thing that once was from your "ENERGY".

In hopes of that thing becoming and growing as large or larger than God, for they all want to be like the Gods! And they stole some power when they fell from Evermore and betrayed God. They were very powerful in knowing how to disguise from God and especially to seek out the Sons of God for their satanic rituals of a longer dominion for that thing.....which fell in k-H-en-YA's Pit as seen by my actual Google Earth photos!

Zathanel HatuptaH or Hat of a Putah (Whore/Black Hat), at the time of it's falling, for it was a Hermaphrodite with a dual nature being the female ZekHAmet also, was some roughly 7 light years in size as seen in my Secret of Carina Nebula. The actual Hubble Space Telescope picture by my decoding the Divine Plan of our True God's Wisdom for the Pyramids of Cairo and the Sphinx looking to the East of the Rising Sun (Son!).
Not Orion!

This is very, very simple to deduce because in Genesis 1:1 and from the ORIGNAL writings both in Greek Septuagint, Latin Vulgate or the original Hebrew before it was edited by 72 clever rabbis as in the Letter of Aristeas who knew not God's name, called God, EloHim or ALHYM, Al being Sun or Lucifer or EL as in Lord. This name is another titular that simply means " the all powerful one". And it's slaughters were powerful acts of evil for the ENERGY of your soul. It's not the blood sacrifice, but the evil act!...See?
Thus 911 for example or your wars.

And Then in Chapter 2:4, their cleverness of deception said, let's call God yahoweh elohim, and use yahoweh for God's name! This as written in the ORIGINAL means LORD GOD...see? They chose yAHoweh as a corruption of AHYM that means I AM as God supposedly said to Moses in Exodus 13 I think it was and as a corruption of ALHYM for elohim..see?

The truth is that they knew very well that God, IA, I AM, or AMEN, is in fact JA MN...our True God Creator, who has a wife and is a man with the knowledge of making a woman aside of everything else from the white world of Evermore wrapped around all the blackness you see out there with twinkling stars! The Oval Light, or our Chalice of God,(holy grail) is the PORTAL to Evermore in the white realm beyong the blackness.

Part of there plan and the greatest secret upon our earth's materia for the immateria, was to get the Chalice out of the way so we would have no passage to God's kingdom and they could use your ENERGY! Thus they also made the hexagram from God's pentagram as a demon portal or the Zeal of Zolomon (soul of no man) known as the star of devils or david. The satanic ritual of the pentagram, as the murder of the Sons of God also was and for their sins not you who are innocent, converts the pentagram field of their protection by God, into a hexagram field or demon portal for satan's minions to enter and do their bidding or destructions. We are all bound by the Law of 5 and that is from God, thus it protects, preserves and sustains and teaches us wisdom just as our 5 fingers and toes and why we have two eyes to see both good and evil for our safety.
5 is change...period. See how they are also powerful and know how to change the 5 for their purpose of greed, murder, plunder, corruption and dominion over you?
The perfect family is 4, God,Wife,Son and Daughter or ABCD..E, eternal is 5.
The son or daughter give birth to a new but changed offspring..see?

Now 6789 or F,G,H,I was the Evil family where 10 for J or Journey or JA again changes.
F or ePH is satan's father, the Evil eye on the Pyramid. PH = Phanes or Lucifer or Satan of the PhreeMA-ZA-ns and the NWO or ZMO. Thus Pharaohs, Phoenicians, Phrygians, Philos, etc...along those principals of H and Z. H is satan or the Entwined Serpents as the 8th letter or 888, it's real number while 666 is the servants of satan in duty to it's pHatHer.
Thus Ptah, Horus, Hathor,Osiris,Isis, Heliopolis and the Sun cults of human sacrifice or the Saturnian cults or the Crows of Ley lines (Crowley) or simply today as the ZMO or German Jews and friends. Zionist Masonic Oligarchy.

Got all that so far?

Thus, as satan was some 7 light years in size, it was still puny compared to God's size whose eyeball would gobble up satan. But their evil magic of wiZArds was powerful and as stated they could disguise from God or "blind god's vision by hiding in the darkness.

That is why satan fell, because I revealed the Truth about who God is and what they were doing up there in Carina Nebula, by my decoding the Pyramids...see?

The Truth Shall Set Us Free for we are really.......UMANS not H-umans pinned and branded by the evil family and the fallen letter or Zan of Z as our 26th letter = 8 or Zathanel Hatuptah, satan. Sa means Son, thus all sons are JASA or God's Sons.
God is all loving and never destroyed our Earth nor does He ever require blood sacrifices, murders, etc. They do and did destroy your Earth or your loved ones, one way or the other. Remember, satan was after all and energy of evil sins some 7 light years in size!
Flick of it's obsidian finger could topple your earth and flood it and destroy it just like it's other large demons can cause hurricanes, earthquakes etc, hell bent on destruction.

Now, the 1 is God and the 8 was satan, thus the 9 is also God's number and it is embedded into our mathematical and architectural wonders. Satan's father was the 6.
Yin Yang,black,white, 9 or flip flop and backwards 6, as evil is.

My birthdate as shown and the fact that I am a 5 and governed by this law, such as they also know that for 23 or 11 or 5, also has the 9 and the 6 in it paired with 11111. ...see?

Thus I am the 5 who governed the 3 and the 8, because 5 is change and my will is always for the 3 and the 9. Free Will is a Law! Their satanic ritual's of murdering the son or the golden orus for the black horus, changes the 3 by the 5 to an 8 or entwined serpents of evil. 3+5 = 8.
The freemason 33 is also an 8 if you face the baphomet 3's together!
Remember the 9? God's law says that 9 divided by 3 is 3.
Their law says that 3 divided by 9 is .3333333333333333.....or 33 degrees ....Lucifer satan horus see?

To learn your histories just as they stole them for the bible, everyone including the occultists and satanists or initiates looks to Egypt just as the truth of Atlantis came from Egypt.

The first Atlantean province in Egypt was MAEREA, as you noticed. Now mar means Sea or Waters, thus the people of the Island surrounded by water.
Just like the western Atlantic cultures say they came from the east, while the eastern ones say they came from the west....or God's Island as Atlantis means.
Even as far as New Zealand or Australia as you noticed Maerea.
Maerea is also Maat or Truth, balance in Egypt and in Indonesia and the east she is Maatahara, just as JA was worshipped there as well.

Now is it any coincidence that Rongo a term for your lands or Easter Island, is the same for where our True Garden of Avila (eden disguised as HavilaH) lies at the ngorongoro crater?

This raises a suspicion that they may be performing the ritual of murdering the son at Easter Island, thus Jesus arose in Easter!!!

The Garden is actualy at the Olkarien concentricaly circled Gorge which also once was a circular island that I believe was Atlantis II or the second garden, our cradle of civilization as our scientists clearly tell us. The First Garden was Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean that was destroyed by a previous flood in 6482.bC while Tansania or the 2nd was destroyed ca3250-4250.bC, then it became Egypt's Delta, thus Maerea and the First Dynastic kings of Menes and Neith preserved the meanings of the names as we also preserved the biblical flood from that same point. Which is why there are 10 kings on the Narmer Palette and a great evidence for the flood as follows in my next "interesting" post.

Maerea also reflects Ave Maria or Mary as Jesus' Mother.

In the old days we all spoke Linear A that evolved into English from Latin, that originally came from the 12,000 year old Atlantean,Azilian, Aterian languages that are identical to the Linear A, B and the Phoenician script that was stolen from Iberia.

Nothing is coincidence but has meaning.

I try!

Waitaha is probably UAitaha or comparable with Atlantis as a Risen Land of Primordial creation. UA means "above", "sky", most high, etc. Thus this Goddess of Uaitaha was a most high goddess just like Allah means most high also!

Evermore there is only one True Name for God for us to know.
That is why Jesus called His Father who they knew not as AMEN and why JOHN baptised The Christ.

JA is JAO is JOHN or properly JON, since you know......the H.
That's why for the semitics they knew him as YAH for JAO.
Thus they disguised Him as the evil Egyptians also did after MIN.

The Falcon is not really a Horus bird nor in meaning the followers of Horus.
The Falcon is the Followers of AMEN.
It is the letter A in antiquity, God's first letter and with a feather on a standard is IMNTI or JMNTI as in WEST for AMENTI.

Further proof that Atlantis and God's original island was WEST from Egypt to AMENTI or the realm of Seker precisely in the Atlantic Ocean as the field measurements and the description of that Falcon God clearly say.

The Double Falcons was also the realm of the Maerean Atlanteans who's 7 nomes you can witness on the Tehenu Libyan Palette. This were the Maadi-Buto cultures or Maeremdians.

The Double Falcons are God and His Wife.


So be it!

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:36 PM
-Solomon (Hebrew - peaceful)
-also called Jedidah - "beloved of yahweh.
-2nd Son of David and Bethsabee (Bathsheba)
-not the heir to the throne but appointed by David at 18yoa.
-reigned 40 years
-main sources Kings 1;-1-9, Chonicles 2; 1-9
-marriage alliance with Egyptian Pharaoh Psieukhannit (Psebkhan) II's daughter who ruled Zoan (Tanis/Avaris) a Hyksos city.
- ties with Phoenician King Hiram of Tyre in trade for solomon's northlands.
- solomon slaughter the city of Gezer and Canaanites for his egptian wife.

- 70 wives and 300 concubines
- divided kingdom into 12 states while ignoring the 12 tribes
- death uncertain estimated between 938 and 916.bC.
- claimed as wise,all knowing, spoke 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs.
- enjoyed lust,luxury and fashioned himself and his kingdom after the pharaohs of egypt.
- reign of his son broke the kingdom into two that destroyed the hebrews in favor of Assyria and Babylon.
- obese, perverted and led by his wives to worship strange gods.
- unlike The Wars of David, his father, showed no interest for foreign conquest
- constructed Solomon's Temple and the Tabernacle.
- parts of Proverbs are from other authors

-Nathan the prophet of David,Banaias,Solomon and Sadoc were not invited by Adonias,son of David who made himself king.

-David commits adultery and murder in Samuel 2:11
-Nathan appears mysteriously to David advising him not to build the temple but for Solomon to build it. Nathan secures Solomon as king by convincing David's wife Bethsabee to complain. Nathan then appears later mysteriously to Solomon advising him to build the temple.
-Nathan,Samuel and Gad the seers, wrote a part of David's history.(chronicles 1:29 and 2:29

-Banais was a murderer and a priest, he also murdered Adonias, Jacob's son to secure Solomon as king. Solomon ordered the death of Adonias.(kings 1; 2:46)

-Joab;general of an army

- David names Sadoc the priest and Nathan the prophet and Banais to appoint Solomon as king (Cerethi and Phelethi people)
-sadoc anoints solomon with a horn of oil (horn of the altar of the tabernacle)

-Adonais testifies that his mother Bethsabee knew that all israel preferred him to be king and that the kingdom was his.

-Solomon commanded Adonais' death for his mother requesting on behalf of Adonais the hand of Abisag the beautiful Sunamitess in marriage.(kings 1; 2:24)

-He went therefore to Gabaon, to sacrifice there: for that was the great high place: a thousand victims for holocausts, did Solomon offer upon that altar, in Gabaon. 5 And the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night, saying: Ask what you will that I should give you. 6 And Solomon said: You have showed great mercy to your servant David, my father...

-david tells solomon to obey the lords commandments (david murdered and committed adutlery)
- the lord tells solomon to walk in the way of his commandments as his father david did.(kings 1;3:14) ha ha!

-two harlots argued to solomon about a child. Solomon told them to ta ke a sword and cut the child in half!

Zabud, the son of Nathan, the priest,

kings1; 5:18,
18 And the masons of Solomon, and the masons of Hiram, hewed them: and the Giblians prepared timber and stones to build the house.

480 years after exodus,and in the 4th year of solomon's reign, the temple began construction.
est 927 solomon died, plus 40 ruled = 967 - 4 = 963.bC + 480 = 1443 Exodus (Kings 1:6)
Amenhotep II (1450-1412) Thutmose III (1504-1450)

the tabernacle of temple was built in the month of ZIO.

60L x 20w x 30h (Royal Cubit=21in)
1260inL x 420w x 630h
105ftL x 35w x 52.5h

All factors divisible by 5. (52.5 = 10.5)

The temple was meant for change, thus the Ritual of the Pentagram.

60 x 20 x 30 = 36,000 = 9 = God 1 bothered by the 8 satan = change = 5
36,000/5 = 7200 = 72 rabbis = 72 virgins = 72 betrayors of Osiris = 9

1260/5 = 252 = 9, 420/5 = 84 = 12 = 3, 630/5 = 126 = 9

60+20+30 = 110 = 11 = 2 entwined serpents or dual nature. (11 or 11:11)
5 petal rose centered in a 6 sided hexagram = 11
9:11 Twin Towers.

The porch in front was 20w x 10d cubits.(420in x 210in = 6 + 3 = 9.

3 floors on the walls being 5,6 and 7 cubits wide = 18 = 9
Built the main floor 5 cubits in height.
The Temple was built of stone and covered with cedar without any fasteners! Basicaly a house of falling cards! 5 of spades?

ZA-EL-Omens Temple Tabernacle....ha ha!
(satan lords omens = month of Z-io)
The murder of Christ added Zero to our calendars!

Made from Cedar trees of Phoenicia (Phanes > Pharaohs > Lucifer > Cedar Red)

The NWO or ZMO, the Red Shields and friends or satanists, envoke demons who can tell them secrets of people or wisdom, thus the satan lord granted demons for solomons wisdom! (yahweh was satan in disguise as proven)

Solomon = Soul of No Man = unrightful heir to the throne of Adonais = condemned = ZA El Omen's or Satan lord's Omens! OM-ON can also mean AMMON as in Egypt and ON as in Heliopolis,Egypt,The Sun city of Satan's Worship (Lucifer). Thus Solomon married an Egyptian wife. David was also condemned by serving satan as his murders and adultery and yahweh's LIES disguised as satan testify to!

yahweh promised he would never destroy the earth again, thus satan's testimony that he did in fact destroy the earth and not our true God JA MN!
Right after yahweh's promise he destroyed sodom and gommorha! David also said to obey the commandments that he himself broke, and yet after his death, yahweh says to solomon to also follow the commandments like David did! ha ha!

12 as for this house, which you are building, if you will walk in my statutes, and execute my judgments, and keep all my commandments, walking in them, I will fulfil my word to you, which I spoke to David your father. 13 And I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel, and I will not forsake my people Israel.-satan yahweh's words!

The Oracle of Broken Blood of Brine in the Tabernacle or H-olies of H-olies. (Hot lies or Ho Lies = whores lies = Putah = Zathanel HatuptaH = Zatan).

The Tabernacle temple of the Oracle was itself 40cubits long by 20 cubits wide with a 20cu cedar hind wall. 40 x 20 = 80 = 8 = Entwined serpents = satan = 888. 40 x 20 x 20 = 16000 = 7 = 7 days of yahwehs creation = 7 days of hell's intervention on earth from Orion. 7 laws of Sin?
The tabernacle was covered in the most purest GOLD! 22 karat of course,44,88 > 888.

Ark of the Covenant > Ark of the COVEN (Cave of the OVEN - witches and wiZArds covens) Coven of Anti or those against true God JA MN, Atheists!

Satan loved numbers and GOLD. Why do you think they hoarde it and dominate your financial systems by the Red Shields of Red Cedar or Red Covens!

22 And there was nothing in the temple that was not covered with gold: the whole altar of the oracle he covered also with gold.

two cherubims of olive tree, of ten cubits in height. 24 One wing of the cherub was five cubits, and the other wing of the cherub was five cubits: that is, in all ten cubits,

Oil really isn't good for you is it? It's good for "brazening" things though. Oil spills kill's life forms and ingested will make you sick or die > greasy foods. Oil fires like Diesel fuels kill the atmosphere and you. Why do you think they call it DIES EL? Lord of Death!

And in the entrance of the oracle, he made little doors of olive tree, and posts of FIVE corners.

Cherubims probably meanS Black angels like satan was or CHARRED uBIMS > BURNT H-UMANS (UBIMS - Umans who became bad then evil-BA,Bes,bad spirit)

The Temple was built in the FOURTH year of Solomon's rule (second month of ZIO) and finished in......

....The ELEVENTH YEAR (11) in the EIGHTH month of BUL! ( notice that the HEIGHTH as a hebrew would say it or the 8 or H has three H's in it like ZatHanel-HatupaH?) Bulls are a symbol of power and destruction like HATHOR or HORUS.

Again another reason why 11 is important to satanist and the phreemasons further provenancing 911 twin towers of the ZMO destruction!

Let Us Go On Umans! (no need to reveal the truth about yahweh or david like abraHam, the murderers,adulterers,liars,fornicators, as Jesus himself said!)
You can read all that for yourself, then realize why you turned against our True God JA MN by falsely blaming Him of you who He So Created!

-solomon built his own house in 13 years.(no doubt!) He also built the house in the FOREST of LIBANUS that was LARGER THAN THE TEMPLE SUPPOSEDLY TO GOD!

- must be something pretty important about that witches hut in the forest! Satan's house where they performed satanic rituals and murders in the WOODS > HOLLY'S WOODS! Again on the principle of 5 as in the pentagram like solomon's temple this place was built! I guess we know where LIES and LIABLE come from!


So these ZMO or Phreemasons must have Temples of Libanus somewhere as their head meat-ing places for brazening the oils of za and blowing azazels horn!

Pontius Pilates the "character of the satanic play" for the "satanic ritual murder of Jesus The Christ, was a chosen name like all their names are in meaning...Bridge of HUMAN SKIN FOR THE Piled Ruin! PONTUS(BRIDGE) PIL(SKIN) ATE(RUIN). JE-RU-SA-LEM > JEHOVAH'S RUIN FOR THE SON FOR THE LAME.

He made also the porch of the throne wherein (HOUSE OF LIBANUS) is the seat of judgment; and covered it with cedar wood from the floor to the top. 8 And in the midst of the porch, was a small house, where he sat in judgment of the like work. He made also a house for the daughter of Pharao (whom Solomon had taken to wife) of the same work, as this porch;

THUS JOBES DAUGHTERS for the freemasons represent Egypt or ISIS VEILED. Freemasons = Phree MA ZAns = Phanes mothers sons = lucifer's mothers sons = satan's homosexuals and hermaphrodite worshippers.

13 And King Solomon sent, and brought Hiram from Tyre, 14 the son of a widow woman, of the tribe of Nephthali, (Nephalim?) Nefarious = evil ones.)
The freemasons credit Hiram Abiff as the architect for solomon's temple. As you can clearly see, he WAS NOT the architect of the temple but rather the one who built the twin brass pillars for solomon of joab and boaz!

JOAB was a murdering priest! Twin pillars = JoAb vs boAZ or JA vs ZA or GOD vs SATAN and the OB harlots.

Jachin... That is, firmly established. (Thus established or enduring also means MN or MIN or MENES like Atlas,further provenance of our True God JA MN!)

Booz... That is, in its strength.(7 light years of evil energetic strength! > the lie of the earth created in 7 days!)

Both pillars being 18 cubits high = 9. Mounted on top with chapiters of 5cubits in height! FIVE. Surrounded by a line of 12 cubits = time.

And a kind of network, and chain work wreathed together with wonderful art. Both the chapiters of the pillars were cast: seven rows of nets were on one chapiter, and seven nets on the other chapiter. 18 And he made the pillars, and two rows round about each network to cover the chapiters, that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and in like manner did he to the other chapiter.

Pomegranates being a RED CEDAR color fruit with RED seeds inside. Same as offered to Persephone in Hades.

They tell you JACHIN was the RIGHT pillar and BOOZ the LEFT pillar. In greek it's written BAAZ or BAAS.
BA AL > Evil Spirit of Lucifer(sun=AL or Lord as in El)

23 He made also a molten sea, of ten cubits, from brim to brim, round all about; the height of it was five cubits, and a line of thirty cubits compassed it round about. 24 And a graven work, under the brim of it, compassed it for ten cubits going about the sea: there were two rows cast of chamfered sculptures. 25 And it stood upon twelve oxen, of which three looked towards the north, and three towards the west, and three towards the south, and three towards the east: and the sea was above upon them, and their hinder parts were all hid within. 26 And the laver was a hand breadth thick: and the brim thereof was like the brim of a cup, or the leaf of a crisped lily: it contained two thousand bates.

Hiram made cauldrons, and shovels, and basins, and finished all the work of King Solomon in the temple of the Lord.

No doubt this Libanus temple was Satan's seat as yahweh!

48 And Solomon made all the vessels for the house of the Lord: the altar of gold, and the table of gold, upon which the loaves of proposition should be set: 49 And the golden candlesticks, five on the right hand, and five on the left, over against the oracle, of pure gold: and the flowers like lilies, and the lamps over them of gold: and golden snuffers, 50 and pots, and fleshhooks, and bowls, and mortars, and censers, of most pure gold: and the hinges for the doors of the inner house of the holy of holies, and for the doors of the house of the temple, were of gold. 51 And Solomon finished all the work that he made in the house of the Lord, and brought in the things that David, his father, had dedicated, the silver and the gold, and the vessels, and laid them up in the treasures of the house of the Lord.

Loaves of Proposition = loaves of faces = materia where demonic faces of satan's messages can be sent to solomon.
pots,fleshooks,shovels,chains,nets,webs,pomegranates,lava pools,hinges,chains,gold,etc.......

Great place to film a H-orror (Horus) movie for the Holly's Woods of the ZMO!

Then all the ancients of Israel, with the princes of the tribes, and the heads of the families of the children of Israel, were assembled to King Solomon, in Jerusalem: that they might carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, out of the city of David, that is, out of Sion.

Thus satans' servants of ZIONISM and iZArael = ZMO = Zionist Masonic Oligarchy = NWO = Red Shields of Pomegranates!
RaZaEl = Demon = EleaZAr = son of ELIZA, rabbi who murdered The Christ. Ra=king Za=satan El=lord. EliZA = Lordess of Satan. Beth = House.

RaZAel = iZrael = ZION or ZA dominion or ZA ON as in Heliopolis worshipped by satanists,zmo,oto,jesuit priests,rabbis,knights of malta,rosicruicians,templars,saturn cutls,freemasons,jobes daughters,skull and bones,golden dawn,etc....

And all Israel assembled themselves to King Solomon, on the festival day, in the month of Ethanim, the same is the seventh month.

Ethanim = Zathanel Hatuptah = it of many faces and disguises = Nathanel the rabbi priest to David and solomon who like PNAC orchestrating 911 for the ZMO,also ocrchestrated solomon's rule and the temple to be built!

9 Now in the ark there was nothing else but the two tables of "stone", which Moses put there at H-oreb, when the Lord made a covenant with the children of Israel, when they came out of the land of Egypt. (pretty much explains itself!)

62 And the king, and all Israel with him, offered victims before the Lord. 63 And Solomon slew victims of peace offerings, which he sacrificed to the Lord, two and twenty thousand oxen, and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep so the king, and all the children of Israel, dedicated the temple of the Lord. 64 In that day the king sanctified the middle of the court, that was before the house of the Lord for there he offered the holocaust, and sacrifice, and the fat of the peace offerings: because the brazen altar that was before the Lord, was too little to receive the holocaust, and sacrifice, and the fat of the peace offerings.

Funny the German Jews or ZMO who killed the Jews in world war II should also use the term H-olocaust for their sins, knowingly as a servitude to satan like above.

16 Pharao, the king of Egypt, came up and took Gazer, and burnt it with fire: and slew the Chanaanite that dwelt in the city, and gave it for a dowry to his daughter, Solomon's wife.

14 And the weight of the gold that was brought to Solomon every year, was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold: 666

And King Solomon made love with many strange women, besides the daughter of Pharao, and women of Moab, and of Ammon, and of Edom, and of Sidon, and of the Hethites and women that his lord told him to stay away from:

Solomon worshipped Astarthe, the goddess of the Sidonians, and Moloch, the idol of the Ammonites. 6 And Solomon did that which was not pleasing before the Lord, and did not fully follow the Lord, as David, his father. 7 Then Solomon built a temple for Chamos, the idol of Moab, on the hill that is over against Jerusalem, and for Moloch, the idol of the children of Ammon. (kings 1;11)

ZATHANEL HATUPTAH > ZA > ZATAN. Just like the NWO,twist the N and flip the W = ZMO, thus Nathan or Nathanael = Zathanel.

Nathan (God-given), the name of several Israelites mentioned in the Old Testament.

Nathan, successor of Samuel and prophet in the times of David and Solomon
No indication is given as to his origin, and he appears in the narrative for the first time when David is contemplating the erection of a house to the Lord (2 Samuel 7). He assures the monarch of the Lord's support and of the divinely ordained establishment of his kingdom for all time, but dissuades him from the idea of building the proposed temple, stating that this honour was reserved for his son and successor (2 Samuel 7:13; 1 Chronicles 17:1-15). Nathan appears later to reproach David in the name of the Lord for his crime of adultery and murder narrated in 2 Samuel 11, and, after skilfully proposing the allegory of the poor man's little ewe lamb, surprises the king with the words: "Thou art the man". He then declares the anger of the Lord and the punishments that are to fall upon David, although in view of the latter's repentance his sin is pronounced forgiven, for his crimes had given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme (2 Samuel 12:1-15). The prophet next appears on the scene when it is question of securing to Solomon the succession to the throne of his father. Adonias, abetted by Joab and the high priest Abiathar, made an attempt to have himself proclaimed king. The plan was frustrated by Nathan who, first through Bethsabee and later in a personal interview, informed David as to the doings of Adonias, and persuaded the aged monarch to confirm his promise in favour of Solomon and have him proclaimed king at the fountain of Gihon (1 Kings 1:8-45). In this instance Nathan served the interests of the country as well as those of David and Solomon by averting a civil war. He is credited by the Chronicler with having written a part of the history of David, together with Samuel the seer and Gad the seer (1 Chronicles 29:29; 2 Chronicles 29:25). The time of Nathan's death is not given, but his name is mentioned in Sirach 47:1.

Nathan, son of David and Bethsabee (2 Samuel 5:14; 1 Chronicles 3:5 and 14:4)
The name Nathan augmented by the theophorous prefix or suffix is borne by other members of the family of David. Thus one of his brothers was Nathanael (1 Chronicles 2:14), and one of his nephews, Jonathan (2 Samuel 21:21).

Nathan, father of Azarias and Zabud, important functionaries of the court of Solomon (1 Kings 4:5)
By some scholars he is identified with Nathan the prophet (1), and by others with Nathan the son of David (2). Both opinions are merely conjectural. His son Zabud is designated as "priest", this being an indication, among many others, that the functions of the priesthood were not at that period exercised exclusively by the descendants of Aaron.

Nathan, son of Ethei and father of Zabad (1 Chronicles 2:36), of the tribe of Juda and of the branch of Caleb
His grandfather Jeraa was an Egyptian slave to whom Sesan gave one of his daughters in marriage (1 Chronicles 2:34-35).

Nathan, one of the prominent Jews of the time of the captivity
Chosen by Esdras together with several others to find levites for the temple service when the Jews were camped on the banks of the Ahava preparing to return to Palestine (Ezra 8:16).

Nathan, one of the sons of Bani mentioned in Ezra 10:39
He was among those who, at the command of Esdras, put away(murdered) the foreign wives they had married.

Solomon's song 1:5

King James Bible
I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

Strong's Hebrew

2094. zahar
to be light or shining

2096. zohar
shining, brightness

2196. zaaph
to be vexed, be enraged

Forest of Libanus = Lebanon
hal-le-va-no-vn = Lebanon

from lebab;

3825. lebab

Well,I guess we know what they were doing in Solomon's macabre Forest House of Libanus's manacles! Satanic rituals of the ZMO!

Leviathan > Zathanel

The pentagram (pentalpha) comes from the Pythagorean tradition. The goat's or ram's head within it refers to the Goat of Mendes, a symbol of the Egyptian Neter Amon, who was called "the hidden one", he who abides in all things, the soul of all pehnomena" and is thus the closest Neter to the Dark Force which is seen to permeate and motivate all nature. The Two concenctric circles which contain the word "LEVIATHAN" written in Hebrew (starting at the lowermost point and moving counterclockwise) stem from the tradition of the Ophite (SERPENT) JEWS, and this is the essence of the Dragon of the Abyss, descended from Tiamat, sometimes symbolized as an ouroboros (serpent biting it's own tail forming a circle). Thus,in one sigil, we find a confluence of several cultures approach to embodying what we call satan. (

And who headed the church of satan? A Jew named Anton s-ZA-nder LaVey.

Thus Samuel's satanic Pentagram.

(Zeus 'god'ammon = sabaZaeus = jews from Egypt) > Pharisees. The Sabbath > Saturday.

Raneb ca.2700.bC followed Hotepsekhemwy to the throne of Egypt, and is thought to have ruled for 39 years. Many sealings found at Saqqara and a stela located at Abydos bear his name. Raneb had, according to Manetho, initiated the worship of the sacred goat of Mendes.

This was when the worship of RA,The Solar Calendar and the Sun Temples came into play for Lucifer. Raneb was the first to use the titular of RA for a pharaohs name.

Thus Evil arose through Egypt from K-H-en-YAH. (Cheniah > Chanaan > Phoenicieans from Pharaohs...from Phanes lucifer....see?

Now you know why they wear black suns on their heads,pray to the ground or bang their heads on stone or bobble back and forth or why Socrates called them square heads with broad arses who study the heavens!

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

And God Said,Rid ourselves of Evils....ZMO HAS TO GO!!!

.111.Let those who cause evil merit the reward in return.111.

Pray with God JA MN
Worship No Stone
Command No Death
Love Thy Nieghbour
Preserve Our Histories

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by Illuminatus!
The NWO is not Satanic. Everything that isn't Christian is not automatically Satanic. That's just absurd to say. Being Satanic implies that one worships Satan. Even if the NWO worshiped all sorts of different Pagan gods or entities, that does not make them Satanic. Besides, a very small minority of them are even involved in any kind of worship of any being. Also, does it even matter who or what they worship? That's not going to solve anything or help anyone change anything. Jesus (or who/whatever you choose to believe in) won't come down and magically save everyone. You need to learn how to save and protect yourself.

By definition, if you reject the God of Abraham and his Son, Jesus Christ, you are an Antichrist. Any true Christian would not scheme to control people, bankrupt their country, take away their freedoms and remove God from all things American, and this is only the beginning of what the proponents of the NWO are doing and have been doing for decades. I have personally witnessed the decay of society over my lifetime, moral relativism, behavior that was once considered abhorrent is now "personal preference".

So, my belief is, they are Satanic, not necessarily because they "worship" Satan by choice but by default because they reject God and Jesus Christ.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by General.Lee

The god of abraHam was yahweh was satan!
Jesus is not of them! There is a reason why Abraam became abra-H-am and had to H-umble himself before that lord by murderous acts,thus the H in his name! Just like Issac became IsHmael!

Read John chapter 8:44 to what Jesus says about them and Abraham.!

Jesus was neither king of the jews nor a jew!

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 01:36 AM
Now let's look at computers.

Based on 8 bits in a byte or 8 byte pipelines = 888 = satan. (16,32,64)

steve's JOBS and bill's GATES...see?

Job's being a corruption of JOBES daughters,thus the apple as in Eve for Macintosh (OGHAM).
Gates of course symbolizing the Gates of Hell or Lucifer's servants.
Ogham and hebrew codes are implemented in computer programming language just like the webdings font symbols or david font.

For one, nothing is secure on these computers, just like your isp address is made available which should be held privately by our isp providers like comcast,telus,rogers,juno,etc. Which is how they can hack into your computers aside of knowing your mac address on your network card or machine, or sending you an email to read the packets in your reply. Just right click your word documents and view the source code with your computer name on them.

If there was a problem,then that information should be legaly obtained from the isp provider and not all over the internet! Big lawsuit there including for microsoft,browsers and os companies!

Aside of not knowing what the heck of 90% is in your computer or what they are, there are also files that you are locked out from by them. For example, what's the point of that Xerox folder,as in to copy or MS Agent that looks like a detective? Try to delete a file and it says, in use by another program instead of telling you which program? Just like the properties tells you nothing much at all and leaves your wondering what kind of file is that or what is starting up with your computer?

Not only is their operating systems unreliable and ill conceived with ulterior motives like their computer marketing scams for you to upgrade or new operating systems that steal more memory and speed anyway like the video game market for pc,which is fading,but also that through additional programs you install that are connected behind the scenes with them, they can still get around and into your pc. For example Adobe Flash player,google,or webbrowsers,mcafee viruscan,windows firewall, etc....... Adobe meaning RED BRICK. No need to expain Acro-BAT.


Bottom line, our computers are evil,basicaly premeditated by the ZMO Crows of Ley lines and satanic worship like everything else in our media,foods,ecosystems,financial,real estate,schools,banks,advertising,educational,justice,everything infected with their diseased minds!

Think about most of the words associated with your computer experience?


WWW = 23+23+23 OR 555 OR 15 OR 6 OR 666,OR 69=15=6 (6 SATAN, 9 GOD) OR 12167 = 17=8 = 888 = SATAN

Or how about some of their products or OPERATING SYSTEMS. X-BOX,WINDOWS 95=13, 98 = 17=8, XP=eXorcise people,MILLenium,VISTA,WINDOWS 7(SATAN),OFFICE,WORKS,JAGUAR,PANTHER,LEOPARD,FIREWALLS,SECURITY,(secular rite),SPYWARE,VIRUSES,HACKERS,CRACKERS,PROTOCOL,HYPER MARK UP LANGUAGE,HYPER TEXT,GOPHER. And what do they call your systems X86? 14=5=change. x64 = 10 = 5

Just like you think NASA is the National Aviation and Space Agency when it is really Hebrew for Journey!

RBC-Royal Bank of Canada = Rothchilds brotherhood of Corruption. FED-ER-AL(FEEDER FOR LUCIFER'S GOLD) reserve,DEMON cratic, RepubliWICCAN, WICCANPEDIA,etc...

Now how about your programs?

ALL things to do with evil and sinister plans of the black crows!
And it doesn't stop there! Tons more you can find related not to mentione there symbols of the sun,horns,serpents,wizards,one eye,counter-clockwise,and their main company names and logos like LG has a one eye counter clockwise logo or office 2010.

LinuX,IBM,INTEL,AMD,etc...all connected.

That is why your computers (COME PUT ERRORS) never work properly and were never properly designed for the average person! Everything is designed for failure.
All of their operating systems are a failure! The new stuff is just the old stuff with more spyware!

Most of the movies on the internet you can't even watch unless you download ADOBE ACROBAT FLASH for your SHOCKWAVE!
Which spies on you and keeps track of your cookies and webbrowsing even after you delete them from internet explorer or FIRE FOX.Besides being another way into your computers like Universal Plug and Play.

NEWS feeds is another way to get into your computer besides your browser or online video games.

There you go,that is more proof of why the NWO are in fact satan worshippers! You can't deny!

Computers are full of hebrew ciphers and codes! Notice all the Y's in programming? yahweh > satan. 888.

A computer is too stupid for people! It's not that they are so smart but so clever......see?

And who owns your computer lines,phone lines,wireless lines,intelligence lines,defence lines,financial lines, etc,etc......they do the ZMO.
Just like your major BOARDS OF CORRUPTION and GOVERNMENTS all sorry ass losers for the Red Shields and Germanic Israel.

A great germ upon nations!

At least China knows what's going on! Their biggest fear! The yellow race...their end goal for world dominion.ha ha!

Now when will the people put an end to their ZMO dominion and governments........I ask you?

Will real people ever step forward to disband these boards of corruption? This is the law of your constitutional rights!

Isn't time you used that Law before they try to nuke us all and bring up their brainwashed freaks from their fema concentration camps from the underground for that event? Then they'll give them another flood story and blame God......and a black book?

And you wonder why your histories are hidden!

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 01:29 AM
My beloved followers of TRUTH;

In my previous post we saw how the temple of solomon and especially the house in the forest of Libanus is pure evil where satanic rituals took place.
And we know for a fact of how yahweh was satan in disguise or god for their sense of eternal insanity!

Alike the pillars of Joab and Boaz of the freemason who they call Joab as Joachim, we find this little tidbit from Kings 1; 2:28;

28 And the news came to Joab, because Joab had turned after Adonias, and had not turned after Solomon: and Joab fled into the tabernacle of the Lord, and took hold on the horn of the altar. 29 And it was told King Solomon, that Joab was fled into the tabernacle of the Lord, and was by the altar: and Solomon sent Banaias, the son of Joiada, saying. Go, kill him. 30 And Banaias came to the tabernacle of the Lord, and said to him: Thus says the king: Come forth. And he said: I will not come forth, but here I will die. Banaias brought word back to the king, saying: Thus says Joab, and thus he answered me. 31 And the king said to him: Do as he has said; and kill him, and bury him, and you shall remove the innocent blood which has been shed by Joab, from me, and from the house of my father:

Not such a holy temple anymore is it? Why would a true God allow that to happen in his temple that he supposedly commanded to be built? Then a true god would have been watching over his divine temple plans! yahweh satan on the other hand saw to it that it's temple was properly "baptiZed" by innocent blood as spoken of Joab who rejected solomon and with very,very good reason as we know!

Solomon awaked, and perceived that it was a dream: and when he had come to Jerusalem, he stood before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and offered holocausts, and sacrificed victims...

As you can clearly see,the ark of the covenant or Cave of Ovens is clearly evil and a covenant with satan containing "stone" tab-lets.

King Solomon reigned over all Israel: 2 And these were the princes which he had: Azarias, the son of Nathan, over them that were about the king: Zabud, the son of Nathan, the priest, the king's friend:

Nathan the prophet was also satan in disguise as a H-uman. satan was zathanel hatuptah,thus nathanel and a son named ZA-bud. satan as nathanel made sure solomon was made king through murder and it's temple of solomon was also built through murder. natanel the prophet appears mysteriously to david and to solomon. Little or nothing is known of him.

Solomon's daughter was named Basemath, thus the name for mathematics.

Kings 1; 5:18.
18 And the masons of Solomon, and the masons of Hiram, hewed them: and the G-IBLIANS prepared timber and stones to build the house.

Solomon went to G-ABAON to sacrifice (Golan heights-satanic ritual grounds of vultures and the Wheel of the Cat pillar)

Thus the "G" in freemasonery represents the GABAON GIBLIANS of Solomon, or in other words satans servants!

Aside of the G for Ghouls or Gnols or Gargoyles or a god that is satan!
Should we call them Gommoreans who build sin cities? Hiram the blacksmith of tyre or "hephaistos" of the vulcans,who the freemasons term as the Hiram Abiff or architect of Solomans temple,did not build the temple but rather the two pillars and all the decorations of hell like shovels,fleshooks,metallic webs,chains,stakes,forks,etc...

Scottish Rite, 32 and 33 degrees.The Double Headed Hermaphrodite Eagle of Satan.

There are records of lodges conferring the degree of "Scots Master" or "Scotch Master" as early as 1733. A lodge at Temple Bar in London is the earliest such lodge on record. Other lodges include a lodge at Bath in 1735, and the French lodge, St. George de l'Observance No. 49 at Covent Garden in 1736.

17 stars left 16 stars right = 33 or 8 + 7 = 15 = 6
17 x 16 = 272 = 11 (satanism law,Do what thou wilt...)
4 loopholes on the belt strap. 4 x 33 = 132 = 6
8 feathers on the hermaphrodite eagles tail.
Eagle grasps a crooked sword in it's talons of 6
15 feathers left wing,13 feathers right wing = 28=10, 15 x 13=195=15=6
7 ruby's in crown = satan's 7 light year size
Golden horns of satan topped by an orb and an Egyptian Ankh = Evil.
33 rays of the sun, 33 as satan's eye in the golden pyramid.
33 x 33 = 1089 = 18 = 9, 33x33x33 = 35937 = 27 = 9 (9 = God)
9 divided by 3 = 3 = God
Opposed to God = 3 divided by 9 = .333333333...

The Threes are the two serpents (male and female) who entwine to form the hermaphrodite serpent like their eagle.
When faced together the two threes make an 8,satan's true number of H or 888.

666 = servants of satan.

DEUS MEUMQUE JUS" "God that is My Right"

Doc Marquis says this statement is a typical one within Satanism. There is one meaning within another with this statement. The first meaning is that the Freemason can depend upon their God to determine their Right and Justice. The second meaning is, since the God of Freemasonry is Lucifer, Masons are saying that they are "using occult methods," through Lucifer, to achieve their Rights and Justice. This phrase is very powerful and dangerous within Saanism says Marquis. A Satanist knows the content within Pike's book is Satanism just by reading, "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS." They don't even have to read the book, just the phrase to know.

Henry Andrew Francken traveled to New York in 1767 where he granted a Patent, dated 26 December 1767, for the formation of a Lodge of Perfection at Albany, which was called "Ineffable Lodge of Perfection." This marked the first time the Degrees of Perfection (the 4th through the 14th) were conferred in one of the thirteen British colonies.

It was revived by Giles Fonda Yates about 1820 or 1821.

While in New York, Francken also communicated the degrees to Moses Michael Hays, a Jewish businessman, and appointed him a Deputy Inspector General. In 1781, Hays made eight Deputy Inspectors General, four of whom were later important in the establishment of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in South Carolina: Isaac Da Costa Sr., D.I.G. for South Carolina; Abraham Forst, D.I.G. for Virginia; Joseph M. Myers, D.I.G. for Maryland; and Barend M. Spitzer, D.I.G. for Georgia.

Officially, the Supreme Council, 33°, N.M.J. dates itself from May 15, 1867. This was the date of the "Union of 1867," when it merged with the competing Cerneau "Supreme Council" in New York. The current Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States, was thus formed.

6th Degree - Master of the Brazen Serpent
9,10,11 = Elu 9,15,12.
13 = Royal Arch of Solomon (9th arch)
14 = Perfect Elu
16 = Prince of Jerusalem
18 = Knight Rose Croix (Herod's council of Kadosh)
19 = Grand Pontiff
22 = Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus.

23 = Chief of the Tabernacle
24 = Prince of the Tabernacle,Brother of the Forest

25 = Knight of the Brazen Serpent or Master Achievement
27 = Knight of the Sun,Prince Adept or Knight of Jerusalem

30 = Knight Kadosh,knight of the white/black eagle, Grand inspector
31 = inspector inquisitor
32 = Master of the Royal Secret,Knight Aspirant
33 = Inspector General

"Kadosh" is derived from the Hebrew word which means holy or consecrated


Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis, IndianaIn the United States of America there are two Supreme Councils: one in Washington, D.C. (which controls the Southern Jurisdiction), and one in Lexington, Massachusetts (which controls the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction).

Mainly the top or 5% of Masons worship lucifer.
Superior masons deliberately lie to their fellow masons as they are deserving to be mislead.

95% of Masons are told the wrong explanation.

Rituals or Oaths are performed in the presence of demon spirits that masons are unaware of and think they are just role playing.

Masonry is identical to Ancient Mystery schools of satanism or the craft of the underworld like Anubis and Egypt or Horus or the Corinthians of Greece and the Eleusian Mysteries,or the Baachic rites.

"Thou shall have no other Gods before Me".

Freemasons do not recognize Jesus The Christ as superior but inferior like the Judaens.

Satanic symbols like Baphomet etc,are commonplace within the Phraternity just like the oil paintings that represent each degree has an unknown meaning to the general populace of freemasons or that they are actualy taking steps or degrees towards satan.

The Rose of 5 petals is to be centered in the hexagram to make it 11.
Thus the Rosie Croix or rose was common in royalty dedicated to satan.

The Rose's true meaning is "deception" because it symbolizes a truth with a lie, that is a beautiful RED flower with THORNS.

Freemason government buildings are full of occultic symbols like Gargoyles,demonic faces,pentagrams,magic squares,circles,keys,etc.

The 6 x 6 magic square of Albrecht Dhurer is on the ceiling of master masonic temples. The 13 is in the northeast or top right corner as the foundation stone for their buildings or city plans. The date of 1514 is centered on the bottom of the square. This was also the time of John Dee the famous occultist as well as relating to Dhurer.

The northeast corner looks to their master plan of trying to empower satan to steal the Holy Grail or Chalice of The Christ upon his ascension as seen in my hubble telescope picture of The Secret of Carina Nebula,that they and their evil wizards were trying to hide from God in the darkness.

Thus I revealed it in connection to God's Mind as I also revealed God's truth of who He IS as JA MN and His True Garden in Tansania.

Thus satan fell into the pit of kHenYA as my photo's clearly show.

The Truth Shall Set Us Umans Free!

That is how I merit the title "Obsidian Dragon Slayer" alike your pictures of St.George slew the Dragon! Jorge is my second name!

The Bible Code and Nostradamus predict all of my works as the true "Scorpion King" that I am. In other words the 5 that governed the 3(Christ) and the 8 (satan). I raised one to return to His Papa,rescued your cup (OVAL LIGHT - Chalice) and descended the other!

If people really understood that Masonry is the worship of Satan, no one in their right mind would join and they should all be imprisoned for a life sentence of 25 years with no parole,while the top should be executed in public view, including the Red Shields and friends.

Why do you think John F. Kennedy was murdered by them?
Remember his speech about secret societies?

And you wonder why they are afraid of Conspiracists who have two eyes to see the truth!

They can run but there is no where for them to hide and nothing at all is secret. God's servants know secrets too and even more!

The freemasons like the ZMO are nothing but rotten defiled children destined for the pit of kenya where there tombstones are already engraved!

satan never could keep a promise like yahweh, could it?
You ZAidiots swore oaths in front of demons! Don't ever think you can join them with the intent of spying...phool for the G-houls!

Or should I say GIBLIANS OF ELIZA's LIBANUS TEMPLE of HELL and OB HARLOTS! Phree mother satans' sons? Phree = Phanes = satan.

Freemasonry gives itself away more through its symbols than it does in its writings. You saw in the analogy page of "The Matrix" that high level Masons praise Lucifer. It is within these writings the "smoking gun" will be found, proof that Masons worship Satan.

The average Mason is continually saying that he is "seeking the Light," and will spend his entire life "moving toward the Light."

People who haven't studied this subject would assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement is continuously held up to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. In the above quote, Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry.

The sentence immediately preceding confirms not only that Lucifer is the Light-bearer, but that Masons of previous degrees have been led to believe that the opposite was true.

11 measurement lines on either side of the square = 9:11.

Statement of the masonic rite of kadosh.

The lesson of this degree is to be true to ourselves, to stand for what is right and just in our lives today. To believe in God, country and ourselves."

How Ironic is that? Right John F.Kennedy?

The halls of hippocracy have been over flooded!

Freemasonery is a clever German Jewish invention of the ZAionist servants of iZrAel for the Red Shields of the ZMO or Zionist Masonic Oligarchy = NWO.

Line up freemasons,you're getting closer to the light....of the pit of khenyah where your master fell and is Zealed...permanently!

PNAC was the think tank for the Red Shields like APAIC also combined with the freemasons, they did 911 for the Rothchilds and friends of Satan!


Second law upon the pillar of Orichalcum.

All and any property of evil families and especially the ZMO are to be frozen,seized and distributed to all the good people of Earth!
Leaders of the ZMO and 19 and above degrees freemasons are to be executed in public viewing and lower members imprisoned 25 years with no parole.
This includes all organizations or businesses affiliated with them disguised as other cults like the OTO,Templars,Rosicrucians,Jesuit priests,Golden Dawn,church of satan,knights of malta, etcetera and heads of government controlled by them and their affiliated staff and the current Pope and staff aware of these facts.

Plus you owe back taxes from all my lands of Atlantis,that includes the Americas,Africa,Europe,Asia,Australia and pretty much this entire planet!
Which is why you suppress and hide our truths!

This wealth is to be distributed among all the good people worthy of merit as per Law One of the Orichalcum pillar afore mentioned.

Signed; King Paulo Riven and God JA MN.

Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
Sniper of the Asp
Opener of the Ways
Waterer of the Garden of Avila
Ascender of the Son of God
Rescuer of the Chalice of The Oval Light
Revealer of Revelations
Breaker of The Seals of Lies
The Argo Wind - white Dragon
Scorpion King of The Double Falcons
Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis

Son of JA MN

By the Grace of Face upon the Babe in your true Garden of Avila.


Sunday,July 11,2010 / 8492.aJA.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:12 PM
The think tank behind this was PNAC of which Paul Wolfewitz was a member of this group. I think Dick Cheney and Robert Zoeller may also have been involved alike 911.

PNAC was set up by the ZMO for the Red Shields of the Red Dragon, Rothchilds,Israel and friends. Their plans like all the others before of murdering,plundering and stealing your lands,finances and everything else as your world wars and terrorist acts confirm, also involved Iraq,Afghanistan,911 and now Iran of course!

Wolfewitz was the Secretary of Defense for Bush, who after 911 got promoted to World Bank Head currently held by the other German Jew or ZMO Robert Zoeller. Dick Cheney, Gulliani, Pataki and the New Jersey Port Authority were all involved along with Bush and Osama Bin Laden.

Remember Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are the fake names chosen for the new fraudulent president Baraq Hussein Obama as a means to ease the tensions and show how stupid the American public generally is, while irregardless the votes would have been doctored anyway!

Aside of the fact that Israel whores America as a Pimp for the Red Shields and the ZMO that involve the satanic freemasons, or that Israeli companies like all the german jewish moles within the FBI,CIA,NSA,NASA,OSS,SSS, or any security intelligence or phone and internet companies are all held by them!

Thus you see it as "Jews did 911" while the truth is the ZMO or Germans with the Jews as Ash -ke-Nazi's did 911 with PNAC. The APAIC or lobbyists are also involved in their "foreign influence" and siphoning all your money aside of already owning your money!

In Canada,a CSIS top official is getting ridiculed by "their press" for revealing and being concerned about "foreign influence" within the canadian governments as an example of their anti-semetic bulldoodoo!

Of course this CSIS official is entirely correct as we all know about the "Horned Crown Commonwealth Countries" of the servants to the Red Dragon anyway and the Red Shields!

That is why the Canadian Parliament Peace Clock tower face shows the satanic star of david and the US seal of 13 stars also!

Alike the Black Prince Charles being chained to the Red Dragon on his shield!

How 911 worked with the Rothchilds in London and Zurich was through the Scots Masonic Master lodges based out of Massachussets and Washington of which Guilliani is a top member for the New York Masons, if not the head of New york Masons.

Why do you think they Chose Boston Logan Airport?

PNAC mysteriously disappeared right after 911 as strangely as they appeared!

911 is not just an inside job but mainly an outside job of the ZMO for the Red Shields!

Remember Kennedy's speech about "secret societies"

Guess you know why they murdered him too!

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 08:13 AM
Jasa, as ALL the sons are named for a Son of God or JA-SA;
was not a hebrew nor a jew, nor of those lands of blasphemy and of satan disguised as yahweh or many others like the prophet nathanel of solomons hermes guidance for evils in their temple and house of libanus like his father david and abraham. For Jasa or Jesus as you know Him by even told you this in the book of lies and truth in John 8.

Jesus did not die for our sins, but for their sins and those who are evil.
Why should Jesus die for us who are worthy and why would our true God allow Jesus to die in the first place?

Because their evil magic learned from Voodoo Khenya and then Egypt unto them, was very,very powerful. Powerful enough for satan to be the main opponent against God.

Even satan's father is not impressed with it. Good and Bad must be, but evil not, and satan was pure evil and it's energy in size growing from the evil followers or acts of evil. Thus world wars, blood sacrifices, 911,terrorism etc.
It's not the shedding of the blood, but the act of the evil that empowered it.

Jesus was a satanic ritual by them with the black suns on their head who worship the grounds and stones and rule the ZMO or NWO as you know them by.

This ritual occurred before on Dec.10th at 8:08am in 3474.bC by the Evil Snoferu and Khufu to the previous Son of God known as Philitis the Shepherd.
Huni, snoferu's father was also possessed by satan and he desired to be his own God and denounced AMEN or MIN who IS JA MN, the first God of Egypt also when it was a decent Atlantean state. Huni was also a cannibal and that is why you read those underworld texts of Anubis, the jackal of Sirius,like the book of the dead or the pyramid texts or the 72 figures of Osiris that carried on into Phoenicia and Arabia as the 72 priests, 72 sephiroths of khabaalah and the 72 virgins of lies!

Prior to Huni, and the one who started this satanic Goat Worship of Mendes and the first to Worship the Sun with satanic rituals from khenya was Raneb. Thus Ra, the solar calendar, the sun temples all came into play ca.2700.bC.

That is why Khufu was cursed for 150 years with plagues and was the pharaoh of Exodus, for you see, the Hebrons really descend from Khufu's lineage and are masters of the black arts of evil worshippers for Zathanel Hatuptah or ZA or satan,lucifer,azazel or the many other faces it has. For it could never tell what it was or who it was and was eternally cursed and confused as a hermaphrodite.

Hebron was around the same time as khufu, and later they returned after 2000.bC and more specificaly after the Santorini,Thera eruption that crippled the eastern mediterranean, took advantage of that alike the Mycenaens upon the Minoans and the Hyksos went into Egypt and slaughtered everyone and ruled for 500 years.

Then they were finally driven out by Ahmose I, where they settled in Jerusalem as the Hebrews who became classified ca.1300.bC or the Phoenicians who are also from Egypt. But in truth they,like us all descend from the True Garden of Avila in Tansania, or our out of africa theory.
This was our second garden while our original garden was on the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic, or God's Foremost Island as it was known by ALL!

This was due to two great floods, one at 6482.bC and ca.3250.bC.

Now these Phoenicians who you think were friendly and expanded around the mediterranean, were in fact on a mission of continuing their evil ways of slaughtering, plundering and pillaging......just as they still do today as the Ashkenazi's or German Jews of the NWO or ZMO. Being the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy who work for the head of the Phoenicians that we know by the term of Red Shields or Red Dragons, the Rothchilds and friends.

The same people who have been murdering, pillaging and plundering our lands our countries our welfare our finances and with the purpose of more energies of souls for satan and it's duality sekhmet as seen in my Carina Nebula picture.

So remember, that is not our God in the bible but satan in disguies for it was a liar, and murder and a vain and jealous entity just as it's name portrays which also was a disguise of JA who they knew as YA or more specifically as IAO in their Phoenician times. IAO is JAO is JA MN.

And Jesus died for their sins and the blood stains are upon their heads, not ours who are worthy of good or bad reasoning but never evil.

The evil ones carry that bloodstain also and their tombs are already engraved for the pit of the calling where satan fell in kHenYAH.
For that was it's lands as the Rothchilds also have a Giraffe Manor their.

If you read about Solomon in kings 1,2 and his temple and especially that house in the forest (witches hut) of Libanus (Lebanon), you will realize that they all were satanic ritual places and Joab was murdered in the temple of solomon by solomon's order! Imagine that!

This supposed god yahweh, commands solomon to build a temple to god, then solomon murders a man in there for not worshipping solomon and for taking the satanic horn of oil from the alter!

solomon also killed things in front of that unholy ark of the covenant to that god satan in disguise!

solomon also killed his own brother Adonais, because he asked his mother to ask solomon if he could marry a woman who was his dead father's friend and very beautiful! By right, Adonais was entitled to the throne that his mother and all of israel knew very well!

See it was satan as nathanel the prophet that made solomon build the temple for his own purpose and nathanel also made sure that Adonais didn't get in the way! nathanel > ZAthanel? nathanel also had a son named ZAbud.

No doubt! Since Zanah means whore in hebrew like it's last name was hatuptah or hat of a putah meaning hat of a whore! A black hat that is clearly seen in my pictures of khenya. That is why their rabbis wear black hats or black suns on their heads!

Because of the satanic ritual of exchanging the 3 by the 5 for the 8...see?
Or the Golden Orus for the Black Horus!

See why they said Jesus arose on the 3rd day? The 5 was the pentagram ritual that changes the star into the evil star of david (devils) or a hexagram portal for demons and satan! Who was really the 8 or 888, not 666! That number was for it's servants, the ZMO who did 911 with PNAC!

And who is next to ascend to the Red Dragons throne of the Rothchilds? The real Anti-Christ.....the youngest Rothchild....NATHANEL!

Response to awakentired's comment in my God Wants You To Know Him thread at abovetopsecret forums;

No. The injustice is soon to be countered. The 2012 change of life that this planet takes is to spread the wealth to all of Earth's children equally.
The only way that's going to happen awakentired is when this Earth realizes it's true king who has yet to choose 9 other kings plus a Queen.

If you study some of my other threads like "Why are the NWO satanic", you will notice exactly that is what I would propose to do by my first two laws and rid this earth of the ZMO and evil.

First people need to realize that nothing is coincidence and everything has meaning......

Then they might realize why God placed my face upon His Garden in Tansania 10,000 mile away from me and all the other "Signs" of God's mind...

as His Son.

Or why the bible code and Nostradamus also predict me.

Or why a mouse can overcome an Elephant as to I and that 7 light year in size leviathan that fell from my mind with God for the Truth that I revealed upon God and upon us all.

The Truth Did Set Us Free.........

And our Chalice of The Oval Light was rescued......

thus I also died as a teenager for God's purpose unknown.

What this Earth needs more than ever is to return to our True God JA MN...

Then they will see His Son........waiting.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 09:48 AM
You have some interesting thoughts...but I do believe you have a 'christ complex going on....and now I see why you could not except the truth I told you about the Sun DID NOT rise in Scorpio at your birth....for you THINKING you are a SCORPIO is actually a part in adding to this complex of yours.

The Sun did not rise in Scorpio at your birth....and there is no way at all you can prove it did. The fact that you ignored this truth that I offered you shows me you cling to what you are in need of believing....similar to how religious people cling to things.

For this very reason, I see you have issues with truth due to what feeds your complex.

Astrology is out of date.....2000 years out of date. Only if you were born 2000 years ago would you of been a Scorpio.

I saw your website and now I see why you ignored the truth I offered you....for you thinking your a Scorpio is a part of your complex.

If you look to where the Sun rises on Nov is not in Scorpio. No matter which way you try to make it does not work. Only works if you were born long ago.

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