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The "Up to the Minute" BP Livefeed Discussion Thread

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by Thistled
I am getting a bit sick of people on here saying BP WANT this to happen. Erm, go back to school and learn some economics will you?

Unless: the oil corporations along with the government entities it has bought/lobbied to WANT the Gulf region to die, hence releasing the Gulf from any need of environmental protection, thereby opening all the Gulf waters to open drilling because there would "be no reason NOT to drill", if there is nothing to protect.

In this scenario, the economics is in the long term, not the now.

Don't say it isn't possible - the larger a corporation, the larger its greed, the less anything else is relevant - especially people, the grunts of it all.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by Thistled

Well this may be a reason to have this happen. This is from The New York times and it is interesting.

Aside from allowing BP and other companies to drill in the gulf without getting the required permits from NOAA, the minerals agency has also given BP and other drilling companies in the gulf blanket exemptions from having to provide environmental impact statements.

Now I am no expert on this but it does make you say HMMM! So they are going to have two more oil drilling rigs drilling without waiting on permits.
Interesting to say the least.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 04:29 PM
speculation, how is the feed going?/
new feeds up again,
looks like some huge things going to happen now.

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 05:24 PM
In the Skandi ROV 2 feed the top hat position is different
to the Enterprise ROV 1 feed and it has been so for quite a time now.

That's 2 different feeds in my opinion

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Is there any concern about the relief wells being drilled? If they couldnt get the first one done right whos to say the next two wont explode too? Has this been discussed

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Snowi

Totally agree. The angle is completely different. It's difficult to get the exact time on each screen, but they are out of sync slightly. Even taking that into consideration, I don't think it's the same footage.

I never thought I'd say that.

To the other comments, I'm not so sure. Permits or not, there will be some mention of environmental impacts in their mission statement, so to speak.

If there is a suggestion that American agencies are turning a blind eye because of "lobbying" then it's another example of greedy coporate being corrupt.

Remember, BP is not just a British company, and we all know where the most corrupt through greed country is in the world.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by dwarfcat

Man I hate to sound like "them" but I am really confident they will hit it.

After all, they need to plug that sucker so they can take advantage of the contents (presuming they do), and right now, the "contents" is gushing into the sea, and not worth much to a shareholder.

If that thing is to be plugged and forgotten, i.e. BP don't take the revenue from the reservoir and abandon it, then think of the cost for 2 drilling rigs. The second rig is there as a backup just in case the first one fails. Their engineer who does this stuff, says he has never missed a relief drill rescue yet. I believe him. (sucker me eh?)

To put that sort of money into a "drill", only to shut it off and not take advantage of the resource shows commitment, and not greed. Again, something which they HAVE TO DO in a situation like this.

Yep, they will hit it, and sooner than estimated. Boots n Coots are doin overtime.

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 07:47 PM
Skandi ROV 2

I was going to say they need to move the ship 30cm to the left and that would fix the lmrp "list", but for the first time in ages, when it sways, you can see the lmrp. Not seen it for days, just oil.
Gives the impression more oil is being collected than going into the sea. But when you look at the other angle, Enterprise ROV 2, no lmrp, just oil.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by dead shrimp blues

they cant do anything of this sort because if the stop the well from flowing, it will collapse further down. this has been explained many, many times.

Also, your question comment is not related to the thread, really, imo.

Edited to add: could we keep the comment's related to the thread topic, please? I check into this thread to read about what people are seeing on the ROV feeds, as per the OP's stated intent.

There are numerous other threads discussing the various theories you guys are debating/commenting on.


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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:18 PM
Can someone tell me what I am viewing on Ocean InterventionIII Rov2. From time to time I am seeing shadows on the right. Haven't seen this before so I have no idea what it is or what is going on. Thanks

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by crazydaisy

It's back on board, above sea level.

A note to everyone not in the know, check the depth reading on the ROV, that will tell you whether it is on ship or down below.

i.e. check the on-screen depth reading.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by Thistled
reply to post by MotherofBlessings

I would say quite the opposite.

They DO want to stop it. Think about it. The more oil seeping into the sea is lost $$$.
For every $1,000,000 at least $3,000,000 is going into the sea it seems. That's lost revenue.

Trust me, BP wants the flow to stop MORE than anyone else. There are a lot of American shareholders (amongst others) who will be missing out on their investment.

I am getting a bit sick of people on here saying BP WANT this to happen. Erm, go back to school and learn some economics will you?

Your logic makes sense but their actions seem to say something different. They should've thought about how to possibly stop it before taking shortcuts to start to get it flowing. Nothing's been learned on how to stop such an incident from the Istok over 30 years ago because it would lose revenue. Yes, here I'm lumping oil companies in general. Why spend profits on a plan for something that may not happen again? Why follow protocol? Why risk lives and the environment? This seems preventable from the explosion to controlling the outcome but wasn't because of profits, or the loss thereof. They do want it stopped now that it's uncontrolled but it could've been controlled in the first place if they weren't so greedy in the first place. They're not doing the best job at capturing it either. I'm referring to the small amounts on the surface, as opposed the plumes which is another story. And yes, I'm lumping BP and the US government into that statement.

Moving forward to the current state of the well, that thing is gushing very fast right now.

I thought I should add as I was trying to research a fact or two on the Istok that I'm finding difficultly in doing so. I swear I was able to google Istok a month or so ago with relevant information. This one wasn't easy to find.

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Thistled

Thank you - very much appreciated.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by crazydaisy

here is more on the 1979 accident

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 10:49 PM
DoN7t know if this has been posted yet, but supposedly Corexit is eating through the hulls of boats, if the following is to be believed:

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by dwarfcat

I've yet to hear any news on a relief well... Seems to be no mention whatsoever!

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 01:45 AM
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what sort of internet connection that have for these live feeds? Must be pretty robust to be giving us real time video that runs so smoothly.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 05:15 AM
BSkandi ROV2 watching from 5:55am EST and either the picture is having a malfunction or it COULD be exposing a hoak.

First off; Is the BSkandi ROV2 camera trained on the Top Hat?

If so, then this is really strange, the gusher is flowing out rapidly and looks like a large metal pipe is superimposed on the picture to make it appear to be collecting the "whatever" coming out from the well head.

I apologize in advance if I am crying wolf here, but I have watched hours upon hours of the live feed and this is the first strange happening I have witnessed.

PLEASE Someone who has more knowledge than myself, check the feed and update. Also if something is no right, someone please start a new post or do whatever possible to get info out.

Best Regards,

edited for typo

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 05:37 AM
Skandi ROV2 just went offline

Wonder whatz goin on

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 05:38 AM
Update from previous post:


I took some pictures with my digital camera and will try to figure out how to upload them onto my next post.

If this is old news or I am misinterpreting the image could somebody please set me straight as to not waste your time.

Thank You

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