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TOP SECRET: Earth’s Greatest Secret is Under Your Nose

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:03 AM
If you can not handle the truth, turn away, but for those who want to truly understand the UFO conspiracy, the reason for suppression, prepare for your awakening.

This is for the children of the Earth, the highly advanced egocentrics whom are superior intellectuals and all alone in the Universe. The species whose highly advanced scientists monitor brain activity after physical death to understand death; yet forget that the brain was once furnished with the body inside an ovary from nothing but an invisible cell. Them who see bright stars and planets which shine as bright as stars; yet believe parent Earth is the only body that reflects color in the heavens, when in fact, the Earth is also a light in the darkness that reflects the light like a star.

They, the children of the Earth, who believes they as so strong, so intellectual, so real; yet are walking talking worms with hair, eyes, teeth and a skeletal structure. They whom forget that they were created from the cellular proteins and nutrients of the Earth; from vegetables, fruits, and even from the cellular grass and leaves which the same animals that you eat have consumed to create their own being. All are mere illusions created from the magical element producing Earth soil…where worms are Kings and Queens.

They, whom believes that you are a physical being and thus are; yet must rely on the magic of the invisible to survive. They, whom relies on the air to breathe into your internal oxygen tanks, the energy of the sun for light and warmth to maintain the circulation within, and relies on the invisible droplets of air that form together as water to fertilize and maintain physical illusion. Oh mighty humans, the masters of technology using televisions, computers and cell phones; yet can not understand the invisible force that distributes the information instantly before your eye lenses and hearing devices.

You great ones, whom walk in nice clothes and spray rich perfume, whom follow in blind faith a Lord you have never seen, following an endless circle of deceit where the lies also end where the lies all begin. Them highly intellectual species that ignore millions who have photographed or videotaped a flying craft of unknown origin, or have reported interaction with beings not of the same human environment suit. Yet, humans, the beings of superior intellect wait for OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION from those known to deceive.

You mighty humans, you chasers of the truth, like dogs chasing a bone on a stick, not knowing why you follow, but it is your nature. You are the children of mommy and daddy Earth; the producer of your temporary environment suit called a body, used to experience the tastes, smells and feelings of the physical illusion you perceive as real.

Your species is the most intellectually submissive of all creations on the Earth plane, even insects will instinctively recognize true danger, but not you, oh great human, who relies on television for truth, and not the obvious of what is apparent, you are too intellectual, and yet you fail to believe what your own eyes have seen.

You refuse to accept the obvious, in light of nurturing a lie for the comfort of your minds. Yet, it is all of you who believe that to physically exist is simply to be, and all that is to be believed is what is told to you by another. You are all the experts of twisted truth.

Hypocrites! All of you ask for confirmation of god, of alien interaction, of government conspiracy, of pharmaceutical conspiracy, of a restaurant chain conspiracy to addict you to food. Yet you hide the truth of your own wrong doings and seek to exploit another to justify your own fragile egos. Truth is born from a lie and lies reveal truth for a human.

You are all a creation of what is directly under your nose; all plants and insects and animals, all fish and birds are a creation from the elements of what is under your nose. Your alien friends in highly advanced craft are not above you, but are right underneath your nose. Your proof of God and the Lord, the god of Israel in the Old and New Testament of the bible is before you, and is right underneath your nose.

You publicly ask for OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION.

As many learn in natural disasters, humans are not beautiful and attractive; but in distress, they are smelly, foul and survivalist creatures as learned in events such as the flood of New Orleans. Behind the color of that skin, if skin was suddenly transparent, all veins and organs and mucus is apparent with the flow of blood, urinal and anal excretions. Your real being without skin color is that of a skeletal demon…this, is truth.

The Lord of the Old Testament is the one who leads your armies on land today, and your Lord is not one…but is many. They live comfortably below the land, in cities below the Earth. The Lord of the holy bible, is playing God, and is really what you call aliens.

They are the Lord (who hid within a cloud before the Hebrew tribes and Moses in the Old Testament (like the fictional Wizard of Oz who deceived so many behind the curtains). They are the same Lord who directed the New Testament by uniting the Roman Empire and the Jewish faith under the writings of men from Greece.

They have managed to keep your species followers in blind faith; they are the vampires of the night in medieval ages, they are the Kings over the Kings on the land. They have cave entrances in mountains and entrances by lakes and oceans; they survive below the land, without the harmful exposure of sun animating and aging their cell structures.

The Lord(s) of the bible is also the aliens in the sky today; they are the mysterious species who exist below, but from within the planet. This is why the government urgency exists to suppress UFO witnesses, and to thoroughly debunk and manipulate the masses. The threat is not so external, but internal, right under your noses. They can pull a building deep underground instantly with perfectly symmetrical and perfectly chiselled sinkholes, just as Guatemala recently experienced.


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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:03 AM
Dear human, you are far from intelligent, you are a simple creature of nature which acts on impulse and instinct, but has the luxury of a tongue. Insects also have intelligence, even a fly avoids the swat of your hand, they just don’t speak with a human tongue. Otherwise, they can fly and they can crawl upward on walls, where a human can not. Oh mighty special human, you who was born from nothing but a single cell, and will shortly perish from your earth suit, you ask for a confirmation, you want justice, you want truth, you will receive it now.

The root of all EVIL on Earth is not money, nor government or weapons, those are mere mechanisms of evil; but the real root, the true evil, is the ones who bring the mechanisms to life. You humans, like your craft flying friends from below ground (not outer space) are the root. You are all but children of the mighty imagined devil. Humans are but soldiers and servants of the mighty Lord, the civilization from below the soil you walk.

Continue to follow in blind faith, and to lead in blind faith. As a TOOL of government is the media, whom promotes exactly what the officials or authority tells them to tell you is truth, so is the FOOL who publicly speaks his or her opinion with confidence about what they hear from the media. However, all fall short of the truth. All are mere hypocrites.

You children of Earth who seek a fulfillment of doom, who enjoy the movies of cataclysm and destruction; you are all the collective conscious of the Earth. Your thoughts are your seeds and the sky fertilizes the physical plane with your thoughts.

You shall rightfully know who your deceivers are. They are you; whom deceives the self, who will form a lie against another who angered you, or will accept a bribe to remain silenced against the inappropriate actions of another. Every baby born is a product of the same, hypocrites. The true nature of the human is self preserving and judgmental of others. Fight the truth all you want, but deep down inside, you know this is the truth.

Not one single human will be handed a confirmation until they depart from the Earth environment suit they believe to be their true body. They must re-enter where they once came through to experience this illusion of physical existence, and only then will confirmation be unquestionable without manipulation. Until then, this is a message below that the very few will understand, but fortunate are they who will understand.

Fill a dungeon with trees and flowers and perfumes and delicious fruits, you will attract all the insects to the beautiful dungeon. Keep the insects disillusioned from escaping the dungeon and you can exterminate them all with ease. Keep those who flock to the dungeon imprisoned in “physical suits” that they can not tear away from, and you have an eternal servant.

Fortunate be the poor and woe to them who love the Earth. What is meant by this?

If a man and his wife go on a trip to a little island where the inhabitants treat them royally, with fear and respect, with the finest of servitude to the couple, the pair will return again and again with more friends, family and wealthy associates. They will keep this island their secret and private getaway for themselves and their chosen ones.

However, if a man and his wife go to the island and the inhabitants beat the man, then rape the wife, steal all their money, kick them to a curb by the shore and give them two branches as oars and a small raft to sail back to home, the pair NEVER returns and warns loved ones to stay away from the secret island.

The secret however is that the island is filled with demons wanting the rich to get all their friends and family to bring them back to the wonderful little island to plunder.

Fortunate be the poor and woe to them who love the Earth.

Christians and Jehovah Witnesses, they are the worst of the human hypocrites; they like the government officials, the police and the military, the judges and the priests, the rich and followers of prosecution, they are the most ignorant of their own crimes on the Earth.

They desire the island to be a fortress, safe from other visitors who are unwanted, and only then they will realize; they can not be Kings and Queens without more servants and sacrifices, and then they will begin to turn on another within the fortress of the island.

Then they who can not create a single hair on their finger from thin air, will also realize they are not the creator of the island they claim to be their own. Then, the very one who created the wonderful island will collapse it, and the island will disappear. Those within the beautiful fortress will be Kings and Queens in a dungeon of despair.

Blessed be the poor and woe to those who are the proud within the Earth. Nothing that was created can be decreated, but it can be quarantined, this is the universal truth. Oh mighty intellectual human, the most hypocritical demons of the Earth, the cells of your physical environment suit will return to the air and the bowels shall release the worms.


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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:05 AM

1) Don’t blame the Jews for Earth’s injustices. Quit trusting your preachers or being too lazy and defiant to read it. Those who dare to read the bible in full will be horrified to see the truth, that the bible is a skilfully written doctrine of deceit. The Hebrews in the Old Testament were put through hell, they were forced to watch the Lord kill the sons of Moses brother Aaron. They were attacked by the fiery blasts of reptilian humans from caves in the mountains and Moses was forced to erect a bronze statue of a Serpent in honour of the Lord. They were forced to kill hundreds of thousands by the Lord or face their own death. The Lord in the cloud as stated in Old Testament blew murderous lights of fire against people, the Hebrews as stated in Old Testament were horrified. The Lord in the Old Testament is really in disguise…playing God, the Seven named identities of Jehovah are really the many underground humanoid figures in a craft that was advanced beyond human technology now, and then. They are the Yahwehs.

2) The New Testament was designed to empower the Roman Empire, as Paul admits in the Acts he is in Augustus Caesar’s home in Italy writing the New Testament, and the appeal with Caesar unified the Jewish traditions of prophets and worshipping with the saints of the New. However, as the Hebrews constantly worship the Lord in the Old Testament by atoning their sins by sacrificing the blood of lambs, oxen and even human beings to the Lord, they used the same strategy in the New Testament to breathe life back into a dying religion by using the name of the same man they hung from a tree and deceitfully promoting his murder as a sacrifice. This is truth, not philosophy, theory or otherwise.

3) Humanity has been tricked for thousands of years by a race that tricks and deceives them now, as “potentially a figment of human imagination”. This race is very real, precedes human history, and is the puppet masters coordinating all control over the rulers of the Earth. This is a fact – not a myth, but a non disputable fact. Aliens and UFOs are here within…and below the Earth soil, not beings from outer space. Their physical environment suits like a humans is bio-design of veins, organs and other worm like features that a human incorporates in bodily design. They are the night creatures, the vampires of old, the cattle mutilators of new, the blood lusting Lord of Old Testament who devised our current Blood Bank donations. They have deceived all until this very day. This is the official reason for government silence. People will panic from fear of possible attack from outside the Earth, but to have confirmation and official knowledge the threat is within the Earth, oh mighty humans who turn against another, your threat is right underneath your nose and would cause the social structures to decease.

4) These beings from within control structures on land; the religious structure is controlled through the Roman Empire of old, and the Vatican or Roman Catholic Church of today. The other structure of control is in commerce, which is maintained through the city of Jerusalem. All commonwealth countries and all governors in council of countries like Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and many others are under the direct influence of Jerusalem, a truth and fact that can be identified quick online. Religion is the creative force behind law and government, inescapable truth. Those inhabiting a temporary bio-environment suit on land are born into an organized structure, where they become property of a government at birth, and the government which governs human government resides below.

5) There are hundreds of secret bases throughout the world where today secret government factions and the delegates from the civilization below form treaties and activities together. Dare to explore the mountainsides and snorkel below the surfaces of great lakes, and there you will find many secret entrances.

6) Why the secrecy in government? The real purpose of government and law is control by fear and intimidation into oppression. The fact is, everyone who is employed in prosecution of others is guiltier of many crimes against humanity than those they prosecute. Truth! The fact is simple, governments are fronts to suppress knowledge of the injustices, and they use the media to do this for them. Official Disclosure will not be confirmed simply because the admission will be seen as a threat to security by the civilization below. The regulated media nor the regulated government will release confirmation until the parent in Rome and Jerusalem permits such. This is well known by select individuals in what is commonly referred to as secret societies or industrialized military operations, which bodies are divided amongst another to keep division and control.

7) When one publicly displays information about the truth of secrecy, those who are most at threat will command the retaliation. Thus, when someone tries to tell a true account of non human interaction, or someone tries to report and display a video capturing a flying craft, they receive a visit from dark figures or they are merely criticized in public by the media or ignored. The ones who have the most to fear about Official Disclosure are the ones sharing the planet, otherwise the concern would cease. Humans create craft that is cloaked and undetectable because the world is a violent place, expect the same at least for more advanced races coming into contact with the inhabitants on the Earth. SECRECY!


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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:07 AM
8) This information as direct as it is, will not be a threat to the secret powers that be, simply because they are aware of the human psyche and nature. Humans laugh hardest at comedians who tell jokes with human truth, because they can relate and identify with the stupidity of humans and government. Humans also naturally choose to maintain a blind eye to real horror, while experiencing it as entertainment on television in the comfort of their own home; however, the illusions on screen are a production of realities in secrecy. Not one of you reading thus far will be able to accept the obvious truth of this material simply because the design of the human brain, just like the body that formed together from one cell, is basic in nature. Humans are not intellectual superiors, they are virtual puppets of the masters, and literally designs of echoes whom speak what they are taught to another. The whole of humanity is a walking talking recorder whom collects and distributes communication from an invisible source of memory within Earth.

9) The human dream world is a connection to the collective conscious of the spirit plane, or plane of consciousness that rules the weather within the Earth. Like a computer board, all that is and was is stored in the memory of the Earth computer, and is retrieved from the speaker upon thinking of the wording, it is the invisible internet within the world. The great secret is that your thoughts design your destiny, because the physical plane is co-dependent on the invisible force of the spirit plane, which rules the winds and seas and volcanoes of the Earth. The dream world is an illusion every bit a 3D visualization as real as the physical illusion on land, and it is this plane one must venture through to come into the physical plane, and also return to when they leave. After the temporary environment suit ceases to function, many will experience seeing a garden, some will see the light of the sun, children may see magical castles with magical bumblebees, and many others will experience something different; but most assuredly, the invisible realm one returns to is also the true dominant force of life. Although it is invisible to the human eye, it is the dominant and invisible force that powers televisions, satellites, computers, cell phones, radios, winds and sunlight; what one can not see with a physical eye, is the true reality that gives life to physical illusion. It is the battery that runs the human body product, and is the battery that charges the environment within Earth so humans can temporarily experience the illusion.

10) Finally, there is obviously a Creator of the Universe, one that created self by mere thought and then also thought the universe as a womb or environment to experience within; and thus, united together as one, both male and female. Oh great humans, God is not physical, nor a man, nor a female, but is both male and female as one a procreative force that one calls the universe, or a universe within the kingdom…that has many universes within. The Spirit of the Universe that is responsible for all creation, is the force that created all invisible to permit cell binding together to create the illusion of the physical. Humans are illusions of the physical and are not in the image of God; your spirit within is a consciousness like God, but your body is a robot that is controlled by the desires of your true parent, the rulers of the soil of the Earth.

All human beings on the earth and the beings below, are scheduled to perish.

From there, many of you will remain on the island, the dungeon of darkness created to quarantine those who seek to be Gods and authority among another, but the vast majority are scheduled to return to the homeland by the guidance of the light. You do not choose the Creator or the God, you do not receive the God or Holy Spirit, dear Christian and Jehovah Witness hypocrites. The Creator made this place to quarantine many and choose that which the Spirit chooses, one does not choose alliance with the Creator, fools, the Creator chooses the spirit. Self delusional hypocrites claim to accept God or Jesus.

Humans were never alone in this universe, nor were they on the Earth. The rumblings below the soil and sea are civilizations who share the environment at night with the humans of the day. All from below and on the land are mere robots of design, an illusion of self, and the spirit within that formed the brains and bodies remains imprisoned for a temporary phase of experience. Neither species is alone or superior beyond Earth.

Upon death, the spirit of the deceased will remain within the garden of illusions, this dungeon of deceit and island of evil in disguise as a place of wonders and excitement. Many of your loved ones who have passed on are still in a dream, unaware of the passing, and alive and well within a spirit of consciousness; they as well are scheduled for release from the conscious within the Earth to return to the creator Spirit of the Universe.

The star will rise to the east of the sky at night, and in a few years, it will be the new discovery, and soon after, it will be the new seed of destruction planted at full impact within the Earth plane. It is not a star, nor a planet, yet it has a course, and that destination is the Earth. Freedom from the physical environment suit on Earth is around the bend for all conscious beings on and below the Earth. Humans hate asteroids, the spirit loves it. Be thankful for the Jews and Christians and Rome, they helped Paul write it and promote it in a Prophecy, and the collective conscious creates action from the Universal Spirit. This is the wisdom of universal spirit, this is the spirit of truth.


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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:09 AM
Thank the bible thumping mindless robots of this world who preach what they hear from those who are ordained to teach the deceit, thank the mindless robots of law enforcement and military for practicing so many evils against those they preach are committing evils, the beauty of the design is so simple. As a sperm enters an ovary, as a meteorite enters a planet, as God enters the womb of the universe, an environment of creation is balanced between creation by thought and position by memory. As one grows, it becomes an independent design of destiny, an existence that perceives the illusion of the physical but is driven by the power of the invisible. Careful for what billions of earth inhabitants ask for, “Seek and ye shall receive”. This is the wisdom of spirits in the universe.

The Roman Church: The knowledge of the pine cone in your front yard and the seeds being nurtured through the scales by the waters of life is simpleton work. The pineal gland of a human much like the seed within any living organism is like the pine cone, it opens the scales to reproduce life powered by the flow of waters nurturing the physical illusion. The great Roman emblem that has two keys for the doors of the physical plane and the doors of the spirit plane is no more a secret than their masterful “sphere within a sphere monument”; this symbolizes the awareness of the inner workings of both the earthly physical plane and the inner workings of the outer invisible plane within the earth. The spiritual force that guides and nurtures the physical plane is not so extraordinary, kind of getting boring now guys. I know your secrets in the Vatican, the churches, and I know your friends in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem: The 7 Mountains imitated later by Rome are boring bases for connection with the civilizations underground, the 7 REDEMPTIVE names of Jehovah (whom Paul identifies as Satan or the 7 headed dragon in Revelations) is boring, the beast of man from the Earth whose secret number is 666 is Solomon, the King of Kings, as seen in Chronicles 2, Chapter 9 Verse 13 and repeated in Kings, Chapter 10 Verse 14 of Old Testament, yawn. I know all secrets Israel, I know your book, I know your agreements with Rome, I know your book better than all who wrote it on animal skins and tree bark. I know your friends below and how their little craft works as hidden wheels within the wheel and controlled by mere conscious thought, but yawn, I am bored. Jerusalem, the icon of Israel, the mother of the western nations and Commonwealth communities, children of robots who are servants for their Lord and fear the imaginary guy in a red demon suit bouncing around with a pitchfork. No blaming you, the horrors of the Devil made you do it, we understand, and in blood, all is forgiven, sure?

When the Romans and the Jewish governments formed together to write the New Testament 2,000 years ago to defame the name of the man their allegiances hung on a tree for identifying the truth of the Lord and the children, they should have picked someone other than Paul and his Greek friends. He left the secrets intact to pass the ruling authorities, but what do you expect from humans? So simple, they overlook the obvious. The rulers below must have been asleep when it was approved by Caesar Augustus and the Saints, fools. Humans are rulers among men, and servants among the inhabitants below, they are both fools who believe in their own superiority, yet, survive by what they can not see, they are fools to believe there is no greater force other than them. That force however left the lies intact with the truth, and is now in billions of print and their gospel of deceits is everywhere globally to explode in their faces.

In an hour, the lies and deceit of the whole bible can be exploited. The bible that suggests humanity was deceived by an evil serpent from the beginning of the book, forgets to mention that the same deceiving devil continued to deceive by playing God and now Jesus throughout the bible. The New Testament resurrected the Lord of the Old Testament, who is now Jesus the Lord and Saviour. What a great way to defame the man they killed for identifying the Lord for what it, or, what they were.

Christians and Jehovah witnesses are fools walking blindly with a resounding faith in deception, falling into ditches. Thankfully, 2 out of 3 humans instinctively avoid the doctrine, the mess of lies, but what fools to leave so much of the truth intact. The bible is truly the devils handbook in disguise of art written by man. The bible is an incantation of evil. And billions of useless humans go around preaching the goodness of the horrors, and they most definitely will deserve the reward forthcoming for their lies, they will become food for the Lord in the New Kingdom on the Earth that changes color from blue and green to red after a visit from an asteroid. They who have preached the eternal barbeque will be sure to enjoy being within the fire they so desired against the majority of humanity. Careful for what you ask for, “ask and it shall be given to you”.

For those who dare to see the real truth, by cutting out the fat designed to mislead the world, and by reading the fine print, the obvious bible truth is available in the RESEARCH PAGE section at Those who dare to read and challenge the verses will have their eyes opened and know exactly why the Seventh book of Moses conjuring spirits such as Mestophilis the devil was purposely left out. Many will learn soon and will know the whole truth in hours, not months of study and manipulation, but within hours they will know truth. The world in under the control of this Lord, the covenant is worldwide through governance, religion, commerce and law enforcement, and it all falls under UFO’s and the Bible, what a holy grand deception.

Humans, you mighty intellects, you hypocrites who start wars in your own homes against another in the family, and against neighbours and co-workers who do not follow your beliefs, you mighty beautiful people who created yourself from nothing. Humans, who seek to exploit conspiracy of another while hiding the skeletons within your own closet, it is time for you to know the truth, the mysteries of life is right underneath your nose.

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:09 AM
ummm........ "grey area" perhaps

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:18 AM
That was waay too long.
So I skimmed

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:21 AM
You may have convinced yourself that you know the secrets of the universe, but you certainly never learned the proper way to present and organize a speech. You wrote something so long, drawn-out, and poorly structured that most people will skim or skip entire sections.

Come on, now. I expect my world-shattering revelations to at least be enjoyable to read.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:32 AM
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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:32 AM

So do you feel superior now? Since I didn't read that whole long winded redundant rant against men and women what species do you claim to be? And if you're so superior why would you feel the need to condemn such inferior creatures? I mean I never in my life felt the urge to condemn a worm or insect since I am a vastly superior being then these animals because it didn't matter to me and I recognize they all have thier place in the grand scheme of things...

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:32 AM
I started to read it but then i saw something shiny.

Oh look, a spoon!

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:35 AM
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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:35 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by Quinctilius Varus

Maybe just maybe, the OP has posted this for a reason and those who are supposed to read it will indeed and those that see nothing but words are meant to turn a blind eye.

The problem is alot of what the OP has written sounds alot like deep spiritual meditational understanding.

The knowledge of the pine cone in your front yard and the seeds being nurtured through the scales by the waters of life is simpleton work. The pineal gland of a human much like the seed within any living organism is like the pine cone, it opens the scales to reproduce life powered by the flow of waters nurturing the physical illusion.

When a person meditates deeply, they sees things in this way, it is very easy to get lost in to the moment and forget that at that time, when you are in a higher state of consciousness that others aren't. Therefore,when a meditator has a deeper understanding of life itself others whom are not on the same frequency see gobeldeegook.

If we could only ascend to a higher state of consciousness together amd for longer we would all see this.

OP - Please leave the bible and religious content at the end so people don't skim through it or forget this thread before giving members the time to truly read it and understand it.

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by hawkiye

Maybe the answer is that they are not inferior creatures if you yourself make those creature yourself by putting them in your mouth, then they become you (Their shell bodies, not the soul). Maybe if you chose to see other lives as equals then you would not have a superiority complex where you have to devour and kill (or have others kill for you) while you pay money for it (that you work for with the energy that you devour with)

[edit on 21-6-2010 by problemsolvr]

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by problemsolvr

It tells me that this fellow needs to revise his mystical revelations. I'm sure it wouldn't so so troublesome to read if he cut out all the condescending remarks and quit repeating himself.

Forgive me if I don't fall to the ground and give the man my every last bit of attention. When what seems like two or three people begin preaching their message each day, it gets a bit tiresome to have to read them all.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:45 AM

Am I the only one that remembers this guy?

He made a couple threads that got like a million flags, he was supposed to announce something crazy but never got around to it.

Even after like 20 pages of course.

He's a good writer though.

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:45 AM
This ...this is just dissapointing. Dont get me wrong, I can read. I have read the bible, I have read The Lord Of The Rings... I know about long winded and outmoded communication styles...but this was just awful. Unfounded claims with no evidence offered let alone provided, baseless accusatory mudslinging... This was more an oppertunity for OP to stroke his or her ego, than a genuine attempt to inform the membership of some deeper truth. All we have evidence for here is a deeply troubled and under nourished psyche trying desperately to escape the bonds of its own short comings.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

What you say may be true, but I know that the OP's repeated usage of the word "whom" is known as a hypercorrection.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 03:46 AM
Apparrently he's human according to some of his other threads. But then again in the style he writes he seems to seperate himself from the rest of the humanity and point out flaws in the thought and act patterns.

I mean yes most humans are idiots (most likely me including) that think they are the crown of creation and the supreme rulers of their existence but still like someone said a truly awakened individual sees that everything in existence has it's merits. Even the lowly and hypocritical race of humans has good days occacionally.

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