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For Christ's sake, you people ... it's just a bloody oil spill

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Boomer1941
reply to post by Ulala

For Christ's sake, you people ... it's just a bloody oil spill

We should have said "For Christ sake you's just the Nazi's" when they owned you back in WWII and we bailed your asses out so you could smoke crack and play X-Box.

I'd like to see the Moderator kick this idiot out of here and delete the thread.

Are you serious? Come on, you are better than a cheap shot like that?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:06 PM
I find it utterly repugnant and ignorant of the op to suggest "it's just a spill", not only is this statement incorrect and uninformed its blatantly coupled with nationalistic hatred throughout the pages. I couldn't even stomach most of the vitriol wrought by this op against other nations.

To address the "it just a spill" statement not only is it not "just a spill" its not even a spill a spill is something of a determinate amount that is measurable and has been prepackaged or contained. i.e. a ship barrel or other transport vessel. This is a "LEAK" meaning the amount is indeterminable, regardless of what BP or the government may say there's no way to truly tell how much oil and other products will come out of this hole in the ground. And if more people treated it as a "LEAK" then the true grave nature of the issue at hand would more understandable.

Along with the understanding would come the realization this is not just an American problem for once this is a worldwide disaster. And mark my words this "LEAK" most likely will not be stopped before it completely drains so find what solace you can in the time we have till the disaster "ends" because when it does many new ones will show up to face us.

But then again that's another problem we can tell from the op's attitude and nationalism they don't seem very apt or privy to the idea of change or incorporation of new ideas and thought patterns. So attempting to explain that this "LEAK", not spill, cannot be stopped, or simply wont be stopped either due to unwillingness or sheer stupidity of those in charge.

I for one cannot trust BP or anyone else in government to tell me just exactly how much oil is in this tapped well. nor cant hey be certain they have hit a tin or even moderate well. It could be unimaginable in size or even interconnected to other deep wells or maybe all deep wells are one giant well with many connections.

We have no way of knowing as we haven't had much experience in drilling deep wells, let alone the safety practices and apparently emergency response tactics to stop any issues that may arise from a deep well.

One thing is truly apparent however the op while understandably frustrated whether legitimately or falsely so. Their posts have done little to solve the problem in the gulf or offer up ideas to correct the issue, therefore they can be considered utterly useless.

-edit for spelling, added a paragraph.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by LarryLove

Originally posted by VonDoomen
Can we get a de-flag ability? please?

This has to be one of the most ridiculous threads Ive seen in a while.

"Just an oil spill"

for one, this was a British company, not american.

Secondly, this is one of the biggest ecological disasters to date how is this not an issue?

and believe me, i get tired of seeing hundreds of threads about the same issues, but still, this is a very important event.

Wrong and for the last time, BP is 39% owned by America. Lots of American as well as English investors rely upon BP.

BP is a plc. It is not a "British" company it has shareholders, like British Gas ( owned by Centrica). Who are the share holders? At this point who cares. Get the hole plugged then find someone to blame.

And as a matter of fairness, 25% of that drilling operation (and therefore a considerable amount of revenue generated from it) is owned by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation - an American company.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:15 PM
I agree with the OP. The leak will be stopped eventually and given a few months this whole thing will drop out of the news and be forgotten. There is a precedent for this: SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Haiti earthquake, tsunami in Asia, Icelandic volcano etc etc. Everyone screamed at how these things were going to affect the planet forever etc and they all fizzled out to nothing. This oil leak will go the same way - yeah it's bad for the local wildlife and local businesses but that's nothing in the grand scheme of things. I think the fact this thing has happened in America means the protests and exposure are louder and shriller then usual (because that's how Americans are, I'm sorry but it's true). Obama, IMO, is using this incident to try and galvanise and unite the people and push his approval ratings up, just like Bush rode the wave of 9/11. However, BP will ride the storm, the leak will be stopped and in a couple of years time everyone will be like "Remember that oil leak thing in America? What happened with that?"

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:20 PM
@the OP

Yes, it is this kind of thinking that your ancestors brought to my country. "It's just some bloody land, get over it.... find a new home", right? That attitude still runs rampant today, as I listen to the BP chairman call the people in the gulf "small people". They care about the "small people".

I digress...

I do agree however that greed has got us to where we are. And this catastrophe is going to change things in a big way.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:21 PM
Everyone of course has the right to assign whatever level of importance, calamity, or irrelevance they choose to this leak, and I can and do respect everyone's opinions in that regard. With that said however, to seek to invalidate the concerns of others by suggesting that they are somehow overreacting to something which they subjectively regard as highly important seems to me to be perhaps a bit less than sensitive and/or respectful in return.

This event has cost people jobs, businesses, and livelihoods. It has resulted in the deaths of wildlife, and continues to threaten wildlife. It is the largest oil spill in U.S. history to date. It will be perhaps until August - or later - before we will know if relief wells are alleviating or stopping the spill. The amount of oil which will continue to leak into the ocean if the leak cannot be stopped is, without exaggeration, immense. These things matter to people. They matter to them for personal reasons, for reasons of empathy, and for reasons of practical concern. To label those concerns overreactions is to invalidate and disrespect those individuals' and families' subjective circumstances, opinions, and positions in my view.

I agree completely that is is regrettable and lamentable that people often fail to recognize the magnitude of tragedies beyond their borders. I would never deny that. This does not diminish or invalidate the severity or seriousness of this situation for those experiencing it directly, however. Everything is relative, and experiences and the opinions which arise from them are subjective and in my opinion deserve respect even when one disagrees with them outright.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:21 PM
To the OP:

"just an oil spill"??????????


That's one of the most ignorant and baffling's affirmation I've read here in the last few days.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Lurch

Yes i agree with most you are saying but not only has profit been made by golden sacks, obamas freinds, by selling a 45% stake in Bp and then shorting the company but they will introduce more taxes off the back of this one, make no mistake.

And again the haliburton name pops up not once but twice.

Realy we need to investigate these financial connections and we should not take no for an answer this time and if they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear do they now.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by Lurch

Misguided by chance, I hope. This, as I said in my last post, is not just an American problem. The one way this leak will end is when it drains out its not just oil down there that's coming up and we can hardly tell the true measurable nature of what we will be stuck with when it "fizzles out"

The oil will drift east and north traveling on the currents and the gases will be swayed in whatever way the storm systems decide and they travel the world the sheer amount of gasses that would be present after the well empties are unimaginable, and I don't believe they would be able to disperse in time before traveling the globe and doing their worst.

The last thing we as humans, as one, need to be is divided by race or nationality or any other division or label. we need to focus on the common goal of surviving as a species. Because you cant rely on nature to protect you from itself.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:29 PM
I don't agree with your post. If it was just another oil rig in shallow water at normal pressures then it would be no big deal and easy to fix! But these morons drilled down over 4 miles and have encountered pressures never seen in the history of oil well drilling! That's what took out the rig that was almost as big as an aircraft carrier! We've opened up hell itself here at some level.

Oh and if Richard Hoagland is right about this, we have a massive gas bubble forming under the gulf that is already pushing up the seafloor around the rig up over 10 feet for 10 miles! He says his government sources are telling him this and if this is true, we could have an underwater Mt St. Helens explode at some point causing a massive Tsunami that would kill a lot of people on the coast.

Here's the 2 part interview on this if you are interested.

The US Government is completely 100% responsible for this oil spill and every other oil spill on the planet because they would not release the Tesla Free Energy devices they've had since the 50's. That's the real crime here. We haven't needed ANY oil for over 50 years! And because the US Government has suppressed this technology our planet is being destroyed! That's the dirty little secret the US Government hopes you never find out!

We should be living in a Star Trek type world but instead we are killing brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan because of resources we don't need. It's a total joke!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:31 PM
I hate censorship, but I vote to BAN the OP for his insensativity during a disater like this. He has nothing useful to say, and is only here to stir trouble up. We dont need members like that.

Just an oil spill.....We have members being effected by the oil leak directly right now.....They dont need to read crap like this right now.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:32 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by Ulala

I too am weary of the constant drone of MSM on the subject.

Nothing wrong with a little oil in our'll just make it go down easier, right?


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:41 PM
Wow. Posting out of my own American ignorance here, but where does your power come from?

How do you get your goods into your home? Where do your groceries come from?

Does your country do trade with any other country in the world?

The average American does not drive a hummer.

A large many of us don't even drive.

It's unfortunate that the world is divided, I am in no means a supporter of the NWO - however, if it meant we could just stop blaming each other. Let the ones who raised the developed WORLD to be so dependent on oil take the blame.

Just "an oil spill" would be a tanker taking a dive. This is an on going, constant flow of crude oil being spewed into a the planet's water. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. If it isn't stopped it will become the entire world problem.

Would you like to know why this is getting so much attention and worry?

Because it's being allowed to be witnessed, sort of.

Most people in the world don't have a way of finding out things going on on the opposite side of the planet except by what is given to them by MSM. I can't simply go to another part of the world to find out what is going on.

The internet is our only valuable media source, and it is so full of disinformation and people throwing blame around that it can be difficult to find the truth.

Blame the oil companies, the legislators that let them get out of hand. Blame the MSM and companies that program people to believe that they need these extravagant cars, products and other garbage.

I am not the U.S. I am a person living in the U.S. I am not my neighbor, I am not the president.

Telling people that this is everyone in America's fault is a massive generalization and insult to individuals.

I could make many generalizations about another country - I would be incorrect in them.

Also, this is a world's problem created by it's inhabitants. It is a large problem, with repercussions that probably haven't even been considered yet. The gulf is heating with oil, an entire ecosystem is being wiped out, and it could spread like a disease.

It is hardly "just an oil spill."

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:43 PM
My advice to the OP would be to ignore the BP threads... because until this leak is stopped there will be many more. If that offends your delicate sensibilities too bad...

Don't think you quite realize just how bad this disaster is over here.

Imagine, if you will, an American op-ed piece in a British newspaper back in '41 that read "For Christ's sakes, you people... it's just the bloody Luftwaffe!"

Seem a little cold and callous to you? Well then, so does your thread...

[edit on 16-6-2010 by Legion2112]

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by Ulala
Ok so its big news to our country so what? If you lived by a body of water that supplied seafood for you and it got damaged and there has been no way to stop it so far, would you be like oh well?
The fact is that the oil has toxic chemicals that can do some serious damage to people. Also think of all the jobs we are losing. Tell me you would be ok with that if it happened to you. Its not just about money. Its about our economy, its about our way of life. So mr european for you to even make this thread is actually rude in my op. It doesnt effect you, why hate our concern for our country? If you made it to dully express your views on the matter of its no big deal well then let me say thank you for wasting mine and the rest of Americas time

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:49 PM
Apparently not to the owners of this very site. They have an entire background and banner that reads "The ocean is just a barrier to getting the oil we need. Kill the Oceans. Get the Oil."

Really ATS? What happened to "Denying Ignorance"?

Really??! Isn't that a little extreme, not to mention very opinionated?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by KINGKONG
I hate censorship, but I vote to BAN the OP for his insensativity during a disater like this. He has nothing useful to say, and is only here to stir trouble up. We dont need members like that.

Just an oil spill.....We have members being effected by the oil leak directly right now.....They dont need to read crap like this right now.

Oh, you don't hate censorship THAT much now, do ya? Ban the OP? How about ban YOU? I don't like your opinion, so I vote to ban YOU. What's the difference, really?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:55 PM
Just an oil spill. I'm sure the Geniuses at BP can figure out some way to impress you.

Just an oil spill huh? Maybe a little touch-up?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Ulala

From myself and all the other people that live on the Gulf Coast....

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