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God's Fingerprint On Creation Found!

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by Morpheas

No I have not seen that one yet buddy. I'll check it out cheers. If you find anything that makes you really think that there is truth in it all then let me know please would you? I'm 40 now and I figure I have 30 or so years left to find God....acknowledge Him and do some big time humble pie eating...then escape the big red firey place. I want to believe it but not without some evidence.

By the way this opinion is not meant to provoke any ill feeling to anyone. Its just another view.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 09:49 PM
Enki and Enlil created us humans from an existing two legged upright lifeform, they gave us, humans their dna with a catch, the sublaxated atlas so that the spinal cord was p[inched at the cortex once the atlas is in it's correct position all is well, google atlas profilax, I had mine done a few years ago and the results were amazing and still are. Who ever created this planet had a plan of course, but we are from elsewhere, not from here, look at all of the other species, males display, females don't, the anunaki, loved what they had created, ie the Lulu (woman) so much that they had much fun with her, but, she was already here and possibly they were here before, the pyramid builders all over the world? gotta start thinking people, the nascar plain? things that can only be seen from the air or space, things that do not make sense. Why does every sentient being, bird fowl, bison, cow, ancient dinasaur, have one mouth, one nose with two nostrils, two eyes, even insects the same program, sorry forgot about worms, but wales are the same, someone came here and did this and don't think it was God, it was intgelligent beings from elsewhere, master geniticists who left the ARK on top of mount Ararat when they knew the flood was coming, so the genetic samples where left in Noahs charge, I am not sure which brother said , and i quote...let humanity perish, but the other one said...screw this! i'm not doing all of this work agian, We all know ab out Noah in the bible , Noah lived for about 600 years as per the norm for anuakki as did moses etc the bible and the sumerian tablets are written in stone as are the gliffs in central america and south america as are the dead sea scrolls locked up in isreal, the brothers of light documented all of this, when moses went up the mountain he was burned, he was also transported elsewhere by our creators. I would love a rebuff to this, because i am not from here and bet a dna test would prove that, i am not one of the many to many, I remember. c heers all.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:06 AM
This isn't totally contributory to the discussion, but the video excited me and I just wanted to say...
If you think this is at least intriguing, just wait till you see what I have in store to show. I've been a big fan of both mathematics and God for a while and I've been doing some digging around. This video got me excited because I have found, I guess one could say, mathematical proof of God and Who He is. And no, this isn't something simple like the repeated use of a number throughout a Holy Text, i.e.
"The first revelation given to Muhammed had 19 words, which is an important number in the Qur'an" or "There were seven days of creation, seven holidays, seven this, seven that in the Bible." This is proof that the universe is more than an art gallery and that God has spoken to us throughout history.
This is even a piece of a puzzle on the meta-history scale as well, I'll explain more when I post this today or tomorrow.
I'm sorry, I'm sleep deprived from finals and I'm super excited about this, this video got me pumped. (and don't worry, I'm not Christian, I'm not Jewish, I'm not Muslim, I'm a rational believer. I hate religion and this completely tears apart a majority of beliefs)

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:11 AM
What is God?

This is given in the Roman collection of Greek and Hebrew Writings known as the bible today....

In The Gospel According to John… K.J. version. Chapter 1 to 5 Quote;

1. In the beginning was The "Word",

( a "Word" is a String of Letters usually used in Communication)

and The Word was God.

So the "Word" referred to is spelt GODG, O, D.

2. He was in the beginning with God.

Who is the "He" that is mentioned here?

3. All things were made through Him,

Here the word “Him” is used again, and that All things were made through "Him"…

and without Him nothing was made that was made.

All was made Through "Him", that is “Himwho was with God.

4. In Him was LIFE,
and the LIFE was the LIGHT of Men

So The "Him" is LIVING... i.e. Alive, Aware, Conscious, or The True Mind.

Refer to an Ancient Book called...

"The Thunder Perfect Mind"

Easily found on the net.

5. And the LIGHT shines in the Darkness,
and the darkness did Not comprehend it.

The above would suggest that God comprises of 2 Components…

a. A "Word" in this case, the "Word" is spelt G, O, D. or God.

b. LIFE which is the LIGHT.

In the original Greek text, this is Sun LIGHT hence "The SUN of Righteousness" referred to, in the Book of MALACHI in the O.T.

These 2 Components Combined, form a 3rd Component...

On the Covers of old bibles and Hymn books was this…

The "I N Z" refers to the "Geometric Algorithm" that All was/is Created through.

a. The “I” refers to the First movement, "To & Fro" of the True Mind ("Consciousness", "Awareness" or The LIFE.)

b. The “N” refers to the "To & Fro" movement, but in 2 Directions (Up & Down, Left & Right Simultaneously. )

c. The “Z” is the Rotation of the “N”, The Second Function, "Rotation" of the True Mind (Consciousness, Awareness or The LIFE.)

Everything that exists is either straight (To & Fro) or Curved (Rotation) or the Combination of these 2.

There are No other shapes in existence.

So these 2 are the Geometric building blocks of All.

Because All is Created from Opposites Found in the I N Z, it is Also known as "The Paradoxical Geometric Algorithm"…

The "I N Z" can be seen in every humans Face as well as many other Species...

Check it out... Look at others or at your own face in a mirror ???

The nose forms the "I"
The Eyes are in the top 2 triangles of the Word I N Z
And the mouth is the lower section of the Word.

Note the forming of the cheeks above the mouth forming the Lower section of the "X"
formed by the "N" and "Z" in the Word I N Z ???

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

What you described is really interesting...I'm still a bit confused though- this is very new to me.

I would like to know more. Is the book you posted about sufficient in learning more about this- or is there other work that one could read as well?

Thank you!

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:37 AM
So, God is an alien mathematician. Cool.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by vwyob

So the competition is to describe an all-knowing eternal being that is the creator of all things versus explaining a hardened piece of silocon and carbon...

Not quite a fair game. But again - my point that I'm trying to make is that I find it just silly when some deny that there is a creator who made the rock.

You've already said that you believe in a creator of some type/makeup. And I fully understand your hesitation and reluctance to take a book written by man as the guide.

The ONLY reason I do is because I believe that book to be written by God-inspired men and that regardless of how hard we (man) try to screw it up and twist it - God's eternal message (call it a ridiculously long love note) cannot be shaken by anyone here. We're not talking some old document or manuscript. We're talking about a living breathing word from a creator that defies all of our shortcomings to bring a message that this life is not the end but only the beginning.

I think too often you - and others - run into people who have faith in God just because they always have. I used to pretty much run the same road you do (I'm 33 now) and about 4 years ago my entire perception of the world changed.

I would tell you that God spoke to me but that would incite images of me having delusions of a gray bearded man whispering in my ear. Call it intuition, call it that little voice in your head. Call it whatever you want - but I felt that there was something bigger than me calling to me. Not commanding me to do anything, just asking that I turn my head towards him.

So how do I explain that to you? how do I communicate to you that inner feeling I had that forced me to consider and open my mind to things that were foreign and really not very comfortable?

If you really want to look into whats up with God dont start at the Bible (I know - all the Christians just gasped in horror). Start inside. Seriously open up your mind and your heart and ask God to reveal himself a little to you. This wont be some kind of cloud parting moment, hell it may not be any moment at all.

But I feel that God's word is written in our hearts and souls from the day we're born. I feel that the thing that separates us from God is sin. Sin isn't an act - it's a condition of humanity. God is holy - holiness cannot exist in the presence of sin. Because we carry sin - we cannot be in contact with God. He sends a piece of himself as the ultimate sacrifice to satiate the wrath of his holiness because HE IS ETERNAL and thus he can sacrifice himself without ceasing to exist. This opens up a bridge for the creation to come back in contact with the creator... bla bla bla... I'm rambling now.

Anyway. My original post wasn't trying to convert people but to persuade that believing in a complete lack of the divine is more narrow minded and selective logic than any faith out there.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:15 PM
at some point I will have to post my theory about God, Heaven, Hell, humans, angles.. but not here - not the right thread. Peace.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 02:09 PM
I respect your view mate.

For what its worth I have asked God to reveal Himself to me. Despite the seemingly negative view toward the Abrahamic God, there are always moments when i think twice. I have a 3 year old son and a 6 week old daughter. Its odd but at their births I kind of had some spiritual moment. Call it what you will but it was there.
The last Alpha course I attended nailed it for me (at least so far). Some of the guys there were saying about their aches and pains. Even the church elder said he had lower back trouble and they all stated that after they prayed for each other their ailments went away completely. They used this as illustration of the power of God. I questioned them on this. I asked them did they not consider it arrogant that God would cure them of petty complaints and still let children die around the world, be them christian or otherwise? I asked them about the poor russian christian soldier who was beheaded for not removing the cross from his neck by the Chechen guys and metioned others like him. I mentioned the hardship suffered by the apostles and the followers of Jesus after his crucificion. Why would He cure people that have not endured hardship and yet others go through living hell?

My head began to fill with anger and resentment. Can you see why? What they were saying made no sense. After reading the New Testament I became a huge fan of Jesus. An amazing man, an incredible person.But I never became a Christian because I did not know what God was. I looked and I asked. I drew my own conclusion because my mind likes evidence before I can commit to anything. There are a huge number of things that do not add up though in my case against God. But these things can be answered by things considered by some to be equally as outrageous as the notion of God. Something amazing is going on and a large portion of it is to do with your essence/spirit/ it what you will. I don't know what it is but its there (like your view on God). Something made Paul (Saul) change from mega bastard to someone that was willing to suffer and die for Jesus. But the question is what? On many occasions the writers of the Bible misrepresent things because simply they did not understand what was actually happening. I have no doubt that some of the bible stories are indeed just stories. But I suspect they may be some incredible implications in there but I don't know. I have merely seen some things and read the word of man and drawn my own ideas from that. You see....I have no proof as yet that what I believe is true. Time will hopefully tell one way or the other.
Thanks for the 'to and fro' buddy. I look forward to the day you post your full whys and why nots on the Big Fella (alleged
) I am open minded enough to accept I could be wrong and indeed I hope i am wrong. I merely want the truth and to know why.


By the way. All my edits are because my spelling is LOUSY!

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:49 PM
A quote from the bible, bear with me if its not perfect.

Jesus>"..before John the baptist WAS, I AM" ~ italics mine

Before the past, the present...

If past and present are interchangeable that truly screws with creationism, because before the creation there is nothing. Yet the quote points out that 'BEFORE' is a meaningless term. If time (past present and future) exist simultaneously , then there is no before or after, hence no creation or destruction.

please note that this is from a POV outside of the universe (where God is suspected to hang his hat)

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by FileZero

you wrote....

If past and present are interchangeable that truly screws with creationism,

Not sure how you arrive at this conclusion ???

because before the creation there is nothing.

But.... "Nothing" is Something or you would not be referring to Nothing....

Do you understand what I am getting at ???

you wrote;

please note that this is from a POV outside of the universe (where God is suspected to hang his hat)

All has an "Inner" and "Outer". (The Opposites) or Created having "Inners" and "Outers".....

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:39 AM
A subject like this having no right or wrong belief has to first address the question: "Does your opinion help you feel more of a participant or outsider concerning God/universe/etc? For me to ponder a god concept, I can't look at it from the self identity (ego) of a single being. We have those who think it's all controled or begun by intent. An act of changing something from a locus of identity. Thats God as a smarter, wiser, version of us who has a realy nice house. To me no one created a nonexistent God. Or everything is random untill after once apon a time antireality self organized to construct what we call physical laws, that direct self assembly of everything after. I got lots of problems with both. To me God, source, etc. is not a single identifiable being. That would mean ego, or identity isolated from everything else. It's hard for us to experiance other structured systems; personalities, physical world, because it's all filtered through our ego. No ego and we don't percieve, we become. Our perspective is why we once placed Earth (us actualy) at the center of the universe. People back then were'nt stupid, I mean that's the sky as they saw it. They just diden't appreciate what you experience may be a by product of something else. Such as the universe as hologram, or process at the quantujm level.

But if there is no traditional God, does that mean s*** happens? OK, some time's. But it's a lot more then that. One concept we don't like is eternity/infinity. To me infinity is a state of mind. To us we see time from the ego enslaved perspective "me", and everything else. Time happens to us, it's a road were we percieve change. We view time from a fixed frame of reference. Time doesen't move, information creating our reality, and the organized change that creates it is dynamic. If were in a multiverse then our universe has an organization that like everything, first "realized" by Source, is information. The process (change) and product (a point of potential that is not changing next to what is ) create the reality of our physical universe. If we are part of a hologram that is the side affect, or music, the instrument being source. I don't think the universe is a machine who's goal is take a few atoms and make things out of bigger atoms, rinse, repeat. We are not part of the universe, we are the universe. So is everything else. I don't see our universe as made up of different parts like a machine, were a machine is a means to a goal. We see our universe controled by law's that don't change*. And were made of the same atoms, etc as the universe. Everthing loud, lumpy, or befuddled must lead, follow, or get out of the way. To us eternity is a clock that never stops. We react in the view there is only past and future, because the present is an infinitly short time. But I view the Source as dynamic, has no past or future only now The information it manipulates as process, product, and manifistations like us, are creation itself. Creation is also a process, not the result. Source creates, does not just experience but is, well, everything.

One charecter of our universe we know, it has at least one species with an individual ego derived identity.I see what we call evolution happening at many leves. As intelligence and organization increase tools can modify an environment. That is a problem at our stage. We are with in a ecosystem that is an interactive sytem. It will react to attack I don't think like a "me and the lice" context. Anger needs personality. And personality by definition has an agenda. But it will still react the same if we keep trashing the Earth. It will throw up. In the same way I think our universe has instinct. Everything we know and don't know that we are is a "change agent" on everything else. When our perspective change's it doesn't devalue what it was, that new way of seeing something make's the experience richer. Like going from black and white to color. If our universe is loaded with ego aware beings, that may be expressed on a cosmic scale. That "fingerprint" may be expressed as a topology, or appearence. While I don't see it becoming a single self-identifiable mind, it could have some kind of instinct driven behaviour, and dynamic evolution. Not just adapt but anticipate, and mabey run simulations on options.

I guess the God/no God are asking the same question. I can't accept a traditional monotheistic meglomaniac, or a by stander who's just to busy to stop genacide, or earthquakes. What we call good and evil are what we think they are. It makes sense being a consequense of awareness/creation Source is more then just aware of us, it is us. If we are a manifistation of creation, that process may be understood less as an equation, and more a gestalt: It may be sensed as a mood. Concepts we think good and evil because it's based on how does it affects us. People who think as others only as something to consume for their gain rarely win the Nobel. People who do the right thing because it is, are not affraid and better at seeing through others eyes. That's a little peek of another reality. It can be euphoric. I think good/evil concepts might be information increasing in complexity yet efficiancy. Disorder is unfocused potential. If driven by an awareness it is ordered, it would see Source as chaos. To us the "awareness" of order by chaos is false.

Just as our reality is a divine hologram, which means everything, atoms, to personalities, to how it's geometry affects nonlocalized awareness. When you can't define but have a feeling something "fits", has harmony, a hidden meaning (be careful), or we think is beautiful, it's the signature of our hologram,so to speak. Being part of the reality we percieve we things like reality annoy us not because were stupid, but we don't ask what, how why. It's like we see the universe from inside a ping pong ball. We just don't know it Our own universe affect's source like a hologram. I said what we are/feel/dream is known by source because it understands our reality through us. It becomes the thing, actually always was, what it experience's. So to say it feels joy, it is. Because we like it, it does to. When we feel pain or rage or fear, it does to. Not just as disorder, but as we do. Even if someone like's it, it doesn't. Being the idea behind our universe of course sourse does not think it's "reality". Perhaps one of many possibilities.

In th end, each universe will have it's own laws, perhaps. I like the idea God got the title not when created, but became aware. I think our perception of what we consider existence before and after death may or may not be unique to our universe. But this topic fits in with an applied habit of assuming things are not what they seem. Not always involving deception, sometime's unanticipated consequence's. Usually works, and sometime's it does't.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 12:07 AM
I tend to view God like this (short version.. I feel a new thread brewing)

If time/reality is like a 2D circle... at any point on the circle you cannot see what is ahead of you traveling along that circle until you actually get to that point. The only way to get around this is leave the circle (on a tangent) but that would require you to actual defy space/time (E=MC2 ??).

So, with that being said this is how we have a concept of "time" and "reality"... or how we can explain Now, Next, and Before.

Ok great... hope you're with me. Now - how is God Eternal? how is he all present and all knowing... creator and stuff...

Because God is the circle. Not above it, not on it, not all over... God IS the circle. God is gravity, God is solar systems and galaxies. God is space/time. There is no "before and next" with God. Things just "are" in his existence.

When you die, you join him at that level of existence.

Here's another analogy - when you're a baby in the womb who is your mother? Is she a person you can leave and walk away from? How do you know her? How do you communicate? Your mother is your very existence. Everything you know, touch, taste, see, hear... EVERYTHING is your mother.

But how could you grasp that in a short time you will be birthed out of that existence and suddenly your entire perception of mom is more alien than anything you've ever known.... hell your entire perception of existence is completely up-ended.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by gncnew

What you refer to as time i.e. a measurement of the rate of change in things involves the comparing of 2 or more references.

Time as you call it exists in 2 Components.

a. Static as though Information on a CD.... crudely speaking.

b. Dynamic when displayed Sequentially rather than Static.

So the Source is of Static Content, until presented through a player, such as Human Robotics within a Program.

So LIFE is the one that experiences the World.

Your Mind (Consciousness, Awareness or Spirit) is a Droplet of the One LIFE Entity or God, and Dwells (Lives) in the Soul.

And The Soul is the Player that manifests your body and Universe both INSIDE your Soul, and NOT "Outside" the Soul as some would have you believe, and is part of a Large network, where all Souls contain copies of the same programs within its libraries and communicate between each other.

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Hmmm I agree with your outlook on that I think....

I am glad to have finally found a blog site that has thoughtful people on it.

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 07:07 PM
This is interesting BUT - How many spirals Do NOT match this pattern?

This documentary could have just picked out the ones that do match to help support the claim that this is God's fingerprint.

I believe there are lots of other geometrical/mathematical coincidences out there that have relationships to other sequences of numbers. If so.. would you say they are god's fingerprint also?

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

I think we're on the same thought there but I tried to REALLY dumb mine down ... it's a complex concept to begin with - much less adding in the slightly more "real" version of it...

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:34 PM
Everyone is the One Infinite Creator.

Any portion no matter how small contains the One Creator which is Infinity.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 11:33 PM
The Original link is down

New Link

The Fingerprint Of God

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