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Freemasonry revealed (part one)

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:27 PM

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by pepsi78

Personally I think they've already been here a few times and either ran away or were kicked out.

Stargate: Atlantis seems more correct to me.

If you mashup all the earth religions and all the subtle pop-culture myths you get a story that goes something like.

Bad aliens come to earth looking for gold.

They breed some slaves from the indigenous earthlings and their own DNA.

The slaves revolt. The bad guys run away.

The good aliens show up and occasionally send a personality to keep us on the right track. Maybe they lived in Atlantis. Maybe they were blown up or got tired of the BS and blasted off.

At the end of the Day (pun intended) there are only three things that are important.

1 - The universe was created by a benevolent Intelligence

2 - Our free will and consciousness mean something. We are here for a reason.

3 - Our personality survives physical death and remains immortal.

Cool huh?

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by Coemgen

So I took up the name Lucipher ( Son of God ) Light Bringer

And I was the star at the football parties, even though I did not play footaball.

Because I am the Morning Star

JAFL that.

Look up what I said about Lucifer. He doesn't exist.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:30 PM

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:31 PM

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:35 PM

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by Coemgen
Try Google Maps

This link showed me a map that shows the culdesac.

Galaxie Way is between 167th St W and Franchise Way. About the middle of the length of Galaxie Way there is a culdesac.

You may want to take a Cartography class. Cause little one you cannot read a map.

Josh Norton

You are talking about Fight Club.

I am the Master Mason. I can talk about what I want when I want where I want.

Show up and stop me. Midnight tonight or tommorow night whichever works best for you. Please RSVP.

Well, this has been fun. Unfortunately attempting to incite violence doesn't sit well with me.

Your invitation to fight has been forwarded for review as a terms of service violation.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Not sure where, nor do I particularly care, this went so very off topic. But it stops right now.

The topic, since several of you have apparently forgotten is:

Freemasonry revealed (part one).

Now then, let us stop with the juvenile invitations to do whatever at the cul de sac...and talk about the issue at hand.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by emsed1
reply to post by pepsi78

At the end of the Day ... ... there are only three things that are important.

1 - The universe was created by a benevolent Intelligence

2 - Our free will and consciousness mean something. We are here for a reason.

3 - Our personality survives physical death and remains immortal.

Cool huh?

I agree with some of this.

I would like to recommend studying the Minoans if you are interested in the Atlanteans. The United States Government, DoD, believes that the Minoans and the Atlanteans are one in the same.

These ideas are also expressed at:

1 - The universe was created by a benevolent Intelligence

I remember being part of the Holy Spirit. Although I am Part of it, I think this may be my understanding of Higher Power.

2 - Our free will and consciousness mean something. We are here for a reason.

I think therefore I am. I think therefore I exist.

I am looking for recruits for God's Army. And I would like more people to go to haven. The only way to get into God's Army is to make it to haven.

For the record most souls do not make it to haven, some go to sheol.

Are you interested?

I am Lucipher, Leader of God's Army. Would you like to join?

3 - Our personality survives physical death and remains immortal.

Not all souls can do this. Some souls go to Sheol, nonexistence.
Others are not allowed to remember. Some choose not to remember.
But most do not know how even if they can do it.

In terms of Christianity, I remember back to when I was part of the Holy Spirit.

I am a Rock.

I wrote that in Holy Scripture or Holy Text.

I remember being virus, bacteria, and other small organism.

I remember being fish.

I remember being birds.

I remember being bugs... Beetles are kool. They are like walking tanks that can fly.

I remember being a Scorpion. A Scorpion is a defensive creature. A Human is an attacking creature. Watch the behaviors of both and you will see this is correct.

I remember starting of being involved in many major religions.
---Love Incarnate

I remember being Amon Ra. I am Amon Ra.

Christainity / formerly the Arians ( followers of Arius ) liked Amon so much they wanted to pray to him. It was bad enough they prayed to me as Ra and Set. So at the end of there prayers they would say Amon, but I told them not to so they changed it to Amen.

I remember being crucified.

I remember growing up in Ireland. I remember being the first person ever named Kevin, The Prince of Leinster. I remember studying to become a priest at age 7. I remember going into Catharsis in 618. I remember being taken out of Catharsis in 1985.

I remember being in haven, while I was in Catharsis. Even though I did not die, I used astral projection or some other for of meditation, prayer, to connect with the Holy Spirit in haven.

I remember my brain and spinal cord and eyeballs being taken out of a vat of blood; Catharsis. I remember being placed in my new body. I remember my eyeballs were too large so some eyeballs from some other person were used. They had already destroyed the eyes from my new body(Kevin Michael Palmer 1984). I(Kevin 498) remember my brain was too large to be placed into my new skull. The excess brain was scraped away and my skull was put back together.

I remember standing in front of the Ku Klux Klan peoples, and them cheering that I am there leader. I said F_CK YOU I LOVE YOU or I LOVE YOU F_CK YOU.

I remember when I was 7 I was taken to party in Northern California. I did not know what the party was about or why I was supposed to be going.
We had dinner and went to a beach. There were a lot of people partying. They were having a good time. They wanted to and put me in a basket for like a baby. They strapped me in. Then they carried me around the fire.
This went on for a long time. Then I looked down and they were all wearing white robes with pointy hats. I was starting to get auspicious. I wanted to get down. Soon they let me down. As we were leaving a relative of mine told me, That is the Ku Klux Klan.

I remember defeating the person with a Chainsaw in the Circle ( Ku Klux Klan / Christianity fighting arena game )with a pencil when I was 7 years old.

I remember getting my body modifications for Chesst ( Freemason fighting arena game ) in me when I was 7. I did not use any anesthesia. And pain killers may numb the experience. I had to be entirely conscious to remember which muscles to use to operate the Jacking mechanisms they put in my back and neck. They took relatively non important muscles for mostly stability and comfort while walking and used them to make the Jacking Mechanisms.

I remember them pounding a nail into my chin.

I remember many other things that Christianity, Freemasonry (& Eastern Star), and the Ku Klux Klan are responsible for doing to me, but I think I would like to keep the graphic nature of this account of events to a minimum.

I remember my esoteric abilities. The easiest way for me to explain this is to have you ask someone that is Greek about Coliseum.

Or if you cannot find someone that knows about that.

Watch Star Wars

Freemasons talk about having the Force

I am the Master Mason.

I have the Force.

The Words of Jesus
The more you strike me down,

The stronger I become.

I am Kevin.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:04 PM
I don't necessarily believe in sheol, gehennah or hell.

I think everyone is given a fair shot at choosing immortality and choosing to live according to God's Divine Will and that only those who reject survival outright are destined for distinction.

No punishment, just ceasing to exist.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Coemgen

You are the first person ever named Kevin?

That's outrageous! The rest I can believe but this is just crazy talk!


posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:13 PM

Personally I think they've already been here a few times and either ran away or were kicked out.

Yes they always run, they are like flys on meat, pray on the weak.

Stargate: Atlantis seems more correct to me.

Atlantis Zeus and Prometeus that brings light down to earth ? Story of the titans ? Same story. Prometeus is the one that brings light to earth, the light bringer and is seen as the good guy but he is not ? because he twists humanity up. Light is not a flashlight, it's nukes, weapons, we have it in us to live in harmony but once in a while there is a bunch of guys that brings light in stead of leting humanity evolve on it's own and value it's discoveries, the ability to learn in the right way.

Same as Prometeus, lucifer is the light bringer ? Same guys same story.

A long time ago a bunch of heaven boys came here down to earth, they knew they were not suppose to mingle, but they did.

"Cool" as a word is not "Nice" so people mix meanings of things and words up to distort facts.

If you mashup all the earth religions and all the subtle pop-culture myths you get a story that goes something like.

Bad aliens come to earth looking for gold.

They breed some slaves from the indigenous earthlings and their own DNA.

The slaves revolt. The bad guys run away.

And the indigenios people are created by ?
Zeus, God, he has alot of names. The supreme creator of the universe.
And the aliens are ? Prometeus, Lucifer and so on, the guy with the light in his hand
that comes to earth to enlighten people, to F up everything"natural evolution" And zeus or god or the creator what ever you want to call the creator steps in...

And you know what, he is the best guy ever, he lets people do what they want, free will, but everyone turns him into a vilan.

Here I'll post it again.

The good aliens show up and occasionally send a personality to keep us on the right track. Maybe they lived in Atlantis. Maybe they were blown up or got tired of the BS and blasted off.

Once you see the good guys it's all over, so it's not the good guys, and no they are not on the same side.

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:16 PM

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by Coemgen


masonry has nothing to do with the grove. Masonry has nothing to do with Satan. masonry has nothing to do with Eating babies. I think you may be mistaken on assuming that you have been raised a master mason. What are the four great lights in masonry?

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by Coemgen

Well, I went to a building dedication and talked with the MWGM and DGM of my State and we were discussing various thing when I brought your name up. Guess what? They've never heard of you and I just brushed you off my shoulder.

And if you were some famous leader why can I not find you anywhere on the Net other than this website? Redding Lodge? I'm guessing from California?

If you want to prove it to me, send me a message with a picture of your dues card. I like Chess, its a fun game and I used to play it quite often. And I've lost to all sorts of people; one of them is a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arizona. I'm a Master Mason as well so it wouldn't be a terrible hit to my ego if I did lose and if you are indeed a Master Mason.

reply to post by Coemgen

You're not sure of your own Lodge name or number? Wow. I don't know anybody who doesn't know their own home Lodge. You almost sound like it would be beneath you to know it. If you are a Mason you sure didn't take to any of the lessons it taught.

You think you're a king? In Chess the King may reign, but I'm a York Rite Mason and the High Priest is superior to the King. And I am the Excellent High Priest of a Royal Arch Chapter.

reply to post by Coemgen

You sound like the villain from "The Lost Symbol".

One question. Have you ever been incarcerated into a mental institution?\

Lucifer doesn't translate into anything other than a cosmic body, the planet Venus, in Latin. If you're meaning Satan, he was not God's son sent to Earth to spread his message. Quit acting so arrogant because no one cares if you are popular or not. That means very little here.

reply to post by seagull

Very true.

Throughout this thread, through the on and off topic posts, no one has shown any wrongdoing on the part of the Freemasons. There have been some really illogical arguments, primarily non sequitur arguments, but have fallen short of showing anything conclusive. With all that is on the web, no one has shown anything sinister about the rituals or ceremonies of Freemasonry. Some of the sinister stuff pointed out are either zealous paranoia or esoteric ignorance.

Freemasonry strives to be morally upright and to teach the membership to be better men, and through those lessons taught the men will better the world around them. Freemasonry is also charitable and donates a lot of money to some great charities. Some try to make up lies about the charities, even misconstruing simple acronyms such as CHIP.

The Morgan Affair seriously hurt the reputation of Freemasonry and really set in motion the anti-Freemason movement in the US. You then have clandestine organizations claiming the name of Freemasonry that hurt the reputation and rogue Lodges like P2 involved in truly sinister and disgusting activities. You have liars like Leo Taxil spewing their filth, that although, a known lie is still recycled in attempts to attack Freemasonry. You have the mysterious words of Masonic authors being twisted to snare fools, but the good person still sees through these veils of the conspiracy theorist.

There are Freemasons, like many of us Craftsmen here, that endeavor to correct the lies and distortions posted around the Internet.

reply to post by Coemgen

You lead an Army? What is it composed of? I wouldn't want to join your Army.

If you are indeed a god, then prove it. And please stay on topic. This is about Freemasonry being exposed (or revealed), not your delusional life (past and present) resume.

[edit on 17-8-2010 by KSigMason]

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 01:52 PM

Maybe I did not make myself clear. listen to the next four words.

be kind to others


I made reference to the Freemason game Chesst? I thought someone would want to play with me. I do not see how that is off topic.


If all souls have a fair shot at immortality and living at God's Will... then why do so few actually do this?


From a historical perspective, all religions should be considered and the relevant ideas of each could be pooled together to form a conglomerated idea of understanding.

I have the force. And I am giving the people fair warning to change and end all of there corruption before I expose it.

Network Dude is Just Another Football League
The funny thing about Freemasonry is the first three readings are sensible and intellectual. After that most Freemasons stop reading the texts and do not realize that if the texts do not make sense them going to the lodge does not make sense either.

Instead they should be at home with their families. Enjoying to good things in life, the experiences with family and friends.

Freemasons like to shove Reese hitch and Reese hitch attachments in each others rectums. It is something about who can have the biggest asshole and who can take the most pain.

Are ya'll still doing that ?


There is no Redding lodge. It is the Reading Lodge, and it is in Redding California. I thought someone as knowledgeable as you would know this already.

Have you read the words in The Manly Palmer Hall Archive
All of the words?

There is only one Master Mason. I really do not think you are a Freemason. The only Freemason that is allowed to talk about these things is me, The Master Mason.

I said Chesst notice the T. ChessT, not Chess. ChessT.

I am the Maser Mason and I do not actually want to partake in anal endeavors of many of the masons in the lower degrees.

I am Son of God. I do not need to go through that torture again.

Chess is game played like checkers. Why are you talking about a game like Checkers.

I am talking about ChessT.

I am the King at ChessT. I do not think you have ever played. If you were a mason you would not ever talk about these things unless you are The Master Mason, you are not The Master Mason, I am. And even so I would think that you would know what ChessT is and realize it is not chess it is ChessT.

I am a real Patch Adams. I am Son of God. I care about the people so much that I had myself put into two different Mental Health Institutions. SemperVirens in Eureka/ Humboldt County Mental Health. They did not turn the heat on for 5 years, yet all the staff had space heaters under there desks. I grew up in Minnesota; it is illegal to turn the heat off in the winter even if a person can not pay the bill. I told them this and they got all awkward. Eventually, they figured out they had to reset the circuit breaker. They did not use the heat for 5 years.

That does not sound like a hospital, that sounds like a meat locker.

And the staff told me they rape girls there.

I about broke that person right there. That is not appropriate to say and definitely not OK to do.

And one time a girl was sad, and hitting her head against the wall. She was crying and needed help. Her nurse was sitting in a chair doing nothing.


he said "I do not care"

I stood up tall and showed my muscles.
He cowered in his chair. Then he went to help her.

When I left this place, they told me I am Son of God. And they said they were delighted that I could stay with them.

United Hospital in St. Paul MN

I went there for an analysis of an x-ray on my lungs. I was coughing up some funky #.

Instead, I was lead to a room and told that they were going to hold me down and stab me with needles if I do not take drugs. This was as the Doctor was so excited spit was spraying from his mouth. I was confused how did x-rays of my lungs lead to this.

It is illegal to say that to any patient anywhere ever. It is not OK to threaten a person anywhere let alone in a hospital.

And, they violated my requests to see a Chaplain, this is against the law.

And one of the staff at this location was eating a Styrofoam cup. I told him that is not good to do, he responded I have been doing it since I was a kid. I told him that Styrofoam is toxic and he should stop. This person was paid by the hospital to help people, he was eating Styrofoam.

Then one patient told a joke, with this same staff person present. The Joke goes like this:

When does a cub scout become a boy scout?

I dont know

When he eats his first brownie.

The problem with this joke is a cub scout is below the age of sexual maturity and brownies are the youngest section of girl scouts.

I explained to the staff that had been eating Styrofoam, that this joke is about pedophilia and it is really not that appropriate. I said I can understand a patient telling the joke, but a staff not being able to stop laughing about it is

Then that same staff followed me in my room and tried to play doctor with me. He tried to molest me.

Yea I have been in two Mental Hospitals at will. This is very similar to the plot of Patch Adams. Watch the remake with Robin Williams it is a good one.

Oh and they really call it a "puzzle factory."

Perhaps you should read history from the beginning. Let go of your preconceived notions and let the words explain the ideas.

Lucipher, Light Bringer, Bringer of Light, Son of God, Leader of God's Army

How do you back up your claim it does not translate to anything? Have you read the Holy Bible? Holy Scripture? Holy Texts? what about history?

Stop acting like an adult.

Be have like a child.

I am a survivor of the abuses of Freemasonry. This is an actual account from a real person. This is more relevant than something read from a book or something like that.

This is straight from the headless horseman's mouth.

God's Army

I remember most of my experience in existence. I am the first person ever. I am also the first person to go through Rosicrucian, Socrates.

I am exposing and revealing many things about Freemasonry...

Perhaps your forgot to read my post. You should be Reading the signs.

The people will not see the signs?

Why do the people not choose to be Reading the signs.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Coemgen

In a sick curiousity sort of way, I do look forward to your posts.

Oh, you finally figured out the Lodge's name that you supposedly belong to. I had already looked up the local Lodge, but for you to say you don't even know you're own Lodge name and number is peculiar and puts doubt on your supposed membership in the Freemasons.

Like I said before, if you have the Force or some godly power then do something spectacular and prove your assertions.

I have only read some of Hall's work, but I also have more important things on my plate.

There isn't just one Master Mason. There are hundreds of thousands of us. I was also privileged to serve as Worshipful Master and thus am designated a Past Master and voting member of the Grand Lodge. It doesn't matter what you think, I am a Master Mason and I can at least prove it. I'm also a member of Masonic websites that require proof of membership to get access to all the forums. If you are indeed a Mason what are the dates of your initiations? And no, there is no one person anywhere who speaks for all of Freemasonry.

Well according to the Urban dictionary ChessT is defined as:

A game of Chess you invited a girl to so you can have an excuse to stare at her breasts while pretending to review her bishop placement.

If you were really a Master Mason you wouldn't say anything like this.

You had yourself committed? Right. I'm sure no one here is surprised you were in a psych ward.

You've made sensational accusations, but cannot prove any of it.

Like it has been pointed out. Lucifer was a mistranslation by St. Jerome in the 4th century. Originally the text had Helal, son of Shahar which means "Day star, son of the Morning". At the time of Jerome the morning star was called Lucifer and we know it today as the planet Venus. Helal, son of Shahar was not some great being, he was a disgraced Babylonian King. Isaiah 14:4 even refers to him as a King.

Stop acting like an adult?

Freemasonry doesn't abuse. Well, if you were really a Freemason and "the" Master Mason, you wouldn't be trying to expose. Maybe you did go through some abuse, but it wasn't through the hands of the Lodge or Masonic Craft.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 03:49 PM
I will prove who I am soon enough. I think it is good for me to tell people I exist to lessen the shock and awe when I do show myself to the extent you may require to believe.

Again, what is the name of the Canadian actor that is pictured on The Manly Palmer Hall Archive. That is the name of the Archive not of the person that wrote the information.

I am The Master Mason. You can have whatever name or title associated with yourself. If you do not have the Force then you are not The Master Mason.

I am Demon Baby... I am the 13th bloodline of the Illuminati, the Jesus Saint Kevin Saint In Satan line.
I have taken a different path than most in Freemasonry.

That makes me the leader of the Illuminati and the Illuminati is higher in the hierarchy of fraternities than Freemasonry. And I am the Master Mason.

What, the builder!

The Grand Architect.


Speaks for all. Even all of Freemasonry and Eastern Star.

You claim to be in Freemasonry, and you do not know what ChessT is?

Or are you using a Freemason tactic; playing stupid?

So are you saying you are a Freemason, that has never played ChessT?

Have you ever been in Rosicrucian?

I am The Master Mason. I can say whatever I like whenever I want however I choose.

Also in history, the corrupt leaders of the church manipulated and abused a person named Lucipher. They named him St. Lucipher. He is not at all Saint like or deserving of being called a St.

Though the church currently refers to the stories and experiences of St. Lucipher as if it were the actual Lucipher. They are two different souls from two different times.

Be have like a child.

Actually, I am The Master Mason. And the point of exposing Freemasonry / Eastern Star is proof enough that I am The Master Mason.

Freemasons like to rape each other... They enjoy there anal endeavors.

That is the reason I do not go to the Lodge anymore. I do not enjoy those anal endeavors. I have known many persons in my family complain about Reese Hitch and other things used as a phallic device causing harm to them.

Actually, I have been to more Lodges and meetings and secret events, than you have.

Point in example, Have you ever been to Bohemian Grove.

If you have not been there you do no know what happens there. So do not claim that Freemasons do not go there. You have never been there. This is the only assertion or claim you can make.

At Bohemian Grove, they call me Care, silly Bohemian Grovers do not realize I am also Molech.

The Watcher.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 03:56 PM
This thread has gone off the deep end.

Why don't we just start where you started and examine one issue at a time without all the SyFy channel low-budget demon movie crap?

From the beginning:

In your first post you claimed to be a Master Mason.

You have failed to offer even the scarcest pittance of proof.

No statement you have made can be taken even the least bit seriously until you establish yourself as a Master Mason.

If you can't do that, then all the rest is nonsense and I think we should get back on topic.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 04:00 PM

What is the point of your last post?

You have not even responded to any of my prior posts.

Rather you are trying to discredit me on the basis that you do not know.

That is not an argument. It is actually a fallacy. You should take an argumentation and debate class. And study philosophy so you can make sound and valid ideas.

This is my recommendation to you

The Master Mason

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