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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Thanks my friend. I think it behooves anyone and everyone, when presented with a theory, to do some further research, to quantify it and qualify it.

It’s kind of like going to the doctor, and they tell you that you have terminal cancer; you might in fact want to get a second qualified opinion before you start giving your possessions away, and telling your boss where they can stick it.

Displaying a degree of critical thought, is in fact what I am encouraging everyone to do. Obviously I have put a lot of research into these things myself, and drawn some conclusions I hold to be true, but we live in a world where for most people, perception, and not always truth or fact, becomes their reality.

People who are inclined to accept other people’s research on things, without conducting some of their own, to further validate it, are probably not any wiser than people who skeptically dismiss something out of hand without doing any further research either.

When confronted with a disturbing set of facts or coincidences that might radically alter someone’s fundamental perspectives and world view if adopted that inclination towards out and out denial, without doing further research, as a means to avoid confrontation of having to adopt new opinions, attitudes and actions to go along with them, can be very powerful.

Sometimes in order for someone to accept an overwhelming preponderance of disturbing evidence it requires some reassuring notion, replete with it, that life will be more or less the same, based on a solution that’s presented with the problem.

If there is no immediate solution, and the problem they are confronting through this new found information isn’t of immediate grave importance, sparking an emergency, then it becomes easier, and sometimes preferable to simply deny it.

These are all parts of human nature, and in fact parts that the Powers that Be know how to exploit for their advantage.

All any of us can do is put the information out there and let others be their own judge. If people reject that, well then they do, if they accept it well then they do, but we all have free will in that regard.

It is though tragic, when people deliberately misrepresent that information out there, through deliberate fabrication of what is being said, to represent it, in a most disingenuous and agenda driven way.

In fact, that’s exactly what Rome does in distorting information to falsely get people to draw erroneous conclusions, and it is beyond ironic that the one poster, who has the most trouble accepting Rome would do that, is in fact doing it themselves!

There is a certain propensity on the part of some posters here on ATS to let their imaginations run wild, especially when it comes to doom and gloom scenarios. They will create sometimes fantastical stories and theories woven with intricate detail on aliens no one has ever seen, Deities no one has ever seen, and ancient technologies no one has ever seen and often develop there theories off of crude depictions of stylized art rendered into mediums that aren’t that easy to draw on to begin with. This doesn’t even take into consideration the artists skills in a perfect medium.

If we were to draw conclusions off of the existence of such things simply through artistic renderings, well there would be a huge presence of strange looking creatures born out of contemporary art.

Yet the reality is crude artistic depictions in difficult mediums doesn’t actually display evidence of the existence of anything but a picture.

They do though give birth to people’s imaginations who get the best of them, and create a lot of intricate theories to create an alternative reality, that usually has some doom and gloom element to it.

Some might see this for transference of one real bad reality, into an imagined bad reality, and extension of their belief that they are powerless to change it, based on how much imagery and fiction they put into it.

In many ways it’s a coping mechanism for people who haven’t quite mastered their fears or how to deal with reality.

Naturally the more they can get other people to validate and accept this too, the better a coping mechanism it becomes.

Unlike some of those conspiracies which are all over ATS, largely based on very sketchy or incredibly old elements meant to support them.

This conspiracy is really in your face with a lot of elements worth researching because there are so many powerful real and circumstantial elements to it.

It is also entirely stoppable, once you take notions of powerful space aliens, gods, inter-dimensional beings, futuristic and ancient technologies out of it, that there really is no truly verifiable evidence for.

So my conspiracy on Rome while enormous isn’t meant to be such a doom and gloom conspiracy, but a powerful wake up call for people to open their eyes, do some real research of their own, and consider what each of us individually could do to slow that conspiracy down, or starve it all together.

It’s natural that some of the more ‘gifted’ minds of ATS would want to weave their favorite conspiracies into it, or dismiss it out of hand to preserve their favorite conspiracies as stand alone coping mechanisms, and alternative realities.

What is sad, is when here on ATS those creative minds that are in fact welcome, start using that creativity to purposefully rewrite what others have said, and to do it falsely, and attempt to attribute it to them, solely as a means to gain a platform and an audience to validate those theories and beliefs.

It’s basically contrary to everything ATS is about, denying ignorance.

The good news is, that thread has been well received by the vast majority of people, and given them real food for thought and even some inspiration, and hopefully they will do some independent research of their own to decide for themselves just how significant or insignificant they choose to make it.

When you start attempting to impose your own reality on others, well, that’s when you really become Rome!

Thanks for the great post my friend, and your support.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by harryhaller
I learned something interesting today.

Vatican literally means "city of prophecy".

Which prophecy i wonder?

PT, could you explain the relevance of the shepherd and the wolf in the story of Romulus and Remus? There's a context i'm not understanding from what i'm reading of the story. thanks!

Harry I will post on that a little later tonight, Proto has been putting off work for his clients all week to keep up with this thread and people's questions, and I have to placate a few them before I have a rebellion on my hands.

Look for my reply later on this evening.


posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Thanks my friend...

I could not have asked for a more appropriate response.


posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Bare with me on this a moment. We have to consider what Proto is saying. That we are under a massive well controlled and ongoing plan. The evidence of this as we have noticed is everywhere. The points of contention being that some believe that it could not be true because the Bible and ancient artifacts point to something entirely different.

I have been told that Bible is the inerrant Word of God. That everything in it has been given as proof and what is revealed in it can be trusted. So this is where my focus has been. On figuring out if it was possible for someone to have incorporated a plan within its pages to subvert what we really are and make us worship something entirely different than what the Bible tells us that God is.

I have not focused on the absurd claims that Rome invented all of the past artifacts and the artifacts that we will find tomorrow have been fabricated. This is what some posters are claiming that Proto said and it is not true. It is a way of twisting the point of the thread into a battle of who's right and who's wrong. It gets us no where. Which is why I focused my attention on the here and now.

Using Proto's theory I can see where he is coming from. We have the Catholic Church keeping Bibles from people. In the Bible's very pages there are passages forbidding this. In the Bible we are told that God can do anything and that nothing is impossible for Him. Wouldn't these people trust in a God that can do anything? Enough for them to want to get His word out and trust that this all powerful God will see to it that no mistranslations were made?

Could it have been God directing these individuals to withhold information from the common man? I don't think so. Not according to what the Bible tells me that God is. So I see a very human endeavor to withhold information from people to keep them dumbed down and at the mercy of what these people will let them know about what is written in the Bible. Score one for Proto's theory because he's onto something.

Now, if some of the Bible has been altered to fit within a plan that is man made then we need only look back a little to see what prophecies have been fulfilled to understand that it indeed could have been man making these things come about. Then again, if it is the inerrant word of God and Proto is wrong, we could be going down a very dangerous road.

I for one believe in the God of the Bible. I for one believe that He is what He says He is in those passages. So I know that when I ask for truth in a matter, He will let me know. I see the guilt that certain denominations plague their laity with. I witnessed it first hand in a recent Bible study. Are you really saved? You could lose you salvation you know. You really have to do this and that.

It keeps them on the hook till the next time that they can be bombarded with guilt and keeps those confused dropping ever more into the collection plates because maybe that is how they can get redemption from the onslaught of guilt and condemnation that they really bring on themselves. You have to understand that what I believe is that once you realize that you have been saved, their is no going back. You are God's own and nothing you do will take you from Him.

I can use all kind of scripture to prove my point and I believe what I believe because the Bible tells me. So entertaining this theory is something that I believe God is showing me. So I have to wonder, have we been tricked into an endless cycle of guilt and condemnation that makes us turn to the system that Proto says is Rome for solace and relief? I can see how so many have been tricked into this and it is quite feasible.

So what is Proto actually saying? To choose to forgive ourselves and realize that we are feeding this system and going along for the ride that they have provided for milenia. To look inward and make a stand. A personal stand to not feed the system anymore. The endless cycle of self gratification, guilt, condemnation and returning to the system when we fail oursleves to repeat the process.

This isn't even out of line with what the Bible tells us. If God can do anything and He is all powerful couldn't He have opened our eyes to this massive plan that is unfolding? Whether the Bible has been altered or whether it is the inerrant Word of God we have to look at this system we are in and realize that the current system has nothing to do with God.

Do we agree to send our troops into harms way to promote our way of life? Do we conquer lands and strip resources under the guise of freedom and democracy and religion? You see, we like to think that this is God and that He has our best interest and all will be ok because He knows what is going on and has our backs. Doing these things is not what the Bible tells us to do. When someone reads the headlines about the terrorists who were killed yesterday do we see them as human beings who may or may not have even been involved in the war? No, we cheer and believe God has done that.

It does say in the Bible about those who will meet God and say, Look Lord we prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name. The Lord tells them that He never knew them. I don't want to be one of those people. I want to realize that what God's message is to us goes much deeper than love of country and what not. So when I see the war mongers profess that they are Christian and do the opposite I feel for them.

Is man influencing world affairs to make it appear as though prophecy is being fulfilled? God knows and for all we know, He has just told us this. So I will put my trust in God and realize that I do not know everything that is going on. I will not push the war mongering agenda and fall into the trap of condemnation or guilt and crawl back to the system for forgiveness and solace. God knows what He is doing and if God wants us to know all of this than we should consider it because something is on the horizon.

Whether it is man fulfilling prophecy, which I can do something about, or whether it is God fulfilling prophecy, He wants us to look at the current cycle we have been involved in and realize something greater. Could it be that we were taught all these bad things that God could do to us if we are not in line with the system? Once you start really looking at what is going on, you have to wonder. I had mentioned that I believe I was told that it is a leap of faith to buy into this theory. It is also a leap of faith to put your trust in God.

If I am to take this leap of faith am I actually leaping out of a system and closer to what God really wants us to realize? What is Proto actually saying? I believe I read that he believes it boils down to forgiveness and love. Genuine love for one another. This is in step and in line with what God says. So there is no conflict. He chooses not to believe in a higher being, I do. The message is the same. So you see, we may very well be hearing something that God wants us to hear and consider.

Now Proto will say, hogwash, my theory has nothing to do with an all powerful God that does this and that. Does it really have nothing to do with it? I don't know, but it is worth considering. I believe Proto mentioned way back at the beginning of the thread something that stuck with me.

I wonder, if this whole system could just be a test, like a puzzle or a maze, and it's up to us to figure it out to break free?

Yeah, it could be. God tells us plainly His attributes and we do what we are taught. Some of those things we are taught have nothing to do with God. So have we opened the curtain just a little further? Are we on our way to breaking free? Will we be able to understand God better? We realized earlier in the thread that by buying into the system and feeding them our mental energy could be how they derive their power. Let's start with that. Seek that which God really is saying and not what the system is telling us that God is saying.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by jackflap



posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by undo

Dear undo,

I should start by saying that I am a fan and admirer of Proto's intellect, but not necessarily of every comment he makes, or his ego, or his interpretation of history. He has earned my and many ATS members' respect with the level headed and clear minded arguments he has made. And it is perfectly normal, in fact expected (and accepted) that there would be opposing posts and comments to this quite serious topic.

I am also almost convinced that, as a poster, you do not have any sinister ulterior motives for countering his arguments, and it seems like his version of history has rubbed you and your beliefs totally the wrong way. Which is fine as well...

But when your posts include interpreting an egyptian hieroglyph with a comment like "it looks like...." this or that, as if it's a Rorschach test, to counter a well written, and researched post which is digging deep in to thousands of years of dogma and historical distortions, whether you agree with them or not, is not fair neither to yourself nor to Proto...

And... Stormdancer... With all due respect... You have asked a genuine question to Proto about what to do about this version of human condition that he describes. If a doctor just diagnosed you with lung cancer, before he lays out what your future will be like and what you should do, the first thing he/she will tell you would be "Stop smoking!".... And if at you next visit he sees that you have not, there is really no point in going in to the details of a regiment, or chemotherapy, etc. is there? I have read his posts relentlessly and quite calmly and cordially arguing his points with all posters who disagreed with his interpretations. I wonder if you are erroneously attributing his distaste for undo's posts to the fact that she is on to something...

Seems like most people seem to oppose to Proto's "I know it all, and I'm gonna singlehandedly bring Rome down..." attitude, (relax everyone, this is not what he actually said... so it's not an actual quote) which some of you might find offensive... To that, I say, give the man a break about what you might perceive as character flaws, and argue about his facts, his theories and quit the discreet but yet apparent ad hominem attacks.

Some drama on ATS is just fine, and in fact fun.. But soap operas... not so much.

Respectfully yours,


posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by may_be_true

It is what it is, love the topic, I just have questions,

everything is cool, I don't like to be called a liar though.

happy posting everyone.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by jackflap

You speak for many! Thank you.

... its sad when others appear to be interested because they are truly interested with an open mind but instead they are interested long enough to prepare for an emotionally driven suprise attack on others.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by harryhaller
I learned something interesting today.

Vatican literally means "city of prophecy".

Which prophecy i wonder?

PT, could you explain the relevance of the shepherd and the wolf in the story of Romulus and Remus? There's a context i'm not understanding from what i'm reading of the story. thanks!

The story itself seems to have little in the way of real elements to it, and many contend it was just a way to later give the city a mythical founding to make its destiny seem greater than just the political intrigues that were involved.

Infanticide was a common practice in the ancient Greco-Roman world. Babies who were unwanted were simply left out in the elements to die, much the way a feral cat will leave unhealthy kittens exposed to the elements to cause a swift death to them.

What we do see though, in this story is a tale of Immaculate Conception similar to that of Christ. Only in this case, it is Mars the God of War, bedding Rhea Silvia the mother of the twins, who had been made a priestess of the Goddess Vesta, and forbidden to marry. Rhea Silvia was the daughter of Numitor the boy’s grandfather, who had been disposed as King of Alba Longa by his brother Amulius.

Whether the boys were placed in the Tiber to meet an untimely end by Amulius to prevent them from coming of age and attempting to dispose him on Numitor’s behalf or to simply hide Rhea Silvia’s infidelity as a Vestal Virgin, is unclear.

The most central thing up to this point is the concept of Immaculate Conception being invented by the Roman’s as a way to perhaps simply cover up a woman of noble and important standing infidelities.

The Vestal Virgins played a key part in both Rome’s founding and as one of its most important cults. It was a great honor to be selected as a Vestal Virgin, but the priestesses of the sect who violated that vow of virginity, were buried alive as punishment!

The second key thing to this story is that the twin’s father was Mars the God of War, signifying that War would be a central part of Rome and Roman life.

After supposedly being rescued by a she Wolfe from the banks of the Tiber after its floods receded and then nursed by it, as her cubs they were alleged to eventually been found by Faustulus a Sheppard who took the boys home, his wife Loba Acca Larentia raised the boys after that.

However Loba roughly translates to Lupus which in Latin means Wolfe so most people believe that it was the Sheppard’s wife that was the ‘she Wolfe’.

Of course the Wolfe would play prominently into the mythology for like Mars, the Wolfe was an aggressive scavenger and hunter, espousing the virtues of Rome.

As legend has it after the boys reached adult hood they killed Amulius and installed their grandfather Numitor back on the throne of Alba Longa, when they then returned back to the spot where the she-wolf had nursed them to found their own town.

They each build their own home on opposing hills each claiming that the hill they selected was better than the others, when Remus jumped over the walls on the Palatine hill Romulus built his home on to display how vulnerable the low height of the hill was, Romulus killed Remus to prove that, in his estimation it was a secure enough place indeed.

Rome was thus named after Romulus, and we see from the beginning the divide and conquer concepts through war. Twins, a divided egg, driven by rivalries, to fight and then eliminate one, to create only one, so lets look at the main elements.

Immaculate Conception by a virgin mother
Reverence to Virgins
Fathered by the God of War
Wolfish behavior and attributes
Nurtured by a benevolent Sheppard
Divisions that lead to rivalries
Rivalries exploited and fought until there is only one.

All of these things, developed before any record of Christianity.

Does that pretty much answer your question?

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by jackflap

I happened to do a little bit of etymology research on wikitionary.

Now... It could be contended that this is a repository for the most mainstream view of things. That is why I use the various wiki resources, because it is a common ground where most people will agree.

Here is the most accepted etymology links to the words Son and Sun:

Son, meaning male child.


Sun, meaning big round ball of flames in the day sky.

Some super interesting common origins.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by harryhaller

Vatican literally means "city of prophecy".

Which prophecy i wonder?

Lost in some of the drama and contentions over the Mystery Gods that are central too many people’s theories on the ruling cabal is Troy and its Patron and chief God Apollo.

First let me state that until I was fed this information by someone inside the Roman Cabal, I had never ever considered Troy fitting into my Roman conspiracies.

I too had been looking at places like Egypt and Babylon since some of the symbols being used, and how stories of them were worked into the Bible.

At first I wasn’t sure if my source was simply pulling my leg, but there is a reason why I start out the Thread with Troy, Sparta, and Greece as being the keys to understanding Rome and that is because a., someone inside fed the information to me and b. because once I started doing some diligent research it fit.

The post I made yesterday about Apollo was largely overlooked but let me touch upon it again.

Apollo was considered the god of light, the light bearer; this is the attribute that many people want to assign to Lucifer when it comes to the Illuminati Mystery Religion.

Apollo was additionally associated with the Tripod. So we see three things at play here already, one is that the tripod which is a symbol of Apollo ties heavily into the use of Egyptian Pyramids to represent the Tripod. Two is that the light on the top of that tripod is actually Apollo, the God of Light and the Light Bearer, and three, of course, is the concept of the Trilogy.

This in fact perfectly explains the use of the imagery of the Pyramids once Rome conquered Egypt, and creates a deflective avenue of pursuit for people looking for esoteric answers, who simply didn’t dig quite deep enough in finding out the real hidden meaning behind the symbols being selected.

Next Apollo was also the God of Prophecy, so when you consider that the Vatican means City of Prophecy; well Apollo the Patron God of Troy was the God of Prophecy.

Some of you fascinated with the Mystery Religion Subject really owe it to yourselves to investigate all this, if understanding the Mystery Religion is really that important to you, as all these things, in fact not only fit, but fit better.

Apollo was also the God of Music and played the Lyre (harp) and conducted the choir of the Muses.

Now the muses were the eldest daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of Memory, so here we see how history is an important aspect, the retelling of things from memory, as a way of defining the world through it’s past.

The Muses were responsible for inspiring all artists, especially poets, and the Bible is a poetry inspired work!

They also were responsible for inspiring philosophers and musicians.

The three muses were Melete, Mneme, and Aoede so once again here is our trilogy!

The oracle at Delphi was the Muses at work.

Apollo was as I mentioned also the God of Light, known as Phoebus and many people sure do seem to have a Phobia about the light bearer, and the all seeing eye, Phoebus means radiant or beaming, so there is your all seeing eye, sitting at the top of the pyramid that represents the tripod, the tripod is the symbol of his prophetic powers.

So the significance of the pyramids in the Mystery Religion of Rome really is about the Tripod, the symbol of Prophecy, and Phoebus, the Radiant Light of Apollo!

Getting back to our friend Romulus who founded the city of Rome, the three, creatures sacred to Apollo are the Swan, dolphin and the Wolf!

So here is your Wolf tie in to Roman founding legend.

Apollo’s first great achievement was ridding Delphi of the Serpent! So here is your Garden of Eden tie-in to the Serpent who anyone who wanted to get knowledge from the Oracle of Delphi and the Sybil, he restored the countryside from the destruction and reign of the Serpent, and Pythia sat on top a bronze tripod dedicated by Apollo chewing laurel leaves while inhaling vapors from the temple floor while mumbling her prophetic answers in a daze.

Pythia being the root of Epiphany!

So the Vatican the City of Prophecy, is in fact the Modern equivalent of Troy, and Apollo the God of Prophecy, who is the God of Light, and the Muses, and through them Memory, and art, and the care taker of herds and flocks!

Yes that’s right herds and flocks.

Now I understand this is a startling turn from most research most people have conducted, and well like I said I was startled when this secret was passed on to me, but hey, do some research, and all the tie ins are really there, to explain the use of the Egyptian mythology, as another way to represent the Trojan God Apollo, without anyone knowing it’s really all about Apollo.



I am trying to share the hidden aspects of the mystery religion here, for those people who really want to know it, but the drama that some who think they have found out all there is to find out, is kind of obscuring that and keeping people from looking.

Trust me I read Stichen and researched Egypt as a child, the Mystery Religion comes from Troy, and to understand it's importance on Rome, go back to the very opening post where I begin to lay it out.

I would have never stumbled on that without inside information, and where that came from is something I am not going to reveal, but when you do the research, all the research it pretty much speaks for itself.


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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:26 PM

Originally posted by Josephus23
reply to post by jackflap

I happened to do a little bit of etymology research on wikitionary.

Now... It could be contended that this is a repository for the most mainstream view of things. That is why I use the various wiki resources, because it is a common ground where most people will agree.

Here is the most accepted etymology links to the words Son and Sun:

Son, meaning male child.


Sun, meaning big round ball of flames in the day sky.

Some super interesting common origins.

Sun also means Helios from the Trojan and Greek Gods.

In early Christian art, Christ is sometimes represented as Helios, such as in a mosaic in Mausoleum M or in the necropolis beneath the St. Peter in Rome.


Once again here is your mystery religion, gift wrapped!

Interestingly enough the Olympic Games were held in honor of Helios.

When did the start back up, when Rome completed most of its hidden conquest of the world back at the turn of the 20th century?

The Olympic Games in honor of Helios!

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Yo Proto... Please do me a favour... Stand up, i mean it, stand up... Stand up, and take a bow... (before i write this, i will physicly do this) I just gave you a standing ovation, for real... No kidding, i just stood up and really clapped my hands together. Knowing that history is a lie, what you just wrote and how you connected the dots, just gave me a more believable aspect, than what i have been told. I personally have no way of proving you wrong, nor any way of knowing if theese speculation could be true, however, very well written and as others have mentioned, i would love to get the full story on pdf or any other form. I do have one question though... A question that would be, as you put it, the REAL mother of all conspiracies... Why are theese people, spending there entire lifes, working on getting this in to place, one world government, knowing that they wouldnt be part of it, cause they would have been dead for centuries???? What is it that we don´t know, what is it, that they would spend there entire life being a part of, knowing that they couldn´t enjoy the fruits off???? Now riddle me that... As i have told you before, what you just wrote, and ALL the responses, are the reason i come to ATS every single day. LOVE...

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by thealiveone

That's an easy question, in that it is the great game.

To them it is a game.

Can I conquer the world, and that's what they work on.

We might work on driving a bus, digging a ditch, building a house, or some such thing.

They work on conquering the world, and forming an open world government.

The only way to live forever is through posterity.

To achieve posterity you must do something so note worthy history never forgets it.

Of all the great names in human history that live in, the greatest one of all, will be the first ruler of the entire world!

That's a gift that will always keep giving!

It really is just a game to them, who can figure it out, who can actually accomplish it.

Anyway, that's my belief. Thanks for reading the thread, and the kind words.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 07:04 PM

The Pythia and the Tripod of Apollo this is where epiphanies come from!

Proto can deliver artifacts too; here is the Tripod and the Oracle from Delphi, of Apollo.

Notice the three legs; this is the Tripod that is synonymous with Apollo the God of Prophecy.

Notice the pyramid shape between the three legs; this is the importance of the symbol of the Pyramid to Rome.

The bowl that sits on top of it represents Apollo, also known as the God of Light.

The oracle tells the future, by prophesying it, thanks to Apollo known as the Radiant One and his gift and blessings of prophecy.

Prophecies are most often self fulfilling or can be made to be self fulfilling.

If you believe something is going to come true, good or bad, the human inclination is to subconsciously work along those lines to validate that prophecy so it comes true.

The prophecy, and the use of prophecy, in the Bible follows that basic premise, in order for Rome to convince people that a One World Government born of War, just like Romulus was Born of War, will come true, as an Act of God, the, God Rome has defined, while presenting the memories, which represent the three muses, and the trinity, as the facts, that people frame their reality on, to make the prophecy come true.

I dare say my artifact, real, with picture and real history included, trumps anyone elses artifact!

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Posterity hmmm... Doing something that will not be forgottened hmmm... Since the known universe is to be about 13.5 Billion years old, Galaxies come and gone, "earth`s" come and gone. Us not knowing about theese, not remembering hmmm... That doesn´t seem to be the reason, why theese people would spend there time and entire life going for something they could never, reap the fruits from.. Somethings missing, there is a reason why they would do this anyway... There`s a piece to the puzzle missing... As stated, maybe that´s the REAL i don´t know... Love to hear your thoughts on that...

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by thealiveone

Well we have seen a lot of Dynasties throughout history of Monarchs and Emperors handed down from Father to Son, so that sure is part of it.

So to is the parasitical nature of human life, to devour and consume.

The mysteries of the universe are vast and infinite, but my own personal belief is it's all just a story, for us to act out, and experience a part of the universe through it, learn and be entertained. A play for the ages.

In part what this thread is about is the plot and that play, and whether the actors really want to go through the final act, as written.

The meaning of life? That's a topic for another epic thread to come soon.

Thanks for asking.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I have read that the earliest recorded battle between two forces is at Troy...

Granted, this was in the Principia Discordia, for all those who know Eris, What up?

All Hail Eris!!

(Sorry that was a joke, but like a REAL joke. Check out the link)


Homer is said to actually have been a collector of stories from the oral tradition.
I actually wrote a paper stating that he never existed, but that is for another thread or lengthy comment.

I suppose what I am getting at is that Troy was an oral tradition, and your are very correct.

It is truly impossible to date.

All cultures have mythologies that they base their life upon, but NO other culture has the actual proof of their mythology except...


And the same common themes that are present are the same themes that are present throughout the religions. I have always been fascinated by Greek culture.

It could very well be THE mythology and the answer to the mysteries.

I did mention the Eleusian Mysteries earlier, and it is strikingly similar as well.

I am having a bit of an "A-Ha" moment and I am sharing that.


Add to edit:

I am a big fan of Egyptian/Sumerian culture, and I see a big melding of the two with Greek culture.
My reason for referencing those two in regards to Greek culture is because we will always see them through the eyes of a westerner.

We have to remember that we see everything filtered through the lens of acceptable social norms, and as was noted by referencing the Dead Sea Scrolls, these are manipulated by the establishment.

The empire of the city (London, DC, and Vatican)

Even our translations are filtered through the accepted social norms.
Except the Greeks.
They are the basis for what we use as a filter.

I am impressed with the information PT.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:03 PM
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The twelve principle Gods of Troy/Greece and Rome, are in fact very common and interchangeable across several cultures.

As I laid out in my opening post and have elaborated a bit further in my most recent ones, Troy really represented the concept of God, and the notion of Godly wisdom and power, ruling over men, while Sparta one of it’s rivals, favored dominance not through defining God but through violence and war, and it’s other rival Athens, favored human wisdom and intellect.

So really what Rome became was an amalgamation of the three, ruled over, and ruling over others with the concepts of God, imposing them with brute force of arms, and laying out how to do that as a divide and conquer strategy and plan it all with the wisdom of men.

The concept, is God, Courage and Wisdom with God on top of the pyramid ruling down and overlooking all, brute force and courage on one side, pressing inward, and wisdom on the other side pressing inward to lock everyone in between in a thing called Rome!

So where as Troy failed to rule and dominate simply through God, and Sparta could not rule and dominate simply through courage and force of arms, and Athens could not dominate simply by wisdom and an understanding of human nature and man’s relation to the universe in it, Rome combined all three aspects, to become a juggernaut that still hasn’t been stopped, or shows any sign of stopping.

Further the other important metaphorical lesson here, is I think about just every poster to this thread agrees that the Vatican is not what it appears to be, that what it looks like on the Outside is not really reflective of what’s going on, on the inside.

In other words, the Ultimate Trojan Horse!

Great post my friend, thanks for sharing.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:14 PM
I summed up what i was trying to say, in this thread:

All Roads Lead to the Missing Puzzle Piece

if any of you proto fans who don't have me on ignore, would send him the link in a u2u, that'd be a great help. thanks

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