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The Tea Party Is Over - The conspiracy to kill a grass roots political movement

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by allprowolfy

my last words here are! being a former marine, everthing is touchy! was kinda hoping for the sight owner to either agree with me or disagree, i see that he too is sitting on the fence pole as everyone has to realize this world is owned and operated by the few, and the first time you think that you stand outside the box, guess what? not so! so i had my say! and my account will prob be eliminated tommorow! the only thing i ever wanted was a just cause! really dont care as this sights posts are so limited, but do love it here!

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 04:02 AM
Destruction of movements from the inside is nothing new. As soon as you give a movement a hierarchy the shadowy forces that ensure control infiltrate the top levels then lead the group down the wrong path. It’s an old strategy that has served TPTB well.

They have had centuries of experience with this so any new movement stands little chance to protect itself against it.

There is however a system to challenge governments peacefully that their tactic will be ineffectual against. Pressure groups have proved to be effective in the past and have made changes happen even when the majority of a nation may be against their cause.

Don’t try to form political movements with leaders and a shopping list of demands as this allows TPTB to form plans against the movement and members, corrupt its leadership and choose a battle ground to fight against it by cherry picking the cause they have best chance at winning with while ignoring all the other issues on the.

Form groups with one focal issue. Don’t count victory as defeat for the government because that is likely to fail and propaganda used as victory for those in charge.

Victory is getting the issues across to the public at large and hopefully get TPTB to address the issue.

The groups will become active and in active in a natural ebb and flow fashion keeping TPTB on the back foot wondering when they will rise again or what topic would be raised next to challenge them.

One issue per group means all members are focused on one issue that means internal bickering, which is the biggest threat to any movement will be kept to a minimum.

The internet is the weapon of choice, public opinion the power. Public meetings should be used sparingly and unannounced. It is far too easy to goad a group to violent reaction and show them as the aggressor rather than those who’s vested interest in causing this trouble.

It means before the governments can ridicule and defeat one issue than they have to deal with the next or better still multiple groups and multiple issues.

One drop of rain by itself is of little significance. Millions of raindrops bursts dams and flattens mountains.

I was told once by a boss he was going to make my life hell. I told him to do it and wished him luck. Then reminded him at best he could spend a couple of hours a week to making me suffer with all his other duties but I could spend 8 hours a day making things awkward for him and if I wanted to could also do some overtime to make sure I do the best job I could. Guess who won.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 04:24 AM
The entire Tea Party idea was stolen from Ron Paul activists.

Not that I'm against their ideals, but after seeing a few of the speakers at the first Tea Party stop in Searchlight, NV (Sarah Palin, Senate candidate Sue Lowden (who shut down the NV Republican convention after too many Ron Paul delegates were elected) and Nevada governor Jim Gibbons (worst governor in America), maybe euthanasia is the best idea.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:03 AM
Recall Sarah Palin's words during her speech, which effectively accumulated into carefully defence of the two party system. The former governor asked "the Tea Party" to back those representatives and respected candidate, who had conservative views. Not, to stand themselves.

Some within the hierarchy, and rightly so, refused. Ammunition became focused on the GOP and vituperative language used at the leadership. Thus resulting in the reports of violence against politicians and militia gunmen gaining a great wanderlust for blood and violence.

Thus, solidifying the extremist tag and "domestic terrorists."

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:30 AM
i don't see this so much as a conspiracy....maybe it semantics on my part as much as just the

automatic reaction by corporations....politico's has been fine tuned over a at least a few decades to protect against any type of popular uprising and use the TV and the gullibility of the people leading busy family lives to ......(when it comes to finally sitting down and relaxing-watching tv) wanting to just drink the kool-aid cause tv time = relax time and life is already busy and complicated enough without thinking about how much propoganda is being spewed forth via MSM.

It's just business as usual's just how things are done.

It reminds me of how Simon johnson was talking about the decades worth of interwoven relationships between public officals/regulators and private sector and this built in conflict of intrests that is now just now automatic and near irreverable

when dealing with conflict's issues and even crisis's. the system is broken from a "will they do the right thing" or will they do the best thing for the people" perspective.....IT IS HORRIBLY BROKEN

so when the majority of tea party going folk are courgageus to stand up to this moral disgrace of a gov't which bows to special interests they are labeled first by tea baggers LOL or vagualy hinted as "domestic terrorists".......and half the sheeple population buys it because well ...."whatever".....this is what happens in a horribly broken system and apathetic population

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:37 AM
To be honest political movements are going to fail don't waste your energy on political movements, put your energy into social movements creating awareness and social therapy it attracts less attention but resonates with people in peace and love not resistance and heat like political movements.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:43 AM
as i have stated in the past the size of the beast we intend to slay is much bigger and more powerful than most people on here realize. They think they can operate in the system and bring it down with the laws that were governed to maintain it. the pointlessness of such efforts is beyond words. if they see you coming its already too late.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:04 AM

I had only just suggested that perhaps we Brits needed our own version of the Tea Party.

Can I suggest that ROAR (Great Acronym) or the next incarnation of the TP is more inclusive and has as a matter of policy no racial insults (from any skin colour) or any sexual insults as it is against modern manners. If your organisation is seen to be lacking in modern manners then it is right for easy attacks by the media.

Five points of concern seems like a good idea.

The original issues that gave rise to the early TP have not gone away.

Actually was Sarah Palin ever a serious contender for Office. Boy did TPTB pick a dud.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:33 AM
Learn from history: The Populist Party.
Populist Party

The Populist Party was essentially co-opted by the Democrats and certain Republicans. Those who took from the Populist agenda came to be known as Progressives.

I seriously hope you didn't think that had something to do with Glenn Beck.

This is just Populist Party redo, they will be co-opted by both Parties.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:56 AM
There is no doubt the establishment would seek to take over any independent movements.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:19 AM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
I strongly urge you to gather with your local people who are of a like-mind. Recognize the fundamental mistake that allowed your fresh young benevolence to die an ugly and bitter death. Then, cut and run.

There is a problem with this and I believe it would end in the same untimely death as the Tea Party did. The current system will not allow the growth of ANY grassroots movement. As I said about the TPM, before the seedlings could take hold, the major parties would come along and smash them to smithereens and plant weeds and burrs that would choke out the message of the grassroots, leaving ROAR weak, infiltrated and dying.

As much as I love the idea of "the people" having control of a new movement, we'd be naive to think that we could force it to take a different path than the TPM. We can see in this thread, even with people who agree with the idea, there's already bickering, disagreement and animosity. Too many cooks in the kitchen would multiply across the nation and we'd just have a bunch of people with their fingers in the pot and it would destroy ANY hope of having a stew with 5 basic ingredients. Too many would want to add their own spice and it would end up tasting like crap.
And NO ONE would eat it.

I can't see any other way for this to be successful than to START with a LEADER. Someone that's intelligent, charismatic and widely respected. Someone with integrity of iron. Someone who wouldn't sell out to the corporations or the corrupt and worthless system that our government has become. We need another Obama or Ron Paul - except with the ideals that we share - of TRUE reform, anti-corruption of government, anti-lobbyist and restoration of the Constitution, etc., plus the strength and knowledge to actually build the movement. We need a savior. And I mean that literally (although not religiously).

There are so many people disillusioned with this government that are just waiting for someone with these qualities to step up and say the word. We know the power in this country is REALLY with the people, but we don't have the intelligence, charisma, respect, drive and confidence to even know where to start. But I'll bet that there's some Constitutional Law professor out there who does. Or a Governor of a small town (Edit, LOL I meant Mayor). Or a state senator. Or a website administrator.

If it doesn't start with a leader, the people would be too vulnerable and easy to scatter. We'd be forced down the same path as the TPM, sadly. We need to learn from what happened with the TPM. Not repeat their mistakes, hoping for different results.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

The Tea Party as a political party was every bit as doomed as was the Libertarian Party that still struggles to stay afloat amidst a deeply ensconced two party system of politics. Myself, along with many other frustrated Libertarians, who came to see the profound absurdity of political parties and realized even a Libertarian Party in power is a threat to individual liberty and less government, are just some of those who gravitated towards and related so closely with the Tea Party Movement. That Movement does not need a political party in which to run its candidates, requiring massive amounts of capital through fund raising that ultimately places their candidates not only in the debt of their constituents, but to the large donors of their campaign.

If the Tea Party thought it was right and proper to form a political party then it is good and proper that it is dead, and it matters not who killed that party, that it is dead only frees up the movement to do what it must to effectively take back their inherent political power, and peacefully convince both the states and federal government to back the hell off, and let We the People govern ourselves when dealing with our own personal lives. Thus, I post not to praise the Tea Party, but to bury it.

The Tea Party is dead. Long Live the Tea Party Movement!

We the People do not need political parties in order to vote and can vote our conscience as we deem necessary. We do not need, nor did we ever have to vote for the lesser of two evils, and in choosing to do so we voted for evil.

It is high time we stop electing evil and begin mandating good. It is high time we insist that both state and federal governments acknowledge that rights are inalienable and non negotiable immunities from the intrusions of government. It is high time we did far more than voted, far more than protest, and far less than an imprudent violent revolution, and affect our own velvet revolution, through total awareness, of law, economics, and government policy, claiming our right as members of the jury, and Grand Jury to nullify those laws abhorrent to the Constitution, asserting our rights respectfully and peacefully to rogue government officials who are operating way beyond the scope of their jurisdiction, acting under color of law, and obstructing justice.

We can each, as an individual, take each day as another opportunity to make clear through respectful yet authoritative intent, that we are the holders of the inherent political power and have never at any time surrendered that power simply because we elected politicians to run the government we own. We can continue to protest and when we vote, we need not vote for the best funded candidate and as a movement we must do what is necessary to co-ordinate that movement to ensure that all incumbents are voted out and replaced with freshman politicians, the less funded in their campaign the better.

Through the use of modern technology, a movement need not surrender to a "leader" as in a charismatic leader who might curry favor with celebrity broadcasters, nor become a political party in order to be a political force. The movement need not surrender to ambitious politicians who crave power and can at all times function as a movement intent on keeping elected government officials reigned in, by first doing what is necessary to get the best possible candidate, with the least possible funding elected.

The purpose of doing both electing a politician more inclined to repeal laws than legislate them, more inclined to enforce the Constitution rather than sign into law legislation abhorrent to that Constitution, and more inclined to limit taxes rather than raise them, as well as electing the least funded politician is to begin the painful process of reigning in and starving an out of control beast trained to attack the people by its corporate masters. A movement that can effectively get competent and honorable politicians elected with the least amount of fund raising are the kind of movements that defeat systems such as the one we are currently operating under.

We have a member in this very site, Whatuknow who is running as an independent candidate for the 11th Congressional district, and for those members in this site who call themselves a part of the Tea Party Movement, I would suggest helping Wuk with his campaign however you can, it would be just one small way in which we can affect change, systematically finding more freshman candidates, until we have effectively cleansed the system through a wash, rinse, repeat cycle until we have regained control of the political process.

When we vote we wholeheartedly reject the doctrine of lesser of two evils and vote our conscience and if that means not voting for our brother Wukky, then find a candidate running against Wuk who you deem more suitable and help that candidate get elected. Help that candidate willing to keep his or her fund raising to a grass roots campaign, and reject immediately any candidate who has accepted corporate donations. The internet has made much possible and there is no reason at all for the Tea Party Movement to die any death at all, nor change its name, or worry at all about what name it goes by, whatever name our opponents label us with, or what they think of us. All that matter is clear and decisive victory, which is not predicated on any political leader, just through coordinated efforts of individuals acting in their own rational self interest.

The Tea Party is dead? Long live the Tea Party Movement!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:44 AM
Here's the way I saw it.

I heard about the TPM a few months before the April 15 protests. I thought this might be interesting, maybe even get up off my duff and go protest.

All of a sudden, my Mom, the die hard Republican stooge she is, is telling me how great this TPM protest is going to be as Sean Hannity is going to be there.

I decided sitting on my duff was better than getting involved in anything Sean Hannity has his dirty hands in. I went, almost overnight, from saying I would be there to not wanting to get involved at all.

Now, it's Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter(they were here last weekend). My idiot Mom tried to go but couldn't get close enough to park and walk in so she left but I said no, no and no. It became a grassroots Republican movement in the blink of an eye.

So now I'm back to sitting on my duff. There's no one to support, no party to align myself with. TTPM started out with no real plan and was easily subjugated. Now it's a second Republican party, which is not what we need.

I supported Ron Paul in the last election cycle, as he is the only politician I know of that "gets it". I would support him again if he ran. I have been called a domestic terrorist by my government for supporting this man, a duly a freely elected official within our own country and I am considered a troublemaker for supporting him(oh, and talking about that piece of paper, what's it called, oh yeah, The Constitution, but I digress).

That sounds a bit religious(he's The ONE) but it's not like that. He's just the only one I haven't seen bought and paid for, who votes his conscience.

ATM, I am a party of one. Unrepresented. I thought TTPM might be a place where I could "fit in" until it got taken over by the Republicans, which didn't take long at all.

Fat chance of me ever fitting in, I guess. I tried the Ron Paul meetup in Phoenix when I lived there and found it to be a joke. The meetings were, anyway. If you had seen what I did you would probably agree. I'm not crazy, I know this, but there is nowhere for a person like myself to go to try and get represented. I am not one to run for office as no one listens to me(it's true, really, and freaking bizarre, but whatever) so that would be futile.

Pretty much leaves me with no options as the Dems and Repubs are the enemy and have been since before I was born. The false left/right paradigm keeps us divided quite well and there's no way I see of changing that, TPM or not.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:53 AM
Well we should draw inspiration from ( Don't choke) the russian revolution and the black panther party which were both heavily infiltrated almost from the inception but both made seismic changes to their respective societies. I do have faith that we the ordinary working people can change the system.

Without a grassroots movement 99% of the population is completely screwed by TPTB.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord
At first I did not agree with you in video post,then I watched it a few more times and I see what you are implying,it was stupid and really struck a cord(McVaye(SP) wanabees)Between Hannaty and Palin the Tea Party has taken a hit.

I also agree with all you have said in this post other then this ROAR thing you seem to be pushing,why is this any different then Tea Partys,any group that starts and becomes strong in any way will be infiltrated by the power bottom feeders.Your right about SMALL groups and don't name it,just back a candidate and get people out to vote.

This all could have been summed up in a sentance,good cop/bad cop or a talking head that talks out both sides of there mouth,right/left,what ever it takes to keep the people fragmented.

Unity,Demonstration,Boycot,but you have be united to do anything,if your not moveing,your a target.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by colin42
Pressure groups have proved to be effective in the past and have made changes happen even when the majority of a nation may be against their cause.

Don’t try to form political movements with leaders and a shopping list of demands
Victory is getting the issues across to the public at large and hopefully get TPTB to address the issue.

The groups will become active and in active in a natural ebb and flow fashion keeping TPTB on the back foot wondering when they will rise again or what topic would be raised next to challenge them.
One drop of rain by itself is of little significance. Millions of raindrops bursts dams and flattens mountains.

to entire post and could only highlight a bit.

At the same time the TPM was taken over, another organization was vilified and stomped upon. ACORN was truly grassroots and worked for people AGAINST corporate subjugation, hence it being a target. While the Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now may be dead, its ideals will not die.

Places like Give Me Back My Rights lists some organizations one can join.

Organizations like The Ruckus Society offer training to learn how to apply pressure.

The recent shouts and actions by corporate controlled current/former elected leaders and their minions in media was meant EXACTLY to separate citizens from the citizen pressure groups that would apply pressure.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:17 AM
A successful 3rd party movement in America would naturally be a threat to both republicans and democrats.

Even if it only takes away 5% of the votes in future elections it can be a major factor affecting both the republicans and democrats... Make no mistake, they do not want to eliminate a 3rd party movement, both sides are conspiring in their own ways to use a 3rd party to their own advantage.

But really, when all is said and done we are going to end up with either democrats or republicans in government.

A 3rd party vote is a wasted vote, unless it plays in favor of either a democratic or republican candidate... Ultimately it only complicates the campaign strategies of democrat and republican candidates.

The American people who believe they can change our two party corrupt system of government this way are fools, playing into the hands of that corrupt system through the orchestrated and controlled illusion of "democracy"

Your votes are already counted, anticipated and the outcome predictable.

But, if it makes you feel better... go for it anyway.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:28 AM
The Tea Party Movement is like fried pickles..they're great until you start seeing them in commercial outlets...then there not so tasty or unique.

The tea party Movement has gone the way of the Abolitionist and Seccessionist just prior to the Civil War...both were hijacked to manipulate a worsening situation into a crisis that "shouldn't be wasted." Politicians, bankers, TPTB took advantage of the situation and milked it for all it was worth, and the costs was hundreds of thousands of lives and a complete disruption of life.

The polarization of America and the manipulation of opposing viewpoints is eerily similar to 1859-60...I just hope that we don't go down that path again.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:52 AM
I believe that until each individual stands up and takes back their own power i.e. money, that TPTB will continue to rape and pillage. Those in power will not likely let go of that power as long as they continue to buffalo us, the individuals, into believing that they have the power.

Each and every individual here have the power to change this reality the minute they realize the "ILLUSION" those in "POWER" understand.

There is no control that is not given freely by those that perceive themselves to be controlled.

Eliminate the source of what they seek and you have illuminated the illusion of their strength.


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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:08 AM
The tea party may be dead, but the spirit of America; or, FREEDOM lives on. Just because these people do not have a leader to wrap around does not mean that they have no resolve and do not add to the momentum that has taken root since the sixties and is flourishing. Had this not been occurring, this site may have not become as popular as it is; and, allowing profit to be made, from the frustrations of freedom seeking individuals, as well as those who believe that others must be controlled in order to survive. Both political parties advocate more control and less freedom for individuals. The right wing by draconian pre-emptive what-if-this-happens paranoia usurping free thought, to the liberal idea of controlling everyone to death, by making us one huge committee borg like entity, wanting to fine us into oblivion or incarcerate us if we do not do what "They" think is best for the collective.

All this is hinged to our own belief in our own helplessness and fear of survival.

I have been watching the establishment since around 1970. The trends favor materialism and our basic survival instincts. While everyone knows "it's a dirty world", the truth is that those who profit from it do not want to change the status quo.

I have always said that Americans will go along with anything as long as they feel like they can get rich. Once their perceived avenue to the dreams of wealth is gone, then they will get angry. We have gone boom to bust from dot-coms to real estate. In the aftermath, people are opening up to the truth. What was once unheard of in popular diatribe is now mainstream. People who were die hard conformists in the eighties are starting to get angry. What will happen when the truth hits critical mass? The Huey Long's of this generation will become more popular as oppression increases and quality of life diminishes. The populists will only become more popular. (Ironically, the populists of the turn of the century helped to get the Federal Reserve implemented, so that the could have money before the harvest, in the agrarian society of the day.)

The battle is within our own minds. If the Borg does not comply, the control structure crumbles. In the sixties they said, "suppose they had a war and nobody came."

We must be careful not to become what it is we fight. Why do you think the Chinese are so paranoid of the Falun Gong sect? Because they are pacifist and you can not have the majority of people thinking like that-it's bad for business as usual.

People can only take so much; and, the camel's back is starting to become very heavily weighted.

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