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2012/Microchips/Sun gods/And How To Make a Difference!

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 12:30 PM
The flush toilet and even sewage/drainage system is not all that modern either.

Prior to the introduction of modern flush toilets, most human waste disposal took place outdoors in outhouses and latrines. However, the ancient cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, e.g., Harappa[1] and Mohenjo-daro[2] which are located in present day India and Pakistan had flush toilets attached to a sophisticated sewage system[3]—and other forms of toilets were used both in the time of the Romans and Egyptians as well.[4] Although a precursor to the modern flush toilet system was designed in 1596 by John Harington,[5] the toilet did not enter into widespread use until the late nineteenth century, when it was adopted in English upper class residences.[6]

The first known flush toilet (of sorts) was in the Royal Palace at Knossos on Crete (circa 1700 BCE). It had a latrine on the ground floor with a rooftop water reservoir that collected rainwater for flushing. The Indus River Civilization (2600-1900 BCE) had latrines in many houses that connected to street drainage systems. A toilet with running water was recently found at the tomb of a Chinese king of the Western Han Dynasty dating from 206 BCE.

The Roman Empire is best known for its public latrines and baths, but private baths could also be found in many homes. Direct connection of homes to the sewers was not mandated until nearly 100 CE. (Cost was a factor; also mandating such a connection was then considered an invasion of privacy.)

...Bath area, Mohenjo-daro (Indus River Civilization, 2600-1900 BCE). Almost every house unit at Mohenjo-daro was equipped with a private bathing area with drains to take the dirty water out into a larger drain that emptied into a sewage drain. Many of these bathing areas had water-tight floors to keep moisture from seeping into the other rooms nearby or below.
ancient sewage system Rome!
Minoan civilization

Phil Day - Ancient Plastic Surgery - 1 of 12

Creation In The 21st Century - The Ica Stones 1 of 3

Creation In The 21st Century - The Ica Stones 2 of 3

National Geographics noted their obsidian tools were sharper than our stainless steel, and a surgeon used them and they cut cleaner and healed faster. Tweezers that work better than our tweezers.

Creation In The 21st Century - The Ica Stones 3 of 3

These are well worth taking notes on!

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 01:43 PM

Forbidden Discoveries - Ancient Atomic Blast and Aeronautical Science

--Radioactive skeletons 3000 BC. Ruins of the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are extremely radioactive.

--Both were destroyed suddenly and surrounding area crtystallized, fused or melted! All skeletons flattened to the ground. The skeletons are considered most radiactive things found save in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

--5000-6000 years ago!

--The Brahmastra and Vimana used in the Mahabharata period are earlier version nuclear weapons and spacecrafts.

--A few yeats ago Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhas, Tibet, and sent them to the University of Chandgirgarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said the documents contain the directions for building spacecraft.

--Indian epic, Ramayana highly detailed story of a trip to the moon and details a battle on the moon with an Asvin, and Atlantean airship.

--According to the ancient Vedic texts, ancient Hindus had flying machines which were called Vimanas: double deck CIRCULAR AIRCRAFT portholes and a dome!

--1885, the Vaimanika Sastra, a fourth century BC text written by Maharishi Bharadvajy using older texts as his source, discovered temple India.

The Vaimanika Sastra "Science of Aeronautics" is a Sanskrit text on aeronautics, discussing construction of Vimanas (saucers)

--There are 230 stanzas dealing with the construction, take off, cruising for thousands of miles, normal and forced landing, protection of the airships from storms and lightening, and how to switch the drive to solar energy from a FREE ENERGY SOURCE.

--shows ancient craft drawings found in temple.

--1895 Sanskrit scholar Shivkar Bapuji Talpade designed a basic aircraft ,hmmm....seemed to beat our invention by some time!!!!!!
. called Maruksathi based on Vedic technology with a mercury vortex engine. Unmanned aircraft flew to a height of 1500 feet.

--According to Stephen Knapp the Vaimanika Shastra describes in detail the construction of what is called a mercury vortex engine the forerunner of ion engines being made by NASA.

--additional information on these engines can be found in the ancient Vedic text called Samaranga Sutradhara

--The revolutionary contents of the Vedas:

O royal skilled engineer, constructed sea-boats, porpelled on water by our experts, and airplanes, moving and flying upward, after the clouds that reside in the mid-region, that fly as the boats move on the sea. (Yajur-Veda 10.19)

--The atomic energy fissions, the ninety-nine elements, covering its path by the bombardments of neutrons without let or hindrance. (Atharva-Veda 20.41.1-3)

--Desirous of stalking the head, ie, The chief part of the swift power, hidden in the mass of the molecular adjstments of the elements, this atomic energy approaches it in the very act of fissioning it b the above noted bombardment . (Atharva-veda 20.41.1-3)

--The Rig Veda, the oldest document of the human race, includes references to the following modes of transportation:

Jalayan--a vehicle designed to operate in air and water. (Rig Veda 6.58.3)
Kaara--a vehicle that operates on ground and in water. (Rig Veda 9.14.1)


Please pay attention. Please do, this is something very very important to see.

The words TPTB chose are from the VEDA. Ingo Swann black op, speaks of the VEDA,and how it was required information. THEY KNOW what they deny us to know.
THIS EXPLAINS YOUR WORLD! We are in GRAVE DANGER. Any group that sets itself up like as elites and views people in this way, has no qualms about depopulation or allowance of such! This shows absolute contempt!

Ritala--a vehicle consisting of three stories. (Rig Veda 3.14.1)


Trichakra Ratha--a three wheeled vehicle designed to operate in the air. (Rig Veda 4.36.1)

--The Arthasastra of Kautilya (300 BC) mentions Saubhikas as "pilots conducting vehicles in the sky". Saubha was the name of the aerial flying city (mothership?) of King Harishchandra and the form of "Saubika" means "one who flies or knows the art of flying in an aerial city"

--Kautiflya mentions another word "Akhasa Yodhinah" which means "persons who are trained to fight from the sky"

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:16 PM

In depth look at archeological finds thoughout the world, and though this is already covered in the archives of Forbidden Archeology, they may be hard to find some of it.
There is one in particular, I will show this, it is shocking!!!!

A recent 60 Minutes TV segment aired a fascinating story on an archeological site in the U.S. Pacific Northwest producing artifacts that were so important, local archeologists working at the site stated: "The history of this country may have to be rewritten."

As the U.S. Congress was passing an urgent congressional order to preserve this site-the U.S. Army seized the location, physically removed the archeologists from the area and immediately dumped 'hundreds of thousands' of tons of gravel and earth over the location, essentially putting an end to any further excavation of this find. The Army then confiscated the artifacts already found and locked them away-forbidding any future investigation of this site.

After a highly publicized protest from the archeologists and members of the U.S. Congress, the Army released a public relations statement claiming that they had to cover the site in such a hurry because of 'erosion problems' and then refused to comment on the incident any further.

....Unfortunately, literally dozens of other stories have surfaced in recent years regarding this same destruction of important archeological sites pertaining to Earth's ancient history. Different governments have gone so far as expelling archeologists from specific sites where major discov­eries were being uncovered and then 'blowing up' these sites with dynamite-or encasing them under of concrete.

Why are so many governments around the world destroying or limiting access to these important archeological finds? What are they hiding? What are they attempting to 'cover up' -and why?

Heres an example, the 60 minute show should be available somewhere and the story as well, but all my keywords won't pull it, yet this is documented. Apparently significantly important to be covered like that.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99

--Radioactive skeletons 3000 BC. Ruins of the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are extremely radioactive.

Well about as radioactive a typical grave in a rural English cemetry

This story is as real as the idea that Batboy scored the winning goal in the 1966 world cup whilst wearing a tutu and playing a Bruce Springsteen CD

For a more real world account try here - note the complete and utter lack of evidence for any nuclaer blasts!

Also, picture of skeleton here

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:47 PM

(Note, you may have to sit through a comercial to view the site)

August 7, 2006—About 1,300 years ago several major natural disasters sent parts of three Egyptian cities under the sea off the coast of the modern-day port city of Alexandria (map of Egypt).

Today a display of more than 500 artifacts recovered from the depths is drawing crowds to the Martin-Gropius-Bau museum in Berlin, Germany—the first public exhibition of the once watery relics.


Giant Underwater cities in India Video

More than 35 cities matching descriptions in the Veda throughout the land, and offshore.

the underwater city
Roman Ruins of Baia (submerged)


posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:02 PM
Scientific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

Let's Look at the Evidence:
The following are 18 Evidences of either massive flooding and erosion, extremely rapid layering of strata, or direct evidence of a Worldwide Flood. Such evidences are found in numerous places on virtually every Continent.

Polystrate Fossils:
One of the strongest pieces of evidence for a worldwide flood is the existence of what Rupke termed "polystrate fossils." Such fossils are found all over the world. They usually consist of fossil trees that were buried upright, and which often traverse multiple layers of strata such as sandstone, limestone, shale, and even coal beds. 1,2,3,4 They range in size from small rootlets to trees over 80 feet long. 3 Sometimes they are oblique in relation to the surrounding strata, but more often they are perpendicular to it. For example, at Joggins, Nova Scotia, polystrate tree (and root) fossils are found at various intervals throughout roughly 2,500 feet of strata. Many of these are from 10-20 feet long, 5,6 and, at least one was 40 feet long. 5,6,7

Very few of these upright fossil trees have attached roots, and only about 1 in 50 8 have both roots and rootlets attached. Such trees, and their -- more often than not -- missing roots, are discussed in much more detail in The "Fossil Forests" of Nova Scotia. 9 Likewise, many (if not most) of the large, fragmented, and broken-off Stigmaria roots are also missing their rootlets. 9

Many of these roots and rootlets, are also buried individually. 9 This strongly suggests that these trees did not grow in the same places where they were buried, but rather were uprooted and re-deposited there.

Similar circumstances occur at various other places in Nova Scotia, as well as in the United States, England, Germany, and France. Another place where large tree stumps are preserved without their roots attached is Axel Heiberg 10,11 Island in Northern Canada.....

The Fossils Themselves:
Fossils don't form on lake bottoms today, nor are they found forming on the bottom of the sea. 15 Instead, they normally only form when a plant or animal is buried soon after it dies. 16 Therefore, the fossils themselves are evidence of a catastrophe such as a flood or volcanic eruption that took place in the past. See also Rapid Petrification of Wood, by Andrew Snelling. ...

Observations at an Australian Beach:
At Greenmount Beach on the Gold Coast of Queensland, an interesting thing occurred: "clear laminations, or layering, in the sand--formed by the separation of normal silica-sand grains and smaller, denser mineral sand-grains such as rutile which are dark in color.. The layering was present along the whole sand mass exposed." 29 Emphasis Added...

Spontaneous Sorting of Layers:
Laboratory experiments have shown that spontaneous sorting and layering occurs with a sand, mud and clay slurry. When the mixture slows down, the sand, mud and clay will spontaneously precipitate (settle out) and form individual layers. ...

My physical geology professor said, "Regarding uniformitarianism, you can take it with a grain of salt." After reviewing geology texts on the subject of turbidites, I am following the courageous professor's advice. To paraphrase his words, I am taking uniformitarianism with a grain of sand, for the philosophy of uniformitarianism states that sedimentary layers form over many millions of years, while ... recent research has shown that turbidites form within a few hours. [1] Emphasis Added

In 1972 Burgert identified several lower basal Tapeats units as turbidites in Grand Canyon's Cheops Bay. Dr. Ariel Roth a geologist at Loma Linda University's Geoscience Institute, suggested that 30% of all sedimentary rocks in Grand Canyon are turbidites. Some geologists suggest that 50% of the world's sedimentary rocks might be turbidites. Emphasis Added

Modern geologists discarded the terms flysch sediments and geosyncline because rapidly formed megathick flysch is incompatible with uniformitarianism and long ages. However, in the last few years, the number of geologists abandoning the classical uniformitarian discipline and adopting the new catastrophism is almost a shock to ... creationists. Geologists are finally beginning to grudgingly agree with ... creationists about the nature of the stratigraphic record, which is a record of major catastrophic events and not the slow year-by-year buildup suggested by uniformitarianism. Flysch deposits might be the sedimentary results of a global flood. The idea of geosynclines is unpopular because most geologists believe in plate tectonics. Emphasis Added

Extensive Strata and Pancake Layering:
As we observe sedimentary strata throughout the world we see almost everywhere flat-lying (or "pancake") layered strata. Many of these layers are so extensive that they cover several states. Evolutionists believe that such layers were deposited slowly over millions and millions of years, or that they are simply "river" deposits or river deltas. 42,43 Creationists, and a growing number of geologists see problems with such interpretations. 44,45 First because there is virtually no evidence of erosion between the layers, and second, because the sheer size and extent of the strata suggests that the layers were neither formed by rivers, or river deltas. That's because many of the "layers" are quite thick, and cover (literally) hundreds and even thousands of square miles, and in many instances are the size of the state of Utah, or even larger.

This, coupled with the presence of marine fossils that are buried in many of the layers, tells us that they were deposited by ocean currents (i.e. from a major, major Flood), like nothing we have ever seen before.....

This is really important, it a discussion of the actual science behind the theory of world wide floods, apparently at intervals, as depicted by they layers of sediment found regularly and the remains of marine fossils, dpeostied by ocean currents.

The sheer size rules out rivers. There is so much more. Their are scientists adopting catsrophism, series of catastrophes.

The disucussion on whale fossils is very interesting. More coming from this, and perhaps an attempt to research further some of this.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:08 PM
Reading about vast underwater cities was all the proof I needed that earth change was possible. I am not talking about Atlantis, I am talking about documented and researched physically found underwater sites...and the only way they could have got flooded is by a HUGE inundation. So yeah, I believe we might be near the next change. I do not care WHEN it happens, it will happen. I mean, look at the Grand Canyon. That was not formed naturally. Gulf of Mexico, too. Also, I was watching the History Channel (of course) and they said that the desert in Egypt used to be a rainforest! Even egyptian texts claim that the "desert" was a huge change for the survivors, and it was horrible. ETMAN has that information on his thread.
All over the globe we have evidence of disasters caused by asteroids, floods, earthquakes(obviously big ones), and the like.
And I don't know about you...but I was talking to my Grandfather today, and he was talking about when he was a kid you could leave your door unlocked at night. Cannot do that anymore! I think I read somewhere that humans personalities change along with the earth changes. Maybe because we are approaching this change, it is bringing out the worst in people? Something to think about.
Keep the information train rolling!

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:13 PM

A "Whale" of a Fossil:
Or should we say "a fossil of a whale? It's true, but what is most interesting about it is how it was buried. In 1976, workers from the Dicalite division of Grefco inc. found the remains of a baleen whale entombed vertically in a diatomaceous earth quarry.

"They've found fossils there before; in fact the machinery operators have learned a good deal about them and carefully annotate any they find with the name of the collector, the date, and the exact place found. Each discovery is turned over to Lawrence G. Barnes at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The Whale, however, is one of the largest fossils ever collected anywhere... (It) is standing on end.. and is being exposed gradually as the diatomite is mined. Only the head and a small part of the body are visible as yet.

"The modern baleen whale is 80 to 90 feet long and has a head of similar size, indicating that the fossil may be close to 80 feet long. 46,47

More Fossil Whales:

"In bogs covering glacial deposits in Michigan, skeletons of two whales were discovered ... How did they come to Michigan in the post-glacial epoch? Glaciers do not carry whales, and the ice sheet would not have brought them to the middle of a continent... Was there a sea in Michigan after the glacial epoch, only a few thousand years ago?" 48

"Bones of Whale have been found 440 feet above sea level, north of Lake Ontario; a skeleton of another whale was discovered in Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level; and still another in the Montreal-Quebec area, about 600 feet above sea level..." 48

Marine Fossils In The Mountains:
In Mountains all over the world one can find sea shells and other marine fossils. These include the Sierras, the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas and many more. 49,50,51,52,53 For more on this subject see the following video 54 by Dr. Walter Brown.

As mentioned in the article, glaciers don't carry whale carcasses, nor half way across a continent. This is a signifiant find. Also they are found 440-600 feet above sea level, ONtario, Vermont, Montreal.

From the article:

Frozen mammoths, cave fissures in UK that tell a grim tale:

"In the rock on the summit of Mont de Sautenay -- a flat-topped hill near Chalonsur-Saone between Dijon and Lyons -- there is a fissure filled with animal bones. 'Why should so many wolves, bears, horses, and oxen have ascended a hill isolated on all sides?' asked Albert Gaudry, professor at the Jardin des Plantes. According to him, the bones in this cleft are mostly broken and splintered into innumerable... fragments and are 'evidently not those of animals devoured by beasts of prey; nor have they been broken by man. Nevertheless, the remains of wolf were ... abundant, together with those of cave lion, bear, rhinoceros, horse, ox, and deer... Prestwich thought that the animal bones... were found in common heaps because, '... [they] had fled [there] to escape the rising waters.'"

huge bolders carried by great force to unlikely places...

And also, mentioned evidence for a world wide flood roughly 10 000 to 11 000 years ago, study of planktonic organisms and evidence of a vast flood of fresh water.

Interesting quotes at end:

One of the ironies of the evolution-creation debate is that the creationists have accepted the mistaken notion that the fossil record shows a detailed and orderly progression..." 63 David M. Raup Emphasis added.

"only 15-20% of the earth's land surface has even 3 geologic periods appearing in 'correct' consecutive order." 64 John Woodmorappe Emphasis added

"Any sequence in which an older fossil occurs above a younger one is stratigraphically disordered ... disorder may be from millimeters to many meters ... (and) is produced by the physical or biogenic mixing of ... sediments ... Since these processes occur to an extent in virtually all sedimentary systems, stratigraphic disorder at some scale is probably a common feature of the fossil record." 65 Emphasis Added

"The extent of disorder not well documented; however, the widespread occurrence of anomalies ... suggest that disorder should be taken seriously..." ref. 61 p. 234. W. J. Arkell. Emphasis added

"Examination of Britain's record of the Ice Age levels discloses a 'complex interbedding of drift sheets derived from different sources.' 'When we add the additional complications imposed by thin drifts, scanty interglacial deposits, and the frequent presence in fossil-bearing beds of secondary [displaced] fossils derived from the reworking of older horizons, we get a truly difficult overall problem ... All in all, British glacial stratigraphic research has encountered exceptional difficulties,' writes R. F. Flint, professor of geology at Yale University. 66,67 Immanuel Velikovski Emphasis added

We have a great deal of evidence that a natural progression did not occur and there are far too many disordered anomalies that mix fossil remains and create layers of ocean sand, throughout the geologcial crust.

It looks like there is evidence that catstrophes mark the progression of life on earth, define it perhaps.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 05:36 PM

If these hun­dreds of flood myths from different locations and cultures around the world are any indication, something must have happened on Earth to spur these accounts. Could there have been a global flood? Scientists have a few theories to suggest that yes, perhaps, there was. Let's explore these theories and learn if such a flood happened and if it could ever happen again....

n the late 1990s, Columbia University geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman proposed that a great flood in the Middle East resulted from rising water levels at the end of the last Ice Age about 7,000 years ago. At that time, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake and the lands around it were farmlands. When the European glaciers melted, the Mediterranean Sea overflowed with a force 200 times greater than that of Niagara Falls, converting the Black Sea from fresh to saltwater and flooding the area [source: National Geographic].....

National Geographic Society explorer Robert Ballard, inspired by Ryan and Pitman's hypothesis, has discovered supporting physical evidence, including an underwater river valley and ancient shoreline as well as Stone Age structures and tools beneath the Black Sea. His team has also unearthed fossils of now-extinct freshwater species dating back some 7,460 to 15,500 years....

Masse's presumption is that a 3-mile (4.8-kilometer) wide comet crashed into the ocean off the coast of what is now Madagascar. The result? Worldwide chaos, including violent 600-foot (182.8-meter) high tsunamis and massive hurricanes spawned when superheated water vapor and aerosol particulates shot into jet streams. All of this terror was accompanied by a week of darkness caused by material expelled into the atmosphere....

A 600-foot high tsunami would surely leave behind a geological calling card -- and that it did. When waves are generated by such a significant impact, they create wedge-shaped configurations in the sand, known as chevrons, and when the Holocene Impact Working Group went looking for them with satellite imagery, they were able to locate such formations in Africa and Asia. Carbon dating fossils found in the chevrons will help determine if they fit within the proposed 5,000-year timeline.

While we get closer to figuring out if a great, global flood did happen, we also face future massive flooding. Catastrophic floods threaten one billion people today and this number will rise to more than two billion by 2050 [source: United Nations]. The combination of climate change, deforestation, rising sea levels and population growth threatens us with mounting risks for flooding.

This is very interesting, trying to examine, larger cycles, for catastrophes, versus shorter cycles, such as every 3000-4000 years as some maintain, versus, 11 600 years, as others, and so.

This mentions the Black Sea, an event 7 000 years ago, and I was just reading about flooding, into the Gulf of Mexico roughly 10 000 - 11 000 years ago roughly, mentioned here:

If they were both global events, then this is rougly the 3-4 K years in question.

There is much evidence for world wide catastrophes, and much evidence of variuos cultures recounting stories of massive die offs and the floods, earth quakes, cosmic snakes, and comets.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 07:54 PM
Way to go that's a ton of info. You added a lot to what ET_MAN has put out. Keep up the good work.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by Mad dog

I've put in close to 40 hours not wanting to duplicate his stuff too much and validate it from various sources. I really want to get to the part that will lift my spirits, since my normal joy and inner light has dulled, but once this task is finished, then back to meditating, sun gazing and raising vibrations again.
I want to find as wide a range of different historical and geological looks first, something that can generally be cross referenced, and then go into some of my speculations based on the sungod and dark star/saturn agenda of TPTB in this duality. I also intend to give my two cents on how they have badly mangled the balance and that the karma they try to put our way, will boomerang back to them instead. Then show what we can do, all the very important things to learn.

I hope, with all my heart, that the cycle is off, but even if it were, there is always something in the works with the leaders. The video on the Indian scripts, and the words that sound like our words "car" and plane", they say everything to me. The English language has borrowed from many languages, such as Latin, French, German, Norway, and numerously. But we don't usually find roots to the eastern languages, and that this knowledge was taken by the elite and used publically shows me how much mortal danger we're in by them, even if there were no cycles. That they feel privy to all the knowledge, and relegate us to dumbed down infantile slaves, who they extort large sums from, while raising all the costs ofl living, is not only sadistic, but it shows utter contempt for us.

I'm not into dualities, people learn best with encouragement and love. Period. Even child psychology tells you this. Souls aren't different, so this system needs an overhaul.
And we need to prepare for the worst but work for the best, helping each other. Learning to give to the less fortunate and all creatures great and small, and nature, in order to draw our help in. The Creators/Designers/Teachers are mentioned a lot in ET_MAN's thread, along with our infinite nature. Well our Higher Selves will help us if we learn to give, and reach inside our hearts to connect and receive our Highest Good, together, with honor, in cooperation, that how advancement works. We don't have to keep doing the harsh duality. No one can hijack our school, that our Higher Selves have designed and program. This is our school, time to advance.

[edit on 30-3-2010 by Unity_99]

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 01:18 AM
I was going to post LaViolette's interview with Project Camelot since some of his information is good, the cycles for example. But I realized some of it wasn't. It didnt' match the real findings in some areas. For example, his assertation that there was no Atlantis is possibly harder to prove, but there are too many accounts, and even those older maps in the vidoes I showed about recent displayed artifacts in the Project Camelot interview and slide show with Klaus Dona.

But more so, the idea that there was no pole shift (crustal one) for if there was, then we would have evidence of diferent climates under the ice. THERE IS! I have read this many times. Not to mention accounts from around the world of the sun rising from a new direction! Perhaps he is saying something between the lines. That he is not allowed to discuss this, but those two items he mentioned, are there if you search for them so maybe he is HINTING to search! And not take his word for it. They are all under Majestic after all, and I do always assume protocol with every one of them. This would mean he is trying to save lives. I'll provide a link to his interview page, you can chose from the video and/or transcript:

And also, that there would be marine fossils found in the continents, land, and THERE IS! And I've given some links and quotes, cetecean fossils, whales, and numerous artifacts! His theory of 11 500 years ago there being an event that involved a melt down of large amounts of fresh water did coincide with the evidedence of a large dumping of fresh water into the Gulf of Mexico, but there are many cycles, cycles within cycles within cycles.

In any case. Here is one of the links that is very interesting concering warm climate found to have existed under the Arctic in Canada!

A 50-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest from Strathcona Fiord,
Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada: Evidence for a Warm Polar Climate

A 50-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest from Strathcona Fiord,
Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada: Evidence for a Warm Polar Climate

Now down to the South Pole region!
Antarctic Forests Reveal Ancient Trees
By Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News

A quarter-billion years ago, forested islands flashed with autumnal hues near the South Pole — a polar scene unlike any today, researchers say.

Geologists have discovered in Antarctica the remains of three ancient deciduous forests complete with fossils of fallen leafs scattered around the tree trunks. The clusters of petrified tree stumps were found upright in the original living positions they held during the Permian period.

Petrified decidious forest.
Antarctica- not always so cold and remote


not always so cold and remote....

Antarctica harbours bones of dinosaur sand petrified rain forests. Did continental-drift bring Antarctica to the poles...or was it a shift in the earth’s axis that not only caused the death of the Mega fauna, but placed a massive ice sheet on the continent?

In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a gazelle skin. Research showed that it was a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet in the sixteenth century. His passion was cartography. His high rank within the Turkish navy allowed him to have a privileged access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople. The Turkish admiral admits, in a series of notes on the map, that he compiled and copied the data from a large number of source maps, some of which dated back to the fourth century BC or earlier.

The Controversy

The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC. .....

Subject: Admiral Piri Reis Map

TO: Prof. Charles H. Hapgood

Keene College

Keene, New Hampshire

Dear Professor Hapgood, .....

The official science has been saying all along that the ice-cap which covers the Antarctic is million years old.

The Piri Reis map shows that the northern part of that continent has been mapped before the ice did cover it. That should make us think it has been mapped million years ago, but that's impossible since mankind did not exist at that time.

Further and more accurate studies have proven that the last period of ice-free condition in the Antarctic ended about 6000 years ago. There are still doubts about the beginning of this ice-free period, which has been put by different researchers everywhere between year 13000 and 9000 BC.

The question is: Who mapped the Queen Maud Land of Antarctic 6000 years ago? Which unknown civilization had the technology or the need to do that?

It is well-known that the first civilization, according to the traditional history, developed in the mid-east around year 3000 BC, soon to be followed within a millennium by the Indus valley and the Chinese ones. So, accordingly, none of the known civilizations could have done such a job. Who was here 4000 years BC, being able to do things that NOW are possible with the modern technologies?
more "facts" on antartica.

The 1/4 million years is not necessarily accurate. They are running with the theory the ice has taken millions of years to form and that the forrest gradually petrified.

Whereas ice ages can occur quickly. And much of the speculation about frozen mammoths and animals, including petrified forrest, is caused by a crustal change, which would induce rapid freezing. What happened to the animals with food still in their stomachs happened swiftly!
Earth could plunge into sudden ice age
Experts: ‘Big Freeze’ about 12,800 years ago happened within months

The day after tomorrow! And finally spoken about on msn!

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2 points:

1) Plate Tectonics

2) The Earth was not created in 4004BC

The fact that parts of the Arctic or Antarctic was sub tropical 50,000,000 years ago is not evidence of a global flood or crustal shift within the past few thousand years.

The fact that ice core and sea bed core data shows that Antarctic has been ice covered for at least the past 750,000 years and has not had a climate milder than today within the past 100,000 years does, however, suggest that neither a global flood nor crustal displacement has occurred

And yes, I do believe the rocks (and the mud and the ice) over a personal interpretation of the possible meaning behind a folk story.

What happened to the animals with food still in their stomachs happened swiftly!

Indeed, it doesn't take long to fall into a frozen bog and drown. Though of course, most mammoths remains we've uncovered show signs of predation, by scavengers, after death.

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When did I ever say the earth was created in 4004 BC. I have no credo, well I have a belief in something that is not seen by many, but there is nothing I hold tightly to. We live in an infinite universe school. But we're from the Beyond ET_MAN speaks about, and we're here to bring heaven to earth or earth to heaven, and learn lessons.

This information I shared just now is one piece out of many. First is the historical records and legends of many groups throughout the world, then was archelogical and finally geological. I found the petrified forests because of something that LaViolette had said that erroneous. The flood is already proven! Whale bones in the most unlikely places, the type of layers that would be needed in the strata are there, the list goes on, I have no intention of repeating all of the hours of research and posting I've already done. It covers a variety of topics.

I can acutally move on and look at TPTB sungod links and their allegiance to Saturn and the Dark Star now.

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You're obviously following the herd there matey. Blinkered and walking merrily to the slaughter.

Of course the governments of the world are involved in cover-ups. Of course the elite protect themselves by destroying ancient knowledge. The evidence is apparent over and over again that any powerful institution will keep the populace ignorant and fearful. And yes, there's plenty of evidence that academia has been manipulated to propagate the misinformation/ partial truth since time immemorial.

Get real. The whole point of a cover-up is that it becomes more and more difficult as time goes by to dig out the evidence proving a cover-up. Hence in the early 80s many scientists were eagerly seeking Planet X; then mysteriously all interest died off, despite growing evidence for its existence.

Keep 'em in the dark, then rally them when the # hits the fan. Tell them it's an alien invasion - tell them it's the Chinese, or the Russians even. As long as they think that flight/ space travel were invented in the 20th century by humans (the only sentient life in the entire universe, don't you know) then they'll swallow it.

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Or just possibly, I'm right and you're wrong
So, how long till we know which it is? 2 years?

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I've heard many dates, in the interview of LaViolette, Kerry spoke of one of their insiders, saying anytime from now to 2017. Others say 2014. Some insist on 2012. Numbers area all coded. I would prepare just on the record alone and work on the metaphysics of loving others, equalizing, and changing this whole thing. Its what I will be suggesting in more detail after the next part of providing food for thought on the natures of our leaders and their allegiance to the darksiders, dark star.

If the future turns good, and this all goes away for the time being: 1) I will be very happy, have 5 boys, and when I said that it was up to them to bring in a red headed (this is humor, of course they're free, lol.)granddaughter, I hope they a wonderful world full of all these opportunities.

2) Any people that do not vigilantly examine the records of the past, and learn from them and keep prepared, keep bug out kits handy, and think of what they would do in a variety of situations, is not being wise. In a real sense this is awareness101!

I do have beliefs about what life is about, based on personal experiences and memories, and drawn to those whose light shine to further activate more understanding.
Its also mirrored in what can be researched concerning TPTB and their mystery school allegiances. They play the dark side in the duality, they pledge allegiance to the dark star in a binary, though there is some mystery as to what is really going on.
And I will share because its part of the waking up and drawing in our Higher Good, but people don't have to see it the way I do, in our own ways, in light and love, with many differing understandings, we can still unite and draw in our Higher Good. We can still make a difference!

One thing in doing this research is following trails. What really really bothers me is this sense of being manipulated. And the information forks, into the hidden, older books, paid for manuscripts, obviously information that we are not meant to see. The other fork, where there is abundant information for the cycles is often married to new age, spiritual, legends, myths, religions, and all the acceptable trails for the ones they wish to keep as infantile slaves. It infuriates me. Its hard for me to keep my love and light, and want to send light to them, when it makes me so angry. How dare they?

Also the duality and the checkerboard floor, has hardly been maintained! And while saying this, I don't believe in duality. I don't have to. Its not the best way to learn, or rather, a much softer duality would be far more appropriate. Souls are not different than children, and children are traumatized and turned into sociopaths with abuse. I've read child psychology, not that this wasn't already known in my heart. Children and all beings, learn best in an atmosphere of comfort, beauty, freedom, encouragement, well cared for, equal, and good educations, surrounded by love and acceptance. "Welcome to the world, you will have all the time you need to get your needs met, and find your lifes work and joy!" Harmony. Balance doesnt mean what darksiders think it does.

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All things are coded in this matrix, that is being controlled and managed by the "old empire" in Star Wars terminology, or the dark star minions. Just to scratch the surface:

unity --- a unit
peace --- piece/war
harmony --- harm one
awareness --- a war ness
spelling -- spell ing
cursive -- cast a curse!
America-- AM erica
satelite--SAT EL ite
elite-- El ite
The Code To The Matrix

Very good read, and when finished you can unravel alot of the codes and symbols you encounter. I don't agree with his whole premise or comsic understanding, but....the research into what the elite have coded and done here and some of their allegiances is very well done.

Amazing 1111 Facts to Consider 1 of 2 by Rik Clay

Amazing 1111 Facts to Consider 2 of 2 by Rik Clay

He is no longer with us, was murdered for his research! Suicided.

This is for awareness, and its overwhelming to see the well meshed coded plans they carry out. This is a part of a larger interview, that has many parts. But I'll take notes on these two.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 01:06 PM
Rik Clay is no longer with us, and his website cosmic minds is no longer available, but its been preserved with love and dedication t this work.
And I will be doing some quotes from here.
Symbology of Number 11
(originally posted by Rik Clay on Cosmic Minds

With the number 11 appearing frequently throughout my studies, I felt the following introduction / summary may eliminate the need to repeat myself thus allowing new-comers and regular readers alike to quickly be brought up to speed.

The facts:

11: In the Universe

*On 11th August 1999 at 11:11am there was a total solar eclipse observed throughout Europe

*21st December 2012 at 11:11am is the winter solstice of the final day of the Mayan calendar

*The current astrological sign of the zodiac is Pisces, we are currently moving into Aquarius - the 11th sign of the zodiac

*21st December 2012 = 21/12/2012 = 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11

*The sunspot cycle lasts 11 years - the next one peaking in 2012.......

11: Pyramid Numerology

*11:11 x 11:11 = 1234321 (Numerical sequence ascending and descending in the fashion of a pyramid)

*111 x 111 = 12321 (Pyramid number)

*11 x 11 = 121 (Another pyramid number)

*11 = 3 in binary arithmetic. 3 makes the cornerstones of the Trinity or pyramid

11: 9/11......

*The World Trade Centre stood like an '11'

*9 + 1 + 1 = 11

*September 11th is the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4 = 11

*September 11th was 111 days until the end of the year

*The 1st plane to hit the World Trade Centre was 'Flight 11'

*Total crew on Flight 11 was '11'

*New York is the 11th state of the US Constitution

*September 11th 2001 stands '11' years from 2012 (Note that in the Mayan calendar, it was said that there would be 20 years of 'no-time'. A period of unrest where the planet is making a transition from one age to another. 9/11 stood 9 years from the start of this 'no-time' and 11 years from the end.)

*The World Trade Centre was built between 1966 to 1977... taking 11 years.....

11: September 11th In History

*On September 11th 1990 at 9.09PM, 11 years prior to September 11th 2001, George Bush Senior made a speech to Congress entitled "Toward A New World Order":

"A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge."

*On September 11th 1941, 60 years prior to September 11th 2001, the soil was broken and the foundations set for "The Pentagon" in Washington DC

*A book written in 1981, 20 years prior to the 2001 attacks, called "The Birth of Christ Recalculated". The author, Dr. Ernest L. Martin, claims to have calculated the exact date of Jesus Christ's birth based on the celestial charts for that era. The date of Christ's birth, based on the famous Star of Bethlehem, is calculated to be September 11, 3 B.C.

*According to Hebrew Scriptures September 11, 1999 was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, and year 1 on the Hebrew calendar

11: Significant Days

*Remembrance Day - Two minutes of silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (11:00 am, 11 November), supposedly marking the time (in the United Kingdom) when armistice became effective.......

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 01:27 PM

11: Significant Events

*The first NASA space mission to successful land two men on the moon was Apollo 11

*Hurricane Katrina was recorded as "Storm #11". Hurricane Katrina's wikipedia page states:

On August 28, 11 counties and eleven cities issued evacuation orders, a number which increased to 41 counties and 61 cities by the following morning

To coincide, NASA's Hurricane Katrina page states:

"The storm formed late on August 23 and developed quickly into a tropical storm by 11 a.m. the next morning."

Uri Geller stopped Big Ben at 11.11 AM GMT 30th April 1997 (a hoax in my opinion, but feel free to research)

11: Royalty

*A google search into the etymology of the word "crown" establishes it was derived from the Anglo-French word "coroune" in the year 1111.

"1111, from Anglo-Fr. coroune, from O.Fr. corone, from L. corona "crown""

11: Religion

*Jesus Christ = 11 letters

11: Sport

* There are 11 players in a football team. A football game becomes 11:11.
* There are 11 players in a cricket team. Again, 11:11.

11: A summary (to be continued)

The number 11 finds itself embedded in the very fabric of existence. Observed in both the heavens and in the workings of shadowy world rulers, there are three schools of thought as to how this could be:

* The first points towards a series of 'inevitable events' deep rooted in the fabric of material existence. Fate so to speak and that the universe is playing out its script.

* The second speculates that 'the powers that be' have realised the significance of the number 11 in our ancient past and hijacked it for their own gain.

* The third leads to an assumption that the pyramid builders, are the same people in control today, and have used the number 11 symbolically throughout recorded history. Could it be that this 'intelligence' at work, created the solar system (so as to explain the connections between the number 11 and the universe) or is it simply working to a universal numerical code?

The above information is all based on published fact, without even going into my own experiences with the numbers 11:11.

At first I held my own reservations about the significance of the number 11, until I found it work itself into my life.

Most, if not all of my knowledge and research in this blog, found its way into my life through moments where I've see an 11:11 on a digital clock, on the microwave or on the TV. Of late, these have taken a new form, including full blown audible 11:11's from random members of the general public and arrangements of seemingly random objects forming something greater than just coincidence.

11:11 has come to signify a change in consciousness or at least the exposure of a new reality. Puzzling to say the least, but exciting - definitely!

This should be very strongly shared with others for awareness. Its incredibly researched, and so cordinated, like an intricately woven web, its not something to walk away from if you wish to be free from the matrix.

What is significant is that the numbers for binary are 1 and 0s, to infinity, 111111111.......
(many in ONE, for in infinity there can never be ONE, and all are EQUAL, every fractal contains the entirety, the infinte whole equally!) The Universe emits binary, its been picked up many times, even reported in Omni and Science Digest when I was growing up, so...this infinite universe/school is like a giant infinity computer box.

00000000...........infinite planets, orbits, circles, infinty itself...............

9/11 (the finite matrix within an infinity school computer box!) The elites attempt to SQUARE THE CIRCLE! And keep us trapped in a harsh duality, karmic soul trap, dumbed down, forgetting who we are. We are the 1111111111111111.............Many in One! From Beyond! Those who are trapped dark side are cut off from the heaven side, the beyond, the "ugly infinity" as science calls what they found when they examined the fabric, the infinite energy in the VACUUM/BEYOND. A physical symbol in a duality school system for being shut off from the light, so your goal is to be masters of the finite system, as if it is finite, and as if anyone in the famil y of light on the ohter side will allow you to not "right back in a second" like you promised them a second ago.

(I just had to through that in, the mysery of "time" and "no time"). What is our star? Any star? Light?

In the universe, which can be compared to a matrix computer box, coded with an infinity program, multivere/ominverse capable to infinity!, the stars are a part of the programming. When the program no longer needed in certain sections, the "Designer/Creators/Programmers" that ET_MAN speaks of from the Beyond, move the data around (note we are the data, and we never get recylced that way! Ie., your body may get sucked into a black hole but your soul doesnt) and deletes the program, ie, a super nova! And the black hole is akin to the waste paper basket on windows desktop!

But who do you think our Higher Selves are? This is our school. We have a say in the harshness of its duality! We can make our wishes heard, and set sail for a better more advanced one like benevolent ETs live in, because its our Higher Selves, the Many in One, who are the Designers/Creators/Programmers. We are, its ours school! And we don't have to allow those who FAILED and became all bad an negative in their planets, and shut themselves (temporarily) off from the Beyond in a dwarf star/death star/planet scenario (hmmm... SATURN!) who want to be masters of the matrix, the universe. Well finite masters are not = inifinty and beyond! This is our system, and we're taking it back!

Have you ever sungazed? If you do this for any length of time and meditate you would already have found something very mysterious, even magical occurring, and for some reason it brings the small harmonious songbirds out for hours of music as well. Just greeting the light. Not worshipping. The Sun is not God, and demands no worship!!!!
But, its a sign of our Family/Higher Selves, and Heaven/Beyond with us. On the other side of the Beyond, past the veil there is no need for this program, this interface or communication or mirror of the Beyond, there! But here we are able to feel that we are not alone.

There are alot of myseries and they're acutally hard to put into words. I am sharing that through experience, and noting the information given that really strongly paints the dark side plot, and their fascination with Saturn and Dark stars, and mastering the finite matrix. And they like to chain people to them, to their handlers, trying to trap the light in their darkness.

Edit to Add: 666???
9!!!! 99.99% represents finite. 9/11 finite hyperdimensional cube within the infinite universe program!

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