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2012/Microchips/Sun gods/And How To Make a Difference!

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by dryadlover

Interesting, a differing opinion to the one you prefer is amateurish ?

But they must be wrong because the sources quoted throughout this thread are any more credible ?

As I said "one side of the coin"

You will by the way, if you research properly, find that Einstein did yes think that Hapgoods theory had some credence, but advised him to refine it.

Oh and Unity, Project Lucifer switched to Cassinni when the nefarious Galileo plot failed to occur. It is "conspiracy theory 101"

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 09:17 AM

Originally posted by Noncompatible
reply to post by dryadlover

Interesting, a differing opinion to the one you prefer is amateurish ?
But they must be wrong because the sources quoted throughout this thread are any more credible ?

I was not judging an opinion i was judging a debunking attempt. The attempts on that site are very weak, that is all. I truly respect their opinion of denial. Yet it would be a lot wiser to come up with their own theory why nothing is going to happen, instead of debunking, rejecting and discrediting the works of very talented people.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by dryadlover

Originally posted by Noncompatible
reply to post by dryadlover

Interesting, a differing opinion to the one you prefer is amateurish ?
But they must be wrong because the sources quoted throughout this thread are any more credible ?

I was not judging an opinion i was judging a debunking attempt. The attempts on that site are very weak, that is all. I truly respect their opinion of denial. Yet it would be a lot wiser to come up with their own theory why nothing is going to happen, instead of debunking, rejecting and discrediting the works of very talented people.

To present a case for the opposing viewpoint one must first use logic and reason to demonstrate why a thing will not happen.

There are no doubts that there are talented people on both sides of the fence. However without logical rational discourse we would still be living on a flat earth using maps with the words : "Here be monsters."
If I say CHI-CHI the magical Panda is going to squash the earth in 2012 and write a book, that becomes a bestseller, does that make it right ?

How would YOU challenge it without in your words "debunking, rejecting,discrediting."
You could not correct ?

*Hands you a coin, invites you to the flipside*

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by Noncompatible

I am talking particulary about the site This is not the only source for debunking any change concerning 2012 phenomena. I consider this source to be very weak, that is all.

Change is occuring everytime. Our life is an infinite change. Rejecting any change is a sign of fear. Accepting a possible change or even predicting it, via spiritual and/or scientific means is a sign of wisdom.

A theory predicting a change is only a possibility. When you challenge this possibility by rejecting it, you are showing your fear of this possible scenario of an outcome, because in fact you do not know yourself for sure, if it will occur or not.

I do not consider a person to be a wise, who uses every aspect of his mind in order to reject something, when it is about to be revealed very soon. In this case patience will be the main sign of wisdom.

I do understand, that "you are wrong, i am right" scenario is a natural form of interaction in our world, that leads to increased understanding, yet in this case of a future world change this scenario of interaction does not fulfill it's positive outcome of increased understanding and only leads to an increased ammount of confusion and entropy from both sides, i.e. there is no point in rejecting a predicted change, but there is a point in predicting a possible change, because there WILL be a change anyhow, and it is for you to decide if it is apocalyptic or not.

In the case of this particular webpage , the main focus is to decrease the ammount of fear in the world population, as the majority of people are afraid of any change, that brings death to their physical body. This webpage fullfills it's desired purpose decently.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by dryadlover

Interestingly enough, that which you describe as weak, I do not. I find it clearly stated, devoid of the usual sensationalistic claptrap.

Plus it doesn't try to sell me a book

(Cashing in, is not after all a unilateral behaviour)

I am still perplexed by your comment. "Come up with a theory for why nothing will happen." however.

Why would that require a theory ?

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by Noncompatible
reply to post by dryadlover

I am still perplexed by your comment. "Come up with a theory for why nothing will happen." however.

Why would that require a theory ?

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Majority of people think, that nothing is going to happen in 2012.
So there must be a reason why they think that way, ignoring everything but ignorance itself.
Now if somebody comes up with that theory, predicting why precisely "nothing" is going to happen in 2012 i am sure they will find a lot of supporters.
The site ignores and rejects everything which is attributed to the year 2012. They even ignore the transformation of consciousness, which is infinitely ongoing since beginning of life. For them year 2012 is a year when no change is going to occur, little do they know, that when infinite change ceases to exist, illusion stops and the world ceases to exist. By proclaiming nothing you are supporting the end of everything, which can be boldy attributed to the "end of the world" scenario and deserves a theory in itself.

I do understand, that their intent is completely different, but when you think very deeply you find it very ironic.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 03:38 PM
Bringing forth evidence that rather drastic and sudden changes have occurred and are recorded in the legends and pictorial records of ancient people, and in geophysically as well, is for awareness. Including information that shows scientists searching for the very real possibility of our sun's nemisis, something that can not only be derived logically as most systems, if not all, are at least binary, as well, through their calculations as something seems to be affecting our system, including through their study of earth records, is very intelligent and logical.

The question is, would they inform the public of such an event coming, but make preparations only for themselves? Based on all observant people know about the world, its socio political economic sagas, and from "their own mouths" so to speak, when tptb or their spokespersons reveal much, what perception would be intelligent to assume?

And what evidence exists of underground bases being built? What does Denver International Airport suggest? Why is it depicting more than a scientific/materialistic image, but fascist eugenics agendas, and a biblical type, non scientific massive apocolypse sculpture?

What is going on?

To suggest that debunkers are being logical in avoiding all of this, by slapping together some perceived concept of science or the world, and it is truly perceived, to present "balance" is a misconception.

There is no possibly way to balance out seeking information, and clues, and following real trails with arguments to cap such information from getting out for consideration.
What is being brought up doesnt make the other clues and information disappear, so is this rational attempt to "balance" merely slight of hand? Suppression of information?

There is no balance when the one side is searching to uncover ALL the information that can be found, and the other side is narrowing their search, ignoring piles of data and focusing only on a select amount of the information.

To me, preparing for a disaster that could occur, of biblical proportions, based on records that it has occurred cyclically is only taking good self care!

While at no point would I ever wish to see this occur, I am suspecting that due to the recent and perverse behavior of the elite, and our puppet leaders (perceptions I consider reasonable and inavoidable even due to our strange mysterious world behaving in a manner irreconcilable to the official image in the media, politically, economically, scientifically, internationally on all levels. ie.Rwanda was depicted as a tribal warfare, and there was nothing we could do about this, and percieved as a class uprising against a large group of wealthier citizens.

Another way of seeing this is that Africa has very few examples of what middle class citizens would look like, and they were probably the most visible group, a very very bad symbol according to the elite, who did not want the rest of the continent to assume they had rights too, and Rwanda was very lush and fertile with many resources, and large areas in Africa are resource laden, so it isnt a large stretch to imagine what empowerment of the people would look like.

Nobody asked why nearly 100 000 new machetes were imported secretly into Rwanda before the civil war began in April 1994. No gas ovens or furnaces or hi-tech extermination as in Nazi Germany or former Yugoslavia. Just machetes and clubs and fragmentation grenades.

It is hard work to kill a person with a club and machete. The killers would have had to "rest" from their "work" as victims lay bleeding at their feet. Most of Rwanda's one million people victims were killed in this way.

Shattered bones, skulls split like watermelons, mouths drawn back in toothy grimaces, a child's skeleton held in an embrace of death by a mother. They are still there today in Ntarama, mute witnesses to the world's ignorance, neglect and complicity.

This is the real world. Ask how is this world different than the one we perceive from the media?

Its all about perception and the amount of information we allow ourselves to receive!

Keeping an open mind and seeking to lift the veil allows alot more information to get in.

I endorse very strongly all people preparing now for a very strong possiblity that a large catastrophe is coming, and that if not now, sooner or later, so forming local survival groups and always keeping alert, and also using this as a way to explore the real issues in the world and to educate people about NWO.

So this is also about awareness, something truly needed.

But to me, even more than an actual cosmic event occurring, is the bizzare and ruthless, behavior of elites, and the secret world of the hidden hand, because I ask: Is the catastrophe that may come that may kill millions or billions going to be truly nature induced or will it have a helping hand? What is really going on?

And since so much of the world is in the hands of those practioners of mystery school knowledge and seems to be carried out long term even, as if they are merely reading scripts, then just what kind of physical disaster, or METAPYSICAL disaster are we facing?

What is the nature of reality? Who are we?

And if we explore these issues, can we effect a different ending to this chapter, or cycle?

So I'm always going to be more into the metaphysics of any issue because its where our true abilities and growth lies!

For a very detailed look at the way the elite operate long term, this series of videos, there are 7, goes into such depth that one cannot avoid the conclusion being presented.
Though one can suggest they do this with their technology and combine many elements into the success of their endeavors all at once, with perhaps even their "handlers" stepping in to help as well.

Do You Believe in Magick? Part I

and this

Perception - The reality beyond matter

For the skeptics creating debunking sites, they are chosing a small stream of perceived data. In reality there is so much more, and its only logical and intelligent to amass as much diverse data as you can, and look for all those things that ring true.

Also, the first video, if take the time to watch this, you will see something that is unavoidable, for its very well researched, and these are not possible coincidences. j

So my question after watching this, noting the Haiti quake dates, 01 12 2010 and 01 20 2010, and their preference for doing things by the number, what is lying ahead? Would the date of 11 11 as given by ET_MAN make more sense in some ways than 2012? Does this fact that a date may make a difference imply something beyond our normal perception of events? That there is a metaphysics involved, and also that things aren't what they seem at all?

And would it suggest that there are actions being taken by those who represent the dark side of life, against humanity ever achieving illuminiation in these matters, ever seeing what has been done to them all along? What are our leaders and their handlers role in whatever may be coming?

And, how can we avoid their traps? How can we free ourselves and learn to live, free of fear, able to embrace life and death equally knowing this is merely perception and someone is doing the perceiving of reality, and truly there is nothing to fear.

Still able to prepare for all eventualities and disasters ahead of time?

And seek to make a difference and overcome the negative reality we can truly see, currently running the show here on earth, the world mismanagement team as I dub them.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 04:00 PM
So the real question is how do you perceive reality, what trails of information do you seek?
Do you think, the yes something is this, or no something is that, argument is balanced, or do you think that perceiving everything possible to perceive, especially things that do have trails of evidence and logic behind them, or narrowing that to serve a credo or belief is more logical?

To me these two viewpoints are not balanced. One is open minded and one is closed!

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 04:33 PM
The metaphysics of all things has primarily been my main interest all of my life, since childhood, making sense of this world has been a major focus especially since I watched children being napalmed on the news as a preschooler, and knowing that this world was such a negative and traumatic experience for most people has taken long hours of my consideration since early childhood. That was one of the few moments in the first few decades of my life where I had an experience of hearing my Higher Self, and adult me, speak to me, and remind me that I didn't have to come but had chosen to come, obviously to help. Because I was really really upset about what I had seen on the news.

and I recall many memories from the newborn state on, including all my life remembering being akin to a shooting star, cosnscioulsy shooting down as a beam of light, that felt like me, and suddenly being in a warm, dark, glowing nest like place. I remembered that as a preschooler.

My parents are addicted to the news, perferring to keep the 24 hour channels on nonstop, and growing up, we were constantly forced to endure long hours from many different versons of the media and talk shows. I couldnt escape the reality and I also paid attention.

I have always wondered how other people think, how they rationalize what they are perceiving? How they sleep at night, with imput from the news?

Every tragedy I ever witnessed stood for the whole. So the case of a teenage foster child who was denied television privileges, who murdered the entire family with an axe, starting with the 4 year old, going into his parents room when he heard the attack begin, was relived by me, for long sleepless hours in my childhood, wherein I had to become the father, mother and child experiencing this abuse, and wherein they stood for all individuals in this multiverse at any point of "time" in infinty, that ever experienced such a thing. And to consciously do this, was holding a candle of love and respect for them. And as a child, I worded it like that, I asked my parents how they did not do the same, and how could they not hold this candle up?

I was told not to think about it! I did nothing but think about these things.

The little 2 year in England tied to railroad tracks, the countless victims, the Kurdish people leaving Iraq during the Gulf War, Rwanda!!! Africa, all the war victims, the little children, both victims, and those who would wake up to find they had victimized another and were filled with such bleak remorse.

All of it, was unthinkable, unimaginable to me. I quit life many times. Literally, had long long hours of discussion with who I thought as the creator, and told him/her that I would not take another step and quit! That from the moment the first inconeivable thing happened to first person, (in time where there is no time) the universe blew up in my mind. All gone! Not taking another step. A system without rules and limits was so ugly and not planned well, it was not worth participating in . I repeated numerous times all my life, that unless I can agree with something I will not give my yes to it.

This is why I constantly say, I do not agree with dualities, but feel all people, learn best in an atmosphere of love, cooperation, safety and freedom, with encouragement. Period.
Thats me, and apparently thats my soul, and the me I've always been.

I'm sharing this because, I've always been curious, how others think.

Why would I have been told not to think about this? Do others think things through, and examine what is happenign? How do they rationalize? How do they avoid thinking of it when its in our face all the time, every day?

Is it sane to avoid reality, in order to get through it?

I don't think so!

How do we respond inside to a picture like this?

For me, I immediatley feel the child is myself, or one of my children, and that they count more, and are more precious than our perception of the entire multiverse around us, and that this child is filled with the knowledge that no one loves him, that he is considered nothing, that no one cares, and he's a baby.

Who would ever allow a political system to take precedence over a real person, the ones who all thougths and philosophy's serve. The idea over the one producing it! Which has more value?

Does a political concept of ownership and dog eat dog capitalism matter more than the being who can even conceive of such a thing?

Think about it.

This is the karma they are dumping on us just before something big hits us smack in the face, and they're doing it by design!

The question that needs to be asked, is what can we do to change this system?
To me, that child, our darkness (limiting or capping what we see, or accept is darkness), is intricately connected to any and all events that we could be facing.

Consequence to action, possible, or to inaction.

There are ways to draw in the help we need, from within us, our Higher Selves, and the multiverse.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 05:11 PM
There are so many questions, and they all have to do with perception and readiness to help another, wake up and change this system.

What is the difference between us and our awareness of the world, and how we 1)fillter information? 2) connect dots, or process understandings of this system based on that information, and do we do this by including all the data, or only part of it,unbiased or through credo?

I want to know if any of us rationalizes the majority human experience of starvation and harsh poverty as acceptable, and what religous, political, racial or soci-economic credos go into this?

I want to know if, the world is living in such barbaric primitive variations with a small elite group raping the resources and inheritance of the majority, of this inequality, in approval or apathy, or if they're all really really concerned and want to change this permanently but feel isolated, cut off from one another, and have simply never considered counting hands and organizing/networking for change?

I believe in humanity, and believe the last group is closest to the mark. Therefore it would seem logical to me, that in first nation countries 75% of citizens would take actions if they knew what to do, while 25% work on behalf of the darkside to influence us into not taking actions, perhaps its 80%/20%, or 85%/15% even. We don't know the percentage.

The problem is, if we were to estabish channels to meet in, can we drop politics and religion and meet for solutions that really really work, and absolutely respect everyones instrinsic right to life and liberty, happiness, access to resources and land, without any expectation that they adopt western ruthless standards of land ownership, realtors, bankers, and corporate slavery, jobs in other words.

Our own populations are involved as well. Can we meet and think out of the slavery box altogether?

By the way, I believe all star systems are in at least a duality system. That the sun represents our collective consciousness, and sol, our one, is relatively small in comparison to other systems. That time is illurionary, and all things are mere perception. That once you leave our solar system, you've left 3D.

That in a duality, the star that is light filled represents the Beyond/Heaven shining through the veil and connects all of us. That all light = life/soul/consicousness. That dark is void.

That dark star consciousness is.....well its what the psychopaths running this world serve.
That any event coming is dependent on our awareness, and is a test.

That we have far more abilities to mitigate disaster and tranform this world and evolve as humans, free from this system and entering into a less harsh duality one, than we have ever been taught.

The second video linked above shows, our perceptions, our interpreting the energy input into images on the screen at the back of our brain. All thing being an energy signature, that we interpret.

Imagine what we could accomplish by spending time in meditation, placing other strong emotive images on the screen of our minds?

Just a thought!

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 07:29 PM
hi ATSers, i am new to this and i have always been really interested in this kind of subject...

now don't get me wrong but it seems to me in my personal opinion that the whole "volcanic ash" scenario is a bit too over done on the media front don't you think? too me they are playing it out so that they can land alien spacecraft or launch other objects undetected by people like air traffic controllers. don't get me wrong it just seems coincidental that this cloud of ash appears just as we are all learning the truth about 2012, Obama's new world and the olympic conspiracy don't you think?

what are your views?


posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

"Do You Believe in Magick?" was awesome video. Now trying to rent the movie "The 10th Kingdom" it eluded to. Thanks...

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by 1of144k

Yes I'm looking for it too, just to see what clues and signs are there, though I got a general feeling we're talking portalling negatives in, and they have a lot of coding for Saturn, which is akin to a dwarf star itself, I even think its a bit like a trapped solar system in ours, have speculated about it anyway. The Death Star from Starwars looks identical to one of its moons, I suspect its connected to the Annanuki, and for some reason, it seems to be sealed.

Thats where my thoughts were going.

The 10th kingdgom has a look to it a bit like Ella Enchanted, which is probably coded to, but I loved that movie. So basically they're putting some heavy symbolism in movies for children/teenagers?

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Nice link, Thanks!

I have always figured that should I study in Tibet and India, I would understand things much more clearly. Thanks to the internet, I can now get a glimpse of the broader picture.

I just wish the knot on the back of my spine would be repaired. That is what you get for being benevolent, taken over.

I think yours is the feminine side, the peace and love stuff.

On the other hand, I feel a much more stronger relation to the need to have to fight, hand to hand if necessary, to maintain the right to be benevolent. In that I can relate to the masculine side of the Veda scripts. Those references to actual battles for the right to be, without being treated like cattle.

The sad part is that today, many people can't even keep still long enough to see it.

Who can say that they don't think there is anything fishy going on, or is it just me?

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 01:15 PM
oops posted in the wrong place.
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